SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index T
IMG Activity - T
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 T S_KK4_82001110 rr 
2 T001_UMKRS S_EBJ_98000054 Make Time-Dep. Assignments Between Comp. Codes and Sales/Purchase Tax Grps 
3 T001_UMKRS_Z S_EBJ_98000053 Activate Time-Dependent Sales/Purchase Tax Groups 
4 T005_IT_UIC S_E4A_94000037 Maintain UIC Codes 
5 T005_UICREG_IT S_EBJ_45000051 Maintain UIC Codes 
6 T007BE S_PCO_36000444 Make Settings for Bills of Exchange 
7 T007L_IT S_EBJ_45000056 Group Tax Balances 
8 T036V S_ALR_87100202 Assignment of Planning Levels 
9 T042 S_ALR_87008972 Payable Special General Ledger Processes (Debit-Side) 
10 T056 S_ALR_87008508 Maintain Reference Interest Rates 
11 T093A_03_NEW S_EEI_69000065 Specify Transfer of APC Values 
12 T093A_04_NEW S_EEI_69000066 Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms 
13 T093A_CURTP_NEW S_EEI_69000068 Specify the Use of Parallel Currencies 
14 T093A_QUANTITY S_EEI_69000025 Define Depreciation Area for Quantity Update 
15 T093BSN_PV01 S_EEI_69000022 Prepare Asset Accounting (New) 
16 T093C_REVDMETH S_EEI_69000024 Define Revenue Distribution for Fixed Asset Retirement 
17 T093_00N_NEW S_EEI_69000032 Define Depreciation Areas 
18 T095_ACI S_EEI_69000156 Define Technical Clearing Account for Integrated Asset Acquisition 
19 T095_ACI_EX S_EEI_69000157 Define Different Technical Clearing Account for Required Field Control 
20 T175ESOA_DOC_C S_E4A_94000287 Activate Document Transfer 
21 T175ESOA_TRIG_C S_E4A_94000285 Activate Outbound Messages through qRFC 
22 T511K S_PAD_19000055 Maintain Constants for Home Leave Cycle 
23 T511K_UNEGD S_PAD_19000122 Maintain EG Recovery Date 
24 T511P S_PAD_19000056 Maintain Amounts for Home Leave Cycle 
25 T54C5 S_PAD_19000079 Maintain Date Identifier 
26 T76MGE_OLSEQ S_PLN_16000249 Define Sequence for Offer Sheets 
27 T77TIM_AQGRP S_HRI_55000006 Define Absence Quota Groups 
28 T7PBSWB3A S_PL0_09000216 dfaf 
29 T7UNOM_P_TITLE S_PAD_19000014 Define Position Titles 
30 T7UNPAD_ACTIONS S_PAD_19000024 Functions of PA Actions within OM 
31 T7UNPAD_AWART S_PAD_19000084 Maintain Attributes For Attendance/Absence Types 
32 T7UNPAD_IDNRPOOL S_PAD_19000028 Create an Index Number 
33 T7UNPAD_QT_KTART S_PAD_19000081 Maintain Time Quota Attributes 
34 T7UNPAD_RULESSER S_PAD_19000025 Create Rule Series ID 
35 T7UNPAD_RULES_CT S_PAD_19000026 Assign Rule Series to Contract Type 
36 T7UNPAD_STATUS16 S_PAD_19000027 Define Rules Series 
37 T7UN_ATTRIBS S_PAD_19000101 Set Default Duration of School Year 
38 TABWACFMENUORFAVOR21 S_EEI_69000161 Retirements: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
39 TABWACFMENUORFAVOR31 S_EEI_69000163 Transfers: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
40 TABWACFMENUORFAVOR71 S_EEI_69000167 Manual Value Corrections: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
41 TABWA_BEWEG_AUFW S_EEI_69000169 Revaluations: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
42 TABWA_BEWEG_AUSSER S_EEI_69000152 Unplanned Depreciation: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
43 TABWA_BEWEG_RUECK S_EEI_69000154 Transfer of Reserves: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
44 TABWA_BEW_NACH S_EEI_69000165 Post-Capitalizations: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
45 TABWA_VORG_ZUG S_EEI_69000159 Acquisitions: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
46 TACE_FUNC_MOD S_XB7_96000065 Develop Function Modules for Accrual Methods 
47 TAIWAN_003 S_P9C_18000021 Assign Business Places to Sales Offices 
48 TAIWAN_005 S_P9C_18000024 Maintain Document Classes 
49 TAIWAN_006 S_P9C_18000025 Assign Document Class to Document Type 
50 TAIWAN_007 S_P9C_18000052 Assign Number Ranges to Business Places 
51 TAIWAN_008 S_P9C_18000046 Maintain Number Groups 
52 TAIWAN_009 S_P9C_18000047 Maintain Number Ranges 
53 TAXCD_REPR_IT S_EBJ_45000049 Maintain Details of Tax Code Representative 
54 TAXROLERO S_AEC_66000424 View Tax Roles 
55 TAXTYPEMAP S_AEC_66000489 Tax Type 
56 TAXTYPE_CONDTYP S_AEC_66000446 Assign Tax Rate Condition Type to Tax Type 
57 TAX_CA_CE_001 S_PLN_16000275 Assign Concurrent Employment Grouping Values to Registration Numbers 
58 TAX_US_CE_CP001 S_PLN_16000276 Define Common Paymaster Acknowledgement for States 
59 TAX_US_CE_CP002 S_PLN_16000286 Define Common Paymaster Relationships 
60 TAX_US_CE_CP002A S_PLN_16000300 Modify Schema UNNC for Common Paymaster Posting 
61 TAX_US_CE_CP003 S_PLN_16000287 Map Posting Wage Types to Common Paymaster 
62 TA_INDEXGEN S_B17_86000036 Generating Text Analysis Index 
63 TA_SENTIMENTASSIGN S_B17_86000037 Assigning Sentiment to Entity 
64 TBACN_NO S_EB5_05000025 Define Sequence Number for Telepay Format 
65 TBACV_MIC_HANDPL S_EBJ_98000211 Assign Exchanges to Market Identifier Codes 
66 TBAV_BADI_PER S_BRK_62000010 Specify LME-Specific Period Determinations 
67 TBAV_BADI_PER_FW S_P4S_79000018 Specify Period Determination for Commodity Forward Index 
68 TBAV_MIC S_BRK_62000007 Specify Market Identifier Codes 
69 TBAV_PDEF_ID S_BRK_62000004 Specify Period Determination Methods 
70 TBAV_PHYSCOMM S_BRK_62000002 Specify Physical Commodities 
71 TBAV_PHYSC_GRP S_BRK_62000006 Specify Physical Commodity Groups 
72 TBAV_SDEF_ID S_BRK_62000008 Specify Security ID Determination Methods 
73 TBAV_TENOR S_BRK_62000009 Specify Times to Maturity 
74 TBL6 S_KFM_86000278 Delete Utilizations 
75 TBL7 S_KFM_86000279 Delete Data for Limit Types 
76 TBL8 S_KFM_86000280 Delete STC Logs 
77 TBLT04 S_KFM_86000277 Delete Analysis Characteristics 
78 TBZ16 S_KFM_86000200 Incoming Confirmations: Agent Assignment 
79 TBZ17 S_AEN_10000099 Assign SWIFT Code Business Partner 
80 TCCERT S_ABA_72000138 Enter Titles for Parameter Maintenance 
81 TCMS_INS_OSYS S_AEN_10000774 Define Identifications for Applications Linking to CM Insurance 
82 TCM_CUS_APPL S_KA5_12000826 Set Block Size for Explosion 
83 TCM_V_AMOUNT_RC S_EB5_05000639 Define Role Codes (Amount) 
84 TCM_V_COND_MAP S_EB5_05000638 Assign Condition Types 
85 TCM_V_CRD_MAP S_EBS_44000501 Assign Credit Segment to Credit Control Area 
86 TCM_V_CURR_RC S_EB5_05000640 Define Role Codes (Currency) 
87 TCM_V_PUR_MAP S_EB5_05000636 Assign Organizational Units for Purchasing 
88 TCM_V_SLS_MAP S_EB5_05000637 Assign Organizational Units for Sales and Distribution 
89 TCM_V_SLS_MAP_BR S_EBJ_98000307 Assign TM Sales Organizational Unit to Plant in Brazil 
90 TCM_V_SLS_RC_MAP S_EBS_44000466 Assign SAP TM Credit Memo Reason Code to Order Reason Code 
91 TCM_V_TCCAT S_EB5_05000641 Define Category Codes 
92 TCM_V_TCD_MAP S_EBS_44000599 Assign TM Sales Org. Unit to Internal Order/Cost Center 
93 TCM_V_TCD_PURMAP S_EBS_44000601 Assign TM Purchase Org. Unit to Internal Order/Cost Center 
94 TCM_V_TCET S_EB5_05000643 Define Charge Types 
95 TCM_V_TCSCAT S_EB5_05000642 Define Subcategory Codes 
96 TCM_V_TC_CST_DIS S_EBS_44000602 Assign SAP TM Charge Types to SAP ERP Condition Types 
97 TCM_V_TC_INTR_CE S_EBS_44000600 Assign Transportation Charges to Cost Elements 
98 TCM_V_TC_SRV_MAP S_EB5_05000635 Assign Service Master Record and Account Assignment Category 
99 TCOSERNRCHECK S_EBS_44000094 Check Serial Numbers in MES Production Orders 
100 TCUDB_PROCESS S_PL0_86000014 Define Entry for Manual Process Steps 
101 TCUST_NATURE_IT S_EBJ_45000048 Define Customer as Natural Person 
102 TDG93 S_XD9_88000040 Assign Text Pattern Profile to Output Types 
103 TDG95 S_PRN_53000207 Specify Level of Dangerous Goods Packaging 
104 TDHC03_DELCOM_TRANG1 S_SR9_69000025 Deletion Using the Target Ranges 
105 TDHC0_CUSTMCLSTDEF1 S_SR9_69000026 Define Non-Payroll Clusters 
106 TDHC0_CUSTM_CPARAMS1 S_SR9_69000023 Define Table Transfer Groups 
107 TDHC0_CUSTM_CPARDEF1 S_SR9_69000022 Define Tables for Table Transfer Groups 
108 TDHC0_CUSTM_EXCLUD1 S_SR9_69000030 Exclude Objects from Data Transfer 
109 TDHC0_CUSTM_GMOLGA1 S_SR9_69000028 Define Country for Tables Relevant for Data Transfer 
110 TDHC0_CUSTM_GTDHC1 S_SR9_69000024 Exclude Organizational Groups from Data Transfer 
111 TDHC0_CUSTM_SWITCH1 S_SR9_69000027 Set Technical Switches 
112 TDHC0_CUSTM_TARGETS1 S_SR9_69000029 Define Target Ranges for Users 
113 TDHC0_CUSTM_TDHC2 S_SR9_69000015 Exclude Organizational Groups from Data Transfer 
114 TDHC0_CUSTM_TR_TAB1 S_SR9_69000021 Set Table Transfer Status 
115 TDHC0_DEFINE_SELID1 S_SR9_69000017 Assign Objects to a Selection ID 
116 TDHC0_DEFINE_SEL_ID1 S_SR9_69000016 Assign Objects to a Selection ID 
117 TDHC0_UTILTEST_CAUT1 S_SR9_69000018 View Authorizations for Data Selection 
118 TDHC0_UTIL_MSCRAMB1 S_SR9_69000019 View Tables Required to be Scrambled 
119 TDHC12_UTILAUT_PAPD1 S_SR9_69000020 View Authorizations for Personnal Administration / Development Data 
120 TDIOA_NOPOSTCALC S_XEN_65000073 Define Old Interest on Arrears Flow Types Without Recalculation 
121 TDLOS_CONTROL S_AEN_10000832 Determine Control Parameters for Loan Origination 
122 TDLOS_DISCHANNEL S_AEN_10000841 Assign Sales Channels 
123 TDLOS_FEE_CODE S_PEN_05000404 Define Charge Condition Types and Insurance Key 
124 TDLOS_INS_BP S_PEN_05000310 Assign Business Partner Data 
125 TDLOS_MAP_COND S_AEN_10000839 Assign Conditions 
126 TDLOS_MAP_PAYF S_PEN_05000388 Assign Payment Methods 
127 TDLOS_MAP_TARIF S_AEN_10000840 Assign Insurance Rates 
128 TDLOS_ORIGINATOR S_AEN_10000834 Define Loan Originator 
129 TDLOS_PURPOSE S_XEN_65000085 Assign Loan Purpose 
130 TD_AGAC S_EBJ_98000276 Assign Asset Groups to Asset Classes 
131 TD_AGTL S_EBJ_98000277 Specify Asset Group Totals 
132 TD_ASGR S_EBJ_98000275 Set Up Asset Groups for Tax Depreciation 
133 TD_O4L8 S_P7I_60000022 Selection Variants for Shipment Cost List and Worklist 
134 TEC_CHECKING S_AEC_66000364 Define Checks 
135 TEC_CHECK_LEVEL S_AEC_66000363 Define Check Level 
136 TEC_PRICING_ELEMENT S_AEC_66000362 Define Pricing Element 
137 TEC_PROCMODE S_AEC_66000367 Define Process Mode 
138 TEC_SYSTEM S_AEC_66000365 Define Calling System Identifier 
139 TEC_TRACEMODE S_AEC_66000366 Define Trace Mode 
140 TEC_TRACESTATUS S_AEC_66000368 Define Trace Status 
141 TEILNEHMENDE_WAEHRNG S_ALR_87007801 Define Participating Currencies for Euro Changeover 
142 TELEFAXOPTIONEN_DE S_ALR_87007371 Define Fax Options (Spool) 
143 TELEFAXOPTIONEN_FX S_ALR_87007800 Define Fax Options (Spool) 
144 TELEFAXOPTIONEN_GH S_ALR_87007802 Define Fax Options (Spool) 
145 TELEFAXOPTIONEN_WP S_ALR_87100109 Define Fax Options (Spool) 
146 TEMV_RAWEXP_PROC S_P7F_76000016 Maintain Release Setting for Raw Exposures 
147 TEM_ATTRIBUTE S_AEN_10000991 Maintain Headings, Values and Texts for Attributes 
148 TEM_PERIODE S_AEN_10000986 Maintain Period for Exposure Management 
149 TEM_PROFIL S_AEN_10000985 Maintain Types for Exposure Planning Profile 
150 TERV_FT_ASSGN S_KFM_86000102 Assign Update Types to the Rights Category 
151 TEST S_P99_41000014  
152 TEST 1 S_PL0_09000280 Test Ram 
153 TEST RAM S_PL0_09000281 Test Ram 
154 TEST01 S_L4H_49001414 Create Cancellation Action 
155 TEST02 S_L4H_49001415 Link Dimona Infotype to Actions 
156 TESTAM S_AEC_66000417 testam 
157 TESTIMG S_P99_41000015  
158 TESTMARIE S_BT6_28000061 TEST 
159 TESTXYZ S_SA5_06000005 test for demo 
160 TEST_OPERATION S_L4H_49001326 test 
161 TEST_WS_TRTM1 S_P99_41000167  
162 TEXT-ID-ALLG_GP S_ALR_87009514 Define General Text ID 
163 TEXT-ID-ROLLE-Z_GP S_ALR_87009516 Assign Text ID to Roles 
164 TEXT-ID-ROLLEN_GP S_ALR_87009515 Define Text ID for Roles 
165 TEXTBAUSTEINE_KOP S_ALR_87004298 Mass Maintenance: Letter - Text Module Relationship 
166 TEXTLESER S_PLN_16000348 Generate Text Reader 
167 TFAAC_ACI_DT_1 S_EE7_91000003 Specify Alternative Document Type for Ledger-Group-Specific Documents 
168 TFAAC_ACI_DT_2 S_EE7_91000004 Define Separate Document Types by Company Code 
169 TFIEH_GF_003 S_XB7_96000093 Role Resolution 
170 TFILA_ACCRULE S_XB7_96000092 Create Acounting Principles Relevant for Pricing 
171 TFILA_GF_000 S_XB7_96000090 Assign Processes from External Systems 
172 TFILA_GF_001MC S_PLN_06000384 Integrate Customer Processing Methods in Subprocesses 
173 TFILA_GF_007 S_XB7_96000014 Transfer Values from Condition Types 
174 TFILA_GF_020S S_E4E_66000028 Assign Value IDs for Determining Residual Value 
175 TFILA_GF_020T S_E4E_66000029 Fill New Residual Values in Conditions 
176 TFILA_GF_021 S_E4E_66000022 Restrict Number of Active Processes 
177 TFILA_GF_100 S_XB7_96000068 Define Derivation Strategies for Validation/Substitution/Classification 
178 TFILA_LC_003 S_XB7_96000087 Assign Parameters to Value IDs 
179 TFILA_LC_TEST S_XB7_96000022 Specify Validation Rules 
180 TFILA_LDB_000 S_XB7_96000133 Assign Value IDs to Fields of Logical Database 
181 TFILA_LDB_001 S_XB7_96000134 Enhance Node Structure of Logical Database 
182 TFILA_RE_CAT_C S_AEN_10000956 Assign Sales Tax Flag and Clearing Account to Refi. Categ. 
183 TFILA_RE_CHGPR S_AEN_10000958 Assign Refinancing Categ. and Change Process to Cluster Type 
184 TFILA_RE_EVENT S_AEN_10000959 Assign Refinancing Category and Process Type to Processes 
185 TFILA_RE_RFF S_AEN_10000960 Mapping for Payment Schedule Forfaiting 
186 TFILA_RE_VAL S_AEN_10000962 Assign Refinancing Category and Value Identifier 
187 TFKCVS_CODE S_KK4_74002671 Define Payment Collector Codes for Payment Lots 
188 TFKCVS_ELOC S_KK4_74002670 Define External Payment Collectors 
189 TFW_CLEANUP_DB S_YI3_39000163 Clean-up Social Metadata Tables 
190 TFW_DISTRIBUTE S_PAB_09000020 Distribution of Changes to (Mini-)Templates 
191 TFW_KEYMAP_GEN S_YI3_39000164 Generate Key-Map Table for Social Metadata 
192 TFW_METADATA_OPS S_YI3_39000165 Maintain Social-Metadata for Business Objects: Introduction 
193 TFW_MINITP S_PAB_09000019 Template Framework Mini-Template Usages 
194 TFW_MINITP_DEL_CHECK S_PAB_09000021 Check: Is Mini-Template Used in Other Tables 
195 TFW_RATING_ID S_YI3_39000162 Maintain Categories for Ratings 
196 TFW_READ S_PAB_09000022 Read Access via the Template Framework 
197 TFW_SHOW_WHERE_USED S_PAB_09000023 Output: Where-Used List for Mini-Templates and Templates 
198 TFW_TAGGING_ID S_YI3_39000161 Maintain Attributes for Tags 
199 TFW_TEMPLATE S_PAB_09000024 Template Framework Template Usages 
200 TFW_TEMPLATE_UPDATE S_PAB_09000025 Registration of Changes to (Mini-) Templates 
201 TFW_TP01_DEL_CHECK S_PAB_09000026 Check: Can Mini-Template to Template Assignment Be Deleted 
202 TGCD_REPORTER S_EBJ_98000079 Define Global Common Data (GCD) Reporter 
203 TGCD_VER S_EBJ_98000081 Define Global Common Data (GCD) Revisions 
204 TGCD_XBRL S_EBJ_98000080 Define Global Common Data (GCD) Versions 
205 THMHRT_HR_FLAGS S_ALN_01000405 Settings for automatic creation of Hedge Management data 
206 THMHRV_HR_STR S_KFM_86000180 Define Hedge Strategies 
207 THMV_ASS_TYPES S_KFM_86000179 Define Assessment Types 
208 THMV_CALC_TYPES S_KFM_86000178 Define Calculation Types 
209 THMV_HEDGE_PROC S_KFM_86000218 Valuation Area-Dependent Settings for Hedge Management 
210 THM_COCO_SETTING S_KFM_86000228 Assign Hedge Number Ranges to a Company Code 
211 THM_COCO_SETTING1 S_KFM_86000230 Assign Hedging Relationship Number Ranges to a Company Code 
212 THM_FR_TRAININGHISTR S_L4H_49002771 Settings for the Training History report 
213 THM_NR_HEDGE S_KFM_86000227 Define Number Ranges for Hedges 
214 THM_NR_HR S_KFM_86000229 Define Number Ranges for Hedging Relationships 
215 THM_PLAN S_ALN_01001013 Define Number Ranges for Hedge Plans 
216 THM_RISIKO S_AEN_10000885 Settings for Transfer of Risk Objects 
217 THM_TRANS S_ALN_01001014 Define Number Ranges for Transactions 
218 TICL007_AUTH S_KK4_08000245 Select Payments for Approval by Random Authorizer 
219 TIDX_PRICE_INDEX S_KFM_86000133 Define Price Index 
220 TIDX_VC_INDEX2 S_KFM_86000063 Edit Price Index 
221 TIDX_V_PRC_VALUE S_KFM_86000134 Enter Price Index Values 
222 TIMEDEPINTEREST S_PLN_62000001 Edit Time-Dependent Interest Rates 
223 TIMEFRAME_YEARS S_GF1_13000157 Maintain Timeframe Years 
224 TIM_00_CE_001 S_ALN_01001122 Create Business Subjects 
225 TIM_00_CE_002 S_ALN_01001123 Assign Business Subjects to Grouping Reasons 
226 TIM_00_CE_003 S_ALN_01001124 Assign Output Data to Business Subjects 
227 TIM_00_CE_004 S_ALN_01001125 Group Personnel Assignments Using the TIRUG Feature 
228 TIM_00_CE_005 S_ALN_01001126 Create Business Rules 
229 TIM_00_CE_006 S_ALN_01001127 Determine Use of Business Subjects 
230 TIM_00_CE_007 S_ALN_01001128 Assign Steps to Business Rules 
231 TIM_00_CE_008 S_ALN_01001129 Create Distribution Methods 
232 TIM_00_CE_009 S_ALN_01001130 Assign Distribution Methods to Steps of Business Rules 
233 TIM_00_CE_010 S_PLN_16000081 BAdI: Distribute Time Evaluation Data over Personnel Assignments 
234 TIM_00_CE_020 S_PLN_16000157 Synchronize Earliest Recalculation Dates 
235 TIM_00_CE_021 S_PLN_16000158 Set Up Time Evaluation for Concurrent Employment 
236 TIM_00_CE_022 S_PLN_16000159 Specify Date for Test Start and Production Startup of Time WT Selection 
237 TIM_00_CE_023 S_PLN_16000160 Create Background Processing for RPTIME01 
238 TIM_00_CE_030 S_PLN_16000303 Check Time Wage Type Selection Rules 
239 TIM_00_CE_031 S_PLN_16000294 Check Time Types, Message Types, and Attendance Quota Types 
240 TIM_00_CE_032 S_PLN_16000295 Check Selection Rules for Absence Quota Types 
241 TIM_00_CE_033 S_PLN_16000296 Check Limits for Balance Formation 
242 TIM_00_CE_034 S_PLN_16000302 Check Determination of Groupings 
243 TIM_HRFORMS_001 S_PLN_06000369 Set Up the Time Statement Form Using the HR Forms Workplace 
244 TIUD_MAN_FIELD S_EB5_05000263 Define Valid Entries for Manually Created IUID Messages 
245 TIUID_MAN_MSG S_EB5_05000091 Configure IUID Messages 
246 TIUID_REG_COM S_E4A_94000163 Define Movement Types for Registry Communication 
247 TIV09 S_P00_07000009 Set Status for Interested Party Management Processes 
248 TIV9J S_P99_41000223 Accounts for POR Postings 
249 TIVAR09 S_P00_07000010 Set Status for Interested Party Management Processes 
250 TIVAR10 S_P00_07000011 Relationship Status Rental Request-Offer Object 
251 TIVBE44 S_ACR_23000046 Bagatellprüfungen 
252 TIVBECTYP S_ACR_23000041 Typ des Berichtigungsobjektes, Eigenschaften 
253 TIVC6 S_ACR_23000042 Kontenfindungswerte 
254 TIVXCJPCDSET S_PRN_53000018 Define Kanji and Katakana Name Locations 
255 TIVXCJPMEASTYPE S_PRN_53000019 Assign Measurement Types to Measurement References 
256 TIVXCJPTAXOFFICE S_PRN_53000017 Define Settings for Tax Office 
257 TIVXCNLSUBSICAT S_EE5_50000110 Define Subsidy Categories 
258 TIVXCNLSUBSICOND S_EE5_50000109 Define Subsidizable Condition Types 
259 TJADDISSUE S_KK4_82001388 Strategy for Additional Issues 
260 TJCHECKISSUE S_KK4_82001389 Define Check Module 
261 TJCICISP S_KK4_82001398 Define Toolbar Functions 
262 TJCICISP02 S_KK4_82001444 Central CIC Settings for Contracts 
263 TJCICISPPROFILE S_KK4_82001399 Define Profile for SD Contract Overview 
264 TJC_002 S_PAB_37000002 Define RFC Destination for Tax Software 
265 TJC_003 S_PAB_37000003 Assign RFC Destination to Country 
266 TJC_004 S_PAB_37000004 Define Indicator 
267 TJC_005 S_PAB_37000005 Assign Function Module to Indicator 
268 TJC_007 S_PAB_37000007 Assign Tax Jurisdictions to Regions 
269 TJC_008 S_PAB_37000008 Assign Tax Jurisdictions to Individual Postal Codes 
270 TJGETNUMADDISS S_KK4_82001391 Define Number Module 
271 TJHGRSALESAREA S_SK4_53000005 Define Sales Area Group 
272 TJKSDFORECAST S_KK4_82001541 IS-M: Activate Use of Planning Areas 
273 TJKSDGENGROUP S_XNI_68000213 Generation Group 
274 TJKSDRULE S_KK4_82001535 Copy of Reference Issues 
275 TJKSDVRULE S_KK4_82001544 Rule for Determining Reference Issues Automatically 
276 TJKSDVSUSPENDPOS S_ANI_68000184 Suspension Reasons 
277 TJKSECONTR S_KK4_82001480 Define Contract Type for Contracts to Be Created from Order Items 
278 TJKSEINTERRUPT S_ANI_68000183 Suspension Reasons 
279 TJKSEODERCANCEL S_XNI_68000222 Technical Settings for Order Deletion 
280 TJKSEORDERGEN S_XNI_68000221 Technical Settings for Order Generation 
281 TJKSESUB S_KK4_82001479 Define Subscription Items in Orders 
282 TJNEXTISSUE S_KK4_82001393 Strategy for Determining Next Issue 
283 TJPROCESS S_KK4_82001392 Strategy for Processes of Your Choice 
284 TJPROCESSDEF S_KK4_82001395 Define Modules for Additional Processes 
285 TJSEARCHADDISS S_KK4_82001394 Define Determination Modules for Additional Issues 
286 TJSEARCHNEXTISS S_KK4_82001412 Define Determination Modules for Next Issue 
287 TJSECENTRAL S_KK4_82001396 Central Copying Control for Order Generation 
288 TJSEORDER01 S_KK4_82001468 Modules for Determining Order Type 
289 TJSEORDER02 S_KK4_82001469 Access Sequence for Determining Order Type 
290 TJSEORDERDEST S_KK4_82001397 Copying Control for Each Contract Type/Order Type 
291 TJVJKSDSUSPAUART S_ANI_68000185 Suspension Reasons - Allowed Order Types 
292 TJYCIC_MAM_OLST S_KK4_82000473 Make Settings for M/AM Order Overview Component 
293 TJYCIC_MSD_OLST S_KK4_82000469 Define Settings for the M/SD Order Overview Component 
294 TKMV_FT_ASSGN S_KFM_86000161 Assign Update Types to the Corporate Action Categories 
295 TLR6 S_KFM_86000281 Delete Reservations 
296 TMBR_V_CST_DIS S_EBJ_98000334 Assign MM Tax Condition Types to Condition Types in AB Documents 
297 TMBR_V_SHIP_MAP S_EBJ_98000308 Assign TM Shipper to ERP Vendor 
298 TM_REFERENZNUMMER S_PLN_06000344 Define Number Ranges for Reference Numbers 
299 TN15G S_KK4_74000237 Define Employee Types 
300 TNM_V_T77TNM_S0 S_L4H_49001692 Define settings for TNM transactions 
301 TOADD_FOR_RM S_BCE_68002015 Register Document Formats 
302 TOOLBAR_ACL S_KA5_12001394 Add-In: Addition/Removal of Toolbar Function 
303 TOOLBAR_FUNC_OHFW S_KA5_12001413 Add-In: Define Toolbar Function Processing 
304 TP48RESIDENZZEIT S_ABA_72000247 Define Residence Time for Business Partner To Be Archived 
305 TP49 S_S7B_68000020 Assign UI Connection to Application 
306 TPM14 S_KFM_86000216 Assign Update Types for Valuation Class Transfer 
307 TPM32 S_KFM_86000181 Define Account Assignment Reference Determination (OTC Transactions) 
308 TPM33 S_ALN_01002151 Overview List of Update Types and Assigned G/L Accounts 
309 TPM52 S_PL7_36000034 Assign Update Type for Local Currency Reconciliation 
310 TPM70 S_P7F_76000004 Determine Impairment Procedure 
311 TPM_ACCIF_TRAC S_PLN_62000802 Enhancements in the Posting Interface 
312 TPM_EXT S_PLN_62000796 Customer Payment Programs 
313 TPM_MIGRATION S_PL7_36000006 Conversion Programs 
314 TPM_PAYREQIF_TRPR S_PLN_62000801 Enhancements for Generating Payment Requests 
315 TPM_POS_IND_TRAC S_ALN_01002315 Suppress Acct Assignment Ref. Allocation in Subledger Position Indicator 
316 TPM_POS_IND_TRL S_ALN_01002316 Suppress Subledger Position Indicator 
317 TPM_POS_IND_TRS S_ALN_01002317 Suppress Securities Account Position Indicator 
318 TPS_MRP_AREA_PSP S_E38_98000045 Determine WBS Account Assignment at MRP Area Level 
319 TRACV_ADDACCDATA S_ALN_01002143 Allocate Additional Account Assignments to Account Assignment References 
320 TRACV_DFT_REL S_ALN_01002145 Indicate Update Types as Relevant to Posting 
321 TRACV_GROUP S_ALN_01002152 Define Groupings 
322 TRACV_POST_REL S_P7F_76000054 Exclude Product Types from Posting 
323 TRANSZUKORRESPONDENZ S_ALR_87004098 Assign Function/Program to Correspondence Activities 
324 TRATV_DFTASS S_KFM_86000197 Assign Update Types for Account Assignment Reference Transfer 
325 TRCM_BA S_ALR_87007497 Bank Accounting 
326 TRCM_BERAUSWAHL S_ALR_87007403 Structure Report Selection 
327 TRDE_BEWBEW S_ALR_87007421 Assign Valuation Flows To Transaction Type 
328 TRDE_ZAHLUNGSAVISE S_ALR_87007399 OTC Derivative: Define Payment Advice Notes 
329 TREB_CUST_MAP_IM S_EX1_23000034 Billing Document Determination: Customer-Specific Mapping 
330 TREB_DEF_MAP_IM S_EX1_23000033 Billing Document Determination: Standard Mapping 
331 TREX S_BCE_68001819 Text Retrieval & Information Extraction 
332 TRFC_MRG_FT S_KFM_86000116 Assign Update Types for Margin Management per Product Type 
333 TRFDUE_CONDITIONS S_ALR_87007955 General Conditions 
334 TRFDUE_FU88 S_ALR_87007876 Define Additional Output Fields 
335 TRFDUE_JBIUDA1 S_ALR_87007957 Loans Master Data and Conditions 
336 TRFDUE_JBIUDAB S_ALR_87007958 Loans Flow Data 
337 TRFDUE_JBMU S_ALR_87007865 Check Required/Optional Control 
338 TRFDUE_KCLL S_ALR_87007870 Define Sender Structure 
339 TRFDUE_OBJEKTE S_ALR_87007951 Create Objects from File 
340 TRFDUE_OKCG S_ALR_87007873 Define Transmission Rules 
341 TRFDUE_SICHERHEITEN S_ALR_87007949 Create Collateral from File 
342 TRFDUE_VORGEHEN S_ALR_87007952 General Procedure 
343 TRFM_BELEGART_VERPOS S_ALR_87009571 Assign Document Type and Allocation Items 
344 TRFV_PM_FT S_KFM_86000115 Specify Update Types for Futures Account Management 
345 TRFX_BEWBEW S_ALR_87007847 Assign Valuation Flows to Transaction Type 
346 TRFX_ZAHLUNGSAVISE S_ALR_87007836 Forex: Define Payment Advice Notes 
347 TRGCV_CVC_GR1 S_ALN_01002337 Assign General Valuation Classes to Groups 
348 TRGC_MIGR1 S_ALN_01002319 Set Migration Type and Assign to Customizing Request 
349 TRGC_MIGR2 S_ALN_01002320 Specify Key Date for Conversion 
350 TRGC_MIGR3 S_ALN_01002321 Determine Number Intervals for Position Management Procedure 
351 TRGFMD_WF S_ALR_87007936 Activate Workflow for Error Messages and Logs 
352 TRGT_SECACCGRP S_KFM_86000127 Define Securites Account Groups 
353 TRGV_AMORT_PROC S_KFM_86000031 Define Amortization Procedure 
354 TRGV_AM_PROC S_KFM_86000170 Define Amortization Procedure 
355 TRGV_DER_ONLINE S_KFM_86000064 Control of Processing of Derived Business Transactions 
356 TRGV_DFTSOURCASS S_KFM_86000196 Assign Update Types to Usages 
357 TRGV_FE_PROC S_KFM_86000173 Define Foreign Currency Valuation Procedure 
358 TRGV_FXRATE_PROC S_KFM_86000174 Define Price Valuation Procedure for Forward Exchange Transactions 
359 TRGV_IMP_PROC S_ALN_01001967 Define Impairment Procedure 
360 TRGV_PRICE_PROC S_KFM_86000171 Define One-Step Price Valuation Procedure 
361 TRGV_TITLE_PROC S_KFM_86000172 Define Security Valuation Procedure 
362 TRLCUSTOMIZING_CHECK S_ALN_01000600 Check Customizing Settings 
363 TRLIVC_AD S_ALN_01001545 Assign Update Types for Accrual/Deferral (Securities) 
364 TRLO_KORRES_TEXTIDS S_ALR_87008974 Define Text IDs 
365 TRLO_KORRES_VERWTBST S_ALR_87008975 Where-Used for Text Modules 
366 TRLO_USEREXIT_14_BEZ S_ALR_87009235 Define Name for Function Key for User Exit 14 
367 TRLO_USER_EXIT_14 S_ALR_87009234 Define Name for Function Key for User Exit 14 
368 TRL_PC_INIT S_KP6_83000022 Product Groups/Categories/Types to Be Excluded 
369 TRM1 S_ALR_87007418 Create Report 
370 TRM2 S_ALR_87007453 Change Report 
371 TRM4 S_ALR_87007445 Create Form 
372 TRM5 S_ALR_87007441 Change Form 
373 TRMG S_ALR_87007387 Maintain Characteristic Groups 
374 TRMK S_ALR_87007400 Maintain Key Figures 
375 TRMM_BEWBEW S_ALR_87007853 Assign Valuation Flows to Transaction Type 
376 TRMM_ZAHLUNGSAVISE S_ALR_87007842 Money Market: Define Payment Advice Notes 
377 TRMO S_ALR_87007479 Transport Report 
378 TRMP S_ALR_87007434 Transport Form 
379 TRMQ S_ALR_87007465 Import Report from Client 000 
380 TRMR S_ALR_87007423 Import Form from Client 000 
381 TRMT S_ALR_87007370 Translate Report/Form 
382 TRMV S_ALR_87007318 Maintain Global Variable 
383 TRMW S_ALR_87007405 Maintain Customer-Specific Currency Translation Types 
384 TRMX S_ALR_87007473 Reorganize Report 
385 TRMY S_ALR_87007365 Reorganize Report Data 
386 TRMZ S_ALR_87007428 Reorganize Form 
387 TRQCV_POS_IND S_KFM_86000103 Assign Consumption Sequence Procedure 
388 TRSC_RECON_PRT S_KFM_86000054 Define Position Classification for External Securities Account Statements 
389 TRSC_RECON_RD S_KFM_86000055 Define Position Name for External Securities Account Statements 
390 TRSC_RECON_STA S_KFM_86000056 Define Status for External Securities Account Statements 
391 TRSC_ROUND_RULE S_KFM_86000101 Define Rounding Rules 
392 TRSV_ACCINT S_KFM_86000112 Assign Update Types for Accrued Interest Calc. for each Condition Group 
393 TRSV_CONDITION S_ALN_01001965 Assign Update Types to Condition Types 
394 TRSV_DFLOWTYPE S_KFM_86000111 Specify Update Types for Securities Account Management 
395 TRSV_DFTYPE_NC S_KFM_86000113 Assign Update Types for Nominal Adjustment 
396 TRSV_DFTYPE_SD S_KFM_86000215 Assign Update Types to the Functions of Security Account Management 
397 TRSV_SECACCTRANS S_KFM_86000114 Assign Update Types for Securities Account Transfer 
398 TRTM-ERTRAG S_ALN_01000610 Revenue Classification 
399 TRTM-OBJEKT S_ALR_87007460 Create TRTM-Specific Authorization Objects 
400 TRTMGESCHFELDAUSWAHL S_ALR_87099789 Define Field Selection 
401 TRTMGF_RELEASE S_ALR_87007946 Define Release Procedure 
402 TRTMJOBS_DATAFEED S_ALR_87007961 Schedule Jobs 
403 TRTMZAHLUNGSRELEVANZ S_PLN_06000309 Definition of the Payment Relevance of an Update Type 
404 TRTM_BEWARTZUORDBEW S_P99_41000404 Assign Additional Flow Types for Valuation 
405 TRTM_BEWEINSTBEWZU S_ALR_87100646 Assign Flow Types for One-Step Valuation 
406 TRTM_CORR_PRUEFEN S_ALR_87099703 Check 
407 TRTM_CORR_PRUEFEN_DE S_ALR_87099707 Check 
408 TRTM_CORR_PRUEFEN_FX S_ALR_87099709 Check 
409 TRTM_CORR_PRUEFEN_SE S_ALR_87099711 Check 
410 TRTM_RELEASE_WF_DEF S_ALR_87007942 Adjust/Copy Workflow Template 
411 TRTM_TBSCOPY S_KFM_86000201 Copy Standard Texts 
412 TRTM_TBSTRAN S_KFM_86000202 Transport Standard Texts 
413 TR_001 S_PL0_09000287 Specify SAPscript Form 
414 TR_ACCOUNTING_KREISE S_KP6_83000002 Define Accounting Codes 
415 TR_BASIS_KOPIER S_ALR_87007818 Copy Basis Settings for Transaction Manager 
416 TR_CB_PLAN_LAYOUT S_P99_41000386 Maintain Planning Layouts 
417 TR_DE_KOPIER S_ALR_87007889 Copy Settings for Derivatives 
418 TR_DIFF_REGEL S_KP6_83000021 Define and Assign Differentiations 
419 TR_FA_AGV_ZUORDNEN S_KP6_83000019 Assign Update Types for Derived Business Transactions 
420 TR_FA_BESTFVERF_INIT S_KP6_83000020 Assign Update Types for Initializing Positions 
421 TR_FSARTEN S_KP6_83000012 Update Types 
422 TR_FS_ART_BESTFTBETR S_KP6_83000014 Set the Effects of the Update Types on the Position Components 
423 TR_FS_ART_BESTFVSTCK S_KP6_83000013 Assign Update Types to Position Management Category Units/Nominal 
424 TR_FX_KOPIER S_ALR_87007887 Copy Settings for Foreign Exchange 
425 TR_GP_KOPIER S_ALR_87007881 Copy Settings for Business Partners 
426 TR_GP_WORKFLOW S_P00_07000282 Maintain Workflow Settings 
427 TR_IMG_KURST_WAEHRG S_ALR_87007411 Assign Rate Types for Standard Currency Translation Types 
428 TR_IMG_PRQ_ALE S_ALR_87007918 Define ALE-Compatible Payment Methods 
429 TR_IMG_PRQ_FKP S_ALR_87007909 Check Account Determination 
430 TR_IMG_PRQ_FKW S_ALR_87007923 Define Factory Calendar per Currency 
431 TR_IMG_PRQ_GED S_ALR_87007906 Define Global Settings 
432 TR_IMG_PRQ_KBB S_ALR_87007935 Define Payment Blocking Indicators for Accounting Documents 
433 TR_IMG_PRQ_KFD S_ALR_87007913 Define Account Determination 
434 TR_IMG_PRQ_NKZA S_ALR_87007931 Define Number Ranges for Payment Requests 
435 TR_IMG_PRQ_TDWD S_ALR_87007927 Define Diff. in Days Betw. Value Date of House/Partner Bank 
436 TR_IMG_PRQ_VEK S_ALR_87007899 Define Clearing Accts for Receiving Bank for Acct. Transfer 
437 TR_IMG_PRQ_VZA S_ALR_87007938 Define Clearing Account for Payment Requests 
438 TR_INTERNET_DF S_ALR_87007929 Define Internet Settings for WEB Server Access 
439 TR_IS_KOPIER S_ALR_87007861 Copy Settings for the Information System 
440 TR_KORR_CUST_EXIT S_ALR_87100645 Customer Enhancements 
441 TR_LO_KOPIER S_ALR_87007879 Copy Settings for Loans 
442 TR_MM_KOPIER S_ALR_87007884 Copy Settings for Money Market 
443 TR_PRQ_ZAHLBANK S_ALR_87007941 Define Payment Methods for Bank Clearing 
444 TR_SE_KOPIER S_ALR_87007892 Copy Settings for Securities 
445 TR_VGWEIS_INBETR_DF S_ALR_87007977 Procedure to Start Up the Datafeed 
446 TSAWE_AUTO_FCD S_EE6_85000102 Activate Automatic Forecasting Functionality 
447 TSAWE_ENH_SA_KEY S_EE6_85000126 Activate Key Fields 
448 TSAWE_SA_ROLES S_EE6_85000105 Define Staff Assignment Role 
449 TSAWE_STAFF_STG S_EE6_85000104 Define Staffing Stage 
450 TSAWE_WRK_TASKS S_EE6_85000103 Work with Task Type for Staff Assignment 
451 TSER S_AEN_10000994 stser 
452 TTE2V_DT_DET_FISC S_A4C_68000643 Assign Fiscal Code Determination 
453 TTE2V_INCID_BR S_A4C_68000128 Define Tax Incidence 
454 TTEC_DT S_A4C_68000101 Define Tax Event Determination 
455 TTEC_EDI5153 S_A4C_68000121 Define UN/EDIFACT 5153 Tax Type Name Codes 
456 TTEC_EXCC_EXCP S_PIC_80000162 Condition Exclusion 
457 TTEC_ROLEDET S_A4C_68000660 Define Partner Role Replacements 
458 TTEC_ROLERO S_AEC_66000423 Tax role 
459 TTEVCL_DT_VAR S_A4C_68000119 Define Decision Tree Variant Fields for Withholding Tax 
460 TTEVCL_EXPRAT S_A4C_68000123 Define Exemption Attributes 
461 TTEVCL_LOCT S_A4C_68000135 Define Tax Location 
462 TTEVCL_MAPING S_PIC_80000188 Assign Objects from External Systems 
463 TTEVCL_NEXUS_CA S_PLC_83000242 Maintain Presence Data 
464 TTEVCL_NEXUS_US S_A4C_68000822 Maintain Nexus Data 
465 TTEVCL_PPPRP S_A4C_68000104 Define Partner and Product Properties 
466 TTEVCL_SET S_A4C_68000122 Define Tax Settings 
467 TTEVCL_TAPRP S_A4C_68000126 Define Transaction Properties 
468 TTEVCL_TAXCODE S_A4C_68001048 Define Tax Code and Account Determination Key 
469 TTEVCL_TAXEVT S_PIC_80000187 Assign Calculation Procedure and Tax Types 
470 TTEVCL_TAXTYPX_CA S_A4C_68000133 Assign External Tax Types and Jurisdiction Level 
471 TTEVCL_TAXTYPX_US S_A4C_68000132 Assign External Tax Types and Jurisdiction Levels 
472 TTEVCL_TXCALC S_A4C_68000102 Assign Tax Event Determination and Calculation Rules 
473 TTEVCL_TXMP1_BR S_A4C_68000129 Extended Tax Component Assignment 
474 TTEVCL_TXMP1_IN S_A4C_68000935 Extended Tax Component Assignment 
475 TTEVCL_TXSET S_A4C_68000134 Define Tax Settings 
476 TTEV_BUSPRTYP S_PIC_80000156 Define Business Process 
477 TTEV_PATXTYP S_A4C_68000136 Define Business Partner Taxability 
478 TTEV_TAXFROTO_N S_AEC_66000677 Assign Tax Role 
479 TTEV_TCODE_IN S_PIC_80000183 Maintain Tax Tariff Code 
480 TTEV_TCODE_PO S_PIC_80000184 Maintain Tax Tariff Code 
481 TTEV_XTAXSYS S_PLC_83000179 Define External Tax System 
482 TTE_COND_MAINTENANCE S_PLC_83000265 Condition Technique Objects for TTE 
483 TTE_CONFIGURATION S_PLC_83000026 TTE Configuration Prerequisites 
484 TTE_CON_CUSTDEFIN S_AEC_66000497 Customer Defined Tables 
485 TTE_CON_FIELDCAT S_AEC_66000496 Maintain Field Catalog 
486 TTE_CON_KON S_AEC_66000500 Maintain Condition Type 
487 TTE_CON_TAB S_AEC_66000498 Maintain Condition Tables 
488 TTE_CON_ZUGR S_AEC_66000499 Maintain Access Sequences 
489 TTE_CRM_CON_KALK S_AEC_66000503 Maintain Condition Procedure 
490 TTE_CUST_REFRESH S_A4C_68000685 Immediate Customizing Refresh 
491 TTE_INTERGRATION S_PLC_83000025 IPC Settings 
492 TTE_PRC_USER S_AEC_66000501 Maintain Tax Calculation Procedure 
493 TTE_SIMULATION S_A4C_68000030 Simulate Tax Determination and Tax Calculation 
494 TTE_WT_BASIC_SET S_VV1_43000009 TTE Withholding Tax Basic Settings 
495 TTE_WT_CL_TAXCODE S_VV1_43000014 Define Withholding Tax Code and Account Determination Key 
496 TTE_WT_CL_TXCALC S_VV1_43000013 Assign Withholding Tax Event Determination and Calculation Rules 
497 TTE_WT_CL_TXSET S_VV1_43000011 Define Withholding Tax Settings 
498 TTE_WT_COND_MAINTEN S_VV1_43000007 Condition Technique Objects for TTE Withholding Tax 
499 TTE_WT_CONFIGURATION S_VV1_43000006 Withholding Tax Configuration Prerequisites 
500 TTE_WT_COUNTRIES S_VV1_43000010 Maintain Withholding Tax Countries