SAP ABAP Data Element - Index P, page 46
Data Element - P
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER48 Filler with Length 48   CHAR 
2 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER5 Filler with Length 5   CHAR 
3 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER50 Filler with Length 50   CHAR 
4 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER58 Filler with Length 58   CHAR 
5 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER59 CBI: Filler with Length 59   CHAR 
6 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER60 CBI: Filler with Length 60   CHAR 
7 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER62 CBI: Filler with Length 62   CHAR 
8 P15_CBI_F24_FILLER7 CBI: Filler with Length 7   CHAR 
9 P15_CBI_F24_FLAGANNOIMPOSTA CBI: Flag for Yearly Tax   CHAR 
10 P15_CBI_F24_FLAGFIRMATARIO CBI: Signer's Flag   CHAR 
11 P15_CBI_F24_IMMOBILIVARIATI CBI: Real Estate Modif.   CHAR 
12 P15_CBI_F24_IMPCREDCOMPSATO CBI: Equalized Claim Amount   NUMC 
13 P15_CBI_F24_IMPDEBVERSATO CBI: Debit Amount Paid   NUMC 
14 P15_CBI_F24_INDIRIZZO CBI: Address   CHAR 
15 P15_CBI_F24_INDIRIZZO34 CBI: Address with Length 34   CHAR 
16 P15_CBI_F24_MATCODFILINPS CBI: Italian Social Ins. Reg.No. or Code or Company Branch   CHAR 
17 P15_CBI_F24_MITTENTE CBI: Sender   CHAR 
18 P15_CBI_F24_NOME CBI: Name   CHAR 
19 P15_CBI_F24_NOMESUPPORTO CBI: Name of Support   CHAR 
20 P15_CBI_F24_NUMDISPOSIZIONI CBI: Number of Arrangements   NUMC 
21 P15_CBI_F24_NUMFABBRICATI CBI: Number of Buildings   CHAR 
22 P15_CBI_F24_NUMPOSACTIVA CBI: Insurance Position Number   CHAR 
23 P15_CBI_F24_NUMRECORD CBI: Record Number   NUMC 
24 P15_CBI_F24_NUMRIFERIMENTO CBI: Reference Number   CHAR 
25 P15_CBI_F24_PERRIFERIMNTOF CBI: Final Reference Period   CHAR 
26 P15_CBI_F24_PERRIFERIMNTOI CBI: Initial Reference Period   CHAR 
27 P15_CBI_F24_PROGCONTRIBUTO CBI: Increasing Contribution   NUMC 
28 P15_CBI_F24_PROGRESSIVO CBI: Increasing   NUMC 
29 P15_CBI_F24_PROGTRIBUTO CBI: Increasing Tax   NUMC 
30 P15_CBI_F24_PROTOCOLLO CBI: Protocol   CHAR 
31 P15_CBI_F24_PROVINCIA CBI: Province   CHAR 
32 P15_CBI_F24_QUALIFICAFLUSSO CBI: Flow Qualification   CHAR 
33 P15_CBI_F24_RAVVEDIMENTO CBI: Repentance Procedure   CHAR 
34 P15_CBI_F24_RICEVENTE CBI: Receiver   CHAR 
35 P15_CBI_F24_RIFERIMTRIBUTO CBI: Tax Reference   CHAR 
36 P15_CBI_F24_RIFERIMTRIBUTO6 CBI: Tax Reference with Length 6   CHAR 
37 P15_CBI_F24_RIFERMITTENTI CBI: References to Sender   CHAR 
38 P15_CBI_F24_SALDO CBI balance   NUMC 
39 P15_CBI_F24_SALDOFINALE CBI: Closing Balance   NUMC 
40 P15_CBI_F24_SALDO_ICI CBI balance   NUMC 
41 P15_CBI_F24_SECCODFISCALE CBI: Second Taxpayer's Ref. No.   CHAR 
42 P15_CBI_F24_SEGNO CBI: Section Sign   CHAR 
43 P15_CBI_F24_SESSO CBI: Gender   CHAR 
44 P15_CBI_F24_SOGGVEICOLATORE CBI: Carrier Entity   CHAR 
45 P15_CBI_F24_SPORTELLO CBI: Passive Bank Desk   CHAR 
46 P15_CBI_F24_SUBTIPO CBI: Record Subtype   CHAR 
47 P15_CBI_F24_TELAIO CBI: Chassis Number   CHAR 
48 P15_CBI_F24_TIPOFLUSSO CBI: Flow Type   CHAR 
49 P15_CBI_F24_TIPOVEICOLO CBI: Vehicle Type   CHAR 
50 P15_CBI_F24_TITOLARE CBI: Holder   CHAR 
51 P15_CBI_F24_TOTCREDCOMPENSATO CBI: Total Amount of Credit Offset   NUMC 
52 P15_CBI_F24_TOTDEBVERSATO CBI: Total Amount of Debit Paid   NUMC 
53 P15_CBI_F24_TOTIMPORTINEGATIVI CBI: Total Negative Amounts   NUMC 
54 P15_CBI_F24_TOTIMPORTIPOSITIVI CBI: Total Positive Amounts   NUMC 
55 P15_CBI_F24_TPRECORD CBI: Record Type   CHAR 
56 P15_CCODE Box field for CUD file interface P15_CCODE CHAR 
57 P15_CD001 770 form data indicator P15_CD001 CHAR 
58 P15_CD157 Data for user administrative fields P15_CD157 CHAR 
59 P15_CD770 770 form exposure indicator P15_CD770 CHAR 
60 P15_CDAAP Previous years arrears taxation indicator P15_CDAAP CHAR 
61 P15_CDABI Bank number P15_CDABI CHAR 
62 P15_CDACC Provision indicator P15_CDACC CHAR 
63 P15_CDACP Current year, previous year indicator P15_CDACP CHAR 
64 P15_CDALT Other taxation indicator P15_CDALT CHAR 
65 P15_CDAN2 Family allowance indicator - CUD (section1) CHAR4 CHAR 
66 P15_CDANF Family allowance indicator P15_CDANF CHAR 
67 P15_CDARC Leaving rounding indicator P15_CDARR CHAR 
68 P15_CDARN Standard rounding indicator P15_CDARR CHAR 
69 P15_CDARR Rounding indicator P15_CDARR CHAR 
70 P15_CDATA Date field TEXT25 CHAR 
71 P15_CDATTIV CoCoCo - Activity code P15_CDATTIV CHAR 
72 P15_CDBAS Calculation base evaluation indicator P15_CDBAS CHAR 
73 P15_CDCAB Bank routing number P15_CDCAB CHAR 
74 P15_CDCAL Payment calendar indicator P15_CDCAL CHAR 
75 P15_CDCDE Decontribution settlement indicator P15_CDCDE CHAR 
76 P15_CDCFU Future service category NUMC2 NUMC 
77 P15_CDCGN Contribution settlement indicator P15_CDCGN CHAR 
78 P15_CDCIG EEF authorization indicator P15_CDCIG CHAR 
79 P15_CDCIN CIN indicator P15_CDCIN CHAR 
80 P15_CDCLA Current service category NUMC2 NUMC 
81 P15_CDCND Condition indicator P15_CDCND CHAR 
82 P15_CDCNI IRPEF settlement indicator P15_CDCNI CHAR 
83 P15_CDCOC Contribution settlement indicator P15_CDCOC CHAR 
84 P15_CDCOD Deduction settlement indicator P15_CDCOD CHAR 
85 P15_CDCOG Settlement indicator P15_CDCOG CHAR 
86 P15_CDCOI IRPEF contribution indicator P15_CDCOI CHAR 
87 P15_CDCOM Grace period indicator P15_CDCOM CHAR 
88 P15_CDCON Contribution indicator P15_CDCON CHAR 
89 P15_CDCTM District tax settlement code P15_CDCTM CHAR 
90 P15_CDCTP Provincial tax settlement indicator P15_CDCTP CHAR 
91 P15_CDCTR Regional tax settlement indicator P15_CDCTR CHAR 
92 P15_CDCUA Sections on the Italian modules P15_CDCUA CHAR 
94 P15_CDDOC Document indicator P15_CDDOC CHAR 
95 P15_CDDTR Tax deduction indicator P15_CDDTR CHAR 
96 P15_CDEDU Deduction indicator P15_CDEDU CHAR 
97 P15_CDESP Contribution / exposure indicator P15_CDESP CHAR 
98 P15_CDESR Target exposure indicator P15_CDESP CHAR 
99 P15_CDFON Fund indicator P15_CDFON CHAR 
100 P15_CDFTA Taxation formula indicator P15_CDFTA CHAR 
101 P15_CDIDF Personnel number P15_CHAR20 CHAR 
102 P15_CDINA INAIL status number CHAR10 CHAR 
103 P15_CDINL INAIL position name CHAR30 CHAR 
104 P15_CDINP INPS personal indicator CHAR9 CHAR 
105 P15_CDINT Company integration indicator P15_CDINT CHAR 
106 P15_CDLAV Indicator for contributions to be paid by employee NUM1 NUMC 
107 P15_CDLFB Mimimum and/or non-taxable amount indicator P15_CDLFB CHAR 
108 P15_CDLIQ Accrual settlement indicator P15_CDLIQ CHAR 
109 P15_CDMAT Accrual indicator P15_CDMAT CHAR 
110 P15_CDMOD Form indicator P15_CDMOD CHAR 
111 P15_CDNCC Bank account number P15_CDNCC CHAR 
112 P15_CDPRI Recalculation period indicator P15_CDPRI CHAR 
113 P15_CDPRO Deduction indicator properties P15_CDPRO NUMC 
114 P15_CDQUA Form section indicator P15_CDQUA CHAR 
115 P15_CDR Line indicator   CHAR 
116 P15_CDRAG Grouping indicator P15_CDRAG CHAR 
117 P15_CDRAI INPDAI relation type P15_CDRAP CHAR 
118 P15_CDRAP Contribution Type (INPS Relation Indicator) P15_CDRAP CHAR 
119 P15_CDRGG Grouping indicator P15_CDRGG CHAR 
120 P15_CDRIC Recalculation indicator P15_CDRIC CHAR 
121 P15_CDRIP Carry-forward type indicator P15_CDRIP CHAR 
122 P15_CDSCD Linked expiration indicator P15_CDSCD CHAR 
123 P15_CDSEQ Payroll Sequence Number NUM5 NUMC 
124 P15_CDTEQ Tax indicator for Severance Indemnity equivalent allowances P15_CDTTF CHAR 
125 P15_CDTFR Severance indemnity provision indicator P15_CDTFR CHAR 
126 P15_CDTMU Municipal tax indicator P15_CDTMU CHAR 
127 P15_CDTOT Totals indicator P15_CD770 CHAR 
128 P15_CDTPR Provincial tax indicator P15_CDTPR CHAR 
129 P15_CDTRE Regional tax indicator P15_CDTRE CHAR 
130 P15_CDTTD Diff.taxation indicator P15_CDTTD CHAR 
131 P15_CDTTF Severance indemnity taxation indicator P15_CDTTF CHAR 
132 P15_CDUSL 3 single indicator P15_CDUSL CHAR 
133 P15_CDVAC Alternate Payment Schedule Code Mun Surch (Fin Law 2007) P15_CDVRT CHAR 
134 P15_CDVAL Value type indicator P15_CDVAL CHAR 
135 P15_CDVER Payment indicator P15_CDVER CHAR 
136 P15_CDVRT Indicator: calendar for payment P15_CDVRT CHAR 
137 P15_CENLO Cadastral indicator for Munic.Surch. - Declarant and Spouse CHAR_LG_04 CHAR 
138 P15_CFANF Family member indicator (FM) for family allowance P15_CFANF CHAR 
139 P15_CFAZIE Sending company tax number (Emens) CHAR16 CHAR 
140 P15_CFAZIENDA Tax number for COMPANYTN of DMA UniEmens P15_CFAZIENDA CHAR 
142 P15_CFCFM Tax payer's ref. no. of the family member CHAR16 CHAR 
143 P15_CFCID Employee tax number TEXT16 CHAR 
144 P15_CFDDL Employer's tax number (ER) CHAR16 CHAR 
145 P15_CFDED Indicator: deductions or withholdings P15_CFDED CHAR 
146 P15_CFDIC Tax payer's code P15_CFDIC CHAR 
147 P15_CFDTR Family member indicator (FM) for tax deduction (TXD) P15_CFDTR CHAR 
148 P15_CFEC Tax Payer's Ref. No of Office or Cash Office P15_CODF CHAR 
149 P15_CFMIT Sending person tax number (Emens) CHAR16 CHAR 
150 P15_CFSOC Company tax number TEXT16 CHAR 
151 P15_CF_REP_AZIENDA Representative signer's tax number - DMA UniEmens P15_CFAZIENDA CHAR 
152 P15_CHAR60 char 60 CHAR60 CHAR 
153 P15_CHARNUM Income bracket for family allowance P15CN CHAR 
154 P15_CHDAT Statement change date DATUM DATS 
156 P15_CHECK0156 Use Family Data Of Infotype 0156 XFELD CHAR 
157 P15_CHECKB Results part B XFELD CHAR 
158 P15_CHECKC Results part C XFELD CHAR 
159 P15_CHECKD Results part D XFELD CHAR 
160 P15_CHECKEURO Euro conversion XFELD CHAR 
163 P15_CHFISC Consultant tax key   CHAR 
164 P15_CHICI CIG authorization year/month P15_CHICI NUMC 
165 P15_CHTIM Orario ultima modifica UZEIT TIMS 
166 P15_CIDCS Process only who left XFELD CHAR 
167 P15_CIGPA Wage difference to be credited for RHC BETRG CURR 
168 P15_CIQIN INPS wage level indicator P15_CIQIN CHAR 
169 P15_CLCFD Number, rate or amount out of payroll results P15_CLCFL CHAR 
170 P15_CLCST Calculate and print form XFELD CHAR 
171 P15_CLFES Public holiday type KKLASS CHAR 
172 P15_CLSID Class indicator for factory P15_CLSID CHAR 
173 P15_CM12B Expenses for means required for disabled transport TEXT15 CHAR 
174 P15_CM25A Field: years for allowance statement NUMC02 NUMC 
175 P15_CM25B Field: Months for allowance statement NUMC02 NUMC 
176 P15_CM25C Field: years for standard period NUMC02 NUMC 
177 P15_CM25D Field: months for standard period NUMC02 NUMC 
178 P15_CMMDA Monthly amount to be authorized P15_CMMDA CURR 
179 P15_CMODU Module for forms P15_CMODU CHAR 
180 P15_CMP01 Field: total amount for taxable compensations TEXT30 CHAR 
181 P15_CMP02 Field: Tax exemptions for husband/wife TEXT30 CHAR 
182 P15_CMP03 Field: Tax exemption for children TEXT30 CHAR 
183 P15_CMP04 Filed: Tax exemption for other family members TEXT30 CHAR 
184 P15_CMP05 Field: Deductions for direct employment TEXT30 CHAR 
185 P15_CMP06 Field: Tax exemption for disburs., bonus and contributions TEXT30 CHAR 
186 P15_CMP07 Field: Total amount of deductions TEXT30 CHAR 
187 P15_CMP08 Field: total of deductions made TEXT30 CHAR 
188 P15_CMP09 Field: possible difference to be cleared with employer TEXT30 CHAR 
189 P15_CMP10 Field: Deductions to be indicated in the empl. tax return TEXT30 CHAR 
190 P15_CMP11 Field: working period in days TEXT3 CHAR 
191 P15_CMP12 Field: expenses for specialist exam. and surgical operations TEXT15 CHAR 
192 P15_CMP13 Field: Insurance premium TEXT15 CHAR 
193 P15_CMP14 Field: Contributions for supplementary social security TEXT15 CHAR 
194 P15_CMP15 Field: outstanding compensations TEXT30 CHAR 
195 P15_CMP16 Field: deductions TEXT30 CHAR 
196 P15_CMP17 Field: Deductions made TEXT30 CHAR 
197 P15_CMP18 Field: allow.for down payments and advance paid during year TEXT30 CHAR 
198 P15_CMP19 Field: down payments and advance paid in previous years TEXT30 CHAR 
199 P15_CMP1B Field: taxable compensations paid by previous employer TEXT30 CHAR 
200 P15_CMP20 Field: Reductions TEXT30 CHAR 
201 P15_CMP21 Field: tax rate TEXT6 CHAR 
202 P15_CMP22 Field: total taxable amount TEXT30 CHAR 
203 P15_CMP23 Field: Deductions made during the year TEXT30 CHAR 
204 P15_CMP24 Field: deductions made in previous years TEXT30 CHAR 
205 P15_CMP26 Field: rate for paid allowances (art.2122cc) TEXT6 CHAR 
206 P15_CMP27 IRPEF (Personal Income Tax) field TEXT15 CHAR 
207 P15_CMP28 Field: SSN contribution TEXT15 CHAR 
208 P15_CMP29 Field IRPEF II TEXT15 CHAR 
209 P15_CMP30 Field S.S.N. II contribution TEXT15 CHAR 
210 P15_CMP31 Filed: IRPEF Credit for previous year, not reimbursed TEXT15 CHAR 
211 P15_CMP32 Field: SSN contr./Non-reimbursed previous year credit TEXT15 CHAR 
212 P15_CMP33 Field: taxable amount subject to SSN contribution TEXT15 CHAR 
213 P15_CMP34 Field: employer's address TEXT50 CHAR 
214 P15_CMP7B Field: Tax exemptions made from previous employer TEXT30 CHAR 
215 P15_CMP8B Field: Deductions made by previous employer TEXT30 CHAR 
216 P15_CNDCO Settlement condition indicator P15_CDCND CHAR 
217 P15_CNDME Condition indicator for monthly calculation P15_CDCND CHAR 
218 P15_CNUM Numeric field for CUD layout file interface P15_CNUM NUMC 
219 P15_COCOPRO Code P15_CHR4 CHAR 
220 P15_COCO_CAP CoCoCo - Zip code P15_COCO_CAP NUMC 
221 P15_COCO_GC_BEGDA Validity start NUM8 NUMC 
222 P15_COCO_GC_CODAGE CoCoCo - contribution facilities indicator (for TemSE data) CHAR2 CHAR 
223 P15_COCO_GC_CODALTR CoCoCo: Other insurance form indicator (for TemSE data) CHAR3 CHAR 
224 P15_COCO_GC_CODE Cont.& - contribution facility code P15_COCO_GC_CODE NUMC 
225 P15_COCO_GC_CONTR CoCoCo - contribution P15_COCO_GR_AMT NUMC 
226 P15_COCO_GC_ENDDA Validity end NUM8 NUMC 
228 P15_COCO_GC_TAXR CoCoCo - rate for contribution accounting P15_COCO_GC_TAXR NUMC 
229 P15_COCO_GL_DAY CoCoCo - birth date TAG01 NUMC 
231 P15_COCO_GL_MONTH CoCoCo - birth month MONTH NUMC 
233 P15_COCO_GL_SEQNO CoCoCo - sequence number P15_COCO_GL_SEQNO NUMC 
234 P15_COCO_GM_CURR CoCoCo - currency type P15_COCO_GM_CURR NUMC 
236 P15_COCO_GM_FAX CoCoCo - fax number P15_COCO_GM_FAX CHAR 
238 P15_COCO_GM_INPS CoCoCo - INPS office indicator P15_COCO_GM_INPS NUMC 
240 P15_COCO_GM_NOMC CoCoCo - third party name P15_COCO_GM_NOMC CHAR 
241 P15_COCO_GM_PHONE CoCoCo - telephone number P15_COCO_GM_PHONE CHAR 
242 P15_COCO_GM_TYPE CoCoCo - report type P15_COCO_GM_TYPE CHAR 
243 P15_COCO_GR_AMT CoCoCo - total amount of payments P15_COCO_GR_AMT NUMC 
245 P15_COCO_GR_MONTH CoCoCo - month of payment MONTH NUMC 
246 P15_COCO_GR_NUMP CoCoCo - number of payments P15_COCO_GR_NUMP NUMC 
247 P15_COCO_ISTAT_2008 Term contract - ISTAT code 2008   CHAR 
248 P15_COCO_MUN CoCoCo - Municipality P15_COCO_MUN CHAR 
249 P15_COCO_PROV CoCoCo - province initials P15_COCO_PROV CHAR 
250 P15_COCO_RECORD CoCoCo - record type P15_COCO_RECORD CHAR 
251 P15_COCO_RES1 CoCoCo - reserved field P15_COCO_RES1 CHAR 
252 P15_COCO_RES2 CoCoCo - reserved field P15_COCO_RES2 CHAR 
253 P15_COCO_STREET CoCoCo - street/square and/or district P15_COCO_STREET CHAR 
254 P15_COCO_STRNO CoCoCo - house number P15_COCO_STRNO CHAR 
255 P15_COCO_TAXB CoCoCo - Tax scale P15_COCO_GR_AMT NUMC 
256 P15_COCO_TAXC CoCoCo - third party tax payer's reference number P15_COCO_TAXC CHAR 
257 P15_COCSC Statistical Indicator For Contributions P15_COCSC CHAR 
258 P15_CODALTR Code: other mandatory insurance form P15_CODALTR NUMC 
259 P15_CODAT Business activity type according to Ministry of Finance TXT25 CHAR 
260 P15_CODATT CoCoCo - Contract type P15_CODATT CHAR 
261 P15_CODAU Authorization indicators (A.I.) CHAR16 CHAR 
262 P15_CODE Code for Form F24 P15_CODE NUMC 
263 P15_CODEC tax code   CHAR 
264 P15_CODF Tax Payer's Reference No for Family Member P15_CODF CHAR 
265 P15_CODFIC File created by withholding agent XFELD CHAR 
266 P15_CODFIS Municipal ID for tax payer's reference number determination   CHAR 
267 P15_CODICEFISCALE Tax payer's reference number (Emens key) CHAR16 CHAR 
268 P15_CODITTA Company code P15_CODITTA NUMC 
269 P15_CODLA Layout indicator P15_CODLA CHAR 
270 P15_CODQD Section ind. CHAR1 CHAR 
271 P15_CODQU INPS pay scale indicator 1 P15_CODQU CHAR 
272 P15_CODRI Line indicator CHAR5 CHAR 
273 P15_CODSC Statistical Indicator For Contributions (SIC) NUM5 NUMC 
274 P15_CODSEDE Place of work code   CHAR 
276 P15_COFIS Tax number of the fiscal office (CAF) that provided support CHAR16 CHAR 
277 P15_COFLD COVER table field of PC cluster CHAR10 CHAR 
278 P15_COGNO Surname of employee or other amount receiver TEXT50 CHAR 
279 P15_COLOF End column P15_COLOF NUMC 
280 P15_COLOI Start column P15_COLOI NUMC 
281 P15_COMPA Comparison indicator P15_COMPA CHAR 
282 P15_COMPF24 Adjustment on F24   NUMC 
283 P15_COMRP Multipl.coeff.for expected social security taxable amount P15_COMRP DEC 
284 P15_COMUN Place (or foreign country) of birth TEXT50 CHAR 
285 P15_CONBS Conditions for special bonus P15_CONBS CHAR 
286 P15_CONGLR Tax Declaration to be done in July - Refund P15_IMTIR CURR 
287 P15_CONGLT Tax Declaration to be done in July - Deduction P15_IMTIR CURR 
288 P15_CONST Constant for variable elements P15_CONST CHAR 
289 P15_CONSU Consultant tax key CHAR16 CHAR 
290 P15_CONTA Pers.No. accounting for wage type XFELD CHAR 
291 P15_CONTB Contribution Amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
292 P15_CONTR INPS Pay Scale Indicator 3 P15_CONTR CHAR 
293 P15_CORIT Correction Month for Adjustment or Late Tax Declaration P15_CORIT CHAR 
294 P15_CORPR Multipl. coefficient for estimated remuneration P15_COMRP DEC 
295 P15_COSCA Pay scale jump ind. P15_COSCA CHAR 
296 P15_COSTF Constant for monthly factoring CHAR3 CHAR 
297 P15_COVAL New pay scale jump valuation indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
298 P15_COVIP ID number for enrolling in COVIP register   CHAR 
299 P15_CPRCP Code for complementary insurance P15_CPRCP CHAR 
300 P15_CREAC Indicator for document creation P15_CREAC NUMC 
301 P15_CREC1 Spouse Regional Code for Deduction Purposes NUM02 NUMC 
302 P15_CREC2 Spouse Regional Code for Refund Purposes NUM02 NUMC 
303 P15_CRED1 Declarant Regional Code for Deduction Purposes NUM02 NUMC 
304 P15_CRED2 Declarant Regional Code for Refund Purposes NUM02 NUMC 
305 P15_CREDITO Due amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
306 P15_CRINP INPS contract indicator P15_CRINP CHAR 
307 P15_CSANF Family allowance expiration date (0002) P15_CSANF DATS 
308 P15_CSEDE Place of work P15_CSEDE CHAR 
309 P15_CSEDL Complete place of work P15_CSEDL CHAR 
310 P15_CSETT EEF: weeks P15_SETTI NUMC 
311 P15_CTGAR Paid absence days counter ZTART CHAR 
312 P15_CTGFR Leave days counter ZTART CHAR 
313 P15_CTGFS Public holiday counter ZTART CHAR 
314 P15_CTGLA Worked days counter ZTART CHAR 
315 P15_CTGNR Unpaid days counter ZTART CHAR 
316 P15_CTGPR Paid work permit days counter ZTART CHAR 
317 P15_CTGSG 6th day covered by health insurance fund counter ZTART CHAR 
318 P15_CTNUM Contract number TEXT20 CHAR 
319 P15_CTYPE Content type CHAR5 CHAR 
320 P15_CUDTEMSE Temse file of CUD CHAR20 CHAR 
321 P15_CUD_AMT CUD: amount field P15_VALUT CURR 
322 P15_CUD_EXECTEXT Text to identify a CUD's run P15_CUD_EXECTEXT CHAR 
323 P15_CUD_NCOPIES Number of CUD declaration's copies to generate/print P15_CUD_NCOPIES NUMC 
324 P15_CUD_SKIP_BUKRS Selection without company code XFELD CHAR 
325 P15_CUD_TEST Test run for CUD XFELD CHAR 
326 P15_CUD_TXT text field for CUD P15_UEDATA CHAR 
327 P15_CUMUL Read cumulation results XFELD CHAR 
328 P15_CUMULO Report: cumulation P15_CUMULO CHAR 
329 P15_CUSTO Space reserved to customers in the COVER marking   CHAR 
330 P15_DAPERIDO Reference from   NUMC 
331 P15_DAQ_FORM Customizing for data entry P_APPL CHAR 
332 P15_DASCA Next PayScaleJmp date DATS DATS 
333 P15_DAT00 Enforceability date   NUMC 
334 P15_DAT1 Flag for taxpayer's section in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
335 P15_DAT1M 01/ M issuing authorization date P15_DAT1M DATS 
336 P15_DAT2 Flag for Tax Authority section in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
337 P15_DAT3 Flag for INPS section in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
338 P15_DAT4 Flag for regions section in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
339 P15_DAT5 Flag for local authorities section in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
340 P15_DAT6 Flag for other social sec. institutions sec. in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
341 P15_DAT7 Flag for section Excise duties in report F24 XFELD CHAR 
342 P15_DATA1 Validity start period DATUM DATS 
343 P15_DATA2 Validity end date DATUM DATS 
344 P15_DATAA Form data archiving date DATUM DATS 
345 P15_DATAC Form qualification period date DATUM DATS 
346 P15_DATAL Uploading date of CAF data DATUM DATS 
347 P15_DATAM Processing period P15_DATAM DATS 
348 P15_DATAMODULO DM10 form print date DATUM DATS 
349 P15_DATAN Birth date DATE DATS 
350 P15_DATAR Archiving date adjustment data DATUM DATS 
351 P15_DATBS Compilation date special bonus DATS DATS 
352 P15_DATCF24 Generation date CBI F24 DATS DATS 
353 P15_DATEPRN Date for view cluster reading SYDATS DATS 
354 P15_DATES Execution date as DDMMYY NUM6 NUMC 
355 P15_DATTM Business activity description type TXT25 CHAR 
356 P15_DAY Collective labour agreement coeff.: month days NUM3 NUMC 
357 P15_DAYAB Day sequence number within the absence NUMC4 NUMC 
358 P15_DAYEV Day sequence number within the event NUMC4 NUMC 
359 P15_DAYS Days   NUMC 
360 P15_DAYSB Number of days for section 1 NUMC3 NUMC 
361 P15_DCNUM Uniemens cluster: declaration break number P15_DCNUM RAW 
362 P15_DE157 Data description for infotype 0157 TEXT25 CHAR 
363 P15_DEBITO Debit amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
364 P15_DEBT Debit / credit P15_DEBT CHAR 
365 P15_DECR Decrease   DEC 
366 P15_DEDAT Description TXT25 CHAR 
367 P15_DEFA1 Indicator P15_DEFA1 CHAR 
368 P15_DEFAU Indicator P15_DEFAU CHAR 
369 P15_DELFL Deletion flag XFELD CHAR 
370 P15_DELTA Period or month delta P15_DELTA INT4 
371 P15_DELTY Delta year P15_DELTA INT4 
372 P15_DENOM Description CHAR60 CHAR 
373 P15_DENUN Income statement type (1=receivable,2=payable,3=unpaid) NUM1 NUMC 
374 P15_DESC1 Description TXT25 CHAR 
375 P15_DESCF24 Run description F24 TEXT50 CHAR 
376 P15_DESCU CUD 2002 box description P15_DESCU CHAR 
377 P15_DFCIG Difference to be credited for EEF P15_RETRI CURR 
378 P15_DIANN Yearly provision amount divisor P15_DIANN DEC 
379 P15_DIFFM Value as month difference - Evaluation in form ICOMP P15_DIFFM DEC 
380 P15_DINPS Coeff.for INPS divisor P15_DINPS DEC 
381 P15_DIPAZ Company classification CHAR4 CHAR 
382 P15_DISAB Handicap P15_DISAB CHAR 
383 P15_DISCOUNT INAIL: reduction amount P15_IMPORTO CURR 
384 P15_DISGN Indicate sign XFELD CHAR 
385 P15_DIVIS Minimum quantity of time by which an absence can be divided P15_DIVIS CHAR 
386 P15_DIVSC Scale divisor for no.of days P15_DIVSC NUMC 
387 P15_DIVSM Scale divisor for number of months P15_DIVSM NUMC 
388 P15_DM2 DM10/2 XFELD CHAR 
389 P15_DMM DM10 form type XFELD CHAR 
390 P15_DOUBL Double day P15_DOUBL NUMC 
391 P15_DRIFA Authorization reference date P15_DRIFA DATS 
392 P15_DRIFL Law reference date P15_DRIFL DATS 
393 P15_DS001 Data value of form 770 P15_DS001 CHAR 
394 P15_DSETT Blood donation: weeks P15_SETTI NUMC 
395 P15_DTANN Seniority years for Severance Indemnity P15_DTANN NUMC 
396 P15_DTCOA Standard date for seniority DATS DATS 
397 P15_DTCOF Standard date for holidays DATS DATS 
398 P15_DTMES Months of seniority for severance indemnity P15_DTMES NUMC 
399 P15_DTMIN Deduction minimum limit management request XFELD CHAR 
400 P15_DTPOC First enrollment date to for 1 compl. company pens. reserves DATUM DATS 
401 P15_DTRTX Description of family member for tax deduction indicator TEXT42 CHAR 
403 P15_DUT1M 01M issuing authorization date DATUM DATS 
404 P15_DVACC Provision quantity divisor P15_DVACC DEC 
405 P15_DYEAR Statement submission year P15_YEAR NUMC 
406 P15_EDURA Event duration TAGE4_2 DEC 
407 P15_EL157 Data NUMC6 NUMC 
408 P15_ELAN2 Age range 2 for Family Check disbursement P15_ELANF NUMC 
409 P15_ELANF Age range for family allowance disbursement P15_ELANF NUMC 
410 P15_ELIMINA Attribute Elimina (E-Mens declaration) XFELD CHAR 
411 P15_ELMAX Age range inferior to XX years P15_ELMAX NUMC 
412 P15_ENDDA Center for Fiscal Assistance (CAF) validity end DATUM DATS 
413 P15_ENDWK End date of the week DATUM DATS 
414 P15_ENTE Body P15_ENTE CHAR 
415 P15_ENTEC Contribution body P15_ENTEC NUMC 
416 P15_ENTRA_F24_ABI Bank or Post Code - Record M   NUMC 
417 P15_ENTRA_F24_ANNORIFERIMENT Reference Year - Record V, Treasury Section   NUMC 
418 P15_ENTRA_F24_CAB CAB Code - Record M   NUMC 
419 P15_ENTRA_F24_CAP ZIP code   NUMC 
420 P15_ENTRA_F24_CAUSALE Note to Payee - Record V, INAIL Section   CHAR 
421 P15_ENTRA_F24_CAUSCONTRIBUTO Contribution Note to Payee, Record V, Inps/Other Section   CHAR 
422 P15_ENTRA_F24_CCNUMPOSACTIVA Control Code PA - Record V, INAIL Section   NUMC 
423 P15_ENTRA_F24_CIN Controllo BBAN   CHAR 
424 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODATTO Act Code   NUMC 
425 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODCOMUNE Municipality Key - Record V, ICI Section   CHAR 
426 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODDIVISA Currency Code - Record M   CHAR 
427 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODENTE Authority Code - Record V, section Others   NUMC 
428 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODFISCALE Tax Payer's Reference Number - Header Record   CHAR 
429 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODPOSACTIVA Insurance Position Code - Record V, Other Section   NUMC 
430 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODREGIONE Region Code - Record V, Regions Section   NUMC 
431 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODSEDE Inps Location Code - Record V, Inps Section   NUMC 
432 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODSEDE2 INAIL Loc. Code - Record V, INAIL Section   NUMC 
433 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODSEDE3 Other Agencies Loc. Code - Record V, Other Agencies Section   CHAR 
434 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODTRIBUTO Tax Code - Record V, Treasury Section   CHAR 
435 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODTRIBUTO2 Tax Code - Record V, Regions Section   NUMC 
436 P15_ENTRA_F24_CODUFFICIO Financial Office Code - Record V, Treasury Section   CHAR 
437 P15_ENTRA_F24_COGNOME SURNAME - Header Record   CHAR 
438 P15_ENTRA_F24_COMUNE Municipality - Header Record   CHAR 
439 P15_ENTRA_F24_CONTO Account / BBAN - Record M   CHAR 
440 P15_ENTRA_F24_DATANASCITA Birth Date - Header Record   NUMC 
441 P15_ENTRA_F24_DATAVERSAMENTO Payment Date - Record M   CHAR 
442 P15_ENTRA_F24_DATAVERSAMENTO2 Payment date - Record V   NUMC 
443 P15_ENTRA_F24_DENOMINA Description - Header Record   CHAR 
444 P15_ENTRA_F24_DENOMINA2 Description - M Record   CHAR 
445 P15_ENTRA_F24_DETRAZIONEICI Main House Deduction - Record M, ICI Section   NUMC 
446 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER1 Filler 1   CHAR 
447 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER1195 Obsolete   CHAR 
448 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER1270 Filler 1270   CHAR 
449 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER14 Filler 14   CHAR 
450 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER16 Filler 16   CHAR 
451 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER1864 Filler 1864   CHAR 
452 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER2 Filler 2   CHAR 
453 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER25 Filler 25   CHAR 
454 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER56 Filler 56   CHAR 
455 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER60 Filler 60   CHAR 
456 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER81 Filler 81   CHAR 
457 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER82 Filler 82   CHAR 
458 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER94 Filler 94   CHAR 
459 P15_ENTRA_F24_FILLER_1218 Filler entratel 1218   CHAR 
462 P15_ENTRA_F24_FLAGORIGINE Origin Flag - Header Record   CHAR 
463 P15_ENTRA_F24_FLAGVERSFIRM Payer/Signer Flag - Record M   NUMC 
464 P15_ENTRA_F24_FORNITORE Vendor Type - Header   CHAR 
465 P15_ENTRA_F24_FORNITURA Inbound Delivery Code - Header Record   CHAR 
466 P15_ENTRA_F24_IMMOBILIVARIATI Modified Real Estate Flag - Record V, ICI Section   NUMC 
467 P15_ENTRA_F24_IMPCREDCOMPSATO Credit Amount - Record V   NUMC 
468 P15_ENTRA_F24_IMPDEBVERSATO Debit Amount - Record V   NUMC 
469 P15_ENTRA_F24_INDIRIZZO Address - Header Record   CHAR 
470 P15_ENTRA_F24_INDIRIZZO60 Entratel Address M Record   CHAR 
471 P15_ENTRA_F24_MATCODFILINPS INPS Registration Number - Record V, INPS Section   CHAR 
472 P15_ENTRA_F24_NOME Name - Header Record   CHAR 
473 P15_ENTRA_F24_NUMFABBRICATI Real Estate Number   NUMC 
474 P15_ENTRA_F24_NUMPOSACTIVA Insurance Position Number - Record V, INAIL Section   NUMC 
475 P15_ENTRA_F24_NUMREC Record Number - Record CODA   NUMC 
476 P15_ENTRA_F24_NUMRIFERIMENTO Reference Number - Record V, INAIL Section   NUMC 
477 P15_ENTRA_F24_PERRIFERIMNTOI Reference Period - Record V, Others Section   NUMC 
478 P15_ENTRA_F24_PROGRESSENVIO Sequential Number - Header Record   NUMC 
479 P15_ENTRA_F24_PROGRESSMOD Sequential Number Form - Record M   NUMC 
480 P15_ENTRA_F24_PROVINCIA Provincial Code   CHAR 
481 P15_ENTRA_F24_RATEAREGPROV Division into Installments - Record V, Treasury Section   CHAR 
482 P15_ENTRA_F24_RAVVEDIMENTO Voluntary Disclosure Flag - Record V, ICI Section   NUMC 
483 P15_ENTRA_F24_SALDO Balance - Record V   NUMC 
484 P15_ENTRA_F24_SALDOTOTDEBITO Total Debit Balance - Record M   CHAR 
485 P15_ENTRA_F24_SEGNO Sign - Record V   CHAR 
486 P15_ENTRA_F24_SESSO Sex - Header Record   CHAR 
487 P15_ENTRA_F24_SPAZIOIDENT Space for identif. F24 form - Record M   CHAR 
488 P15_ENTRA_F24_SPAZIOUTENTE Space available to user - Record M   CHAR 
489 P15_ENTRA_F24_TELEFONO Telephone - Record M   CHAR 
490 P15_ENTRA_F24_TIPOMODELLO Form Type - Record V   CHAR 
491 P15_ENTRA_F24_TIPOVERSFIRM Signer Payer Type - Record M   NUMC 
492 P15_ENTRA_F24_TOTALEENVIO Total Transfer - Header Record   NUMC 
493 P15_ENTRA_F24_TOTALS Total (Debit/Credit) - Record V   NUMC 
494 P15_ENTRA_F24_TPRECORD Record Type   CHAR 
495 P15_ENTRA_F24_UTENTE User - Header Record   CHAR 
496 P15_ENTRA_F24_VALUTA Currency - Record M   CHAR 
497 P15_EREDI Flag heirs CUD 2002 P15_EREDI CHAR 
498 P15_ERRKL Reject employees with errors without generating BI session XFELD CHAR 
500 P15_ESCONT Check result   NUMC