SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index V
IMG Activity - V
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 V S_KK4_82001410 SD 
2 VADS2KIPUPL_DTEL S_KA5_12001127 Technical Checks for TEIs (Text Element Identifiers) 
3 VADS2KIPUPL_GSET S_KA5_12001128 Maintain Upload Profile 
4 VALMAP_001 S_BTD_53000044 Maintain Value Mapping 
5 VALMAP_002 S_BTD_53000045 Domain Mapping 
6 VALMAP_003 S_BTD_53000184 Assign Code Lists to Elements and Systems 
7 VALMAP_005 S_BTD_53000206 Overall Information 
8 VARIANTENGRP_REORG S_ALR_87007325 Reorganize Variant Groups 
9 VARIANTEN_DATAFEED S_ALR_87007962 Define Variants 
10 VARIANTEN_DEFINIEREN S_ALR_87007360 Define Variants 
11 VARIANTGRUPPEN_EINPL S_ALR_87007334 Schedule Variant Groups 
12 VARIANTGRUPPEN_PFLEG S_ALR_87007343 Maintain Variant Groups 
13 VARIGRUPPEN_DEFINIER S_ALR_87007352 Define Variant Groups 
14 VARVERDICHT S_ALR_87100785 Maintain Variants for Aggregation List 
15 VASCO2 S_ALN_01001427 VASCO2 
16 VATDATE_RULES S_EB5_05000023 Define and Check Tax Reporting Date 
17 VAT_CZ S_EBS_44000574 Maintain Details for Line Items of Transferred VAT 
18 VAT_TAX_EXCHANGE_RTE S_EB5_05000024 Determine Exchange Rate for Tax Items 
19 VBC_ACF_SETUP S_BT6_28000095 ACF 
20 VBC_ACF_WLIST_GEN S_BT6_28000093 Generate Certificate for ACF Whitelist 
21 VBC_ACF_WLIST_INST S_BT6_28000094 Install ACF Whitelist Certificate 
22 VBC_APPL_SETUP S_BT6_28000092 Maintain Application Definitions 
23 VBC_GC_SERVICE_SETUP S_BFI_75000012 Overwrite Geo-Coding Service Default URLs 
24 VBC_MAP_SERVER_SETUP S_BT6_28000096 Overwrite Map Server Default URLs 
25 VBC_PROXYMAINTAIN S_BTD_53000177 Maintain Default Proxy Settings 
26 VBDOCUBATCH S_PL0_86000011 BAdI: Documentary Batch 
27 VBDOCUBATCH_OMCDB S_PL0_86000010 Activate Documentary Batch 
28 VBELN_SET_GENERATE S_P00_07000094 Generate Sales Order Set 
29 VBGRFC_CUS_I_DST S_BIN_67000040 Destination-Specific Settings (Inbound) 
30 VBGRFC_CUS_I_SRV S_BIN_67000039 Application Server-Specific Settings (Inbound) 
31 VBGRFC_CUS_I_SYS S_BIN_67000037 System-Specific Settings (Inbound) 
32 VBGRFC_CUS_O_DST S_BIN_67000034 Configure Background RFC Scheduler 
33 VBGRFC_CUS_O_SRV S_BIN_67000038 Application Server-Specific Settings (Outbound) 
34 VBGRFC_CUS_O_SYS S_BIN_67000036 System-Specific Settings (Outbound) 
35 VBGRFC_MAI_I_DST S_BIN_67000041 Create Inbound Destinations 
36 VBI_APPL_SETUP S_U00_44000001 Maintain Application Definitions 
37 VBI_GC_SERVICE_SETUP S_U00_44000003 Overwrite Geo-Coding Service Default URLs 
38 VBI_MAP_SERVER_SETUP S_U00_44000002 Overwrite Map Server Default URLs 
39 VB_GET_EXT_BATCHES S_P6B_12000037 Business Add-In: Access to Customer-Specific Batch Usage Data 
40 VB_SLED_MANAGEMENT S_P6B_12000043 BAdI: Control of Shelf Life Expiration Date Processing 
41 VC2HL_COPY_VALUES S_EB5_05000401 BAdI: Object Type Definition and Search Result 
42 VC2HL_LC_OBJECT_TYPE S_EB5_05000412 BAdI: Object Type Definition and Search Result 
43 VCCOSS S_KA5_12001107 Define Status Selection Profiles 
44 VCDG_TDG85 S_XD9_88000039 Define Assignment Profiles for Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations 
45 VCPE_FA_ACC_SEQ S_PR0_40000378 Define Access Sequences 
46 VCPE_FA_COND_TYPE S_PR0_40000379 Define Condition Types 
47 VCPE_FA_CT S_PR0_40000377 Define Condition Tables 
48 VCPE_FA_DET_PROC S_PR0_40000380 Define Formula Assembly Procedure 
49 VCPE_FA_FC S_PR0_40000375 Maintain Field Catalog 
50 VCPE_FA_MNTGRP_1 S_EBS_44000310 Maintain Maintenance Group 
51 VCPE_FA_PRIORITY S_EBS_44000311 Maintain Attribute Priority 
52 VCPH3 S_P7I_08000887 Define Specifications for Transfer Posting Open Items 
53 VCTB077_CM S_AXA_22000060 Assign SAP CRM Tax Types to Equivalent SAP R/3 Fields 
54 VC_ACCP_ASSIGNKEY S_EBJ_98000199 Define Assignment for Accounting Principles 
55 VC_ACE_TREEVARI S_ALN_01000255 Define Layout for Accrual Objects 
56 VC_ACE_TREEVARI_ACAC S_PLN_16000121 Define Layout for Accrual Objects 
57 VC_ACE_TREEVARI_IPM S_ALN_01001377 Define Layout for Accrual Objects 
58 VC_ACE_TREEVARI_IPMO S_ALN_01002466 Define Layout for Accrual Objects 
59 VC_ACE_TREEVARI_SOA S_PLN_16000122 Define Layout for Accrual Objects 
60 VC_AD01WIP_RCAT S_EE5_50000292 Define Revenue Categories for Reporting 
61 VC_AD01WIP_RCAT1 S_EE5_50000293 Define Revenue Categories for Reporting 
62 VC_ADSPCIPSTAT S_KA5_12001106 User Status Maintenance 
63 VC_AFWCH_PH S_KFM_86000108 Define Portfolio Hierarchy 
64 VC_AFWGO_EPROC1 S_KFM_86000095 Maintain Procedures for Single Records 
65 VC_AFWGO_EPROC2 S_KFM_86000096 Maintain Procedures for Final Results 
66 VC_AT23 S_KFM_86000099 Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows 
67 VC_ATCVC S_KFM_86000214 Assign General Valuation Class 
68 VC_BUKUTEXTTEMPL_01 S_AEN_10000333 Define Templates for Budget Texts/Budget Memos 
69 VC_CACS_NOTRIG S_PRN_53000754 Assign Notification Rule to Target System 
70 VC_CFM_AUSWT S_KFM_86000118 Define and Set Up Evaluation Types 
71 VC_CFX_BOM_DTF S_PPD_96000043 Specify Field Selection Profiles for BOM Export in CSV Format 
72 VC_CFX_BOM_PDX S_PPD_96000044 Specify Field Mapping Profile for PDX Package Import and Export 
73 VC_COCF_CU_Q S_PEN_05000188 Define Layout for Displaying Quantities in Confirmation 
74 VC_COCF_CU_SNTYP S_PRN_53000554 Make Settings for Shift Note Type 
75 VC_COCF_CU_SNTYP_EAM S_E36_82000137 Make Settings for Shift Note Type 
76 VC_COCF_CU_SRTYP S_AER_95000378 Define Shift Report Types 
77 VC_COCF_CU_SRTYP_EAM S_E36_82000138 Define Shift Report Types 
78 VC_COCF_IS_PTBNT S_EE5_50000301 Define Pushbuttons for POWL Types 
79 VC_COCF_MD_APPLID S_EE5_50000338 Make Settings for Manufacturing Dashboards 
80 VC_DQ_DUPCHK S_BT6_28000010 Create Match Profile for Duplicate Check 
81 VC_DQ_ENRICHMENT S_BT6_28000009 Define Enrichment Spots 
82 VC_DQ_SEARCH S_BT6_28000045 Define Search Applications 
83 VC_DVS40 S_ALR_87008971 Define Profile 
84 VC_DVS50 S_P00_07000133 Start Processing for Documents 
85 VC_DVS_WEB10 S_ALN_01000847 Set Up WebDocuments (BSP) 
86 VC_EAML_EVT S_EBS_44000027 Define Network Attribute Categories 
87 VC_EAML_GRAPH_CMPROF S_EBS_44000187 Define Context Menu Profile 
88 VC_EAML_GRAPH_TTPROF S_EBS_44000186 Define Tooltip Profile 
89 VC_FAGL_LDGRPMAP S_AL0_19000001 Define Ledger Group 
90 VC_FAGL_LEDGER S_ELN_06000019 Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers 
91 VC_FAGL_SCENARIO S_ELN_06000018 Display Scenarios for General Ledger Accounting 
92 VC_FMCONSUM S_ALN_01002038 Define Budget for Consumed Amounts for each Fund 
93 VC_FOIACT_DETR S_AEN_10000323 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
94 VC_FOIACT_FX S_AEN_10000322 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
95 VC_FOIACT_MM S_AEN_10000324 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
96 VC_GRAC_EUP_CONFIG S_GF1_13000005 Maintain End User Personalization 
97 VC_GRFNBRAATTR S_GF1_13000129 Set Number of Business Rules Assigned to Each Entity 
98 VC_GRFNQRATING S_GF1_13000074 Define Ratings for Survey Questions 
99 VC_GRFNREPCOLUMNSC S_GF1_13000185 Maintain Report Column Settings 
100 VC_GRFNREPCUST S_GF1_13000184 Maintain Report Configuration 
101 VC_GRRMKRISYSBUPR S_GR4_71000017 Maintain Business Processes 
102 VC_GRRMKRISYSCOMP S_GR4_71000018 Maintain Components 
103 VC_GRRMSCRBWQ S_GM1_71000061 Maintain Scripts for BW Query 
104 VC_GRRMSCRHAN S_GM1_71000064 Maintain Scripts for HANA 
105 VC_GRRMSCRSAPQ S_GM1_71000059 Maintain Scripts for SAP Query 
106 VC_GRRMSCRTAB S_GM1_71000060 Maintain Scripts for SAP Table 
107 VC_GRRMSCRWS S_GM1_71000062 Maintain Scripts for Web Service 
108 VC_IDCN_FSC S_EB5_05000471 Define Form Structure for Financial Statement 
109 VC_IDCN_LBMA_CCP S_AL0_19000066 Maintain Lots and Books 
110 VC_IDCN_LBMA_VE S_E4A_94000009 Maintain Lots and Books 
111 VC_IDSAU_FSC S_EB5_05000526 Define Form Structure for Financial Statement 
112 VC_INM_ACO_ACT_MAP S_PTD_51000062 Maintain DFM Activities 
113 VC_INM_CNG_INIT_TYPE S_X1D_36000020 Make Settings for the Status Mapping For Initiatives 
114 VC_INM_DFM_OBJECT_LI S_PTD_51000064 Define DFM Object Link Types 
115 VC_INM_FIELD_MAP S_PTD_51000066 Maintain Field Mappings 
116 VC_INM_INITIATIVE_SU S_PTD_51000051 Define Initiative Types 
117 VC_ISSR59710_OLD S_ALN_01001626 Kennzeichen und Prüfmatrix definieren 
118 VC_ISSR_BAV_973B S_ALN_01001623 Kennzeichen Anzeige über Erwerb von Anlagen definieren 
119 VC_ISSR_BAV_974B S_ALN_01001624 Kennzeichen Zu- und Abgänge Sondervermögen definieren 
120 VC_ISSR_NABU S_ALN_01001632 Meldewesenvariante definieren 
121 VC_ISSR_NABU4 S_ALN_01002059 Ledger zu Buchungskreis zuordnen 
122 VC_ITAGCYCUST S_KK4_08000666 Define agency-specific data 
123 VC_MDG_DL_DIR_NODE S_BT6_63000005 Define File Source and Archive Directories for Data Transfer 
124 VC_MPD_IL_OBJECT_NOD S_BT6_63000004 Define Object Types for Data Transfer 
125 VC_OI0_REL_PL S_PNI_87000001 Define Relevance of Planned Orders 
126 VC_OI0_REL_PP S_PNI_87000002 Define Relevance of Process and Production Orders 
127 VC_OIJNOMEV S_PNI_87000007 Define Event Profile for Nomination 
128 VC_PPF_OM S_BTD_53000198 Maintain Output Management Adapter Settings 
129 VC_RCTREE S_ALN_01002163 Specify Cause Hierarchy 
130 VC_RMSL_DIET_TEXT S_E4E_66000068 Specify Text Modules for Draft of a Label 
131 VC_RMSL_PDF_FORM S_E4E_66000208 Specify Texts and Layout Settings for PDF-Based Print Forms 
132 VC_RMSL_PDF_FORM2_QU S_EE6_85000121 Define PDF Forms 
133 VC_RMSL_PDF_FORM_QUA S_EE5_50000371 Define PDF-Based Print Forms 
134 VC_RMSL_QUAL_TEXT S_EE5_50000368 Specify Text Modules for Draft of a Label 
135 VC_SAWE_CATS_CTRL S_EE6_85000020 Define Field Validations for Staff Assignments and Forecast Objects in CATS 
136 VC_SEM_AUSWT S_KFM_59000003 Define Evaluation Type 
137 VC_SMI_CHNLDEF S_B17_86000025 Define Social Media Channels 
138 VC_SMI_DPCHNLDEF S_B17_86000024 Define Data Providers 
139 VC_SMI_GRPASSIGN S_B17_86000042 Define Social Media Group 
140 VC_SMI_SRCHGRP S_B17_86000035 Define Search Group 
141 VC_SMI_SRCHQRYFLTR S_B17_86000026 Mantain Search Query and Filter Settings 
142 VC_T095B_AAFA S_XB7_96000083 Unplanned Depreciation: Assign Accounts 
143 VC_T095B_RUECK S_XB7_96000084 Transfer of Reserves: Assign Accounts 
144 VC_T095B_SAFA S_XB7_96000082 Special Depreciation: Assign Accounts 
145 VC_T095_ACQ S_XB7_96000074 Acquisitions: Assign Accounts 
146 VC_T095_AUFW_AFA S_XB7_96000078 Revaluation of Depreciation: Assign Accounts 
147 VC_T095_AUFW_AHK S_XB7_96000077 Revaluation of Replacement Value: Assign Accounts 
148 VC_T095_NAFA S_XB7_96000081 Ordinary Depreciation: Assign Accounts 
149 VC_T095_RET S_XB7_96000080 Retirements: Assign accounts 
150 VC_T095_SOPO S_XB7_96000079 Special Items for Reserves: Assign Accounts 
152 VC_TB070CM S_AXA_22000058 Define SAP CRM Tax Types and Business Partner Tax Groups 
153 VC_TB070_DT S_ABA_72000167 Define Tax Types and Tax Groups 
154 VC_TCACS_DOCPOST S_KK4_08000398 Settings for Document Posting 
155 VC_TCCAVRG S_S7B_68000001 Define Automated Transactions 
156 VC_TFDM_SOURCEFIELDS S_PR0_40000305 Define Document Changes 
157 VC_TFILA_GF_000 S_XB7_96000097 Define Processes and Assign Processing Methods 
158 VC_TFILA_GF_002 S_XB7_96000102 Create Change Processes 
159 VC_TFILA_LC_110 S_XB7_96000027 Define Check Sequences/Check Steps 
160 VC_TFILA_LC_110V S_XB7_96000042 Specify Validation Sequences and Assign Validation Steps 
161 VC_TICL341 S_KK4_08000399 Deactivate Functions 
162 VC_TISSR_R59710 S_ALN_01001627 Kennzeichen und Prüfmatrix definieren 
163 VC_TISSR_TP_ALV S_ALN_01001630 Einstellungen zur Listanzeige Migration 
164 VC_TIVXCESCASHDEP S_EEI_69000026 Make Settings for Autonomous Communities 
165 VC_TIVXCNLCTR S_EE6_85000174 Define Special Rounding Rules for Categories 
166 VC_TIVXCSKACCPER S_EE5_50000205 Define Posting Period Control 
167 VC_TIVXCSKACCS S_EE5_50000206 Define Property Tax Posting Data 
168 VC_TIVXCSKOBCE S_EE5_50000203 Define Municipalities and Cadastral Districts 
169 VC_TP038M S_P6D_40000010 Assign Industries 
170 VC_TPZ20 S_ABA_72000129 Set Information Category 
171 VC_TPZ21 S_ABA_72000130 Set Rating Procedures and Ratings 
172 VC_TQ68 S_E4A_94000281 Define Configuration of Characteristics Field 
173 VC_TRAINING_DEF S_AEN_10000726 Define Training Program 
174 VC_TR_DERFLOWS_6 S_KFM_86000050 Define Derivation Procedures and Rules 
175 VC_TSPG0_HEIJ S_EAC_24000040 Visualization 
176 VC_TSPP0_HEIJ S_EAC_24000001 Planning 
177 VC_TWIC8003_WEC S_EB5_05000612 Define Country Groups 
178 VC_USMD008 S_BT6_28000048 Configure Properties of Change Request Step 
179 VC_USMD230 S_BT6_28000050 Define Step Types and Assign Actions 
180 VENDOR_EXTENSION S_PCO_36000433 Notes on Implementation 
181 VERDICHT S_ALR_87100786 Preset Aggregation Criteria 
182 VERRECH_STORNO S_ALN_01002340 Define Clearing Account for Receivable 
183 VERSICHERUNGSSPARTE S_ALR_87003952 Define Insurance Branch Indicators 
184 VERVOLLSTAENDIGUNG S_ALR_87100738 Activate Workflow Template for Document Completion 
185 VERWAHRART_PFLEGEN S_ALR_87004196 Define Custody Types 
186 VE_IV_ACTIV S_AC0_52000488 Maintain Company Code Data 
187 VE_IV_PERS S_AC0_52000489 Postprocessing 
188 VE_IV_REM S_AC0_52000490 Delete Evaluation Results 
189 VE_IV_REMOVE S_AC0_52000491 Delete Evaluation Results 
190 VE_IV_RULES S_AC0_52000483 Valuation Rules 
191 VE_IV_SUBSEQUENT_EVA S_AC0_52000484 Subsequent Evaluation 
192 VFPRCCUERATTR S_EBJ_98000416 Edit Fields Used in Pricing Enhancements 
193 VFPRCVC_TREE_DTLS S_EBJ_98000346 Exchange Delivered Detail Area 
194 VFPRCV_PRCE2VIEW S_EBJ_98000292 Assign Pricing Elements to Configured View 
195 VFPRCV_PROFILE S_EBJ_98000289 Define Profile 
196 VFPRCV_VIEW_ASGN S_EBJ_98000291 Assign Pricing View to Profile 
197 VFPRCV_VIEW_DET S_EBJ_98000290 Assign Profile to Application, Procedure, and Role 
198 VFPRCV_VIEW_FCFG S_EBJ_98000152 Maintain Field Configuration 
199 VFPRCV_VIEW_FCG S_EBJ_98000288 Display Delivered Field Configuration 
200 VFPRCV_VIEW_REG S_EBJ_98000209 Define Pricing View 
201 VFPRCV_VIEW_TCFG S_EBJ_98000222 Configure "Pricing Elements:Tree" View 
202 VFPRCV_VIEW_TXTC S_EBJ_98000210 Override Pricing View Name 
203 VHBSCREASON S_KA5_12001218 Maintain Contingency Reason 
204 VHB_INTC S_KA5_12000638 Maintain Internal Customer 
205 VIAR02_01 S_ALR_87100711 Rental Request: Real Estate Group 
206 VIDBUPLA_ACTIVE S_SL0_21000016 Activate Business Place 
207 VIDBUPLA_ACTIVE_VE S_E4A_94000030 Activate Business Place 
208 VIP_MATERIAL_REUSE S_E17_83000056 BADI: Get Reusable Materials for Visual Instance Planner 
209 VISSR_COM_TYPE S_P7F_76000090 Arten des Rohstoffrisikos definieren 
210 VISSR_EXIT_FEES S_P7F_76000086 Arten der Exit-Fees definieren 
211 VISSR_FEE_PER_B S_P7F_76000087 Bezugsbasis für Angabe der Exit-Fees in Prozent definieren 
212 VISSR_FSTRUC_TYP S_P7F_76000089 Arten des strukturierten Produkts definieren 
213 VISSR_INVG_CAT S_P7F_76000085 Kategorien nach Investmentgesetz definieren 
214 VISSR_QUOTA S_P7F_76000091 Quotenarten für Durchsicht Fonds definieren 
215 VISSR_QUOTA_VAL S_P7F_76000092 Anrechnungsprozentsätze für Quotenarten definieren 
216 VISSR_STRUC2_TYP S_P7F_76000088 Struktur für ABS/CLN-Produkte definieren 
217 VITIVWB04 S_ALR_87008369 Earmarking 
218 VJ_1IRTXD1 S_EB5_05000607 Assign Tax Codes 
219 VLC_BATCH_ACTION S_KA5_12001319 BAdI: Execution of Actions in Batch 
220 VLC_BW_INTEGRATOR S_ALI_97000046 BAdI: Vehicle Management System: SAP BW Integration 
221 VLC_CALCULATE_GPRICE S_KA5_12001313 BAdI: Calculation of Gross List Price 
222 VLC_CALL_CONFIG S_ALI_97000088 BAdI: Connection to External Configurator 
223 VLC_CHCO_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001425 BAdI: Execute Action CHCO (Change Sales Order) 
224 VLC_CHECK_CONFIG S_KA5_12001380 BAdI: Configuration Check Before Save 
225 VLC_CONFIG_SPLITTER S_KA5_12001307 BAdI: Split Configuration Data 
226 VLC_CRM_INTEGRATOR S_KA5_12001327 BAdI: Integration Between VMS and CRM 
227 VLC_CTP_CHECK_DATA S_KA5_12001317 BAdI: Data Change Before Availability Check 
228 VLC_CUOR_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001426 BAdI: Execute Action CUOR (Create Sales Order) 
229 VLC_CUSTOMER_SERVICE S_KA5_12001328 BAdI: Service Prcoessing for Vehicles 
230 VLC_DELI_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001427 BAdI: Execute Action DELI (Create Delivery) 
231 VLC_DETAIL_CONFIG S_KA5_12001329 BAdI: Exchange Configuration Screen in Vehicle Detail 
232 VLC_DETAIL_DEALER S_KA5_12001330 BAdI: Exchange Dealer Data Screen in Vehicle Detail 
233 VLC_DETAIL_ENDCUST S_KA5_12001331 BAdI: Exchange End Customer Screen in Vehicle Detail 
234 VLC_DETAIL_HISTORY S_KA5_12001332 BAdI: Exchange History Screen in Vehicle Detail 
235 VLC_DETAIL_OVERVIEW S_KA5_12001333 BAdI: Exchange Vehicle Data Screen in Vehicle Detail 
236 VLC_DETERMINE_CONTRL S_KA5_12001306 BAdI: Determination of Action Control 
237 VLC_DETERM_CHPROFILE S_KA5_12001312 BAdI: Determination of Configuration Change Profile 
238 VLC_ENHANCE_BAPICHAN S_KA5_12001321 BAdI: Handling of Communication Structure VLCACTDATA for CHANGE 
239 VLC_ENHANCE_BAPICREA S_KA5_12001320 BAdI: Handling of Communication Structure VLCACTDATA for CREATE 
240 VLC_ENHANCE_BAPIDELE S_KA5_12001322 BAdI: Handling of Communication Structure VLCACTDATA for DELETE 
241 VLC_EXECUTE_ACTION S_KA5_12001304 BAdI: Execution of Actions 
242 VLC_EXECUTE_ASSIGNMT S_KA5_12001334 BAdI: Assignment of Vehicles to Sales Documents 
243 VLC_EXPND_VLCDIAVEHI S_KA5_12001309 BAdI: Enhancement of Vehicle Data 
244 VLC_EXPND_VLCDISP_SD S_KA5_12001335 BAdI: Enhancement of Sales Document Table 
245 VLC_EXTSE_SEARCH S_KA5_12001336 BAdI: Vehicle Search Via External Search Machine 
246 VLC_FILT_DISP_CONFIG S_KA5_12001337 BAdI: Filter for Display of Vehicle Configuration 
247 VLC_FIND_INSTAN_BAPI S_KA5_12001324 BAdI: Determination of Vehicle (GUID/Int. No./Ext. No./VIN Unknown) 
248 VLC_GET_VHCLE_NUMBER S_KA5_12001323 BAdI: Influence Internal Vehicle No. (VHCLE) When Creating Vehicles 
249 VLC_GOIS_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001428 BAdI: Execute Action GOIS (Post Goods Issue) 
250 VLC_GORE_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001429 BAdI: Execute Action GORE (Post Goods Receipt) 
251 VLC_HISTORY_CALL_TRA S_KA5_12001310 BAdI: Display Documents from Vehicle History 
252 VLC_IBLC_CONNECT S_KA5_12001315 BAdI: Data Transfer to liveCache 
253 VLC_INIV_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001430 BAdI: Execute Action INIV (Create Incoming Invoice) 
254 VLC_MASTER_WARRANTY S_KA5_12001342 BAdI: Read Master Warranty (With Equipment) 
255 VLC_MODELLIST_NO_FIL S_KA5_12001379 BAdI: Adjust Model List (Without Filter) 
256 VLC_MODELL_LIST S_KA5_12001308 BAdI: Adjust Model List (No Longer Use) 
257 VLC_MORD_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001433 BAdI: Execute Action MORD (Change Purchase Order) 
258 VLC_ORD1_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001432 BAdI: Execute Action ORD1 (Create Purchase Order) 
259 VLC_OUIV_EXECUTE S_KA5_12001431 BAdI: Execute Action OUIV (Create Outgoing Invoice) 
260 VLC_PREPARE_ACTION S_KA5_12001305 BAdI: Preparation of Actions 
261 VLC_PRESELECTION S_ALI_97000085 BAdI: Preselection of Vehicle Models 
262 VLC_RESERVATION S_KA5_12001316 BAdI: Determination of Reservation Period 
263 VLC_SCE_PARAMETERS S_KA5_12001311 BAdI: Call IPC 
264 VLC_SEARCH_ADAPTION S_KA5_12001314 BAdI: Vehicle Search 
265 VLC_SEARCH_INTERFACE S_KA5_12001326 BAdI: Adjust Search Interface 
266 VLC_SEARCH_PROFILE S_KA5_12001339 BAdI: Search Profile for Vehicle Search 
267 VLC_SE_DELTA_LOAD S_KA5_12001338 BAdI: Delta Load into External Search Machine 
268 VLC_USED_VEHICLES S_ALI_97000084 BAdI: Used Vehicles 
269 VLC_VEHICLE_IDOC S_KA5_12001318 BAdI: Processing of Vehicle IDoc 
270 VLC_VHVIN_PREPARE S_KA5_12001340 BAdI: Capitalization of VIN 
271 VLORD_OIF_SETUP S_EB5_05000458 Activate Functions for Configurable User Interface 
272 VMI_SPECIAL_STOCK_PA S_E4A_94000068 BAdI: VMI Third Party Logistic Provider Scenario 
273 VMS_USER_INTERFACE S_KA5_12001325 BAdI: Influence Interface of Transaction VELO 
274 VMYOBJ_CATS_CUST S_AX7_68000146 CATS Worklist: Activate myObject Object Types 
275 VN_TP18 S_ABA_72000125 Define Undesirable Customer 
276 VOLAART_UMSCHL_DF S_ALR_87007886 Convert Codes for Volatility Types 
277 VOLATILITAETSARTEN S_ALR_87007851 Define Volatility Type 
278 VORAUSZAHLUNG S_ALR_87100544 Accounting Treatment of Advance Payments 
280 VORERFASSUNG S_ALR_87100720 Park Document 
281 VORGANGORDNER S_ALR_87003698 Define Activity Type 
282 VORGANGSARTPRO S_ALR_87003861 Define Activity Type 
283 VORGTYP_ZU_STRGRP S_ALR_87004542 Assign Activity Category to Group Reversal Transaction 
284 VORSCHLAGSGEN S_ALN_01000608 Generate Proposals for Profit/Loss Indicator 
285 VORSCHL_BELPOSTEXT S_KFM_86000076 Define Default Values for Document Item Text 
286 VQRFC_CUS_I_DST S_BIN_67000042 Map Queue Prefixes to Inbound Destinations 
287 VSCAN_001 S_BCE_68002048 Define Scanner Groups 
288 VSCAN_002 S_BCE_68002063 Define Virus Scan Profiles 
289 VSCAN_003 S_BCE_68002064 Define Virus Scan Servers 
290 VSCAN_004 S_BCE_68002066 Implement BAdI for Virus Scanners 
291 VSCAN_005 S_BCE_68002067 Implement BAdI for Virus Scanners 
292 VSD_CPILS_ACT S_EB5_05000424 Activate SD Functions for Commercial Projects 
293 VSIW_CONFIG S_BCE_68002497 Define Configuration 
294 VSIW_CONFIGURATION S_BCE_68002496 Define configurations 
295 VSIW_LANDSCAPE S_BCE_68002495 Define Landscape 
296 VTCULIV_FIR S_EB5_05000179 Activate Direct Posting to Contracts 
297 VTHM_PLAN_SETUP S_ALN_01001015 Assign Hedge Plan Number Ranges to a Company Code 
298 VTHM_TRANS_SETUP S_ALN_01001016 Assign Transaction Number Ranges to a Company code 
299 VTIV01_AR S_ALR_87100838 Extraction Program: Conversion of Usage Type into Object Type 
300 VTIV17 S_P00_07000150 Display Default Values for Concordance Search 
301 VTIV26 S_ALR_87008549 Maintain Contract Types 
302 VTIV26F S_ALR_87008607 Set Field Modification for each Contract Type 
303 VTIV44_AR S_ALR_87100859 Extraction Program:Transport Connections 
304 VTIV9I S_P99_41000222 Maintain Owners' POR Data 
305 VTIVAR09 S_P00_07000319 Permitted Activities For Each Status 
306 VTIVAR10 S_P00_07000286 Rental Request Status With Regard To Offer Object 
307 VTIVAR11 S_P00_07000012 Rental Request Processes - Follow-On Status 
308 VTIVAR18 S_P00_07000151 Change Default Values for Concordance Search 
309 VTIVBEKOFI S_ACR_23000044 Kontenfindung Berichtigungsbuchungen 
310 VTIVBETAX S_P7D_67000064 Steuerkennzeichen für Berichtigungsbuchungen 
311 VTIVCN03 S_ALR_87008603 Define Resubmission Reasons 
312 VTIVCN07 S_ALR_87008552 Permitted Object Types per Contract Type 
313 VTIVCN08 S_ALR_87008608 Determine Account Determination Value for General Contract 
314 VTIVCNADJT S_ALR_87008550 Determine Adjustment Type/Method for Contract Type 
315 VTIVP1 S_ALR_87008801 Source of Acquisition 
316 VTIVP2 S_ALR_87008802 Reason for Acquisition 
317 VTIVP3 S_ALR_87008803 Enquiry Method 
318 VTIVWB S_ALR_87008469 Nutzungskategorien den Nutzungsarten zuordnen 
319 VTIVWB08 S_ALR_87008377 Identify Condition Types for Revenue Calculation 
320 VTIVWB09 S_ALR_87008371 Define Calculation Units 
321 VTIVWB42 S_ALR_87008370 options. 
322 VTIVWB43 S_ALR_87008373 Define Risk of Rent Loss (Independent of Usage Categories) 
323 VTIVWB44 S_ALR_87008374 Define Risk of Rent Loss (for each Usage Category) 
324 VTIVWB53 S_ALR_87008372 Define Flat Rates for Calculation 
325 VTVBEWZUMRM S_ALR_87007814 Maintain Flows Relevant to Market Risk 
326 VVVVVVVV S_ALR_87099875 Maintain Document Classes 
327 VV_COND_POWL_HEAD_VA S_EAC_24000029 Define Search Criteria for Header Attributes 
328 VV_COND_POWL_ITEM_VA S_EAC_24000027 Define Search Criteria for Item Attributes 
329 VV_COND_WD S_EAC_24000014 Overview of the Configuration Process 
330 VV_COND_WD_GUIDE_ISR S_EAC_24000026 Overview of the Configuration Process 
331 VV_J_3RFREGCUSOSD S_EBJ_98000169 Automatic Registration of Outgoing Invoices from SD 
332 VV_J_3RFREGCUSTX S_EBJ_98000175 Enter Text Object IDs for Incoming Invoices 
333 VV_POWL_TYPE_COND S_EAC_24000022 Define Worklist Type 
334 VV_T093BSN_PV02 S_EEI_69000023 Activate Asset Accounting (New) 
335 VV_T100C_EPIC_CB S_EBJ_45000030 Message Control for Electronic Payment Integration 
336 VV_T100C_IHCERP S_PLN_62000313 Change Message Control 
337 VV_T100C_IHC_DIR S_PLN_62000745 Change Message Control for Directly Created Payment Orders 
338 VV_T100C_IHC_GUI S_PLN_62000725 Change Message Control for Manual Payment Orders 
339 VV_T100C_IHC_IDC S_PLN_62000744 Change Message Control for Inbound IDoc 
340 VV_T100C_IHC_XBS S_PLN_62000746 Change Message Control for Central Incoming Payments 
341 VV_T100C_IHC_XIXML S_P7F_76000010 Change Message Control for XML Message Processing (XI) 
342 VV_T161W_EXP S_EBJ_98000156 Define Exposure Update for Cross-Company Stock Transfers 
343 VV_T161W_VF S_EBJ_98000147 Define MtM Determination for Cross-Company Stock Transfers 
344 VV_T511K_UN_RS S_PAD_19000066 Specify the Values of Constants for Rental Subsidy 
345 VV_T511P_UN_RS S_PAD_19000067 Maintain Amounts for Rental Subsidy 
346 VV_T51P1_UN_AN S_PAD_19000039 Maintain Annual Wage Type Links 
347 VV_T51P1_UN_D1 S_PAD_19000050 Maintain Disabled Child Wage Type Link 
348 VV_T51P1_UN_N S_PAD_19000036 Assign Net Salary Wage Type to Gross Salary Wage Type 
349 VV_T51P1_UN_R3 S_PAD_19000069 Maintain Rental Subsidy Wage Type Assignments 
350 VV_TBCA_REL_RULE_FSB S_FPD_79000149 Assign Rule to Release Steps 
351 VV_TBCA_RTW_LINK_FSB S_FPD_79000150 Assign Release Procedure Workflow to Release Procedure 
352 VV_TFILA_LC_200B S_XB7_96000044 Validation Determination Schema 
353 VV_TFILA_LC_200V S_XB7_96000033 Specify Validation Determination 
354 VWLF_DOCTYPE_AIS S_EBS_44000373 Assignment of Archive Info Struc. to Doc. Type for Enhanced Archive Display 
355 V_160M_KORRSSP S_EB5_05000219 Define System Message Attributes 
356 V_160M_POD_CDEC S_EB5_05000486 Define System Message Attributes for Customs Declarations 
357 V_160M_POD_DP S_EB5_05000478 Define System Message Attributes for Deal Passport 
358 V_161_WVV S_AC0_52000398 Further Processing of Summarized Purchasing Documents 
359 V_169HKONT S_EBS_44000009 Activate Direct Posting to Alternative G/L Accounts 
360 V_169Q S_VBS_01000014 Define Differential Invoicing Process 
361 V_1AFITPV_IT S_KK4_74002790 Define Tax Types 
362 V_1ANUMGR1_CN S_EB5_05000494 Maintain Number Groups 
363 V_1ANUMGR1_ID S_P7D_67000071 Maintain Number Groups 
364 V_1ANUMGR1_LV S_EB5_05000033 Maintain Number Groups 
365 V_1ANUMGR1_PH S_SL0_21000022 Maintain Number Groups 
366 V_1ANUMGR1_VE S_E4A_94000005 Maintain Number Groups 
367 V_1AOUM S_EBS_44000040 Maintain Official Unit of Measure 
368 V_1A_WS_BRANCH S_EBS_44000495 Define a Branch for Web Service 
369 V_ACC_ACPAK_MAP S_EBJ_98000200 Define Account Assignment 
370 V_ACE001 S_XB7_96000094 Open Fiscal Year for Accrual Postings 
371 V_ACEPSSYM S_XB7_96000050 Define Account Symbols 
372 V_ACE_DE_MAPPING S_XB7_96000072 Assign Alternative Data Elements for Components 
373 V_ACE_SOP_CRTSEC S_ALN_01000335 Define Hypothetical Stock Price Performance 
374 V_AFO_FIELD_EXPT S_KFM_86000175 Define Exception Handling for Characteristics 
375 V_AFWKF_FLW S_KFM_86000089 Flow in Transaction/Payment Currency 
376 V_AFWKF_FLWCC S_KFM_86000090 Flow in Calculation Currency 
377 V_AFWKF_KB0 S_KFM_86000088 Basic Key Figure 
378 V_AFWKF_POS S_KFM_86000091 Position in Position Currency 
379 V_AFWKF_POSCC S_KFM_86000092 Position in Calculation Currency 
380 V_AFWKF_YLDCC S_KFM_86000093 Yield from Calculation Currency 
381 V_AFWKF_YLDSNCCC S_KFM_86000094 Yield 'Period Start to Current Date' from Calculation Currency 
382 V_ALM_ME_SERVER_DRIV S_EAC_24000007 Define Server-Controlled Settings for Movement Data 
383 V_ANLY_SD_SETUP S_EBS_44000089 Activate Analytical Functions 
384 V_ARC_USR S_ALR_87100201 Object-Dependent Settings 
385 V_AT81M1 S_KFM_86000199 Incoming Confirmation: Partner Assignment 
386 V_ATDR S_KFM_86000100 Define Date Rules 
387 V_ATFTA S_KFM_86000182 Assign Flow Types to Update Types 
388 V_ATFTA_CML S_KFM_86000183 Assign Loan Flow Types to Update Types 
389 V_ATLCHAR_MRM S_KFM_86000259 Define Generated Characteristics 
390 V_ATVO3II S_AEN_10000106 Define Statistics Type 
391 V_BEWART_EX_MAHN S_ALR_87004527 Exclude Flow Types from Dunning Run 
392 V_BOIMSGCNTRL S_PR0_40000236 Internal Message Control for Purchase Order 
393 V_BOIMSGCNTRL_PO S_PR0_40000244 Internal Message Control for Purchase Orders 
394 V_BPC_FIL_ROLE S_SI3_21000051 Define Business Partner Roles to Be Ignored 
395 V_BPUM_CTL S_KFM_86000122 Release System for Business Partner 
396 V_BUT_CALL_FU S_ABA_72000248 Activate Function Modules 
397 V_BUT_CALL_FUTEXT S_P7F_76000013 Activate Function Modules for Customer/Vendor Integration 
398 V_CACS_FPP_STMT S_AEN_10000315 Commission Contract 
399 V_CCMEQBOM S_EAE_99000003 Make Settings for Equipment BOM in Configuration Control 
400 V_CDESK_C_SYSTEM S_ALN_01000165 CAD system 
401 V_CDF_EXT_ITEM S_EBS_44000573 Maintain External Items for Assets 
402 V_CIFVMISD S_E4A_94000075 Define Customer/Plant Assignment and Configure ATP Check 
403 V_CKMLKONT S_AL0_96000544 Reasons for Price Changes 
404 V_CKMLSENDPRICE S_ALN_01000986 Set up Material Price Dispatch 
405 V_CMM_LREV_CCODE S_EBJ_98000238 Activate Company Codes for Revaluation 
406 V_CND_MAPC_PASUA S_P7D_67000105 Determine Condition Types from Purchasing Contracts for Transfer to SAP CRM 
407 V_CNTL_CASH_FLOW S_P7F_76000098 Define Cash Flow Control Options 
408 V_COCF_CU_PROBCH S_PEN_05000202 Determine Checks for Executing Operations 
409 V_COCF_CU_Q_ID S_PEN_05000190 Assign Plant and ID to Layout 
410 V_COCF_TCURU S_PEN_05000133 Define Parameters for Order Confirmation in Portal 
411 V_CONVERTER S_P99_41000367 Maintain converter 
412 V_CONV_PARAMETER S_P99_41000368 Maintain parameter for conversion 
413 V_CPSTOCK_P_FILT S_EB5_05000535 Define Plant Filter for Stock Determination 
414 V_CUST02 S_ALR_87100763 General Features 
415 V_CUST03 S_ALR_87100764 Global Settings 
416 V_CVSE_APPL S_ALR_87100861 Set Up Search Engine Index 
417 V_CWTY006 S_KA5_12001086 Define Warranty Claim Groups 
418 V_DFCU08 S_EBJ_98000144 Define Derivative Contract Specifications 
419 V_DFCU08_MASS S_EBJ_98000149 Define Derivative Contract Specifications Collectively 
420 V_DFCUDB S_EBJ_98000143 Define Derivative Contract Specification 
421 V_DISTCRT_ROLE S_ABA_72000249 Define BP Role Categories for Partial Replication 
422 V_DOCCLS_CCP S_AL0_19000064 Maintain Document Classes 
423 V_DOCCLS_CN S_EB5_05000492 Maintain Document Classes 
424 V_DOCCLS_ID S_P7D_67000069 Maintain Document Classes 
425 V_DOCCLS_LV S_EB5_05000031 Maintain Document Classes 
426 V_DOCCLS_PF_VE S_E4A_94000011 Maintain Document Classes 
427 V_DOCCLS_PH S_SL0_21000020 Maintain Document Classes 
428 V_DOCCLS_VE S_E4A_94000003 Maintain Document Classes 
429 V_DPR_AREA S_PTD_51000015 Define Area 
430 V_DPR_LOCATION S_PTD_51000016 Define Location 
431 V_DPR_SRCH_HELP S_X1D_36000007 Define Search Help for Project Management 
432 V_EAML_EDGE_TYPE S_EBS_44000090 Define Edge Type for Link Object 
433 V_EAML_GRAPH_EDGEASS S_EBS_44000185 Assign Edge Profile to Edge Type 
434 V_EAML_GRAPH_EDGPROF S_EBS_44000184 Define Edge Profile 
435 V_EAML_GRAPH_NODEASS S_EBS_44000183 Assign Node Profile to Node Type 
436 V_EAML_GRAPH_NODPROF S_EBS_44000182 Define Node Profile 
437 V_EAML_LRP_TYPE S_EBS_44000033 Define LRP Type 
438 V_EAML_NET_EVT_R S_EBS_44000029 Assign Network Attribute Categories to Network Types 
439 V_EAML_NODE_TYPE S_EBS_44000031 Define Node Type for Object Link From/To 
440 V_EAML_NW_GROUP S_EBS_44000030 Define Network Group 
441 V_EAML_NW_TYPE S_EBS_44000028 Define Network Types 
442 V_EAML_OL_POS S_EBS_44000032 Define Display Options for Links 
443 V_EAMSC_UI_SHLP S_EE5_50000193 Configure Search Help Assignment 
444 V_EAMWS_PLANTS S_EE6_85000059 Specify Safety-Relv. Plnts and Plnt-Specific Safety Settings 
445 V_EVAT_EXT_ITEM S_EBS_44000572 Maintain External Items for Annual VAT 
446 V_FAGLCOFICCODEC S_ELN_06000003 Assign Variants for Real-Time Integration to Company Codes 
447 V_FAGLCOFIVARC S_ELN_06000002 Define Variants for Real-Time Integration 
448 V_FAGLSKF_APPL S_AC0_52000473 Display Assignment of Application to ID 
449 V_FAGLSKF_CUSTFD S_AC0_52000467 Define Customer Include for Totals Table 
450 V_FAGLSKF_LAY_IN S_AC0_52000468 Define Layout for Entry of Statistical Key Figures 
451 V_FAGLSKF_TAB S_AC0_52000472 Display Table Names and Structures 
452 V_FAGLSKF_TRANS S_AC0_52000466 Assign Customer Fields 
453 V_FAGL_AB_C S_AL0_19000008 Define Balance Display 
454 V_FAGL_ACTIVECCL S_PL0_86000158 Deactivate Update of Classic General Ledger (GLT0) 
455 V_FAGL_ACTIVECEX S_AL0_19000013 Include Characteristics in CO Totals Records 
456 V_FAGL_ACTIVECFC S_AL0_19000014 Enhance Determination of Functional Area 
457 V_FAGL_BELNR_LD S_ELN_06000012 Define Document Types for Entry View in a Ledger 
458 V_FAGL_DOCNR_LD S_ELN_06000016 Define Document Types for General Ledger View 
459 V_FAGL_FCV_DELTA S_E38_98000105 Activate Delta Logic 
460 V_FAGL_MIG_SPLIT S_AC0_52000749 Define Alternative Document Splitting Method 
461 V_FAGL_SEGM S_AL0_19000003 Define Segment 
462 V_FAGL_SPL_PROC S_AC0_52000748 Adjust Validation for Specific Processes 
463 V_FAGL_T881 S_ELN_06000020 Define Ledgers for General Ledger Accounting 
464 V_FAGL_T881_ROLL S_AL0_19000011 Define Rollup Ledgers in General Ledger Accounting 
465 V_FAGL_T882G S_AL0_19000016 Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledgers 
466 V_FAGL_T882G_AVG S_EBS_44000416 Assign Average Ledger to Company Codes 
467 V_FAGL_T882G_ROLL S_PL0_86000006 Assign Company Codes to Rollup Ledgers 
468 V_FAGL_T889A S_AL0_19000073 Define Document Types for Planning 
469 V_FAGL_T894 S_AL0_19000012 Define Versions 
470 V_FAGL_T894_ROLL S_AL0_19000068 Versions for Rollup Ledger 
471 V_FCML_ACCMAP_AP S_EBJ_98000201 Determine Accounts Depending on Accounting Principle 
472 V_FCML_MLCO_COFI S_EBJ_98000198 Set Up Real-Time Integration for Parallel Cost of Goods Manufactured 
473 V_FDM_COLL_CCODE S_AXC_91000059 Activate Distribution per Company Code 
474 V_FDM_COLL_CFIEL S_AXC_91000060 Define Relevant Fields for Document and Master Record Changes 
475 V_FDM_COLL_DUNNL S_AXC_91000061 Harmonize Dunning Levels 
476 V_FDM_COLL_FUNC S_EB5_05000408 Define Additional Functions 
477 V_FDM_LOAD_MIRR S_EB5_05000216 Define Procedure for Loading Master and Transaction Data 
478 V_FDM_NOTE_TYPE S_EB5_05000428 Define Note Types 
479 V_FIPAY_T042_GTS S_PR0_40000033 Activate Check in SAP GTS for FI 
480 V_FMFGAAPAYACTIV1 S_EB5_05000517 Activate Partial Clearing by Account Assignment 
481 V_FMFGAAPAYBLOCK1 S_EB5_05000520 Set Payment Block 
482 V_FMFGAAPAYDOCTY1 S_EB5_05000519 Set Supported Document Types 
483 V_FMFGAAPAYLDGR1 S_EB5_05000518 Maintain Relevant Ledger for Split View 
484 V_FOPCCREATEPERSON S_S27_10000001 Restrict Authorization to Create Persons 
485 V_FOPCMCRATING S_XS4_40000020 Management Controls: Necessity of Issue Reporting 
486 V_FSEPA_INST_CD S_E17_18000002 Determine Local Instrument Code and Lead Times 
487 V_FSEPA_INST_SL S_E17_18000003 Change Priority Rules for Local Instrument Code and Lead Times 
488 V_FXINTMARGIN S_ALN_01001535 Define Rate Markup/Markdown for Internal Foreign Exchange Trading 
489 V_GLE_AFX_GLOBL_CUST S_VCG_86000023 Edit Global Archiving Customizing 
490 V_GLE_ARC_USR S_VCG_86000021 Edit Archiving Objects 
491 V_GLOFAACNTRLC S_AEN_10000938 Activate Country-Specific Data 
492 V_GLOFAAJPIMPT S_EEI_69000034 Maintain Depreciation Areas for Field Group Mapping 
493 V_GRPCCREATEPERSON S_S27_10000001 Restrict Authorization to Create Persons 
494 V_GRPCMCRATING S_XS4_40000020 Management Controls: Necessity of Issue Reporting 
495 V_GRRM_VALI_NEW S_GE1_71000090 Enable Risk Validation from Risk 
496 V_IDCN_DOTY_CCP S_AL0_19000063 Maintain Form Types 
497 V_IDCN_DOTY_VE S_E4A_94000008 Maintain Form Types 
498 V_IDCN_VOID_CCP S_AL0_19000067 Maintain Void Reason Codes 
499 V_IDCN_VOID_VE S_E4A_94000010 Maintain Void Reason Codes 
500 V_IDKR_AMNDSTAT S_EB5_05000631 Define Amendment Status Code