SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index _, page 7
IMG Activity - _
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 _ISUWMPC_000024 S_KK4_82000214 Define Control Parameters for Disaggregation of SD/CS 
2 _ISUWMPC_000026 S_KK4_82000453 Define Partner Functions/Static MR Notes for Person(s) Responsible for Objs 
3 _ISUWMPC_000027 S_KK4_82000462 Include Premise and Equipment in Data Environment of Premise and Conn. Obj. 
4 _ISUWMPC_000028 S_KK4_82000463 Show Inspection Data in Equipment 
5 _ISUWMPC_000029 S_KK4_82000777 Define Time Slot Profiles 
6 _ISUWMPC_000030 S_KK4_82000778 Allocate Time Slot Profiles to Work Centers 
7 _JBAP S_KK4_13000244 Define Analysis Structure 
8 _JBDRATEBAR S_KK4_13000264 Maintain Variance Threshold for Time-Dependent Reference Interest Rates 
9 _JBDRDARL S_KK4_13000069 Preliminary Costing: Derive Bank Product and Product Variant 
10 _JBPD S_KK4_13000027 Maintain Summarization Levels for Template Allocation 
11 _JBR1 S_KK4_13000241 Check Selected Settings 
12 _JBR3 S_KK4_13000195 Generate Default Automatically 
13 _JBR6 S_KK4_13000238 Delete View 
14 _JBRDG S_KK4_13000232 Generate Program for Accessing Derivations for Profitability Analysis 
15 _JBRGV S_KK4_13000226 Reorganize Maintenance Modules 
16 _JBRNR S_KK4_13000242 Administer Number Ranges for Base Portfolio 
17 _JBRSVRBR S_KK4_13000220 Summarized Transactions: Assign Valuation Rule 
18 _JBRSVRCFK S_KK4_13000193 Summarized Loans: Assign Cash Flow Indicator 
19 _JBRUPDTYPECF S_ALN_01001488 Assign Cash Flow Indicator for Securities with Update Types 
20 _JBRZ S_KK4_13000228 Define Derivation Strategy 
21 _JBVBEWREG S_KK4_13000240 Define Valuation Rule 
22 _JBVBFART S_KK4_13000272 Set Up Beta Factor Type 
23 _JBVBRFS S_KK4_13000187 Assign Due Date Scenario and Simulated Interest to Valuation Rule 
24 _JBVCFART S_KK4_13000194 Define Cash Flow Types and Assign Cash Flow Indicators 
25 _JBVCFSZ S_KK4_13000186 Define and set due date scenario 
26 _JBVCPBL S_KK4_13000185 Define and Set Up Due Date Period 
27 _JBVDERI S_KK4_13000233 Activate Characteristic Derivation 
28 _JBVIDXG S_KK4_13000192 Assign Class to Securities Index 
29 _JBVSIMZ S_KK4_13000184 Define Simulated Interest Payments 
30 _JBVVREG S_KK4_13000239 Define Summarization Rule 
31 _JBW1 S_KK4_13000216 Create Report 
32 _JBW2 S_KK4_13000217 Change Report 
33 _JBW4 S_KK4_13000202 Create Form 
34 _JBW5 S_KK4_13000211 Change Form 
35 _JBWB S_KK4_13000203 Print/Refresh Report Data 
36 _JBWG S_KK4_13000213 Maintain Characteristic Groups 
37 _JBWK S_KK4_13000190 Maintain Key Figures 
38 _JBWO S_KK4_13000218 Transport Report 
39 _JBWP S_KK4_13000212 Transport Form 
40 _JBWQ S_KK4_13000215 Import Report from Client 000 
41 _JBWR S_KK4_13000191 Import Form from Client 000 
42 _JBWT S_KK4_13000219 Translate Report/Form 
43 _JBWV S_KK4_13000188 Maintain Global Variable 
44 _JBWW S_KK4_13000214 Maintain Currency Translation Types 
45 _JBWX S_KK4_13000205 Reorganize Report 
46 _JBWY S_KK4_13000206 Reorganize Report Data 
47 _JBWZ S_KK4_13000204 Reorganize Form 
48 _KEI1 S_KK4_13000028 Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Template Allocation 
49 _OAF_V_AGENT S_FSD_70000008 Empfänger zu Agenten erklären 
50 _OAF_V_AGENT_CFGC S_FSD_70000009 Agenten konfigurieren 
51 _OAF_V_AGENT_SCHEDGR S_FSD_70000011 Einplanungsgruppe für Agenten anlegen 
52 _OAF_V_AGENT_SCHEDTM S_FSD_70000010 Jobeinplanungsvorlage erstellen 
53 _OAF_V_AGENT_SCHEDUL S_FSD_70000012 Agenten Einplanungsgruppe zuordnen 
54 _OBJTRANS S_KK4_13000022 Transport Objects 
55 _OFMCA_P040 S_KK4_82001080 Define Petty Amount Limits for Mass Write-Offs 
56 _OFMCA_P210 S_KK4_82001081 Define Sender of XML Files in Collection Agencies 
57 _OFMCA_P220 S_KK4_82001082 Exclude Notification for Certain Origin Keys 
58 _OFTC_ERWEITERUNGEN S_P00_07000314 Develop Enhancements for Funds Management 
59 _OKUL S_KK4_13000189 Maintain Constants 
60 _PFO_COM_GZO S_AEN_10000117 Maintain Assignment Combinations 
61 _PFO_COM_SZO S_AEN_10000119 Maintain Assignment Combinations 
62 _PFO_CONST S_AEN_10000113 Define Attributes for Object Types 
63 _PFO_DB_CONVERSION S_AER_95000151 BAdI: Conversions for Database Access (Segment) 
64 _PFO_OBT S_AEN_10000112 Define Object Types 
65 _PFO_ORIGIN S_AEN_10000115 Determine Origin of Business Object and Assignment Object By System 
66 _PFO_PFO_DEFAULT_BAD S_AEN_10000390 BAdI: Implementation of Basic and Complex Methods 
67 _PFO_PFO_GET_DETAIL S_AEN_10000391 BAdI: Read Detailed Information 
68 _PFO_PFO_GZO S_AEN_10000412 BAdI: Selection of Business Assignment Objects 
69 _PFO_PFO_ROLECHECK S_AEN_10000392 BAdI: Perform Check on Creation of Bus.Obj.and Segment Assignment Objects 
70 _PFO_PFO_SEG S_AEN_10000411 BAdI: Selection of Segments 
71 _PFO_PFO_SZO S_AEN_10000413 BAdI: Selection of Segment Assignment Objects 
72 _PFO_ROL_GZO S_AEN_10000116 Define Assignment Role for Business Objects 
73 _PFO_ROL_SZO S_AEN_10000118 Define Assignment Role for Assignment Objects 
74 _PFO_SGT S_AEN_10000114 Define Segment Types 
75 _PFO_V_PFO_STRUCTURE S_AEN_10000410 Define Structures for Selection Options 
76 _PFO_V_TPFO_OBJECT S_E36_82000257 Maint.View for S-Table - Object Kinds of PFO for DB Tables 
77 _PFO_V_TPFO_OBT_PROC S_E36_82000256 Definition and Attributes for Object Types 
78 _PPM_RUN_HISTORY S_ABA_72000154 BAdI: Create History of Mass Run Data 
79 _PPM_RUN_HISTORY_BD S_ABA_72000155 BAdI: Create History of Mass Run Data 
80 _PROFILE S_KK4_13000208 Maintain Profiles 
81 _PSCD_VDPSOBUPDOWNLD   Define Control Parameters for Each Contract Object Type for Up/Download 
82 _PSCD_VDPSOBUPDWNLD2   Define Control Parameters for Up/Download 
83 _PSCD_V_TFMCA_OI   Define Settings for Public Sector-Specific Trigger Filtering 
84 _PSJ_C_LANDSCAPE S_FSD_70000025 Configure system landscape 
85 _PSM_FA_COPOST_ACTIV S_AEN_10000445 Activate Balancing of CO-FI Real-Time Postings 
86 _PSM_FA_COPOST_BALAN S_AEN_10000443 Maintain Clearing Accounts for CO-FI Real-Time Postings 
87 _PSM_FA_COPOST_CHECK S_AEN_10000446 Check Balancing of CO-FI Real-Time Postings 
88 _PSM_FA_FM2BL_DERIVE S_AEN_10000882 Define Derivation Strategy for Transfer and GL Accounts 
89 _PSM_FA_FMSPLIT S_PLN_16000370 Execute Express Installation 
90 _PSM_FA_ORGANIZATION S_AEN_10000899 Information on Transfer of FM Totals Records to General Ledger Accounting 
91 _PSM_FA_VC_FM2BLACT S_AEN_10000881 Activate Transfer 
92 _PSM_FA_VC_FM2BLTRFL S_AEN_10000883 Define Details for FI Update 
93 _PSM_SMOD_SAPLFMRI S_PLN_06000018 BAdI: Update Target/Actual 
94 _PSM_SUBDIVISION S_ALN_01001445 Create and Define Subdivision ID 
95 _PSM_V_FMBGADTTRANS S_ALN_01001459 Define Document Type for Transfer Postings 
96 _PWB_ADDRFORM S_ABA_72000466 Define Address Format 
97 _PWB_EFGSENDTYPES_EX S_ABA_72000131 Define External Send Types 
98 _PWB_EFG_COMM_ADRREC S_ABA_72000358 BAdI: Determine Address of Recipient for Communication 
99 _PWB_EFG_COMM_ADRSEN S_ABA_72000359 BAdI: Determine Address of Sender for Communication 
100 _PWB_EFG_PRINT_PARAM S_S7B_68000021 BAdI: Override and Default Print Parameters 
101 _PWB_EFG_SPOOL_OUTPU S_S7B_68000022 BAdI: Set Status of Spool Output Requests 
102 _RMPS_ANWENDUNGSLOG S_KRM_01000010 Activate Application Log 
103 _RMPS_CASETYPEATTR S_KRM_01000051 Determine Additional Attributes of Case Types 
104 _RMPS_CASETYPEATTRP S_ABA_72000317 Assign Process Route Pattern for Case Types 
105 _RMPS_DIGSIG S_SRM_25000004 Set Up Digital Signature of Documents 
106 _RMPS_DOCNR S_KRM_01000033 Define Year-Dependent Number Range Intervals for Document Numbers 
107 _RMPS_NUMBER_RANGE S_KRM_01000026 Define Number Range Intervals for Case 
108 _RMPS_REF_SNRO S_SRM_25000002 Maintain Number Ranges 
109 _RMPS_REGEL_ZURODN S_KRM_01000031 Assign Generation Rules 
110 _RMPS_RMPSPEINDOCTYP S_KRM_01000050 Define Basic Settings for Incoming Post Items 
111 _RMPS_SCANN_ATTRIBUT S_KRM_01000056 Activities for Configuring Incoming Post 
112 _RMPS_SCMGATTR_PRIO S_KRM_01000015 Create Values for Attribute 'Priority' 
113 _RMPS_SCMGPARAM S_ABB_85000001 Display or Change Central Parameters (ALT) 
114 _RMPS_SCMG_ATTRPROF S_KRM_01000013 Create Attribute Profile 
115 _RMPS_SCMG_CASETYPE S_KRM_01000027 Define Case Types 
116 _RMPS_SCMG_CATEGORY S_KRM_01000014 Create Values for Attribute 'Category' 
117 _RMPS_SCMG_DOC_TEMPL S_KRM_01000030 Include Data for Document Templates 
118 _RMPS_SCMG_FUNCPROF S_KRM_01000019 Create Function Profile 
119 _RMPS_SCMG_REGISTRY S_KRM_01000011 Set Registry for Case 
120 _RMPS_SCMG_SCASE S_KRM_01000012 Edit Case Model 
121 _RMPS_SCMG_STATPROF S_KRM_01000022 Create Status Profile 
122 _RMPS_SCMG_TERMPROF S_KRM_01000025 Create Terminology Profile 
123 _RMPS_SCMG_TEXTID S_KRM_01000020 Set Text IDs 
124 _RMPS_SCMG_TEXTPROF S_KRM_01000021 Create Text Profile 
125 _RMPS_SCMG_UI S_SRM_25000006 Define Interface Settings 
126 _RMPS_SIMG_WF0900 S_ABW_26000002 Define Standard Settings for Workflow 
127 _RMPS_SRMCMCREATE S_KRM_01000001 Create Content Model 
128 _RMPS_SRMDMWB S_KRM_01000002 Edit Attributes for Content Model 
129 _RMPS_SRMMODEL S_KRM_01000005 Create Record Model 
130 _RMPS_SRMPATHCUST2 S_KRM_01000009 Define Activities and Activity Functions for Process Route 
131 _RMPS_SRMREFRULE S_KRM_01000004 Define Generation Rules 
132 _RMPS_SRMWFGRPSEL S_ABB_85000002 Set Up Groups for Process Route Template 
133 _RMPS_SRM_CUST_01 S_KRM_01000003 Set Registry 
134 _RMPS_SRM_CUST_02 S_KRM_01000006 Create Role-Based View for Work Environment 
135 _RMPS_SRM_KC_ADMIN S_KRM_01000008 Create Keyword Catalog 
136 _RMPS_SRM_ORGTYP S_KRM_01000007 Define Order of Nodes in Electronic Desk 
137 _RMPS_SSFBASIS S_SRM_25000010 Define Basis Settings 
138 _RMPS_TEXT S_KRM_01000029 Links to Implementation Guide 
139 _RMPS_V_ATTRRULNAM S_KRM_01000032 Assign Generation Rule for Case Indicator to Case Type 
140 _RMPS_V_RMPSDOCTYPE S_KRM_01000052 Define Document Types 
141 _RMPS_V_RMPSRESCTYPE S_KRM_01000053 Define Record Types 
142 _RMPS_V_RMPS_STORDUR S_KRM_01000034 Define Retention Time for Disposal 
143 _RMPS_V_T100C S_KRM_01000047 Change Message Control 
144 _RMPS_WF_NOTDLMAIL S_SRM_25000005 Set Up Workflow for Undeliverable E-Mails 
145 _RMPS_XDC_INTERFACE S_SRM_25000003 Configure XDC Interface 
146 _SAPA_NOTE_LANGUAGES S_ABA_72000001 Establish Language for Notes 
147 _TKKVPYCORR S_KK4_08000235 Define Correspondence for Insufficient Deposit Coverage 
148 _TLM1 S_KK4_13000297 Create Report 
149 _TLM2 S_KK4_13000298 Change Report 
150 _TLM4 S_KK4_13000281 Create Form 
151 _TLM5 S_KK4_13000282 Change Form 
152 _TLMB S_KK4_13000291 Print/Refresh Report Data 
153 _TLMG S_KK4_13000284 Maintain Characteristic Groups 
154 _TLMK S_KK4_13000279 Maintain Key Figures 
155 _TLMO S_KK4_13000299 Transport Report 
156 _TLMP S_KK4_13000283 Transport Form 
157 _TLMQ S_KK4_13000296 Import Report from Client 000 
158 _TLMR S_KK4_13000280 Import Form from Client 000 
159 _TLMT S_KK4_13000300 Translate Report/Form 
160 _TLMV S_KK4_13000290 Maintain Global Variable 
161 _TLMW S_KK4_13000295 Maintain Currency Translation Types 
162 _TLMX S_KK4_13000293 Reorganize Report 
163 _TLMY S_KK4_13000294 Reorganize Report Data 
164 _TLMZ S_KK4_13000292 Reorganize Form 
165 _TMA5 S_KK4_13000235 Define Analysis Characteristics 
166 _TO_AUT_REL_STAT S_KBI_67000169 Edit Release Status Description 
167 _USEREXIT S_KK4_13000023 SAP Enhancements 
168 _USEREXITEGK S_KK4_13000062 SAP Enhancements for Costing 
169 _USEREXITFDU S_ABA_72000060 SAP Enhancements for External Data Transfer 
170 _VCRD_PTYPES S_E4E_66000027 Assign Permitted Partner Types 
171 _VC_AUSWT S_KK4_13000200 Define Evaluation Type 
172 _VC_CACS_TCACS_REL27 S_EE5_50000408 Define Release Types 
173 _VC_CACS_TCACS_RELTY S_ALN_01002501 Define Release Types 
174 _VC_TCACS_RELTYP S_ALN_01002499 Process Release Types 
175 _VC_VOLA S_KK4_13000267 Master Data for Volatilities 
176 _VTVBWCFV S_KK4_13000196 Define Assignment Manually 
177 _V_ATK01 S_KK4_13000271 Define Correlation Type 
178 _V_ATLTKAF_BANK S_KFM_86000120 Activate Key Figures for Global Collateral and Single Trans. Commitments 
179 _V_ATLTKAF_RCID S_KFM_86000119 Activate Free Characteristics 
180 _V_ATV01 S_KK4_13000270 Define Volatility Type 
181 _V_ATVO3 S_KK4_13000269 Define Statistics Type 
182 _V_ATVSZ S_KK4_13000259 Create Scenario Type 
183 _V_CACS_TCACS_RELRU S_ALN_01002511 Define Release Rules 
184 _V_INDEXA S_KK4_13000268 Set Up Index Type 
185 _V_JBD16CURR S_ALR_87007848 Maintain Currency Replacement for Yield Curve Types 
186 _V_KLADDONFAK S_KK4_13000287 Edit Add-On Factors 
187 _V_KLARRC S_KK4_13000303 Define Default Risk Rule 
188 _V_KLARRCRS S_KK4_13000305 Assign Risk Sensitivities 
189 _V_KLARRZU01 S_KK4_13000314 Assign BCA Accounts 
190 _V_KLARRZU02 S_KK4_13000315 Assign Accounts 
191 _V_KLAUSFWKT S_KK4_13000288 Edit Counterparty Default Probabilities 
192 _V_KLBESTZU S_KK4_13000317 Assign Positions and Securities Collateral 
193 _V_KLEGZU S_KK4_13000316 Assign OTC Options, Swaps and Money Market Transactions 
194 _V_KLEVC S_KK4_13000286 Edit Settings for Determination Procedures 
195 _V_KLEVDEF S_KK4_13000312 Define Determination Procedures 
196 _V_KLORDERZUARR S_KK4_13000318 Assign Single Transactions 
197 _V_KLREGDEF S_KK4_13000285 Define Variable Assignment ID 
198 _V_KLRISKSENSI S_KK4_13000307 Define Risk Sensitivity 
199 _V_KLXAKT S_KK4_13000308 Global Settings 
200 _V_TCACS_COT S_AER_95000099 Define Calculating Object Type 
201 _V_TCACS_RANK_REM S_E36_82000033 Hide Remuneration Types 
202 _V_TCACS_RANK_VAL S_E36_82000034 Hide Valuation Types 
203 _V_TCACS_RELTYP S_ALN_01002498 Process Release Types 
204 _V_VTVBKKBW S_KK4_13000198 BCA Accounts: Assign Valuation Rule 
205 _V_VTVTRBW S_KK4_13000197 Other Transactions: Assign Valuation Rule via Product Type 
206 _WCMMC_000003 S_KK4_16000042 Define Relations 
207 _WCMMD_000002 S_KK4_16000038 Assistant for Model Selection 
208 _WCMMD_000004 S_KK4_16000009 Check Consistency of Master Data 
209 _WCMMD_000006 S_KK4_16000031 Maintain Number Ranges for Work Approval 
210 _WCMMD_000007 S_KK4_16000032 Maintain Number Ranges for Applications 
211 _WCMMD_000008 S_KK4_16000033 Maintain Number Ranges for Work Clearance Documents 
212 _WCMMD_000009 S_KK4_16000035 Assign Number Ranges 
213 _WCMMD_000011 S_KK4_16000036 Maintain Usage for Work Approval 
214 _WCMMD_000012 S_KK4_16000037 Maintain Usage for Applications 
215 _WCMMD_000013 S_KK4_16000028 Maintain Usage for Work Clearance Documents 
216 _WCMMD_000015 S_KK4_16000012 Define Revision Phases 
217 _WCMMD_000016 S_KK4_16000013 Define Overall Conditions of Technical System 
218 _WCMMD_000017 S_KK4_16000014 Define Trains 
219 _WCMMD_000019 S_KK4_16000010 Define Fields 
220 _WCMMD_000021 S_KK4_16000001 Define Shop Papers and Layout for Printout 
221 _WCMMD_000022 S_KK4_16000002 Configure User-Specific Print Defaults 
222 _WCMMD_000025 S_KK4_16000046 Assign Catalog Types, List Type, and Catalog Profile 
223 _WCMMD_000027 S_KK4_16000049 Assign Priority Types 
224 _WCMMD_000029 S_KK4_16000048 Maintain Status Profiles 
225 _WCMMD_000030 S_KK4_16000047 Assign Status Profiles 
226 _WCMMD_000032 S_KK4_16000045 Assign Partner Determination Procedure 
227 _WCMMD_000034 S_KK4_16000050 Create Characteristics and Classes for Enhancement 
228 _WCMMD_000035 S_KK4_16000041 Define Direct Processing Mode 
229 _WCMMD_000036 S_KK4_16000043 Define Processing Mode for Relations 
230 _WCMMD_000037 S_KK4_16000044 Define Processing Mode for Navigation 
231 _WCMMD_000039 S_KK4_16000052 Define Catalog Types and Code Groups for Catalog Types 
232 _WCMMD_000040 S_KK4_16000015 Define Authorization Groups 
233 _WCMMD_000041 S_KK4_16000008 Generate Print Settings 
234 _WCMMD_000042 S_KK4_16000040 Define Descriptions 
235 _WCMMD_000043 S_KK4_16000039 Assistant for Maintaining Additional Applications 
236 _WCMMD_000044 S_KK4_16000011 Display Dialog Box 
237 _WCMMD_000045 S_SLN_44000005 Define Field Selection for Applications 
238 _WCMMD_000046 S_KK4_16000053 Define Field Selection for Work Approval 
239 _WCMMD_000047 S_KK4_16000054 Define Field Selection for Work Clearance Application 
240 _WCMMD_000048 S_KK4_16000055 Define Field Selection for Work Clearance Documents 
241 _WCMMD_000050 S_KK4_16000056 Archive Work Approvals 
242 _WCMMD_000052 S_KK4_16000058 Archive Work Clearance Documents 
243 _WCMMD_000053 S_KK4_16000060 Maintain Application Profile 
244 _WCMMD_000055 S_KK4_16000061 Maintain Operation Data for Work Clearance Management 
245 _WCMMD_000056 S_KK4_16000062 Generate Basic Settings 
246 _WCMMD_000057 S_ALN_01000357 Define Parameter for Text Processing 
247 _WCMMD_000058 S_ALN_01000358 Define Valuation 
248 _WCMMD_000059 S_ALN_01000359 Define Groups 
249 _WCMMD_000060 S_ALN_01000360 Group System and User Statuses 
250 _WCMMD_000061 S_ALN_01000361 Group Approval Status 
251 _WCMMD_000062 S_ALN_01000362 Group Additional Data 
252 _WCMMD_000063 S_ALN_01000363 Assignment Forbidden 
253 _WCMMD_000064 S_ALN_01000364 Creation Using Templates Forbidden 
254 _WCMMD_000065 S_ALN_01000366 Changes to Additional Data Forbidden 
255 _WCMMD_000066 S_ALN_01000367 Revoke Approvals 
256 _WCMMD_000067 S_ALN_01000368 Revoke Assignments 
257 _WCMMD_000068 S_ALN_01000369 Assignment Forbidden 
258 _WCMMD_000069 S_ALN_01000370 Creation Using Templates Forbidden 
259 _WCMMD_000070 S_ALN_01000374 Changes to Additional Data Forbidden 
260 _WCMMD_000071 S_ALN_01000378 Define Physical Blocking Types 
261 _WCMMD_000072 S_ALN_01000433 Integration with a Graphic WCM Planning 
262 _WCMMD_000080 S_E4E_66000077 Define Field Selection for Lineups 
263 _WCMMD_000081 S_E4E_66000078 Maintain Number Ranges for Lineups 
264 _WCMMD_000082 S_E4E_66000079 Maintain Usages for Lineups 
265 _WCMMD_000083 S_EE5_50000025 Settings for WCM-Relevant Operations 
266 _WCMMD_000084 S_EE5_50000231 Configure Work Permits 
267 _WCMMD_000085 S_EE5_50000232 Define Work 
268 _WCMMD_000086 S_EE5_50000233 Define Requirements 
269 _WCMMD_000087 S_EE5_50000235 Define Generic Descriptions 
270 _WCMMD_000088 S_EE5_50000264 Define View Profiles 
271 _WCMMD_000089 S_EE5_50000265 Assign View Profiles 
272 _WCMMD_000090 S_ALN_01000885 Define Priority Types 
273 _WCMMD_000091 S_ALN_01000897 Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Functions 
274 _WCMMD_000092 S_PLN_06000232 Display Catalog Directory with All Sub-Items 
275 _WCMMD_000093 S_PLN_06000233 Define Catalog Profile 
276 _WCMMD_000094 S_EE5_50000300 Do Not Display Dialog Box for Assignments 
277 _WCMMD_000100 S_E36_82000055 BAdI: WCM-Relevant Order 
278 _WCMMD_000101 S_E36_82000056 BAdI: WCM Objects 
279 _WCMMD_000102 S_E36_82000057 BAdI: Work Clearance Application 
280 _WCMMD_000103 S_E36_82000058 BAdI: WCD Template 
281 _WCMMD_000104 S_E36_82000059 BAdI: Operational WCD 
282 _WCMMD_000105 S_E36_82000060 BAdI: Approval 
283 _WCMMD_000106 S_E36_82000061 BAdI: Catalogs 
284 _WCMMD_000107 S_E36_82000062 BAdI: Object List 
285 _WCMMD_000108 S_E36_82000065 BAdI: Object List 
286 _WCMMD_000109 S_E36_82000066 BAdI: Assignments 
287 _WCMMD_000120 S_E36_82000067 BAdI: Work Approval 
288 _WCMMD_000121 S_E36_82000068 BAdI: Applications 
289 _WCMMD_000122 S_E36_82000069 BAdI: Work Clearance Application 
290 _WCMMD_000123 S_E36_82000070 BAdI: Work Clearance Document 
291 _WCMMD_000124 S_E36_82000071 BAdI: Work Approval 
292 _WCMMD_000125 S_E36_82000072 BAdI: Applications 
293 _WCMMD_000126 S_E36_82000073 BAdI: Work Clearance Application 
294 _WCMMD_000127 S_E36_82000074 BAdI: Work Clearance Document 
295 _WCMMD_000130 S_EE5_50000383 BAdI: List Editing for Work Permits 
296 _WCMMD_000131 S_EE5_50000384 BAdI: List Editing for Applications 
297 _WCMMD_000132 S_EE5_50000385 BAdI: List Editing for Work Clearance Documents 
298 _WCMMD_000133 S_EE5_50000386 BAdI: List Editing for Operational Lists 
299 _WCMMD_000134 S_EE5_50000387 BAdI: Selection of Work Clearance Documents 
300 _WCMMD_000135 S_EE5_50000388 BAdI: List Editing for Lineups 
301 _WCMMD_000136 S_EE5_50000389 BAdI: List Editing for Work Permits 
302 _WCMMD_000137 S_EE5_50000390 BAdI: Assignment of Orders 
303 _WCMMD_000138 S_EE5_50000391 BAdI: Assignment of Work Approvals 
304 _WCMMD_000139 S_EE5_50000392 BAdI: Assignment of Applications 
305 _WCMMD_000140 S_EE5_50000393 BAdI: Assignment of Operational WCDs 
306 _WCMMD_000141 S_EE5_50000394 BAdI: Multilevel List Editing 
307 _WCMMD_000142 S_EE5_50000395 BAdI: List Editing for Work Permits 
308 _WCMMD_000143 S_EE5_50000396 BAdI: List Editing for Applications 
309 _WCMMD_000144 S_EE5_50000397 BAdI: List Editing for Work Clearance Documents 
310 _WCMMD_000145 S_EE5_50000398 BAdI: List Editing for Operational Lists 
311 _WCMMD_000146 S_EE5_50000399 BAdI: Selection of Work Clearance Documents 
312 _WCMMD_000148 S_EE5_50000400 BAdI: List Editing for Lineups 
313 _WCMMD_000149 S_EE5_50000401 BAdI: List Editing for Work Permits 
314 _WCMMD_000150 S_EE5_50000402 BAdI: Assignment of Orders 
315 _WCMMD_000151 S_EE5_50000403 BAdI: Assignment of Work Approvals 
316 _WCMMD_000152 S_EE5_50000404 BAdI: Assignment of Applications 
317 _WCMMD_000153 S_EE5_50000405 BAdI: Assignment of Operational WCDs 
318 _WCMMD_000154 S_EE5_50000406 BAdI: Multilevel List Editing 
319 _WCMMD_000160 S_EE6_85000130 Selection of Templates for Automatic Creation of WCM Objects 
320 _WCMMD_000161 S_EE6_85000133 BAdI: Automatic Creation of WCM Objects 
321 _WCMMD_000162 S_EE6_85000154 BAdI: Automatic Creation of WCM Objects 
322 _WCMMD_000163 S_EE6_85000158 BAdI: Mobile Processing of Operational Lists 
323 _WCMMD_000170 S_EE6_85000196 BAdI: Mobile Processing of Operational Lists 
324 _WCMPE_000003 S_KK4_16000051 Define Permit Categories 
325 _WCMPE_000004 S_KK4_16000003 Maintain Approvals 
326 _WCMPE_000006 S_KK4_16000004 Assign Approval 
327 _WCMPE_000007 S_KK4_16000005 Define Hierarchy for Approvals 
328 _WCMPE_000008 S_KK4_16000006 Define Cross-Document Approval Process 
329 _WCMPE_000009 S_KK4_16000007 Define Dependent on System Status 
330 _WCMPE_000010 S_KK4_16000025 Define Dependent on Assignments 
331 _WCMPE_000012 S_KK4_16000026 Activate Work Clearance Management for Maintenance Orders 
332 _WCMPE_000014 S_KK4_16000027 Assign Processor for Approval Workflow 
333 _WCMPE_000015 S_KK4_16000024 Define Dependent on User Status 
334 _WCMPE_000016 S_P7E_63000013 Define Approval Groups 
335 _WCMPE_000017 S_EE5_50000407 Define Depending on Validity 
336 _WCMPE_000019 S_EEI_69000075 Assign Approvals Based on Usage 
337 _WCMTC_000003 S_KK4_16000030 Maintain Operational Conditions 
338 _WCMTC_000004 S_KK4_16000023 Maintain Operational Types 
339 _WCMTC_000005 S_KK4_16000029 Maintain Operational Groups 
340 _WCMTC_000006 S_KK4_16000016 Maintain Operational Data 
341 _WCMTC_000007 S_KK4_16000017 Check Consistency of Operational Data 
342 _WCMTC_000008 S_KK4_16000018 Define Print Format for Operational Tags 
343 _WCMTC_000009 S_KK4_16000034 Maintain Number Ranges for Operational Tags 
344 _WCMTC_000011 S_KK4_16000019 Maintain Conflict Rules 
345 _WCMTC_000013 S_KK4_16000020 Maintain Operational Classes 
346 _WCMTC_000014 S_KK4_16000021 Assign Technical Objects 
347 _WCMTC_000015 S_KK4_16000022 Assign Operational Conditions 
348 _WCMTC_000016 S_KK4_16000059 Assign Initial Operational Conditions / Operational Types 
349 _WCMTC_000017 S_AEN_10000076 General User Settings 
350 _WCMTC_000018 S_AEN_10000077 Plant-Specific User Settings 
351 _WCMTC_000020 S_EE5_50000026 General Settings 
352 _WCMTC_000021 S_EE5_50000105 Define Operational Steps 
353 _WCMWD_000051 S_KK4_16000057 Archive Applications 
354 _XXISPSFMEIN S_KI4_55000143 Prepare Funds Management Installation 
355 _YIELDINTVALS S_PLN_62000482 Define Yield Ranges