SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index W, page 3
IMG Activity - W
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 W_PRICAT_IN_0010 S_XB4_60000050 Configure Defaults and Storage Options at Material Group Level 
2 W_PRICAT_IN_0011 S_XB4_60000051 Configure Adoption of Tax Classification 
3 W_PRICAT_IN_0012 S_XB4_60000072 Control Reading of Prices 
4 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_001 S_XB4_60000187 BAdI: Modify Data in IDoc Inbound 
5 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_002 S_XB4_60000188 BAdI: Process Update Parameters 
6 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_003 S_XB4_60000189 BAdI: Reorganization 
7 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_004 S_XB4_60000190 BAdI: Dialog 
8 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_005 S_XB4_60000191 BAdI: Change Update Processes 
9 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_006 S_XB4_60000192 BAdI: Check Status 
10 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_007 S_XB4_60000193 BAdI: Check Status (BOM Components) 
11 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_008 S_PEN_05000099 BAdI: Influence Posting of Prices 
12 W_PRICAT_IN_BADI_009 S_PEN_05000109 BAdI: Add Sort Rules 
13 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0001 S_ALN_01000971 Activate Retail Ledger 
14 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0002 S_ALN_01000972 Transfer Plan Version from Controlling 
15 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0003 S_ALN_01000974 BAdI: Operations and Field Movements 
16 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0004 S_ALN_01000975 BAdI: Derive Assortment Area 
17 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0005 S_ALN_01000976 Block Company Codes for Posting to Retail Ledger 
18 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0006 S_ALN_01000977 Allow Subsequent Postings to Retail Ledger 
19 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0007 S_ALN_01000978 Transfer Data from Financial Accounting 
20 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0008 S_ALN_01000979 Transfer Actual Data 
21 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0009 S_ALN_01000980 Transfer Planning Data 
22 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0010 S_ALN_01000981 Transfer Statistical Key Figures 
23 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0011 S_ALN_01000982 Withdraw Permission for Subsequent Posting to Retail Ledger 
24 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0012 S_ALN_01000983 Delete Transaction Data for Retail Ledger 
25 W_RETAIL_LEDGER_0013 S_PLN_16000291 Activate Application Indicator 
26 W_RMA_0000 S_B73_57000020 Maintain RMA Profile 
27 W_RMA_0001 S_BC5_43000003 Create Condition Table 
28 W_RMA_0002 S_BC5_43000004 Assign RMA Communcation Structure 
29 W_RMA_0003 S_BC5_43000005 Define Update Rules and Assign Source Structure 
30 W_RMA_0004 S_BC5_43000006 Assignment of Source Structure to Update Rules 
31 W_RMA_0005 S_BC5_43000007 Definition of Access Sequences and Assignments 
32 W_RMA_0006 S_BC5_43000008 Define Condition Types and Assign Application-Specific Data 
33 W_RMA_0007 S_BC5_43000009 Maintain Calculation Schema 
34 W_RMA_0008 S_BC5_43000010 Assign Data to Calculation Schema 
35 W_RMA_0011 S_BC5_43000013 Set Updating Control in RMA Raw Data DSO 
36 W_RMA_0014 S_BC5_43000039 General Settings 
37 W_RMA_002 S_B73_57000042 Number Range Maintenance for RMA Period-End Closing 
38 W_RMA_0023 S_BC6_84000006 Define Reference Condition Types for List Variants 
39 W_RMA_0024 S_BC6_84000007 Define Access Condition Types 
40 W_RMA_0026 S_BC6_84000009 Define Data Transfer RMA -> ERP 
41 W_RMA_0027 S_BC6_84000010 Recasting 
42 W_RMA_0028 S_B73_57000038 Recasting 
43 W_RMA_0029 S_JC7_99000002 Define Access Condition Type Category 
44 W_RMA_0030 S_B73_57000021 RMA Settings for Company Code 
45 W_RMA_0031 S_B73_57000022 RMA Settings for Distribution Chain 
46 W_RMA_0032 S_B74_36000007 BAdI: Specification of Period for Reading Object Hierarchy Snapshot 
47 W_RMA_0040 S_B75_08000001 Cost Allocation Settings: Distribution Profiles 
48 W_RMA_008 S_B73_57000040 Maintain Shrinkage Access Sequence 
49 W_RRM_0001 S_PLN_06000159 Maintain Profile for RRM Interface 
50 W_RRM_0002 S_PLN_06000408 Maintain Selection Variant for Historical Sales Data 
51 W_RRM_0003 S_PLN_06000409 Maintain Data Retraction for Statistics Data from BW 
52 W_SMT_APPLICATION S_E3V_03000002 Define Mapping (Old, with Views) 
53 W_SMT_CONTEXT S_BSD_38000082 Define Context 
54 W_SMT_EXTENSION S_BSD_38000075 Extend Mappings 
55 W_SMT_PACKAGES S_E3V_03000001 Define Package Groups 
56 W_SMT_TRANSFORMATION S_E3V_03000003 Transformations (Old, with Views) 
57 W_SMT_TRANSTEST S_E3V_03000005 Check Customizing 
58 W_SMT_TRANS_C S_E3V_03000004 Client-Dependent Transformations 
59 W_SMT_VARIANT S_BSD_38000003 Create Event Variant 
60 W_SMT_WEBUI_MAINT S_BSD_38000072 Create and Edit Mappings 
61 W_STW_ALL_BADI_0001 S_PLN_06000258 BAdI in the Search Help for Materials 
62 W_STW_ALL_BADI_0002 S_PLN_06000259 BAdI in the Search Help for Vendors or Plants 
63 W_STW_ALL_BADI_0003 S_PLN_06000260 BAdI in the Customer Search Help 
64 W_STW_ALL_BADI_0004 S_PLN_06000373 BAdI in Menu 
65 W_STW_AM_0001 S_ALN_01002542 Basic Settings for the Material Master 
66 W_STW_AM_0002 S_ALN_01002548 Grouping of Permitted Units of Measure for Materials 
67 W_STW_AM_0003 S_ALN_01002540 Basic Settings for the Maintenance Dialog Structure (Tab pages with Fields) 
68 W_STW_AM_0004 S_ALN_01002549 Grouping of Permitted Units of Length 
69 W_STW_AM_0005 S_ALN_01002550 Grouping of Permitted Units of Weight 
70 W_STW_AM_0006 S_ALN_01002558 Grouping of Permitted Units of Volume 
71 W_STW_AM_0007 S_PLN_62000129 Grouping of Special Maintenance Functions with Pushbuttons for Entry Screen 
72 W_STW_AM_0008 S_SLN_44000023 Cross-Plant Settings for the Material Master 
73 W_STW_AM_BADI_0001 S_PLN_62000430 BAdI in Initial Dialog Box 
74 W_STW_AM_BADI_0002 S_PLN_62000431 BAdI in Maintenance Dialog Box 
75 W_STW_AM_BADI_0003 S_PLN_62000432 BAdI for Processing the Entire Material 
76 W_STW_AM_BADI_0004 S_PLN_62000433 BAdI for Processing Basic Data 
77 W_STW_AM_BADI_0005 S_PLN_62000434 BAdI for Processing Units of Measure 
78 W_STW_AM_BADI_0006 S_PLN_62000435 BAdI for Processing EANs 
79 W_STW_AM_BADI_0007 S_PLN_62000436 BAdI for Processing Purchasing Data 
80 W_STW_AM_BADI_0008 S_PLN_62000437 BAdI for Processing Sales Data 
81 W_STW_AM_BADI_0009 S_PLN_62000438 BAdI for Processing Plant Data 
82 W_STW_AM_BADI_0010 S_PLN_62000439 BAdI for Processing Listing Data 
83 W_STW_AM_BADI_0011 S_PLN_62000440 BAdI for Processing Cash Register Receipt Texts 
84 W_STW_AM_BADI_0012 S_PLN_62000441 BAdI for Filling Posting Interfaces 
85 W_STW_AU_0000 S_ALR_87007214 Allocation 
86 W_STW_AU_0000N S_ALN_01000112 Allocation 
87 W_STW_CR_CB_0001 S_ALN_01000140 Define Account Grouping 
88 W_STW_CR_CB_0002 S_ALN_01000141 Define Reasoning Code for Differences 
89 W_STW_CR_CB_0003 S_ALN_01000142 BAdI: Control for Screen Layout, Data Selection and Posting 
90 W_STW_CR_CB_0004 S_ALN_01000143 Assign Account Groupings for Stores 
91 W_STW_CR_CB_0005 S_ALN_01002218 Assign Account Groupings to Company Codes 
92 W_STW_CR_EI_0001 S_ALN_01000144 Define Account Grouping 
93 W_STW_CR_EI_0002 S_ALN_01000145 BAdI: Control for Screen Layout and Posting 
94 W_STW_CR_EI_0003 S_ALN_01000146 Assign Account Groupings to Stores 
95 W_STW_CR_EI_0004 S_ALN_01002219 Assign Account Groupings to Company Codes 
96 W_STW_HA_0000 S_ALR_87007212 Retail promotion 
97 W_STW_HA_0000N S_ALN_01000113 Retail Promotion 
98 W_STW_II_0001 S_ALN_01002534 Basic Settings for Incoming Invoice 
99 W_STW_II_0002 S_ALN_01002535 Grouping of Permitted Reference Document Categories 
100 W_STW_II_0003 S_ALN_01002536 Grouping of Permitted G/L Accounts for Cost Items and Credit Memo Items 
101 W_STW_II_0004 S_ALN_01002537 Grouping of Permitted G/L Accounts for Payment Dialog 
102 W_STW_II_0005 S_PLN_62000139 Grouping of Permitted Reasons for Reversal 
103 W_STW_II_0006 S_PLN_62000140 Assignment of Cost Centers to Plants 
104 W_STW_II_BADI_0001 S_PLN_62000322 BAdI in Initial Dialog Box 
105 W_STW_II_BADI_0002 S_PLN_62000323 BAdI in Document Dialog Box 
106 W_STW_II_BADI_0003 S_PLN_62000324 BAdI for Processing the Entire Document 
107 W_STW_II_BADI_0004 S_PLN_62000325 BAdI for Processing Invoicing Party Data 
108 W_STW_II_BADI_0005 S_PLN_62000326 BAdI for Processing Header Data 
109 W_STW_II_BADI_0006 S_PLN_62000327 BAdI for Processing Item Data 
110 W_STW_II_BADI_0007 S_PLN_62000328 BAdI for Processing Additional Costs 
111 W_STW_II_BADI_0008 S_PLN_62000329 BAdI for Processing Taxes 
112 W_STW_II_BADI_0009 S_PLN_62000330 BAdI for Filling BAPI Interfaces 
113 W_STW_II_BADI_0010 S_PLN_62000331 BAdI for Handling Dialog Messages 
114 W_STW_II_BADI_0011 S_PLN_62000332 BAdI in Incoming Invoice Search 
115 W_STW_IN_0000 S_ALR_87007210 Basic Settings for Physical Inventory 
116 W_STW_IN_0000N S_ALN_01000114 Basic Settings for Physical Inventory 
117 W_STW_KA_0001 S_ALR_87007206 Grouping of Countries for Customer Maintenance 
118 W_STW_KA_0001N S_ALN_01000104 Grouping of Countries for Customer Maintenance 
119 W_STW_KA_B001N S_ALN_01000695 BAdI for Start of Process Before Output 
120 W_STW_KA_B002N S_ALN_01000704 BAdI for Start of User_Command Processing 
121 W_STW_KA_B003N S_ALN_01000705 BAdI for Document Initialization 
122 W_STW_KA_B004N S_ALN_01000707 BAdI at the End of Importing a Document 
123 W_STW_KA_B005N S_ALN_01000711 BAdI Before First Copy of a Template 
124 W_STW_KA_B006N S_ALN_01000712 BAdI at the End of the First Copy 
125 W_STW_KA_B007N S_ALN_01000714 BAdI for Switch to Display Mode 
126 W_STW_KA_B008N S_ALN_01000715 BAdI for Start of Process Before Output 
127 W_STW_KA_B009N S_ALN_01000719 BAdI for Calling Customer Tabstrips 
128 W_STW_KA_B010N S_ALN_01000721 BAdI at Start of USER_COMMAND Processing 
129 W_STW_KA_B011N S_ALN_01000724 BAdI After Check 
130 W_STW_KA_B012N S_ALN_01000731 BAdI for Interpreting the Material ID 
131 W_STW_KA_B013N S_ALN_01000733 BAdI for Entry Check of Item Table Row 
132 W_STW_KA_B014N S_ALN_01000734 BAdI After Entry Check of Item Table 
133 W_STW_KA_B015N S_ALN_01000735 BAdI for Setting Subsequent Listing Date 
134 W_STW_KA_B016N S_ALN_01000736 BAdI for Data Processing Before Calling the Simulation BAPI 
135 W_STW_KA_B017N S_ALN_01000739 BAdI for Filling the BAPI Interface Before Simulation 
136 W_STW_KA_B018N S_ALN_01000742 BAdI for Data Processing After Calling the Simulation BAPI 
137 W_STW_KA_B019N S_ALN_01000745 BAdI for Filling the BAPI Interface 
138 W_STW_KA_B020N S_ALN_01000746 BAdI After BAPI Call 
139 W_STW_KA_B021N S_ALN_01000749 BAdI in the Search Help for Customers 
140 W_STW_KA_B022N S_ALN_01000751 BAdI in the Search Help for Materials 
141 W_STW_KA_B023N S_ALN_01000753 BAdI in Process Before Output of the Sales Document Search Help 
142 W_STW_KA_B024N S_ALN_01000755 BAdI in Process Before Output of the Document Flow 
143 W_STW_KA_B025N S_ALN_01000757 BAdI in Process Before Output of the Change Display 
144 W_STW_KA_B026N S_PLN_16000140 BAdI for Expanding the MRP List With Additional Fields 
145 W_STW_KA_B027N S_PLN_16000141 BAdI for Grouping, Sorting and Changing the MRP List 
146 W_STW_KA_B028N S_PLN_16000142 BAdI for Retail Store Store Order: Posting Routines 
147 W_STW_KA_B029N S_PLN_16000143 BAdI for PDC Processing in Retail Store Store Order 
148 W_STW_KA_B030N S_PLN_16000297 BAdI for Handling Warnings 
149 W_STW_KA_B031N S_PLN_16000298 BAdI for Interpreting the Condition Customizing 
150 W_STW_KA_B032N S_PLN_16000299 BAdI for Condition Processing 
151 W_STW_KA_B033N S_PLN_06000313 BAdI for Dialog Box Enhancement for Store Order 
152 W_STW_KA_B034N S_PLN_06000314 BAdI for Dialog Box Enhancement Individual Material Requirements Planning 
153 W_STW_KA_B035N S_PLN_06000315 BAdI for Controlling Traffic Light Icon in Store Order 
154 W_STW_KA_B036N S_PLN_06000374 BAdI for Header Data Processing 
155 W_STW_KA_B037N S_PLN_06000375 BAdI for Item Row Processing 
156 W_STW_KA_B038N S_PEN_05000350 BAdI in "Deliver Goods" Process 
157 W_STW_ORD_0001 S_ALN_01001389 Basic Settings for Purchase Order Entry 
158 W_STW_ORD_0002 S_ALN_01001390 Grouping of Allowed Purchase Order Document Types 
159 W_STW_ORD_0003 S_ALN_01001391 Grouping of Allowed Reasons for Ordering 
160 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0001 S_PLN_06000299 BAdI in Initial Dialog Box 
161 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0002 S_PLN_06000300 BAdI in Document Dialog Box 
162 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0003 S_PLN_06000301 BAdI for Processing the Entire Document 
163 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0004 S_PLN_06000302 BAdI for Processing the Vendor or Supplying Plant 
164 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0005 S_PLN_06000303 BAdI for Processing Header Data 
165 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0006 S_PLN_06000304 BAdI for Processing Item Data 
166 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0007 S_PLN_06000305 BAdI for Filling BAPI Interfaces 
167 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0008 S_PLN_06000306 BAdI in the Order Search 
168 W_STW_ORD_BADI_0009 S_PLN_06000423 BAdI for Handling Dialog Messages 
169 W_STW_PK_0000 S_ALR_87007208 Product catalog 
170 W_STW_PK_0000N S_ALN_01000122 Product Catalog 
171 W_STW_REP_0000 S_P99_41000200 Set Up Web Reporting 
172 W_STW_REP_0000N S_ALN_01000124 Set Up Web Reporting 
173 W_STW_SL_0001 S_ALR_87007196 Reorganization period for follow-on documents 
174 W_STW_SL_0001N S_ALN_01000121 Reorganization Period for Follow-On Documents 
175 W_STW_SL_0002N S_ALN_01000690 Basic Settings for the Store Order 
176 W_STW_SML_001N S_ALN_01001330 Basic Settings for the Assortment List 
177 W_STW_STOCK_BADI_001 S_PLN_06000366 BAdI for Connection to Input Help 
178 W_STW_VM_0001 S_ALN_01002541 Basic Settings for the Vendor Master 
179 W_STW_VM_0002 S_ALN_01002538 Basic Settings for the Maintenance Dialog Structure (Tab pages with Fields) 
180 W_STW_VM_0003 S_ALN_01002539 Grouping of Permitted Countries 
181 W_STW_VM_0004 S_SLN_44000022 Activate Local Vendors Function 
182 W_STW_VM_BADI_0001 S_PLN_62000333 BAdI in Initial Dialog Box 
183 W_STW_VM_BADI_0002 S_PLN_62000334 BAdI in Maintenance Dialog Box 
184 W_STW_VM_BADI_0003 S_PLN_62000335 BAdI for Processing the Entire Vendor 
185 W_STW_VM_BADI_0004 S_PLN_62000336 BAdI for Processing Key Data 
186 W_STW_VM_BADI_0005 S_PLN_62000337 BAdI for Processing Address Data 
187 W_STW_VM_BADI_0006 S_PLN_62000338 BAdI for Processing Purchasing Data 
188 W_STW_VM_BADI_0007 S_PLN_62000339 BAdI for Processing External Numbers 
189 W_STW_VM_BADI_0008 S_PLN_62000340 BAdI for Processing Bank Data 
190 W_STW_VM_BADI_0009 S_PLN_62000341 BAdI for Filling Posting Interfaces 
191 W_STW_VP_0001 S_ALR_87100858 Basic Settings for Sales Prices 
192 W_STW_VP_0001N S_ALN_01000123 Basic Settings for Sales Prices 
193 W_STW_VP_0002N S_ALN_01002204 Basic Settings for System Messages 
194 W_STW_WE_0002 S_ALR_87007200 Basic Settings for Order Entry 
195 W_STW_WE_0002N S_ALN_01000075 Basic Settings for Entering Sales Documents 
196 W_STW_WE_0003 S_ALR_87007203 Grouping of allowed order types 
197 W_STW_WE_0003N S_ALN_01000076 Grouping of Allowed Sales Document Types 
198 W_STW_WE_0005 S_ALR_87007186 Basic Settings for Goods Receipt 
199 W_STW_WE_0005N S_ALN_01000105 Basic Settings for Goods Receipt 
200 W_STW_WE_0006 S_ALR_87007188 Basic Settings for Goods Movements/Stock Transfers 
201 W_STW_WE_0006N S_ALN_01000106 Basic Settings for Goods Movements/Stock Transfers 
202 W_STW_WE_0007 S_ALR_87007190 Grouping of business transactions for other goods movements 
203 W_STW_WE_0007N S_ALN_01000108 Grouping of Business Transactions for Other Goods Movements 
204 W_STW_WE_0010N S_ALN_01002551 Grouping of Permitted Reference Documents for Each Business Process 
205 W_STW_WE_0011N S_PLN_62000053 Grouping of Permitted G/L Accounts for Items with Account Assignment 
206 W_STW_WE_0016 S_ALR_87007193 Grouping of business transactions for stock transfers 
207 W_STW_WE_0016N S_ALN_01000111 Grouping of Business Transactions for Stock Transfers 
208 W_STW_WE_B001N S_PLN_16000312 BAdI for PDC Inbound/Goods Movement and Goods Receipt 
209 W_STW_WE_B002N S_PLN_16000313 BAdI for PDC Outbound/Material Data 
210 W_STW_WE_B003N S_PLN_16000314 BAdI for PDC Outbound/Vendors, Plants and Customizing Data 
211 W_STW_WE_B004N S_PLN_16000315 BAdI for PDC Outbound/Reference Documents for GR and Customizing Data 
212 W_STW_WE_B005N S_ALN_01001295 BAdI for Interface Control in Goods Receipt/Goods Movement 
213 W_STW_WE_B006N S_ALN_01002272 BAdI for Interface Control in Correction and Release Monitor 
214 W_SUBST_0001 S_PR0_40000103 Activate/Process Substitution Processing 
215 W_SUBST_BADI_001 S_PR0_40000448 BAdI: Follow-On/Replacement Material for Order Change 
216 W_SUBST_BADI_002 S_PR0_40000449 BAdI: Enhancements to Substitution Processing 
217 W_VPK_0001 S_ALR_87100091 Number Ranges for Price Entry Document 
218 W_VPK_0002 S_ALR_87100092 Maintain Price Entry Types 
219 W_VPK_0003 S_ALR_87100093 Maintain Pricing Strategies 
220 W_VPK_0004 S_PLN_06000158 Data Export Control for Retail Revenue Management 
221 W_VPK_BADI_0001 S_AL0_96000673 BAdI: Condition Posting Control in Sales Pricing 
222 W_VPK_BADI_0002 S_AL0_96000674 BAdI: Change to Calculation When Generating Pricing Worklist 
223 W_VPK_BADI_0003 S_AL0_96000675 BAdI: Individual Selection of Material/Organization Level in Sales Pricing 
224 W_VPK_BADI_0004 S_AL0_96000676 BAdI: Preassignment of Vendor Mixed Price Factors in Sales Pricing 
225 W_VPK_BADI_0005 S_AL0_96000677 BAdI: Additional Fields in Market-Basket Price Calculation 
226 W_VPK_BADI_0006 S_AL0_96000678 BAdI: Control of Document Index Generation in Sales Pricing 
227 W_VPK_BADI_0007 S_PL0_09000107 BAdI: Expand Communication Structure KOMK for Price Determination 
228 W_VPK_BADI_0008 S_PL0_09000108 BAdI: Expand Communication Structure KOMP for Price Determination 
229 W_VPK_BADI_0009 S_ALN_01002332 BAdI: Selection Control of Master Data in the RRM Interface 
230 W_VPK_BADI_0010 S_ALN_01002333 BAdI: Execute Data Export in the RRM Interface 
231 W_VPK_BADI_0011 S_ALN_01002334 BAdI: Read or Control Purchase Prices During Export-BAPI 
232 W_VPK_BADI_0012 S_ALN_01002336 BAdI: Control of Sales Data in the Export BAPI 
233 W_VPK_BADI_0013 S_XB4_60000183 BAdI: Conversion of Plants 
234 W_WB2B_0000 S_P2G_99000001 Activate Components 
235 W_WB2B_0001 S_P00_07000105 Number Ranges 
236 W_WB2B_00A1 S_P00_07000132 Assign Output Devices and Print Parameters 
237 W_WB2B_00B1 S_P00_07000131 Define Requirements 
238 W_WB2B_00F2 S_P00_07000129 Define Forms 
239 W_WB2B_00F3 S_P00_07000130 Maintain Form Text Assignment 
240 W_WB2B_00N2 S_P00_07000107 Maintain Condition Tables 
241 W_WB2B_00N3 S_P00_07000118 Maintain Output Types 
242 W_WB2B_00N4 S_P00_07000124 Maintain Access Sequences 
243 W_WB2B_00N5 S_P00_07000126 Assign Partner Functions to Message Types 
244 W_WB2B_00N6 S_P00_07000127 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
245 W_WB2B_00N7 S_P00_07000128 Assign Form/Processing Program to Message Type 
246 W_WB2B_0A01 S_P0D_25000014 Create Association Group 
247 W_WB2B_0A02 S_P0D_25000015 Maintain Association Type 
248 W_WB2B_0A03 S_P0D_25000016 Define Lock Group 
249 W_WB2B_0A04 S_P0D_25000035 Combine Business Process Steps for Association 
250 W_WB2B_0A05 S_P0D_25000045 Maintain Reassociation Rule for Process Step 
251 W_WB2B_0A06 S_P0D_25000079 Message Control 
252 W_WB2B_0A07 S_P0D_25000102 Maintain Logical Association Units 
253 W_WB2B_0C01 S_AEN_10000395 Define Commodities 
254 W_WB2B_0G00 S_P0D_25000055 General Settings 
255 W_WB2B_0G01 S_P00_07000165 Maintain Bar Code Entry 
256 W_WB2B_0G02 S_P00_07000166 Maintain Communication Strategy 
257 W_WB2B_0G03 S_P00_07000167 Number Ranges 
258 W_WB2B_0G04 S_P00_07000168 Status/Groups 
259 W_WB2B_0G05 S_P00_07000169 Item Categories 
260 W_WB2B_0G06 S_P00_07000170 Purchasing Group 
261 W_WB2B_0G07 S_P00_07000171 Sales Group 
262 W_WB2B_0G08 S_P00_07000172 Contract Type 
263 W_WB2B_0G09 S_P00_07000173 Assignment of Document Type to Item Category 
264 W_WB2B_0G10 S_P00_07000175 Incompleteness 
265 W_WB2B_0G11 S_P00_07000176 Communication Tables Trading Contract 
266 W_WB2B_0G12 S_P00_07000177 Assignment of Expense Type to Application 
267 W_WB2B_0G13 S_P00_07000178 Assignment of Expense Type to Condition Type 
268 W_WB2B_0G14 S_P00_07000179 Allowed Fields for Changes 
269 W_WB2B_0G15 S_P00_07000180 Assign Condition Type to Condition Type Group 
270 W_WB2B_0G16 S_P00_07000181 Assign Condition Type to Condition Type Group 
271 W_WB2B_0G17 S_P00_07000182 Assign Web Status to Trading Contract Status 
272 W_WB2B_0G18 S_P00_07000183 Define Profile for TradingContract@Net 
273 W_WB2B_0G19 S_P00_07000191 Assign Condition Type Group to Trading Contract Type 
274 W_WB2B_0G20 S_P00_07000194 Activate Change Log for Item Text Types 
275 W_WB2B_0G21 S_P00_07000195 Activate Change Log for Header Text Types 
276 W_WB2B_0G22 S_P00_07000196 Item Text Types for Change Display 
277 W_WB2B_0G23 S_P00_07000197 Header Text Types for Change Display 
278 W_WB2B_0G24 S_P00_07000198 Maintain URL of Trading Company 
279 W_WB2B_0G25 S_P00_07000296 Maintain Text Schema Assignment 
280 W_WB2B_0G26 S_P00_07000321 Maintain Web Status 
281 W_WB2B_0G27 S_P0D_25000029 Expense Types 
282 W_WB2B_0G28 S_P0D_25000030 Customizing Check Pricing Procedure 
283 W_WB2B_0G29 S_P0D_25000037 Trading Contract: Copy Control 
284 W_WB2B_0G30 S_P0D_25000038 Define Expense Class 
285 W_WB2B_0G31 S_P0D_25000039 Define Business Partner for Billing Document 
286 W_WB2B_0G32 S_P0D_25000040 Maintain Calculation Methods of Status 
287 W_WB2B_0G33 S_P0D_25000041 Define Status Fields 
288 W_WB2B_0G34 S_P0D_25000042 Status Calculation for Item Categories (Trading Contract) 
289 W_WB2B_0G35 S_P0D_25000046 Trading Contract Group 
290 W_WB2B_0G36 S_P0D_25000080 Maintain Schema for Fields to be Checked 
291 W_WB2B_0G37 S_P0D_25000081 Define Condition Types 
292 W_WB2B_0G38 S_P0D_25000082 Define Calculation Schema 
293 W_WB2B_0G39 S_P0D_25000083 Maintain Condition Type Group 
294 W_WB2B_0G40 S_P0D_25000084 Define Condition Types 
295 W_WB2B_0G41 S_P0D_25000085 Define Calculation Schema 
296 W_WB2B_0G42 S_P0D_25000086 Maintain Condition Type Group 
297 W_WB2B_0G43 S_P0D_25000087 Copy Control: Preceding Document Category to Vendor Billing Document 
298 W_WB2B_0G44 S_P0D_25000088 Maintain Vendor Billing Document Type 
299 W_WB2B_0G45 S_P0D_25000089 Determination Method for Vendor Billing Document Type 
300 W_WB2B_0G46 S_P0D_25000090 Define Posting Type and Assign to Posting Type Group 
301 W_WB2B_0G47 S_P0D_25000091 Assign Expense Classes 
302 W_WB2B_0G48 S_P0D_25000095 Define Expense Class Group 
303 W_WB2B_0G49 S_P0D_25000103 Status Calculation for Combinations of Business Process Steps (TEW) 
304 W_WB2B_0G50 S_P0D_25000104 Define Accounting Type 
305 W_WB2B_0G51 S_P0D_25000107 Vendor Billing Document By Vendor Billing Document 
306 W_WB2B_0G52 S_ALN_01001085 Set Up Partner Determination 
307 W_WB2B_0G53 S_ALN_01001086 Partner Maintenance for Trading Contract: Positions 
308 W_WB2B_0G54 S_AEN_10000098 Maintain Price Change Group 
309 W_WB2B_0P01 S_P0D_25000017 Create Portfolio List 
310 W_WB2B_0P02 S_P0D_25000018 Change Portfolio List 
311 W_WB2B_0P03 S_P0D_25000019 Display Portfolio List 
312 W_WB2B_0P04 S_P0D_25000020 Field Catalog for Portfolio Determination 
313 W_WB2B_0P05 S_P0D_25000021 Maintain Portfolio Determination Procedure 
314 W_WB2B_0P06 S_P0D_25000022 Maintain Portfolio Determination 
315 W_WB2B_0P07 S_P0D_25000023 Maintain Portfolio Type 
316 W_WB2B_0P08 S_P0D_25000024 Define Responsibility for Portfolios 
317 W_WB2B_0P09 S_P0D_25000025 Define Responsibility Group 
318 W_WB2B_0P10 S_P0D_25000026 Assign Groups to Responsibilities 
319 W_WB2B_0P11 S_P0D_25000027 Set Up Portfolio Determination 
320 W_WB2B_0P12 S_P0D_25000028 Test 
321 W_WB2B_0P13 S_P0D_25000031 Define Portfolio Tables 
322 W_WB2B_0P14 S_P0D_25000032 Change Portfolio Tables 
323 W_WB2B_0P15 S_P0D_25000033 Display Portfolio Tables 
324 W_WB2B_0P16 S_P0D_25000034 Access Sequences 
325 W_WB2B_0W01 S_P0D_25000001 Maintain Trading Execution Type 
326 W_WB2B_0W02 S_P0D_25000002 Maintain Trading Execution Mode 
327 W_WB2B_0W03 S_P0D_25000003 Define Business Process Steps 
328 W_WB2B_0W04 S_P0D_25000004 Group Business Process Steps 
329 W_WB2B_0W05 S_P0D_25000005 Classification of Operation 
330 W_WB2B_0W06 S_P0D_25000006 Business Process Steps for Data Selection 
331 W_WB2B_0W07 S_P0D_25000007 Define Action Class 
332 W_WB2B_0W08 S_P0D_25000008 Define Reference Documents for Subsequent Actions 
333 W_WB2B_0W09 S_P0D_25000009 Define Filter Class 
334 W_WB2B_0W10 S_P0D_25000010 Define Reference Document for Filter Class 
335 W_WB2B_0W11 S_P0D_25000011 Define Business Scenario 
336 W_WB2B_0W12 S_P0D_25000012 Assignment of Business Process Step to Scenario 
337 W_WB2B_0W13 S_P0D_25000013 Define Possible Combinations of Business Process Steps 
338 W_WB2B_0W14 S_P0D_25000036 Define Enhancement Class 
339 W_WB2B_0W15 S_P0D_25000047 Define Application 
340 W_WB2B_0W16 S_P0D_25000056 Maintain Default Business Process Steps 
341 W_WB2B_0W17 S_P0D_25000092 Define Check Classes 
342 W_WB2B_0W18 S_P0D_25000093 Assign Action Classes to Combinations of Business Process Steps 
343 W_WB2B_0W19 S_P0D_25000094 Assign Variant Transactions to Action Classes 
344 W_WB2B_0W20 S_ALN_01001087 Assign TEW Step to Expense Document Type 
345 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT1 S_PLN_62000094 BAdI: Modify Action Class Parameter 
346 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT10 S_PLN_62000103 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Goods Receipt 
347 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT11 S_PLN_62000104 BAdI: Results Data for Goods Receipt Reversal 
348 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT12 S_PLN_62000105 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Invoice Verification 
349 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT13 S_PLN_62000106 BAdI: Invoice Verification Results Data 
350 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT14 S_PLN_62000107 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Invoice Verification 
351 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT15 S_PLN_62000108 BAdI: Results Data for Invoice Verification Reversal 
352 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT16 S_PLN_62000109 BAdI: Modify Purchase Order Data Before Calling the Screen 
353 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT17 S_PLN_62000110 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Customer Billing Documents 
354 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT18 S_PLN_62000111 BAdI: Results Data for Customer Billing Documents 
355 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT2 S_PLN_62000095 BAdI: Action Class Process 
356 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT3 S_PLN_62000096 BAdI: Modify BDCDATA 
357 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT4 S_PLN_62000097 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Delivery 
358 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT5 S_PLN_62000098 BAdI: Results Data for Goods Receipt in Background for a Delivery 
359 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT6 S_PLN_62000099 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Goods Issue Reversal 
360 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT7 S_PLN_62000100 BAdI: Test Output Data for Goods Issue Reversal 
361 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT8 S_PLN_62000101 BAdI: Modify Input Data for Goods Receipt 
362 W_WB2B_BADI_ACT9 S_PLN_62000102 BAdI: Results Data for Goods Receipt 
363 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO1 S_PLN_62000040 BAdI: Create associations on the fly from the trading contract 
364 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO10 S_PLN_62000049 BAdI: Filter Association Partners 
365 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO11 S_PLN_62000117 BAdI: Enhancements for association items at step level 
366 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO12 S_PLN_62000141 BAdI: User-Defined Redistribution Strategy 
367 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO13 S_PLN_62000142 BAdI: Association Entry 
368 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO14 S_PLN_62000143 BAdI: Change Variants for ALV Display of Associations 
369 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO15 S_PLN_62000144 BAdI: Association Partner Check 
370 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO16 S_PLN_62000145 BAdI: Aggregation of Goods Receipts 
371 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO17 S_PLN_62000146 BAdI: Enhancements for Association Display 
372 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO18 S_PLN_62000147 BAdI: Closing Checks in Association Management 
373 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO19 S_PLN_62000148 BAdI: Hide association button for reassociation on the fly 
374 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO2 S_PLN_62000041 BAdI: Change Association Data 
375 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO20 S_PLN_62000149 BAdI: Reassociation Dialog Box 
376 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO3 S_PLN_62000042 BAdI: Change Table of Leading Documents 
377 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO4 S_PLN_62000043 BAdI: Association Data Check 
378 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO5 S_PLN_62000044 BAdI: Check Associations in a Trading Contract 
379 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO6 S_PLN_62000045 BAdI: Check Association Relationships 
380 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO7 S_PLN_62000046 BAdI: Trading Contract Check 
381 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO8 S_PLN_62000047 BAdI: Behavior After Unsuccessful Separation of Associations 
382 W_WB2B_BADI_ASSO9 S_PLN_62000048 BAdI: Filter and Check Association Partners 
383 W_WB2B_BADI_CFM1 S_PLN_62000135 BAdI: Enhancements to Link GTM with CFM 
384 W_WB2B_BADI_CFM2 S_PLN_62000136 BAdI: Hedges 
385 W_WB2B_BADI_EXP1 S_PLN_62000092 BAdI: Enhancements to Expense Maintenance in Global Trade Management 
386 W_WB2B_BADI_EXP2 S_PLN_62000093 BAdI: Enhancements to Expenses Processing in Global Trade Management 
387 W_WB2B_BADI_EXP3 S_PLN_62000130 BAdI: Expenses Settlement in Trading Contract 
388 W_WB2B_BADI_EXP4 S_AEN_10000969 BAdI: Currency Conversion for Expense Amounts 
389 W_WB2B_BADI_GEN1 S_PLN_62000138 BAdI: Add Customer Data to Global Trade Management Area 
390 W_WB2B_BADI_GEN2 S_PLN_62000178 BAdI: Set Data of a WBGT Item 
391 W_WB2B_BADI_GEN3 S_PLN_62000179 BAdI: Evaluate Items for Profit Calculation 
392 W_WB2B_BADI_NET1 S_PLN_62000133 BAdI: Change Trading Contract Data Before IDoc Creation (Change Case) 
393 W_WB2B_BADI_NET2 S_PLN_62000134 BAdI: Change Trading Contract Data Before IDoc Creation (Auto. Creation) 
394 W_WB2B_BADI_NET3 S_PLN_62000166 BAdI: Modify TC Data Before BAPI Call 
395 W_WB2B_BADI_NET4 S_AEN_10000016 BAdI: Data Procurement Message Output for Employee 
396 W_WB2B_BADI_NET5 S_AEN_10000017 BAdI: Data Procurement Message Output for Customer 
397 W_WB2B_BADI_NET6 S_AEN_10000018 BAdI: Data Procurement Message Output for Vendor 
398 W_WB2B_BADI_PORT1 S_PLN_62000131 BAdI: Portfolio Determination: Filter and Enhance Data 
399 W_WB2B_BADI_PORT2 S_PLN_62000132 BAdI: Process and Check Portfolio Data 
400 W_WB2B_BADI_TC1 S_PLN_62000112 BAdI: Master Conditions in Trading Contract 
401 W_WB2B_BADI_TC10 S_PLN_62000122 BAdI: Delete Follow-On Document for Trading Contract 
402 W_WB2B_BADI_TC11 S_PLN_62000123 BAdI: Enhancement of Retail Pricing in Global Trade Management 
403 W_WB2B_BADI_TC12 S_PLN_62000124 BAdI: Enhancement of Mass Changes in Online Trading Contract 
404 W_WB2B_BADI_TC13 S_PLN_62000125 BAdI: Global Trade Management: Change and Enhance Data During Release 
405 W_WB2B_BADI_TC14 S_PLN_62000126 BAdI: Trading Contract: Enhance Trading Contract Screen 
406 W_WB2B_BADI_TC15 S_PLN_62000127 BAdI: Trading Contract: Enhancements to Incompleteness Log 
407 W_WB2B_BADI_TC16 S_PLN_62000128 BAdI: Trading Contract: TC Text Enhancement Before Save 
408 W_WB2B_BADI_TC17 S_SLN_44000028 BAdI: Dequeue Service 
409 W_WB2B_BADI_TC2 S_PLN_62000113 BAdI: Global Trade Management: Replacement Material 
410 W_WB2B_BADI_TC2_IMPL S_SLN_44000006 BAdI: GTM: Replacement Material - Deactivate Implementation 
411 W_WB2B_BADI_TC3 S_PLN_62000114 BAdI: Global Trade Management: Manage Documents from Action Classes 
412 W_WB2B_BADI_TC4 S_PLN_62000115 BAdI: Data Enhancements for Position Management 
413 W_WB2B_BADI_TC5 S_PLN_62000116 BAdI: Global Trade Management: Customer Adjustments During Copying 
414 W_WB2B_BADI_TC6 S_PLN_62000118 BAdI: Global Trade Management: Data Changes in PAI 
415 W_WB2B_BADI_TC7 S_PLN_62000119 BAdI: Archiving of Trading Contracts 
416 W_WB2B_BADI_TC8 S_PLN_62000120 BAdI: Switch Automatic Association Determination On or Off 
417 W_WB2B_BADI_TC9 S_PLN_62000121 BAdI: Enhancement to Control Completed Documents 
418 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW1 S_PLN_62000017 BAdI: Add Selection Ranges 
419 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW10 S_PLN_62000035 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Agency Documents 
420 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW11 S_PLN_62000036 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Agency Documents (Lists) 
421 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW12 S_PLN_62000037 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Deliveries 
422 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW13 S_PLN_62000038 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Invoice Verification Documents 
423 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW14 S_PLN_62000067 BAdI: Change ALV Data from Material Documents 
424 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW15 S_PLN_62000070 BAdI: Change Data for Purchasing Documents 
425 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW16 S_PLN_62000071 BAdI: Change ALV Data from Customer Billing Documents 
426 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW17 S_PLN_62000072 BAdI: Change ALV Data from Customer Billing Document Lists 
427 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW18 S_PLN_62000073 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Sales Documents 
428 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW19 S_PLN_62000074 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Trading Contract 
429 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW2 S_PLN_62000018 BAdI: Integrate Enhancement Documents into TEW 
430 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW20 S_PLN_62000075 BAdI: Set ALV Variant Key 
431 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW21 S_PLN_62000076 BAdI: ALV Display in the TEW 
432 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW22 S_PLN_62000077 BAdI: Association 
433 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW23 S_PLN_62000078 BAdI: Replaces the Association Dialog Box in the TEW 
434 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW24 S_PLN_62000079 BAdI: Determine Business Scenario for Trading Contract Items 
435 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW25 S_PLN_62000080 BAdI: User-Defined Document Display (Switches Off Default) 
436 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW26 S_PLN_62000081 BAdI: Enhance Document Flow History 
437 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW27 S_PLN_62000082 BAdI: Enhance Association Table KOMASSO 
438 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW28 S_PLN_62000083 BAdI: Filter Out Root Documents 
439 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW29 S_PLN_62000084 BAdI: Filter Source Documents 
440 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW3 S_PLN_62000028 BAdI: Data from Add-On Documents 
441 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW30 S_PLN_62000085 BAdI: Filter Target Documents 
442 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW31 S_PLN_62000086 BAdI: Filter Root Documents from Target Document Selection 
443 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW32 S_PLN_62000087 BAdI: Document Flow 
444 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW33 S_PLN_62000088 BAdI: Enhance Association Table KOMASSO 
445 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW34 S_PLN_62000089 BAdI: Display Document in Document Flow Tree 
446 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW35 S_PLN_62000090 BAdI: TEW Type, Group, Step, Mode, Previous Step Changed 
447 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW36 S_PLN_62000091 BAdI: Customer-Specific Function Codes 
448 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW4 S_PLN_62000029 BAdI: Document Flow from Enhancement Documents 
449 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW5 S_PLN_62000030 BAdI: After Performing an Action 
450 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW6 S_PLN_62000031 BAdI: Change ALV Data from Accounting Documents 
451 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW7 S_PLN_62000032 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Add-On 
452 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW8 S_PLN_62000033 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Add-On 2 
453 W_WB2B_BADI_TEW9 S_PLN_62000034 BAdI: Change ALV Data for Add-On 3 
454 W_WB2B_BC01 S_ALN_01001333 BCSET Maintenance 
455 W_WB2B_BW_0001 S_ALN_01002612 Sales Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM 
456 W_WB2B_BW_0002 S_ALN_01002613 Purchasing Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM 
457 W_WB2B_GT_CFM_001 S_ALN_01001743 Maintain Hedge Type 
458 W_WB2B_GT_CFM_002 S_ALN_01001744 Maintain Hedge for Each Currency 
459 W_WB2B_GT_CFM_003 S_ALN_01001745 Assign Company Codes to Business Partners 
460 W_WB2B_GT_CFM_004 S_ALN_01001746 Assign Hedge Type of Trading Contract Type 
461 W_WB2B_GT_CFM_005 S_PLN_06000364 Maintain RFC Destination of the CFM System 
462 W_WB2B_MP_KONF1 S_ALN_01001303 Make Configuration Settings for Trading Contracts 
463 W_WB2B_MP_KONF2 S_ALN_01001304 Define Changeability of Fields 
464 W_WB2B_PS01 S_P0D_25000096 Define Profit Simulation Type 
465 W_WB2B_PS02 S_P0D_25000097 Define Calculation Type 
466 W_WB2B_PS03 S_P0D_25000098 Define Profit Simulation Field 
467 W_WB2B_PS04 S_P0D_25000099 Define Profit Simulation Group 
468 W_WB2B_PS05 S_P0D_25000100 Define Calculation Type 
469 W_WB2B_PS06 S_P0D_25000101 Assign Profit Simulation Group to TEW Combinations 
470 W_WB2B_PS07 S_P0D_25000105 Define Calculation Fields 
471 W_WB2B_PS08 S_P0D_25000106 Define Calculation Fields 
472 W_WB2B_PS09 S_ALN_01001088 Define Exchange Rates 
473 W_WB2B_ST00 S_P0D_25000057 Agency Business Documents: Listbox Set of Lists 
474 W_WB2B_ST01 S_P0D_25000058 Agency Business Documents: Default Listbox Content 
475 W_WB2B_ST02 S_P0D_25000059 Agency Business Lists: Set of Lists 
476 W_WB2B_ST03 S_P0D_25000060 Agency Business Lists: Default Listbox Content 
477 W_WB2B_ST04 S_P0D_25000061 Accounting Document: Listbox Set of Lists 
478 W_WB2B_ST05 S_P0D_25000062 Accounting Document: Default Listbox Content 
479 W_WB2B_ST06 S_P0D_25000063 Incoming Invoice: Listbox Set of Lists 
480 W_WB2B_ST07 S_P0D_25000064 Incoming Invoice: Default Listbox Content 
481 W_WB2B_ST08 S_P0D_25000065 Material Document: Listbox Set of Lists 
482 W_WB2B_ST09 S_P0D_25000066 Material Document: Default Listbox Content 
483 W_WB2B_ST10 S_P0D_25000067 Delivery: Listbox Set of Lists 
484 W_WB2B_ST11 S_P0D_25000068 Delivery: Default Listbox Content 
485 W_WB2B_ST12 S_P0D_25000069 Purchasing Document: Listbox Set of Lists 
486 W_WB2B_ST13 S_P0D_25000070 Purchasing Document: Default Listbox Content 
487 W_WB2B_ST14 S_P0D_25000071 Customer Billing Document: Listbox Set of Lists 
488 W_WB2B_ST15 S_P0D_25000072 Customer Billing Document: Default Listbox Content 
489 W_WB2B_ST16 S_P0D_25000073 Invoice List: Listbox Set of Lists 
490 W_WB2B_ST17 S_P0D_25000074 Invoice List: Default Listbox Content 
491 W_WB2B_ST18 S_P0D_25000075 Sales Document: Listbox Set of Lists 
492 W_WB2B_ST19 S_P0D_25000076 Sales Document: Default Listbox Content 
493 W_WB2B_ST20 S_P0D_25000077 Trading Contract: Listbox Set of Lists 
494 W_WB2B_ST21 S_P0D_25000078 Trading Contract: Default Listbox Content 
495 W_WB2_BADI_GTS S_AEN_10000384 BAdI: Customs Server Call (GTS) 
496 W_WCB_CC_PERS_INT1 S_PEN_05000024 Maintain Restrictions 
497 W_WCB_CC_PERS_INT2 S_PEN_05000025 Maintain Category-Dependent Restrictions 
498 W_WCB_CC_PERS_INT3 S_PEN_05000026 Check Classes for Standard Checks of Table Fields 
499 W_WCB_CC_PERS_INT4 S_PEN_05000027 Check Classes for Standard Chain Checks 
500 W_WCB_CC_PERS_VM03 S_AEN_10000152 Maintain Condition Contract Type