SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index _, page 3
IMG Activity - _
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 _FICABFDP_TFKEXTDOC2 S_KK4_74002523 Define Report Classification 
2 _FICABFDP_TFKEXTDOC3 S_KK4_74002524 Define Classification Determination for Tax Reporting 
3 _FICABFDP_TFKEXTDOC4 S_KK4_74002525 Define Issuing Branches 
4 _FICABFDP_TFK_EXTDOC S_KK4_74002521 Define Document Types for Official Document Number Assignment 
5 _FICABFDP_TG_TFK043U S_KK4_74002321 Assign Tolerance Groups to Users 
6 _FICABFDP_TG_TFK043V S_KK4_74002322 Define Tolerance Groups 
7 _FICABFDP_VC_TFK055G S_SK4_84000004 Define Authorizations for Field Changes 
8 _FICABFDP_VC_TFKCOK S_KK4_74002460 Define CO Account Assignment Keys 
9 _FICABFDP_VTFK021KC S_KK4_74002288 Include Own Fields in Detail Screens 
10 _FICABFDP_V_TFK000U S_KK4_74002356 Maintain User-Specific Posting Settings 
11 _FICABFDP_V_TFK001C_ S_KK4_74002324 Origin Keys with User-Dependent Default Values 
12 _FICABFDP_V_TFKHVO S_KK4_74002342 Maintain Main Transactions 
13 _FICABFDP_V_TFKTVO S_KK4_74002336 Maintain Sub-Transactions 
14 _FICABFGFTD_VCTFKAWM S_KK4_74002583 Define Defaults for Foreign Trade Declarations 
15 _FICABFOI_C_TFK113_1 S_KK4_74002508 Define Defaults for Incoming Payments 
16 _FICABFOI_C_TFK113_2 S_KK4_74002509 Define Defaults for Account Maintenance 
17 _FICABFOI_C_TFK113_3 S_KK4_74002510 Define Defaults for Collective Invoice/Installment Plan/Summarization Group 
18 _FICABFOI_FQ0090 S_KK4_74002629 Define Specifications for Bundling Items 
19 _FICABFOI_FQZ05 S_KK4_74002309 Define Default Values for Automatic Clearing 
20 _FICABFOI_FQZ2 S_KK4_74002312 Define Line Layout Variants for Open Item Processing 
21 _FICABFOI_FQZH S_KK4_74002310 Define Default Values for Account Maintenance 
22 _FICABFOI_FQZO S_KK4_74002417 Define Default Values for Resetting Clearing 
23 _FICABFOI_FQZP S_KK4_74002401 Define Default for Resetting Clearing 
24 _FICABFOI_TFK001B2 S_KK4_74002677 Prohibit Retro-Active Clearing 
25 _FICABFOI_TFK004A S_KK4_74002408 Define Modifiable Clearing Restrictions 
26 _FICABFOI_TFK043 S_KK4_74002409 Maintain Tolerance Groups 
27 _FICABFOI_TFK111 S_KK4_74002501 Define Clearing Categories 
28 _FICABFOI_VC-TFK113 S_KK4_74002503 Define Clearing Variant Determination 
29 _FICABFOI_VC_TFK113 S_KK4_74002504 Define Clearing Variant Determination 
30 _FICABFOI_VC_TFK115 S_KK4_74002507 Define Clearing Variants 
31 _FICABFOI_VC_TFK119 S_KK4_74002506 Define Amount Check Group 
32 _FICABFOI_V_TFK110 S_KK4_74002502 Define Clearing Types 
33 _FICABFOI_V_TFK116 S_KK4_74002505 Define Grouping and Sorting Features 
34 _FICABFPW_ESENDC S_KK4_74001189 Define Shipping Control 
35 _FICABFPY_FPARIP0   Define Runtime for Payment Specifications 
36 _FICABFPY_FPARPNBK0   Define Runtime for Debit Memo Notifications 
37 _FICABFTAXR_FPN8 S_KK4_74002573 Maintain Number Ranges for Tax Invoices 
38 _FICABFTAXR_TFK009 S_KK4_74002513 Define Reporting Times 
39 _FICABFTAXR_TFK020R1 S_KK4_74002625 Define Programs for Creating Tax on Sales and Purchases Returns 
40 _FICABFTAXR_TFK020R2 S_P7I_14000005 Define Programs for Other Country-Specific Tax Returns 
41 _FICABFTAXR_VC_TFKFB S_KK4_74002515 Activate Recording of Tax Data 
42 _FICABFTAXR_V_TFK009 S_KK4_74002514 Define Report Times for Sales/Purchase Tax 
43 _FICABFTAXR_V_TFK010 S_KK4_74002512 Define Specifications on Data to be Recorded 
44 _FICABFTAXR_V_TFK011 S_SK4_84000001 Define Report Times for Other Tax Code 
45 _FICABFTAXR_V_TFKFB S_KK4_74002511 Activate Recording of Tax Data 
46 _FICABFTX_FPARBGA0   Define Life for Tax Information fo Commercial Operations 
47 _FICABFTX_FPARBGA2   Activate Archive Info. Struct. for Archive for Tax Info. for Commercial Ops 
48 _FICABFTX_FPARSTPY0   Define Life for Payments Subject to Stamp Tax 
49 _FICABFTX_FPARSTPY2   Activate Archive Info. Struct. for Archive for Payments Subj. to Stamp Tax 
50 _FICABFTX_FQ0025 S_KK4_74002500 Assign Main and Subtransactions to Tax Codes 
51 _FICABFTX_FQ2101 S_KK4_74002635 Maintain Document Type Specifications for VAT/GI Perception 
52 _FICABFTX_FQ2102 S_KK4_74002636 Determination of Tax Determination Code 
53 _FICABFTX_FQB9 S_KK4_74002520 Define Account Assignments for Stamp Tax Postings (Bollo) 
54 _FICABFTX_FQZ04T S_KK4_74002638 Tax Adjustment for Write-Off 
55 _FICABFTX_TFK007B S_KK4_74002369 Define Tax Code for Stamp Charges 
56 _FICABFTX_TFK007E S_KK4_74002371 Tax Code with Possible Tax Exemption 
57 _FICABFTX_TFK007M S_KK4_74002370 Maintain Maximum Tax Amounts 
58 _FICABFTX_TFK007U S_KK4_74002372 Define Change in Tax Code with Write-Offs 
59 _FICABFTX_TFK048B S_KK4_74002373 Define Tax Calc. Types in Write-Offs and Ind. Val. Adj. 
60 _FICABFTX_V_TAXNUMTY S_KK4_74002380 Define Required Tax Number Categories 
61 _FICABFTX_V_TFK007F S_KK4_74002470 Define Other Tax Codes 
62 _FICABFWT_FQ0200 S_KK4_74002492 Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Postings with Outgoing Payments 
63 _FICABFWT_FQ0201 S_KK4_74002494 Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Supplements with Incoming Payments 
64 _FICABFWT_FQ0210 S_KK4_74002495 Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Postings with Incoming Payments 
65 _FICABFWT_FQ0211 S_KK4_74002496 Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Supplements with Incoming Payments 
66 _FICABFWT_FQ201 S_KK4_74002493 Account Assignments for Withholding Tax Surcharges with Outgoing Payments 
67 _FICABFWT_T059Q S_KK4_74002487 Define Withholding Tax Code 
68 _FICABFWT_TQ59Q S_KK4_74002485 Define Withholding Tax Code 
69 _FICABFWT_V_T059F S_KK4_74002489 Define Formulas for Withholding Tax Calculation 
70 _FICABFWT_V_TFK059E S_KK4_74002490 Define Withholding Tax Supplement 
71 _FICABFWT_V_TFK059QE S_KK4_74002491 Define Allowed Entries for Withholding Tax Supplements 
72 _FICABFWT_V_TFKTVO S_KK4_74002591 Check Subtransactions for Withholding Tax Relevance 
73 _FICABFWT_V_TQ59Q S_KK4_74002486 Define Withholding Tax Code 
74 _FICABF_TFKKBPCL_ACT S_P7I_74002798 Define Activity for Duplicate Processing 
75 _FICABF_TFKKBPCL_BEL S_P7I_74002800 Define Specifications for Transfer of Open Items 
76 _FICABF_TFKKBPCL_STE S_P7I_74002799 Define Order of Activities 
77 _FICABOL_FBOLBANK S_KK4_74002764 Define Percentage for Payment Agreement 
78 _FICABOL_FBOLCODE S_KK4_74002765 Define Instruction Keys and Instruction Codes 
79 _FICABOL_FBOLINST S_KK4_74002766 Define Specifications for Instruction Keys and Codes 
80 _FICABOL_FBOLNR S_KK4_74002759 Define Number Ranges for Internal Boleto Numbers 
81 _FICABOL_FBOLXT S_KK4_74002763 Define Number Ranges for External Boleto Numbers 
82 _FICABOL_TFK028G_B S_KK4_74002781 Assign External Transactions to Internal Boleto Codes 
83 _FICABPTY_TFK020K S_KK4_74002164 Define Short Account Assignments for Transfer Postings 
84 _FICABTAR_VC_TFK058 S_KK4_74002483 Define Rules for Additional Receivables 
85 _FICABTAR_V_TFKTVO S_KK4_74002484 Postprocess Sub-Transactions 
86 _FICABTCP_FQ1320 S_KK4_74002556 Define Document Types for Credit Clarification 
87 _FICABTCP_FQ1321 S_KK4_74002605 Define Clearing Account for Transferring Credits 
88 _FICABTCP_FQ1322 S_P7I_74002804 Activate Authorization Check for Credit Clarification 
89 _FICABTCP_TFK_CRPO S_KK4_74002274 Define Selection Criteria for Credit Clarification 
90 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ07 S_KK4_74002184 Maintain Default Values for Transfer Posting Run 
91 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ08 S_KK4_74002259 Maintain Account Determination for Doubtful Item Entries 
92 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ11 S_KK4_74002258 Maintain Account Determination for Ind. Value Adjustment 
93 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ13 S_KK4_74002261 Maintain Correction Reasons 
94 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ14 S_KK4_74002260 Maintain Correction Reset Reasons 
95 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ17 S_KK4_74002538 Maintain Value Adjustment Variants for Automatic Adjustments 
96 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ17_2 S_KK4_74002733 Define Age Grid for Value Adjustment Variants 
97 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ18 S_KK4_74002539 Maintain Processing Methods for User Exits for Automatic Adjustments 
98 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ19 S_KK4_74002540 Maintain Variant Determination for Automatic Adjustments 
99 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ20 S_KK4_74002542 Acct Determination Individual Value Adjustment for Acct-Based Adjustments 
100 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ2A S_KK4_74002634 Maintain Execptions for Adjustments 
101 _FICABTDI_FQ05 S_KK4_74002241 Deactivation Reasons for Installment Plan 
102 _FICABTDI_FQ06 S_KK4_74002235 Categories for Installment Plan 
103 _FICABTDI_FQZQ S_KK4_74002236 Define Default Values for Installment Plan 
104 _FICABTDI_FQZU S_KK4_74002233 Define Default Values for Installment Plan Charge 
105 _FICABTDI_FQZZ S_KK4_74002244 Define Default Values for Interest on Installment Plans 
106 _FICABTDI_TFK060A S_KK4_74002234 Define Installment Plan Type 
107 _FICABTDRP_FQZ09 S_KK4_74002262 Maintain Account Determination for Time-Based Deferred Revenue Postings 
108 _FICABTDRP_FQZ10 S_KK4_74002185 Maintain Default Values for Transfer Posting Run 
109 _FICABTDU_FPARM0 S_KK4_74002461 Define Runtimes for Dunning Archiving 
110 _FICABTDU_FQI8 S_KK4_74002129 Define Specifications for Interest on Arrears 
111 _FICABTDU_FQZ06 S_KK4_74002118 Specifications for Automatically Deactivating Installment Plans 
112 _FICABTDU_FQZY S_KK4_74002131 Define Document Types for Dunning Charge Categories 
113 _FICABTDU_TFK046A S_KK4_74002119 Define Time-Dependent Creditworthiness Weightings 
114 _FICABTDU_TFK047A_C S_KK4_74002469 Configure Correspondence Dunning Procedure 
115 _FICABTDU_TFK047P S_KK4_74002785 Define Execution Variants for Dunning Proposal Run 
116 _FICABTDU_VC_TFK047A S_KK4_74002112 Configure Dunning Procedure 
117 _FICABTDU_VC_TFK047E S_KK4_74002130 Configure Charge Schedules for Dunning Procedure 
118 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047F S_KK4_74002121 Define Dunning Grouping 
119 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047G S_KK4_74002133 Define Dunning Level Categories 
120 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047H S_KK4_74002132 Define Charge Categories for Dunning 
121 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047J S_KK4_74002134 Define Dunning Procedure Categories 
122 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047L S_KK4_74002113 Configure Dunning Activities 
123 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047LE S_KK4_74002589 Define Dunning Activities for Correspondence Dunning 
124 _FICABTDU_V_TFK047S S_KK4_74002120 Define Dunning Lock Reasons 
125 _FICABTDU_V_TFK080R3 S_KK4_74002528 Define Correspondence Dunning Lock Reasons 
126 _FICABTIC_FQI4 S_KK4_74002126 Define Specifications for Interest Calculation 
127 _FICABTIC_FQI4Z S_KK4_74002637 Activate Additional Functions for Interest Calculation 
128 _FICABTIC_FQI6 S_KK4_74002124 Define Specifications for the Mass Run 
129 _FICABTIC_TFK056C S_KK4_74002125 Define Clearing Reasons for Which Interest is not Calculated 
130 _FICABTIC_TFK056S S_KK4_74002127 Define Interest Lock Reasons 
131 _FICABTIC_TFK057 S_KK4_74002128 Maintain Amount Limits for Debit/Credit Interest 
132 _FICABTIC_VC_T056GJI S_KK4_74002094 Define Interest Calculation Rules 
133 _FICABTIC_VC_TFK056 S_KK4_74002093 Define Interest Key 
134 _FICABTIC_V_T056P S_KK4_74002095 Define Percentage Rates for Reference Interest Rates 
135 _FICABTIC_V_T056R S_KK4_74002096 Define Reference Interest Rates 
136 _FICABTIN_1054 S_KK4_74002278 Define Specs for Submission to External Collection Agencies 
137 _FICABTIN_FPARCOLL0   Define Runtime for Collection Items 
138 _FICABTIN_FPARCOLL2   Activate Archive Information Structure for Archive for Submitted Coll.Items 
139 _FICABTIN_FPCOLLAG S_KK4_74002736 Define Derivation Rules for Collection Agencies Responsible 
140 _FICABTIN_FQZ21 S_KK4_74002593 Define Specifications for Collection Agency Charges 
141 _FICABTIN_FQZ22 S_KK4_74002620 Define Default Value for Callback Reasons 
142 _FICABTIN_FQZ23 S_KK4_74002648 Specifications for Forwarding Information to Collection Agencies 
143 _FICABTIN_TFK050B S_KK4_74002280 Define Collection Agencies 
144 _FICABTIN_TFK050D S_KK4_74002619 Define Reasons for Receivables Callbacks 
145 _FICABTIN_V_TFK050A S_KK4_74002279 Define Submission Status 
146 _FICABTPY S_KK4_74002675 Define Specifications for Debit Memo Notifications in GB 
147 _FICABTPYPC_FQZV S_KK4_74002089 Define Accounts for Payment Card Institute 
148 _FICABTPYPC_FQZX S_KK4_74002088 Define Specifications for Posting Settlement Document 
149 _FICABTPYPP_FPN3 S_KK4_74002162 Check Number Ranges for Repayment Requests 
150 _FICABTPYPP_V_TFK028 S_KK4_74002160 Define Transactions for Electronic Bank Statement Transfer 
151 _FICABTPYPR S_KK4_74002087 Release for Payment Workflow - Old 
152 _FICABTPY_FPAC03 S_KK4_74002097 Activate Archive Info Structure for Payment Lot Archive 
153 _FICABTPY_FPARCJ0   Define Runtimes for Transaction Data in Cash Journal 
154 _FICABTPY_FPARCJ2   Activate Archive Information Structure for Transaction Data in Cash Journal 
155 _FICABTPY_FPARINDPAY   Activate Archive Information Structure for Payment Specification Archive 
156 _FICABTPY_FPARPNBK2   Activate Archive Information Structure for Debit Memo Notification Archive 
157 _FICABTPY_FPARPRNH0 S_P7I_74002813 Specify Residence Time for SEPA Direct Debit Pre-Notifications 
158 _FICABTPY_FPARPRNH2 S_P7I_74002814 Activate Archive Information Structure for SEPA Pre-Notifications 
159 _FICABTPY_FPARZ1 S_KK4_74002098 Define Payment Lot Period 
160 _FICABTPY_FPCJM S_SK4_84000011 Define Master Data for Cash Journal 
161 _FICABTPY_FPN10   Define Number Ranges for Payment Specifications 
162 _FICABTPY_FPN7 S_KK4_74002549 Check Number Ranges for Payment Orders 
163 _FICABTPY_FPNOTETEST S_KK4_74002681 Test Interpretation Rules for Note to Payee 
164 _FICABTPY_FPNRPT S_KK4_74002667 Maintain Number Ranges for Receipt Printing 
165 _FICABTPY_FPSEPA_AR2 S_P7I_74002812 Activate Archive Information Structure for SEPA Mandates 
166 _FICABTPY_FQ1031 S_KK4_74002458 Define Default Values for Check Lot 
167 _FICABTPY_FQ1032 S_KK4_74002548 Define Default Values for Payment Order Lots 
168 _FICABTPY_FQ1033 S_KK4_74002550 Define Default Values for Credit Card Lots 
169 _FICABTPY_FQC1005 S_KK4_74002585 Define Prefix for Created Lot IDs during Account Statement Transfer 
170 _FICABTPY_FQC1500 S_KK4_74002666 Define Specifications for the Management of Receipts 
171 _FICABTPY_FQC700 S_KK4_74002657 Maintain the Document Type Specifications for Collective Bills 
172 _FICABTPY_FQCC S_KK4_74002567 Maintain Bank Selection 
173 _FICABTPY_FQCVS S_KK4_74002674 Account Determination for Payment Confirmation 
174 _FICABTPY_FQH1 S_SK4_84000010 Cash Journal: Specifications for Posting Cash Desk Deposits and Withdrawals 
175 _FICABTPY_FQH2   Define Document Type for Payment Category 
176 _FICABTPY_FQKPI S_KK4_74002795 Define Screen Variants for Payment Specifications 
177 _FICABTPY_FQKPN S_KK4_74002722 Define Screen Variants 
178 _FICABTPY_FQP5 S_KK4_74002102 Maintain Note to Payee Type for Payment Medium 
179 _FICABTPY_FQP6 S_KK4_74002535 Settings for Check Creation 
180 _FICABTPY_FQP8 S_KK4_74002547 Define User IDs for Bank Transactions 
181 _FICABTPY_FQP9 S_SK4_84000012 Define Parameters for Foreign Payment Transactions 
182 _FICABTPY_FQZ6 S_KK4_74002179 Define Screen Variants for Payment Lot 
183 _FICABTPY_FQZI S_KK4_74002178 Define Default Values for Payment Lot 
184 _FICABTPY_FQZJ S_KK4_74002165 Define Clarification Account 
185 _FICABTPY_FQZL S_KK4_74002110 Define Accounts for Payment Program 
186 _FICABTPY_FQZN S_KK4_74002163 Define Specifications for Repayment of Incoming Payments 
187 _FICABTPY_FQZT S_KK4_74002169 Define Clearing Account for Check Deposit 
188 _FICABTPY_FQ_PCJ_ACT S_KK4_74002655 Maintain Role-Specific Activities for Cash Journal 
189 _FICABTPY_MLCOD S_P7I_74002802 Maintain Levy Codes 
190 _FICABTPY_PAYREL S_KK4_74002543 Payment Release Workflow for Main and Sub-Transactions 
191 _FICABTPY_PRECOND S_KK4_74002429 Further Prerequisites for the Payment Program 
192 _FICABTPY_SWLD S_KK4_74002166 Define Workflow for Clarification Worklist for Payment Lots 
193 _FICABTPY_SWLD1 S_KK4_74002135 Define Workflow for Clarification Worklist for Payment Run 
194 _FICABTPY_TFK001S S_KK4_74002109 Define Processing Lock Reasons 
195 _FICABTPY_TFK004B S_KK4_74002311 Specify Selection Categories 
196 _FICABTPY_TFK006DC S_KK4_74002594 Check Procedure for Interpretation of Note to Payee 
197 _FICABTPY_TFK012 S_KK4_74002161 Define Bank Clearing Accounts for Payment Lots 
198 _FICABTPY_TFK012DCV S_KK4_74002624 Define Payment Agreement for Payment Media Formats (Brazil) 
199 _FICABTPY_TFK012_1 S_KK4_74002516 Assign Bank Accounts for Online Check Printing 
200 _FICABTPY_TFK013   Parameterize Search Engine 
201 _FICABTPY_TFK020B S_KK4_74002682 Define Short Account Assignments for Transfer Postings to Cash Desk 
202 _FICABTPY_TFK020K2 S_KK4_74002727 Short Account Assignments for Transfer Postings in Account Maintenance 
203 _FICABTPY_TFK020R S_KK4_74002621 Define Programs for Converting Country-Specific Formats into MultiCash 
204 _FICABTPY_TFK042H S_KK4_74002604 Define Own Bank Details and User Numbers 
205 _FICABTPY_TFKCVS_COD S_KK4_74002673 Define Payment Collector Codes for Payment Lots 
206 _FICABTPY_TFKDDA S_KK4_74002676 Define Specifications for Debit Memo Notifications in GB 
207 _FICABTPY_TFKPKC S_KK4_74002107 Select Item Indicator for the Clarification Worklist 
208 _FICABTPY_TFKPKS S_KK4_74002473 Define Item Indicators to be Skipped 
209 _FICABTPY_TFKVOID S_KK4_74002559 Define Void Reasons for Checks 
210 _FICABTPY_TFK_RZAREL S_KK4_74002553 Workflow for Repayments 
211 _FICABTPY_VC_TFK006X S_KK4_74002600 Define Bank Accounts with Individual Clarification Proposal 
212 _FICABTPY_VC_TFK042E S_KK4_74002099 Define Specifications for Paying Company Code 
213 _FICABTPY_VC_TFK042F S_KK4_74002231 Define Payment Medium Formats 
214 _FICABTPY_VC_TFK042Z S_KK4_74002100 Define Payment Methods 
215 _FICABTPY_VC_TFK054A S_KK4_74002698 Configure Error Reasons 
216 _FICABTPY_V_CJ100A S_KK4_74002606 Maintain Specifications for Cash Desk/Cash Journal 
217 _FICABTPY_V_DFKKBRSE S_P7I_74002803 Specify Initial File Sequence Number for Outgoing Payments (Brazil) 
218 _FICABTPY_V_T001FFK S_KK4_74002168 Define Forms for Check Deposit List 
219 _FICABTPY_V_TFK008 S_KK4_74002108 Define Payment Lock Reasons 
220 _FICABTPY_V_TFK054B S_KK4_74002699 Assign Error Reasons to Institutions 
221 _FICABTPY_V_TFK100B S_KK4_74002602 Cash Journal: Define Currency Units of Currency Sheet 
222 _FICABTPY_V_TFK100D   Define Cash Desk Clearing Accounts 
223 _FICABTPY_V_TFK122 S_KK4_74002577 Assign Item Indicator to Payment Lock Reasons 
224 _FICABTPY_V_TFK122MA S_KK4_74002615 Assign Item Indicator to Payment Lock Reasons 
225 _FICABTPY_V_TFK123 S_KK4_74002578 Define Defaults for the Payment Run 
226 _FICABTPY_V_TFK123MA S_KK4_74002616 Define Specifications for Automatic Clearing 
227 _FICABTPY_V_TFK125 S_KK4_74002576 Define Grouping Variants 
228 _FICABTPY_V_TFK125MA S_KK4_74002614 Define Grouping Variants 
229 _FICABTPY_V_TFK126 S_KK4_74002575 Define Grouping Characteristics 
230 _FICABTPY_V_TFK126MA S_KK4_74002613 Define Grouping Characteristics 
231 _FICABTPY_V_TFKCVS_E S_KK4_74002672 Define External Payment Collectors 
232 _FICABTPY_V_TFKPKS S_KK4_74002474 Define Scope of Exception List 
233 _FICABTPY_V_TFK_REPT S_KK4_74002668 Define Reasons for Repeat Print 
234 _FICABTREVD_FQ1380 S_KK4_74002597 Define Specifications for Deriving Final Recipient 
235 _FICABTREVD_FQ1381 S_KK4_74002596 Define Specifications for Revenue Distribution 
236 _FICABTREVD_FQ1382 S_KK4_74002679 Define Main and Subtransactions for the Distribution Posting 
237 _FICABTRE_FP09FS S_KK4_74002255 Define Field Selection 
238 _FICABTRE_FP09FSL S_KK4_74002552 Define Field Selection for Returns 
239 _FICABTRE_FPAC04 S_KK4_74002237 Activate Info Structure for Returns Lot Archive 
240 _FICABTRE_FPARR0 S_KK4_74002238 Define Returns Lot Runtime 
241 _FICABTRE_FPARR2 S_KK4_74002251 Define Returns History Runtime 
242 _FICABTRE_FQ0111 S_KK4_74002482 Define Account Assignments for New Items with Returns 
243 _FICABTRE_FQ1041 S_KK4_74002599 Define Clarification Accounts for Returns 
244 _FICABTRE_FQZF S_KK4_74002246 Define Charges Accounts for Returns 
245 _FICABTRE_FQZS S_KK4_74002245 Determine Document Type and Clearing Reason for Returns 
246 _FICABTRE_TFK012 S_KK4_74002247 Define Bank Clearing Account for Returns 
247 _FICABTRE_TFK045D S_KK4_74002248 Assign Return Reasons to House Banks 
248 _FICABTRE_TFK046A S_KK4_74002253 Define Time-Dependent Creditworthiness Weightings 
249 _FICABTRE_VC_TFK045A S_KK4_74002249 Configure Returns Reasons 
250 _FICABTRE_V_TFK028G S_KK4_74002254 Define Transactions for Electronic Account Statement Transfer 
251 _FICABTRV_FQC1091 S_KK4_74002275 Define Specifications for Clearing Item 
252 _FICABTRV_FQZ01 S_KK4_74002277 Define Alternative Accounts for Reversal in Following Year 
253 _FICABTSE_ENSE S_KK4_74002140 Define Number Ranges for Security Deposits 
254 _FICABTSE_ESECU S_KK4_74002139 Define General Parameters for Security Deposits 
255 _FICABTSE_FQI5 S_KK4_74002146 Define Default Values for Cash Security Deposit Interest Calc. (Online) 
256 _FICABTSE_FQI7 S_KK4_74002177 Define Specifications for Cash Security Deposit Int. Calc. (Mass Proc.) 
257 _FICABTSE_FQI9 S_KK4_74002554 Assign Withholding Tax Code to Main and Sub-Transactions 
258 _FICABTSE_FQSEC S_KK4_74002138 Create Special Definitions for Security Deposits 
259 _FICABTSE_SE75 S_KK4_74002144 Define Types of Notes for Security Deposits 
260 _FICABTSE_TFK_SEC_RE S_KK4_74002145 Define Reversal Reasons for Security Deposits 
261 _FICABTSE_V_ESECR S_KK4_74002137 Define Request Reasons for Securities 
262 _FICABTSE_V_ESECS S_KK4_74002136 Define Status of Noncash Security Deposits 
263 _FICABTSE_V_ESECT S_KK4_74002147 Define Noncash Security Deposit Categories 
264 _FICABTTP_FQU1 S_KK4_74002731 Define Default Value for Transfer Reason 
265 _FICABTTP_FQU2 S_KK4_74002658 Define Transactions for Transferring Items 
266 _FICABTTP_FQZ16 S_KK4_74002465 Define Specifications and Default Values for Transfer 
267 _FICABTTP_TFK051A S_KK4_74002464 Define Transfer Reasons 
268 _FICABTTP_V_TFK051A S_KK4_74002463 Define Transfer Posting Reasons 
269 _FICABTWO_FPN_AUBID   Define Document Number Ranges for Write-Off ID 
270 _FICABTWO_FQZ02 S_KK4_74002272 Define Specifications and Default Values for Write-Off 
271 _FICABTWO_FQZ03 S_KK4_74002271 Define Specs and Default Values for Mass Write-Offs 
272 _FICABTWO_FQZ04 S_KK4_74002270 Automatic G/L Account Determination for Write-Offs 
273 _FICABTWO_FQZ04A S_KK4_74002545 Automatic G/L Account Determination for Writing Off Value Adjustments 
274 _FICABTWO_FQZ04B S_KK4_74002546 Define Percentage Rates for Writing-Off Value Adjusted Items 
275 _FICABTWO_FQZ04U S_KK4_74002771 Maintain Alternative Expense and Revenue Account 
276 _FICABTWO_FQZ04W   Activate Write-Off to External System 
277 _FICABTWO_TFK048C S_KK4_74002269 Define Execution Variants for Mass Write-Offs 
278 _FICABTWO_V_TFK048A S_KK4_74002273 Define Write-Off Reasons 
279 _FICABT_V_TFK042C S_KK4_74002728 Define Alternative Currencies 
280 _FICABT_V_TFK080E S_KK4_74002257 Maintain Conditional Locks 
281 _FICABW_VC_TFKBWT_01 S_KK4_74002609 Define Grid for Grouping of Items 
282 _FICABW_VTFKBWC S_KK4_74002607 Determine Fields for the Extraction of Cleared Items 
283 _FICABW_V_TFKBWC S_KK4_74002608 Define Fields for the Extraction of Items 
284 _FICACHKREP_FPARCR0 S_KK4_74002570 Define Runtime for Archiving Check Management 
285 _FICACHKREP_FQ1035 S_KK4_74002565 Define Details for Lots for Manual Outgoing Checks 
286 _FICACHKREP_FQ1036 S_KK4_74002569 Define Document Type for Check Encashment 
287 _FICACHKREP_FQ1037 S_KK4_74002584 Define Bank Clearing Account for Encashment of Outgoing Checks 
288 _FICACHKREP_FQ1038 S_KK4_74002598 Define Specifications for the Clarification of Cashed Checks 
289 _FICACHKREP_FQ1039 S_KK4_74002601 Expense and Revenue Accounts for Posting Cashed Outgoing Checks 
290 _FICACHKREP_FQKPH S_KK4_74002566 Define Line Layout Variants for Lots for Manual Outgoing Checks 
291 _FICACHKREP_FQP6A   Define Number Range Intervals for Outgoing Checks 
292 _FICACHKREP_FQZL S_KK4_74002561 Define Check Clearing Account for Outgoing Checks 
293 _FICACHKREP_TFK001B S_KK4_74002560 Specify Component for Reconciling Check Deposits 
294 _FICACHKREP_VTFK005A S_KK4_74002571 Runtime for Archiving Check Management 
295 _FICACLFC_FQC8 S_KK4_74002744 Define Valuation Area-Specific Accounts for Exchange Rate Differences 
296 _FICACLFC_VC_TFK044C S_KK4_74002743 Define Valuation Variants 
297 _FICACLFC_VC_TFK044F   Define Valuation Plan Variants 
298 _FICACLFC_V_TFK030H S_KK4_74002195 Define Accounts for Open Item Exchange Rate Differences 
299 _FICACLFC_V_TFK044 S_KK4_74002742 Define Valuation Areas 
300 _FICACLFC_V_TFK044A S_KK4_74002194 Define Methods for Foreign Currency Valuation 
301 _FICACLFC_V_TFK044E   Basic Settings 
302 _FICACLRE_FPU1 S_KK4_74002193 Define Receivables and Payables Accounts 
303 _FICACLRE_FQC1350 S_KK4_74002579 Define Adjustment Accounts 
304 _FICACLRE_V_TFK020VB S_KK4_74002746 Define Company Codes for Summarization 
305 _FICACLRE_V_TFK020VK S_KK4_74002745 Define Summarization Accounts 
306 _FICACREDMGT_FQK50 S_KK4_74002740 Assign Open Items to Credit Segments 
307 _FICACREDMGT_FQK51 S_KK4_74002739 Maintain Credit Segments 
308 _FICACREDMGT_FQK52 S_KK4_74002738 Activate Credit Management 
309 _FICACREDMGT_FQK53 S_KK4_74002741 Define Specifications for Credit Management 
310 _FICACRMGT_VTFKMDCOR S_P7I_14000001 Define Origin of Requests for Master Data Change 
311 _FICACRMGT_VTFKMDCTY S_P7I_14000002 Define Change Types 
312 _FICACRM_TFKBUAGREF S_KK4_74002586 Determine Template for Contract Account for Replication 
313 _FICACRM_TFK_BUAG_PF   Define Determination of Clerk Responsible for Replication from CRM 
314 _FICACUSPOR_FISPLOGC S_KK4_74002617 Logging of User Activities 
315 _FICACUSPOR_FQZ1072 S_KK4_74002653 Define Specifications for Overpayments 
316 _FICACUSPOR_FQZ1073 S_KK4_74002654 Define Specifications for Reversing Overpayments 
317 _FICACUSPOR_FQZ1074 S_KK4_74002730 Define Clearing Account for Overpayments 
318 _FICACUSPOR_FQZH2 S_KK4_74002580 Define Proposal Values for Clearing Credit Memos 
319 _FICACUSPOR_TFISPROF   Define User Profiles 
320 _FICACUSPOR_TFKDMCEX S_KK4_74002770 Specifications for the Integration of SAP Dispute Management 
321 _FICACUSPOR_TFKEBPP S_KK4_74002564 Settings for Customer Portal in the Internet 
322 _FICACUSPOR_V_TFIS01 S_KK4_74002618 Define Main and Subtransactions for Notifying Customers 
323 _FICADISMAN_TFKDMC S_KK4_74002767 Make Basic Settings for Dispute Management 
324 _FICADM_FPARCASE0   Define Runtime for Item List in Cases 
325 _FICADM_FPARCASE2   Activate Archive Information Structure for Archive for Item List in Cases 
326 _FICAECSL_V_TFK001ZM S_P7I_14000006 Make Specifications for EC Sales List 
327 _FICAEMMA_EMMACCANCD S_KK4_74002755 Define Reasons for Reversing Clarification Cases 
328 _FICAEMMA_EMMACCAT1 S_KK4_74002751 Create Clarification Case Category 
329 _FICAEMMA_EMMACCAT2 S_KK4_74002752 Change Clarification Case Category 
330 _FICAEMMA_EMMACCAT3 S_KK4_74002753 Display Clarification Case Category 
331 _FICAEMMA_EMMACCAT4 S_KK4_74002754 Delete Clarification Case Category 
332 _FICAEMMA_EMMACCREAC S_KK4_74002693 Define Reasons for Forwarding Clarification Cases 
333 _FICAEMMA_EMMACLGEN S_KK4_74002737 Generate Selection Screen for Clarification List 
334 _FICAEMMA_EMMAC_FWM S_KK4_74002692 Define Method for Forwarding Clarification Cases 
335 _FICAEMMA_EMMANRCASE   Maintain Internal Number Range Intervals for Clarification Cases 
336 _FICAEMMA_EMMANRJOB   Maintain Internal Number Range Intervals for Jobs 
337 _FICAEMMA_VCEMMACCWL S_KK4_74002694 Maintain Shortcut Keys for Clarification Processing 
338 _FICAEMMA_VEMMACBPCP S_KK4_74002772 Define Customer Business Processes for Processes from CIC 
339 _FICAEMMA_VEMMACCTYP S_KK4_74002688 Define Clarification Case Types 
340 _FICAEMMA_VEMMACMSGO S_KK4_74002686 Define Business Objects for Customer-Defined Messages 
341 _FICAEMMA_VEMMACMSGS S_KK4_74002687 Suppression of Messages for Log Preparation 
342 _FICAEMMA_VEMMATCODE S_KK4_74002773 Define Customer Transactions for Message Management 
343 _FICAEMMA_V_EMMABPA S_KK4_74002756 Define Customer Business Process Areas for Message Management 
344 _FICAEMMA_V_EMMABPC S_KK4_74002757 Define Customer Business Processes for Message Management 
345 _FICAEMMA_V_EMMACBPA S_KK4_74002750 Activate Business Process Areas for Message Management 
346 _FICAEURO_ARCHIV S_KK4_74002428 Note on Archiving 
347 _FICAEURO_BEWGEWINNE S_KK4_74002426 Report Valuation Earnings in the Dual Currency Phase 
348 _FICAEURO_FPE3 S_KK4_74002432 Test Eligibility for Auditing 
349 _FICAEURO_FPEW1 S_KK4_74002209 Reconcile with General Ledger 
350 _FICAEURO_FPEW2 S_KK4_74002210 Complete Mass Runs 
351 _FICAEURO_FPEW3 S_KK4_74002529 Conversion of FI-CA Documents 
352 _FICAEURO_FPEW3A S_KK4_74002530 Conversion of Contract A/R & A/P Documents 
353 _FICAEURO_FPEW5 S_KK4_74002215 Display Critical Documents 
354 _FICAEURO_FPEW6 S_KK4_74002218 Carry Out Adjustment Posting to Adjust Reconciliation Accts 
355 _FICAEURO_FPEW7 S_KK4_74002217 Check Adjustment Posting in General Ledger 
356 _FICAEURO_FPEW8 S_KK4_74002216 Display Determination of Adjustment Posting 
357 _FICAEURO_FPEWG S_KK4_74002534 Determination of Program for GLT0 Conversion 
358 _FICAEURO_FPG1 S_KK4_74002229 Transfer Summary Records to General Ledger 
359 _FICAEURO_FPMS S_KK4_74002212 Complete Mass Runs 
360 _FICAEURO_FPO1 S_KK4_74002226 Determine Reconciliation Accounts to be Reclassified 
361 _FICAEURO_FPO1(1) S_KK4_74002208 Make Spot Checks Possible 
362 _FICAEURO_FPO1(2) S_KK4_74002219 Examine Spot Checks 
363 _FICAEURO_FPO2 S_KK4_74002228 Reconcile with General Ledger 
364 _FICAEURO_FPO2(1) S_KK4_74002211 Reconcile with General Ledger 
365 _FICAEURO_FPO2(2) S_KK4_74002214 Reconcile with General Ledger 
366 _FICAEURO_FPW1 S_KK4_74002227 Valuate Foreign Currency 
367 _FICAEURO_FQC900 S_KK4_74002213 Define Account for Rounding Differences 
368 _FICAEURO_HB S_KK4_74002430 Carry Out Year-End Closing in the General Ledger 
369 _FICAEURO_NACHBERCUS S_KK4_74002422 Maintain Customizing Entries 
370 _FICAEURO_PERIOD_ASW S_KK4_74002423 Transfer Adjustment Postings on an Accrual Basis 
371 _FICAEURO_UMSETZUNG S_KK4_74002431 Prepare and Carry Out Conversion 
372 _FICAFM_FQ2001 S_KK4_74002749 Define Accounts for Funds Clearing 
373 _FICAFM_REP_FUNDACT S_KK4_74002748 Display Activation Status of Fund Accounting 
374 _FICAFM_V_T100C   Change Message Control 
375 _FICAGPDT_FQC1510 S_KK4_74002768 Define Specifications for Credit Memos for Follow-Up Actions 
376 _FICAGPDT_VC_TFK053R S_KK4_74002769 Define Rules for Follow-Up Actions 
377 _FICAGPDT_V_TFK053A S_KK4_74002760 General Settings 
378 _FICAGPDT_V_TFK053B S_KK4_74002761 Define Default Values for Payment Methods 
379 _FICAGPDT_V_TFK053C S_KK4_74002762 Define Processing Variants 
380 _FICAIDOC_FKKEBSAROB S_KK4_74002644 Define Document Type in ArchiveLink 
381 _FICAIDOC_FKKEBSARSY S_KK4_74002643 Define Original System of Invoice 
382 _FICAIDOC_FKKEBSPOIS S_KK4_74002646 Selection of Open Items for Invoice Printing 
383 _FICAIDOC_FKKEBSTOIC S_KK4_74002640 Define Characteristic Derivations for CO-PA Update 
384 _FICAIDOC_FKKEBSTOIS S_KK4_74002639 Basic Settings for Document Transfer 
385 _FICAIDOC_FQ1404   Define Specifications for Conversion of External Payment Method 
386 _FICAIDOC_FQC1400 S_KK4_74002641 Define Conversion of External Item ID of Business Partner Item 
387 _FICAIDOC_FQC1401   Define Specifications for Conversion of External G/L Account Determination 
388 _FICAIDOC_FQC1402   Define Specifications for Conversion of External Document Type 
389 _FICAIDOC_FQC1403   Define Conversion of External Item ID of Business Partner Item 
390 _FICAIDOC_FQC1405   Define Conversion of External Tax Identification 
391 _FICAIDOC_FQC1410 S_KK4_74002645 Settings for Reversing Documents 
392 _FICAIDOC_VCEBSEXTTA   Conversion of External Tax ID with External Processing 
393 _FICAIDOC_VCEBSINTAX   Conversion of External Tax ID with Internal Processing 
394 _FICAINCM_V_TFK036S S_KK4_74002202 Define Alternative Planning Levels for Locks 
395 _FICAINCM_V_TFK036V S_KK4_74002189 Define Alternative Planning Levels for Transactions 
396 _FICAINGL_FQZE S_KK4_74002204 Define Posting Specifications for General Ledger Transfer 
397 _FICAINK_ALE S_KK4_74002777 Settings for ALE Business Process 
398 _FICAINK_FQ3000 S_KK4_74002775 Define Specifications for Collection Agency Charges 
399 _FICAINK_FQ3001 S_KK4_74002776 Define Document Type for Enforced Collection by Clerk 
400 _FICAINK_FQ3002 S_KK4_74002774 Define Case Type for Collection Case 
401 _FICAINSD_FQC1200 S_KK4_74002206 Derive Main/Sub-Transaction from SD Information 
402 _FICAINSD_FQC1210 S_KK4_74002205 Derive Document Type from SD Billing Doc Data 
403 _FICAINSD_TFK077DV S_KK4_74002207 Define Posting to FI-CA for Customer Account Groups 
404 _FICAINV_FKKINVBILLN   Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents 
405 _FICAINV_FKKINVDOCNU   Maintain Number Ranges for Invoicing 
406 _FICAINV_FQ2600   Maintain Document Types for Invoicing Documents 
407 _FICAINV_FQ2605   Define Document Types for Posting Documents for Invoicing 
408 _FICAINV_FQ2610   Define Account Assignment of General Ledger Items 
409 _FICAINV_FQ2611   Define Account Assignment for Business Partner Items 
410 _FICAINV_FQ2612   Define Summarization Transactions for Business Partner Items 
411 _FICAINV_FQ2617   Assign Charge and Discount Keys 
412 _FICAINV_FQ2618   Define Item Selection for Determination of Base Amount for Charge/Discount 
413 _FICAINV_FQ2620   Define Item Selection for Calculation of Interest on Open Items 
414 _FICAINV_FQ2622   Define Item Selection for Calculation of Interest on Cash Security Deposits 
415 _FICAINV_FQ2625   Define Item Selection for Debit Entry of Statistical Documents 
416 _FICAINV_FQ2628   Define Item Selection for Activation 
417 _FICAINV_FQ2630   Define Item Selection for Account Maintenance 
418 _FICAINV_FQ2635   Define Item Selection (Subitems) for Invoice Display 
419 _FICAINV_FQ2640   Define Determination of Transactions for Billing Document Items 
420 _FICAINV_FQ2641   Define Tax Codes for Billiing Document Items 
421 _FICAINV_FQ2642   Define Tax Condition Type for Billing Documents 
422 _FICAINV_FQ2645   Define Document Types for Billing Documents 
423 _FICAINV_FQ2680   Define Specifications for Determination of Application Form 
424 _FICAINV_FQ2685   Define Specifications for Payment Method/Payment Form Control 
425 _FICAINV_FQ2686   Assign Key for Invoice Rounding 
426 _FICAINV_TFK2601   Enhance Invoicing Functions 
427 _FICAINV_TFK2604   Define Invoicing Categories 
428 _FICAINV_TFK2605   Define Reference Document Type for Posting Documents 
429 _FICAINV_TFK2608   Define Invocing Item Types 
430 _FICAINV_TFK2611   Define Category of Invoicing Period 
431 _FICAINV_TFK2618   Define Key for Invoice Rounding 
432 _FICAINV_TFK2661   Define Reasons for Reversal of Invoicing Documents 
433 _FICAINV_VCTFK2600BI   Maintain Document Types and Assign Number Ranges 
434 _FICAINV_VC_TFK2600   Maintain Document Types and Assign Number Ranges 
435 _FICAINV_VC_TFK2602   Define Invoicing Processes 
436 _FICAINV_VC_TFK2603   Define Invoicing Types 
437 _FICAINV_VC_TFK2613   Maintain Key for Tax Display 
438 _FICAINV_VC_TFK2615   Maintain Grouping Variants 
439 _FICAINV_VC_TFK2617   Define Key for Charges and Discounts 
440 _FICAINV_V_TFK2610   Define CO-PA Characteristic Derivation 
441 _FICAINV_V_TFK2660   Basic Settings for Invoicing Reversal 
442 _FICAINV_V_TFK2680   Define Application Form 
443 _FICAISAD_FQK1 S_KK4_74002377 Select Fields for Search Function 
444 _FICAISAD_FQK2 S_KK4_74002376 Choose Fields for Selection Function 
445 _FICAISAD_FQK3 S_KK4_74002375 Select Fields for Sort Function 
446 _FICAISAD_FQK5 S_KK4_74002384 Select Additional Fields to be Displayed 
447 _FICAISAD_FQZ1 S_KK4_74002396 Define Line Layout Variants for Account Balance 
448 _FICAISAD_TFK021SNAP S_KK4_74002792 Define Business Partner for Creation of Snapshots 
449 _FICAISAD_TFK021U S_KK4_74002378 Define Proposal for Line Layout 
450 _FICAISAD_V_TFK021L S_KK4_74002419 Define List Category 
451 _FICAISAD_V_TFK021SV S_KK4_74002379 Maintain Sorting Variants 
452 _FICAISAD_V_TFK021_R S_KK4_74002551 Define Account Balance Roles 
453 _FICAIS_DEVPAY S_KK4_74002425 Configure Reporting for Payment Development 
454 _FICAIS_V_TFK001REP S_KK4_74002192 Settings for Company Code 
455 _FICAOI_TFKACTIVATEO   Maintain Settings for Company Code 
456 _FICAOI_TFKEXTSYST   Define Identification for External System 
457 _FICAOI_TFKRECEIVERO   Maintain Settings for Recipient System 
458 _FICAPE_FQP2 S_KK4_74002230 Maintain Item Indicator for Payment Program 
459 _FICAPE_FQ_ENH_BROKR S_KK4_74002782 Include Broker Field in Business Partner Item 
460 _FICAPE_FQ_ENH_OPORD S_KK4_74002726 Classification Key 
461 _FICAPST_FQD1 S_KK4_74002313 Delete Transaction Data per Company Code 
462 _FICAPWB_EFGTRADM S_KK4_74002557 Translation of Application Forms 
463 _FICAPWB_EFTRADM S_KK4_74002558 Translation of Application Forms 
464 _FICASD_V_T077DF S_EBJ_98000092 Specify Posting to Contract A/R and A/P for Customer Groups 
465 _FICASEPA_VFSEPAINSC S_P7I_74002810 Determine Local Instrument Code and Lead Times 
466 _FICASEPA_VFSEPAINSL S_P7I_74002811 Change Priority Rules for Local Instrument Code and Lead Times 
467 _FICASEPA_VSEPA_CUST S_P7I_14000004 General Settings 
468 _FICASEPA_VSEPA_FLDS S_P7I_14000003 Define Modifiable Fields 
469 _FICASEPA_VTFK000SEP S_P7I_74002808 Enter General Specifications 
470 _FICASEPA_V_TFKSEPAV S_P7I_74002809 Hide Mandate Fields 
471 _FICATDCSV_FQZ1A   Maintain Alternative Accounts for Resetting Individual Value Adjustments 
472 _FICAVB_FQVBUND   Define Document Type for Adjustment Postings 
473 _FICAWRKFL_V_TFK4EYE S_KK4_74002568 Define Check Reasons 
474 _FICAXABIC_FSCQAR01A S_KK4_95000014 Define Runtime for Archiving Balance Interest Calculation Histories 
475 _FICAXBFCA_TFSC01 S_KK4_95000006 Define Account Determination Characteristics 
476 _FICAXBFCA_TFSCKTOKL S_KK4_95000005 Define Account Categories 
477 _FICAXBFCR_FSCQS100 S_KK4_95000003 Define Payment Media ID for Forms (FI-CAX) 
478 _FICAXBFDP_FSCQS000 S_KK4_95000002 Define Account Assignment Data Relevant to Main Transaction for FI-CAX 
479 _FICAXBFDP_FSCQS001 S_KK4_95000001 Define Transaction-Relevant Account Assignment Data for FI-CAX 
480 _FICAXBFDP_TFSC052 S_KK4_74002700 Maintain Payment Terms 
481 _FICAXBIC_FSCQAR01B S_KK4_95000015 Activate Archive Information Structure for Balance Interest Calc. Histories 
482 _FICAXVORG_VTFSCHVTV S_KK4_95000007 Define and Parameterize External Transactions 
483 _FICAXVORG_V_TFKIVV S_KK4_95000008 Assign External Transactions 
484 _FICAX_FCSQS082 S_KK4_95000011 Define Specifications for Balance Interest Calculation 
485 _FICAX_FSCQS082 S_KK4_95000012 Define Specifications for Balance Interest Calculation 
486 _FICAX_FSCQS400 S_KK4_95000013 Define Specifications for Resetting the Balance Interest Calculation 
487 _FICA_BTDU_V_TFK047L S_KK4_74002471 Configure Dunning Activities 
488 _FICA_BTPY_TFK042M S_KK4_74002101 Define Bank User Numbers for Payment Medium 
489 _FICA_BTREVD_FPAR03B S_KK4_74002715 Activate Archive Information Structure for Revenue Distribution Archive 
490 _FICA_DATTRANS_STRUC S_KK4_74002649 Generation of Structures for Data Transfer 
491 _FICA_FICAAOLA S_KK4_74002221 Define Layouts for Mass Activities 
492 _FICA_FQD2 S_KK4_74002224 Generate Interval Variants for Parallel Processes 
493 _FICA_FQMASS S_KK4_74002222 Define Group Frames for Mass Activities 
494 _FICA_OU_TFK001G S_KK4_74002724 Define Company Code Groups 
495 _FICA_OU_TFK001GB S_KK4_74002725 Assign Company Codes to Company Code Groups 
496 _FICA_SAFTPT_DER S_EMI_14000099 Define Extraction Rules of Source Documents for SAF-T Files 
497 _FICA_SAFTPT_OA S_EMI_14000098 Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes # Portugal (SAF-T PT) 
498 _FICA_TFK001B S_KK4_74002390 Set Up Company Codes for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 
499 _FICA_TFKFBC S_KK4_74002220 Define Customer-Specific Function Modules 
500 _FICA_TS_1 S_KK4_74002191 Prepare Processing of Clarification Worklist