SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index W, page 2
IMG Activity - W
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 WRF_LAY_BADI_0012 S_XB4_60000206 BAdI: Fixture Selection 
2 WRF_LAY_BADI_0013 S_XB4_60000207 BAdI: Material Selection in Material Replacement of Layout Workbench 
3 WRF_LAY_BADI_0014 S_XB4_60000208 BAdI: Restrict Displayed Layout Modules in Module Maintenance 
4 WRF_LAY_BADI_0015 S_XB4_60000209 BAdI: Modification of Selected Data before Export to Space Management 
5 WRF_POS_CSGMT_0001 S_XB4_60000052 Extension for Controlling Summarized Sales 
6 WRF_POS_CSGMT_0002 S_XB4_60000053 Extension for Controlling Receipt-Based Sales 
7 WRF_PRC_COC_BADI_01 S_PEN_05000196 BAdI: Contract Monitor Reports 
8 WRF_PRC_COC_BADI_02 S_P7R_06000019 BAdI: Adjust the Interfaces 
9 WRF_PRC_CTR_0001 S_XB4_60000067 Process Activity Profile 
10 WRF_PRC_CTR_0002 S_XB4_60000068 Process Activity Folder 
11 WRF_PRC_CTR_0003 S_PEN_05000194 BAdI: Maintain Internal Contract Apportionment 
12 WRF_PRC_CTR_0004 S_XEN_65000072 Assign Mode of Transport Icon 
13 WRF_PRC_CTR_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000069 BAdI: Assignment of Documents to Activity Folders 
14 WRF_PRC_CTR_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000111 BAdI: Active PO Monitor: Graphical Display 
15 WRF_PRC_CTR_BADI_03 S_PEN_05000329 BAdI: Changes to Remaining Quantity Processing for Purchase Order Items 
16 WRF_PRC_CTR_BADI_04 S_P7R_06000018 BAdI: Adjust the Interfaces 
17 WRF_PRC_MESS S_AEN_10000682 Define Characteristics of System Messages 
18 WRF_PRC_OTB_0001 S_XB4_60000061 OTB Check: Maintain Document-Type Dependent Settings 
19 WRF_PRC_OTB_0002 S_XB4_60000062 Process OTB Special Release 
20 WRF_PRC_OTB_0003 S_PEN_05000193 OTB Check: Set Tolerances 
21 WRF_PRC_OTB_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000063 BAdI: Overwrite Planning Period 
22 WRF_PRC_OTB_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000114 BAdI: Deactivate OTB Check 
23 WRF_PRC_OTB_BADI_03 S_XB4_60000115 BAdI: Calculate OTB Amount 
24 WRF_PRC_OTB_BADI_04 S_PEN_05000195 BAdI: Maintain Internal Contract Apportionment 
25 WRF_PRC_OTB_BADI_05 S_XEN_65000056 BAdI: Selection Criteria for OTB Procurement "Open Documents" 
26 WRF_PRC_OTB_BADI_06 S_P7R_06000020 BAdI: Adjust the Interfaces 
27 WRF_PRC_POHF_0001 S_XB4_60000054 Process Control Table for Grouping 
28 WRF_PRC_POHF_0002 S_XB4_60000055 Maintain Cross-Purchasing Group Purchasing 
29 WRF_PRC_POHF_0003 S_XB4_60000056 Process Origin Profiles 
30 WRF_PRC_POHF_0004 S_XB4_60000057 Define Document Types 
31 WRF_PRC_POHF_0005 S_XB4_60000058 Control Screen Layout 
32 WRF_PRC_POHF_0006 S_XB4_60000169 Define Number Ranges 
33 WRF_PRC_POHF_0007 S_XB4_60000174 Permit Several Schedule Lines 
34 WRF_PRC_POHF_0008 S_AEN_10000459 Maintain Creation of Single-Store Purchase Orders 
35 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000059 BAdI: Enhance Grouping Criteria 
36 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000113 BAdI: Override Copy Control for Variants 
37 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_03 S_XB4_60000168 BAdI: Functions in Order List 
38 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_04 S_AEN_10000659 BAdI: Enhance the Storage Location Determination 
39 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_05 S_AEN_10000894 BAdI: Adjust the Interfaces 
40 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_06 S_P7R_06000003 BAdI: Conversion of Customer Data 
41 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_07 S_P7R_06000021 BAdI: Enhance PO Processing Functions 
42 WRF_PRC_POHF_BADI_10 S_XB4_60000112 BAdI: Status Confirmation in PO Environment 
43 WRF_PRC_SCD_0001 S_XB4_60000039 Process Dates 
44 WRF_PRC_SCD_0002 S_XB4_60000040 Process General Settings 
45 WRF_PRC_SCD_0003 S_XB4_60000041 Assign Transfer Dates to Incoterms 
46 WRF_PRC_SCD_0004 S_XB4_60000184 Maintain Regions 
47 WRF_PRC_SCD_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000064 BAdI: Date Calculation 
48 WRF_PRC_SCD_BADI_02 S_XB4_60000065 BAdI: Change Time Interval Calculation 
49 WRF_PRC_SCD_BADI_03 S_XB4_60000066 BAdI: Change Default Time Intervals for Automatic Date Shift 
50 WRF_PRC_SCD_BADI_04 S_AEN_10000105 BAdI: Change Dateline 
51 WRF_PRC_SCD_BADI_05 S_P7R_06000011 BAdI: Change of Date Line After Calculation 
52 WRF_PREPAY_INVOICE S_XC0_18000015 BAdI for Prepayment 
53 WRF_PRICEGROUP_0001 S_XB4_60000159 Activate Price Level Groups 
54 WRF_PRICEGROUP_0002 S_XB4_60000160 Maintain Price Level Group Categories 
55 WRF_PRICEGROUP_BA_01 S_XB4_60000161 BAdI: Control of Pricing Level Maintenance 
56 WRF_PRICEGROUP_BA_02 S_XB4_60000162 BAdI: Control of Error Message Type 
57 WRF_PRICEGROUP_BA_03 S_XB4_60000163 BAdI: Control of Material Hierarchy Maintenance 
58 WRF_PRICEGROUP_BA_04 S_XB4_60000164 BAdI: Control of Search Help for Price Band Categories 
59 WRF_PRICEGROUP_BA_05 S_XB4_60000165 BAdI: Data Modification at Import Interface 
60 WRF_PRICEGROUP_BA_06 S_XB4_60000216 BAdI: Control of Material Group Maintenance 
61 WRF_REF_BADI_001 S_XEN_65000050 BAdI: References for Materials Without Histories 
62 WRF_RPR_IPGRP_BA_001 S_XB4_60000215 Business Add-In for Name Assignment for Intra-Promotional Plant Groups 
63 WRF_WMGW_VEND_001 S_AEN_10000107 Activate Material-Dependent Vendor Characteristic Values 
64 WRF_WTAD_0001 S_XB4_60000092 Enhancements for Properties of Material Groups of Additionals 
65 WRF_WTAD_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000089 BAdI: Enhancement Fields WTADAB 
66 WRF_WTAD_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000090 BAdI: Change Display in ALV Grid of Sales Price Analysis Report 
67 WRF_WTAD_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000091 BAdI: Restrict Data for Price Changes 
68 WRF_WTAD_BADI_0004 S_PEN_05000003 BAdI: Reduction of Additionals Data 
69 WRF_WTAD_BADI_0005 S_PEN_05000004 BAdI: Enhancement of List Display 
70 WRF_WTAD_BADI_0006 S_XEN_65000049 BAdI: External Processing of New and Deleted Additionals Items 
71 WRMA S_B73_57000043 Test 
72 WRMA_ACCESS_ADD_PER S_B75_08000032 BAdI: Determination of Values for Additional Period Fields 
73 WRMA_ADD_COMBIES S_BH6_02000016 BAdI: Add combinations of sites and RMA objects w/o raw data for RMA engine 
74 WRMA_COSTVALUE S_B75_08000029 BAdI: Customer-Specific Calculation of Transfer Costs 
75 WRMA_DSO S_B75_08000042 BAdI: Customer-Specific DataStore Objects for RMA (Partition) 
76 WRMA_RECASTING_ENH S_B75_08000026 BAdI: Recasting Enhancements for Object-Specific Transactions 
77 WRMA_SHRKP_ADJUST S_B75_08000030 BAdI: Adjustment of Planned Shrinkage in Periods Without Inventory Count 
78 WRMA_SHRKP_ALIGN_PER S_BH6_02000013 BAdI: Align planned shrinkage in periods of different calendars 
79 WRMA_SHRKP_INV_PER S_B75_08000031 BAdI: Adjustment of Planned Shrinkage in Periods with Inventory Count 
80 WSCONFIG S_PCC_47000039 Release Web Services for SOAP Runtime 
81 WSLI_DB_OPTIMIZATION S_E17_83000030 BAdI: Listing Optimization for Change Documents 
82 WSPT_MOVE_TYPE S_EBJ_98000377 Assign Sales Document Type to Goods Movement Type 
83 WSPT_V_REJ_CODES S_EBJ_98000376 Define Rejection Codes for Web Service 
84 WST_TEXT_BADI S_A0F_96000104 BAdI: Integration of Long Texts in Web Services Tool 
85 WTAXREPORT_MODIFY S_AL0_96000332 Add-In: Generic Withholding Tax Reporting 
86 WTYNK S_KA5_12001031 Define Number Ranges for Warranty Claims 
87 WTYSCC_CLMCONT S_ALI_97000028 Maintain Trigger Options for Claim Creation 
88 WTYSCC_CLM_MAP S_ALI_97000031 Assign Sales Document Type to Warranty Claim Document Type 
89 WTYSCC_MAPPING S_ALI_97000029 Maintain Determination of Related Document Types and Triggers 
90 WTYSCC_STATMAP S_ALI_97000032 Maintain Determination of Return Part Status for Warranty Claim Item 
91 WTYSCC_SWITCH S_ALI_97000027 Maintain Application Status - Active/Inactive 
92 WTYSCC_UPDTCON S_ALI_97000030 Maintain Trigger Options for Claim Update 
93 WTYSC_LAYOUT S_ALI_97000043 Maintain Layouts for Workbench Relevant Documents 
94 WTYSC_MAP S_ALI_97000087 Map Fields Between Source and Target Documents 
95 WTY_BAPI_CREATE S_KA5_12001173 BAdI: Link of Customer Fields in BAPI_WARRANTYCLAIM_CREATE 
96 WTY_BW S_KA5_12001224 BAdI: Transfer Warranty Claim Data to Business Information Warehouse 
97 WTY_CLAIM_IDOC_IN S_KA5_12001174 BAdI: Data Check and Change for Inbound IDocs 
98 WTY_CLAIM_IDOC_OUT S_KA5_12001175 BAdI: Data Check and Change for Outbound IDocs 
99 WTY_COPA_CRITERIA S_KA5_12001176 BAdI: Data for Characteristics in CO-PA 
100 WTY_COPA_VALUEFIELDS S_KA5_12001177 BAdI: Data for Value Fields in CO-PA 
101 WTY_CREATE_COPY S_KA5_12001178 BAdI: Data Change After Copying / Creating / Changing 
102 WTY_DATA_CHANGE_1 S_KA5_12001179 BAdI: Data Change After Entry but Before Standard Processing 
103 WTY_DISPLAY_OBJECT S_KA5_12001180 BAdI: Display Object Data 
104 WTY_DOCTYPE S_KA5_12001139 Define Document Types 
105 WTY_DOCU_FLOW S_KA5_12001181 BAdI: Enhancement of Document Flow 
106 WTY_DYNPRO_DYNAMIC S_KA5_12001182 BAdI: Set Screen Areas Dynamically 
107 WTY_F4_DEFECT S_KA5_12001183 BAdI: F4 Help for Defect Code Field 
108 WTY_F4_ITMNO S_KA5_12001184 BAdI: F4 Help for Key Field 
109 WTY_F4_MATNR S_KA5_12001185 BAdI: F4 Help for Material Field 
110 WTY_F4_MGANR S_KA5_12001186 BAdI: F4 Help for Master Warranty Field 
111 WTY_F4_RELOB S_KA5_12001187 BAdI: F4 Help for External Object Number Field 
112 WTY_ITEM_GENERATE S_KA5_12001188 BAdi: Prepare Master Data for Item Generation 
113 WTY_KOMK_KOMP S_KA5_12001189 BAdI: Transfer Data to Pricing 
114 WTY_POSTING_DATA S_EE5_50000273 BAdI: Data Change before Calling FI-BAPI 
115 WTY_READ_SUPPL_DATA S_KA5_12001190 BAdI: Read Additional Data for Claim 
116 WTY_RECALLS S_KA5_12001191 BAdI: Object Selection for Recalls 
117 WTY_RECALL_IDTYPE S_KA5_12001137 Define Object ID Types for Recalls 
118 WTY_REFOBJECTS S_KA5_12001138 Define Template Objects 
119 WTY_RETURN_PARTS S_KA5_12001192 BAdI: Goods Receipt Posting of Parts to Be Returned 
120 WTY_SELECTION_LIST S_KA5_12001193 BAdI: Search for Warranty Claims 
121 WT_EXCLUSIONS_CUST_E S_EBS_44000535 BAdI: Derivation Strategy for Withholding Tax Exclusion 
122 WZRE_EPOST_APPL S_EBS_44000548 Define Application and Posting Type 
123 WZRE_EPOST_DATA S_EBS_44000549 Basic Settings for Creation of Agency Documents 
124 WZRE_EPO_DET_CONT S_EBS_44000557 BAdI:Determine Fields That Control Agency Document Creation 
125 WZRE_EPO_INF_COND S_EBS_44000562 BAdI:Infer Condition Fields 
126 WZRE_EPO_INF_ITEM S_EBS_44000561 BAdI:Infer Posting Item Fields 
127 WZRE_EPO_MAP_COND_TY S_EBS_44000558 BAdI:Map External Condition Description to Condition Type 
128 WZRE_EPO_MAP_PARTNER S_EBS_44000559 BAdI:Map Partner From External to Internal Representation 
129 WZRE_EPO_MAP_TEXT S_EBS_44000560 BAdI:MapText Identificator 
130 WZRE_IV_ADJUSTMENT_B S_EBJ_98000041 BAdI:IV adjustment BAdI 
131 WZRE_SERV_IT_TO_KSCH S_EBJ_98000105 BAdI: Assign A Condition Type to a Service Item 
132 WZRE_TMS_IV S_EBJ_98000046 Activate BAdI Implementation for Invoice Verification Correction Postings 
133 WZRE_TR_OD_DATA S_EBJ_98000005 BAdI:Transfer Delivery Data 
134 WZRE_TR_PO_DATA S_EBS_44000566 BAdI:Transfer Purchase Order Data 
135 WZRE_TR_SO_DATA S_EBS_44000567 BAdI:Transfer Sales Order Data 
136 WZ_KOP_TEXTE_MANDANT S_ALR_87004305 Copy Texts Between Clients 
137 W_AHD_PDF_001 S_ALN_01000443 Control of Alternative Historical Data and Post Distribution Forecast 
138 W_AHD_PDF_002 S_ALN_01000444 Document Types for Delivery Relationship Determination 
139 W_AHD_PDF_003 S_ALN_01000445 Profile for Determining Delivery Relationships for Plants 
140 W_AHD_PDF_004 S_ALN_01000446 BAdI: AHD/PDF Scenario for Plants 
141 W_AHD_PDF_005 S_ALN_01000447 BAdI: Delivery Relationships 
142 W_AHD_PDF_006 S_AXC_91000029 Delivery Relationships for External or Internal Material Group 
143 W_AHD_PDF_008 S_AXC_91000030 Profile for Determining Delivery Relationships for MRP Areas 
144 W_AHD_PDF_009 S_AXC_91000031 Document Types for Delivery Relationship Determination 
145 W_AHD_PDF_010 S_AXC_91000052 BAdI: AHD/PDF Scenario for MRP Areas 
146 W_AHD_PDF_011 S_AXC_91000053 BAdI: Delivery Relationships for MRP Areas 
147 W_BUDGET_0001 S_XB4_60000033 Check and Enhance Definition of Budget Levels 
148 W_BUDGET_0002 S_XB4_60000034 Assign Budget IDs to Key Figures 
149 W_BUDGET_0003 S_XB4_60000035 Check and Extend Budget Types 
150 W_BUDGET_0004 S_XB4_60000036 Activate Budget Types 
151 W_BUDGET_0005 S_XB4_60000037 Transport Budget Types 
152 W_BUDGET_0006 S_XB4_60000038 Reorganize Budget Types 
153 W_CM_0001 S_XB4_60000006 Define Tree Columns 
154 W_CM_0002 S_XB4_60000007 Edit Hierarchy Levels 
155 W_CM_0003 S_XB4_60000008 Edit Control Parameters 
156 W_CM_0004 S_XB4_60000009 Define Areas of Responsibility 
157 W_CM_0005 S_XB4_60000013 Define Role of a Category 
158 W_CM_0006 S_XB4_60000014 Define Strategy of a Category 
159 W_CM_001 S_ALN_01001367 BAdI for Modifying the Outbound IDOCs that are to be Copied 
160 W_CM_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000028 BAdI: Attribute Checks 
161 W_CM_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000029 BAdI: Hierarchy Checks 
162 W_CM_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000030 BAdI: Hierarchy Levels 
163 W_CM_BADI_0004 S_XB4_60000031 BAdI: Article Classification for Multiple Assignment 
164 W_CM_BADI_0005 S_XB4_60000032 BADI: Product Hierarchy Update 
165 W_CM_MD_0001 S_AX8_68000130 Define Role for a Category 
166 W_CM_MD_0002 S_AX8_68000131 Define Strategy for a Category 
167 W_CM_MD_0003 S_AX8_68000132 Define Responsibility for a Role 
168 W_CM_MD_0005 S_AX8_68000134 Define Function Module for Structuring a Master Data Hierarchy 
169 W_CM_MD_0006 S_AX8_68000135 Define Function Module for Uploading Attributes 
170 W_CONS_0001 S_XB4_60000010 Define Alternate Stock Determination Rules for Consignment Processing 
171 W_CONS_0002 S_XB4_60000011 Activate Retail Consignment Processing 
172 W_CONS_0003 S_XB4_60000012 Deactivate Price Test for Consignment Stock Transfers 
173 W_CONS_0004 S_XB4_60000027 Edit Values for Consignment Control 
174 W_CONS_0006 S_XB4_60000185 Define Strategies for Stock Determination 
175 W_CONS_0007 S_AEN_10000424 Activate Consignment Returns with Shipping Processing 
176 W_CONS_0010 S_PEN_05000044 Inventory Management 
177 W_CONS_0011 S_PEN_05000045 Obsolete 
178 W_CONS_0012 S_PEN_05000046 Obsolete 
179 W_CONS_0013 S_PEN_05000047 Obsolete 
180 W_CONS_0014 S_PEN_05000048 Obsolete 
181 W_CONS_0015 S_PEN_05000049 Delivery 
182 W_CONS_0016 S_PEN_05000050 Warehouse Management 
183 W_CONS_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000073 BAdI: Extensions for Consignment Processing 
184 W_CONS_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000074 BAdI: Extension: Output Stock in Transit 
185 W_CS_001 S_PR0_40000074 Define Applications 
186 W_CS_002 S_PR0_40000076 Configure and Activate Enhanced Search with Creation 
187 W_CS_003 S_PR0_40000078 Define Search Parameters for Material Search 
188 W_CS_004 S_PR0_40000082 Configure Material Creation in Material Search 
189 W_CS_004A S_EB5_05000192 Configure Simplified Creation of a Material in the Material Search 
190 W_CS_005 S_PR0_40000083 Define Hierarchies for Displaying Close-By Plants 
191 W_CS_006 S_PR0_40000339 Define Number Ranges for Key Word Definition 
192 W_CS_007 S_PR0_40000451 Configure and Activate Material View 
193 W_CS_008 S_EAC_24000054 Identify Predefined Price Elements in Pricing 
194 W_CS_008A S_EB5_05000270 Identify Predefined Price Elements in Pricing 
195 W_CS_009 S_E38_98000146 Determine Predefined Price Elements 
196 W_CS_014 S_EB5_05000017 Specify Search and Display Parameters for Material Search 
197 W_CS_015 S_EB5_05000122 Configure and Activate Enhanced Search with Creation 
198 W_CS_BADI_001 S_PR0_40000344 BAdI: Determination of Alternative Materials 
199 W_CS_BADI_002 S_PR0_40000345 BAdI: Determination of Cross-Selling Materials 
200 W_CS_BADI_003 S_PR0_40000346 BAdI: Determination of Up-Selling Materials 
201 W_CS_BADI_004 S_PR0_40000347 BAdI: Determination of Down-Selling Materials 
202 W_CS_BADI_005 S_PR0_40000348 BAdI: Calculation of Contribution Margin 
203 W_CS_BADI_006 S_PR0_40000349 BAdI: Determination of Stock Information 
204 W_CS_BADI_007 S_PR0_40000350 BAdI: Direct Search in Catalog 
205 W_CS_BADI_008 S_PR0_40000351 BAdI: Update of Index for Catalog Materials 
206 W_CS_BADI_009 S_PR0_40000352 BAdI: Enrichment of Search Results 
207 W_CS_BADI_010 S_PR0_40000353 BAdI: Enhancement of Material Data 
208 W_CS_BADI_011 S_PR0_40000354 BAdI: Checks for Plant Assignment 
209 W_CS_BADI_012 S_PR0_40000531 BADI: Existence Check for Catalog Search 
210 W_CS_BADI_013 S_PR0_40000583 BAdI: Creation of Retail Materials 
211 W_CS_BADI_014 S_EAC_24000095 BAdI: Follow-Up Action for Keyword Assignment 
212 W_CS_BADI_015 S_EAC_24000057 BAdI: Customer-Specific Material View 
213 W_CS_BADI_016 S_E4A_94000288 BAdI: Change in Column Display of Search Results 
214 W_CS_BADI_017 S_E4A_94000289 BAdI: Changes to Field Labels for Search Criteria 
215 W_CS_BADI_018 S_E4A_94000290 BAdI: Change to Field Labels 
216 W_CS_BADI_019 S_E4A_94000292 BAdI: Enhancement of Material View with Additional Screens 
217 W_CS_BADI_020 S_EB5_05000006 BAdI: Customer-Specific Material View 
218 W_CS_BADI_021 S_EB5_05000007 BAdI: Enhancement of Material View with Additional Screens 
219 W_CS_BADI_022 S_EB5_05000008 BAdI: Determination of Alternative Materials 
220 W_CS_BADI_023 S_EB5_05000009 BAdI: Determination of Cross-Selling Materials 
221 W_CS_BADI_024 S_EB5_05000010 BAdI: Determination of Up-Selling Materials 
222 W_CS_BADI_025 S_EB5_05000011 BAdI: Determination of Down-Selling Materials 
223 W_CS_BADI_026 S_EB5_05000012 BAdI: Calculation of Contribution Margin 
224 W_CS_BADI_028 S_EB5_05000016 BAdI: Addition of Button to the Search Results Toolbar 
225 W_CS_BADI_030 S_EB5_05000126 BAdI: Customer-Specific Material Creation 
226 W_CS_BADI_031 S_EB5_05000127 BAdI: Changes to Search Request Sent to Search Engine 
227 W_CS_BADI_032 S_EB5_05000128 BAdI: Supply of Additional Function Keys in Results Display 
228 W_CS_BADI_033 S_EB5_05000129 BAdI: Customer-Specific Adjustment of Feld Labels 
229 W_CS_BADI_034 S_EB5_05000130 BAdI: Modification of the Search Results Display 
230 W_CS_BADI_035 S_EB5_05000139 BAdI: Provide Additional Search Attributes for Search Engine Service 
231 W_CS_BADI_036 S_EB5_05000271 BAdI: Catalog Extraction for Enterprise Search 
232 W_CS_BADI_037 S_EB5_05000365 BAdI: Control for Plant-Specific Material Creation 
233 W_CS_BADI_038 S_EB5_05000366 BAdI: Define Deviating Connectors for Search 
234 W_DF_EK_0110 S_ALR_87002154 Maintain Rounding Profile 
235 W_DF_EK_0111 S_ALR_87002153 Unit of Measure Groups 
236 W_DF_EK_0112 S_ALR_87002150 Unit of Measure Rounding Rules 
237 W_DF_EK_0151 S_ALR_87007207 Maintain Profile for Assortment Lists 
238 W_DF_EK_0153 S_ALR_87007211 Control of Logistics Quantities 
239 W_DF_EK_0154 S_ALR_87005649 Number Ranges, Status Tracking 
240 W_DF_EK_0155 S_ALR_87007202 Number Ranges, Status Tracking 
241 W_DF_EK_0156 S_PL0_09000482 Maintain Filter Settings for Condition Types 
242 W_DF_EK_0160 S_ALR_87007205 Assortment List Types 
243 W_DF_EK_0161 S_AEN_10000795 Supply Source Standard Values 
244 W_DF_EK_0170 S_ALN_01001103 BAdI: Extend IDoc Preparation 
245 W_DF_EK_0171 S_ALN_01001104 BAdI: Extend Change Analysis 
246 W_DF_EK_0172 S_ALN_01001105 BAdI: Generate Assortment List Versions 
247 W_DF_EK_MO_01 S_AL0_96000564 Maintain Control Profiles for Quantity Optimizng 
248 W_DF_EK_MO_01_ADD S_ALN_01001505 Retail Enhancements: Control Profile for Maintaining Quantity Optimizing 
249 W_DF_EK_MO_02 S_AL0_96000565 Assign Control Profiles 
250 W_DF_LT_0003 S_ALR_87006714 Define Pricing Procedures for Delivery 
251 W_DF_LT_0201 S_ALR_87003711 Procedure for Additionals 
252 W_DF_LT_0202 S_ALR_87003705 Allowed Procedure for Additionals per Material Group 
253 W_DF_LT_0203 S_ALR_87003714 Attributes of the Material Groups of Additionals 
254 W_DF_LT_0310 S_ALR_87002279 Reason for Price Change 
255 W_DF_LT_0320 S_ALR_87002285 Transactions with Automatic Revaluation at Retail 
256 W_DF_LT_0330 S_ALR_87002294 Profiles for Revaluation at Retail 
257 W_DF_LT_0331 S_ALR_87002274 Number Ranges, Revaluation 
258 W_DF_LT_0340 S_ALR_87002300 Profiles for Value-Based Inventory Management 
259 W_DF_LT_0341 S_PR0_40000198 Define Purchase Value Change Profile 
260 W_DF_LT_0342 S_PR0_40000199 Assignment of Purchase Value Change Profile to Revaluation Profile 
261 W_DF_LT_0350 S_ALR_87000652 Average prices of price band categories 
262 W_DF_LT_0355 S_ALR_87000650 Parameters for Open-To-Buy (OTB) 
263 W_DF_LT_0360 S_ALR_87000655 Characteristic Fields Per Info Structure for Price Bands 
264 W_DF_LT_0370 S_ALR_87001990 Standard Valuation Category (Retail) 
265 W_DF_LT_0510 S_ALR_87005924 Scheduling With Route Schedule For Shipping Point 
266 W_DF_LT_0610 S_ALR_87000668 General Control 
267 W_DF_LT_0611 S_ALR_87000648 Number Ranges for Replenishment Run 
268 W_DF_LT_0620 S_ALR_87000628 Maintain Requirement Groups 
269 W_DF_LT_0621 S_ALR_87000631 POS Inbound Updates 
270 W_DF_LT_0622 S_ALR_87000634 Follow-On Documents (Via Store Order) 
271 W_DF_LT_0623 S_AL0_96000570 BAdI: Replenishment Planning 
272 W_DF_LT_0800   Control Purchasing Document Adjustment 
273 W_DF_LT_0802 S_ALR_87002122 Returns to Vendor 
274 W_DF_LT_0803 S_ALR_87002138 Store Return / Return Plant to Plant 
275 W_DF_LT_0810 S_ALR_87002157 Define Extent of Change for Message Category CONDBI 
276 W_DF_LT_0820 S_ALR_87002156 Activate Change Pointer for Message Category CONDBI 
277 W_DF_VK_0110 S_ALR_87005609 Conversion Categories 
278 W_DF_VK_0111 S_ALR_87005617 Conversion of POS Currency Codes 
279 W_DF_VK_0112 S_ALR_87005621 Conversion of Material Tax Classification (Inbound) 
280 W_DF_VK_0120 S_ALR_87005600 POS Transaction Type Conversion 
281 W_DF_VK_0121 S_ALR_87005631 Conversion POS Condition Types 
282 W_DF_VK_0122 S_ALR_87005629 POS Unit Of Measure Conversion 
283 W_DF_VK_0123 S_ALR_87005627 POS Material Group Conversion 
284 W_DF_VK_0124 S_ALR_87005625 POS Language Code Conversion 
285 W_DF_VK_0126 S_ALR_87005602 POS Movement Type Conversion 
286 W_DF_VK_0127 S_ALR_87005623 Conversion Of POS Tax Code (Outbound) 
287 W_DF_VK_0128 S_ALR_87005619 POS Payment Method Conversion 
288 W_DF_VK_0129 S_ALR_87005607 Conversion Parameters 
289 W_DF_VK_0131 S_ALR_87005633 Store Order Control 
290 W_DF_VK_0132 S_ALR_87005639 Aggregated Sales Control 
291 W_DF_VK_0133 S_ALR_87005637 Payment List Control 
292 W_DF_VK_0134 S_ALR_87005635 Control Sales As Per Receipts 
293 W_DF_VK_0135 S_ALR_87005659 Transaction Types For Sales As Per Receipts 
294 W_DF_VK_0136 S_ALR_87005657 Transaction Type-Dependent Control Of Sales As Per Receipts 
295 W_DF_VK_0137 S_ALR_87005651 Transaction Types For Financial Transactions 
296 W_DF_VK_0138 S_ALR_87005604 Conversion Of Transaction Types For Receipt-Based Sales 
297 W_DF_VK_0139 S_ALR_87005655 Movement Type-Dependent Control Of Goods Movements 
298 W_DF_VK_0140 S_ALR_87005645 Maintain Profile For POS Outbound 
299 W_DF_VK_0141 S_ALR_87005613 Automatic EAN Processing Control 
300 W_DF_VK_0142 S_ALR_87001926 Assign Retail Tasks to PD Organization 
301 W_DF_VK_0143 S_EB5_05000003 Setting POS Outbound IDoc size 
302 W_DF_VK_0144 S_ALR_87005615 Store Phys. Inventory Control 
303 W_DF_VK_0144_ADD S_ALN_01001903 Enhancement: Store Physical Inventory Control 
304 W_DF_VK_0150 S_AL0_96000842 BAdI: Extension of IDoc Processing in the Store Physical Inventory 
305 W_DF_VK_0151 S_ALN_01000984 BAdI: Sales Price of a Material in the Physical Inventory IDoc 
306 W_DF_VK_0152 S_PLN_06000367 BAdI: Overriding Customizing for Physical Inventory During Opening Hours 
307 W_DF_VK_0153 S_PLN_06000368 BAdI: Determination of POS Transactions Outside of ERP System 
308 W_DF_VK_0160 S_ALR_87005647 Maintain POS Condition Type Group 
309 W_DF_VK_0161 S_ALR_87008634 Maintain Filter Settings for Condition Types 
310 W_DF_VK_0180 S_ALR_87005641 Maintain Profile For POS Inbound 
311 W_DF_VK_0181 S_ALR_87100103 POS Goods Movements Control 
312 W_DF_VK_0182 S_ALR_87100113 Define Checking Rules For POS Inbound 
313 W_DF_VK_0183 S_ALR_87100114 Define A Profile For Distributing Coupon Discounts 
314 W_DF_VK_0191 S_ALR_87005653 Transaction Type-Dependent Control Of Financial Transactions 
315 W_DF_VK_0320 S_ALR_87007108 Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales Document Type 
316 W_DF_VK_0330 S_ALR_87007107 Maintain Promotion Determination per Sales Area 
317 W_DF_WGRC_0001 S_ACR_23000617 Control Parameters for Goods Receipt Capacity Check 
318 W_DF_WGRC_0002 S_ACR_23000618 Define Doors 
319 W_DF_WGRC_0003 S_ACR_23000620 Define Staging Areas 
320 W_DF_WGRC_0004 S_ACR_23000621 Process Unit-of-Measure Load Category 
321 W_DF_WGRC_0005 S_ACR_23000622 Assign Units of Measure to Unit-of-Measure Load Category 
322 W_DF_WGRC_0006 S_ACR_23000623 Maintain Logistics Handling Group 
323 W_DF_WGRC_0007 S_ACR_23000624 Processing Utilization 
324 W_FD_0000   Requirements Planning for Perishables 
325 W_FD_0001 S_AL0_96000843 BAdI for Perishables Planning 
326 W_FD_0002 S_PLN_06000424 Perishables Planning: Maintain Data Retraction for Statistical Data from BW 
327 W_FIP_001 S_E4A_94000120 Maintain Stock Quantity Determination 
328 W_FIP_002 S_E4A_94000121 Maintain Buffering Settings 
329 W_FIP_003 S_E4A_94000122 Maintain Settings for Substitute Materials 
330 W_FIP_004 S_E4A_94000123 Maintain Distribution Strategy 
331 W_FIP_005 S_E4A_94000124 Maintain Fair Share Rules 
332 W_FIP_006 S_E4A_94000125 Maintain Rounding Strategy 
333 W_FIP_007 S_E4A_94000126 Maintain Order Settings 
334 W_FIP_008 S_E4A_94000127 Maintain Cross-System Access Type 
335 W_FIP_009 S_E4A_94000129 Maintain Client-Dependent Access Type 
336 W_FIP_010 S_E4A_94000130 Maintain BAdI/Client-Dependent Access Type 
337 W_FIP_011 S_E4A_94000164 BAdI: Determine Customer-Defined Distribution Strategy 
338 W_FIP_012 S_E4A_94000165 BAdI: Set Planned Delivery Time 
339 W_FIP_013 S_E4A_94000172 BAdI: Customer Demands Feeder 
340 W_FIP_014 S_E4A_94000173 BAdI: Goods Receipt Feeder 
341 W_FIP_015 S_E4A_94000174 BAdI: Plant Demands Feeder 
342 W_FIP_016 S_E4A_94000178 BAdI: Access Goods Movement 
343 W_FIP_017 S_E4A_94000197 BAdI: Extract Data From BI 
344 W_FIP_018 S_E4A_94000198 BAdI: Access Change Document 
345 W_FIP_019 S_E4A_94000199 BAdI: Access Collective Purchase Order 
346 W_FIP_020 S_E4A_94000200 BAdI: Access Customer Data 
347 W_FIP_021 S_E4A_94000201 BAdI: Access Delivery Relationship Determination 
348 W_FIP_022 S_E4A_94000202 BAdI: Access Distribution Center 
349 W_FIP_023 S_E4A_94000203 BAdI: Access Functional Unit 
350 W_FIP_024 S_E4A_94000204 BAdI: Access Inventory 
351 W_FIP_025 S_E4A_94000205 BAdI: Access Material 
352 W_FIP_026 S_E4A_94000206 BAdI: Access Material Demand Forecast 
353 W_FIP_027 S_E4A_94000207 BAdI: Access Procurement Distribution Relation 
354 W_FIP_028 S_E4A_94000208 BAdI: Access Product Procurement Arrangement 
355 W_FIP_029 S_E4A_94000209 BAdI: Access Promotions 
356 W_FIP_030 S_E4A_94000210 BAdI: Access Purchase Order 
357 W_FIP_031 S_E4A_94000211 BAdI: Access Purchasing Group 
358 W_FIP_032 S_E4A_94000212 BAdI: Access Receiving Plant 
359 W_FIP_033 S_E4A_94000213 BAdI: Access Substitute Materials 
360 W_FIP_034 S_E4A_94000214 BAdI: Access Retail Switch 
361 W_FIP_035 S_E4A_94000215 BAdI: Access Rounding 
362 W_FIP_036 S_E4A_94000216 BAdI: Access Sales Orders 
363 W_FIP_037 S_E4A_94000217 BAdI: Access Sales Price 
364 W_FIP_038 S_E4A_94000218 BAdI: Access Stores 
365 W_FIP_039 S_E4A_94000219 BAdI: Access Supplier 
366 W_FIP_040 S_E4A_94000220 BAdI: Access Supplying Plant 
367 W_FIP_041 S_E4A_94000221 BAdI: Access Supply Quota Arrangement 
368 W_FIP_042 S_E4A_94000222 BAdI: Access Load-Build 
369 W_FIP_043 S_E4A_94000224 BAdI: Determine Distribution Chain 
370 W_FIP_044 S_E4A_94000225 BAdI: Determine Sales Order Calculation Schema 
371 W_FIP_045 S_E4A_94000240 Maintain BI System 
372 W_FIP_101 S_E4A_94000194 BAdI: Material Substitution during Goods Receipt 
373 W_FRE_INT_0001 S_AX8_68000415 Maintain Basic Settings for Data Transfer 
374 W_FRE_INT_0002 S_AX8_68000416 Define Document Types for Outbound Orders 
375 W_FRE_INT_0003 S_AX8_68000417 Define High Level Filter for Sites 
376 W_FRE_INT_0004 S_AX8_68000418 Define F&R Replenishment Types 
377 W_FRE_INT_0005 S_AX8_68000419 Define Stock Types 
378 W_FRE_INT_0006 S_AEN_10000261 Define Basic Settings 
379 W_FRE_INT_0007 S_AEN_10000262 Define Reference Determination Schema 
380 W_FRE_INT_0008 S_AXC_91000001 Order Inbound Settings 
381 W_FRE_INT_0009 S_AXC_91000002 Maintain No. Range for DIF Occurrences for Promotions 
382 W_FRE_INT_0010 S_AXC_91000003 Maintain No. Range for Procurement Cycles 
383 W_FRE_INT_0011 S_AXC_91000004 Maintain F&R Hierarchy Types 
384 W_FRE_INT_0012 S_AXC_91000005 Maintain DIF Occurrence Profiles for Promotions 
385 W_FRE_INT_0013 S_AEN_10000404 Maintain Number Range for Reference Modules 
386 W_FRE_INT_0014 S_AEN_10000529 Configure Order Inbound Fashion Settings 
387 W_FRE_INT_0015 S_AXC_91000049 Maintain Settings for Deletion of Consumption Data 
388 W_FRE_INT_0017 S_EAC_24000008 Maintain Minimum Message Type for User Interface Logging 
389 W_FRE_INT_0018 S_EAC_24000034 Maintain No. Range for DIF Occurrences for No. of Supplied Plants 
390 W_FRE_INT_0026 S_EAC_24000038 Define Document Types for Outbound Contracts 
391 W_FRE_INT_0030 S_EBS_44000161 Maintain No. Range for Release Profile Transfer to F&R 
392 W_FRE_INT_30 S_VBS_01000001 Define Document Types for Outbound Sales Orders 
393 W_GDS_PRICAT_IN_008 S_P8K_45000109 Maintain Rule Actions 
394 W_GDS_PRICAT_IN_009 S_P8K_45000110 Maintain Expressions 
395 W_GDS_PRICAT_IN_011 S_E38_98000104 Define Assignment Type Compatibility 
396 W_GE_0100 S_ALR_87005974 General Control, Retail Master Data 
397 W_GE_0200 S_ALR_87005960 Applications 
398 W_GE_0300 S_ALR_87001945 Structured Material Maintenance 
399 W_GE_0400 S_AL0_96000461 Activation of the Direct Entry for Creating the Worklist 
400 W_GE_0401 S_AL0_96000844 BAdI: Check for Creating Direct Entries in the Worklist 
401 W_GE_0402 S_PL0_09000435 Define the Scope of Change for Direct Entry in Worklist 
402 W_GE_0500 S_ALN_01000254 Settings for External Parallel Processing 
403 W_GE_BE_0100 S_ALR_87005958 IS-R-Specific Authorization Objects 
404 W_KO_0110 S_ALR_87005643 Number Ranges, Document Flow 
405 W_KO_0410 S_ALR_87005610 Develop Enhancements For Conversions 
406 W_KO_0413 S_P6B_12000032 BAdI: WPUBON, Before Calling Inventory Management 
407 W_KO_0414 S_P6B_12000033 BAdI: WPUUMS, Before Calling Inventory Management 
408 W_KO_0415   BAdI: Credit Card Security 
409 W_KO_NF_0111 S_ALR_87008651 Create Condition Table 
410 W_KO_NF_0112 S_ALR_87008650 Change Condition Table 
411 W_KO_NF_0113 S_ALR_87008649 Display Condition Table 
412 W_KO_NF_0114 S_ALR_87008648 Access Sequence 
413 W_KO_NF_0115 S_ALR_87008655 Message Type 
414 W_KO_NF_0116 S_ALR_87008662 Message Schema 
415 W_KO_NF_0117 S_ALR_87008661 Assign Schema to Document Type 
416 W_KO_NF_0118 S_ALR_87008660 Assign Program/Form to Message Types 
417 W_KO_NF_0119 S_ALR_87008659 Requirements for Message Types 
418 W_KO_NF_0121 S_ALR_87008657 Message Type 
419 W_KO_NF_0122 S_ALR_87008656 Assign Program/Form to Message Types 
420 W_KO_NF_0211 S_ALR_87006081 Create Condition Table 
421 W_KO_NF_0212 S_ALR_87006076 Change Condition Table 
422 W_KO_NF_0213 S_ALR_87006097 Display Condition Table 
423 W_KO_NF_0214 S_ALR_87006118 Access Sequence 
424 W_KO_NF_0215 S_ALR_87006114 Message Type 
425 W_KO_NF_0216 S_ALR_87006110 Message Schema 
426 W_KO_NF_0217 S_ALR_87006105 Assign Schema to Document Type 
427 W_KO_NF_0218 S_ALR_87006101 Assign Program/Form to Message Types 
428 W_KO_NF_0219 S_ALR_87006085 Requirements for Message Types 
429 W_KO_NF_0221 S_ALR_87006121 Message Type 
430 W_KO_NF_0222 S_ALR_87006142 Assign Program/Form to Message Types 
431 W_KO_NF_0301 S_ALR_87008658 Number Ranges, Group Message 
432 W_MDS_0000 S_ALR_87005452 Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution 
433 W_MDS_0000_ADD S_ALN_01002126 Plant Profiles for Distribution with Stock Reduction 
434 W_MDS_0001 S_ALR_87005445 Distribution Profile of Material in DC 
435 W_MDS_0002 S_ALR_87005449 Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method 
436 W_MDS_0003 S_ALR_87005441 Movement Types for Distribution Orders 
437 W_MDS_0004 S_ALR_87099934 Supplementary Logistics Services: Maintain Service Profile 
438 W_MDS_0005 S_AL0_96000465 BAdI: Control for Creating Follow-On Documents in Merchandise Distribution 
439 W_MDS_0006 S_AL0_96000466 BAdI: Definition of Document Type for Collective Purchase Order 
440 W_MDS_0007 S_PEN_05000384 BAdI: Adjustment of PO Creation Messages for Collective Purchase Order 
441 W_MDS_0008 S_P7R_06000002 BAdI: Determination of SLS Relevance of Collective Purchase Order Items 
442 W_MDS_0009 S_PR0_40000217 Create Distribution System Profiles 
443 W_MDS_0010 S_PR0_40000218 Assign Distribution System Profiles to Warehouse Numbers 
444 W_OE_EG_WL_0101 S_ALR_87005968 Distribution Chain Control 
445 W_OE_EG_WL_0110 S_ALR_87007682 Transaction-Dependent Field Selection 
446 W_OE_EG_WL_0111 S_ALR_87007657 Import Plants 
447 W_OE_EG_WL_0112 S_ALR_87007653 Export Plants 
448 W_OE_EG_WL_0120 S_ALR_87007673 Define Copy Rule and Assign to Tables 
449 W_OE_EG_WL_0160 S_ALR_87007687 Blocking Reasons 
450 W_OE_EG_WL_0170 S_ALR_87007677 Plant Profiles 
451 W_OE_EG_WL_0172 S_ALR_87007671 Storage Location Determination 
452 W_OE_EG_WL_0173 S_ALR_87007696 Storage Locations for Materials 
453 W_OE_EG_WL_0175 S_ALR_87007692 Departments 
454 W_OE_EG_WL_0221 S_ALR_87007667 Create Plants 
455 W_OE_EG_WL_0224 S_ALR_87007664 Display Plants 
456 W_OE_EG_WL_0225 S_ALR_87007660 Change/Archive Plants 
457 W_OE_EG_WL_0226 S_ALR_87007701 Area Schema 
458 W_OE_EG_WL_0227 S_ALR_87007647 Integrated Maintenance, Layout 
459 W_OE_EG_WL_0228 S_ALR_87007650 Number Ranges, Layout 
460 W_OE_EG_WL_0330 S_ALR_87002188 Maintain Purchasing Area 
461 W_OE_ZG_WL_0310 S_ALR_87002183 Purchasing Area Determination 
462 W_POS_WF_0001 S_P99_41000193 Master data 
463 W_POS_WF_0002 S_P99_41000194 Store order 
464 W_POS_WF_0003 S_P99_41000195 Store physical inventory 
465 W_POS_WF_0004 S_P99_41000196 Store goods receipt (new workflow, as of Release 4.6A) 
466 W_POS_WF_0005 S_P99_41000197 Store goods receipt (old workflow, release independent) 
467 W_PPW_0001 S_XB4_60000021 Configure General Parameters 
468 W_PPW_0002 S_XB4_60000022 Edit Price Planning Type 
469 W_PPW_0003 S_XB4_60000023 Predefined Layouts for Lists 
470 W_PPW_0004 S_XB4_60000180 Define Hierarchy Levels for Tree Display of Worklist 
471 W_PPW_0005 S_XB4_60000210 Price Plan Number Ranges 
472 W_PPW_0006 S_AEN_10000627 Material Tree Profile 
473 W_PPW_0007 S_AEN_10000628 Markdown Proposal Tree Profile 
474 W_PPW_0008 S_AEN_10000629 Price Plan Tree Profile 
475 W_PPW_0009 S_AEN_10000630 Organization Set Tree Profile 
476 W_PPW_0010 S_P7R_06000001 Maintain Settings for Additional Budget Types 
477 W_PPW_0011 S_AEN_10000377 Change Assignment of User to Price Planner Group 
478 W_PPW_0012 S_AEN_10000378 Change Price Planner Groups 
479 W_PPW_BADI_0001 S_XB4_60000211 Define Description for Budgets in the Budget Monitor in the PPW 
480 W_PPW_BADI_0002 S_XB4_60000212 Define Node Texts in the Worklist in the Price Planning Workbench 
481 W_PPW_BADI_0003 S_XB4_60000213 Determine Related Markdown Proposals in the Price Planning Workbench 
482 W_PPW_BADI_0004 S_AEN_10000138 Enhance Selection Screens for the Worklist in the Price Planning Workbench 
483 W_PPW_BADI_0005 S_AEN_10000139 Define Rules for Price Plan Status when Releasing in the PPW 
484 W_PPW_BADI_0006 S_AEN_10000140 Adjust Connection of Sales Price Calculation to Price Planning Workbench 
485 W_PPW_BADI_0007 S_AEN_10000141 Additional Processing in the Worklist for Markdowns 
486 W_PPW_BADI_0008 S_AEN_10000142 Determine Related Markdown Proposals in the Worklist 
487 W_PPW_BADI_0009 S_AEN_10000213 Define Budget Status for Budgets in the Budget Monitor in the PPW 
488 W_PPW_BADI_0010 S_AEN_10000214 Determine Stock Data in the PPW and Subsequent Processing 
489 W_PPW_BADI_0011 S_AEN_10000623 Adjust Output of Log Messages in the Price Planning Workbench 
490 W_PPW_BADI_0012 S_AEN_10000624 Check Quality of POS Data Set for Budget Update 
491 W_PPW_BADI_0013 S_AEN_10000693 Determine POS Sales Data for Budget Update 
492 W_PRICAT_IN_0001 S_XB4_60000025 Define Additional Processing Statuses 
493 W_PRICAT_IN_0002 S_XB4_60000042 Convert Condition Types 
494 W_PRICAT_IN_0003 S_XB4_60000043 Define Purchase Price and Sales Price 
495 W_PRICAT_IN_0004 S_XB4_60000044 Control Purchase Price Updating 
496 W_PRICAT_IN_0005 S_XB4_60000045 Control Sales Price Updating 
497 W_PRICAT_IN_0006 S_XB4_60000046 Configure Online Processing 
498 W_PRICAT_IN_0007 S_XB4_60000047 Configure Automatic Adoption 
499 W_PRICAT_IN_0008 S_XB4_60000048 Configure Defaults and Storage Options at Client Level 
500 W_PRICAT_IN_0009 S_XB4_60000049 Configure Defaults and Storage Options at ILN Level