SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index H, page 3
IMG Activity - H
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_1 S_L7D_24001479 Use of Provisional or Final Pension Points 
2 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_2 S_EG4_04000040 Control: Calc. of Bonuses Sec.50 with Employment Period in Years and Days 
3 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_3 S_EG4_04000041 BAdI: Adjustment Factor According to Sec.5 Para.1 BeamtVG 
4 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_4 S_L7D_24001500 BAdI: Determine Legal Retirement Age 
5 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_5 S_L7D_24001501 BAdI: Override Internal Key for Reason for Entry into Pension 
6 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_6 S_EG4_04000078 BAdI: Adjust Imputation Sec.14 Para.5 BeamtVG 
7 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_7 S_L4H_49001195 BAdI: Adjust Payment Increases for Projection of Amount Set by Court 
8 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_8 S_L4H_49001317 BAdI: Inclusion of Reductions Sec.14 Para.3 for Sec.14 Para.4 BeamtVG 
9 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_9 S_L4H_49001424 BAdI: Control of Ready for Input Status BDA Depending on Pay Scale Type 
10 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_A S_L4H_49001451 BAdI: Minimum Pension 
11 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_B S_L4H_49002237 Define Selection List for Pension Feature 
12 HR_PBS_00_VG_INDIV_C S_L4H_49002508 Specify Amounts Relevant for Pension 
13 HR_PBS_00_VG_P57_1 S_PCO_36000450 Assign Non-Dynamic Wage Types 
14 HR_PBS_00_VG_P57_2 S_L4H_49003039 Overview of Calculation 
15 HR_PBS_00_VG_P61_2_1 S_L7D_24000660 Check Payroll Parameter Income-Related Expenses 
16 HR_PBS_00_VG_UB_1 S_L7D_24001354 Define the Specifications of the Maintenance Payments Used 
17 HR_PBS_00_VG_UB_2 S_L7D_24001356 Maintenance Payment for Mandatory Field Dependent on Pension Entry Reason 
18 HR_PBS_00_VG_UB_3 S_L7D_24002080 Copy Wage Type for Minimum Amount Sec.38 BeamtVG 
19 HR_PBS_00_VG_VAR_APP S_L7D_24000120 Activation of Subapplications for Special Regulations PAdm 
20 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_00 S_L4H_49001858 Treaty on Sharing of Pension Costs - Overview 
21 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_01 S_L4H_49001682 Determine Severance Pay Calculation Types for Change of Employer 
22 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_02 S_L4H_49001683 Determine Severance Pay Calculation Reason for Change of Employer 
23 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_03 S_L4H_49001684 Assign Calculation Reasons to Calculation Types 
24 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_04 S_L4H_49001685 Feature DOVE5 for Control of the Assessment Rate of Professors 
25 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_05 S_L4H_49001916 Define Public Sector Employers 
26 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_06 S_L4H_49002559 Overview of Special Payment and Special Bonus 
27 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_07 S_L4H_49002560 Specify Filter for Models for Special Payment and Special Bonus 
28 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_08 S_L4H_49002561 Copy Wage Type for Special Bonus 
29 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_09 S_L4H_49002562 Assign Model for Special Bonus to Your Grouping for PS Employees 
30 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_10 S_L4H_49003231 Assign Bank Details to Public Sector Employer 
31 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_11 S_L4H_49003232 Control Payment/Posting/Print for VersStaatsV 
32 HR_PBS_00_VLTSV_12 S_L4H_49003233 Control Posting of Severance Payments for VersStaatsV 
33 HR_PBS_00_WB_INIT_0 S_L7D_24001648 BAdI: Process Workbench Engine Control (PWE) 
34 HR_PBS_00_WB_INIT_1 S_L7D_24001502 BAdI: Choose Process Scenario for Processing 
35 HR_PBS_00_WB_INIT_2 S_L7D_24001503 BAdI: Set Default Values for Additional Data 
36 HR_PBS_00_WB_RP1 S_KJ4_38000045 Define Overall Status Change Based on Substatus Change 
37 HR_PBS_00_WB_RP2 S_KJ4_38000046 Define Substatus Change Based on Substatus Change 
38 HR_PBS_00_WB_RP4 S_KJ4_38000048 Define Processor Groups (for Using BAdI) 
39 HR_PBS_00_WB_RP5 S_KJ4_38000049 Define Proposal Type for New Processor 
40 HR_PBS_00_WB_RP6 S_KJ4_38000050 Define Conditions Between Processor Name, Group, and BAdI Value 
41 HR_PBS_00_WB_RP8 S_KJ4_38000051 Define Sub Process Scenarios for Backgroung Processing 
42 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPA S_ELN_16000001 Control Released Infotypes for Transfer from PWE to PA 
43 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPB S_ELN_16000002 Define Meanings 
44 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPC S_ELN_16000003 Assign Meanings to Process Scenarios 
45 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPD S_ELN_16000004 Initialize Status Information for New Sub Process Scenario 
46 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPE S_ELN_16000005 Control Calculation of Individual Percentage Increase 1990 
47 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPF S_ELN_16000006 Assign Wage Types to Death Benefit Cumulation Wage Type 
48 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPG S_ELN_16000013 Define Standard and Different Pay Scale Areas 
49 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPH S_ELN_16000014 Control Variant of Special and Non-Recurring Payments 
50 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPJ S_L7D_24000011 Determine Payroll Variant 
51 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPK S_L7D_24000012 BAdI: Activate Customer-Specific Business Scenario for PAdm 
52 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPL S_L7D_24000130 Example Implementation of Customer-Specific Business Scenario 
53 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPM S_L7D_24000131 Activate Dual Control Principal for Approvals 
54 HR_PBS_00_WB_RPN S_L7D_24001438 BAdI: Enhancement for Process Flows in the Process Workbench Engine (PWE) 
55 HR_PBS_00_WB_VA1 S_KJ4_38000056 Determine Period for Pension Administration 
56 HR_PBS_00_XX_01 S_L6D_84001140 Empfängerarten Personalteilvorgang Abweichende Empfänger definieren 
57 HR_PBS_00_XX_0A S_L6D_84001141 Zuordnung Empfängerarten je Personalvorgangsart 
58 HR_PBS_01_VA_02 S_ELN_16000020 BAdI: Activate Pension Percentage Calculation 
59 HR_PBS_01_VERSFREI_1 S_L7D_24000348 Activate Subapplication for Automatic Calculation 
60 HR_PBS_01_VERSFREI_2 S_L7D_24000349 Report for Deleting Pension Bases in Infotype 0012 
61 HR_PBS_01_VERSFREI_3 S_L7D_24000519 Feature DSTZM for Controlling Wage Type Groups after Reactivation 
62 HR_PBS_01_VERSFREI_4 S_L7D_24002042 Copy Wage Type to Trigger Recalculation 
63 HR_PBS_01_VERSFREI_5 S_L7D_24002043 Copy Wage Type for Initializing Table STZM 
64 HR_PBS_01_VERSFREI_6 S_L4H_49001794 Reduce or Increase Basis for Tax Exemption for Pensions 
65 HR_PBS_01_VERSFR_1B S_L4H_49002555 Activate Automatic Calculation Using BAdI (Filter 01/VAMV) 
66 HR_PBS_01_VERSFR_1C S_L4H_49002556 Assign SPA/GPA Parameters to Subapplication VAMV 
67 HR_PBS_01_VG_01 S_ELN_16000018 Control of Percentage Calculation 
68 HR_PBS_01_VG_02 S_ELN_16000019 BAdI: Additional Condition for Calculation Run 'Release from Work 97' 
69 HR_PBS_01_VG_AG_01 S_KJ4_38000076 Define Calculation Rules for Determining Age Limits 
70 HR_PBS_01_VG_AG_02 S_KJ4_38000077 Define Grouping of Age Limit Calculation Rules 
71 HR_PBS_01_VG_AG_03 S_KJ4_38000078 Assign Grouping of Age Limit Calculation Rules 
72 HR_PBS_01_VG_EP_01 S_KJ4_38000063 Specify Current Pension Values 
73 HR_PBS_01_VG_EP_02 S_KJ4_38000065 Define Pension Conversion Values 
74 HR_PBS_01_VG_EP_03 S_KJ4_38000066 Specify Annual Maximum Values Based on Remuneration Points 
75 HR_PBS_01_VG_EP_04 S_KJ4_38000067 Define Average Remuneration 
76 HR_PBS_01_VG_INFTEXT S_L7D_24001504 BAdI: Print Additional Information in RGVH Calculation Assessment 
77 HR_PBS_01_VG_LGA_01 S_L4H_49001718 Redirect Wage Types fr. "Assign Calculation Results of Customer Wage Types" 
78 HR_PBS_01_VG_LGA_02 S_L4H_49001719 Activation of Wage Type Redirection 
79 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_01 S_KJ4_38000075 General Employment Period Calculation 
80 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_02 S_ELN_16000012 Define Valuation Model (Add-On HR-VADM) 
81 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_03 S_AC0_52000764 Define Time Specification Types (Add-On HR-VADM) 
82 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_04 S_PCO_36000466 BAdI: Generation of Employment Periods 
83 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_05 S_L7D_24001505 Assign Selection Classes to Collective Selection Classes 
84 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_06 S_L4H_49001516 BAdI: Restrict Selection of Time Specification Types/Employment Periods 
85 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_B01 S_L4H_49001196 BAdI: Specify Duration Long Releases from Work Acc. to Sec.14 Par.4 BeamtVG 
86 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_B02 S_L4H_49001197 BAdI: Switch Off Quotas for Education/Training and Attributable Periods 
87 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_B03 S_L4H_49001425 BAdI: Inclusion of Employment Periods Before Age of 17 
88 HR_PBS_01_VG_SEN_B04 S_L4H_49001426 BAdI: Inclusion of Pension Pay Reduction 1980 
89 HR_PBS_01_VG_TG_01 S_ELN_16000017 Calculation of Valuation Model 
90 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_01 S_ELN_16000016 BAdI: Calculation of Dynamic Pension Value and Logging 
91 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER01 S_AC0_52000780 Specify Reimbursement Reasons for Each Legal Basis 
92 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER02 S_AC0_52000781 Specify Wage Types for Calculating Fictitious Benefits Payment 
93 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER03 S_AC0_52000782 Specify Indicator for Determining Relevant Employment Periods 
94 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER04 S_AC0_52000783 Specify Reimbursement Provider 
95 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER05 S_AC0_52000784 Specify Reimbursement Reasons 
96 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER06 S_AC0_52000785 Specify Legal Bases for Reimbursements 
97 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER07 S_AC0_52000786 Assign Accounting Offices to Reimbursement Provider 
98 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER08 S_AC0_52000790 Definition of Accounting Offices 
99 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER09 S_AC0_52000806 Define Accounting Offices 
100 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_ER10 S_PCO_36000100 Determine Subapplication for Reimbursement Report 
101 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_VLT1 S_L4H_49002398 Assign Accounting Offices to Public Sector Employers 
102 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_VLT2 S_L4H_49002399 Define Accounting Offices 
103 HR_PBS_01_VG_VA_VLT3 S_HRI_55000011 Assign Notifications 
104 HR_PBS_01_VG_ZUR_01 S_XC0_18000014 BAdI: Generation of Allocation Periods 
105 HR_PBS_01_WB_ANLA S_ELN_16000009 Assign Wage Types to Cumulation Wage Type ANLA 
106 HR_PBS_01_WB_EZ_001 S_L7D_24001927 Copy Wage Type for Non-Recurring Payment 
107 HR_PBS_01_WB_EZ_002 S_L7D_24001928 Assign Model for Non-Recurring Payment of Grouping 
108 HR_PBS_01_WB_EZ_003 S_L7D_24001929 Set Up Constants for Non-Recurring Payments 
109 HR_PBS_01_WB_MASS S_PCO_36000343 Define Control Features for Additional Actions 
110 HR_PBS_01_WB_P25_01 S_ELN_16000010 Activate Subapplication VA25 (Proportional Family Reduction) 
111 HR_PBS_01_WB_P85_01 S_ELN_16000011 Assign Wage Types for Cumulation Wage Types of Subapplication VA85 
112 HR_PBS_01_WB_SZ_001 S_L7D_24000956 General Note Regarding Special Payment 
113 HR_PBS_01_WB_SZ_002 S_L7D_24000957 Copy Wage Types for Special Payment 
114 HR_PBS_01_WB_SZ_003 S_L7D_24000958 Assign Models to Groupings 
115 HR_PBS_01_WB_SZ_004 S_L7D_24000959 Assign Wage Type for Blocking Special Payment 
116 HR_PBS_01_WB_SZ_005 S_L7D_24000981 Assign Wage Types to Reduction According to Para. 4a BSZG 
117 HR_PBS_DE_VA S_KJ4_38000055 PAdm 
118 HR_PBS_XXZU_01 S_L7D_24000502 Textbausteingruppen definieren 
119 HR_PBS_XXZU_02 S_L7D_24000503 Textbausteine je Textbausteingruppe definieren 
120 HR_PBS_XXZU_03 S_L7D_24000504 Textbausteingruppen zu Vorgangsart und Vorgang zuordnen 
121 HR_PBS_XXZU_04 S_L7D_24000505 Verwaltungsgerichte definieren 
122 HR_PBS_XXZU_05 S_L7D_24000499 BAdI: Vorschlagswerte definieren 
123 HR_PF_01 S_AXA_22000053 Process PC Activities and Value Types for PC Interpreter 
124 HR_PF_CHECK_POSTING S_L4H_49003055 BAdI: Check Postings Before Writing or Canceling 
125 HR_PF_CHECK_POST_PYR S_L4H_49003056 BAdI: Synchronize Postings in PF Account During Payroll 
126 HR_PF_WRITE_ACCOUNT S_L4H_49002866 BAdI: Overwrite PF Postings Before Writing to Account 
127 HR_PT_CES_RP S_L4H_49003489 BAdI: extraordinary solidarity contribution 
128 HR_PT_MID_RP S_L7D_24002966 BAdI: monthly income declaration 
129 HR_PT_PBS_CGAMF S_L4H_49003527 BAdI: Magnetic File for CGA Deductions 
130 HR_PT_PS_SENIORITY S_L4H_49002376 BAdI: Calculation of Seniority 
131 HR_PT_SIADAP_SETS_PS S_L7D_24001957 BAdI: Define Basic Settings for SIADAP 
132 HR_PT_SOCPBS_PS S_L4H_49002477 BAdI: Social Balance - Other Boards 
133 HR_PY_XX_01 S_AXA_22000057 Assignment of Payroll Data to BW Month 
134 HR_RHPREL00 S_AL0_96000592 BAdI: Return Validity Period of Persons to Organizational Management 
135 HR_TNM_HRTNM_CANCEL S_L4H_49001802 Implementation: Deleting RELAT 941 - if existing - while cancelling events 
136 HR_TNM_INFTY_D_TO_E S_L4H_49001314 Implementation: Copying Infotypes 1036 and 1685 from D to E 
137 HR_TNM_UPDATE_BOOKG S_L4H_49001313 Implementation: Updating the relationships A941 and B941 in the Database 
138 HR_VADM_NO_001_001 S_KJ4_38000032 Definition for Notification 
139 HR_VADM_NO_001_002 S_KJ4_38000033 Definition for Notification Groups 
140 HR_VADM_NO_001_003 S_KJ4_38000034 Definition for Document Types 
141 HR_VADM_NO_001_004 S_KJ4_38000035 Package definition for a Business Scenario 
142 HR_VADM_NO_001_005 S_KJ4_38000042 Notification interface Parameters (Maintain the BADI Implementation) 
143 HR_VADM_NO_001_006 S_KJ4_38000043 ArchiveLink : Link table maintenance (Maintain the BADI Implementation) 
144 HR_VADM_NO_002_001 S_KJ4_38000036 Group Notification to Notification Groups 
145 HR_VADM_NO_002_002 S_KJ4_38000037 Assignment of Notifcation to a specific Notification Group 
146 HR_VADM_NO_003_001 S_KJ4_38000038 Assignment of Form and Class to the Notifications 
147 HR_VADM_NO_003_002 S_KJ4_38000039 Assignment of Notification Groups to Business Scenario 
148 HR_VADM_NO_003_003 S_KJ4_38000040 Assignment of Notifications to Package 
149 HR_VADM_NO_003_004 S_KJ4_38000041 Assignment of Doc Type and Package to the Process & Sub-Process Scenario 
150 HR_VADM_NO_004 S_ELN_16000008 Maintain Cumulation Wage Type ANLA 
151 HSMVC_104 S_XD9_88000004 Define Check Schemas and Check Methods 
152 HSMVC_110 S_XD9_88000012 Define Segregation Rules and Regulations 
153 HSMV_105 S_XD9_88000005 Assign check schemas in Warehouse Management 
154 HSMV_BDA S_XD9_88000003 Activate Flexible Hazardous Substance Check 
155 HSM_BADI_001 S_AEN_10000472 BAdI: Checks When Deleting Hazardous Substance Master Records 
156 HSM_BADI_002 S_AEN_10000695 BAdI: Hazardous Substance Distribution 
157 HSM_BADI_003 S_AEN_10000473 BAdI: Conflict Resolution in Hazardous Substance Master Filling 
158 HTTPPROXY S_BIN_67000022 Define Proxy Configuration 
159 HUMGLQM-TQHU1 S_P99_41000259 Maintain Allowed Goods Movements 
160 HUNCALC0 S_PAD_19000123 Payroll Driver 
161 HUPHPF_SIGN S_EBJ_98000107 Specify Sign for PHPF Reporting