SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index H, page 2
IMG Activity - H
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 HR_ECM_00_AD_E09 S_ALN_01002092 Business Add-In: Determine First Compensation Program Grouping 
2 HR_ECM_00_AD_E10 S_ALN_01002093 Business Add-In: Determine Second Compensation Program Grouping 
3 HR_ECM_00_AD_E11 S_ALN_01002094 Business Add-In: Define Additional Check Criteria 
4 HR_ECM_00_AD_E12 S_ALN_01002095 Business Add-In: Replace Activation Routines 
5 HR_ECM_00_AD_E13 S_ALN_01002096 Business Add-In: Calculate Employee Salary Data 
6 HR_ECM_00_AD_E14 S_ALN_01002102 Business Add-In: Methods for Matrix Dimensions 
7 HR_ECM_00_AD_E15 S_P2H_60000006 Business Add-In: Get Data for Compensation Review Statement 
8 HR_ECM_00_AD_F01 S_ALN_01001497 Define Compensation Area Feature 
9 HR_ECM_00_AD_F05 S_ALN_01001521 Define First Compensation Program Grouping Feature 
10 HR_ECM_00_AD_F06 S_ALN_01001523 Define Second Compensation Program Grouping Feature 
11 HR_ECM_00_AD_F12 S_ALN_01001504 Define Eligibility Grouping Feature 
12 HR_ECM_00_AD_F16 S_ALN_01001510 Define Guideline Grouping Feature 
13 HR_ECM_00_BD_001 S_ALN_01001493 Define Reference Currency for Budgeting 
14 HR_ECM_00_BD_002 S_ALN_01001494 Define Budget Types 
15 HR_ECM_00_BD_003 S_ALN_01001495 Define Budget Periods 
16 HR_ECM_00_BD_004 S_ALN_01001973 Set Budget Control Parameters 
17 HR_ECM_00_BD_E01 S_ALN_01002083 Business Add-In: Initialize Budget Values 
18 HR_ECM_00_EC_001 S_ALN_01001490 Activate Enterprise Compensation Management 
19 HR_ECM_00_JP_001 S_ALN_01001538 Define Job Evaluation Methods 
20 HR_ECM_00_JP_002 S_ALN_01001539 Define Job Evaluation Groups 
21 HR_ECM_00_JP_003 S_ALN_01001540 Specify Default Values 
22 HR_ECM_00_JP_004 S_P2H_60000008 Check Pay Grades and Levels 
23 HR_ECM_00_JP_023 S_ALN_01001536 Define Additional Pay Categories 
24 HR_ECM_00_JP_028 S_ALN_01001537 Define Compensation Job Groups 
25 HR_ECM_00_JP_029 S_ALN_01001618 Define Pay Category Attributes 
26 HR_ECM_00_JP_E01 S_PLN_62000358 Business Add-In: Get Value of Pay Category for Employee 
27 HR_ECM_00_JP_E02 S_PLN_62000359 Business Add-In: Age Market Data 
28 HR_ECM_00_JP_R01 S_P2H_60000007 Update Pay Grade Amounts from Market Data 
29 HR_ECM_00_LT_001 S_ALN_01001529 Assign LTI Plan Attributes 
30 HR_ECM_00_LT_002 S_ALN_01001530 Assign Time-Dependent LTI Attributes 
31 HR_ECM_00_LT_003 S_ALN_01001531 Set LTI Plan Pricing Information 
32 HR_ECM_00_LT_004 S_ALN_01001532 Assign LTI Plan Payroll Data 
33 HR_ECM_00_LT_005 S_ALN_01001491 Define Stock Units 
34 HR_ECM_00_LT_006 S_ALN_01001492 Define Stock Unit Conversion Rules 
35 HR_ECM_00_LT_007 S_ALN_01001525 Define Vesting Rules 
36 HR_ECM_00_LT_008 S_ALN_01001526 Define Vesting Schedules 
37 HR_ECM_00_LT_009 S_ALN_01001527 Define Exercise Window Rules 
38 HR_ECM_00_LT_010 S_ALN_01001528 Define Exercise Windows 
39 HR_ECM_00_LT_011 S_ALN_01001533 Define Life Events 
40 HR_ECM_00_LT_012 S_ALN_01001534 Set Default Values for Life Events 
41 HR_ECM_00_LT_E01 S_PLN_06000117 Business Add-In: Extract Participant Information for Outbound IDOC 
42 HR_ECM_00_LT_E02 S_PLN_06000119 Business Add-In: Extract LTI Grant Information for Outbound IDOC 
43 HR_ECM_00_LT_E03 S_PLN_06000120 Business Add-In: Inbound Processing for Exercise Confirmation IDOC 
44 HR_ECM_00_TC_001 S_ALN_01001578 Determine Structure of Total Compensation Statement 
45 HR_ECM_00_TC_002 S_ALN_01001579 Select Wage Types for 'Pay' Category 
46 HR_ECM_00_TC_003 S_ALN_01002146 Create Form for Total Compensation Statement 
47 HR_ECM_00_TC_004 S_ALN_01001592 Determine Standard Forms for Total Compensation Statement 
48 HR_ECM_00_TC_E01 S_ALN_01001580 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Pay) 
49 HR_ECM_00_TC_E02 S_ALN_01001581 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Pay) 
50 HR_ECM_00_TC_E03 S_ALN_01001582 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Other Compensation) 
51 HR_ECM_00_TC_E04 S_ALN_01001583 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Other Compensation) 
52 HR_ECM_00_TC_E05 S_ALN_01001584 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Personnel Development) 
53 HR_ECM_00_TC_E06 S_ALN_01001585 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Personnel Development) 
54 HR_ECM_00_TC_E07 S_ALN_01001586 Read Data on Subcategory Defined by SAP (Benefits) 
55 HR_ECM_00_TC_E08 S_ALN_01001588 Read Data on Customer-Defined Subcategory (Benefits) 
56 HR_ECM_00_TC_E09 S_ALN_01001589 Read Data on Customer-Defined Category 
57 HR_ECM_00_TC_E10 S_ALN_01001590 Business Add-In: Authorization Check for Total Compensation Statement 
58 HR_ECM_00_TC_F01 S_ALN_01001593 Define Address Types Feature 
59 HR_ES_CRT2 S_L4H_49000972 BAdI: Control default data for report RPCRT2E0 
60 HR_ES_FAN S_L7D_24002476 BAdI: Change in the FAN file values 
61 HR_ES_RPC190E0 S_L7D_24001646 BAdI: Control proposed data for report RPC190E0 
62 HR_F4_GET_SUBTYPE S_PH0_48000290 BAdI: Set Up Entry Help for Subtypes 
63 HR_LSO_C0A0 S_ALN_01002559 Configure Enterprise Portal 
64 HR_LSO_C1A1 S_ALN_01002523 Set Up RFC Destination 
65 HR_LSO_C1A2 S_ALN_01002524 Specify Communication Parameters 
66 HR_LSO_C1A3 S_ALN_01002526 Edit Room Profiles 
67 HR_LSO_C1A4 S_ALN_01002527 Edit Role Profiles 
68 HR_LSO_C1A5 S_ALN_01002528 Define Categories for Room Search 
69 HR_LSO_C1A6 S_ALN_01002529 Maintain Default Values 
70 HR_LSO_C1A7 S_ALN_01002530 BADI: Participation in Rooms 
71 HR_LSO_C1A8 S_ALN_01002531 BADI: Assignment of Learner to User ID 
72 HR_LSO_C1A9 S_ALN_01002532 Customizing Check 
73 HR_LSO_INFO S_KP7_36000006 Difference: SAP Learning Solution - Training and Event Management 
74 HR_LSO_M1B1 S_SLN_44000025 Activate/Deactivate SAP Learning Solution 
75 HR_LSO_M1B2 S_AEN_10000728 Execute Booking Relationship Harmonization 
76 HR_LSO_M1C0A0 S_ALN_01002561 Configure Enterprise Portal 
77 HR_LSO_M1C1D1A1 S_AX8_68000185 Maintain Plan Versions 
78 HR_LSO_M1C1D1A2 S_AX8_68000186 Set Active Plan Version 
79 HR_LSO_M1C1D2A1 S_AX8_68000187 Set Up Plan Version-Independent Number Assignment 
80 HR_LSO_M1C1D2A2 S_KP7_36000001 Define Number Ranges for Objects 
81 HR_LSO_M1C1D2A3 S_AX8_68000189 Define Number Ranges for External Operations 
82 HR_LSO_M1C1D2A4 S_AX8_68000191 Define Number Ranges for Course Participation Document 
83 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E1A1 S_AX8_68000190 Define Object Types 
84 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E2A1 S_AX8_68000192 Maintain Infotypes 
85 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E2A2 S_AX8_68000193 Maintain User-Defined Settings for Infotypes 
86 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E2A3 S_AX8_68000194 Maintain Country-Specific Infotypes 
87 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E2F1A1 S_AX8_68000195 Maintain Subtypes 
88 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E2F1A2 S_AX8_68000196 Set Up SAPscript Connection for Subtypes 
89 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E3A1 S_AX8_68000197 Maintain Relationships 
90 HR_LSO_M1C1D3E3A2 S_AX8_68000198 Define Time Constraint Depending on Target Object Type 
91 HR_LSO_M1C1D4A1 S_AX8_68000199 Specify Factory Calendar 
92 HR_LSO_M1C1D4A2 S_AX8_68000200 Check Factory Calendar 
93 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E1A1 S_AX8_68000201 Maintain Personnel Actions 
94 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E1A2 S_AX8_68000202 Specify Data Screen Display 
95 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E1A3 S_AX8_68000203 Customer Enhancement for Master Data 
96 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2A1 S_AX8_68000204 Specify Sequence of Languages Available 
97 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2A2 S_AX8_68000205 Set Up Search Function 
98 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2A3 S_AX8_68000206 List Entry for Participant Activities 
99 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2A4 S_AX8_68000207 Dynamic Menus 
100 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2A5 S_AX8_68000208 Set Up External Search Engine 
101 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2F1A1 S_AX8_68000209 Notes for Infotypes 
102 HR_LSO_M1C1D5E2F1A2 S_AX8_68000210 Procedure for Entering Notes 
103 HR_LSO_M1C1D6E1A1 S_AX8_68000211 Maintain Authorizations 
104 HR_LSO_M1C1D6E2A1 S_AX8_68000212 Maintain Structural Profiles 
105 HR_LSO_M1C1D6E2A2 S_AX8_68000213 Assign Structural Authorization 
106 HR_LSO_M1C1D6E2A3 S_AX8_68000214 Save User Data in SAP Memory 
107 HR_LSO_M1C1D7A1 S_AX8_68000215 Create Data Sets 
108 HR_LSO_M1C1D7A2 S_AX8_68000216 Create Designs 
109 HR_LSO_M1C1D7A3 S_AX8_68000217 Create Toolboxes 
110 HR_LSO_M1C1D7A4 S_AX8_68000218 Specify Context-Dependent Standard Assignment 
111 HR_LSO_M1C1D7A5 S_AX8_68000219 Specify User-Dependent Assignment 
112 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E1A1 S_AX8_68000220 Define Data Views 
113 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E1A2 S_AX8_68000221 Define Areas 
114 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E1A3 S_AX8_68000222 Specify Data Collection 
115 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E1A4 S_AX8_68000223 Assign Users 
116 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E1A5 S_AX8_68000224 Define Task Functions 
117 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E2A1 S_AX8_68000225 Maintain InfoSets 
118 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E2F1A1 S_AX8_68000226 Assign Additional Table Fields to New InfoSets 
119 HR_LSO_M1C1D8E2F1A2 S_AX8_68000227 Define Additional Fields 
120 HR_LSO_M1C1D9A1 S_AX8_68000228 Check Consistency of Installation 
121 HR_LSO_M1C1D9A2 S_AX8_68000229 Data Transfer Workbench: Personnel Planning 
122 HR_LSO_M1C1D9A3 S_AX8_68000230 Batch Input: Set Pushbutton Setting for PP02 and PA30 
123 HR_LSO_M1C1D9E1A1 S_AX8_68000236 Set Up Transport Connection 
124 HR_LSO_M1C1D9E1A2 S_AX8_68000235 Lock Infotypes for Import 
125 HR_LSO_M1C1D9E1A3 S_AX8_68000234 Manual Transport 
126 HR_LSO_M1C1D9E2A1 S_AX8_68000233 Activate Event Linkage 
127 HR_LSO_M1C1D9E2A2 S_AX8_68000232 Define Event Types for Customer-Specific Business Objects 
128 HR_LSO_M1C1D9E2A3 S_AX8_68000231 Redefine Event Types for SAP Business Objects 
129 HR_LSO_M1C2D1A1 S_AX8_68000237 Integration Yes or No? 
130 HR_LSO_M1C2D1A2 S_AX8_68000238 Specify Attendance Types 
131 HR_LSO_M1C2D1A3 S_AX8_68000239 Define Incompatible Attendance and Absence Types 
132 HR_LSO_M1C2D2A1 S_AX8_68000244 Wizard 
133 HR_LSO_M1C2D2A2 S_AX8_68000243 Integration Yes or No? 
134 HR_LSO_M1C2D2A3 S_AX8_68000242 Specify Organizational Elements 
135 HR_LSO_M1C2D2A4 S_AX8_68000241 Define Cost Center of Cost Object 
136 HR_LSO_M1C2D2A5 S_AX8_68000240 Specify Control Elements 
137 HR_LSO_M1C2D3A1 S_AX8_68000247 Specify Budget Currency 
138 HR_LSO_M1C2D3A2 S_AX8_68000246 Define Budget Type and Attributes 
139 HR_LSO_M1C2D3A3 S_AX8_68000245 Specify Budget Period 
140 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E1A1 S_AX8_68000253 Wizard 
141 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E1A2 S_AX8_68000252 Integration Yes or No? 
142 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E1A3 S_AX8_68000251 Specify Organizational Elements 
143 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E1A4 S_AX8_68000250 Invoice Creation Settings 
144 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E1A5 S_AX8_68000249 Credit Memo Creation Settings 
145 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E1A6 S_AX8_68000248 Prices, Taxes and Account Assignment 
146 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E2A1 S_AX8_68000258 Wizard 
147 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E2A2 S_AX8_68000257 Integration Yes or No? 
148 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E2A3 S_AX8_68000256 Specify Organizational Elements 
149 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E2A4 S_AX8_68000255 Define Cost Center of Cost Object 
150 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E2A5 S_AX8_68000254 Specify Activity Types 
151 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E3A1 S_AX8_68000263 Wizard 
152 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E3A2 S_AX8_68000262 Integration Yes or No? 
153 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E3A3 S_AX8_68000261 Specify Organizational Elements 
154 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E3A4 S_AX8_68000260 Define Cost Center of Cost Object 
155 HR_LSO_M1C2D4E3A5 S_AX8_68000259 Maintain Cost Items 
156 HR_LSO_M1C2D5A1 S_AX8_68000265 Integration Yes or No? 
157 HR_LSO_M1C2D5A2 S_AX8_68000264 Specify Appointment Types 
158 HR_LSO_M1C2D6A1 S_AX8_68000267 Set Up RFC Destination 
159 HR_LSO_M1C2D6A2 S_AX8_68000266 Set Up Mail Connection 
160 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E1A1 S_AX8_68000269 Maintain Search Server Relation 
161 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E1A2 S_AX8_68000268 Maintain Languages for Course Indexes 
162 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E2A1 S_AX8_68000273 Maintain Document Area 
163 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E2A2 S_AX8_68000272 Maintain Buffering Times for Physical Document Classes 
164 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E2A3 S_AX8_68000271 Maintain Indexing Readiness 
165 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E2A4 S_AX8_68000270 Change Standard Category 
166 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3A1 S_AX8_68000276 Maintain Content Repositories 
167 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3A2 S_AX8_68000275 Maintain Content Categories 
168 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3A3 S_AX8_68000274 Content Server Administration 
169 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3F1A1 S_AX8_68000281 Maintain Locations 
170 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3F1A2 S_AX8_68000280 Maintain Locations of IP Sub-Networks 
171 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3F1A3 S_AX8_68000279 Change Computer and Properties 
172 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3F1A4 S_AX8_68000278 Change Caches 
173 HR_LSO_M1C2D7E3F1A5 S_AX8_68000277 Maintain Distribution of Categories 
174 HR_LSO_M1C3A1 S_AX8_68000142 Define Cost Items 
175 HR_LSO_M1C3A2 S_AX8_68000170 Define Time Schedule 
176 HR_LSO_M1C3A3 S_AX8_68000171 Set Up Building Address 
177 HR_LSO_M1C3A4 S_AX8_68000172 Create Course Group 
178 HR_LSO_M1C3A5 S_AX8_68000173 Create Course Type 
179 HR_LSO_M1C3A6 S_AX8_68000174 Maintain Master Data via Catalog 
180 HR_LSO_M1C3A7 S_KP7_36000008 Create Curriculum Type 
181 HR_LSO_M1C3D1A1 S_AX8_68000283 Course Location Switch 
182 HR_LSO_M1C3D1A2 S_AX8_68000282 Create Location 
183 HR_LSO_M1C3D2A1 S_AX8_68000286 Specify Training Provider Types 
184 HR_LSO_M1C3D2A2 S_AX8_68000285 Create Company 
185 HR_LSO_M1C3D2A3 S_AX8_68000284 Create Organizational Unit 
186 HR_LSO_M1C3D2E1 S_KLS_75000020 External Provider 
187 HR_LSO_M1C3D2E1A1 S_KLS_75000001 Specify External Provider 
188 HR_LSO_M1C3D2E1A2 S_KLS_75000002 Specify External Service 
189 HR_LSO_M1C3D2E1A3 S_AEN_10000608 Automatically Synchronize External Learning Progress 
190 HR_LSO_M1C3D3A1 S_AX8_68000287 Define Delivery Methods 
191 HR_LSO_M1C3D3A2 S_AX8_68000288 Define Default Delivery Methods 
192 HR_LSO_M1C3D4A1 S_AX8_68000290 Control Elements 
193 HR_LSO_M1C3D4A2 S_AX8_68000289 Create Resource Type 
194 HR_LSO_M1C3D4E1A1 S_AX8_68000293 Create Room 
195 HR_LSO_M1C3D4E1A2 S_AX8_68000292 Create External Instructor 
196 HR_LSO_M1C3D4E1A3 S_AX8_68000291 Create Other Resource 
197 HR_LSO_M1C3D4E1F1A1 S_AX8_68000295 Create Service 
198 HR_LSO_M1C3D4E1F1A2 S_AX8_68000294 Specify Service for Lock Administration 
199 HR_LSO_M1C3D5 S_KLS_75000019 Control Elements 
200 HR_LSO_M1C4A1 S_AX8_68000175 Control Elements 
201 HR_LSO_M1C5A1 S_AX8_68000176 Control Elements 
202 HR_LSO_M1C5A2 S_AX8_68000177 Prebook 
203 HR_LSO_M1C5D1A1 S_AX8_68000300 Specify Participant Type Control Options 
204 HR_LSO_M1C5D1A2 S_AX8_68000299 Participant Checks 
205 HR_LSO_M1C5D1A3 S_AX8_68000298 Conflict Reaction 
206 HR_LSO_M1C5D1A4 S_AX8_68000297 Fee Handling 
207 HR_LSO_M1C5D1A5 S_AX8_68000296 Booking Priorities 
208 HR_LSO_M1C5D1E S_AEN_10000993 Versioning 
209 HR_LSO_M1C5D1E1A1 S_AEN_10000244 Specify Change Categories 
210 HR_LSO_M1C5D1E1A2 S_AEN_10000246 Specify System Reaction 
211 HR_LSO_M1C5D2A1 S_AX8_68000302 Control Options 
212 HR_LSO_M1C5D2A2 S_AX8_68000301 Reasons for Participant Cancellation 
213 HR_LSO_M1C5D2A3 S_AX8_68000303 BAdI: Define Customer-Specific Cancellation Reasons 
214 HR_LSO_M1C5D2A4 S_KLS_75000022 Guidelines 
215 HR_LSO_M1C5D2A5 S_KLS_75000032 Cancellation Reason for Cancellations in Learning Portal 
216 HR_LSO_M1C5D3 S_KLS_75000003 Specify Workflow Settings 
217 HR_LSO_M1C5D3A1 S_KLS_75000005 Specify Workflow Settings 
218 HR_LSO_M1C5D3A2 S_KLS_75000004 Specify Cancellation Reason for Participation Rejection 
219 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E S_ALN_01002576 Changes vis-a-vis Classical Training and Event Management 
220 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E1A1 S_AX8_68000307 Correspondence Setup 
221 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E1A2 S_AX8_68000306 Form 
222 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E1A3 S_AX8_68000305 Text Variable 
223 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E1A4 S_AX8_68000304 Notification Abbreviations 
224 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E2A1 S_AX8_68000310 Define Recipient Groups 
225 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E2A2 S_AX8_68000309 Assign Notification Abbreviations and Recipient Groups 
226 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E2A3 S_AX8_68000308 Assign Notification Abbreviations and Activities 
227 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E3A1 S_AX8_68000314 Specify User-Specific Output Control Options 
228 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E3A2 S_AX8_68000313 Assign Users and User Groups 
229 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E3A3 S_AX8_68000312 Define Output Control Options Based on Participant Type 
230 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E3A4 S_AX8_68000311 Specify Default Values for Form Output 
231 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E4A1 S_AX8_68000318 Edit Forms 
232 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E4A2 S_AX8_68000317 Specify Output Sequence of Text Elements 
233 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E4A3 S_AX8_68000316 Specify Format for Text Variables 
234 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E4A4 S_AX8_68000315 Specify Name Format for Recipients 
235 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E5A1 S_ALN_01002554 BAdI: Specify General Correspondence Rules 
236 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E5A1AT S_ALN_01002555 BAdI: General Correspondence Rules 
237 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E5A3 S_PLN_62000282 BAdI: Make E-Mail Settings for Correspondence 
238 HR_LSO_M1C5D3E6 S_ALN_01002577 Make Adjustments Related to Training and Event Management 
239 HR_LSO_M1C6A1 S_AX8_68000178 Follow-Up 
240 HR_LSO_M1C6D1A1 S_AX8_68000320 Control Options 
241 HR_LSO_M1C6D1A2 S_AX8_68000319 Reasons for Course Cancellation 
242 HR_LSO_M1C6D1A3 S_PEN_05000072 Guidelines 
243 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A1 S_AX8_68000325 Appraisal Conversion Program 
244 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A2 S_AX8_68000324 Form of Appraisal 
245 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A3 S_AX8_68000323 Edit Scales 
246 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A4 S_AX8_68000322 Edit Appraisals Catalog 
247 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A5 S_AX8_68000321 Set Up Control Parameters 
248 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A6 S_KLS_75000023 Switch On Performance Management 
249 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A7 S_KLS_75000024 Edit Forms 
250 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A8 S_KLS_75000025 Define Form 
251 HR_LSO_M1C6D2A9 S_KLS_75000026 Difference Between Performance Management and Appraisals 
252 HR_LSO_M1C6D3A1 S_KP7_36000002 Control Options per Participant Type 
253 HR_LSO_M1C6D3A2 S_KP7_36000003 Define Learning Progress Tracking 
254 HR_LSO_M1C6D3A3 S_KLS_75000021 Follow-Up Guideline for Curriculum 
255 HR_LSO_M1C6D3A4 S_AEN_10000058 Reasons for Course Failed 
256 HR_LSO_M1C6D3A5 S_AEN_10000086 Control of Process Steps 
257 HR_LSO_M1C7A1 S_AX8_68000179 Maintain Evaluation Paths 
258 HR_LSO_M1C7A2 S_AX8_68000180 Integrate Customer-Specific Reports 
259 HR_LSO_M1C8D1 S_AEN_10000563 Set Up Correspondence 
260 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E2 S_AEN_10000564 Request-Based Correspondence 
261 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A0 S_AEN_10000790 Import and Activate Application Forms 
262 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A1 S_AEN_10000565 Define Notification Group 
263 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A2 S_AEN_10000566 Define Recipient Roles 
264 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A4 S_AEN_10000567 Define Correspondence Types 
265 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A5 S_AEN_10000568 Register Form Classes 
266 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A6 S_AEN_10000569 Register Application Forms 
267 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A7 S_AEN_10000570 Specify Correspondence Control Options per Delivery Method 
268 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A8 S_AEN_10000571 BAdI: Specify Correspondence Control Options 
269 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21A9 S_AEN_10000573 BAdI: Specify Communication Parameters for Recipients 
270 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E21AA S_AEN_10000732 BAdI: Specify Access to Communication Data 
271 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E22A1 S_AEN_10000575 Deletion Behavior 
272 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E23A1 S_AEN_10000577 Define Text Variables 
273 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E24A1 S_AEN_10000578 BAdI: Change Output Control Options 
274 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E24A2 S_AEN_10000579 BAdI: Determine Sender 
275 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E25A1 S_AEN_10000580 Set Up Synchronous Output 
276 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E25A2 S_AEN_10000581 Set Up Logging and Tracing 
277 HR_LSO_M1C8D1E26 S_AEN_10000590 Use Print Workbench 
278 HR_LSO_M2A1 S_AX8_68000181 Set RFC Connection 
279 HR_LSO_M2A2 S_AX8_68000182 Specify URL Address for Playing Courses 
280 HR_LSO_M2A3 S_AX8_68000183 Select Learning Strategies 
281 HR_LSO_M2A4 S_AX8_68000184 BAdI: Define Customer-Specific Course Offering 
282 HR_LSO_M2A5 S_KP7_36000004 Display Course Participants in the Learning Portal 
283 HR_LSO_M2A6 S_KP7_36000005 Define Preview Period for Courses in the Learning Portal 
284 HR_LSO_M2A7 S_KLS_75000006 Define Preview Period for Course Groups -> Course Types in Days 
285 HR_LSO_M2A8 S_KLS_75000007 Define Notification Period for Expiring Qualifications 
286 HR_LSO_M2A9 S_KLS_75000031 Define Default Period for Prebookings 
287 HR_LSO_M2C1A1 S_KLS_75000010 Switch On Electronic Confirmation of Participation 
288 HR_LSO_M2C1A2 S_KLS_75000011 BADI: Assignment User ID to Learner 
289 HR_LSO_M2C1D2 S_KLS_75000008 BADI: Create Customer-Specific Personalized Training Proposals 
290 HR_LSO_M2C2A1 S_KLS_75000012 Set JCO Control Parameters 
291 HR_LSO_M2C2A2 S_KLS_75000013 Specify CMS User and Password 
292 HR_LSO_M2C2A3 S_KLS_75000014 Specify CMS Address 
293 HR_LSO_M2C2A4 S_KLS_75000028 Set Up Display Options 
294 HR_LSO_M2C2A5 S_KLS_75000029 Specify Back-End User and Password 
295 HR_LSO_M2C3A1 S_KLS_75000009 Specify Download Address of Offline Player 
296 HR_LSO_M3A1 S_KLS_75000015 Perform Separate Logon to Training Management and CMS 
297 HR_LSO_M3A2 S_KLS_75000016 Specify CMS Address 
298 HR_LSO_M3A3 S_KLS_75000017 Enter Address of Search Engine 
299 HR_LSO_M3A4 S_KLS_75000018 Specify Name of Course Content Index 
300 HR_LSO_M3A5 S_KLS_75000027 Specify URL Prefix for Communication Between CM and Master Repository 
301 HR_LSO_M3A6 S_KLS_75000030 8-Bit Support in File Names 
302 HR_LSO_M3A7 S_AEN_10000290 Enter Address of Central Storage Location for Templates 
303 HR_LSO_M3A8 S_AEN_10000530 Activate Confirmation When Publishing Course Content 
304 HR_LSO_M3C1A1 S_AEN_10000055 Enter Address of Search Engine 
305 HR_LSO_M3C1A2 S_AEN_10000056 Specify Metadata Supported 
306 HR_LSO_M3C1A3 S_AEN_10000057 Enter Address of Central Storage Location for XSLT Files 
307 HR_LSO_T77CDOC_CUST S_PLN_62000504 Activate Change Documents 
308 HR_MX_VSDI_KEY_DATE S_L7D_24000149 BAdI: Change variable SDI calculation date 
309 HR_NL_EIR_IT3250 S_L4H_49001907 Implementation: Update Infotype using Decoupling Framework 
310 HR_NL_EIR_IT3250(II) S_L4H_49001912 Implementation: Update Infotype without using the Decoupling Framework 
311 HR_NL_EIR_TMW_IT3250 S_L4H_49001911 Implementation: Update Infotype using Time Manag. Workplace 
312 HR_OM_00_BUSPART_00 S_PCO_36000121 Activate Integration 
313 HR_OM_00_BUSPART_01 S_PCO_36000122 Data Synchronization: Organizational Units - Activate Business Partners 
314 HR_OM_00_BUSPART_02 S_PCO_36000123 Data Sychronization: Persons - Activate Business Partners 
315 HR_OM_00_BUSPART_03 S_PCO_36000127 Activate Logging/Error Analysis for Data Synchronization 
316 HR_OM_00_BUSPART_04 S_PCO_36000493 Assign HR Key for Marital Status to Business Partner Keys 
317 HR_OM_00_BUSPART_05 S_PCO_36000494 Assign HR Form of Address Key to Form of Address Keys of Business Partner 
318 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_001 S_L7D_24002419 Define Shokko Partners 
319 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_002 S_L7D_24002418 Define Shokko Contract Types 
320 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_004 S_L7D_24000329 Define Prorating Rules 
321 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_005 S_L7D_24000330 BAdI: Cusotmizing Prorating Rules 
322 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_006 S_L7D_24000326 Define Shukko Cost Charging Rules 
323 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_007 S_L7D_24000327 Define Shukko Contract Templates 
324 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_009 S_L7D_24000472 BAdI: Customizing Factoring Formulas 
325 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_010 S_L7D_24000328 Define Wage Type Group 
326 HR_PAD_JP_SHUADM_011 S_L7D_24000325 Create Wage Type Catalog 
327 HR_PAY_00_FO_001 S_PLN_16000062 Select Tool for Processing Form 
328 HR_PAY_00_FO_002 S_PLN_16000064 Process HR Forms Using Forms Workplace 
329 HR_PAY_00_FO_003 S_PLN_16000063 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
330 HR_PAY_00_FO_004 S_PLN_16000128 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
331 HR_PAY_00_FO_005 S_P1H_12000016 Delimit Switch Wage Types 
332 HR_PAY_00_FO_006 S_P1H_12000017 Edit Switch Wage Types 
333 HR_PAY_00_FO_007 S_P1H_12000018 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
334 HR_PAY_00_FO_008 S_P1H_12000019 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
335 HR_PAY_00_FO_009 S_P3H_97000011 Check SAP Cumulation Wage Types 
336 HR_PAY_00_FO_010 S_P3H_97000012 Process Cumulation Wage Types 
337 HR_PAY_00_FO_05 S_P1H_12000015 Edit Switch Wage Types in Reference Table 
338 HR_PAY_10_FO_001 S_PLN_62000318 Select Tool for Processing Form 
339 HR_PAY_AT_FO_001 S_PLN_62000448 Select Tool for Processing Form 
340 HR_PAY_AT_FO_002 S_PLN_62000446 Process HR Forms Using Forms Workplace 
341 HR_PAY_AT_FO_003 S_PLN_62000447 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
342 HR_PAY_AT_FO_004 S_PLN_62000443 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
343 HR_PAY_AT_FO_007 S_PLN_62000445 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
344 HR_PAY_AT_FO_008 S_PLN_62000444 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
345 HR_PAY_AU_010 S_AEN_10000046 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
346 HR_PAY_AU_020 S_AEN_10000047 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
347 HR_PAY_AU_FO_0002 S_PLN_62000384 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
348 HR_PAY_AU_FO_0003 S_PLN_62000385 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
349 HR_PAY_AU_FO_001 S_PLN_62000364 Select Tool for Processing Form 
350 HR_PAY_AU_FO_004 S_PLN_62000378 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
351 HR_PAY_AU_FO_007 S_PLN_62000382 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
352 HR_PAY_AU_FO_008 S_PLN_62000380 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
353 HR_PAY_BR_FO_001 S_PLN_62000497 Select tool for form processing 
354 HR_PAY_BR_FO_002 S_PLN_62000501 Process forms with Forms Workplace 
355 HR_PAY_BR_FO_003 S_PLN_62000502 BAdI: create enhancements for Forms Wokplace 
356 HR_PAY_BR_FO_004 S_PLN_62000498 Adjust selection screen of payroll driver 
357 HR_PAY_BR_FO_007 S_PLN_62000500 Use function for switch wage types in schema 
358 HR_PAY_BR_FO_008 S_PLN_62000499 Update switch wage types 
359 HR_PAY_CA_FO_001 S_PLN_62000398 Select Tool for Processing Form 
360 HR_PAY_CA_FO_002 S_PLN_62000405 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
361 HR_PAY_CA_FO_003 S_PLN_62000406 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
362 HR_PAY_CA_FO_004 S_PLN_62000402 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
363 HR_PAY_CA_FO_007 S_PLN_62000404 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
364 HR_PAY_CA_FO_008 S_PLN_62000403 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
365 HR_PAY_CA_FO_010 S_AEN_10000021 Maintain Evaluation Classes and their Specifications 
366 HR_PAY_CA_FO_011 S_AEN_10000022 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
367 HR_PAY_CH_FO_001 S_PLN_62000360 Select Tool for Processing Form 
368 HR_PAY_CH_FO_002 S_PLN_62000417 Process HR Forms Using Forms Workplace 
369 HR_PAY_CH_FO_003 S_PLN_62000420 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
370 HR_PAY_CH_FO_004 S_PLN_62000426 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
371 HR_PAY_CH_FO_007 S_PLN_62000429 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
372 HR_PAY_CH_FO_008 S_PLN_62000428 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
373 HR_PAY_CN_FO_001 S_PLN_62000491 Select Tool for Processing Form 
374 HR_PAY_CN_FO_002 S_PLN_62000495 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
375 HR_PAY_CN_FO_003 S_PLN_62000496 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
376 HR_PAY_CN_FO_004 S_PLN_62000492 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
377 HR_PAY_CN_FO_007 S_PLN_62000494 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
378 HR_PAY_CN_FO_008 S_PLN_62000493 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
379 HR_PAY_FR_FO_001 S_PLN_62000414 Select tools for form processing 
380 HR_PAY_FR_FO_002 S_PLN_62000423 Process HR form with form workplace 
381 HR_PAY_FR_FO_003 S_PLN_62000424 BAdI: create extensions for form workplace 
382 HR_PAY_FR_FO_004 S_PLN_62000418 Set up selection screen for pay generator 
383 HR_PAY_FR_FO_007 S_PLN_62000422 Activate mapping wage types function in schema 
384 HR_PAY_FR_FO_008 S_PLN_62000421 Manage mapping wage types 
385 HR_PAY_GB_002 S_PLN_62000467 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
386 HR_PAY_GB_FO_001 S_PLN_62000463 Select Tool for Processing Form 
387 HR_PAY_GB_FO_003 S_PLN_62000468 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
388 HR_PAY_GB_FO_004 S_PLN_62000464 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
389 HR_PAY_GB_FO_007 S_PLN_62000466 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
390 HR_PAY_GB_FO_008 S_PLN_62000465 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
391 HR_PAY_JP_FO_001 S_PLN_62000392 Select Tool for Processing Form 
392 HR_PAY_JP_FO_002 S_PLN_62000396 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
393 HR_PAY_JP_FO_003 S_PLN_62000397 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
394 HR_PAY_JP_FO_004 S_PLN_62000393 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
395 HR_PAY_JP_FO_007 S_PLN_62000395 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
396 HR_PAY_JP_FO_008 S_PLN_62000394 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
397 HR_PAY_SE_010 S_AEN_10000048 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
398 HR_PAY_SE_020 S_AEN_10000049 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
399 HR_PAY_SE_FO_001 S_PLN_62000386 Select Tool for Processing Form 
400 HR_PAY_SE_FO_002 S_PLN_62000390 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
401 HR_PAY_SE_FO_003 S_PLN_62000391 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
402 HR_PAY_SE_FO_004 S_PLN_62000387 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
403 HR_PAY_SE_FO_007 S_PLN_62000389 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
404 HR_PAY_SE_FO_008 S_PLN_62000388 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
405 HR_PAY_SG_010 S_AEN_10000044 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
406 HR_PAY_SG_020 S_AEN_10000045 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
407 HR_PAY_SG_FO_001 S_PLN_62000365 Select Tool for Processing Form 
408 HR_PAY_SG_FO_002 S_PLN_62000371 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
409 HR_PAY_SG_FO_003 S_PLN_62000372 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
410 HR_PAY_SG_FO_004 S_PLN_62000366 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
411 HR_PAY_SG_FO_007 S_PLN_62000369 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
412 HR_PAY_SG_FO_008 S_PLN_62000367 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
413 HR_PAY_US_FO_002 S_PLN_06000256 Edit Forms Using Forms Workplace 
414 HR_PAY_US_FO_003 S_PLN_06000257 BAdI: Create Enhancements for Forms Workplace 
415 HR_PAY_US_FO_004 S_PLN_06000253 Adjust Selection Screen of Payroll Driver 
416 HR_PAY_US_FO_007 S_PLN_06000255 Implement Function for Switch Wage Types in Schema 
417 HR_PAY_US_FO_008 S_PLN_06000254 Maintain Switch Wage Types 
418 HR_PAY_US_FO_010 S_AEN_10000019 Maintain Evaluation Classes and Their Specifications 
419 HR_PAY_US_FO_011 S_AEN_10000020 Change Addresses Infotype (0006) 
420 HR_PA_PF_01 S_AXA_22000052 Setting to Call the PC Interpreter from the BIW 
421 HR_PBS_00_01_1_1 S_KJ4_38000004 Create business scenario 
422 HR_PBS_00_02_1_1 S_KJ4_38000005 Specify permissibility for country 
423 HR_PBS_00_03_1_1 S_KJ4_38000007 Specify transaction for your business scenario 
424 HR_PBS_00_04_1_1 S_KJ4_38000008 Define your Process Scenarios 
425 HR_PBS_00_05_1_1 S_KJ4_38000009 Define your Sub Process Scenarios 
426 HR_PBS_00_06_2_2 S_KJ4_38000010 Define your Process Tasks 
427 HR_PBS_00_07_1_1 S_KJ4_38000011 Define Status values 
428 HR_PBS_00_08_2_2 S_KJ4_38000012 Define entry modes for your Business Scenario 
429 HR_PBS_00_09_1_1 S_KJ4_38000013 Define grouping for Sub Process Scenario 
430 HR_PBS_00_10_1_1 S_KJ4_38000014 Define your Grouping for Status 
431 HR_PBS_00_11_1_1 S_KJ4_38000015 Assign status values to your Status Group 
432 HR_PBS_00_12_2_2 S_KJ4_38000016 Define your Grouping for Process Tasks 
433 HR_PBS_00_13_2_2 S_KJ4_38000017 Assign Process Tasks to your Process Task Group 
434 HR_PBS_00_14_1_1 S_KJ4_38000018 Define your Grouping for Sub Process Scenarios 
435 HR_PBS_00_15_1_1 S_KJ4_38000019 Assign your Sub Process Scenarios to Sub Proc. Scenario Group (Exit-Class) 
436 HR_PBS_00_16_1_1 S_KJ4_38000027 Define Business Rules for your Business Scenario 
437 HR_PBS_00_17_1_1 S_KJ4_38000020 Specify details of your Sub Process Scenario 
438 HR_PBS_00_18_1_1 S_KJ4_38000021 Specify details of your Process Tasks 
439 HR_PBS_00_20_1_1 S_KJ4_38000022 Specify Relationships between Sub Process Scenarios 
440 HR_PBS_00_21_1_1 S_KJ4_38000023 Specify Status Change Rules between Sub Process Scenarios 
441 HR_PBS_00_22_1_1 S_KJ4_38000024 Assign Business Rule to Grouping for Sub Process Scenarios 
442 HR_PBS_00_24_1_1 S_KJ4_38000025 Specify details of your Process Scenario 
443 HR_PBS_00_25_1_1 S_KJ4_38000026 Assign Process Scenario to Process Group 
444 HR_PBS_00_30_1_1 S_KJ4_38000028 Define Process Status Flow Rules for Business Rules 
445 HR_PBS_00_31_1_1 S_KJ4_38000029 Assign your Grouping for Sub Process Scenario to Process Group 
446 HR_PBS_00_40_1_1 S_KJ4_38000031 Define your Process Group 
447 HR_PBS_00_41_1_1 S_L6D_84000028 Define application group for transaction 
448 HR_PBS_00_99_1_1 S_KJ4_38000030 General Information 
449 HR_PBS_00_CA_01 S_KJ4_38000057 Define Calculation Modules 
450 HR_PBS_00_CA_01B S_L4H_49001209 Override Calculation Module 
451 HR_PBS_00_CA_02 S_KJ4_38000058 Define Calculation Events of Calculation Modules 
452 HR_PBS_00_CA_03 S_KJ4_38000059 Define Results for Calculation Events 
453 HR_PBS_00_CA_03B S_L4H_49001214 Specify Alternative Texts for Results of Calculation 
454 HR_PBS_00_CA_04 S_KJ4_38000060 Assign Calculation Results to SAP Wage Types 
455 HR_PBS_00_CA_05 S_KJ4_38000061 Assign Calculation Results to Customer Wage Types 
456 HR_PBS_00_CA_06 S_L4H_49001421 Define Indicator for Public Services Regulation 
457 HR_PBS_00_CA_07 S_L4H_49001422 Assign Public Services Regulation to Pay Scale Type/Pay Scale Area 
458 HR_PBS_00_CA_08 S_L4H_49001423 Specify Alternative Texts for Results of Calculation or PublServ Regulation 
459 HR_PBS_00_CA_09 S_L4H_49001822 BAdI: Assign Indicator for Public Services Regulation 
460 HR_PBS_00_DR_01 S_L4H_49001562 Determine Permitted Domains to Override Fixed Values 
461 HR_PBS_00_DR_02 S_L4H_49001563 Enter Alternative Texts for Fixed Value Domains 
462 HR_PBS_00_DR_03 S_L4H_49001564 Determine Permitted Data Elements for Customizing of Quick Infos 
463 HR_PBS_00_DR_04 S_L4H_49001565 Enter Texts for Quick Infos 
464 HR_PBS_00_DR_05 S_L4H_49001578 Alternative Texts for Tax Table Pension Payment 
465 HR_PBS_00_NV_01 S_L6D_84001131 Define Calculation Types 
466 HR_PBS_00_NV_02 S_L6D_84001132 Define Calculation Reasons 
467 HR_PBS_00_NV_03 S_L6D_84001133 Define Employment Types 
468 HR_PBS_00_NV_04 S_L6D_84001134 Define Deferment Reasons 
469 HR_PBS_00_NV_05 S_L6D_84001135 Define Interruption Types of Entitlement Periods 
470 HR_PBS_00_NV_06 S_L7D_24000855 Define Deferment Types 
471 HR_PBS_00_NV_07 S_L7D_24000859 Posting Settings of Retroactive Pension Insurance 
472 HR_PBS_00_NV_08 S_L7D_24000858 Control of Subsequent Programs (Payment/Posting/Print) 
473 HR_PBS_00_NV_0A S_L6D_84001136 Assignment of Calculation Types to Process Scenarios 
474 HR_PBS_00_NV_0B S_L6D_84001137 Assmt of Calc. Reasons to Calc. Types 
475 HR_PBS_00_NV_0C S_L6D_84001138 Define Classes to Generate Entitlement Periods 
476 HR_PBS_00_NV_0D S_L6D_84001139 Assignment of Absence Types to Suspension Types 
477 HR_PBS_00_NV_50 S_L7D_24001022 Percentage for Calculating Increased MCAB (Fictitious Military Service) 
478 HR_PBS_00_NV_51 S_L7D_24001023 Monthly Reference Value (West) 
479 HR_PBS_00_NV_52 S_L7D_24001024 Monthly Reference Value (East) 
480 HR_PBS_00_NV_53 S_L7D_24001025 Yearly PI Income Threshold (West) 
481 HR_PBS_00_NV_54 S_L7D_24001026 Yearly PI Income Threshold (East) 
482 HR_PBS_00_NV_55 S_L7D_24001044 PI Percentage 
483 HR_PBS_00_NV_56 S_L7D_24001067 Determine Period of Retroactive Pension Insurance Administration 
484 HR_PBS_00_NV_57 S_L7D_24001068 Assignment Wage Types->Cum. Wage Types - Generation of Entitl. Periods 
485 HR_PBS_00_NV_A1 S_L6D_84001142 BAdI: Generation of Entitlement Periods 
486 HR_PBS_00_NV_BANK S_L7D_24000857 Bank Details for Pension Insurance Institutions 
487 HR_PBS_00_NV_VLTSV1 S_L4H_49002857 Treaty on Sharing of Pension Costs -Overview- 
488 HR_PBS_00_NV_ZAV S_L7D_24000856 Addresses for Payroll Numbers 
489 HR_PBS_00_PW_1_1 S_KJ4_38000003 Create business scenario 
490 HR_PBS_00_PW_2_2 S_KJ4_38000006 Create user parameter 
491 HR_PBS_00_SCALE_01 S_KJ4_38000068 Define Legal Basis for Pay Scale Event 
492 HR_PBS_00_SCALE_02 S_KJ4_38000069 Define Pay Scale Events 
493 HR_PBS_00_SCALE_03 S_KJ4_38000070 Specify Pay Scale Group-Dependent Data 
494 HR_PBS_00_SCALE_04 S_ELN_16000015 Consider Special Wage Types for Salary Groups A3, A4, A5 
495 HR_PBS_00_SEN_525NI S_KJ4_38000073 Define and Assign Selection Class Indicator 
496 HR_PBS_00_SEN_525OL S_KJ4_38000074 Define Legal Regulations 
497 HR_PBS_00_SEN_525TR S_KJ4_38000071 Define Cause for Time Specification Types 
498 HR_PBS_00_SEN_525TR2 S_ELN_16000021 Consideration of Causes for Time Specification Types 
499 HR_PBS_00_SEN_525TRP S_KJ4_38000072 Assign Cause to Time Specification Types 
500 HR_PBS_00_VG_ADR_ADM S_XC0_18000012 Assign Infotypes to Address Groups