SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index _, page 5
IMG Activity - _
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 _ISPSFM_OFUT S_KI4_55000155 Define Settings for Distribution Procedure 2 (Totals-Based) 
2 _ISPSFM_OFY0 S_ALR_87008449 Enter Default Settings 
3 _ISPSFM_OFY1 S_KI4_55000076 Make Settings for Carrying Forward Residual Payment Budget 
4 _ISPSFM_OFY2 S_ALR_87008444 Make Settings for Carrying Forward Residual Commitment Budget 
5 _ISPSFM_OFY3 S_KI4_55000066 Make Settings for Carrying Forward Budget for Commitment (Payment Budget) 
6 _ISPSFM_OFY4 S_ALR_87008456 Make Settings for Carrying Forward Budget for Commitment (Commitment Bdgt) 
7 _ISPSFM_OFY6 S_PLN_16000049 Create Number Range for Fiscal Year Change Document 
8 _ISPSFM_OFYA S_KI4_55000074 Enter Settings for Commitment Carryforward Payment Budget 
9 _ISPSFM_OFYB S_ALR_87008447 Enter Settings for Commitment Carryforward Commitment Budget 
10 _ISPSFM_OK10 S_KI4_55000093 Create Number Range Interval for Entry Documents 
11 _ISPSFM_OK60 S_KI4_55000127 Define Document Number Ranges 
12 _ISPSFM_PSOBLAFST S_KI4_55000048 Assign Field Selection String 
13 _ISPSFM_RPKFDEF S_KI4_38000349 Define Key Figures 
14 _ISPSFM_SMODFMCFBUD1 S_PLN_16000011 BAdI: Calculation of Maximum Amount for Budget Carryover 
15 _ISPSFM_SMODFMCFBUD2 S_PLN_16000012 BAdI: Budget Carryforward of Negative Budget Values 
16 _ISPSFM_STATUS_DELET S_KI4_55000107 Delete Status Management Entries 
17 _ISPSFM_SUBSTRINGS S_ALN_01001114 BAdI: Check Substrings During Master Data Creation 
18 _ISPSFM_TABS_PRINT S_ALN_01001142 BAdI: Definition of Print Layout for Day-End Closing 
19 _ISPSFM_TBPBWRET_BCS S_ALN_01000834 Define Field Assignments for Plan Data Transfer from SAP BW 
20 _ISPSFM_VALTYP S_PLN_16000050 Define Processing Variants 
21 _ISPSFM_VC_FMBSCONTR S_ALN_01000875 Define Settings for the Budget Structure 
22 _ISPSFM_VC_FMPSOINT S_PLN_16000068 Define Interest Calculation 
23 _ISPSFM_VC_TBPBWRET S_ALN_01000033 Define Field Assignments 
24 _ISPSFM_VERRECHSTRNG S_PLN_16000254 Prerequisites and Functional Clearing Control 
25 _ISPSFM_VGTRWRPEF_CU S_AEN_10000972 Create Year-Dependent Earmarked Funds 
26 _ISPSFM_VV_FMISPS_3 S_PEN_05000138 Activate Account Assignment Elements 
27 _ISPSFM_VV_FMISPS_4 S_ALN_01000923 Activate Old Authorization Check 
28 _ISPSFM_VV_FMISPS_5 S_PLN_16000288 Activate Clearing Control 
29 _ISPSFM_VV_FM_SETCLS   Activate Change Documents from Master Data Groups 
30 _ISPSFM_V_BUAVCLDGR   Display Availability Control Ledger 
31 _ISPSFM_V_BUAVCSRC   Display Sender Data for Availability Control Ledger 
32 _ISPSFM_V_CRITERION S_KI4_38000140 Define Grouping Characteristics 
33 _ISPSFM_V_C_FMMDST_1 S_KI4_38000133 Edit Field Selection String for Commitment Items 
34 _ISPSFM_V_C_FMMDST_2 S_KI4_38000134 Edit Field Selection String for Funds Centers 
35 _ISPSFM_V_C_FMMDST_3 S_KI4_38000135 Edit Field Selection String for Funds 
36 _ISPSFM_V_C_PSOFST S_KI4_55000047 Define Field Selection String 
37 _ISPSFM_V_FM01I_CE S_KI4_55000146 Assign Cover Eligibility Profile to FM Area 
38 _ISPSFM_V_FM01KT_RIB S_KI4_38000115 Allow Generic Entries in Rule Maintenance 
39 _ISPSFM_V_FM01TOL_AV S_KI4_38000114 Deactivate/Activate Availability Control 
40 _ISPSFM_V_FM01TOL_CO S_KI4_38000113 Deactivate Budget Consistency for Annual Values 
41 _ISPSFM_V_FM01_BLANK S_ALN_01000917 Allow BLANK as Value for Account Assignment Elements 
42 _ISPSFM_V_FM01_CO_IN S_ALN_01000290 Activate Integration Costs and Project Controlling 
43 _ISPSFM_V_FM01_M S_KI4_55000090 Display Activation Status of Year-Dependent Master Data 
44 _ISPSFM_V_FM01_SUBVO S_KI4_38000145 Define Budget Subtypes for Automated Postings 
45 _ISPSFM_V_FM023E S_EDS_20000063 Maintain Rules for Invoice Splitting 
46 _ISPSFM_V_FMAVCBUDFI S_ALN_01000084 Define Filter Settings for Budget Values 
47 _ISPSFM_V_FMAVCCUST S_ALN_01000091 Check Standard Customizing of Availability Control 
48 _ISPSFM_V_FMAVCLDGRA S_ALN_01000203 Assign Tolerance Profiles and Strategy for Control Objects 
49 _ISPSFM_V_FMAVCL_ACT S_ALN_01000204 Define Activation of Availability Control 
50 _ISPSFM_V_FMBPCL_FTY S_KI4_38000347 Define Rules for Budget Rollup with Fund Type 
51 _ISPSFM_V_FMBPCL_FUN S_KI4_38000346 Define Rules for Budget Rollup with Fund 
52 _ISPSFM_V_FMBUDACL S_EDS_20000072 Define Rules for Closing Residual Accounts 
53 _ISPSFM_V_FMBUDLDGR S_KI4_38000156 Define Account Determination for US Government 
54 _ISPSFM_V_FMCFBL_VRG S_KI4_38000161 Define Activities for Balance Carryforward 
55 _ISPSFM_V_FMCIVARNT S_KI4_38000137 Create Variant in FM Area/Fiscal Year 
56 _ISPSFM_V_FMCLOSEOUT S_EDS_20000073 Define Rules for Closing Commitments 
57 _ISPSFM_V_FMCOBJDP S_ALN_01001121 Define Events for Topic-Specific Reports 
58 _ISPSFM_V_FMFGT_ALC S_KI4_38000333 Maintain Agency Location Code (ALC) 
59 _ISPSFM_V_FMFGT_DIT S_KI4_38000353 Specify DIT and Fund Balance Accounts 
60 _ISPSFM_V_FMFINBTR S_PLN_16000083 Define Values for Fixed Values of Report 
61 _ISPSFM_V_FMFYCC_PAR S_ALN_01001046 Make Settings for Parallel Processing 
62 _ISPSFM_V_FMITPOC1 S_KI4_38000146 Enter Settings for Functions Distribute/Transfer Posting 
63 _ISPSFM_V_FMITPOC2 S_KI4_38000147 Enter Settings for the Statement for Reimbursement Function 
64 _ISPSFM_V_FMITPOC3 S_KI4_38000148 Enter Settings for Clear Returns Function 
65 _ISPSFM_V_FMITPOC4 S_KI4_38000149 Enter Settings for the Assignment of Invoices Function 
66 _ISPSFM_V_FMRCCVARI S_AEN_10000455 Define Company Code Group 
67 _ISPSFM_V_FMRCCVARIA S_AEN_10000456 Assign Company Code to a Company Code Group 
68 _ISPSFM_V_FMRSCDATA S_AEN_10000458 Maintain Data for Integration Scenario 
69 _ISPSFM_V_FMR_TOL S_EDS_20000055 Define Tolerance Limits for Differing Amounts 
70 _ISPSFM_V_FMR_TOLS S_EDS_20000054 Define Tolerance Keys 
71 _ISPSFM_V_FMTC_PMT_T S_EDS_20000064 Assign Payment Type to Payment Method 
72 _ISPSFM_V_FMTC_RFC S_KI4_38000334 Maintain RFC Derivation 
73 _ISPSFM_V_FMTOL_CO S_KI4_38000131 Deactivate Budget Consistency for Overall Values 
74 _ISPSFM_V_FMVALID S_KI4_38000168 Activate Funds Management Validation 
75 _ISPSFM_V_T042F_FMFG S_KI4_38000317 Assign ALC and Payment Office to Payment Method Supplement 
76 _ISPSFM_V_TBP4A S_KI4_38000123 Create Budget Subtypes 
77 _ISPSFM_V_TBPAS_FTYP S_KI4_38000361 Define Budget Subtype for Availability Control for Each Fund Type 
78 _ISPSFM_V_TBPAS_FUND S_KI4_38000360 Define Budget Subtype for Availability Control for Each Fund 
79 _ISPSFM_V_TME_TOL S_EDS_20000057 Set Tolerance Limits for Price Variance 
80 _ISPSFM_V_TME_TOLS S_EDS_20000056 Define Tolerance Keys 
81 _ISPSFM_WOROLAN S_KI4_55000144 Role Definition for Requests 
82 _ISPSFM_WOROLBU S_KI4_55000164 Role Definition for Parked Budget (Former Budgeting) 
83 _ISPSFM_WOROLMI S_KI4_55000145 Role Definition for Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers 
84 _ISPS_FMALE_CSYSTEM S_AEN_10000942 Define Central System in ALE Environment 
85 _ISPS_N_VERSION_A   Create Budget Versions 
86 _ISPS_OFMCA_PD05 S_KK4_82000078 Define Field Specifications for Each Contract Account Category 
87 _ISPS_V_FMKW6 S_ALN_01000107 Define Grace Period for Public Law Dunning Procedure 
88 _ISPS_V_FMREAS_RULES S_ALN_01000081 Assign Strategy for Reassignment to FM Area 
89 _ISSICA_CRM_TFKMAPKO S_KK4_74002587 Allocate Field Values for CRM Tax Features to Account Determination IDs 
90 _ISSICA_CRM_TFKMAPZA S_KK4_74002588 Allocate Field Values for CRM Payment Conditions to Payment Conditions 
91 _ISSR_MAIN6 S_AEN_10000088 Vorsysteme registrieren 
92 _ISTBDBP_000008 S_KK4_74002454 Maint. Params for Creating Ref. Cust. in Standard System 
93 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_0 S_KK4_38000025 Maintain Transactions for Charges 
94 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_1 S_KK4_38000026 Maintain Transactions for Security Deposits/Interest 
95 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_2 S_KK4_38000027 Maintain Transactions for Down Payments 
96 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_3 S_KK4_38000028 Maintain Transactions for Interest 
97 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_4 S_KK4_38000029 Maintain Transactions for Payments on Account 
98 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_5 S_KK4_38000030 Maintain Transactions for Returns 
99 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_6 S_KK4_38000031 Maintain Transactions for Installments 
100 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_7 S_KK4_38000032 Maintain Transactions for Writing-Off 
101 _ISTCABFDP_TFKVORG_8 S_KK4_38000033 Maintain Transactions for Other Receivables 
102 _ISTCABTRE_TE045EF S_PNI_38000039 Define Correspondence Form 
103 _ISTCA_T100 S_KK4_74002387 Define Payment Form ID for Forms (IS-T) 
104 _ISTFICABFAD_000007 S_KK4_74002382 Assign Transactions for Account Balance Display (IS-T) 
105 _ISTFICABFDP_000001 S_KK4_74002360 Maintain Transactions for Telephone Bill 
106 _ISTFICABFDP_000004 S_KK4_74002292 IS-T: Define Acct Assmt Data Relevant to Main Transactions 
107 _ISTFICABFDP_000005 S_KK4_74002285 IS-T: Define Acct Assignment Data Relevant to Transactions 
108 _ISTFICABFDP_000008 S_KK4_74002340 Maintain Default Document Types for Collective Bill (IS-T) 
109 _ISTFICABFDP_000110 S_KK4_38000034 Maintain Transactions for Collective Bill 
110 _ISTFICABTPY_000006 S_KK4_74002181 Maintain Specifications for Cash Payments (IS-T) 
111 _IST_EVAL   Valuate Reconnection Proposals 
112 _ISUAU_000001 S_KK4_74001061 Define Authorizations 
113 _ISUBDBP_000002 S_KK4_74000687 Define Account Categories 
114 _ISUBDBP_000004 S_KK4_74000700 Define Types of Installation Companies 
115 _ISUBDBP_000005 S_KK4_74000701 Define Work Fields of Installation Companies 
116 _ISUBDBP_000006 S_KK4_74000697 Define Installer License Types 
117 _ISUBDBP_000007 S_KK4_74000696 Define Installer Status 
118 _ISUBDBP_000008 S_KK4_74000689 Maintain Parameters for Creating Reference Customer in Standard System 
119 _ISUBDBP_000010 S_KK4_74000686 Define Information Release Status for Business Partner 
120 _ISUBDBP_000011 S_KK4_74000698 Define Agent ID 
121 _ISUBDBP_000012 S_KK4_82000183 Define Primary Utility Company 
122 _ISUBDBP_000013 S_KK4_82000480 Concession Card Type 
123 _ISUBDCO_000001 S_KK4_74000671 Define Number Ranges for Connection Objects/Device Locations 
124 _ISUBDCO_000002 S_KK4_74000669 Define Notes for Connection Objects 
125 _ISUBDCO_000003 S_KK4_74000670 Define Search Help for Connection Objects 
126 _ISUBDCO_000004 S_KK4_74000677 Define Field Selection for Address Data 
127 _ISUBDCO_000005 S_KK4_82001123 Define Field Selection for Connection Objects 
128 _ISUBDCT_000001 S_KK4_74000694 Define Number Ranges for Utility Contracts 
129 _ISUBDCT_000002 S_KK4_74000675 Define Tabs for Utility Contracts 
130 _ISUBDCT_000003 S_KK4_74000674 Define Notes for Utility Contracts 
131 _ISUBDCT_000004 S_KK4_74000673 Define Processing Status 
132 _ISUBDCT_000005 S_KK4_74000676 Define Search Help for Utility Contracts 
133 _ISUBDCT_000006 S_KK4_82000516 Define Contract Class 
134 _ISUBDCT_000007 S_KK4_82001122 Define Field Selection for Utility Contracts 
135 _ISUBDDL_000001 S_KK4_74000693 Define Notes for Device Locations 
136 _ISUBDDL_000002 S_KK4_74000692 Define Search Help for Device Locations 
137 _ISUBDDL_000003 S_KK4_82001126 Define Field Selection for Device Locations 
138 _ISUBDIN_000001 S_KK4_74000678 Define Number Ranges for Utility Installations 
139 _ISUBDIN_000002 S_KK4_74000685 Define Notes for Utility Installations 
140 _ISUBDIN_000004 S_KK4_74000695 Define Installation Types 
141 _ISUBDIN_000005 S_KK4_74000699 Define Voltage Levels 
142 _ISUBDIN_000006 S_KK4_74000679 Define Search Help for Installations 
143 _ISUBDIN_000007 S_KK4_74000672 Define Reasons for Supply Guarantee 
144 _ISUBDIN_000008 S_KK4_74000688 Define Deregulation Status 
145 _ISUBDIN_000009 S_KK4_74000690 Define Information Release Status for Installations 
146 _ISUBDIN_000010 S_KK4_82000041 Configure Tabs for Reference Values 
147 _ISUBDIN_000011 S_KK4_82001125 Define Field Selection for Utility Installations 
148 _ISUBDIN_000012 S_KK4_82001446 Define Grouping Types for Installation Groups 
149 _ISUBDIN_000013 S_KK4_82001450 Define Installation Roles 
150 _ISUBDIN_000014 S_KK4_82001451 Allocate Installation Roles to Grouping Types 
151 _ISUBDPR_000001 S_KK4_74000684 Define Number Ranges for Premises 
152 _ISUBDPR_000002 S_KK4_74000682 Define Notes for Premises 
153 _ISUBDPR_000004 S_KK4_74000681 Define Premise Types 
154 _ISUBDPR_000005 S_KK4_74000683 Define Search Help for Premises 
155 _ISUBDPR_000006 S_KK4_74000680 Allocate Divisions to Equipment Categories 
156 _ISUBDPR_000007 S_KK4_82001124 Define Field Selection for Premises 
157 _ISUBDVP_000001 S_KK4_82000392 Define Point of Delivery Type 
158 _ISUBDVP_000002 S_KK4_82000393 Define Structure of Point of Delivery ID 
159 _ISUBDVP_000003 S_SK4_99000019 Define Number Ranges for Point of Delivery IDs 
160 _ISUBDVP_000004 S_KK4_82001159 Define Point of Delivery Groups 
161 _ISUBDVP_000005 S_KK4_82001160 Define Default Value Logic for the Allocation of Point of Delivery Groups 
162 _ISUBD_000002 S_KK4_74000691 Define Structure Indicator and Category of Functional Locations 
163 _ISUBFPS_000001 S_KK4_74000649 Define Parameter Records for Portions 
164 _ISUBFPS_000002 S_KK4_74000647 Define Portions 
165 _ISUBFPS_000003 S_KK4_74000659 Define Meter Reading Units 
166 _ISUBFPS_000004 S_KK4_74000658 Generate Schedule Records 
167 _ISUBFPS_000006 S_KK4_74000648 Define Search Help for Portions 
168 _ISUBFPS_000007 S_KK4_74000660 Define Search Help for Meter Reading Units 
169 _ISUBFPS_000008 S_KK4_74000650 Define Search Help for Parameter Records 
170 _ISUBFPS_000009 S_KK4_74000657 Define Control Parameters for Dynamic Scheduling 
171 _ISUBFPS_000011 S_KK4_74000651 Define Control Parameters for Scheduling 
172 _ISUBFRS_000001 S_KK4_74000663 Define Water Pressure Areas 
173 _ISUBFRS_000002 S_KK4_74000662 Define Water Hardness Areas 
174 _ISUBFRS_000003 S_KK4_74000667 Define Notes for Postal Codes 
175 _ISUBFRS_000004 S_KK4_74000668 Define Notes for Cities 
176 _ISUBFRS_000005 S_KK4_74000661 Define Notes for Streets 
177 _ISUBFRS_000006 S_KK4_74000653 Define Number Ranges for Political Regional Structure 
178 _ISUBFRS_000007 S_KK4_74000652 Define Political Hierarchy 
179 _ISUBFRS_000009 S_KK4_74000666 Define Regional Structure Groupings 
180 _ISUBFRS_000011 S_KK4_74000665 Define Regional Structure Areas for Roles 
181 _ISUBFRS_000012 S_KK4_74000664 Allocate Regional Structure Groups to Regional Structure Areas 
182 _ISUBF_000002 S_KK4_74000655 Allocate Tasks for Agent Determination 
183 _ISUBF_000003 S_KK4_74000656 Edit Organizational Plan 
184 _ISUBF_000004 S_KK4_74000654 Define Alternative Tasks for Agent Determination 
185 _ISUBIBDBD_000002 S_KK4_74000877 Define Billing Classes 
186 _ISUBIBDBD_000003 S_KK4_74000875 Define Rate Types 
187 _ISUBIBDDS_000002 S_KK4_74000822 Define Number Ranges for Discounts/Surcharges 
188 _ISUBIBDDS_000003 S_KK4_74000821 Define Search Help for Discounts/Surcharges 
189 _ISUBIBDDS_000004 S_KK4_74000820 Define Notes for Discounts/Surcharges 
190 _ISUBIBDDS_000005 S_KK4_74000826 Define Discounts/Surcharges 
191 _ISUBIBDRS_000002 S_KK4_74000900 Perform Rate Analysis 
192 _ISUBIBDRS_000003 S_KK4_74000876 Analyze Variant Programs 
193 _ISUBIBDRS_000005 S_KK4_74000866 Define Operands 
194 _ISUBIBDRS_000007 S_KK4_74000874 Define Notes for Reference Values 
195 _ISUBIBDRS_000010 S_KK4_74000883 Define Tab for Heating Installations 
196 _ISUBIBDRS_000012 S_KK4_74000872 Define Tab for Lighting 
197 _ISUBIBDRS_000013 S_KK4_74000865 Define Operation Types for Lighting 
198 _ISUBIBDRS_000015 S_KK4_74000871 Define Notes for Prices 
199 _ISUBIBDRS_000018 S_KK4_74000870 Define Price Classes 
200 _ISUBIBDRS_000019 S_KK4_74000869 Define Price Levels 
201 _ISUBIBDRS_000022 S_KK4_74000867 Define Price Adjustment Clauses 
202 _ISUBIBDRS_000023 S_KK4_74000893 Define prices 
203 _ISUBIBDRS_000025 S_KK4_74000896 Define Search Help for Rates 
204 _ISUBIBDRS_000026 S_KK4_74000884 Define Notes for Rates 
205 _ISUBIBDRS_000029 S_KK4_74000886 Define Rate Fact Groups 
206 _ISUBIBDRS_000030 S_KK4_74000887 Define Rates 
207 _ISUBIBDRS_000032 S_KK4_74000895 Define Number Ranges for Logical Number of Rate Steps 
208 _ISUBIBDRS_000033 S_KK4_74000892 Define Search Help for Schemas 
209 _ISUBIBDRS_000034 S_KK4_74000891 Define Notes for Schemas 
210 _ISUBIBDRS_000035 S_KK4_74000889 Define Schemas 
211 _ISUBIBDRS_000037 S_KK4_74000894 Define Search Help for Rate Categories 
212 _ISUBIBDRS_000038 S_KK4_74000860 Define Notes for Rate Categories 
213 _ISUBIBDRS_000039 S_KK4_74000825 Define Rate Categories 
214 _ISUBIBDRS_000040 S_KK4_74000824 Define Rate Determination 
215 _ISUBIBDRS_000041 S_KK4_74000882 Define Descriptions for Heating Installations 
216 _ISUBIBDRS_000042 S_KK4_74000881 Define Charging Control for Heating Installations 
217 _ISUBIBDRS_000043 S_KK4_74000880 Define Processing Status for Special Agreements 
218 _ISUBIBDRS_000044 S_KK4_74000879 Define Contract Categories for Heating Installations 
219 _ISUBIBDRS_000045 S_KK4_74000868 Define Notes for Price Adjustment Clauses 
220 _ISUBIBDRS_000048 S_KK4_74000864 Define Type of Burning Hour Calendar Maintenance 
221 _ISUBIBDRS_000049 S_KK4_74000863 Maintain Burning Hour Calendar 
222 _ISUBIBDRS_000050 S_KK4_74000878 Define Locations for Reference Values 
223 _ISUBIBDRS_000051 S_KK4_74000862 Copy Burning Hour Calendar 
224 _ISUBIBDRS_000052 S_KK4_74000890 Define Backbilling Groups 
225 _ISUBIBDRS_000053 S_KK4_74000888 Check Sub-Transactions for Rates 
226 _ISUBIBDRS_000054 S_KK4_74000885 Define Period Control 
227 _ISUBIBDRS_000055 S_KK4_74000823 Check Billing Master Data for Consistency 
228 _ISUBIBDRS_000056 S_KK4_74000861 Define Operand Groups 
229 _ISUBIBDRS_000058 S_SK4_99000001 Time Portions 
230 _ISUBIBDRS_000060 S_SK4_99000002 Calculation to the Day 
231 _ISUBIBDRS_000063 S_SK4_99000004 Calculation for Move-In/Out 
232 _ISUBIBDRS_000064 S_SK4_99000005 Calculation to the Day for Aperiodic Changes 
233 _ISUBIBDRS_000065 S_SK4_99000006 Ref. Days for Conv. of Time Portions from Days to Months 
234 _ISUBIBDRS_000066 S_SK4_99000007 Use of Leap Days 
235 _ISUBIBDRS_000067 S_KK4_82000402 Define Dynamic Backbilling Groups 
236 _ISUBIBDRS_000068 S_KK4_82000413 Define Dynamic Period Control 
237 _ISUBIBDRS_000069 S_KK4_82000424 Information on Dynamic Period Control 
238 _ISUBIBDRS_000070 S_KK4_82000892 Calculation for Move-In/Out 
239 _ISUBIBDRS_000071 S_KK4_82001038 Define Category for Enhanced Interval Procedure 
240 _ISUBIBDRS_000072 S_KK4_82001039 Define Type for Enhanced Interval Procedure 
241 _ISUBIBDRS_000073 S_KK4_82001040 Define Additional Values for Enhanced Interval Procedure 
242 _ISUBIBDRS_000074 S_KK4_82001068 Define Number Ranges for Prices 
243 _ISUBIBDRS_000075 S_KK4_82001118 Determine Usage Type for Operands of Outline Contract 
244 _ISUBIBDRS_000076 S_KK4_82001155 Define Consumption Type 
245 _ISUBIBDRS_000077 S_KK4_82001183 Activate Display Mode for Billing Key Date 
246 _ISUBIBDRS_000078 S_KK4_82001452 Define Billing Rules for Installation Groups 
247 _ISUBIBD_000003 S_KK4_74000897 Define Utility Company 
248 _ISUBIBD_000004 S_KK4_74000898 Define Employee Type 
249 _ISUBIBD_000005 S_KK4_74000899 Define Employee Classification 
250 _ISUBIIR_000003 S_KK4_82000697 Activate Actual Posting According to Consumption Months 
251 _ISUBIIR_000004 S_KK4_82000698 Activate Actual Posting Acc. to Consumption Mths for CO Short Acct Assignmt 
252 _ISUBIIR_000005 S_KK4_82000699 Define Characteristic Derivation for Actual Postings 
253 _ISUBIIR_000006 S_KK4_82000700 Define Amount Statistics Groups for Value Fields Derivation 
254 _ISUBIIR_000007 S_KK4_82000701 Define Quantity Statistics Groups for Value Fields Derivation 
255 _ISUBIIR_000009 S_KK4_82000702 Define Simulation Types 
256 _ISUBIPCAU_000003 S_KK4_74000856 Define Reasons for Blocking Billing 
257 _ISUBIPCAU_000004 S_KK4_74000855 Define Reasons for Releasing Billing 
258 _ISUBIPCAU_000005 S_KK4_74000837 Define Doc. Type Cat. for Consump. Billing and Final Billing 
259 _ISUBIPCAU_000007 S_KK4_74000846 Define Number Ranges for Billing Documents 
260 _ISUBIPCAU_000008 S_KK4_74000854 Define Number Range for Billing Run 
261 _ISUBIPCCA_000002 S_KK4_82000069 Define Reversal Reasons 
262 _ISUBIPCCB_000002 S_KK4_74000833 Define Number Ranges for Manual Billing Documents 
263 _ISUBIPCCB_000003 S_KK4_74000839 Define Document Types for Manual Billing Documents 
264 _ISUBIPCCB_000004 S_KK4_74000845 Define Document Type Category for Manual Billing Documents 
265 _ISUBIPCCB_000006 S_KK4_74000843 Define Franchise Fee Procedure in Manual Billing 
266 _ISUBIPCCH_000001 S_KK4_82001140 Define Bill Line Determination 
267 _ISUBIPCCH_000002 S_KK4_82001141 Define Determination of Installation Facts 
268 _ISUBIPCOS_000002 S_KK4_74000842 Define Outsorting Check Groups for Billing 
269 _ISUBIPCOS_000004 S_KK4_74000841 Define Checks per Outsorting Check Group for Billing 
270 _ISUBIPCOS_000005 S_KK4_74000840 Define Manual Bill Outsorting for Billing 
271 _ISUBIPCSI_000002 S_KK4_74000834 Define Document Type Category for Simulation Documents 
272 _ISUBIPCSI_000003 S_KK4_74000835 Define Document Types for Simulation Documents 
273 _ISUBIPCSI_000004 S_KK4_74000836 Define Number Ranges for Simulation Documents 
274 _ISUBIPCSI_000005 S_KK4_82000713 Define Proration Reasons 
275 _ISUBIPC_000002 S_KK4_82001151 Define Tab for Billing Documents 
276 _ISUBIPC_000004 S_KK4_74000858 Define Search Help for Billing Documents 
277 _ISUBIPC_000005 S_KK4_82001206 Allocate Number Ranges to Document Types 
278 _ISUBIPC_000007 S_KK4_82001257 Maintain Bill Correction Control 
279 _ISUBIPC_000008 S_KK4_82001363 Define Simulation Scenarios 
280 _ISUBISFFC_000002 S_KK4_74000849 Define Number Ranges for Franchise Contracts 
281 _ISUBISFFC_000003 S_KK4_74000848 Define Search Help for Franchise Contracts 
282 _ISUBISFFC_000004 S_KK4_74000853 Define Contract Types for Franchise Contract 
283 _ISUBISFFC_000005 S_KK4_74000859 Define Franchise Fee Groups 
284 _ISUBISFFC_000009 S_KK4_74000847 Define Notes for Franchise Contracts 
285 _ISUBISFGA_000004 S_KK4_74000809 Define Air Pressure Areas 
286 _ISUBISFGA_000005 S_KK4_74000808 Maintain Monthly Measured Air Pressure Values 
287 _ISUBISFGA_000006 S_KK4_74000807 Maintain Annual Measured Air Pressure Values 
288 _ISUBISFGA_000007 S_KK4_74000806 Define Fixed Volume Correction Factors 
289 _ISUBISFGA_000010 S_KK4_74000832 Maintain Gas Temperatures Measured Monthly 
290 _ISUBISFGA_000012 S_KK4_74000830 Define Fixed Temperature Keys 
291 _ISUBISFGA_000013 S_KK4_74000829 Maintain Fixed Temperature Values 
292 _ISUBISFGA_000015 S_KK4_74000828 Define Measured Pressures 
293 _ISUBISFGA_000016 S_KK4_74000827 Define Gas Law Deviation Factor per Measured Pressure and Temperature 
294 _ISUBISFGA_000017 S_KK4_74000819 Define Gas Pressure Levels 
295 _ISUBISFGA_000019 S_KK4_74000818 Define Calorific Value Districts 
296 _ISUBISFGA_000020 S_KK4_74000817 Maintain Monthly Calorific Values per Cal. Value District 
297 _ISUBISFGA_000025 S_KK4_74000815 Maintain Energy Feedings per Calorific Value District 
298 _ISUBISFGA_000026 S_KK4_74000812 Define Volume Correction Factor Procedure 
299 _ISUBISFGA_000027 S_KK4_74000813 Define Calorific Value Procedure 
300 _ISUBISFGA_000028 S_KK4_74000852 Maintain Billing Calorific Values 
301 _ISUBISFGA_000029 S_KK4_74000851 Define Gas Procedure 
302 _ISUBISFGA_000030 S_KK4_74000850 Define Allocation Data for Gas 
303 _ISUBISFGA_000031 S_KK4_74000811 Define Gas Pressure Areas 
304 _ISUBISFGA_000032 S_KK4_74000810 Define Gas Pressure per Gas Pressure Area 
305 _ISUBISFGA_000033 S_KK4_74000814 Maintain Avg. Energy Feedings per Calorific Value District 
306 _ISUBISFGA_000034 S_KK4_74000831 Maintain Gas Temperatures Measured Daily 
307 _ISUBISFGA_000035 S_KK4_74000816 Maintain Daily Calorific Values per Calorific Value District 
308 _ISUBISFGA_000036 S_KK4_82000023 Define Key for Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule-Thomson 
309 _ISUBISFGA_000037 S_KK4_82000024 Maintain Values for Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule Thomson 
310 _ISUBISFGA_000038 S_KK4_82000454 Thermal Gas Billing 
311 _ISUBISFGA_000040 S_KK4_82000455 Gas-Relevant Data in Register 
312 _ISUBISFGA_000041 S_KK4_82000456 Gas Procedure for Device Installation 
313 _ISUBISFGA_000044 S_KK4_82000477 Special Procedure for Gas Volume Correction Factor 
314 _ISUBISFGA_000045 S_KK4_82000479 Special Procedure for Calorfic Value Procedure 
315 _ISUBISFGA_000046 S_KK4_82000482 Proration 
316 _ISUBISFGA_000047 S_KK4_82000484 Gas Date 
317 _ISUBISFGA_000048 S_KK4_82000680 Access Times 
318 _ISUBISFGA_000049 S_KK4_82000862 Maintain Daily Measured Air Pressure Values 
319 _ISUBISFJA_000001 S_KK4_82001041 Service Factor for Billing (Japan) 
320 _ISUBISFJA_000002 S_KK4_82001201 Define Billing Periods 
321 _ISUBS_000001 S_KK4_74000646 Allocate Company Codes to Divisions 
322 _ISUBS_000002 S_KK4_74000645 Allocate Divisions to Division Categories 
323 _ISUBS_000003 S_KK4_82000012 Define Default Layout for Tabs 
324 _ISUBS_000004 S_KK4_82000026 Define System Parameters for IS-U 
325 _ISUBS_000005 S_KK4_82001032 Define Deregulation Settings 
326 _ISUBS_000006 S_KK4_82001035 Delete/Copy Divisions in Customizing Tables 
327 _ISUBS_000007 S_KK4_82001053 Allocate Auxiliary Company Code to Company Code 
328 _ISUBS_000008 S_KK4_82001545 Deregulation: Define Enhanced Authorization Check 
329 _ISUCRM_000011 S_KK4_82000739 Define Basic Settings 
330 _ISUCSBTDR_000002 S_KK4_74000944 Define Number Ranges for Disconnection Documents 
331 _ISUCSBTDR_000003 S_KK4_74000946 Define Notes for Disconnection 
332 _ISUCSBTDR_000004 S_KK4_74000948 Define Processing Variants for Disconnection Documents 
333 _ISUCSBTDR_000005 S_KK4_74000949 Define Disconnection Types 
334 _ISUCSBTDR_000006 S_KK4_74000945 Define Search Help for Disconnection Documents 
335 _ISUCSBTDR_000007 S_KK4_74000947 Define Confirmation Status 
336 _ISUCSBTIO_000001 S_KK4_74000940 Define Number Ranges for Move-in Documents 
337 _ISUCSBTIO_000002 S_KK4_74000927 Define Notes for Move-In 
338 _ISUCSBTIO_000003 S_KK4_74000942 Configure Tabs for Move-In Screen 
339 _ISUCSBTIO_000004 S_KK4_74000934 Configure Tabs for Move-Out Screen 
340 _ISUCSBTIO_000005 S_KK4_74000932 Define Number Ranges for Move-Out Documents 
341 _ISUCSBTIO_000006 S_KK4_74000951 Define Notes for Move-Out 
342 _ISUCSBTIO_000007 S_KK4_74000928 Define Move-In Welcome Letter 
343 _ISUCSBTIO_000008 S_KK4_74000929 Define Move-In Control Parameters at Document Level 
344 _ISUCSBTIO_000009 S_KK4_74000930 Define Move-In Control Parameters at Contract Level 
345 _ISUCSBTIO_000010 S_KK4_74000952 Define Move-Out Confirmation Letter 
346 _ISUCSBTIO_000011 S_KK4_74000953 Define Move-Out Control Parameters at Document Level 
347 _ISUCSBTIO_000012 S_KK4_74000954 Define Move-Out Control Parameters at Contract Level 
348 _ISUCSBTIO_000013 S_KK4_74000931 Specify Reasons for Exemption from Security Deposit 
349 _ISUCSBTIO_000014 S_KK4_74000955 Define Reasons for Move-Out Without Move-In 
350 _ISUCSBTIO_000015 S_KK4_74000941 Define Search Help for Move-In Documents 
351 _ISUCSBTIO_000016 S_KK4_74000933 Define Search Help for Move-Out Documents 
352 _ISUCSBTIO_000018 S_KK4_74000957 Define Number Ranges for Owner Allocation 
353 _ISUCSBTIO_000019 S_KK4_74000958 Define Type of Owner Allocation 
354 _ISUCSBTIO_000021 S_KK4_74000935 Define Information Log 
355 _ISUCSBTIO_000022 S_KK4_74000956 Define Reasons for Contract Change 
356 _ISUCSBTIO_000023 S_KK4_74000943 Define Additional Activities for Automatic Owner Allocation 
357 _ISUCSBTIO_000024 S_KK4_74000936 Define Special Processing Variants for Move-In/Out 
358 _ISUCSBTIO_000025 S_KK4_74000937 Define General Processing Variants for Move-In/Out 
359 _ISUCSBTIO_000026 S_KK4_74000938 Allocate Processing Variants 
360 _ISUCSBTIO_000027 S_KK4_74000939 Define System Parameters for Move-In and Move-Out 
361 _ISUCSBTIO_000028 S_KK4_82000267 Define Reasons for Customer Change 
362 _ISUCSBTIO_000029 S_KK4_82001130 Select Business Partner Fields for Move-In and Move-Out Screen 
363 _ISUCSBTIO_000030 S_KK4_82001131 Select Contract Account Fields for Move-In and Move-Out Screen 
364 _ISUCSBTIO_000031 S_KK4_82001127 Define Field Selection for Move-Out Processing Initial Screen 
365 _ISUCSBTIO_000032 S_KK4_82001128 Define Field Selection for Move-In Contract Data 
366 _ISUCSBTIO_000033 S_KK4_82001129 Define Field Selection for Owner Allocation 
367 _ISUCSBTIO_000034 S_KK4_82001251 Define Permissible Contract Templates 
368 _ISUCSBTIO_000035 S_KK4_82001252 Define Preentry Variants 
369 _ISUCSBTIO_000036 S_KK4_82001253 Allocate Parking Variants 
370 _ISUCSBTIO_000037 S_KK4_82001255 Define Number Ranges for Parked Documents 
371 _ISUCSBTIO_000038 S_KK4_82001336 Set Delayed Restart in IS-U Error Monitor 
372 _ISUCSBTIO_000039 S_KK4_82001351 Maintain Message Tables for Delayed IS-U Error Monitor Restart 
373 _ISUCSCI_000003 S_KK4_74000965 Configure Customer Overview for HTML Display (Old) 
374 _ISUCSCRM_000001 S_KK4_82000427 Define Utility Products 
375 _ISUCSCRM_000002 S_KK4_82000428 Define Profiles for IS-U Sales Order/Quotation 
376 _ISUCSCRM_000003 S_KK4_82000429 Define Master Data Templates for Utility Products 
377 _ISUCSCRM_000004 S_KK4_82000430 Define User-Defined Utility Product Set Types 
378 _ISUCSCRM_000005 S_SK4_99000011 Define Master Data Templates for Sales Order/Quotation 
379 _ISUCSCRM_000006 S_SK4_99000012 Generate Characteristics for Utility Products for Allocation to SD Material 
380 _ISUCSCRM_000007 S_KK4_82000652 Define Default Products 
381 _ISUCSCRM_000008 S_KK4_82000707 Define Master Data for Generating Technical Objects for CRM Products 
382 _ISUCSCRM_000009 S_KK4_82000717 Define Link to mySAP CRM Organization Data 
383 _ISUCSCRM_000010 S_KK4_82000718 Define Link to mySAP CRM Transaction Types 
384 _ISUCSCRM_000011 S_KK4_82000740 Define Basic Settings 
385 _ISUCSCRM_000012 S_KK4_82001000 Allocate Master Data Template to Object Family for Uploading Techn. Objects 
386 _ISUCSCRM_000013 S_KK4_82001485 Define Central Mapping Settings 
387 _ISUCSCRM_000014 S_KK4_82001486 Define Mapping of Contact Direction 
388 _ISUCSCRM_000015 S_KK4_82001487 Define Mapping of Contact Priority 
389 _ISUCSCRM_000016 S_KK4_82001488 Define Mapping of Text ID 
390 _ISUCSCRM_000017 S_KK4_82001522 Configure Single Contracts for Mass Product Change 
391 _ISUCSCRM_000019 S_KK4_82001524 Define Actions for Executing Mass Product Change 
392 _ISUCSCRM_000020 S_KK4_82001525 Define Attribute Values for Configurable Product 
393 _ISUCSFOCC_000001 S_KK4_74000961 Define Customer-Contact Classes/Actions 
394 _ISUCSFOCC_000003 S_KK4_74000964 Define Customer Contact Types 
395 _ISUCSFOCC_000005 S_KK4_74000979 Define Automatic Assignment of Default Values for Fields 
396 _ISUCSFOCC_000006 S_KK4_74000972 Define Configuration Determination 
397 _ISUCSFOCC_000008 S_KK4_74000971 Define Configurations 
398 _ISUCSFOCC_000009 S_KK4_74000976 Define Priorities 
399 _ISUCSFOCC_000010 S_KK4_74000975 Define Customer Contact Directions 
400 _ISUCSFOCC_000011 S_KK4_74000977 Define Additional Customer Contact Information 
401 _ISUCSFOCC_000012 S_KK4_74000978 Define Customer Information 
402 _ISUCSFOCC_000013 S_KK4_74000973 Define Customer Contacts for Forms 
403 _ISUCSFOCC_000014 S_KK4_74000974 Define Customer Contacts for Form Classes 
404 _ISUCSFOCC_000015 S_KK4_74000959 Define Number Ranges for Customer Contacts 
405 _ISUCSFOCC_000020 S_KK4_74000960 Define Object Roles 
406 _ISUCSFO_000002 S_KK4_74000962 Configure Front Office 
407 _ISUCSFO_000003 S_KK4_74000969 Configure Data Environment Display 
408 _ISUCSFO_000004 S_KK4_74000967 Define Front Office Processes 
409 _ISUCSFO_000005 S_KK4_74000963 Define Front Office Editor Steps 
410 _ISUCSFO_000007 S_KK4_74000966 Define Selection Function 
411 _ISUCSFO_000008 S_KK4_74000968 Define Autocall Component 
412 _ISUCSFO_000009 S_KK4_74000970 Maintain Front Office Framework ID and Parameters 
413 _ISUCSFO_000010 S_KK4_82000049 Configure Consumption History 
414 _ISUCSFO_000011 S_KK4_82000068 Define System Parameters for Consumption History 
415 _ISUCSFO_000012 S_KK4_82000098 Define Data Environment for Navigation Area 
416 _ISUCSFO_000013 S_KK4_82000099 Define Control Data for Web GUI Calls 
417 _ISUCSFO_000014 S_KK4_82000100 Maintain Standard Settings for Navigation and Application Areas 
418 _ISUCSFO_000015 S_SK4_99000008 Define HTML Customer Overview 
419 _ISUCSFO_000016 S_KK4_82000416 Basic Information on CIC Customizing 
420 _ISUCSFO_000017 S_KK4_82000417 Establish Settings for Workflow Inbox Component 
421 _ISUCSFO_000018 S_KK4_82000418 Define Process for Inbound Documents 
422 _ISUCSFO_000019 S_KK4_82000419 Define Process for Customer Callbacks 
423 _ISUCSFO_000020 S_KK4_82000603 Define Settings for Contact History 
424 _ISUCSFO_000022 S_KK4_82000890 Maintain Business Partner Components 
425 _ISUCSFO_21 S_KK4_82000875 Define Standard Toolbars and User-Defined GUI Status 
426 _ISUCSIN_000001 S_KK4_82000070 Define Control Parameters for Internet Self-Services 
427 _ISUCSIN_000002 S_KK4_82000071 Define ISS Move-In 
428 _ISUCSIN_000003 S_KK4_82000072 Define ISS Bill Display 
429 _ISUCSIN_000004 S_KK4_82000073 Define Bill Consolidator 
430 _ISUCSIN_000005 S_KK4_82000265 Define Basic Settings 
431 _ISUCSIN_000006 S_KK4_82000269 Define Specialist Settings for IS-U 
432 _ISUCSIN_000007 S_SK4_99000021 Information for online rate calculator 
433 _ISUCSMA_000001 S_KK4_82000042 Define Loyalty Account Display 
434 _ISUCSMA_000002 S_KK4_82000043 Define Loyalty Program 
435 _ISUCSMA_000003 S_KK4_82000044 Define Business Processes 
436 _ISUCSMA_000004 S_KK4_82000045 Define Reasons for Non-Redemption of Reward Points 
437 _ISUCSMA_000005 S_KK4_82000046 Define Reward Categories 
438 _ISUCSMA_000006 S_KK4_82000047 Define Rewards 
439 _ISUCSMA_000007 S_KK4_82000364 Configure Consumption History 
440 _ISUCSMA_000008 S_KK4_82000398 Define Standard Values for Business Partner Segmentation 
441 _ISUCSMA_000009 S_KK4_82000483 Configure Bill Supplement 
442 _ISUCSPPM_000002 S_KK4_82001184 Maintain Entries for Prepayment Meter 
443 _ISUCSPPM_000003 S_KK4_82001185 Maintain Complaint Reason 
444 _ISUCS_000001 S_KK4_74000950 Define Object Presentation 
445 _ISUCS_000003 S_KK4_74000980 Define Master Data Template 
446 _ISUCS_000004 S_KK4_82000426 General Information for Master Data Template 
447 _ISUCS_UCES_BADIBBIL S_XNI_90000030 BAdI: Methods for Service - Budget Billing Plan Adjustment 
448 _ISUCS_UCES_BADICONT S_XNI_90000031 BAdI: Create Contacts for E-Services 
449 _ISUCS_UCES_BADIENHA S_XNI_90000028 BAdI: Methods for UCES Enhancement Concept 
450 _ISUCS_UCES_BADIMAIL S_XNI_90000033 BAdI: E-Mail Configuration for Service 
451 _ISUCS_UCES_BADIMR S_XNI_90000032 BAdI: Meter Reading Entry for E-Service 
452 _ISUCS_UCES_BBILL S_XNI_90000026 Define Settings for Rounding Budget Billing Amounts 
453 _ISUCS_UCES_BBILLPL S_XNI_90000025 Define Settings for Service - Adjust Budget Billing Plan 
454 _ISUCS_UCES_BBPROUND S_XNI_90000027 Define Settings for Rounding Budget Billing Amounts 
455 _ISUCS_UCES_CO S_XNI_90000029 Define Settings for Service - Contract Overview Display 
456 _ISUCS_UCES_CO_BADI S_XNI_90000034 BAdI: Methods for Service - Contract Overview Display 
457 _ISUDMDIDG_000002 S_KK4_74000788 Define Number Ranges for Device Group 
458 _ISUDMDIDG_000003 S_KK4_74000796 Define Notes for Device Groups 
459 _ISUDMDIDG_000004 S_KK4_74000795 Define Group Types 
460 _ISUDMDIDG_000005 S_KK4_74000794 Allocate Group Types to Divisions 
461 _ISUDMDIGI_000001 S_KK4_82000653 Define System Parameters for Device Info Record 
462 _ISUDMDIIN_000003 S_KK4_74000805 Define Permissibility of Billing-Related Installation 
463 _ISUDMDIIS_000003 S_KK4_74000722 Define Number Ranges for Index Numbers of Register Relationships 
464 _ISUDMDIIS_000004 S_KK4_82000059 Define Default Allocations for Logical Registers 
465 _ISUDMDIMD_000002 S_KK4_74000723 Define Modification Reasons 
466 _ISUDMDI_000003 S_KK4_74000790 Define Reasons for Installation/Removal/Replacement 
467 _ISUDMDI_000004 S_KK4_74000803 Define Number Ranges for Logical Numbers of Devices 
468 _ISUDMDI_000005 S_KK4_74000791 Define Number Ranges for Logical Numbers of Registers 
469 _ISUDMDI_000006 S_KK4_74000789 Define System Parameters for Installation/Removal/Replacement 
470 _ISUDMISCT_000002 S_KK4_74000739 Define Certification Type 
471 _ISUDMISCT_000004 S_KK4_74000740 Define Movement Types for Lot Creation 
472 _ISUDMISPR_000002 S_KK4_74000742 Define Control Parameters for Periodic Replacement List 
473 _ISUDMISPR_000003 S_KK4_74000743 Define Notes for Periodic Replacement List 
474 _ISUDMISPR_000004 S_KK4_82000736 General Information on Periodic Replacement List 
475 _ISUDMISSL_000002 S_KK4_74000738 Define Number Ranges for Lots 
476 _ISUDMISSL_000003 S_KK4_74000735 Define Determination of Sample Lot Devices 
477 _ISUDMISSL_000004 S_KK4_74000734 Define Renewal Periods for Official Sample Lots 
478 _ISUDMISSL_000005 S_KK4_74000737 Define Search Help for Lots 
479 _ISUDMISSL_000006 S_KK4_74000736 Define Notes for Lots 
480 _ISUDMISSL_000008 S_KK4_74000745 Define Seal Code for Sample Lot 
481 _ISUDMISSL_000009 S_KK4_74000733 Define Inspection Relevance of Devices 
482 _ISUDMISSL_000010 S_KK4_74000732 Define Seal Category 
483 _ISUDMISSL_000011 S_KK4_74000744 Define Settings for Lot Creation 
484 _ISUDMISWO_000002 S_KK4_74000741 Define Control Parameters for Orders and Notifications 
485 _ISUDMIS_000003 S_KK4_74000746 Define Parameter(s) for Sampling Inspection/Certification 
486 _ISUDMMRDC_000002 S_KK4_74000714 Define Number Ranges for Meter Reading Orders 
487 _ISUDMMRDC_000003 S_KK4_74000710 Define Meter Reader 
488 _ISUDMMRDC_000004 S_KK4_74000753 Define Static Notes for Field Service 
489 _ISUDMMRDC_000005 S_KK4_74000731 Define Dynamic Notes to Field Service 
490 _ISUDMMRDC_000006 S_KK4_74000752 Define MR Blocking Reasons 
491 _ISUDMMRDC_000008 S_KK4_74000709 Define Form Group of Notes to Field Service 
492 _ISUDMMRDC_000011 S_KK4_74000751 Define Priority of Meter Reading Reasons for Meter Reading Interval Check 
493 _ISUDMMRDC_000012 S_KK4_74000750 Define Automatic Interpolation of Meter Reading Reasons 
494 _ISUDMMRDC_000013 S_KK4_74000715 Define Control Parameters for Order Creation 
495 _ISUDMMRDO_000002 S_KK4_74000749 Define Form for Meter Reading Cover Sheet 
496 _ISUDMMRDO_000003 S_KK4_74000748 Define Form for Meter Reading Document 
497 _ISUDMMRDO_000004 S_KK4_74000747 Define Form for MDE Download 
498 _ISUDMMRDO_000005 S_KK4_74000760 Define Form for Meter Reading by Customer 
499 _ISUDMMROR_000003 S_KK4_74000702 Define Parameter Groups for Mass Changes 
500 _ISUDMMROS_000002 S_KK4_74000703 Define Form for Street Route