SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index T, page 2
IMG Activity - T
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 TTE_WT_CUST_CHECK S_VV1_43000008 Validate TTE Witholding Tax Customizing Settings 
2 TTE_WT_DT S_VV1_43000012 Define Withholding Tax Event Determination 
3 TTE_WT_RATES S_VV1_43000015 Maintain Withholding Tax Rates 
4 TUID_WC S_E38_98000106 Define UID Handling and Work Center Connection 
5 TVARV-0001 S_BIN_67000023 Variants: Maintain Selection Variables 
6 TWE_ENGTYPE S_EE5_50000245 BAdI: Define New Assignment Object Types 
7 TWLF_IR S_E4A_94000162 Incompleteness Reasons 
8 TXDET_TXDETDEFAULT S_AEC_66000371 Define Tax Event Determination 
9 TXDET_TXDET_EU S_AEC_66000372 Define EU Tax Event Determination 
10 TXDET_TXTOTXFR S_AEC_66000370 Assign Tax To Role or Tax From to Business Process Type 
11 T_SLS_LO_API_EWB S_EB5_05000197 Start Enhancement Workbench 
12 T_SLS_LO_OIF_CONFIG S_E4A_94000239 Configure User Interface