SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index W
IMG Activity - W
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 WAEHRUNGSARTEN_DF S_ALR_87007905 Convert Codes for Exchange Rate Types 
2 WAHRUNGSVOLAS_DF S_ALR_87009318 Define Currency Volatilities 
3 WA_BS_002 S_SH8_72000774 Create Phrase Sets 
4 WA_BS_003 S_ALN_01001392 Configure Product Safety for Waste Management 
5 WA_BS_004 S_SH8_72000764 Specify Environment Parameters 
6 WA_BS_005 S_SH8_72000763 Manage User Exits 
7 WA_EA_BS_001 S_SH8_72000741 Specify Document Categories 
8 WA_EA_BS_002 S_SH8_72000742 Specify Document Categories for Follow-On Documents 
9 WA_EA_BS_003 S_SH8_72000739 Specify Application Functions 
10 WA_EA_BS_004 S_SH8_72000740 Specify Functions 
11 WA_EA_INT_CO_001 S_SH8_72000735 Specify Account Assignment Objects 
12 WA_EA_INT_CO_002 S_SH8_72000736 Specify Subscreen for Account Assignment Block 
13 WA_EA_INT_CO_003 S_SH8_72000743 Develop Enhancement for Checking Account Assignment Objects 
14 WA_EA_INT_MM_001 S_SH8_72000776 Configure Materials Management for Waste Management 
15 WA_EA_INT_MM_002 S_SH8_72000733 Configure Inventory Management for Waste Management 
16 WA_EA_INT_PROC_001 S_SH8_72000771 Configure Purchasing for Waste Management 
17 WA_EA_INT_PROC_002 S_SH8_72000734 Specify Parameters for Purchasing 
18 WA_EA_INT_WM_001 S_SH8_72000772 Configure Warehouse Management for Waste Management 
19 WA_EA_SV_002 S_SH8_72000737 Check, Extend, Set Status Profiles 
20 WA_EA_SV_004 S_SH8_72000732 Specify Selection Profiles 
21 WA_MD_001 S_SH8_72000773 Configure Basic Data and Tools for Waste Management 
22 WA_MD_002 S_SH8_72000775 Configure Dangerous Goods Management for Waste Management 
23 WA_MD_003 S_SH8_72000761 Specify Number Ranges 
24 WA_MD_003A S_SH8_72000765 Specify Validity Areas 
25 WA_MD_004 S_SH8_72000762 Specify Partner Types 
26 WA_MD_004A_01 S_SH8_72000758 Specify Field Attributes per Role 
27 WA_MD_004A_02 S_SH8_72000756 Specify Field Attributes per Activity 
28 WA_MD_004A_03 S_SH8_72000757 Specify Field Attributes per Partner Type 
29 WA_MD_004B S_SH8_72000759 Specify Views 
30 WA_MD_004C S_SH8_72000770 Specify Role-Dependent Search Helps 
31 WA_MD_005 S_SH8_72000760 Specify Object Types for Integration 
32 WA_MD_006 S_SH8_72000766 Specify License Types 
33 WA_MD_007 S_SH8_72000767 Specify Condition Types 
34 WA_MD_008 S_SH8_72000768 Specify Waste Approval Types 
35 WA_MD_008A S_SH8_72000769 Specify Processing Status for Waste Approvals 
36 WA_MD_009 S_SH8_72000755 Specify Waste-Relevant Material Types 
37 WA_MD_010 S_SH8_72000738 Develop Enhancement for Determining Partner Numbers 
38 WA_MD_AUTH_001 S_SH8_72000748 Specify Authorizations 
39 WA_MN_MD_000 S_SH8_72000750 Specify Number Ranges 
40 WA_MN_MD_001 S_SH8_72000751 Specify Disposal Document Types 
41 WA_MN_MD_002 S_SH8_72000749 Specify Screen Control for Each Disposal Document Type 
42 WA_MN_MD_003 S_SH8_72000744 Specify Field Control for Each Disposal Doc. Type and Status 
43 WA_MN_MD_004 S_SH8_72000753 Specify Partner for Each Disposal Document Type 
44 WA_MN_MD_004A S_SH8_72000752 Specify Roles for Disposal Documents 
45 WA_MN_MD_005 S_SH8_72000754 Permitted Number of Waste Codes per Disposal Document Type 
46 WA_MN_MD_006 S_SH8_72000745 Specify Functions 
47 WA_MN_SV_002 S_SH8_72000746 Specify Processing Status for Disposal Documents 
48 WA_REPORTS_001 S_SH8_72000747 Create Report Tree 
49 WB2_CHANGEDOCUMENT S_P7G_88000002 BAdI: Extension Change Documents 
50 WB2_NUMBER_CHANGE S_AEN_10000394 BAdI: Global Trade Management Number Assignment 
51 WBS_SETTLEMENT_RULE S_AL0_96000750 Business Add-In: Generation of WBS Element Settlement Rule (CJB1/CJB2) 
52 WBZ_UMSCHLUESSELN S_ALR_87007971 Convert Codes for Currency Names 
53 WCAT_ALLOCATION_ENH S_B75_08000027 BAdI: Creation of Customer-Specific Cost Allocation 
54 WCAT_ALLO_ENHANCE S_B75_08000028 BAdI: Creation of Customer-Specific Cost Allocation 
55 WCAT_ASSIGN_PAYT_CBT S_EB5_05000265 Assign Payment Types to Billing Types for Customer Billing Documents 
56 WCAT_ASSIGN_PAYT_VBT S_EB5_05000264 Assign Payment Types to Billing Types for Vendor Billing Documents 
57 WCAT_SSR_PROC_RBPV S_EB5_05000266 BAdI: Single Settlement Request Processing for Planned Rebate Variances 
58 WCB_AD_VM1 S_XEN_65000052 Subsequent Condition Contract Determination 
59 WCB_AT_CC_CREATE S_P7G_88000006 BAdI: A new Condition Contract is created 
60 WCB_AT_COND_COPY S_P7G_88000005 BAdI: Condition list is copied 
61 WCB_AT_ELIGIBLE_COPY S_P7G_88000004 BAdI: Eligible list is copied 
62 WCB_AT_HEADER_COPY S_P7G_88000003 BAdI: Condition Contract header is copied 
63 WCB_CC_PERS_VM26 S_AEN_10000908 BAdI: Header Structure Change for an Item 
64 WCB_CC_PERS_VM27 S_AEN_10000912 BAdI: Change Data for an Item 
65 WCB_CC_PERS_VM28 S_AEN_10000932 BAdI: Check for Item for Which an Agency Business Document Can Be Created 
66 WCB_CC_PERS_VM29 S_AEN_10000933 BAdI: Check If PPF Should Be Started 
67 WCB_CC_PERS_VM30 S_AEN_10000934 BAdI: Check If PPF Should Be Started - Deactivate Implementation 
68 WCB_CC_PERS_VM31 S_AEN_10000939 BAdI: Determine the Agency Business Documents to Be Cancelled 
69 WCB_CC_PERS_VM32 S_AEN_10000940 BAdI: Provide Purchasing-Specific Header Data for Each Billing Item 
70 WCB_CC_PERS_VM33 S_AEN_10000941 BAdI: Provide Purch.-Specific Hdr Data per Billing Item - Deactivate Impl. 
71 WCB_CC_PERS_VM34 S_AEN_10000943 BAdI: Check Conditions at Start of PPF 
72 WCB_CC_PERS_VM35 S_AEN_10000945 BAdI: Check Conditions at Start of PPF - Deactivate Implementation 
73 WCB_CC_PERS_VM36 S_AEN_10000946 BAdI: Transform Billing Document Partner to Data Suitable for PPF 
74 WCB_CC_PERS_VM37 S_AEN_10000948 BAdI: Transform Bill. Doc. Partner to Data Suitable f. PPF - Deactvt Impl. 
75 WCB_CC_PERS_VM38 S_AEN_10000949 BAdI: Change Determination Method for Condition Contracts 
76 WCB_CC_PERS_VM39 S_AEN_10000950 BAdI: Determine Quantity of Condition Contracts 
77 WCB_CC_PERS_VM40 S_AEN_10000951 BAdI: Determine Quantity of Condition Contracts - Deactv. Impl. for 'A' 
78 WCB_CC_PERS_VM41 S_AEN_10000952 BAdI: Determine Quantity of Condition Contracts - Deactiv. Impl. for 'B' 
79 WCB_CC_PERS_VM42 S_AEN_10000953 BAdI: Initializations 
80 WCB_CC_PERS_VM43 S_AEN_10000954 BAdI: Initializations - Deactivate Implementation for Attribute 'A' 
81 WCB_CC_PERS_VM44 S_AEN_10000955 BAdI: Initializations - Deactivate Implementation for Attribute 'B' 
82 WCB_CC_PERS_VM45 S_AEN_10000957 BAdI: Data Transfer for a Customer Billing Document 
83 WCB_CC_PERS_VM46 S_AEN_10000961 BAdI: Data Transfer for a Sales Document 
84 WCB_CC_PERS_VM47 S_AEN_10000964 BAdI: Adjust Data Before List Output of Condition Contract Header 
85 WCB_CC_PERS_VM48 S_AEN_10000965 BAdI: Adjust Data Before List Output of Condition Contract Item 
86 WCB_CC_PERS_VM49 S_AEN_10000966 Condition Contract Determination in Price Determination 
87 WCB_CC_PERS_VM50 S_AEN_10000976 Define and Configure Actions 
88 WCB_CC_PERS_VM51 S_PEN_05000178 BAdI: Condition Value Formula 254 
89 WCB_CC_PERS_VM52 S_PEN_05000179 BAdI: Condition Value Formula 254 - Deactivate Implementation 
90 WCB_CC_PERS_VM53 S_PEN_05000180 BAdI: Condition Value Formula 255 
91 WCB_CC_PERS_VM54 S_PEN_05000181 BAdI: Condition Value Formula 255 - Deactivate Implementation 
92 WCB_CC_PERS_VM55 S_PEN_05000182 BAdI: Condition Value Formula 256 
93 WCB_CC_PERS_VM56 S_PEN_05000183 BAdI: Condition Value Formula 256 - Deactivate Implementation 
94 WCB_CC_PERS_VM57 S_XEN_65000053 BAdI: Check if Designated Condition Contract is Allowed 
95 WCB_CC_PERS_VM58 S_XEN_65000054 BAdI: Check if Condition Contract is Allowed - Deact. Impl. for 'A' 
96 WCB_CC_PERS_VM59 S_XEN_65000055 BAdI: Check if Condition Contract is Allowed - Deact. Impl. for 'B' 
97 WCB_CC_PERS_VM60 S_XEN_65000077 BAdI: Check Document Index Update in Billing Doc. for Condition Contract 
98 WCB_CC_PERS_VM61 S_XEN_65000078 BAdI: Document Update in Billing for Condition Contract - Deact. Impl. 
99 WCB_CC_UI_VM1 S_PEN_05000412 BAdI: Display Customer-Specific Fields in the Condition Contract Header 
100 WCB_UI_ERP S_EB5_05000537 Start Web Channel Builder 
101 WCCP_BREAKDOWN_TIMES S_EBS_44000522 BAdI: Determine Downtimes 
102 WCCP_CALC_LOSS_TIME S_EBS_44000523 BAdI: Work Center Capacity - Calculate Loss of Time 
103 WCFV_ALT_NAV_LD S_A0F_96000029 Define Alternative Navigation Bar Loader Profile 
104 WCFV_DC_PARAM S_A0F_96000107 Define Parameters for Shared Data Container 
105 WCFV_UI_PROF_LIM S_A0F_96000032 Define Business Role 
106 WCF_1FAVC_SETTING S_A0F_96000090 Define Settings for Favorites 
107 WCF_1TCC_SETTINGS S_A0F_96000091 Define Settings for Tag Clouds 
108 WCF_ACCESS_RESTR_B S_A2F_71000005 BAdI: Restriction of Access to WebClient UI 
109 WCF_AXTSYS S_A0F_96000048 Define System Settings 
110 WCF_AXT_EXT_ANALYZE S_A0F_96000049 Analyze Enhancements 
111 WCF_AXT_RTTABLES_API S_A0F_96000118 BAdI: API Exits for Tables 
112 WCF_BSPCV_DL_A_VIEW S_A0F_96000044 Define Add'l Views for Home Pages and Work Center Pages 
113 WCF_BSPDLCVC_OBJ_TYP S_A0F_96000039 Define UI Object Types 
114 WCF_BSPVC_DLC_FS S_A0F_96000050 Maintain Fact Sheet 
115 WCF_BSPWDVC_RF_PROFC S_A0F_96000040 Maintain Runtime Framework Profile 
116 WCF_BSPWDV_TBUI_VIEW S_A0F_96000045 Define Reusable Step Views 
117 WCF_BSP_WD_CMPWB S_A0F_96000038 Access UI Component Workbench 
118 WCF_CHECK_TOOL S_A0F_96000101 Perform WebClient UI Framework Checks 
119 WCF_CRMC_SKIN_WB S_A0F_96000027 Access Skin Workbench 
120 WCF_CRMC_SKIN_WB_DEA S_A0F_96000097 Access Skin Workbench 
121 WCF_CRMC_THEME_SKIN S_A0F_96000085 Map Portal Theme to WebClient UI Skin 
122 WCF_CRMC_UI_ACTIONWZ S_A0F_96000074 Configure Transaction Launcher 
123 WCF_CRMC_UI_BI S_A0F_96000086 Display SAP NetWeaver BI Reports 
124 WCF_CRMC_UI_CONF_KEY S_A0F_96000062 Define Role Configuration Key 
125 WCF_CRMC_UI_DC_PARAM S_A0F_96000071 Define Global Data Context Parameters 
126 WCF_CRMC_UI_LAYOUT S_A0F_96000065 Define Layout Profile 
127 WCF_CRMC_UI_NBLINKS S_A0F_96000061 Define Navigation Bar Profile 
128 WCF_CRMC_UI_PMASTER S_A0F_96000066 Define Function Profile 
129 WCF_CRMC_UI_PROFILE S_A0F_96000076 Define Business Role 
130 WCF_CRMC_UI_TPROFILE S_A0F_96000063 Define Technical Profile 
131 WCF_CRMD_ES_ACT_FUNC S_A0F_96000083 Define Modeling Depth of Foreign Relations 
132 WCF_CRMD_ES_CLIENT S_A0F_96000079 Specify Client for Template Modeling 
133 WCF_CRMD_ES_COMP S_A0F_96000080 Specify Software Component for Template Transfer 
134 WCF_CRMVC_DESIGN S_A0F_96000052 Define Design Objects 
135 WCF_CRMVC_DQ S_A0F_96000037 Define Operators for Dynamic Queries 
136 WCF_CRMVC_FD_FEEDS S_A0F_96000055 Define Feeds 
137 WCF_CRMVC_UI_FD_GP S_A0F_96000056 Define Feed Groups 
138 WCF_CRMV_DLC_OTYPE S_A2F_71000001 Define Generic UI Object Types 
139 WCF_CRMV_DLC_SETTING S_A0F_96000053 Deactivate Hiding of Fields 
140 WCF_CRMV_EXTMGR_PAR S_A0F_96000081 Define Settings for Parallel Extraction 
141 WCF_CRMV_IC_LTX_ID S_A0F_96000075 Copy/Delete Launch Transactions 
142 WCF_CRMV_IC_LTX_URLS S_A0F_96000073 Define URLs and Parameters 
143 WCF_CRMV_SKIN_DEALER S_A0F_96000098 Define Skins 
144 WCF_CRMV_THTMLB_SKIN S_A0F_96000026 Define Skins 
145 WCF_CRMV_UI_PROFILE S_A0F_96000031 Define Business Role 
146 WCF_CSEARCHV_OBJ S_A0F_96000068 Define Central Search 
147 WCF_DESIGN_G S_A2F_71000003 Define Reference Design Objects 
148 WCF_DLC_ACCESS_ENHAN S_A0F_96000060 Notes on Implementation 
149 WCF_DLC_CON_ACCESS_B S_A0F_96000059 BAdI: Configuration Access Determination 
150 WCF_ESH_ADM_TRX_DEST S_A0F_96000082 Define RFC Destination for TREX 
151 WCF_GENIL_010 S_A0F_96000034 Basic Settings 
152 WCF_GENIL_5 S_A0F_96000036 Define Simple Objects 
153 WCF_GENIL_VIEW_DEF S_A0F_96000035 Define Views 
154 WCF_GEN_EP_NAVBR_XML S_A0F_96000084 Upload Business Role 
155 WCF_LABEL_ANALYSIS S_A2F_71000004 Analyze Field Labels 
156 WCF_LTX_BADI S_A0F_96000117 BAdI: Launch Transactions 
157 WCF_OST_TRANSPORT S_A0F_96000057 Web Services Tool: Transport Service Objects 
158 WCF_PFCG S_A0F_96000033 Define Authorization Role 
159 WCF_PFCG_COPY S_A0F_96000078 Define Authorization Role 
160 WCF_PORTAL_INTEGRAT S_A0F_96000093 Overview 
161 WCF_PPOMA S_A0F_96000077 Define Organizational Assignment 
162 WCF_ROLES_INTRO S_A0F_96000030 Overview 
163 WCF_ROLES_INTRO_DEAL S_A0F_96000096 Introduction 
164 WCF_RT_COMP S_A0F_96000102 Compare Runtime Repositories 
165 WCF_SDESIGN_G_DS S_A2F_71000002 Copy SAP Reference Design Objects 
166 WCF_SHMM_COPY S_A0F_96000054 Maintain Shared Memory for the Design Layer 
167 WCF_UI_COMPONENTS S_A0F_96000064 Define Layout Components 
168 WCF_UI_OBJ_MAPPIN S_A0F_96000072 Define Object Mapping 
169 WCF_UI_PARAMETERS S_A0F_96000067 Define Parameters 
170 WCF_UI_WA_COMP_REP S_A0F_96000069 Define Work Area Component Repository 
171 WCF_VC_ICONC S_A0F_96000087 Define Icons 
172 WCF_V_CUST_CSS S_A0F_96000089 Define Path for CSS Files 
173 WCF_V_CUST_JS S_A0F_96000088 Define Path for JS Files 
174 WCF_V_MLC_OBJ_FLD S_A0F_96000092 Define Settings for Tag Result Lists 
175 WCF_WCFCVC_CDS_MAINT S_A0F_96000100 Define Attribute Tags 
176 WCF_WCFVC_CDS_COPY S_A0F_96000099 Copy SAP Attribute Tags 
177 WCF_WCFVC_ICONC S_A0F_96000028 Define Icons 
178 WCF_WCFV_AC_PROVC S_A0F_96000095 Define Action Providers 
179 WCF_WCTXTVC_PROFILE S_A0F_96000070 Define Working Context Profiles 
180 WCF_WSC_BOL_OBJECTS S_A0F_96000058 Web Service Consumption Tool: Create BOL Objects 
181 WCF_WST_TEXT_BADI S_A0F_96000103 BAdI: Integration of Long Texts in Web Services Tool 
182 WDA_MDG_DT_CONF_WORK S_BT6_28000046 Configuration Workbench 
183 WDA_WHITELIST S_L1A_49000006 ACF: Create White List 
184 WDA_WHITELIST2 S_L1A_49000008 ACF: Install Certificate 
185 WE20 S_E4A_94000252 Define Partner Profiles 
186 WE21 S_E4A_94000255 Define Ports in IDoc Processing 
187 WEBUSER S_P00_07000185 Create Partner ID 
188 WEC_SEC_QTN_V1 S_EBS_44000345 Define Security Questions 
189 WEC_SEC_QTN_V3 S_EB5_05000762 Define Security Questions 
190 WEC_SEC_QTN_V_ERP S_EB5_05000692 Define Security Questions 
191 WERTPAPIERE_DATAFEED S_ALR_87007819 Define Securities 
192 WE_ENGAGEMENT S_EE5_50000242 BAdI: Implement Assignment Object Types 
193 WE_ENHANCEMENT S_EE5_50000241 Define new engagement types 
194 WFC_BSPC_DL_OVP_TE_V S_A0F_96000043 Register Overview Pages for Tile Layout 
195 WFC_BSPWDVC_MSGREPLC S_A0F_96000042 Define Messages to Be Replaced 
196 WFC_BSPWDV_ADH_DSBLC S_A0F_96000041 Disable Automatic Delta Handling 
197 WFC_BSPWDV_TBUI_TASK S_A0F_96000046 Define Reusable Guided Activity Pages 
198 WFC_CRMVC_UI_WEB_L S_A0F_96000047 Define Web Links 
199 WFC_DLC_SDESIGN_DISP S_A0F_96000051 Copy SAP Design Objects 
200 WFFEHLERMELDUNG S_KA5_12000566 Activate Workflow for Error Message 
201 WF_OOSB S_BIE_59000308 Assign Authorization Profiles to Users 
202 WF_OOSP S_BIE_59000307 Create Authorization Profile 
203 WHGSBEZ_UMSCHL_DF S_ALR_87007932 Convert Codes for Currency Names 
204 WHRGSART_UMSCHLUESS S_ALR_87007972 Convert Codes for Exchange Rate Types 
205 WIP_OMCWB S_E4A_94000056 Activate WIP Batch 
206 WISP_PLAN_0097 S_ALR_87099889 Maintain control parameters for planning key figures 
207 WIS_PLAN_0011 S_ALR_87100801 Cross-Scenario Settings 
208 WIS_PLAN_0012 S_ALR_87100837 Collective Maintenance for User Settings 
209 WIS_PLAN_0021 S_ALR_87099765 Maintain Assignment of Periods to Seasons 
210 WIS_PLAN_0041 S_ALR_87099763 Maintain Store Groupings 
211 WIS_PLAN_0042 S_ALR_87099764 Maintain assignment store to store grouping 
212 WIS_PLAN_0051 S_ALR_87099761 Maintain master data check for self-defined characteristics 
213 WIS_PLAN_0052 S_ALR_87099762 Maintain characteristic names for self-defined characteristics 
214 WIS_PLAN_0061 S_ALR_87099759 Planning scenario/step 
215 WIS_PLAN_0062 S_ALR_87099760 Graphically-Supported Maintenance Using Networks 
216 WIS_PLAN_0070 S_ALR_87099758 Maintain Planning Hierarchy Versions 
217 WIS_PLAN_0071 S_ALR_87100839 Maintain the Promotions Interface 
218 WIS_PLAN_0072 S_ALR_87100840 Maintain the Allocation Table Interface 
219 WIS_PLAN_0073 S_ALR_87100841 Assignment of Interfaces to Layouts 
220 WIS_PLAN_0074 S_ALR_87100843 Maintain Break-Downs 
221 WIS_PLAN_0080 S_ALR_87099757 Maintain Plan Versions 
222 WIS_PLAN_0091 S_ALR_87099753 Maintain planning layouts 
223 WIS_PLAN_0092 S_ALR_87099754 Maintain Manual Planning Variants 
224 WIS_PLAN_0093 S_ALR_87099755 Transport planning layouts 
225 WIS_PLAN_0094 S_ALR_87099756 Import standard planning layout 
226 WIS_PLAN_0095 S_ALR_87099887 Maintain time-based distribution key 
227 WIS_PLAN_0095A S_ALR_87099940 Transport time-based distribution keys 
228 WIS_PLAN_0096 S_ALR_87099888 Maintain additional planning key figures 
229 WIS_PLAN_0098 S_ALR_87099890 Maintain formula groups 
230 WIS_PLAN_0099 S_ALR_87099891 Maintain Assignment of Layout to Formula Groups 
231 WIS_PLAN_00991 S_ALR_87099892 Maintain self-defined CUA status/title 
232 WIS_PLAN_00992 S_ALR_87099893 Maintain self-defined CUA functions 
233 WIS_PLAN_0100 S_ALR_87099750 Set automatic planning 
234 WIS_PLAN_0110 S_ALR_87099751 Maintain self-defined transactions/programs 
235 WIS_PLAN_0120 S_ALR_87099752 Maintain planning step links 
236 WIS_PLAN_0131 S_ALR_87100065 Average Retail Parameters 
237 WIS_PLAN_0132 S_ALR_87100066 General Parameters 
238 WIS_PLAN_0140 S_ALR_87099939 Structure Report Selection 
239 WIS_PLAN_0161 S_ALR_87099747 Authorizations 
240 WIS_PLAN_0162 S_ALR_87099748 Cell Manipulation in Planning Layouts 
241 WIS_PLAN_0163 S_ALR_87099749 Additional Planning Key Figures 
242 WIS_PLAN_0164 S_ALR_87100844 Change Function for Retail Promotions 
243 WIS_PLAN_0175 S_ALR_87100845 Editing a New Promotion 
244 WIS_PLAN_0176 S_ALR_87100871 Editing a New Allocation Table 
245 WIS_PLAN_0177 S_P00_07000097 Running a Menu Function in Planning Program 
246 WIS_PLAN_0180 S_AL0_96000727 Maintain Request ID for a Planning Data Request 
247 WIS_PLAN_0181 S_AL0_96000728 Maintain Interface for External Applications 
248 WIS_PLAN_0182 S_AL0_96000729 BAdI: Cell Manipulation in Manual Planning 
249 WIS_PLAN_0183 S_AL0_96000730 BAdI: Fill Additional Key Figures 
250 WIS_PLAN_0184 S_AL0_96000731 BAdI: Allocation Table Functions 
251 WIS_PLAN_0185 S_AL0_96000732 BAdI: Perform Break-Down 
252 WIS_PLAN_0186 S_AL0_96000733 BAdI: Attributes in Manual Planning 
253 WIS_PLAN_0187 S_AL0_96000734 BAdI: Attributes in Planning Report 
254 WIS_PLAN_0188 S_AL0_96000735 BAdI: Listing from Manual Planning 
255 WIS_PLAN_0189 S_AL0_96000736 BAdI: Additional Operands in Formula Groups 
256 WIS_PLAN_0200 S_ALN_01000623 Define Function Module for Structuring a Master Data Hierarchy 
257 WIS_PLAN_0201 S_ALN_01000624 Define Function Module for Uploading Attributes 
258 WIS_PLAN_0250 S_ALN_01000625 BAdI: Postprocessing for Material Planning 
259 WIS_PLAN_0251 S_ALN_01000626 BAdI: Postprocessing for Characteristics Planning 
260 WIS_PLAN_0252 S_ALN_01000627 BAdI: Additional Material Fields 
261 WKA_001 S_AC0_52000430 Extend Database Table for Purchase Order Line Items 
262 WKA_002 S_AC0_52000828 Extend Database Table for Invoice Line Items 
263 WKA_003 S_AC0_52000834 Maintain Sub-Contractor's Certificates 
264 WKA_004 S_AC0_52000835 Define Payment Block Reasons 
265 WKA_005 S_AC0_52000836 Define Chain Liability Methods 
266 WKA_006 S_AC0_52000837 Assign Chain Liability Methods to Company Code 
267 WKA_007 S_AC0_52000846 Implementation: Add Chain-Liability Fields to Purchase Order 
268 WKA_008 S_AC0_52000847 Implementation: Process Chain-Liability Fields in Purchase Order 
269 WKA_009 S_AC0_52000848 Implementation: Split Vendor Line Item 
270 WKA_010 S_AC0_52000849 Implementation: Determine Partner Bank Type 
271 WKA_011 S_AC0_52000850 Implementation: Add and Process Chain-Liability Fields in Invoice 
272 WKA_012 S_PCO_36000429 Basic Information 
273 WLF_ACCOUNT_DETERM_E S_EBJ_98000103 BAdI: Enhancements for Account Determination - New 
274 WLF_ACC_ENHANCE_EXT S_EBJ_98000101 BAdI: Accounting Enhancements in Agency Business - New 
275 WLF_AUTHORITY_CHECK S_E4A_94000145 BAdI: Authorization Checks 
276 WLF_BUSTW S_EBJ_98000120 Assignment of Alternative Posting String to Billing Type 
277 WLF_CALCULATE_TAX S_EB5_05000348 BAdI: Calculate Tax Amount from Net / Gross Amount 
278 WLF_CE_ACC_ACTIVATE S_EB5_05000137 Expenses Settlement 
279 WLF_CS_ACC_ACTIVATE S_E4A_94000116 Customer Settlement 
280 WLF_CURRENCY_EXPIRAT S_E38_98000123 BAdI: Handling of Expiring Currencies 
281 WLF_DEFAULT_PLANT S_E4A_94000187 BAdI: Default Plant 
282 WLF_DETERMINE_LIFNR_ S_EB5_05000675 BAdI: Determination of Alternative Creditor 
283 WLF_DISTRIBUTION S_EB5_05000370 BAdI: Distribute Items 
284 WLF_DOCUMENT_EXT S_EBJ_98000102 BAdI: Enhancements in Agency Business - New 
285 WLF_DOC_INDEX_CHECK S_AEN_10000527 BAdI: Check Document Index Update at Document Level 
286 WLF_DOC_INDEX_ENHANC S_P7R_06000004 BAdI: Extensions Document Index Update 
287 WLF_ENH_IDOC_DATA_BA S_EBJ_98000104 BAdI: Enhance IDoc Data 
288 WLF_ERROR_CHECK_FUNC S_E4A_94000099 BAdI: Error Handling for API Processing Check Module 
289 WLF_EXTERIOR_PAYMENT S_E17_83000022 BAdI: Determine Data for Foreign Payment 
290 WLF_EXT_PAMYNENT_SL S_E17_83000024 Settlement Request Lists 
291 WLF_EXT_PAMYNENT_SR S_E17_83000023 Settlement Requests 
292 WLF_EXT_PAMYNENT_VBD S_E17_83000025 Vendor Billing Documents 
293 WLF_GET_PRICING_SCHE S_E17_83000006 BAdI: Enhancement for Calculation Schema Determination 
294 WLF_GE_0401 S_AEN_10000525 BAdI: Check for Creating Direct Entries in the Worklist 
295 WLF_GE_0402 S_AEN_10000516 Activation of the Direct Entry for Creating the Worklist 
296 WLF_GE_0403 S_AEN_10000517 Document Adjustment for Vendor Billing Document Application 'M' 
297 WLF_GE_0404 S_AEN_10000518 Document Adjustment for Vendor Billing Document Application 'V' 
298 WLF_GE_0405 S_AEN_10000519 Document Adjustment for Expense Documents Application 'M' 
299 WLF_GE_0406 S_AEN_10000520 Document Adjustment for Expense Documents Application 'V' 
300 WLF_GE_0407 S_AEN_10000521 Document Adjustment for Payment Documents for Application 'M' 
301 WLF_GE_0408 S_AEN_10000522 Document Adjustment for Payment Documents for Application 'V' 
302 WLF_GE_0409 S_AEN_10000523 Document Adjustment for Customer Settlement for Application 'M' 
303 WLF_GE_0410 S_AEN_10000524 Document Adjustment for Customer Settlement for Application 'V' 
304 WLF_GE_400 S_PEN_05000060 Define the Scope of Change for Direct Entry in Worklist 
305 WLF_HIDE_FIELDS_BADI S_EBJ_98000099 BadI: Hide Fields In IDoc Editor 
306 WLF_IBAN S_EBJ_98000141 BADI: Control of IBAN Entry in Agency Business 
307 WLF_IDOC_DB_OPT S_E17_83000054 BAdI: Optimization for IDoc Processing 
308 WLF_ID_OBJECT_CUSTOM S_P7D_67000057 Identification Object Customer 
309 WLF_ID_OBJECT_MATNR S_P7D_67000058 Identification Object Material 
310 WLF_ID_OBJECT_VENDOR S_P7D_67000056 Identification Object Vendor 
311 WLF_LOCK_FOR_PRINT S_EBS_44000443 BAdI: Document Lock for Print 
312 WLF_MASS_CHANGE_IMP S_AEN_10000701 BAdI: Check Document Index Update Implementation at Document Level 
313 WLF_PAOBJNR S_E38_98000122 BAdI: Extension Profitability Segment 
314 WLF_PART_02 S_EBS_44000130 BAdI: Adjust Partner in Agency Documents 
315 WLF_PART_IMG S_EBS_44000108 Determine Partner Determination 
316 WLF_PCG_01 S_EBS_44000128 Determine Fields for Price Change Group 
317 WLF_PL_ACC_ACTIVATE S_E4A_94000137 Posting List 
318 WLF_PREPARE_HILIST S_E38_98000124 BAdI: Prepare Output of Combined Header + Item List 
319 WLF_PRINTFORM S_EB5_05000002 BAdI: Adjust Address Data Formatting 
320 WLF_PV_01 S_E4A_94000059 Specify Extended Scope of Agency Business 
321 WLF_RESTR_EDIT_FIELD S_EBJ_98000100 BAdI: Restrict Edit Fields 
322 WLF_RL_ACC_ACTIVATE S_E4A_94000138 Remuneration List 
323 WLF_SCREEN_ENHANCE_E S_E4A_94000024 BAdI: Screen Enhancements Agency Business 
324 WLF_SEPA S_E17_83000004 BAdI: Enhancements for SEPA Payments 
325 WLF_SETTLEMENT_LIST S_EBS_44000555 BAdI: Settlement List 
326 WLF_SET_EVENT_CONTAI S_E4A_94000276 BAdI: Fill Data Container for Agency Business Events 
327 WLF_SH_BUKRS S_EB5_05000078 BAdI: Search Help - Company Code 
328 WLF_SH_EKKOL S_EB5_05000082 BAdI: Search Help - Vendor Condition Group 
329 WLF_SH_EKORG S_EB5_05000079 BAdI: Search Help - Purchasing Organization 
330 WLF_SH_IDNLF S_EB5_05000083 BAdI: Search Help - Vendor Material Number 
331 WLF_SH_LFART_SL S_EBS_44000514 BAdI: Search Help for Billing Types for Settlement Lists 
332 WLF_SH_LFART_SR S_E4A_94000153 BAdI: Search Help Billing Types for Settlement Requests 
333 WLF_SH_VKORG S_EB5_05000080 BAdI: Search Help - Sales Organization 
334 WLF_SH_VTWEG S_EB5_05000081 BAdI: Search Help - Distribution Channel 
335 WLF_SH_WERKS_NAME S_EB5_05000076 BAdI: Search Help - Plant 
336 WLF_SH_WERKS_NAME2 S_EB5_05000077 BAdI: Determination of Plant for Name 
337 WLF_SL_ACC_ACTIVATE S_E4A_94000136 Settlement Request List 
338 WLF_SOA_A2A_INB_0001 S_EBS_44000192 BAdI: Enhancements for InvoiceERPRequest_In 
339 WLF_SOA_A2A_INB_0002 S_EBS_44000193 BAdI: Enhancements for InvoiceERPCancellationRequest_In 
340 WLF_SOA_A2A_INB_0004 S_EBS_44000306 BAdI: Enhancements for InvoiceERPCancellationRequest_In Processing 
341 WLF_SOA_B2B_A2A_0001 S_EBS_44000200 BAdI: Enhancements for InvoiceRequest_In 
342 WLF_SOA_B2B_INB_0001 S_EBS_44000194 BAdI: Enhancements for InvoiceRequest_In 
343 WLF_SOA_B2B_INB_0002 S_EBS_44000207 BAdI for Determination of the Proxy Mapping Group 
344 WLF_SOA_B2B_INB_0003 S_EBS_44000208 BAdI for Supply of Additional Identifying Help Fields 
345 WLF_SOA_B2B_MAP_0001 S_EBS_44000199 Basic Settings for Determining Default Data in Mapping 
346 WLF_SOA_B2B_OUT_0001 S_EBS_44000210 BAdI for Checking the Sending of an InvoiceRequest Message 
347 WLF_SOA_B2B_OUT_0002 S_EBS_44000201 BAdI: Enhancements for InvoiceRequest_Out_V1 
348 WLF_SOA_B2B_OUT_0003 S_EBS_44000212 Registration of Events for Sending InvoiceRequest Messages 
349 WLF_SOA_SMT_MAT_0004 S_EBS_44000205 BAdI for Determination of Material Number 
350 WLF_SOA_SMT_PTX_0003 S_EBS_44000204 BAdI for Determination of Information Relevant to Tax 
351 WLF_SOA_SMT_PTY_0005 S_EBS_44000206 BAdI for Determination of Internal Customer or Vendor Master 
352 WLF_SOA_SMT_SC_0006 S_EBS_44000209 BAdI for Supply of Additional Identifying Help Fields 
353 WLF_SOA_SMT_SC_0007 S_EBS_44000361 BAdI for Mapping of Reference Documents 
354 WLF_SOA_SMT_SC_0008 S_EBS_44000418 BAdI for Mapping of Code Values 
355 WLF_SOA_SMT_STL_0001 S_EBS_44000202 BAdI for Determination of Plant or ShipToLocation 
356 WLF_SOA_SMT_TAX_0001 S_EBS_44000203 BAdI for Mapping of Tax Ship-From and Tax Ship-To Country 
357 WLF_SR_ACC_ACTIVATE S_E4A_94000117 Settlement Request 
358 WLF_TMCSGR S_E4A_94000135 Column Sorting Groups 
359 WLF_TMFSG S_E4A_94000134 Field Status Groups 
360 WLF_TMIDTC S_P7D_67000054 Identification Object Category Customer 
361 WLF_TMIDTV S_P7D_67000053 Identification Object Category Vendor 
362 WLF_TMPR S_P7D_67000074 Posting Rules 
363 WLF_TMSB S_EAC_24000051 Maintain Settlement Blocks 
364 WLF_TMVMT S_P7D_67000055 Identification Object Categories Material 
365 WLF_TXJCD S_P7D_67000033 BAdI: Determination of Tax Jurisdiction Code 
366 WLF_VBD_ACC_ACTIVATE S_EB5_05000138 Vendor Billing Document 
367 WLF_VC_CHK_CL_IDOC S_EBJ_98000097 Maintain Check Classes 
368 WLF_VC_IDOC_FLDS S_EBJ_98000098 IDoc Maintenance Settings 
369 WLF_V_PROCTYPE S_EBJ_98000089 Process Category 
370 WORKBREAKDOWN_UPDATE S_AL0_96000563 Business Add-In: WBS Elements (BUS2054) 
371 WORKFLOW_DEF_DF S_ALR_87007940 Adjust/Copy Workflow Template 
372 WORKFLOW_PATTERN S_ALR_87008958 Maintain Workflow Settings 
373 WORKFLOW_PATTERNZGP S_KFM_86000187 Maintain Workflow Settings 
374 WORKORDER_CONFIRM S_E36_82000166 Influence Operation Confirmation 
375 WORKORDER_DOCLINKS S_AC0_52000412 BAdI: Edit Document Links 
376 WORKORDER_GOODSMVT S_AC0_52000428 BAdI: Automatic Goods Movements 
377 WORKORDER_INFOSYSTEM S_AC0_52000078 BAdI: PP and PI Order Information System 
378 WORKORDER_PISHEET S_E36_82000146 BAdI: Orders PM, PP, PS, PI: Operation: Discarding of PI Sheets 
379 WORKORDER_REWORK S_AC0_52000429 BAdI: Rework (PP Orders) 
380 WOST_PI_BADI_001 S_AX8_68000383 Define Table Layout for the PromotionDetails iView 
381 WOST_PI_BADI_002 S_AX8_68000384 Define Table Layout for the PromotionOverview iView 
382 WP-KURSART S_ALR_87004262 Define Security Price Types 
383 WP-TYP S_ALR_87004189 Define Security Types 
384 WP-ZUORDNUNG S_ALR_87003846 Assign Condition Types to Condition Groups 
385 WP-ZUSATZBEW. S_ALR_87003835 Assign Flow Types to Application Subfunctions per Condition Group 
386 WPINF_DF_PROVIDER S_ALR_87007828 Import Securities Information from Datafeed Provider 
387 WPKURSART_UMSCHLUESS S_ALR_87007863 Convert Codes for Security Price Types 
388 WP_KURSARTEN_UM_DF S_ALR_87007908 Convert Codes for Security Price Types 
389 WP_VOLA_DF S_ALR_87007976 Define Security Volatilities 
390 WRB_BADI_001 S_AX8_68000368 Extend Entity iView to Include More Types 
391 WRB_BADI_002 S_AX8_68000369 Read Stock and Calculate Statistics for Out-of-Stock Situations 
392 WRF_APC_0001 S_XB4_60000094 Maintain General Settings 
393 WRF_APC_0002 S_XB4_60000095 Set Up Key Figures 
394 WRF_APC_0003 S_XB4_60000096 Settings for System Messages 
395 WRF_APC_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000097 BAdI: Customer Specific Processing For Planned Materials 
396 WRF_APC_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000098 BAdI: Modify the Operational APC Matrix Appearance 
397 WRF_APC_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000099 BAdI: Processing of Further Planned Material Attributes 
398 WRF_APC_BADI_0004 S_XB4_60000100 BAdI: Get OTB Data for the Operational APC Dialog 
399 WRF_APC_BADI_0005 S_XB4_60000101 BAdI: Customer Specific Processing During Planned Material Release 
400 WRF_APC_BADI_0006 S_XB4_60000102 BAdI: Add Functions and Attributes to the Dialog 
401 WRF_APC_BADI_0007 S_XB4_60000103 BAdI: Additional Attributes / Checks for Purchasing List Items 
402 WRF_APC_BADI_0008 S_XB4_60000104 BAdI: Customer Specific Processing During Listing /PL Item Release 
403 WRF_APC_BADI_0009 S_XB4_60000105 BAdI: Customer Specific Processing During PL Item Release 
404 WRF_APC_BADI_0010 S_XB4_60000106 BAdI: Additional Functions During Prepack Assignment 
405 WRF_APC_BADI_0011 S_XB4_60000107 BAdI: Additional Functions During Prepack Definition / Maintenance 
406 WRF_APC_BADI_0012 S_XB4_60000108 BAdI: Customer Specific Prepack Processing 
407 WRF_APC_BADI_0013 S_XB4_60000109 BAdI: Customer Specific Target Data Processing 
408 WRF_APC_BADI_0014 S_XB4_60000110 BAdI: Additional Functions During Variant Assignment 
409 WRF_APC_BADI_0015 S_XB4_60000116 BAdI: Verifications on Purchasing List Level 
410 WRF_APC_BADI_0016 S_XB4_60000214 BAdI: Include additional Functions and Attributes in Target Data Area 
411 WRF_APC_BADI_0017 S_XEN_65000059 BAdI: Purchasing List Selection of Additional Items 
412 WRF_ART_DISC_0001 S_XB4_60000130 Control Scope of Check 
413 WRF_ART_DISC_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000131 BAdI: Selection Extension 
414 WRF_ART_DISC_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000132 BAdI: Automatic Follow-Up Processing 
415 WRF_ART_LIST_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000146 BAdI: Control of Material List Maintenance 
416 WRF_ART_MAINT_0001 S_XB4_60000135 Maintain Creation Status 
417 WRF_ART_MAINT_0002 S_XB4_60000139 Edit Field Groups 
418 WRF_ART_MAINT_0003 S_XB4_60000140 Edit and Assign Fields 
419 WRF_ART_MAINT_0004 S_XB4_60000144 Edit Image Data Parameters 
420 WRF_ART_MAINT_BA_001 S_XB4_60000141 BAdI: Additional Checks 
421 WRF_ART_MAINT_BA_002 S_XB4_60000142 BAdI: Additional Checks and Data Adjustment 
422 WRF_ART_MAINT_BA_003 S_XB4_60000143 BAdI: Customer-Specific Maintenance Screens 
423 WRF_ART_MAINT_BA_004 S_XB4_60000145 BAdI: Control of Image Data Display 
424 WRF_ART_MAINT_BA_005 S_XB4_60000218 BAdI: Mass Change Control for Basic Data 
425 WRF_ART_SCREENS_0001 S_XB4_60000166 Edit Fiber Codes 
426 WRF_ART_SCREENS_0002 S_XB4_60000167 Edit Brands 
427 WRF_ART_SCREENS_0003 S_XB4_60000176 Edit Country Group 
428 WRF_ART_SCREENS_0004 S_XB4_60000177 Edit Textile Care Categories 
429 WRF_ART_SCREENS_0005 S_XB4_60000178 Edit Regional Textile Care Codes 
430 WRF_ART_SCREENS_0006 S_XB4_60000179 Edit Internal Textile Care Codes 
431 WRF_ART_SCREENS_B_01 S_XB4_60000219 BAdI: Control of Material Hierarchy Maintenance 
432 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000117 BAdI: Checks Against Assortment Structure 
433 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000118 BAdI: Reduction (Change) of Transferred Assortment Data 
434 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000119 BAdI: Check of Assortment Type in Dialog 
435 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0004 S_XB4_60000120 BAdI: F4 Help for Assortment Type in Article Maintenance 
436 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0005 S_XB4_60000121 BAdI: Check of Listing Procedure Against Assortment Type 
437 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0006 S_XB4_60000122 BAdI: F4 Help for Listing Procedures in Article Maintenance 
438 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0007 S_XB4_60000123 BAdI: Customer Checks for Assigning Sites to Assortments 
439 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0008 S_XB4_60000124 BAdI: Assortment Assignment Tool: Customer Display and Sorting 
440 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0009 S_XB4_60000125 BAdI: Check Physical Deletion of WRSZ Assignments 
441 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0010 S_XB4_60000126 BAdI: Discontinuation Control 
442 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0011 S_XB4_60000127 BAdI: Provide Listing Data for Other Components 
443 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0012 S_XB4_60000128 BAdI: Control for Listing a Prepack Material 
444 WRF_ASORT_BADI_0013 S_XB4_60000129 BAdI: Subsequent Listing: Control of Listing Period 
445 WRF_AT_0001 S_XB4_60000083 General Settings for Allocation Table Application 
446 WRF_AT_0002 S_XB4_60000084 Enhancements for Allocation Table Strategy 
447 WRF_AT_0003 S_XB4_60000093 Enhancements for Allocation Table Types 
448 WRF_AT_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000085 BAdI: Incompleteness Checks 
449 WRF_AT_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000086 BAdI: Synchronizing Allocation Table for Changes to PO Items 
450 WRF_AT_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000087 BAdI: Detailed Information in Recipient Matrix 
451 WRF_AT_BADI_0004 S_XB4_60000088 BAdI: Adjustments to User Interface of Recipient Matrix 
452 WRF_AT_BADI_0005 S_XB4_60000182 BAdI: Adjust Messages from Follow-On Document Generation-Fashion 
453 WRF_AT_BADI_0006 S_PEN_05000005 Change in Grid Area of Allocation Table List 
454 WRF_AT_BADI_0007 S_PEN_05000006 Change in Column Set Area of Allocation List 
455 WRF_AT_CONS_0001 S_XB4_60000080 Enhancements for Item Categories of Allocation Table 
456 WRF_BUDGET_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000070 BAdI: Determine Budget Number 
457 WRF_BUDGET_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000071 BAdI: Determine Budget Type 
458 WRF_BW_001 S_PEN_05000053 Customizing Extraction 
459 WRF_CHAR_VAL_GRP_001 S_XB4_60000136 Edit Headers for Each Characteristic Type 
460 WRF_CH_VA_GR_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000137 BAdI: Control Check Behavior in Material Master Maintenance 
461 WRF_CH_VA_GR_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000138 BAdI: Control of Additional Customer Fields 
462 WRF_CH_VA_GR_BADI_03 S_XB4_60000181 BAdI: Control Changeability of Check Option of Characteristics 
463 WRF_CONS_AT_0000 S_XB4_60000081 Allocation Table 
464 WRF_CONS_POS_0000 S_XB4_60000082 POS Inbound Interface 
465 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_001 S_XB4_60000147 BAdI: Number Assignment: Department Store/Shop 
466 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_002 S_XB4_60000148 BAdI: Additional Department Store/Shop Checks (Maintain Plant Master) 
467 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_003 S_XB4_60000149 BAdI: Build Shop Name (Maintain Plant Master) 
468 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_004 S_XB4_60000150 BAdI: Customer Maintenance Screen (Maintain Plant Master) 
469 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_005 S_XB4_60000151 BAdI: Number Check for Department Store/Shop (Maintain Plant Master) 
470 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_006 S_XB4_60000152 BAdI: Build Shop Name (Maintain Shop) 
471 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_007 S_XB4_60000153 BAdI: Customer Maintenance Screens (Maintain Shop) 
472 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_008 S_XB4_60000154 BAdI: Merge Shop Data (Maintain Shop) 
473 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_009 S_XB4_60000155 BAdI: Additional Checks for Archiving 
474 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_010 S_XB4_60000175 BAdI: Control of Locking Procedure for Plants 
475 WRF_DEP_STORE_BA_011 S_XB4_60000194 BAdI: Save Customer-Specific Tables (Shop Maintenance) 
476 WRF_FOL_ART_BADI_001 S_XB4_60000133 BAdI: Follow-Up Actions 
477 WRF_FOL_ART_BADI_002 S_XB4_60000134 BAdI: Additional Checks 
478 WRF_GEN_HIER_001 S_XB4_60000156 Edit Application Parameters 
479 WRF_GEN_HIER_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000157 BAdI: Control of Hierarchy Tree Maintenance for the Node 
480 WRF_GEN_HIER_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000158 BAdI: Control of ALV Maintenance Screens for Nodes/Objects 
481 WRF_INV_ASSIGN_0001 S_XB4_60000079 Define Assignment Test Group 
482 WRF_INV_ASSIGN_01_AD S_XEN_65000057 Define Assignment Test Group 
483 WRF_INV_ASSIGN_BA_01 S_XEN_65000058 Business Add-In: Assignment Test 
484 WRF_INV_CORE_0001 S_XB4_60000172 Maintain Variance Types 
485 WRF_INV_CORE_BA_0001 S_XB4_60000173 Business Add-In: Change Variance Types 
486 WRF_INV_PREPAY_0001 S_XB4_60000076 Configure Account Determination of Clearing Account for Prepayment 
487 WRF_INV_PREPAY_0002 S_XB4_60000077 Configure Field Control for Prepayment 
488 WRF_INV_PREPAY_0003 S_XB4_60000078 Configure Control of Prepayment at Company Code Level 
489 WRF_LAY_0001 S_XB4_60000026 Maintain Fixture Categories 
490 WRF_LAY_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000195 BAdI: Option of Intervening in the Layout WB Capacity Check 
491 WRF_LAY_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000196 BAdI: Material Where-Used List 
492 WRF_LAY_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000197 BAdI: Extension of Function Module WRF_LMV_ASGMT_CHANGE 
493 WRF_LAY_BADI_0004 S_XB4_60000198 BAdI: Extension of Function Module WRF_LMVF_SINGLE_CHANGE 
494 WRF_LAY_BADI_0005 S_XB4_60000199 BAdI: Material Selection 1 
495 WRF_LAY_BADI_0006 S_XB4_60000200 BAdI: Material Selection 2 
496 WRF_LAY_BADI_0007 S_XB4_60000201 BAdI: BAPI for Writing Fixtures 
497 WRF_LAY_BADI_0008 S_XB4_60000202 BAdI: BAPI for Reading Fixtures 
498 WRF_LAY_BADI_0009 S_XB4_60000203 BAdI: Redirect Old Layout Transactions 
499 WRF_LAY_BADI_0010 S_XB4_60000204 BAdI: Addition of Further Tab Strip to Fixture Maintenance 
500 WRF_LAY_BADI_0011 S_XB4_60000205 BAdI: Extension of Fixture Maintenance in Standard System - Tab Strip