SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index V, page 2
IMG Activity - V
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 V_IDMX_VAT S_AC0_52000811 Define Directly Attributable Tax Condition Types 
2 V_IDMX_VAT_ACC S_AC0_52000810 Assign VAT Accounts to VAT Return Lines 
3 V_IDPL_II_TAX_1 S_EAC_24000349 Define Tax Exemption Codes 
4 V_IDT007RA S_P7D_67000040 Assign positive/negative values to other fields 
5 V_IDVKBUR_BUPLA S_SL0_21000018 Assign Business Places to Sales Offices 
6 V_IDVKBUR_BUPLA_VE S_E4A_94000002 Assign Business Places to Sales Offices 
7 V_INM_DFM_BTRANS S_PTD_51000063 Maintain DFM Business Transactions 
8 V_INM_DFM_CFG S_PTD_51000041 Maintain Asynchronous Options 
9 V_INM_DFM_EX_MOD S_PTD_51000042 Define Execution Mode for Synchronization of Objects 
10 V_INM_DFM_STATUS S_X1D_36000045 Maintain DFM Statuses 
11 V_INM_DFM_ST_ACT S_PTD_51000057 Map Business Transactions for Synchronization 
12 V_INM_DFM_SYN_AT S_PTD_51000040 Maintain Attributes for Synchronization Scenarios 
13 V_INM_DFM_SYN_ID S_PTD_51000048 Define Scenario ID 
14 V_INM_DFM_XMOD_C S_PTD_51000043 Define Customer-Specific Execution Mode for Synchronization 
15 V_INM_DPR_ST_I S_PTD_51000058 Map DFM Business Transaction to Project / Initiative Business Transaction 
16 V_INM_DPR_ST_O S_PTD_51000059 Map Project / Initiative Business Transaction to DFM Business Transaction 
17 V_INM_GEN_SET S_EE5_50000302 Maintain Gen. Settings for Portf. and Proj. Mgmt Intgrn 
18 V_INM_MAP_RULES S_X1D_36000068 Maintain Mapping Functions 
19 V_INM_NAV_CTX S_X1D_36000012 Define Object Context for Navigation 
20 V_INM_NAV_CTX_W S_X1D_36000013 Define Related Object Context for Navigation 
21 V_INM_NAV_INFO_F S_X1D_36000014 Define Navigation Settings OIF 
22 V_INM_NAV_INF_F S_X1D_36000016 Define Authorizations for Detail Screen Views/Subviews 
23 V_INM_NAV_INF_W S_X1D_36000015 Define Navigation Settings 
24 V_INM_OBJGRP_SYN S_PTD_51000039 Maintain Objects for Synchronization 
25 V_INM_OBJTYP_STR S_PTD_51000046 Maintain Object Synchronization Structure for Object Link Type 
26 V_INM_OBJ_HEADER S_PTD_51000052 Define Object Header and Portfolio Structure Graphic Attributes 
27 V_INM_OBJ_STRUC S_PTD_51000067 Maintain Object Synchronization Structures for Object Grouping 
28 V_INM_RPM_AC_I S_PTD_51000055 Map DFM Activity to Portfolio and Project Management Activity 
29 V_INM_RPM_AC_O S_PTD_51000056 Map Portfolio and Project Management Activity to DFM Activity 
30 V_INM_RPM_ST_I S_PTD_51000060 Map DFM Business Transaction to Portfolio Management Status 
31 V_INM_RPM_ST_O S_PTD_51000061 Map Portfolio Management Status to DFM Business Transaction 
32 V_INM_ST_MAP_DPR S_X1D_36000042 Map Project / Initiative Status to DFM Status 
33 V_INM_ST_MAP_RPM S_X1D_36000041 Map Portfolio Management Status to DFM Status 
34 V_INM_ST_PATH S_X1D_36000043 Maintain DFM Status Change Sequence 
35 V_ISMTVVD S_KK4_82001481 Define Rule for Start of Billing Period in Contract Data 
36 V_ISSR_MIGTP_EWR S_ALN_01001629 Umsetzung Kennz.10 R5/97: spezielle Fonds 
37 V_ISSR_RSTOCKBAV S_ALN_01002487 Zeilen und Spalten für NW102 zuordnen 
38 V_ISSR_UMSR59710 S_ALN_01001628 Umsetzungstabelle 
39 V_ISSR_UMS_R5973 S_ALN_01001625 Umsetzungstabelle 
40 V_ITAGCYACT S_KK4_08000668 Edit activities 
41 V_ITAGCYCDMODE S_KK4_08000675 Define modes 
42 V_ITAGCYCUSTSCR S_KK4_08000669 Define customer-specific screens for collection transaction 
43 V_ITAGCYDIFFREAS S_KK4_08000748 Define Reasons for Payments on Account 
44 V_ITAGCYSELMODE S_P7I_08000900 Assign User-Defined Selection Variants to Modes 
45 V_ITAGCYSFACT S_KK4_08000670 Define customer-specific Smart Forms 
46 V_ITAGCYTCREAS S_KK4_08000704 Define Reasons for Temporary Collection/Disbursement 
47 V_J1AVATCODE S_EBJ_98000257 Define VAT Rate Codes and VAT Percentages for Web Service 
48 V_JBD_CLLRCH_UPD S_PLN_06000087 Define Residence Time for Collateral 
49 V_JBD_FCTY_ARCHC S_PLN_06000066 Define Residence Time for Facilities 
50 V_JBD_FNTR_ARCHCV S_PLN_06000071 Define Residence Time for Financial Transaction 
51 V_JBD_GETR_ARCHC S_PLN_06000067 Define Residence Time for Generic Transactions 
52 V_JBD_GETR_ARC_C S_PLN_06000143 Define Residence Time for Generic Transactions 
53 V_JBD_GPAN_ARCHC S_PLN_06000069 Define Residence Time for Gap Analysis 
54 V_JBD_GPTP_ARCHC S_PLN_06000070 Define Residence Time for Opportunity Interest Rates in Gap Analysis 
55 V_JBD_GTVS_ARCHC S_PLN_06000068 Define Residence Time for Versions of Generic Transactions 
56 V_JBD_GTVS_ARC_C S_PLN_06000144 Define Residence Time for Versions of Generic Transactions 
57 V_JBD_LOAN_ARCHC S_PLN_06000063 Define Residence Time for Loans 
58 V_JBD_PLVR_ARCHC S_PLN_06000073 Define Residence Time for ALM Planning Variant 
59 V_JBD_SETR_ARCHC S_PLN_06000072 Define Residence Time for Security Orders 
60 V_JBD_VTBA_ARCHC S_PLN_06000095 Define Residence Time for Balances of Variable Transactions 
61 V_JBD_VTBA_ARC_C S_PLN_06000101 Define Residence Time for Balances of Variable Transactions 
62 V_JBD_VTMDRCHCST S_PLN_06000100 Define Residence Time for Master Data of Variable Transactions 
63 V_JBD_VTMD_ARCHC S_PLN_06000064 Define Residence Time for Master Data of Variable Transactions 
64 V_JBD_VTTO_ARCHC S_PLN_06000065 Define Residence Time for Turnovers of Variable Transactions 
65 V_JBD_VTTO_ARC_C S_PLN_06000102 Define Residence Time for Turnovers of Variable Transactions 
66 V_JBR_GPTP_ARCHC S_PLN_06000242 Define Residence Time for Opportunity Interest Rates in Gap Analysis 
67 V_JTVAK01 S_KK4_82001411 Use of Contract Type 
68 V_J_1ATAXP_EARN S_EBJ_98000110 Maintain Cross Table for Mapping Tax Payer File 
69 V_J_1ATAXP_ES S_EBJ_98000108 Maintain Earning Status 
70 V_J_1ATAXP_TT S_EBJ_98000109 Maintain Tax Types 
71 V_J_3RFOPERCOD S_EBJ_98000174 Define Operation Type Codes 
72 V_J_3RFREGCUSEDI S_E17_18000001 Maintain Editing and Deletion Rules 
73 V_J_3RFREGCUSMAT S_EBJ_98000184 Maintain Incoming Invoice Matching Rules 
74 V_J_3RFREGCUSOFI S_EBJ_98000168 Automatic Registration of Outgoing Invoices from FI 
75 V_J_3RFREGCUSREV S_EBJ_98000176 Automatic Processing of Reversals 
76 V_J_3RFREG_HNDL S_EBJ_45000041 Set Up Automatic Handling of Clarification Requests 
77 V_J_3RF_OPERTYP S_EBJ_98000254 Assign Operation Type Codes to Tax Codes 
78 V_J_3RF_VENDOR S_EBS_44000510 Specify Code of Vendor Tax Office 
79 V_J_3RTSE_VATMM S_EBS_44000511 Specify Tax Codes 
80 V_KLDATESHIFT S_ALN_01002036 Shift Validity Date for Settlement Risk of Currency Options 
81 V_KLFAZ07 S_KFM_86000077 Assign Facility 
82 V_KLGEWFAK S_ALN_01001365 Define Weighting Factor 
83 V_KLINTORG S_KFM_86000023 Define Internal Organizational Unit 
84 V_KLLRB S_KFM_86000024 Define Country Risk Area 
85 V_KLRECEIVER S_AEN_10000212 Assign Senders of Workflows to Recipients 
86 V_KLRISKBEGIN S_PLN_62000381 Define Start Date for Risk Calculation 
87 V_KLSBV S_KFM_86000027 Define Collateral Valuation Procedure(s) 
88 V_KLSIBESART S_KFM_86000026 Define Collateral Valuation Rule 
89 V_KLTAGENDSF S_KFM_86000028 Define Selection Filter 
90 V_KSELPAR S_KFM_86000025 Selection Filter for End-of-Day Processing 
91 V_MDGD_FILE_CONV S_BTD_53000150 Define File Converter Type for Data Import 
92 V_MDG_BS_BP_HDL S_EBI_19000001 Specify Handler Processed by Access Class 
93 V_MDG_BS_ECC_CUP S_EBI_02000005 Define Number Ranges for Customer Contact Persons per Target System 
94 V_MDG_BS_ECC_CUS S_EBS_03000009 Define Number Ranges for Customer Account Groups per Target System 
95 V_MDG_BS_ECC_VEN S_EBS_03000010 Define Number Ranges for Supplier Account Groups per Target System 
96 V_MDG_DQ_CONF_DC S_BT6_28000005 Configure Attributes for Duplicate Check 
97 V_MDG_DQ_MAT_DC S_BT6_28000004 Match Profile ID for Duplicate Check 
98 V_MDG_ES_TEMPLAT S_BTD_53000171 Assign Search Object Connector Templates to Object Types 
99 V_MDG_MLT_AS_CAT S_EBS_03000005 Specify Multiple Assignment Categories 
100 V_MDG_MLT_AS_CAT_001 S_EBS_03000003 V_MDG_MLT_AS_CAT_001 
101 V_MDG_MLT_AS_RSN S_EBS_03000004 Specify Multiple Assignment Reasons 
102 V_MDG_SRCH_SRV_C S_E7B_95000003 Configure Search Applications for Search Services 
103 V_MDUCMDCS S_EBJ_98000142 Convert Price Types for DCS 
104 V_MSG_COND S_P7F_76000102 Define Message Type for the Condition Type 
105 V_OFFNUM_CN S_EB5_05000496 Assign Number Group to Company Code 
106 V_OFF_NUM_ID S_P7D_67000073 Assign Number Ranges to Business Places/Company Codes 
107 V_OFF_NUM_LV S_EB5_05000035 Assign Number Ranges to Document Class/Number Group/Date 
108 V_OFNUM_PH S_SL0_21000025 Assign Number Ranges to Business Places 
109 V_OFNUM_TW_2_VE S_E4A_94000007 Assign Number Ranges to Business Places 
110 V_OIH01A S_P7I_60000014 Define Region-Based External Rates 
111 V_OIH07A S_P7I_60000008 Define Combinations of Excise Duty Group and Handling Type 
112 V_OIH08A S_P7I_60000011 Define Excise Duty Defaults for Purchasing 
113 V_OIH10A_1 S_P7I_60000009 Assign Excise Duty Status to Handling Type 
114 V_OIH11A S_P7I_60000010 Define Excise Duty Defaults for Sales 
115 V_OIH24A S_P7I_60000012 Define Excise Duty Grouping Codes 
116 V_OIH26A S_P7I_60000013 Define Whether License Data Required 
117 V_OIUBL01_SFORMS S_SO7_65001205 Maintain Valid Smart Forms for Balancing Statement 
118 V_OIUX3_RPTCFGD S_SOG_81000179 Maintain Report-Specific Dated Configuration 
119 V_OIUX3_RPT_CFG S_SOG_81000178 Maintain Report-Specific Configuration 
120 V_OIUX3_TX_REJ S_SOG_81000176 Overwrite Descriptions of Standard Rejection Codes 
121 V_OIUX3_TX_REJC S_SOG_81000177 Maintain Custom Rejection Codes 
122 V_OIUX5_OK_REJ S_YEP_55000004 Overwrite Descriptions of Standard Rejection Codes 
123 V_OIUX5_OK_REJC S_YEP_55000005 Maintain Custom Rejection Codes 
124 V_OIUX5_RPT_CFG S_YEP_55000006 Maintain Report-Specific Configuration 
125 V_OIUX6_RPT_CFG S_YEP_23000005 Maintain Report-Specific Configuration 
126 V_OIUX6_WY_REJ S_YEP_23000002 Overwrite Descriptions of Standard Rejection Codes 
127 V_OIUX6_WY_REJC S_YEP_23000004 Maintain Custom Rejection Codes 
128 V_OIUX8_GRPPX S_YEP_27000001 Maintain Report Group/Product Code XRef 
129 V_OIUX8_NM_REJ S_YEP_27000003 Maintain Standard Reject Code Descriptions 
130 V_OIUX8_NM_REJC S_YEP_27000004 Maintain Custom Reject Codes 
131 V_OIUX8_RPT_CFG S_YEP_27000007 Maintain Report Specific Configuration 
132 V_OIUY3_GRPPX S_YEP_42000002 Maintain Report Group/Product Code XRef 
133 V_OIUY3_RPT_CFG S_YEP_42000005 Maintain Report Specific Configuration 
134 V_OIUY3_TX_REJ S_YEP_42000003 Maintain Standard Reject Code Descriptions 
135 V_OIUY3_TX_REJC S_YEP_42000004 Maintain Custom Reject Codes 
136 V_OIUY6_GRPPX S_YEP_48000001 Maintain Report Group/Product Code XRef 
137 V_OIUY6_RPT_CFG S_YEP_48000006 Maintain Report Specific Configuration 
138 V_OIUY6_WY_REJ S_YEP_48000004 Maintain Standard Reject Code Descriptions 
139 V_OIUY6_WY_REJC S_YEP_48000005 Maintain Custom Reject Codes 
140 V_PFAIM_FTYPES S_KFM_86000098 Assign CFM-TM Flow Types to PA Flow Type 
141 V_PFAIM_UTYPES S_PLN_62000809 Flag Flows as Relevant for Performance Measurement 
142 V_PFA_DINTERVALS S_PLN_62000515 Define Yield Ranges 
143 V_PFA_FLOWTYPES S_KFM_86000097 Maintain PA Flow Types 
144 V_PLANT_ABROAD S_EBJ_98000224 Define Settings for Plants Abroad 
145 V_PLM_DMS_TDWA_A S_AXA_22000006 Set Up WebDocuments (BSP) 
146 V_PRP_STAFFING S_X1D_36000032 Define Staffing Processes 
147 V_QG_EVAL_DATATY S_AEN_10000600 Define Data Definition for Evaluations of Original Documents 
148 V_QG_EVAL_V_BADI S_AEN_10000599 Define View Implementations for Evaluations of Original Documents 
149 V_REF_INT S_P7F_76000103 Define Reference Interest Rates for Condition Types 
150 V_RPLM_QI_GR_TYP S_PRN_53000520 Change Layout for Graphic Types 
151 V_RPM_COA_VV S_EE5_50000303 Maintain Controlling Area and Valuation View Mapping 
152 V_RPM_DP_STATGRP S_PCC_47000062 Define Item Dependency Status 
153 V_RPM_DX_FIELD_T S_X1D_36000052 Configure Fields for Mass Import 
154 V_RPM_PROJ_APPL S_X1D_36000003 Enable Project Management Systems Integration 
155 V_RPM_RESP2ORG S_PTD_51000018 Map Resource Pool to Organization Unit 
156 V_RPM_SET_IND S_EE5_50000304 Maintain Settlement Behaviour 
157 V_RPM_VALTYPC S_EE5_50000305 Customize Portf. and Proj. Mgmt Value Type 
158 V_SAWE_BOOK_CUST S_EE6_85000106 Maintain Staff Assignment Booking Indicator 
159 V_SECCO_ADDL S_EBS_44000106 Maintain Additional Section Codes 
160 V_SEPA_FIELDS S_P7F_76000072 Define Modifiable Fields 
161 V_SMI_CNSNTCNFG S_B17_86000043 Configuring Social Consent Management 
162 V_SMI_CNTRYCNFG S_B17_86000039 Mapping Country Code 
163 V_SMI_RTREVALMDE S_B17_86000038 Define Data Retrieval Mode 
164 V_SMI_SRCHTERM S_B17_86000020 Define Search Terms 
165 V_SMI_VOCLANG S_B17_86000021 Permitted Languages 
166 V_SOP_FFVERSNS S_ALN_01000099 Define Versions for Hypothetical Forfeiture Rates 
167 V_SOP_VERSNS S_ALN_01000098 Define Versions for Performance of Stock Prices 
168 V_SPCIPPROFILES S_ALI_97000015 Assign Users to User Profile 
169 V_SPM_GLB_PRM S_BH6_02000001 Determine Global Parameters for Supplier Performance Management 
170 V_SPM_METRICS S_BH6_02000002 Define Rating Criteria for Supplier Performance Management 
171 V_SPM_METRIC_CAT S_BH6_02000003 Define Category for Rating Criteria 
172 V_SPM_MTCDTY S_BH6_02000007 List Rating Criteria 
173 V_SPM_OTDWF S_BH6_02000008 Weighting Factors for On-Time Delivery 
174 V_SPM_SCALC S_BH6_02000004 Define Calculation Rules for Score 
175 V_SPM_SCORE_LU S_BH6_02000005 Score Lookup 
176 V_SPM_SIGDOC S_BH6_02000006 Determine Significant Document Type 
177 V_SRMSPSBO S_YI3_39000134 Relationship between Business Object, SPS ID and RMS ID 
178 V_SSCDOCMNT_DC S_BTD_53000008 Define External SSC Documents 
179 V_SSCINFTYPE_DC S_BTD_53000183 Assign Data Collector Class to Info Type 
180 V_T001Q_FI_0006 S_AL0_19000015 Define and Activate Substitution for Cost-of-Sales Accounting 
181 V_T001S_KORRSP S_EB5_05000220 Define Accounting Clerks 
182 V_T001W_EXT_XLO S_ALI_97000003 Assign Customer Number to an External Plant 
183 V_T001_DEF S_AC0_52000754 Assign Deferred Tax Rules to Company Codes 
184 V_T003_B_I S_AL0_19000041 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
185 V_T003_B_I_CCP S_AL0_19000065 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
186 V_T003_B_I_CN S_EB5_05000493 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
187 V_T003_B_I_ID S_P7D_67000070 Assign Document Types to Document Classes 
188 V_T003_B_I_LV S_EB5_05000032 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
189 V_T003_B_I_PF_VE S_E4A_94000012 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
190 V_T003_B_I_PH S_SL0_21000021 Assign Document Types to Document Classes 
191 V_T003_B_I_VE S_E4A_94000004 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
192 V_T003_FXR S_EBS_44000268 Activate Currency Translation with Market Data Exchange Rates 
193 V_T003_MCA S_EBS_44000301 Allow Posting to Position and Equivalent Accounts 
194 V_T003_XUACPA S_EBJ_98000202 Activate Accounting Principle Check in Document 
195 V_T007BE S_PCO_36000445 Specify When Bills of Exchange Are Recognized 
196 V_T007DT S_AC0_52000753 Define Deferred Tax Rules 
197 V_T007K_LU S_EBS_44000570 Group Tax Base Balances 
198 V_T007K_RU S_AC0_52000177 Assign Tax Items to Lines in VAT Returns 
199 V_T007K_RU_CI S_EBS_44000532 Define Correction Invoices 
200 V_T007K_RU_CI_ALL S_EBS_44000533 Correction Invoices 
201 V_T007K_RU_PBU3 S_EB5_05000090 Activate Down Payments in Foreign Currency Function 
202 V_T007K_RU_SPL S_AC0_52000401 Assign Tax Items to VAT Base Columns 
203 V_T007L_LU S_EBS_44000569 Group Tax Balances 
204 V_T007L_RU_SPL S_AC0_52000402 Assign Tax Items to VAT Columns 
205 V_T007Z_LU S_EBS_44000571 Define Grouping Version for Annual VAT 
206 V_T007_EU S_AC0_52000395 Specify Tax Codes for Acquisition Tax Accruals 
207 V_T056C S_EBJ_98000271 Define Fixed Amounts for Interest Calculation 
208 V_T058B_PH S_SL0_21000026 Create Receipt Lots and Assign to Business Places 
209 V_T059Z_AR S_EB5_05000350 Assign Withholding Tax Keys 
210 V_T059Z_CO S_SL0_21000002 Assign Withholding Tax Keys to Withholding Tax Codes 
211 V_T059Z_MX S_EBJ_98000122 Assign Withholding Tax Keys to Withholding Tax Codes 
212 V_T059Z_WITHCD2 S_SL0_21000001 Define Withholding Tax Keys 
213 V_T059Z_WITHCD2_BR S_P6D_40000029 Define Official Collection Codes 
214 V_T074U_FDM_REL S_EBS_44000312 Activate Process Integration of Documents with Special G/L Indicator 
215 V_T110_ACT S_EBS_44000506 Activate Country-Spec. Paymt Algorithm for Vendor Inv. in For. Currency 
216 V_T134_DOCUBATCH S_PL0_86000009 Define Entry per Material Type 
217 V_T160M_CS S_AL0_96000757 Change Message Type 
218 V_T160M_J1JP S_EB5_05000663 Maintain Message Attributes 
219 V_T161PH S_EB5_05000240 Activate 'Park and Hold' in Purchasing Documents 
220 V_T169DC_ERS S_AC0_52000867 Specify Automatic Settlement of Planned Delivery Costs 
221 V_T182B_EXT S_EAC_24000031 Define Views for Evaluation 
222 V_T182C_EXT S_EAC_24000032 Define User-Specific Report Views 
223 V_T182D_EXT S_EAC_24000033 Define Report Views 
224 V_T243A S_ALR_87007468 Define TR-CM Subsystems 
225 V_T243B S_ALR_87007452 Convert Sender Group 
226 V_T243C S_ALR_87007481 Convert Sender Level 
227 V_T243D S_ALR_87007372 Convert Sender Business Areas 
228 V_T243E S_EBJ_98000085 Assign Time Zones to Subsystems 
229 V_T390J S_EE5_50000153 Configure Print Control for Job Card 
230 V_T399X_OLC S_EB5_05000393 Define Cost Settings 
231 V_T530E_B S_PAD_19000073 Maintain Reason for Rental Subsidy Eligibility Change 
232 V_T539J S_PAD_19000041 Maintain Post Adjustment Wage Type Assignment for Ind. Eval. 
233 V_T549S S_PAD_19000080 Check Date of Conversion 
234 V_T577 S_PAD_19000042 Maintain Family Characteristics 
235 V_T5G30 S_L7D_24002929 Maintain Pension Schemes 
236 V_T5GTUPE S_L7D_24002931 Maintain TUBED Organizations List 
237 V_T5G_AEFORMS S_L7D_24002930 Maintain Customer Specific Smart Forms Names 
238 V_T604F S_P6B_12000021 Maintain PKWiUs 
239 V_T604G S_EBS_44000517 Define Countries in Customs Union 
240 V_T6I1_P S_EB5_05000250 Document Index 
241 V_T6I2 S_EB5_05000251 Document Category WIND Direct Entry 
242 V_T6I2A S_EB5_05000252 Assignment Table Fields to Document Category 
243 V_T799BCFG S_L7D_24002944 Define Customer Form Type for Form Group 
244 V_T799BCFT S_L7D_24002947 Define Customer System Form Names and Variants for Logical Forms 
245 V_T799BEFG S_L7D_24002942 Check Form Group 
246 V_T799BFOR S_L7D_24002941 Check Print Form Types 
247 V_T799BMFG S_L7D_24002945 Define Logical Form Name for Form Group 
248 V_T799BSFG S_L7D_24002943 Check Standard Form Type for Form Group 
249 V_T799BSFT S_L7D_24002946 Check Standard System Form Names for Logical Forms 
250 V_T7PIQ_GB_OFFER S_P7I_82001699 Maintain Offer Levels for Students 
251 V_T7UNAAP_ATTR_A S_PAD_19000085 Enable Personnel Action Approval Process 
252 V_T7UNAAP_ATTR_B S_PAD_19000088 Maintain Common Attributes for PAAP 
253 V_T7UNAAP_ATTR_C S_PAD_19000093 Set Switch For Checking PAAP Numbers in Payroll Run 
254 V_T7UNAAP_ATTR_D S_PAD_19000094 Set Switch For Checking PAAP Numbers in Time Evaluation Program 
255 V_T7UNAAP_CPERNR S_PAD_19000096 Verify Whether Temporary Personnel Numbers Exist 
256 V_T7UNAAP_INFO S_PAD_19000089 Maintain Infotypes Not Relevant for PAAP 
257 V_T7UNAAP_T529A S_PAD_19000091 Determine Action Type Relevant for PAAP 
258 V_T7UNAAP_TSTC S_PAD_19000090 Determine Transaction Codes Relevant for PAAP 
259 V_T7UNATTRIBS_A S_PAD_19000130 Maintain Dependency Allowance From Other Sources 
260 V_T7UNBEN_T5UBA S_PAD_19000031 Maintain Benefit Plan Cost Rule Variant 
261 V_T7UNBEN_T5UBH S_PAD_19000029 Maintain Benefit Cost Rule 
262 V_T7UNBEN_T5UBI S_PAD_19000030 Maintain Benefit Cost Rule Settings 
263 V_T7UNOM_CCOCCG S_PAD_19000023 Map OCCG to CCOG Codes 
264 V_T7UNOM_CCOG S_PAD_19000022 Maintain ICSC CCOG Functional Codes 
265 V_T7UNOM_FD_PS S_PAD_19000019 Map Position Type to Fund ID 
266 V_T7UNOM_FUNDT S_PAD_19000018 Define Funding Types 
267 V_T7UNOM_OCCG S_PAD_19000021 Define OCCG Functional Codes 
268 V_T7UNOM_OUTYPE S_PAD_19000020 Define Organizational Unit Type 
269 V_T7UNOM_POSIT S_PAD_19000016 Define Position Types 
270 V_T7UNPAD503_B S_PAD_19000125 Group Employees for Special Post Allowance 
271 V_T7UNPAD503_E S_PAD_19000128 Maintain Rental Subsidy Eligibility Check 
272 V_T7UNPAD_DS S_PAD_19000012 Create Duty Station 
273 V_T7UNPAD_DS0P S_PAD_19000013 Assign Duty Station for Personnel Area and Subarea 
274 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P S_PAD_19000057 Maintain Duty Station Hardship Classification / Home Leave Cycle 
275 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P_E S_PAD_19000100 Define Designated Duty Station 
276 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P_EG S_PAD_19000099 Define Designated Duty Station 
277 V_T7UNPAD_DS1P_R S_PAD_19000062 Maintain Duty Station Rental Subsidy Settings 
278 V_T7UNPAD_DSCA S_PAD_19000052 Maintain Duty Station Hardship Classification 
279 V_T7UNPAD_DSDA S_PAD_19000049 Maintain Entitlements Dependency Allowance 
280 V_T7UNPAD_DSHE S_PAD_19000059 Define Hardship Comp. Based on DS Hardship Classification 
281 V_T7UNPAD_DSLC S_PAD_19000053 Maintain Duty Station Home Leave Cycle 
282 V_T7UNPAD_DSME S_PAD_19000058 Define Mobility Comp. Based on DS Hardship Classification 
283 V_T7UNPAD_DSPA S_PAD_19000040 Maintain Post Adjustment Modifier 
284 V_T7UNPAD_DSRE S_PAD_19000060 Maintain Duty Station Removal/ Non-Removal Element 
285 V_T7UNPAD_EG03 S_PAD_19000102 Set Education Grant Eligibility Status 
286 V_T7UNPAD_EG05 S_PAD_19000132 Maintain Education Grant Currencies 
287 V_T7UNPAD_EG30 S_PAD_19000103 Maintain Education Grant Exception 
288 V_T7UNPAD_EGAMT S_PAD_19000112 Maintain Max. EG Expense Limit for Single Currency 
289 V_T7UNPAD_EGAMT_A S_PAD_19000111 Maintain Max. EG Expense Limit for all Currencies 
290 V_T7UNPAD_EGAPL S_PAD_19000115 Define Expense Management Application 
291 V_T7UNPAD_EGCAQ S_PR0_40000399 Maintain EG CCAQ Category 
292 V_T7UNPAD_EGCOS S_PAD_19000116 Maintain Expense Types 
293 V_T7UNPAD_EGCOSC S_PR0_40000398 Assign EG CCAQ Category to Expense Type 
294 V_T7UNPAD_EGPSH S_PAD_19000114 Lump Sum for Books 
295 V_T7UNPAD_EGRS S_PAD_19000109 Maintain Reason for Child Staying in a Boarding School 
296 V_T7UNPAD_EGSN S_PAD_19000107 Maintain Whether the School is Eligible for Education Grant 
297 V_T7UNPAD_EGST S_PAD_19000108 Maintain Exceptions in School Grade 
298 V_T7UNPAD_GA S_PAD_19000054 Adjust Duty Station Grade for Mobility & Hardship 
299 V_T7UNPAD_GA_AS S_PAD_19000129 Determine Pay Scale Groups to be Increased 
300 V_T7UNPAD_PFST S_PAD_19000074 Define Contribution Status for Pension Fund 
301 V_T7UNPAD_PFSV S_PAD_19000076 Maintain Pension Fund Scheme Values 
302 V_T7UNPAD_PFUN S_PAD_19000075 Define Pension Fund Schemes 
303 V_T7UNPAD_RS502 S_PAD_19000063 Create Rental Subsidy Marital Status 
304 V_T7UNPAD_RSCH S_PAD_19000061 Maintain Rental Subsidy Scheme 
305 V_T7UNPAD_RSDA S_PAD_19000071 Maintain Rental Subsidy Entitlements Amount 
306 V_T7UNPAD_RSDE S_PAD_19000070 Maintain Rental Subsidy Entitlements Percentage 
307 V_T7UNPAD_RSDR S_PAD_19000068 Maintain Rental Subsidy Dwelling Rent Type Settings 
308 V_T7UNPAD_RSMA S_PAD_19000072 Maintain Rental Subsidy Maximum Amount 
309 V_T7UNPAD_RSRR S_PAD_19000065 Maintain Rental Subsidy Reimbursement Percentage 
310 V_T7UNPAD_SLGR S_PAD_19000082 Define Employee Groups Based on Contract Duration 
311 V_T7UNPAD_SLQU S_PAD_19000083 Maintain Sick Leave Quota Values 
312 V_T7UNPAD_T502_T S_PAD_19000064 Set Relation Bet. General Marital Status and Rental Subsidy Marital Status 
313 V_T7UN_T577_1 S_PAD_19000043 Maintain Dependent type Characteristics 
314 V_T7UN_T577_2 S_PAD_19000044 Check Disability Characteristic 
315 V_T7UN_T577_3 S_PAD_19000045 Check Living with Employee Characteristic 
316 V_T7UN_T577_4 S_PAD_19000046 Check Dependency Characteristic 
317 V_T7UN_T577_5 S_PAD_19000047 Check Allowance Characteristic 
318 V_T80D_GL S_AL0_19000070 Define Enhancements for Rollup 
319 V_T80D_SL S_AL0_19000069 User Exits for Rollups 
320 V_TACAC_OBJTYP S_ALN_01000242 Define Accrual Object Categories 
321 V_TACAC_PO_ASSIG S_ALN_01001137 Assign Parameters to Accrual Object Categories 
322 V_TACE001_ACAC S_ALN_01000344 Open Fiscal Year for Accrual Postings 
323 V_TACE001_BUKRS S_ALN_01001131 Assign Company Codes 
324 V_TACE001_BUKRS_ACAC S_ALN_01001132 Assign Company Codes 
325 V_TACE001_BUKRS_IPM S_ALN_01001372 Assign Company Codes 
326 V_TACE001_BUKRS_IPMO S_ALN_01002461 Assign Company Codes 
327 V_TACE001_BUKRS_SOA S_ALN_01001111 Assign Company Codes 
328 V_TACE001_IPM S_ALN_01001375 Open Fiscal Year for Accrual Postings 
329 V_TACE001_IPMO S_ALN_01002464 Open Fiscal Year for Accrual Postings 
330 V_TACE001_SOA S_ALN_01000244 Open Fiscal Year for Provision Postings 
331 V_TACECOMPC S_XB7_96000061 Define Customer Settings for Components 
332 V_TACECOMPCSOA S_ALN_01000230 Define Customer Settings for Components 
333 V_TACECOMPC_ACAC S_ALN_01000343 Define Customer Settings for Components 
334 V_TACECOMPC_IPM S_ALN_01001378 Define Customer Settings for Components 
335 V_TACECOMPC_IPMO S_ALN_01002467 Define Customer Settings for Components 
336 V_TACEDS_LEGACYM S_XB7_96000070 Define Legacy Data Transfer 
337 V_TACEDS_OPASGMT S_XB7_96000071 Assign Operators to Function Modules 
338 V_TACEDS_OPERATR S_XB7_96000069 Define Operators for Derived Accrual Types 
339 V_TACEDS_OP_PERC S_XB7_96000115 Set Percentage Rates for Operator P 
340 V_TACEPSRULE S_XB7_96000095 Define Combination of Characteristics 
341 V_TACEPSRULE_SOA S_ALN_01000240 Define Combination of Characteristics 
342 V_TACEPSRUL_ACAC S_ALN_01000351 Define Combination of Characteristics 
343 V_TACEPSSYM S_PLN_16000067 Define Account Symbol 
344 V_TACEPSSYM_ACAC S_ALN_01000352 Define Account Symbols 
345 V_TACEPSSYM_SOA S_ALN_01000241 Define Account Symbols 
346 V_TACESYSTEVENTS S_XB7_96000116 Develop Component-Specific System Exits 
347 V_TACE_ACCME_SOA S_ALN_01000233 Define Accrual Methods 
348 V_TACE_ACCM_ACAC S_ALN_01000342 Define Accrual Methods 
349 V_TACE_ACCM_IPM S_ALN_01001379 Define Accrual Methods 
350 V_TACE_ACCM_IPMO S_ALN_01002470 Define Accrual Methods 
351 V_TACE_ACCRULE S_XB7_96000010 Define Accounting Principles 
352 V_TACE_ACCRU_SOA S_ALN_01000236 Define Accounting Principles 
353 V_TACE_ACCR_ACAC S_ALN_01000338 Define Accounting Principles 
354 V_TACE_ACCR_IPM S_ALN_01001373 Define Accounting Principles 
355 V_TACE_ACCR_IPMO S_ALN_01002462 Define Accounting Principles 
356 V_TACE_ACRTYPE S_XB7_96000060 Define Accrual Types 
357 V_TACE_ACRTYPE_OPN S_XB7_96000059 Define Calculation Guidelines for Derived Accrual Types 
358 V_TACE_ACRTY_IPM S_ALN_01001376 Define Accrual Types 
359 V_TACE_ACRTY_IPMO S_ALN_01002465 Define Accrual Types 
360 V_TACE_ACRTY_SOA S_ALN_01000232 Define Accrual Types 
361 V_TACE_ACRT_ACAC S_ALN_01000340 Define Accrual Types 
362 V_TACE_COMBINATN S_XB7_96000096 Assign Accounting Principle to Company Code 
363 V_TACE_COMBI_SOA S_ALN_01000243 Assign Accounting Principle to Company Code 
364 V_TACE_COMB_ACAC S_ALN_01000339 Assign Accounting Principle to Company Code 
365 V_TACE_COMB_IPM S_ALN_01001374 Assign Accounting Principle to Company Code 
366 V_TACE_COMB_IPMO S_ALN_01002463 Assign Accounting Principle to Company Code 
367 V_TACE_COMP_SPEC S_XB7_96000073 Develop Component-Specific Program Components 
368 V_TACE_DS_CALC S_XB7_96000062 Define Standard Settings for Accrual Calculation 
369 V_TACE_DS_CA_SOA S_ALN_01000245 Define Standard Settings for Calculating Provisions 
370 V_TACE_DS_C_ACAC S_ALN_01000345 Define Standard Settings for Accrual Calculation 
371 V_TACE_DS_C_IPM S_ALN_01001380 Define Standard Settings for Accrual Calculation 
372 V_TACE_DS_C_IPMO S_ALN_01002471 Define Standard Settings for Accrual Calculation 
373 V_TACE_FUNC_ACAC S_ALN_01000341 Develop Function Modules for Accrual Methods 
374 V_TACE_FUNC_SOA S_ALN_01000238 Develop Function Modules for Accrual Methods 
375 V_TACE_PS_POST S_XB7_96000063 Define Posting Control 
376 V_TACE_PS_PO_SOA S_ALN_01000246 Define Posting Control 
377 V_TACE_PS_P_ACAC S_ALN_01000346 Define Posting Control 
378 V_TACE_PS_P_IPM S_ALN_01001381 Define Posting Control 
379 V_TACE_PS_P_IPMO S_ALN_01002472 Define Posting Control 
380 V_TACE_TRNSFTYP_ACAC S_P1E_80000010 Define Automatic Data Transfer 
381 V_TACE_VSR_001 S_XB7_96000048 Activate Validation 
382 V_TACTIC S_EBJ_98000212 Define Tactic Types and Tactics 
383 V_TAC_MAP S_EBJ_98000213 Assign Tactic Types and Tactics to Promotions 
384 V_TAKOF_RE S_AL0_96000290 Performance Dunning and Payment 
385 V_TAX_RFD_CHARS S_EB5_05000414 Define VAT Refund Code for Each Tax Refund Country 
386 V_TAX_RFD_CODES S_EB5_05000415 Assign VAT Refund Code to a Schema 
387 V_TAX_RFD_C_MAP S_EB5_05000413 Assign VAT Refund Code to G/L Account 
388 V_TB060R S_PL7_36000003 Assign Note Views to Role Categories 
389 V_TB072_CM S_AXA_22000059 Assign SAP CRM BP Tax Groups to Tax Classifications 
390 V_TB105_ALLGVERTRAG S_ALR_87008606 Specify Field Modifications for each Activity 
391 V_TBANK_PP_DISTR S_GF1_13000059 Distribute Jobs for Parallel Processing 
392 V_TBC001 S_ALN_01002326 Define Number Assignment for Direction BP to Vendor 
393 V_TBC002 S_ALN_01002328 Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Vendor 
394 V_TBCA_BESTKONT S_KFM_86000212 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts for Currency Conversion 
395 V_TBCA_IHCCC S_KFM_86000211 Store Different Exchange Rate Type for Currency Conversion 
396 V_TBD001 S_PL7_36000001 Define Number Assignment for Direction BP to Customer 
397 V_TBD002 S_PLN_06000002 Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer 
398 V_TBDA2X S_BCE_68001611 Switch Change Pointer Storage 
399 V_TBPID S_ABA_72000126 Define Identification Number Categories 
400 V_TC91 S_P00_07000317 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
401 V_TCHOBJ S_KA5_12000676 Maintain link between primary and secondary specification object 
402 V_TCJ_NUMB_GROUP S_EB5_05000336 Define Numbering Groups 
403 V_TCMFUL S_ALR_87009619 Set Screen Templates for Completion Confirmation 
404 V_TCMS_CAG_TXTID S_XEN_65000087 Define General Text IDs 
405 V_TCMS_INS_PORT S_AEN_10000776 Define Insurance Portfolios 
406 V_TCMS_INS_REB S_AEN_10000777 Define Insurance Rebate Methods 
407 V_TCMS_INS_SRSN S_AEN_10000778 Define Insurance Inactivation Reasons 
408 V_TCM_CUS_CBAS S_ALR_87100772 Define General Settings for Baselines 
409 V_TCM_CUS_CFOL S_ALR_87100770 Define General Settings for Configuration Folder 
410 V_TCVARID S_ALR_87100762 Define Identification Types 
411 V_TD05_AT_FS S_KFM_86000255 Define OeNB Target Groups 
412 V_TDWO S_P99_41000323 Screens for additional object links 
413 V_TDWOD S_P99_41000325 Maintain Screen for Object Link 
414 V_TEAMS S_EE5_50000152 Specify When Status "Job in Process" Is Set 
415 V_TEBPPEXTSTATUS S_EB5_05000155 Define External Description for Invoice 
416 V_TEBPPINQRES S_EB5_05000196 Define Reasons for Vendor Inquiries 
417 V_TEBPPINQUIRYSW S_EB5_05000195 Activate Vendor Inquiry 
418 V_TEBPPPMNTDESCR S_EB5_05000156 Define Payment Description for Company 
419 V_TFDM_RSTGR S_PR0_40000394 Define Reason Codes 
420 V_TFDM_UMSKZ S_PR0_40000390 Define Special G/L Indicator(s) 
421 V_TFIBLOPDOCTYPE S_PL0_09000065 Define document types 
422 V_TFIEH_GF_001 S_XB7_96000045 Define Handling Methods 
423 V_TFIEH_GF_002 S_XB7_96000046 Specify Methods for Retrieval of Object Data 
424 V_TFILA_GF_000R S_XB7_96000168 Define Reasons for Change 
425 V_TFILA_GF_001MC S_PLN_06000383 Integrate Customer Processing Methods in Subprocesses 
426 V_TFILA_GF_003RB S_XB7_96000232 Define References for Value Determination Methods 
427 V_TFILA_LC_001 S_XB7_96000023 Create Financing Classification Groups (Old) 
428 V_TFILA_LC_002 S_XB7_96000021 Define Financing Classes (Old) 
429 V_TFILA_RE_TNR S_AEN_10000963 Assign Number Ranges to Refinancing Categories 
430 V_TFIOTP001 S_XB7_96000056 Group and Summarize Line Items 
431 V_TFIOTP002 S_XB7_96000057 Specify Account Determination Rules for One-Time Postings 
432 V_TFK_REPDS_HU S_EMI_14000097 Define Reporting Date Type 
433 V_TFK_TAXTYPE_HU S_EMI_14000096 Assign Tax Number Category 
434 V_TFK_VATCODE_HU S_EMI_14000095 Define VAT Tax Codes 
435 V_TFPTTWBS S_ALR_87009603 Assign Default Date Type to Billing Plan 
436 V_TIPZBSR S_AL0_96000631 Sales-Based Rent Settlement Control 
437 V_TIPZZ1 S_ALR_87011755 Document Type for Correction Items Transfer Postings 
438 V_TIPZZ2 S_ALR_87011756 Posting Key for Bank Debit Posting (Incoming Payments) 
439 V_TIPZZ3 S_ALR_87011757 Folder for Temporary Data 
440 V_TISSR_DV_CHECK S_ALN_01001621 Definition 
441 V_TISSR_KENNUNG S_ALN_01002475 NW102 - Ausprägungen der Davon-Vermerke definieren 
442 V_TISSR_STOCK_C S_ALN_01001622 Definition 
443 V_TIV05_V S_ALR_87100847 Extraction Program: District Conversion 
444 V_TIV13 S_ALR_87100851 Research Participant Categories (Internet Partners) 
445 V_TIV14 S_ALR_87100846 Rental Request: District Group 
446 V_TIV71_V S_ALR_87100857 Extraction Program: Determination of Fixtures and Fittings 
447 V_TIVAJINDXCON S_P6B_12000041 Replacement of Index Series, Change of Base Year 
448 V_TIVAR08 S_P00_07000006 Rental Request and Offer Object: Presettings 
449 V_TIVAR12 S_ALR_87100849 Rental Request: Description of Parking Space (Parking Space Group) 
450 V_TIVBOLLO S_P6B_12000004 Parameters for Stamp Tax 
451 V_TIVCAARRES S_ALN_01001774 Data Archiving 
452 V_TIVCACCACE S_EEI_69000074 Company Code Settings for Accrual/Deferral 
453 V_TIVCACLSETSC S_EEI_69000001 Define Accrual/Deferral Reporting 
454 V_TIVCDDUEDATEX S_EEI_69000177 Handling of Partner Changes 
455 V_TIVEXFIDUNNBP S_PLN_16000260 Dunning 
456 V_TIVLIRTR S_P6B_12000005 Tax Code 
457 V_TIVLIRUF S_P6B_12000006 Office Master Data 
458 V_TIVRATAXBOLLO S_E4E_66000033 Define Tax Groups Relevant to Stamp Tax (IB) 
459 V_TIVTAXSCS_CZ S_P6B_12000030 Output Tax on the Receivable from Service Charge Settlement 
460 V_TIVXCCHACTIVE S_EEI_69000047 Activate Swiss Land Register 
461 V_TIVXCCHACTIVE_EN S_EEI_69000092 Activate Swiss Land Register 
462 V_TIVXCCHCOND S_EEI_69000062 Define Building Condition 
463 V_TIVXCCHCOND_EN S_EEI_69000087 Define Building Statuses 
464 V_TIVXCCHDIST S_EEI_69000048 Define Official Municipality Numbers 
465 V_TIVXCCHDIST_EN S_EEI_69000096 Enter Data for Communes 
466 V_TIVXCCHFLOOR S_EEI_69000061 Define Floors 
467 V_TIVXCCHFLOOR_EN S_EEI_69000088 Define Floors 
468 V_TIVXCCHGENSRC S_EEI_69000057 Define Heating / Hot Water Energy Source 
469 V_TIVXCCHGENSRC_EN S_EEI_69000084 Define Energy Sources for Heating/Hot Water 
470 V_TIVXCCHHEAT S_EEI_69000064 Define Building Heating Type 
471 V_TIVXCCHHEAT_EN S_EEI_69000085 Define Heating Types 
472 V_TIVXCCHKAT S_EEI_69000063 Define Building Category 
473 V_TIVXCCHKAT_EN S_EEI_69000086 Define Building Categories 
474 V_TIVXCCHKIT S_EEI_69000060 Define Appartment Kitchen Infrastructure 
475 V_TIVXCCHKIT_EN S_EEI_69000089 Define Cooking Facilities 
476 V_TIVXCCHSTAT S_EEI_69000059 Define Appartment Condition 
477 V_TIVXCCHSTAT_EN S_EEI_69000090 Define Dwelling Statuses 
478 V_TIVXCCHUSAGE S_EEI_69000058 Define Appartment Usage 
479 V_TIVXCCHUSAGE_EN S_EEI_69000091 Define Usage Types for Dwelling 
480 V_TIVXCCORCNTRY S_EE5_50000023 Specify Countries for Correction/Reversal Invoices 
481 V_TIVXCESCADREFS S_EEI_69000067 Define Path to Parcel of Land 
482 V_TIVXCESCDMSR S_EEI_69000033 Specify Measurement Types That Modify Security Deposit 
483 V_TIVXCESCO S_EEI_69000027 Specify Condition Types for Posting 
484 V_TIVXCESEVALID S_EEI_11000016 Activate Validation of Cadastral References 
485 V_TIVXCESPARAM S_EEI_69000070 Define General Parameters 
486 V_TIVXCESPTDISCH S_EEI_69000028 Define Parameters for Tax Discount 
487 V_TIVXCESPTPSTNG S_EEI_69000071 Define Posting Parameters 
488 V_TIVXCESPTSURCH S_EEI_69000031 Define Parameters for Surcharges 
489 V_TIVXCESSETINV S_EEI_69000072 Assign Number Range Intervals to Invoice Types 
490 V_TIVXCESTAXRATN S_EEI_69000036 Enter Property Tax Rates 
491 V_TIVXCFRBDGPRD S_EE6_85000015 Define Budgetary Periods 
492 V_TIVXCFRCONDTYP S_EE6_85000040 Enter Condition Types for Advance Payment Calculation 
493 V_TIVXCFREOACC S_EE6_85000007 Define Account Symbols 
494 V_TIVXCFRPOSTING S_EE6_85000014 Define Document Types for Posting 
495 V_TIVXCHUFF S_EE5_50000016 Assign Service Continuity to Flow Types 
496 V_TIVXCHUTP S_EE6_85000153 Enter G/L Accounts for Transfer Posting 
497 V_TIVXCIIRETRF S_E4E_66000030 Select Reason for Notice Relevant to Transfer of Ownership 
498 V_TIVXCITCADCITY2 S_EE6_85000197 Define City Codes 
499 V_TIVXCITCADCPY S_EEI_69000017 Specify Data Groups to Copy 
500 V_TIVXCITCADFLD S_EEI_69000018 Define Fields for Editing