SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index _, page 4
IMG Activity - _
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 _FICA_TS_FKKEBSPOISY S_KK4_74002647 Define Interval Variants for Billing System Interfaces 
2 _FICA_TS_FQCF S_KK4_74002732 Activate Parallel Update of Cash Management 
3 _FICA_TS_TFK000D S_KK4_74002190 Activate Performance Improvement for Mass Runs 
4 _FICA_TS_TFK000D2 S_KK4_74002225 Activate Additional Checks for Master Data Changes to Business Partner 
5 _FICA_TS_TFK090MORE1 S_KK4_74002468 Mass Activities: Prepare Further Data 
6 _FICA_TS_VC_TFK090 S_KK4_74002223 Prepare Mass Activities 
7 _FICA_TS_V_TFKDO_TYP S_KK4_74002527 Define Job Categories 
8 _FICA_V2_V3 S_KK4_74002427 Adjust Forms for the Payment Program 
9 _FICA_V_FKKORDERRANG S_KK4_74002661 Assign Request Templates to Number Ranges 
10 _FMCACOLLAG S_KK4_82001083 Strategy for Deriving Responsible Collections Agency 
11 _FMISPS_FMFGF2EDGRP S_EDS_20000066 Edits 2,3,5 & 11 
12 _FMISPS_RFACTS2_EDIN S_EDS_20000067 Edit 6 
13 _FMPU_R_USERDIM S_AEN_10000265 BAdI: Fill Customer Field 
14 _FND_PPJ_TBKK_ORG S_FSD_70000019 Information 
15 _FND_PPJ_TBKK_PAR S_FSD_70000017 Umfang, Typ und Modus der Nummernvergabe festlegen 
16 _FND_PPJ_TBKK_PARA S_FSD_70000018 Einstellungen zur Nummernvergabe vornehmen 
17 _FPP_CREATE_INTERVAL S_AEN_10000970 BAdI: Interval Distribution 
18 _FPP_V_FPP_CUST S_AEN_10000258 Processes 
19 _FS_FND_OAF_V_AGENT S_FSD_70000007 Agenten anlegen 
20 _GMA_AFX_ACT S_PAB_37000033 Create Number Range for Activity Log 
21 _GMA_ARC_CORRSPND S_PAB_37000036 Define Residence Time for Correspondence Types (CORRSPND Object) 
22 _GMA_ARC_CUST_CHECK S_PAB_37000037 Check Archiving Customizing 
23 _GMA_ARC_FILE S_PAB_37000032 Create Logical File Path 
24 _GMA_ARC_GLOBAL S_PAB_37000035 Maintain Global Archiving Control 
25 _GMA_ARC_WORKB_HINTS S_ABA_72000367 Note on the Following IMG Activities 
26 _GTF_CHD_DEFINE_OBJ S_KBI_67000020 Maintain Change Document Object 
27 _GTF_CHD_RANGE_ATTR S_KBI_67000019 Maintain Display of Attributes 
28 _ICL007_AUTH S_KK4_08000246 Control Random Approval of Payments 
29 _IS-B-BCA-IS-F9CRT1 S_KK4_13000130 Maintain Report Tree 
30 _ISISFICABF_VSC06 S_SK4_11000031 Assign Subtransactions to Payt Plan-Specific Main Transactions (G/L Item) 
31 _ISISFICABF_VVSCCACT S_KK4_08000151 Define Activities when Changing Payment Plan Items 
32 _ISISFICABTSC_VSC04 S_KK4_08000101 Item Display Setting 
33 _ISISFICASCHED_VSC06 S_KK4_08000211 Define Account Determination for Debt Recognition 
34 _ISISFICA_ACTIVOPORD S_KK4_08000643 Classification Key and Broker Field Active for Payment Plan Items 
35 _ISISFICA_ARCHBALINT S_KK4_08000483 Define Runtimes for Balance Interest Calculation History 
36 _ISISFICA_ARCHCOIN S_KK4_08000484 Define Runtimes for Coinsurance History 
37 _ISISFICA_ASGNSUMMAR S_KK4_08000531 Assign Summarization Categories 
38 _ISISFICA_BCADDFIELD S_KK4_08000563 Include Own Fields in Detail Screen 
39 _ISISFICA_BC_FQKPB S_KK4_08000237 Define Line Layout Variants for Fast Entry 
40 _ISISFICA_BROK_FQKPT S_KK4_08000501 Define Line Layout Variants for Item Entry 
41 _ISISFICA_COINHVTV S_KK4_08000468 Main and Subtransactions for Coinsurance Reports 
42 _ISISFICA_FQKPB S_KK4_08000217 Define Line Layout Variants for Broker Report Fast Entry 
43 _ISISFICA_IBR10 S_KK4_74002199 Define Number Ranges for Autom. Creation of Broker Reports 
44 _ISISFICA_IBR15 S_KK4_74002263 Maintain Screen Variants for Broker Reports 
45 _ISISFICA_IBR23 S_KK4_74002265 Define Clearing Accounts 
46 _ISISFICA_IBR24 S_KK4_74002264 Assign G/L Clarification Accounts to Categories 
47 _ISISFICA_IBR27 S_KK4_74002201 Define Specs for Broker Summary Postings 
48 _ISISFICA_IBR31 S_KK4_74002200 Maintain Parameters for Access to Broker Hierarchy 
49 _ISISFICA_IBR36 S_KK4_08000524 Define Expense/Revenue Accounts for Payment Differences 
50 _ISISFICA_IBR80 S_KK4_08000287 Specifications for Automatic Broker Report Postprocessing 
51 _ISISFICA_IBROBASIC S_KK4_08000553 Activation of Basic Functions 
52 _ISISFICA_INSO0019 S_KK4_08000314 Configure Field Attributes for Insurance Object Categories 
53 _ISISFICA_INTCURRCHG S_KK4_08000317 Configure Permitted Currency Change 
54 _ISISFICA_SE75 S_KK4_74002198 Define Note Types 
55 _ISISFICA_TEILART S_KK4_08000678 Define Splitting Type for Credit Splitting 
56 _ISISFICA_TIBRACTIVI S_KK4_74002267 Configure Activities for Clarifying Broker Reports 
57 _ISISFICA_TKKV007F S_KK4_08000642 Define Tariff Groups 
58 _ISISFICA_TKKVBAKT S_KK4_74002175 Maintain House Banks for Invoicing 
59 _ISISFICA_TKKVBAKT1 S_KK4_74002114 Define House Banks for Dunning Notices 
60 _ISISFICA_TKKVBASIC S_KK4_74002188 Link Profitability Analysis 
61 _ISISFICA_TKKVBL2TP S_KK4_74002411 Assign Item Categories to Document Types 
62 _ISISFICA_TKKVBLART S_KK4_74002345 Maintain Control Information for Document Types 
63 _ISISFICA_TKKVBLERM S_KK4_74002167 Assign DME Items to Document Types 
64 _ISISFICA_TKKVBUGRD S_KK4_74002351 Define Posting Reasons 
65 _ISISFICA_TKKVCOPA S_KK4_74002187 Maintain Characteristic Assignment for Profitability Analysis 
66 _ISISFICA_TKKVFAART S_KK4_74002176 Define Invoicing Types 
67 _ISISFICA_TKKVIACTDE S_KK4_08000316 Define Activities for Insurance Objects With Acct Balance Interest Calc. 
68 _ISISFICA_TKKVKONTO S_KK4_74002402 Define Field Specifications for Contract Account Category 
69 _ISISFICA_TKKVMAHNV S_KK4_74002122 Define Dunning Procedure for Line Items 
70 _ISISFICA_TKKVMVARI S_KK4_74002111 Define Dunning Variants 
71 _ISISFICA_TKKVMZAHL S_KK4_74002090 Define Item Categories for Exceptions and Extended Grouping 
72 _ISISFICA_TKKVNFAEL S_KK4_74002091 Maintain Deadlines for Future Due Dates 
73 _ISISFICA_TKKVPNTYP S_KK4_74002410 Define Item Categories 
74 _ISISFICA_TKKVPRGRP S_KK4_74002350 Define Product Groups 
75 _ISISFICA_TKKVPYCORR S_KK4_08000236 Define Correspondence for Insufficient Deposit Coverage 
76 _ISISFICA_TKKVRBART S_KK4_74002352 Define Legal Relationship Types 
77 _ISISFICA_TKKVSLART S_KK4_74002407 Determine Selection Types for Payment Forms 
78 _ISISFICA_TKKVTXB S_KK4_74002092 Maintain Text Modules for Additional Notes to Payee 
79 _ISISFICA_TKKVUVFRI S_KK4_74002397 Define Deadline Variants 
80 _ISISFICA_TKKVUVORD S_KK4_74002398 Define Sort Field Priority 
81 _ISISFICA_TKKVUVSRT S_KK4_74002399 Define Sort Variants 
82 _ISISFICA_TKKVUVVAR S_KK4_74002400 Define Clearing Variants 
83 _ISISFICA_TKKVVERD S_KK4_74002154 Define Summarization Criteria for Transfer Document Items 
84 _ISISFICA_TKKVZAFRQ S_KK4_74002105 Define Frequency for Collections/Disbursements 
85 _ISISFICA_TKKV_ICOPA S_KK4_08000232 Maintain Characteristic Assignment for Profitability Analysis 
86 _ISISFICA_VCTIBRCLAR S_KK4_74002266 Configure Clarification Code 
87 _ISISFICA_VCTKKVEVOR S_KK4_74002367 Define External Transactions 
88 _ISISFICA_VC_SUMMAR S_KK4_08000530 Define Summarization Categories for Balance Interest Calculation 
89 _ISISFICA_VC_TKKVPOG S_KK4_74002158 Define Item Grouping Categories 
90 _ISISFICA_VC_TKKVPOV S_KK4_74002157 Define Item Summarization Categories 
91 _ISISFICA_VC_TKKV_RE S_KK4_74002104 Define Criteria for Transactions to be Investigated 
92 _ISISFICA_VC_TVSC S_KK4_74002152 Define Payment Options 
93 _ISISFICA_VC_TVSC_PP S_KK4_74002153 Define Payment Plans and Attributes 
94 _ISISFICA_VERULI S_KK4_08000291 Define Clearing Algorithm 
95 _ISISFICA_VSC01 S_KK4_74002151 Define Specifications for Reversal 
96 _ISISFICA_VSC02 S_KK4_74002150 Define Specifications for Payment Plan Charges 
97 _ISISFICA_VSC03 S_KK4_74002148 Define Specifications for Payment Plan Change 
98 _ISISFICA_VSC08 S_KK4_08000705 Define Default Values for the Insurance Object Dialog 
99 _ISISFICA_VSC09 S_KK4_08000677 Edit Settings for Cash Management (Payment Plans) 
100 _ISISFICA_VTIBRDEFAU S_KK4_74002232 Define Specs for Broker Reports 
101 _ISISFICA_VTKKVIVV S_KK4_74002366 Assign External Transactions 
102 _ISISFICA_VVKKCSTR S_KK4_74002141 Name Customer Structures for Posting Data Transfer 
103 _ISISFICA_VVKK_BRCOL S_KK4_74002197 Define Runtime for Broker Report 
104 _ISISFICA_VVKK_COINS S_KK4_08000432 Settings for Identifying and Posting Coinsurance Shares 
105 _ISISFICA_VVSCNUM S_KK4_74002159 Maintain Payment Plan Number Ranges 
106 _ISISFICA_VVSCNUMITM S_KK4_08000220 Define Number Ranges for Payment Plan Subitems 
107 _ISISFICA_VVSCNUMPOS S_KK4_08000219 Define Number Ranges for Payment Plan Items 
108 _ISISFICA_VVSCSORT S_KK4_08000290 Define Sort Keys 
109 _ISISFICA_VY6H S_KK4_74002300 Define Accounts for Receivables/Payables 
110 _ISISFICA_VY6I S_KK4_74002299 Define Accounts for Revenues/Expenses 
111 _ISISFICA_VY6J S_KK4_74002404 Maintain Posting Reasons for Over-Payments 
112 _ISISFICA_VY6N(2) S_KK4_74002115 Maintain Posting Reasons for Dunning Charges 
113 _ISISFICA_VY6P S_KK4_74002170 Define Bank Clearing/Clarification Account for Bank Details - DME 
114 _ISISFICA_VY6U S_KK4_08000318 Define Parameters for Currency Change 
115 _ISISFICA_VY6V S_KK4_08000319 Define G/L Accounts for Currency Change 
116 _ISISFICA_VY6W S_KK4_08000320 Define Parameters for Transfer Postings 
117 _ISISFICA_VY6X S_KK4_08000332 Define Parameters for Closing 
118 _ISISFICA_VY7I S_KK4_74002123 Define Specifications for Balance Interest Calculation 
119 _ISISFICA_VY7M S_KK4_08000431 Define Default Values for Clearing on Open Account Basis 
120 _ISISFICA_VYAC23 S_KK4_08000481 Activate Archive Info Structure for Coinsurance Histories 
121 _ISISFICA_VYAF1 S_KK4_74002172 Define Runtime per Invoicing Type 
122 _ISISFICA_VYAS21 S_KK4_74002196 Activate Archive Info Structure for Broker Report Archive 
123 _ISISFICA_VYAS22 S_KK4_74002250 Activate Archive Info Structure for Dunning Archive 
124 _ISISFICA_VYAS31 S_SK4_11000050 Activate Archive Information Structure for Correspondence Archive 
125 _ISISFICA_VYAS43 S_KK4_08000482 Activate Archive Info Structure for Balance Interest Calc. History 
126 _ISISFICA_VYAUG S_KK4_08000552 Define Clearing Restrictions for External Transactions 
127 _ISISFICA_VYCO S_KK4_08000436 Default Values for Posting Coinsurance Shares 
128 _ISISFICA_VYFS S_KK4_74002155 Generate Interface for Posting Data Transfer 
129 _ISISFICA_VYTAX1 S_KK4_08000480 Insurance Tax Schedule for Payments on Account from Other Payments 
130 _ISISFICA_VYTAX3 S_KK4_08000581 Determine Main and Subtransactions for Payments on Account 
131 _ISISFICA_VYZ10 S_KK4_74002106 Assign Item Indicator to Payment Lock Reasons 
132 _ISISFICA_VY_V131 S_KK4_08000511 Define Preliminary Tax Code (Argentina) 
133 _ISISFICA_VY_V132 S_KK4_08000512 Activity Code and Distribution Category Determination (Argentina) 
134 _ISISFICA_VY_V133 S_KK4_08000562 Classification Determination for Tax Reporting 
135 _ISISFICA_V_FAARTPMT S_KK4_08000343 Define Additional Payment Methods for Invoicing Types 
136 _ISISFICA_V_TB030 S_KK4_08000339 Maintain Authorization Types for Insurance Objects 
137 _ISISFICA_V_TFK002AV S_KK4_74002412 Configure Contract Account Categories and Assign Number Ranges (FS-CD) 
138 _ISISFICA_V_TFK005A S_KK4_74002117 Define Runtime for Dunning History 
139 _ISISFICA_V_TFK005A2 S_KK4_74002103 Define Runtime for Suspicious Transactions 
140 _ISISFICA_V_TFK005A3 S_KK4_74002173 Define General Runtime for Invoicing History 
141 _ISISFICA_V_TFK070N S_KK4_08000262 Define Number of Attached Payment Forms 
142 _ISISFICA_V_TFK080R1 S_KK4_74002174 Define Lock Reasons for Invoicing 
143 _ISISFICA_V_TKKV007C S_KK4_08000479 Insurance Tax Schedule for Payments on Account from Broker Reports 
144 _ISISFICA_V_TKKV007D S_KK4_08000477 Define Insurance Tax Categories 
145 _ISISFICA_V_TKKV007E S_KK4_08000478 Assign Tax Codes to Tax Categories 
146 _ISISFICA_V_TKKVFOAR S_KK4_74002330 Maintain Receivable Types 
147 _ISISFICA_V_TKKVHVTV S_KK4_74002268 Assign Main and Sub-Transactions to Categories 
148 _ISISFICA_V_TKKVIACT S_KK4_08000315 Assign Activities to Insurance Objects With Acct Balance Interest Calc. 
149 _ISISFICA_V_TVS030A S_KK4_74002149 Define Activities for Payment Plan Change 
150 _ISISFICA_V_TVS030C S_KK4_74002281 Define Payment Plan Event Activities 
151 _ISISFICA_V_V050 S_SK4_11000052 Assign Transactions for Account Balance Display 
152 _ISIS_TLXXBEB S_KK4_74001064 Maintain Company Areas 
153 _ISIS_TLXXBSA S_KK4_74001079 Maintain In-Force Business Types 
154 _ISIS_TLXXBSG S_KK4_74001075 Maintain In-Force Business Groups for Life/Pension Funds 
155 _ISIS_TLXXFUB S_KK4_74001065 Maintain Functional Areas 
156 _ISIS_TLXXGSA S_KK4_74001078 Maintain Business Types 
157 _ISIS_TLXXGZA S_KK4_74001077 Maintain Underwriting Types 
158 _ISIS_TLXXLSL S_KK4_74001076 Maintain Country Where Risk is Situated 
159 _ISIS_TLXXMBA S_KK4_74001070 Maintain In-Force Business Type Reporting 
160 _ISIS_TLXXMBG S_KK4_74001068 Maintain In-Force Business Groups Reporting for Pension Funds 
161 _ISIS_TLXXMGA S_KK4_74001071 Maintain Transaction Type Reporting 
162 _ISIS_TLXXMHK S_KK4_74001067 Maintain Country of Origin for Ins. Transaction Statutory Reporting 
163 _ISIS_TLXXMRS S_KK4_74001069 Maintain Risk Type Reporting 
164 _ISIS_TLXXMVL S_KK4_74001063 Maintain Insurance Type Reporting 
165 _ISIS_TLXXMVZ S_KK4_74001062 Maintain Insurance Class Reporting 
166 _ISIS_TLXXRSA S_KK4_74001066 Maintain Risk Types 
167 _ISIS_TLXXSDA S_KK4_74001072 Maintain Claim Types 
168 _ISIS_TLXXVAL S_KK4_74001074 Maintain Insurance Types 
169 _ISIS_VC_TLXX004 S_KK4_74001073 Maintain Field Status Definition for Add. Acct Assignments 
170 _ISMCABFCR_EK_M100 S_KK4_82000559 Definition of Payment Medium IDs for Forms (IS-M) 
171 _ISMCABFDP_ISMCA00 S_KK4_82000557 Definition of Account Assignment Data Relevant for Main Transaction in IS-M 
172 _ISMCABFDP_ISMCA01 S_KK4_82000558 Record Account Assignment Data Relevant to Subtransaction for IS-M 
173 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG10 S_KK4_82000611 Maintain Transactions for Retail 
174 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_0 S_KK4_82000584 Maintain Transactions for Charges 
175 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_2 S_KK4_82000585 Maintain Transactions for Down Payments 
176 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_3 S_KK4_82000586 Maintain Transactions for Interest 
177 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_4 S_KK4_82000587 Maintain Transactions for Payments on Account 
178 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_5 S_KK4_82000588 Maintain Transactions for Returns 
179 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_6 S_KK4_82000589 Maintain Transactions for Installments 
180 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_7 S_KK4_82000590 Maintain Transactions for Writing-Off 
181 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_8 S_KK4_82000591 Maintain Transactions for Other Receivables 
182 _ISMCABFDP_TFKVORG_9 S_KK4_82000610 Maintain Transactions for Subscription Invoices 
183 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA03 S_KK4_82000560 Derive Main Transaction/Subtransaction According to IS-M Data 
184 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA04 S_KK4_82000561 Derive Document Type from IS-M Billing Document Type 
185 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA05 S_KK4_74002630 Derive Document Type from IS-M Object Type 
186 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA06 S_KK4_74002631 Derive Transactions for IS-M/SD Home Delivery 
187 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA07 S_KK4_74002632 Derive Transactions for IS-M/SD Commission 
188 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA08 S_KK4_82000958 Activate Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable for Service Settlement 
189 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA09 S_KK4_82001484 Define Control Settings for Incoming Payments for Renewals 
190 _ISMCAIN_ISMCA700 S_KK4_82000632 Record Document Type for Revenue Accrual 
191 _ISMCAIN_TFK077DV S_KK4_82000670 Define Posting to FI-CA for Customer Account Groups 
192 _ISMFICAJSDCA_001 S_KK4_82000948 Assign Transactions for Account Balance Display (IS-M) 
193 _ISMJYVTJY00_VKTYP1   Define Contract Account Category 
194 _ISPSCA_AUTHCHK   Authorization Check 
195 _ISPSCA_FQOGRM S_KK4_82001077 Define Specifications for Clearing Documents for General Requests 
196 _ISPSCA_OFMCA_P020 S_KK4_82000865 Determine Ranking Order for Processing Note to Payee 
197 _ISPSCA_OFMCA_P030 S_KK4_82001030 Define Additional Specifications for Write-Offs in the Public Sector 
198 _ISPSCA_OFMCA_P100 S_P7I_82001698 Define Payment Medium ID for Forms (PSCD) 
199 _ISPSCA_OFMCA_P200 S_KK4_82000951 Define Parameters for Vendor View Document Interface 
200 _ISPSCA_OFMCA_P201 S_KK4_82000952 Derive Main/Subtransaction Based on Document Type 
201 _ISPSCA_OFMCA_P203 S_KK4_82000953 Assign Clearing Accounts 
202 _ISPSCA_REFX   Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX) 
203 _ISPSCA_TFK0001P S_P7I_82001638 Sub-application 
204 _ISPSCA_TFMCA006 S_KK4_82000863 Process Selected Values from Note to Payee 
205 _ISPSCA_TPSOB_AUTH S_ANI_82001567 Define Check of Old Authorization Objects (documents) 
206 _ISPSCA_V_TFK071_PS_ S_KK4_82000556 Specify Inbound Correspondence for Shortened Periods 
207 _ISPSDE_AKTVERF S_KI4_38000111 Set Activation Procedures for Budget Versions 
208 _ISPSDE_BVERSAKT S_KI4_55000087 Activate Activity-Related Budget Versions (German Government) 
209 _ISPSDE_F821 S_KI4_55000044 Propose FI Document Type for Request Category 
210 _ISPSDE_F822 S_KI4_55000038 Set Up Amount-Based Payment Block 
211 _ISPSDE_F823 S_KI4_55000033 Assign Revenue Type to Object Class 
212 _ISPSDE_F838 S_KI4_55000032 Assign Revenue Type to Account Group 
213 _ISPSDE_F839 S_KI4_55000022 Create Number Ranges for Object Class 
214 _ISPSDE_F843 S_KI4_55000023 Assign Object Class to Number Range Interval 
215 _ISPSDE_F850 S_KI4_55000025 Define G/L Account Determination 
216 _ISPSDE_F851 S_KI4_55000135 Define Fiscal Year Identification 
217 _ISPSDE_F852 S_KI4_55000136 Assign Fiscal Year to a Fiscal Year Identification 
218 _ISPSDE_F853 S_KI4_55000132 Define Company Code Group 
219 _ISPSDE_F854 S_KI4_55000133 Assign Company Code to a Company Code Group 
220 _ISPSDE_F855 S_KI4_55000024 Define Characteristics for Account Determination 
221 _ISPSDE_F858 S_KI4_55000027 Create Number Range Intervals for Requests 
222 _ISPSDE_F859 S_KI4_55000028 Assign Request Type to Number Range Interval 
223 _ISPSDE_F860 S_KI4_55000030 Define Revenue Types 
224 _ISPSDE_F861 S_KI4_55000035 Assign Revenue Type to Dunning Area 
225 _ISPSDE_F862 S_KI4_55000036 Assign Revenue Type to Commitment Item 
226 _ISPSDE_F865 S_KI4_55000031 Assign Sub-Revenue Type to Main Revenue Type 
227 _ISPSDE_F867 S_KI4_55000049 Define Deduction Reasons 
228 _ISPSDE_F868 S_KI4_55000042 Define Regions 
229 _ISPSDE_F869 S_KI4_55000037 Define Funds Usage 
230 _ISPSDE_F8O0 S_KI4_55000084 Delete Bank Details for Revenue Types and/or Objects 
231 _ISPSDE_F8O1 S_KI4_55000083 Delete Objects 
232 _ISPSDE_F8O2 S_KI4_55000141 Maintain Global Settings (German Government) 
233 _ISPSDE_F8O3 S_KI4_55000039 Define Rounding Unit for Due Dates 
234 _ISPSDE_F8O4 S_KI4_55000043 Assign Request Category to FI Document Type 
235 _ISPSDE_F8O5 S_KI4_55000045 Control Processing of Request Categories 
236 _ISPSDE_F8R1 S_KI4_55000004 Extend Dunning Procedure 
237 _ISPSDE_F8R2 S_KI4_55000005 Assign Dunning Procedure to a Dunning Area 
238 _ISPSDE_FM01 S_KI4_55000080 Define Funds Center for Budget 
239 _ISPSDE_FM30 S_KI4_55000100 Copy Structural and Grouping Texts 
240 _ISPSDE_FMBGAGLOB S_KI4_55000010 Maintain Global Settings 
241 _ISPSDE_FMBO S_KI4_38000143 Define Formulas and Summarization Objects 
242 _ISPSDE_FMDV S_KI4_55000120 Transfer Residual Budget from Previous Year 
243 _ISPSDE_FMDW S_KI4_55000121 Transfer Financial Result for Collective Expenditure 
244 _ISPSDE_FMDX S_KI4_55000123 Transfer Collective Expenditure Planning 
245 _ISPSDE_FMDY S_KI4_55000124 Transfer Financial Result for Budget 
246 _ISPSDE_FMDZ S_KI4_55000129 Transfer Budget Planning 
247 _ISPSDE_FMEG S_KI4_55000062 Totalling for Groups Individual Plan 
248 _ISPSDE_FMFU S_KI4_55000051 Maintain Grouping for Financing Overview 
249 _ISPSDE_FMFV S_KI4_55000061 Edit Summarizations Using Groupings for Total/Finance Plan 
250 _ISPSDE_FMGL S_KI4_55000098 Maintain Structure Texts 
251 _ISPSDE_FMGR S_KI4_55000099 Maintain Grouping Texts 
252 _ISPSDE_FMGS S_KI4_55000056 Maintain Totalling for Grouping Overview 
253 _ISPSDE_FMHQ S_KI4_55000050 Maintain Grouping for Budget Cross-Section 
254 _ISPSDE_FMHV S_KI4_55000073 Maintain Budget Memo 
255 _ISPSDE_FMIV S_KI4_55000063 Exclude Grouping from the Totalling Up 
256 _ISPSDE_FMK2 S_KI4_55000096 Define Structure of Commitment Item 
257 _ISPSDE_FMK3 S_KI4_55000060 Maintain Form Assignment 
258 _ISPSDE_FMK4 S_KI4_55000097 Copy Commitment Item Structure from Source Client 
259 _ISPSDE_FMKF S_KI4_55000053 Maintain Financial Budget Investments Grouping 
260 _ISPSDE_FMKS S_KI4_55000052 Maintain Totalling for Financial Budget 
261 _ISPSDE_FMNO S_KI4_55000015 Create Number Range Intervals for Cash Desk Documents 
262 _ISPSDE_FMTA S_KI4_55000003 Define Summarization Key (FM Accounts) for Day-End Closing 
263 _ISPSDE_FMZT S_KI4_55000001 Assign Posting Day to Company Code/FM Area 
264 _ISPSDE_HHSU S_KI4_55000054 Maintain Grouping and Totalling for Evaluation of Original Budget 
265 _ISPSDE_MNTB S_KI4_55000007 Assign Name Interval to Processors 
266 _ISPSDE_MNTF S_KI4_55000006 Define User Role 
267 _ISPSDE_OB61 S_KI4_55000034 Define Dunning Areas 
268 _ISPSDE_OFCC S_KI4_55000068 Restrict Rules for Cover Eligibility 
269 _ISPSDE_OFEW S_KI4_55000059 Maintain Number of Inhabitants 
270 _ISPSDE_OFM_ACT_KOMU S_KI4_55000139 Activate Global Functions for German Government 
271 _ISPSDE_OFM_FM01_KOM S_KI4_55000138 Maintain Reference Number of FM Area 
272 _ISPSDE_OFM_HSART S_KI4_55000104 Maintain Commitment Item 
273 _ISPSDE_OFR1 S_KI4_55000064 Create Number Ranges for Cover Pools 
274 _ISPSDE_OFR2 S_KI4_55000057 Assign Number Range for Cover Pools to FM Area 
275 _ISPSDE_OFSN S_KI4_55000079 Define Top Funds Center for Collective Expenditure 
276 _ISPSDE_OFUD S_KI4_55000069 Enter Settings for Revenues Increasing the Budget 
277 _ISPSDE_REWR S_KI4_55000018 Define Printed Receipt 
278 _ISPSDE_VERDSCHL S_KI4_55000002 Maintain Summarization Key (FI Accounts) for Day-End Closing 
279 _ISPSDE_V_FMAC S_KI4_55000017 Assign General Ledger Account to Cashier 
280 _ISPSDE_V_FMBGACT S_KI4_55000008 Activate Processes for Public-Owned Commercial Operations 
281 _ISPSDE_V_FMBGADEF S_KI4_55000011 Create Public-Owned Commercial Operations 
282 _ISPSDE_V_FMBGAHHST S_KI4_55000012 Define Tax Code for Budget 
283 _ISPSDE_V_FMBGAKONT S_KI4_55000013 Assign FM Account Assignments to Public-Owned Commercial Operations 
284 _ISPSDE_V_FMFORMAN S_KI4_55000046 Request Printout: Assign Own Forms 
285 _ISPSDE_V_FMFRG S_KI4_55000091 Define Release Group Profile 
286 _ISPSDE_V_FMPY S_KI4_55000016 Define Payment Transactions 
287 _ISPSDE_V_PSO51 S_KI4_55000026 Define Account Determination for Deferrals 
288 _ISPSFFM_N_VC_FMSTAT S_KI4_38000330 Edit Status 
289 _ISPSFICA_B001FSTAT S_KK4_82000322 Configure Field Attributes for Each Contract Object 
290 _ISPSFICA_FMCADERIVE S_KK4_74002563 Define FM Account Assignment Derivation 
291 _ISPSFICA_KC7R S_KK4_82000328 Define Transfer Rules 
292 _ISPSFICA_KCLJ S_KK4_82000326 Start Transfer 
293 _ISPSFICA_KCLL S_KK4_82000324 Define Sender Structures 
294 _ISPSFICA_KCLP S_KK4_82000327 Display Logs 
295 _ISPSFICA_OFMCA_P000 S_KK4_82000081 Define Accounts for Receivables/Payables 
296 _ISPSFICA_OFMCA_P001 S_KK4_82000082 Define Accounts for Revenues/Expenses 
297 _ISPSFICA_OFMCA_P010 S_KK4_82000435 Assign Transactions for Account Balance Display 
298 _ISPSFICA_OFMCA_PD05 S_KK4_82000079 Define Field Specifications for Each Contract Account Category 
299 _ISPSFICA_PSOB0100 S_KK4_82000321 Configure Field Attributes for Each Activity 
300 _ISPSFICA_PSOB0104 S_KK4_82000323 Configure Screens 
301 _ISPSFICA_PSOBNUM S_KK4_82000319 Define Number Ranges 
302 _ISPSFICA_TFMCA002 S_KK4_82000334 Define Tolerance for Inbound Correspondence Due Date 
303 _ISPSFICA_TPSOB002 S_KK4_82000403 Change Screen Sequence for Each Object Type/Hierarchy Level 
304 _ISPSFICA_V_TFK080R1 S_KK4_82000337 Define Lock Reason for Invoicing 
305 _ISPSFICA_V_TFKIVV S_KK4_82000080 Assign External Transactions 
306 _ISPSFICA_V_TFK_BPRA   Define Requirements for Valuation of Business Partner Data 
307 _ISPSFICA_V_TFMCA001 S_KK4_82000333 Define Status for Generating Inbound Correspondence 
308 _ISPSFICA_V_TFMCA003 S_KK4_82000336 Define Invoice Types 
309 _ISPSFICA_V_TFMCA004 S_KK4_82000335 Exclude Transactions from Invoicing 
310 _ISPSFICA_V_TPSOB001 S_KK4_82000320 Define Contract Object Types and Assign Number Ranges 
311 _ISPSFM_AKTVERF S_KI4_55000086 Set Activation Procedures for Budget Versions 
312 _ISPSFM_BADI_STRID S_ALN_01001113 BAdI: Subdivision ID Default for Rule Maintenance 
313 _ISPSFM_BAFIPOSLT S_KI4_55000103 Create Additional Text Types for Commitment Items 
314 _ISPSFM_BAFISTLLT S_KI4_55000082 Create Additional Text Types for Funds Centers 
315 _ISPSFM_BAFONDSLT S_KI4_55000106 Create Additional Text Types for Fund 
316 _ISPSFM_BGA S_KI4_38000142 Enter Settings for the Taxation Procedure in FI 
317 _ISPSFM_BREC S_AEN_10000974 Set Up Automatic Budget Postings After Fiscal Year Change 
318 _ISPSFM_BSP_FM9Y S_KI4_55000160 Convert to Year-Dependency: Copy BS Annually 
319 _ISPSFM_BUDVERS_STD S_KI4_38000112 Activate Activity-Related Budget Versions 
320 _ISPSFM_BUD_SM30 S_ALN_01000840 Change Message Control 
321 _ISPSFM_CCF_REFINE S_ALN_01000501 BAdI: Individual Carryforward Rules for Commtmt Carryforward 
322 _ISPSFM_CEPROFMAINT S_KI4_55000149 Maintain Cover Eligibility Profile 
323 _ISPSFM_CHECK_HEUR S_PLN_16000243 Check Customizing Settings 
324 _ISPSFM_ERWEITERUNG S_ALN_01000202 Develop Enhancements for Funds Management 
325 _ISPSFM_F866 S_KI4_55000147 Activate Customer/Vendor Check Digits 
326 _ISPSFM_F8O2 S_KI4_55000150 Maintain Global Settings 
327 _ISPSFM_F8O8 S_KI4_55000040 Create Workflow Variant for Requests 
328 _ISPSFM_F8O9 S_KI4_55000041 Assign Company Code to Workflow Variant for Requests 
329 _ISPSFM_F8P3 S_KI4_55000163 Delete Bank Details for Revenue Types 
330 _ISPSFM_FAREA_MODE S_KI4_38000162 Define Derivation Procedure 
331 _ISPSFM_FILTER_ITEMS S_ALN_01000503 BAdI: Filter for Closing Open Items for Fiscal Year Change 
332 _ISPSFM_FM+1 S_ALR_87008489 Define FM Role Definition 
333 _ISPSFM_FM+3 S_KI4_55000009 Define FM Amount Groups 
334 _ISPSFM_FM+5 S_ALR_87008486 Define FM Account Assignment Groups 
335 _ISPSFM_FM+7 S_ALR_87008492 Stipulate Document Classes 
336 _ISPSFM_FM+B S_ALR_87008493 Assigned Document Category to Document Class 
337 _ISPSFM_FM01_ST S_KI4_38000132 Assign Field Selection Strings to FM Area 
338 _ISPSFM_FM9X S_KI4_55000089 Delete Budget Data of a Commitment Item 
339 _ISPSFM_FMB0 S_ALR_87008411 Post Controlling Documents 
340 _ISPSFM_FMBPNO S_ALN_01000032 Create Number Ranges for Plan Data Transfer from the BW System 
341 _ISPSFM_FMBWDELTA S_ALN_01001107 Deactivate/Activate Delta Update for Business Information Warehouse 
342 _ISPSFM_FMBWSETTING S_AEN_10000815 Maintain BW Extraction of FM Account Assignments 
343 _ISPSFM_FMCD S_ALR_87008402 Delete Worklist 
344 _ISPSFM_FMCN S_ALR_87008405 Select Documents 
345 _ISPSFM_FMCR S_ALR_87008403 Display Worklist 
346 _ISPSFM_FMCT S_ALR_87008404 Convert Worklist 
347 _ISPSFM_FMDERIVE   Define Account Assignment Derivation 
348 _ISPSFM_FMDI01 S_KI4_38000354 Copy Budget Data with Direct Input 
349 _ISPSFM_FMFGF2EDSGL S_EDS_20000068 Edits 4,7 & 12 
350 _ISPSFM_FMFGF2FADT S_EDS_20000069 Specify attributes 
351 _ISPSFM_FMFGF2PREDA S_EDS_20000070 Pre-Edit A 
352 _ISPSFM_FMFGF2PREDC S_EDS_20000071 Pre-Edit C 
353 _ISPSFM_FMFINBDF S_PLN_16000082 Create Keys for Fixed Values of Report 
354 _ISPSFM_FMFINSTAT S_PLN_16000084 Make Settings for Data Medium Exchange 
355 _ISPSFM_FMFUNDSRES S_ALN_01000224 BAdI: Change GUI Status for Funds Precommitments 
356 _ISPSFM_FMGX S_KI4_55000101 Export Commitment Items to External File 
357 _ISPSFM_FMGY S_KI4_55000102 Import Commitment Items from External File 
358 _ISPSFM_FMHV S_ALR_87008454 Create Budget Memos 
359 _ISPSFM_FMLF S_ALR_87008428 Assign Warehouse Funds Center 
360 _ISPSFM_FMLGD_H_CUST S_ALN_01001058 Define Note to Payee Control 
361 _ISPSFM_FMMDACTIV S_ALN_01000959 Activate Subdivision 
362 _ISPSFM_FMN0 S_ALR_87008413 Post Financial Accounting Documents 
363 _ISPSFM_FMN3 S_ALR_87008401 Post Purchase Requisitions 
364 _ISPSFM_FMN4 S_ALR_87008414 Post Purchase Orders 
365 _ISPSFM_FMN5 S_ALR_87008410 Post Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers 
366 _ISPSFM_FMR0 S_ALR_87008412 Post Parked Financial Accounting Documents 
367 _ISPSFM_FMREW S_KI4_55000116 Enhancement Wizard for Customer and Partner-Specific Fields 
368 _ISPSFM_FMRULES S_ALN_01000213 Select Derivation Steps 
369 _ISPSFM_FMSF S_KI4_55000094 Create/Change Hierarchy Variant 
370 _ISPSFM_FMSG S_KI4_55000092 Assign Hierarchy Variant to FM Area 
371 _ISPSFM_FMSX S_KI4_55000077 Export Funds Centers to an External File 
372 _ISPSFM_FMSY S_KI4_55000085 Import Funds Centers from External File 
373 _ISPSFM_FMT003 S_ALN_01002624 Define Event for Resetting Assigned Funds 
374 _ISPSFM_FMU1 S_KI4_55000128 Define Document Types 
375 _ISPSFM_FMU3 S_ALR_87008465 Define Field Status Variant 
376 _ISPSFM_FMU5 S_ALR_87008483 Define Field Status Groups 
377 _ISPSFM_FMU7 S_ALR_87008495 Define Field Selection String 
378 _ISPSFM_FMUN S_ALR_87008484 Assign Field Selection String 
379 _ISPSFM_FMUSFG1 S_KI4_38000336 Maintain Derivations for SGL Attributes 
380 _ISPSFM_FMUSFG2   Define derivation strategy for attributes 
381 _ISPSFM_FMUV S_KI4_55000119 Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code 
382 _ISPSFM_FMYC S_ALN_01001463 Define Derivation Strategy for Reassignment 
383 _ISPSFM_FUNDPROGRTYP S_PEN_05000023 Create and Maintain Funded Program Type 
384 _ISPSFM_FUNKTION_FI S_KI4_38000138 Enter Settings for Functional Area in FI 
385 _ISPSFM_HEADER_ADDIN S_PLN_16000289 BAdI: Change List Header of Lists of SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid Control 
386 _ISPSFM_HIERVARCHANG S_ALN_01000466 Change Assignment of Hierarchy Variant 
387 _ISPSFM_H_GRPNR S_ALN_01001106 Create Session Variants for Grouping of Postings 
388 _ISPSFM_H_MSGNR S_ALN_01001060 Define Error Handling 
389 _ISPSFM_H_VALTYP S_ALN_01001068 Create Processing Variants 
390 _ISPSFM_H_VG_01_01 S_ALN_01001061 Set Account Assignment Profile for Customer-View Down Payments 
391 _ISPSFM_H_VG_02_01 S_ALN_01001062 Set Account Assignment Profile for Vendor-View Down Payments 
392 _ISPSFM_H_VG_03_01 S_ALN_01001063 Set Account Assignment Profile for Debit G/L Account Postings 
393 _ISPSFM_H_VG_04_01 S_ALN_01001064 Set Account Assignment Profile for Credit G/L Account Postings 
394 _ISPSFM_H_VG_05_01 S_ALN_01001066 Set Acct Assignment Profile for Vendor-View Down Pymnt with General Request 
395 _ISPSFM_H_VG_06_01 S_ALN_01001067 Set Acct Assgnmnt Profile for Customer-View Down Pymnt with General Request 
396 _ISPSFM_INT_CONTR S_AEN_10000733 Define Integration Scenarios 
397 _ISPSFM_MV_SM30 S_KI4_55000118 Change Message Control 
398 _ISPSFM_NEXT_YEAR S_ALN_01000109 Copy Standard Hierarchy of Commitment Items into Following Year 
399 _ISPSFM_NFRNG S_ALN_01001070 Define Clearing Sequence for Additional Receivables 
400 _ISPSFM_N_AVCLEDCOPY S_ALN_01000222 Create User-Defined Ledger for Availability Control 
401 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_BADI01 S_ALN_01000562 BAdI: Enhance Account Assignment Derivation for AVC Control Objects 
402 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_BADI02 S_ALN_01000573 BAdI: Enhance Derivation Strategy for Tolerance Profile of AVC Ledger 
403 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_DOCU S_ALN_01000085 Prepare Activation of Availability Control 
404 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_FILTER S_ALN_01000092 Maintain Filter Settings for Availability Control Ledger 
405 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_GROUPC S_KI4_38000342 Edit Activity Groups 
406 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_RULES S_KI4_38000343 Edit Derivation Strategy for Activity Groups 
407 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_SOURCE S_ALN_01001024 Adjust Ledger for User-Specific Availability Control 
408 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_TOLPRF S_KI4_38000344 Edit Tolerance Profiles 
409 _ISPSFM_N_AVC_TOPROF S_KI4_38000345 Define Derivation Strategy for Tolerance Profiles 
410 _ISPSFM_N_BCS_BADI01 S_ALN_01000569 BAdI: Create User-Defined Fields in Budget Entry Document 
411 _ISPSFM_N_BCS_BADI02 S_ALN_01000570 BAdI: Enhance Budget Entry Documents 
412 _ISPSFM_N_BCS_BADI03 S_ALN_01000571 BAdI: Enhance Checks and Document Postings 
413 _ISPSFM_N_BCS_BADI04 S_ALN_01000572 BAdI: Enhance Budget Line Items 
414 _ISPSFM_N_BCS_BADI05 S_ALN_01000873 BAdI: Enhance Budget Entry Documents for Commitment Carryforward 
415 _ISPSFM_N_BCS_BADI06 S_ALN_01001005 Validate Budget and Posting Addresses in BS 
416 _ISPSFM_N_BUVERSION   Create Budget Versions 
417 _ISPSFM_N_CARFOR_BCS S_ALN_01001140 Prepare Budget Carryforward for Commitment for BCS 
418 _ISPSFM_N_DERIVE_BO S_ALN_01000876 Define Derivation Strategy for Budget Addresses 
419 _ISPSFM_N_DISTR_KEY S_PLN_16000010 Define Distribution Keys 
420 _ISPSFM_N_FMAVCDERIA S_KI4_38000329 Define Derivation Strategy for Control Objects 
421 _ISPSFM_N_FMBSBO_DEL S_ALN_01001002 Delete Budget Addresses in the Budget Structure 
422 _ISPSFM_N_FMBSBO_GEN S_ALN_01001000 Generate Budget Addresses from Budget Data 
423 _ISPSFM_N_FMBSPO_DEL S_ALN_01001003 Delete Posting Addresses in the Budget Structure 
424 _ISPSFM_N_FMBSPO_GEN S_ALN_01001001 Generate Posting Addresses from Actual Data 
425 _ISPSFM_N_FMCCA S_ALN_01000864 Define Check Libraries for Budget Addresses 
426 _ISPSFM_N_FMCCD S_ALN_01000863 Define Check Libraries for Budget Entry Documents 
427 _ISPSFM_N_FMCUDERIVA S_ALN_01000867 Define Derivation Strategy for Additional Budget Line Items 
428 _ISPSFM_N_FMCUDERIVS S_ALN_01000869 Define Substitution for Entry Documents 
429 _ISPSFM_N_FMEDFAMNR S_ALN_01000533 Define Number Range Interval for Document Family 
430 _ISPSFM_N_FMEDNR S_KI4_38000335 Maintain Number Range Interval for Entry Documents 
431 _ISPSFM_N_FMKFDEF S_ALN_01000185 Define Key Figures 
432 _ISPSFM_N_FMLINR S_KI4_38000320 Maintain Number Range Interval for Budget Change Documents 
433 _ISPSFM_N_FMPLDEL S_ALN_01000527 Delete Generated Planning Programs 
434 _ISPSFM_N_FMPLIMPORT S_ALN_01000525 Import Planning Layouts 
435 _ISPSFM_N_FMPLTRANS S_ALN_01000526 Transport Planning Layouts 
436 _ISPSFM_N_GLPLC S_ALN_01000384 Define Planning Layout 
437 _ISPSFM_N_NSRO   Create Number Range Interval for Entry Documents 
438 _ISPSFM_N_PLAN_AUTHG S_ALN_01000524 Define Authorization Group 
439 _ISPSFM_N_PLAN_AUTHM S_ALN_01001162 Manage Authorizations 
440 _ISPSFM_N_VC_TKA50_G S_ALN_01000385 Define Planner Profile 
441 _ISPSFM_N_VERSION_A S_KI4_38000328 Edit Versions 
442 _ISPSFM_N_V_BUDOCTYP   Define Budget Entry Document 
443 _ISPSFM_N_V_BUTECHAV S_ALN_01000973 Activate/Deactivate Some AVC Messages for Applications 
444 _ISPSFM_N_V_BUTECHOR S_ALN_01000967 Activate Additional Budget Line Items 
445 _ISPSFM_N_V_CON_FDTY S_PLN_16000259 Define Budget Type for Consumable Budget for each Fund Type 
446 _ISPSFM_N_V_CON_FUND S_PLN_16000258 Define Budget Type for Consumed Amounts for each Fund 
447 _ISPSFM_N_V_FBDGT_CN S_ALN_01000871 Activate Budget Carryforward for Commitment 
448 _ISPSFM_N_V_FBDGT_CU S_ALN_01000872 Define Budget Entry Documents for Commitment Carryforward 
449 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMBCSA S_ALN_01001034 Activate Global Functions for Budget Control System (BCS) 
450 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMBS_BS S_ALN_01000874 Create Budget Structure 
451 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMBUDCAT S_KI4_38000318 Define Budget Category 
452 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMBUDTYP S_ALN_01000382 Define Budget Types 
453 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMCC_KPV S_ALN_01001890 Verify Consistency Check for Budget Address 
454 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMCC_LIA S_ALN_01000865 Assign Budget Address Check Libraries 
455 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMCC_LID S_ALN_01000866 Assign Budget Entry Document Check Libraries 
456 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMDIMSTA S_ALN_01000616 Activate Account Assignment Elements in Budget Control System 
457 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMLA S_ALN_01000386 Define Layout for Budgeting Workbench 
458 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMPTCOMA   Assign Process/Budget Type to a Status 
459 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMPTCOMB S_KI4_38000339 Assign Budget Types to Processes (Mass Maintenance) 
460 _ISPSFM_N_V_FMSTATDF   Define Budget Status 
461 _ISPSFM_N_V_TKVS_CL   Create Budget Versions 
462 _ISPSFM_N_WOROLBU S_ALN_01000870 Role Definition: Preposted Budget in Budget Control System 
463 _ISPSFM_OF09 S_KI4_55000065 Check Company Code 
464 _ISPSFM_OF12 S_KI4_55000078 Set Up Budget Profiles 
465 _ISPSFM_OF16 S_KI4_55000072 Activate/Deactivate Funds Management 
466 _ISPSFM_OF20 S_KI4_55000134 Define Tolerances for Availability Control 
467 _ISPSFM_OF27 S_KI4_55000131 Define Parameters for Availability Control 
468 _ISPSFM_OF28 S_KI4_55000142 Maintain Commitment Type Profile 
469 _ISPSFM_OF29 S_ALR_87008416 Define Settings for Payment Transfer 
470 _ISPSFM_OF36 S_KI4_55000020 Override Update Profile 
471 _ISPSFM_OF37 S_KI4_55000019 Assign Update Profile to FM Area 
472 _ISPSFM_OF38 S_KI4_55000140 Assign Commitment Type Profile to FM Area 
473 _ISPSFM_OF39 S_KI4_55000157 Override Update Profile 
474 _ISPSFM_OFCC S_KI4_38000153 Set Basic Settings for Cover Eligibility 
475 _ISPSFM_OFCV S_KI4_55000058 Activate Automated Cover Eligibility Procedure 
476 _ISPSFM_OFD5 S_KI4_55000112 Delete Funds and Application of Funds in FM Area 
477 _ISPSFM_OFDE S_KI4_55000109 Delete Commitment Items in FM Area/Fiscal Year 
478 _ISPSFM_OFDF S_KI4_55000110 Delete Funds Centers in FM Area 
479 _ISPSFM_OFDG S_KI4_55000111 Delete Funds Centers of a Hierarchy Variant 
480 _ISPSFM_OFDM1 S_KI4_55000130 Delete Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers per Client 
481 _ISPSFM_OFDM2 S_KI4_55000117 Delete Some Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers 
482 _ISPSFM_OFED S_KI4_55000105 Define Mask for Commitment Items 
483 _ISPSFM_OFES S_KI4_55000095 Define Special Character for Mask 
484 _ISPSFM_OFK1 S_KI4_55000158 Create Criteria Category 
485 _ISPSFM_OFK4 S_KI4_55000159 Create Criteria 
486 _ISPSFM_OFKA S_KI4_55000067 Define Carryforward Item Category 
487 _ISPSFM_OFMFG_ALC   Maintain Agency Location Code (ALC) 
488 _ISPSFM_OFMFG_PO S_KI4_38000316 Maintain Payment Office 
489 _ISPSFM_OFMR0 S_KI4_55000162 Maintain Global Settings 
490 _ISPSFM_OFMR1 S_ALR_87099712 Define Blocking Reasons 
491 _ISPSFM_OFMR3 S_KI4_55000122 Define Rules for Account Assignment Transfer 
492 _ISPSFM_OFMR5 S_KI4_55000125 Assign Rules 
493 _ISPSFM_OFMR6 S_KI4_55000126 Maintain Template Types 
494 _ISPSFM_OFM_ACT_ISPS S_KI4_55000161 Activate Global Funds Management Functions (PSM-FM) 
495 _ISPSFM_OFM_ACT_MD_Y S_KI4_55000137 Activate Year-Dependent Master Data 
496 _ISPSFM_OFPK S_KI4_38000155 Define Posting Key 
497 _ISPSFM_OFUC S_KI4_55000148 Activate Check for Manual Budget Increase 
498 _ISPSFM_OFUD S_KI4_55000156 Define Settings for Distribution Procedure 1 (Document-Based) 
499 _ISPSFM_OFUG S_KI4_55000153 Define Default Values for Rule Maintenance 
500 _ISPSFM_OFUP S_KI4_55000021 Make Other Settings