SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index V, page 3
IMG Activity - V
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 V_TIVXCITCADMSR S_EEI_69000019 Specify Measurement Types to Copy 
2 V_TIVXCITCRMEMO S_EEI_11000020 Specify Tax Group for Credit Memo Over One Year 
3 V_TIVXCITF24PYMN S_EEI_69000014 Enter Data for F24 Payment File 
4 V_TIVXCITICIFORM S_EEI_69000013 Enter Data for ICI/IMU Form 
5 V_TIVXCITIRECFP S_EEI_69000015 Specify Posting Method for IRE Payback Amount 
6 V_TIVXCITIRECTYP S_P7E_63000077 Maintain IRE Calculation Type 
7 V_TIVXCITIREFT S_EEI_69000016 Assign Flow Type Relation to Tax Code and Contract Status 
8 V_TIVXCITIREOBJR S_EE5_50000001 Maintain Registration Tax Rates 
9 V_TIVXCITIREOF S_P7E_63000080 Maintain IRE Office Master Data 
10 V_TIVXCITIRETAXC S_P7E_63000078 Maintain IRE Tax Code Descriptions 
11 V_TIVXCITIRETCOR S_EE5_50000002 Maintain Tax Codes for Rental Object Codes 
12 V_TIVXCITIRETRF S_E4E_66000031 Select Reason for Notice Relevant to Transfer of Ownership 
13 V_TIVXCITIREVA S_P7E_63000079 Maintain Time-dependent IRE Parameters 
14 V_TIVXCITREDUCT S_EEI_11000001 Assign Reduction Rates to Reduction Reasons 
15 V_TIVXCITSDINT S_EEI_69000021 Assign Reference Interest Rate to Condition Type 
16 V_TIVXCJPCCSET S_AER_95000491 Define Company-Specific Data for Payment Report 
17 V_TIVXCJPCOMPANY S_PRN_53000177 Define Company-Specific Form Settings 
18 V_TIVXCJPCOMPANY_JP S_PRN_53000342 Define Company-Specific Form Settings 
19 V_TIVXCJPFLWTYP S_E4E_66000032 Define Flow Types for Posting Fixed Unit Price Based Costs 
20 V_TIVXCJPPCAT S_AER_95000489 Define Payment Categories 
21 V_TIVXCJPPCATF S_AER_95000490 Assign Payment Categories to Flow Types 
22 V_TIVXCJPPRGROUP S_EE5_50000412 Define Grouping Order for Payment Charges 
23 V_TIVXCJPROUND S_PRN_53000075 Define Rounding Type for Company Code 
24 V_TIVXCNLCHARARD S_EE5_50000113 Define Fixtures and Fittings Characteristics 
25 V_TIVXCNLHPCITY S_EE5_50000443 Enter Highly-Populated Cities 
26 V_TIVXCNLWOZBAS S_EE6_85000202 Assign Measurement Type and Characteristic to Company Code 
27 V_TIVXCNLWOZPTS S_EE6_85000203 Define Value Ranges for Extra Points 
28 V_TIVXCPINSTDAT S_E36_82000178 Define Installment Dates 
29 V_TIVXCPTCERT S_EE6_85000129 Define Settings for Digital Signature 
30 V_TIVXCPTEXPCAT S_E36_82000176 Define Exemption Period Category 
31 V_TIVXCPTEXPPERI S_E36_82000177 Define Exemption Periods 
32 V_TIVXCPTINSTDAT S_E36_82000179 Define Installment Dates 
33 V_TIVXCPTINSTLIM S_E36_82000180 Define Installment Limits for Municipal Property Tax 
34 V_TIVXCPTPOSTN S_E36_82000181 Define Technical Parameters for Cash Flow Creation 
35 V_TIVXCPTRACONS S_E4E_66000203 Maintain Conservation Factors 
36 V_TIVXCPTRAPARAM S_E4E_66000204 Maintain Rent Adjustment Parameters 
37 V_TIVXCPTSAFTPAR S_EEI_11000019 Specify Technical Parameters for SAF-T 
38 V_TIVXCPTSTCNTYP S_E4E_66000127 Assign Stamp Tax Types to Contract Types 
39 V_TIVXCPTSTRATE S_E4E_66000126 Maintain Stamp Tax Rates 
40 V_TIVXCPTSTTY S_E4E_66000125 Define Stamp Tax Types 
41 V_TIVXCPTTAXCAT S_E36_82000173 Define Municipal Property Tax Category 
42 V_TIVXCPTTAXLIM S_E36_82000174 Define Municipal Property Tax-Rate Limits per Category 
43 V_TIVXCPTTAXRATN S_E36_82000175 Define Municipal Property Tax Rates 
44 V_TIVXCSKDRNEM S_EE5_50000202 Assign Property Types to Real Estate Object Types 
45 V_TIVXCSKHLAVPR S_EE5_50000201 Enter Taxpayer Data 
46 V_TIVXCSKHLAVTE S_EE5_50000204 Define Technical Settings for Tax Return 
47 V_TJBR_US_ACCT_T S_PLN_06000198 Change Account Descriptions for Complete Balancing 
48 V_TKEVA01 S_KK4_13000036 Assign Valuation Strategy 
49 V_TKE_DIST_DIFF S_PLN_06000126 Edit Differentiations 
50 V_TMMPURCFOLDERS S_AC0_52000788 Define Link to External Documents 
51 V_TP016 S_KFM_86000253 Define Liability Risks 
52 V_TP019 S_KFM_86000256 Determine Values for Additional Data 
53 V_TP19 S_ABA_72000128 Definition of Additional Data Types 
54 V_TP23 S_FNO_26000163 Define Differentiation Criterion 
55 V_TP23S S_FNO_26000162 Set Differentiation Criterion 
56 V_TP24 S_FNO_26000164 Define Grouping Characteristic 
57 V_TPGPRF S_KA5_12000077 Distribution profile 
58 V_TPKAL S_EAC_24000003 Switch Off Alerts for Error Messages 
59 V_TPR6 S_KFM_86000251 Assign Additional Business Partner Role Categories to Object 
60 V_TPR9 S_KFM_86000254 Determine Grouping and Address Type of BP Role for an Object 
61 V_TPZ18 S_ABA_72000127 Define Category for Additional Data 
62 V_TPZ_LZB S_ABA_72000156 Define Country Indicators in Accordance with German Federal Bank 
63 V_TQ80_PR_1 S_EAC_24000081 Define Notification Process 
64 V_TQN8DCAT S_EAE_99000031 Assign Code Groups to Disciplines 
65 V_TRAIN_AFUNCT S_AEN_10000725 Define Additional Functions 
66 V_TREQPRF S_AC0_52000777 Define Requirement Profile 
67 V_TRILC_DFT_ASSG S_KFM_86000117 Assign Update Types for Hedge Accounting 
68 V_TR_DIST S_PLN_06000127 Edit Distribution 
69 V_TTXD_ABA S_PAB_37000001 Define Structure of Tax Jurisdiction Codes 
70 V_TTXID_LV3 S_KFM_86000260 Define Note IDs for Limit Transfers 
71 V_TTYPVX_ANLG S_EBJ_98000161 Carry Out Enhanced Document Summarization for Asset Accounting 
72 V_TTYPVX_CNTR S_EBJ_98000164 Carry Out Enhanced Document Summarization for Overhead Cost Controlling 
73 V_TTYPVX_MTRW S_EBJ_98000162 Carry Out Enhanced Document Summarization for Materials Management 
74 V_TTYPVX_VTRB S_EBJ_98000163 Carry Out Enhanced Document Summarization for Sales and Distribution 
75 V_TVAK_FCS S_E4A_94000158 Define Full Text Search for Customers 
76 V_TVAK_MEV S_EBJ_98000225 Assign Billing Type for Period-End Posting to Sales Document Type 
77 V_TVEP_LB S_E4A_94000157 Define Movement Type for One-Step Stock Transfer for Subcontract Order 
78 V_TVFK_MEV S_EBJ_98000226 Assign Billing Type for Period-End Reset to Billing Type for Posting 
79 V_TVROPT S_EX1_23000020 Activate Optimized Reports 
80 V_TVROPT_F S_EX1_23000022 Activate Optimized Reports 
81 V_TWAC S_EBJ_98000242 Assign SAP CRM Campaign Type to SAP ERP Promotion Type 
82 V_TWDOD S_P99_41000324 Screens for additional object links 
83 V_TXVCNLBPIDTYP S_EE5_50000177 Define Identification Types for Subsidizable Tenants 
84 V_TZ1APPL_01 S_E4E_66000172 Activate Time Zone Support for Application Areas 
85 V_TZV07MAHN S_ALR_87015173 Correspondence Partner Reminder 
86 V_TZV07_SUCH S_ALR_87015174 Partner Search Initial Screen 
87 V_T_ADDON_ACTIV S_E36_82000101 Activate Enhancements for PI Sheet 
88 V_T_PDF_FORMULAR S_E36_82000100 Define Plant-Dependent PDF Form 
89 V_UDMFILEEXT S_SE3_50000231 Define Document Category for Attachments to Dispute Cases 
90 V_UKM_COM_0C S_PCO_36000364 Define Credit Exposure Categories 
91 V_UKM_CRED_SGMPI S_PCO_36000382 Define Credit Segment 
92 V_USMD0043 S_BT6_28000054 Assign Package for Customizing Include 
93 V_USMD1102 S_BT6_28000011 Define Service Level Agreements for Change Request Types 
94 V_USMD167C_C S_BT6_63000012 Link Logical Actions with Business Activity: Custom Definition 
95 V_USMD220C S_BT6_28000049 Define Actions for Change Request UIs 
96 V_USMD_DPCHK_MOD S_BTD_53000147 Configure Duplicate Check for Entity Types 
97 V_VAPPE_ASGN S_E4A_94000142 Define Predefined Price Elements for Document Type 
98 V_VAPPE_DSPL S_E4A_94000141 Define Display Options 
99 V_VIXCITCDCHACTT S_VBS_10000015 Define Activity Types 
100 V_VIXCITCDCHACTT2 S_EE6_85000198 Define Activity Types 
101 V_VIXCSKRIZENIOK S_EE5_50000207 Define Fiscal Year 
102 V_VWFL_FT_DE S_KFM_86000226 Assign Flow Types to Update Types 
103 V_WRART_LFART S_E4A_94000143 Allowed Combinations Payment Type / Billing Type 
104 V_WTAX_KEY_AR S_EB5_05000349 Define Withholding Tax Keys 
105 V_XCJPFOCCSET S_PRN_53000050 Define Company-Specific Data for Lease-Out Offices in Mega Cities