SAP ABAP Function Module - Index C, page 121
Function Module - C
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 CRM_ERMS_WB_CLASS_EXIT ERMS PW Search help exit for action handler classes 
2 CRM_ERP_ECO_CFG_PRC_ATTR R ECO field mapping 
3 CRM_ERP_GET_RFC_DESTINATION Returns a RFC destination for a IC profile 
4 CRM_ERP_ORDER_CCARD_SHLP Search Help for Payment Cards with Business Partner 
5 CRM_ERRPROC_DETAIL_SEL_CB Lesen Schema: Detail 
6 CRM_ERRPROC_DET_SEL_CB Lesen Schema: Detail 
7 CRM_ESRV_1O_ADD_ATT R Add an attachment and link it to one order object 
8 CRM_ESRV_1O_CHANGE_EXT_REF Changes external reference 
9 CRM_ESRV_1O_CREATE_EXT_REF Creates external reference 
10 CRM_ESRV_1O_DELETE_ATT R Delete attachments related to a one order object 
11 CRM_ESRV_1O_DELETE_EXT_REF Deletes external reference 
12 CRM_ESRV_1O_GET_ATT_CONTENT R Get the content of an attachment 
13 CRM_ESRV_1O_GET_ATT_INFO_LIST R Returns a list of attachments for a one order object 
14 CRM_ESRV_1O_GET_HEADER Gets the one order document header information 
15 CRM_ESRV_1O_GET_IBF_OBJECT Gets the Local Persistent object (BOR Compatible) 
16 CRM_ESRV_1O_GET_ID_GUID Gets ID or GUID for a one order document 
17 CRM_ESRV_1O_GET_ITEM_DOCFLOW Gets item docflow 
18 CRM_ESRV_1O_READ_EXT_REF Reads external reference 
19 CRM_ESRV_BILLING_CHECK_ITEM Check billing item (reference document) 
20 CRM_ESRV_CAMPAIGN_CHECK Check if product and campaign document are valid 
21 CRM_ESRV_CAMPAIGN_CHECK_BP_TG R Checks if a business partner is in the target group 
22 CRM_ESRV_CAMPAIGN_GET_PRODUCTS R Read the products of a campaign 
23 CRM_ESRV_CHECK_ITEM_ALTID Checks if the alternative ID of product is unique 
24 CRM_ESRV_CHECK_RSUBTXT_ALLOWED Check if resubmit text is allowed and return text info 
25 CRM_ESRV_CHECK_TEXT_ALLOWED EService: Checks allowed text for item type 
26 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_ADD_H_TO_BUFFER Adds a one order document header GUID to the list of accessed documents 
27 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_ADD_MSG_BUFFER Add messages to buffer 
29 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_ANALYZE_HEAD Compares header data entered by user vs document header 
30 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_ANALYZE_PARTNER Fill partner fields 
31 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHANGE_HEADER R Updates the complaint's header information 
32 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHANGE_ITEM R Updates the information of a single complaint item (detail) 
33 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHANGE_ITEMS R Updates the complaint's items (overview) 
34 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHECK_COPY Check if copy ref doc item is allowed into a complaint item 
35 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHECK_DYN_FIELD Checks dynamic fields visible or active 
36 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHECK_SERNO_ACT Checks if serial number exists 
37 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_DYN_FIELDS Prepare for change of dynamic fields 
38 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_PROD Prepare for the change of the item's product 
39 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_QTY Change a complaint main item's quantity 
40 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_RCODE Change item reason code 
41 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_SERNO Updates list of serial numbers 
42 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_STATUS Changes the item's status process 
43 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_TEXT Change an item's text 
44 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CHG_ITEM_UNIT Change unit of measure 
45 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_CURR_IN EService: Converts amount to internal format 
46 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_DAT_OUT Converts a date in UI format 
47 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_DF_OUT Converts docflow document number for UI 
48 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_DYN_IN Converts dynamic fields from UI to internal format 
49 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_DYN_OUT Converts dynamic fields from internal format to UI format 
50 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_H_OUT Converts data for UI format 
51 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_I_IN Converts items from external to internal format 
52 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_I_OUT Converts item to UI format 
53 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_QTY_IN EService: Converts quantity to internal format 
54 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CONVERT_REF_OUT Converts item to UI format 
55 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CREATE R Create a complaint document from scratch 
56 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CRT_FROM_DELV R Create a complaint document based on a delivery 
57 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CRT_FROM_INV R Create a complaint document based on an invoice 
58 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CRT_FROM_MKT R Create a complaint document based on a campaign 
59 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CRT_FROM_PSL R Create a complaint document based on a recall 
60 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_CRT_FROM_SORD R Create a complaint document based on a sales order 
61 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_DELETE Delete a complaint 
62 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_DELETE_ITEMS R Deletes complaint item(s) 
63 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_DEL_H_BUFFER Removes document(s) from list of docs accessed 
64 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_DEL_I_BUFFER Clears the item buffer 
65 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_DEL_MSG_BUFFER Deletes message from the buffer 
66 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_HEADER R Gets the complaint header information 
67 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_H_FR_BUFFER Get header guids from buffer 
68 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_INSPECTIONS get the inspection results 
69 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_ITEM R Gets the information of a single complaint item (detail) 
70 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_ITEMS R Gets the information of a complaint's items (overview) 
71 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_I_FR_BUFFER Gets an item from the buffer 
72 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_MESSAGES Get messages related to one order document 
73 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_MSG_BUFFER Get the messages from the buffer 
74 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_GET_RMA R Gets RMA information for Reman Inspection confirmation 
75 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_INITIALIZE R Removes document(s) from one order buffer and from list of docs accessed 
76 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_IS_DYN_FIELD_ON Checks if dynamic field exists 
77 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_LOAD_DYN_FIELD R Loads dynamic field definition 
78 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_CT_CONF Read credit info in confirmation item 
79 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_CT_DT Read credits & debits related to a complaint 
80 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_CT_INV_COR Get invoice correction info for complaint item 
81 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_CT_SUBITEM Get credit/debit request and correction in sub-items 
82 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_DYN_FIELD Reads dynamic fields 
83 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_HEAD_DFLOW Reads document header docflow 
84 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_HEAD_INFO Reads document header informations 
85 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_HEAD_STAT Reads document status 
86 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_DUE_D Reads item due date 
87 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_INFO Read item general information 
88 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_QTY Read item quantities 
89 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_RCODE Read item reason code 
90 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_REFDO Read item reference document 
91 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_REJRS Read item rejected reason code 
93 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_SERNO Reads list of serial numbers 
96 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_ITEM_UNIT Read item unit of measurement 
98 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_KIT_COMP Read components of a kit 
99 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_PARTNER Reads partner function data 
100 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_RMA_DLVRY Read deliveries following a return 
101 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_READ_SUCC_INV Read successor invoices for items in a complaint 
102 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_SAVE R Saves the complaint document 
103 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_SEARCH_PARTNER Look for partner of specified partner function 
104 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_SET_HEAD_DFLOW Sets the header docflow 
105 CRM_ESRV_COMPL_SET_I_TO_BUFFER Sets an item to the buffer 
106 CRM_ESRV_DELIVERY_CHECK_ITEM Check if product, item number and delivery document are valid. 
107 CRM_ESRV_DELIVERY_GET_HEADER R Read the details of a delivery 
108 CRM_ESRV_DELIVERY_GET_ITEMS R Read the details of a delivery 
109 CRM_ESRV_DETERMINE_BILLING Identifies the invoice(s) related to the sales order 
110 CRM_ESRV_DETERM_PROD_API Determine internal products for a product of 1O item 
111 CRM_ESRV_DETERM_PROD_ITEM Determine internal products for item 
112 CRM_ESRV_DETERM_PROD_ITEM_API Determine internal products for item overview or detail 
113 CRM_ESRV_DETERM_PROD_REF_ITEM Determine internal products for reference item 
114 CRM_ESRV_GET_ATT_LANGUAGES R Gets the possible languages for attachments (F4) 
115 CRM_ESRV_GET_DEFAULT_ITEM_TYPE Gets default item type 
116 CRM_ESRV_GET_EXT_REF_TYPES R Retrieve list of external reference types for a transaction type 
117 CRM_ESRV_GET_ITEM_TYPES R Gets the list of item type 
118 CRM_ESRV_GET_PARTNER_FUNCTION R Retrieves list of partner function for a transaction type or item type 
119 CRM_ESRV_GET_PROCESS_TYPES R Gets the list of process type and ref doc for each process type 
120 CRM_ESRV_GET_PROD_UNITS EService: Gets product units 
121 CRM_ESRV_GET_PROD_UNIT_F4 R EService: Gets products units 
122 CRM_ESRV_GET_REASON_CODES R Gets codes for item type depending on catalog type 
123 CRM_ESRV_GET_SUBJECT_PROFILE Returns subject profile used for an item type within a transaction type 
124 CRM_ESRV_IS_PROD_DETERM_ACTIVE Determine if the product determination is active 
125 CRM_ESRV_ITEM_TYPE_ATTR_GET Gets item type attribute 
126 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_CHECK_BP_IN_TG R Vefrifies if the soldTo is part of one of the target group of the PSL 
127 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_CHECK_ITEM Check if product and recall document are valid 
128 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_CHECK_TARGETGR EService: Checks target group in recall document 
129 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_GET_HEADER R Read recall header data 
130 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_GET_ITEMS R Get PSL list of items 
131 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_GET_TARGETGRP EServices: Gets target group for business partner in recall search 
132 CRM_ESRV_RECALL_SEARCH_SOPT Add specific select options in the generic search for recalls 
133 CRM_ESRV_REJECT_CONFIRM R Confirms rejected items 
134 CRM_ESRV_SCRAP_CONFIRMATION R CRM ECO: Scrapping Confirmation 
135 CRM_ESRV_SORDER_CHECK_ITEM Check sales order item (ref doc) and return also the invoice it 
136 CRM_ESRV_SRVCONF_CREATE R Create confirmation of inspection results 
137 CRM_ESRV_SRVCONF_GET_HEADER R Reads service confirmation header 
138 CRM_ESRV_SRVCONF_GET_ITEMS R Reads confirmation document items 
139 CRM_ESRV_SRVCONF_SAVE R Saves a confirmation document 
140 CRM_ESSC_PRGRP_F4HLP Example for a search help exit 
141 CRM_ES_AUTH_OBJ_ORDER_LP Function to modify Range Table with Authorization object ORD_LP 
142 CRM_ES_AUTH_OBJ_ORDER_TE Function to modify Range Table with Authorization object ORD_LP 
143 CRM_ES_AUTH_ORD_OP ES Auth.: check which partner function are allowed. CRM_ORD_OP 
144 CRM_ES_AUTH_ORD_PR ES Auth.: check which process types are allowed. CRM_ORD_PR 
145 CRM_ES_AUTH_ORD_USER ES Auth.: User Information 
146 CRM_ES_EXTRACT_IN_PARALLEL Extract data in parallel 
147 CRM_ES_GET_ALL_NODES R Get all nodes from all templates 
148 CRM_ES_STORE_CP_IN_UPDATE_TASK store ES CP into cp table update module 
149 CRM_ETAX_HAND_TYPE_CHECK_CB Lesen der Customzingstabelle CRMC_ETAX_HTYP 
150 CRM_ETAX_SOURCE_CHECK_CB Lesen der Customzingstabelle CRMC_ETAX_SRC 
151 CRM_EVALCOND_PPF_CHANCE_DOWN Actions: Check Status Change 
152 CRM_EVALCOND_PPF_STATUS_CHANGE Actions: Check Status Change 
155 CRM_EVENT_CHGD_OBJ_GET Get changed objects 
156 CRM_EVENT_CREATE_INFO_OW prüft ob zu einem Objekt bereits AFTER_CREATE durchlaufen wurde 
157 CRM_EVENT_CRMC_CHECK Tabellen Einträge vergleichen 
158 CRM_EVENT_EVC_CB_SHE Suchhilfe-Exit für Screen-Profil 
159 CRM_EVENT_EXETIME_MULTI_OW CRM Setzen des Programmzeitpunkt 
160 CRM_EVENT_FILTER_ITEM_TYPE_OW Callbacks nach Funktionen zum Positionstyp ermitteln 
161 CRM_EVENT_FILTER_PROC_TYPE_OW Callbacks nach Funktionen zur Vorgangsart ermitteln 
162 CRM_EVENT_INITIAL_OW CRM Initialisieren der Tabellen des Event Handlers 
163 CRM_EVENT_LOG_ADD_MESSAGE Add messages to protocol from SY-MSG Field 
164 CRM_EVENT_LOG_DEL Delete Protocol 
165 CRM_EVENT_LOG_DEL_MESSAGES Delete Messages from Header/item 
166 CRM_EVENT_LOG_GET To Get log handle for the protocol 
167 CRM_EVENT_LOG_READ_MESSAGES To read messages in the protocol 
168 CRM_EVENT_LOG_REFRESH Refresh protocol buffer 
169 CRM_EVENT_LOG_SAVE Save Protocol 
170 CRM_EVENT_PASS_INFO_EXE_OW Callback-Funktionen zu einem Ausführungszeitpunkt 
171 CRM_EVENT_PUBLISH_ALL_OW CRM Pubizieren von Events 
172 CRM_EVENT_PUBLISH_OW CRM Publizieren von Events 
173 CRM_EVENT_SET_EXETIME_MULTI_OW CRM Setzen des Programmzeitpunkt 
174 CRM_EVENT_SET_EXETIME_OW CRM Setzen des Programmzeitpunkt 
175 CRM_EVT_AC_BPF Suchen nach GP-Funktionen zur Vorgangsart 
176 CRM_EVT_AC_EEW Suchen nach EEW-Feldern an Aktivitäten 
177 CRM_EVT_AC_SEARCH_EXPR Suchen nach Ausdrücken 
178 CRM_EVT_AC_SEARCH_TDID Suchen nach Text-IDs zur Vorgangsart 
179 CRM_EVT_AC_SEARCH_TEMP Suchen nach GP-Funktionen zur Vorgangsart 
180 CRM_EVT_BRF_AC_CASE_NOTE_TSET Setze aktiven Tab 
181 CRM_EVT_BRF_AC_EXPR_MNT_TSET Setze aktiven Tab 
182 CRM_EVT_BRF_AC_SEARCH_PROPID Suchen nach Kundenattribut Name 
183 CRM_EVT_BRF_FUNC_EVENT_BP_NUMB SSE: Returns BP number of current event business partner 
184 CRM_EVT_BRF_FUNC_SUBSC_ACTCASE SSE: Reads case GUID of current subscription 
185 CRM_EVT_BRF_FUNC_SUBSC_CASE_CA SSE: Reads case reference category of current subscription 
186 CRM_EVT_BRF_FUNC_SUBSC_CASE_TY SSE: Reads case type of current subscription 
187 CRM_EVT_BRF_FUNC_SUBSC_GENERIC SSE: Reads arbitrary attribute of current subscription 
188 CRM_EVT_BRF_SHLP_CAT_ID Suchhilfe für Kategorie-ID 
189 CRM_EVT_BRF_SHLP_STRUC_CONTEXT Suchhilfe-Exit für Suche nach Strukturen eines Kontexts 
190 CRM_EVT_BRF_SHLP_STRUC_EVTATR Suchhilfe-Exit für Suche nach Strukturen eines Kontexts 
191 CRM_EVT_CMG_NOTEATTR_CHECK_BUF Check buffer for caste note attributes 
192 CRM_EVT_CONVERT_XML Zurückgeben des Ereigniskontexts in XML (nur SSE) 
193 CRM_EVT_DRV_EVENT_PROCESS R SSE: tRFC Treiber zum SSE-Aufruf in tRFC 
194 CRM_EVT_DRV_TRFC R SSE: tRFC Treiber zum SSE-Aufruf in tRFC 
195 CRM_EVT_DRV_V2 SSE: V2-Treiber zum SSE-Aufruf in tRFC 
196 CRM_EVT_DRV_V2_RESCHEDULE R SSE: V2-Rescheduler für temporäre Fehler 
197 CRM_EVT_DRV_V2_RESCHEDULE_PRE R SSE: V2-Rescheduler für temporäre Fehler 
199 CRM_EVT_LOG_AUTOSAVE_REGISTER SSE-Log: Registriere Anwendungslog für automatisches Sichern 
200 CRM_EVT_LOG_AUTOSAVE_SAVE SSE-Log: Sichern der registierten SSE-Logs 
201 CRM_EVT_LOG_BRF_TRACE_DISPLAY SSE-Log: Trace anzeigen 
202 CRM_EVT_LOG_BRF_TRACE_GET SSE-Log: BRF Trace-Daten aus Anwendungslog lesen 
203 CRM_EVT_LOG_BRF_TRACE_SET SSE-Log: BRF-Trace in Anwendungslog sichern 
204 CRM_EVT_LOG_CREATE SSE-Log: Anwendungsprotokoll anlegen 
205 CRM_EVT_LOG_CTX_UPT SSE-Log: Anwendungslog Kontextverbucherbaustein 
206 CRM_EVT_LOG_CUSTOMIZING_GET SSE-Log: Customizing lesen 
207 CRM_EVT_LOG_DB_SAVE SSE-Log: Sichern der Kontextdaten 
208 CRM_EVT_LOG_EVENT_DATA_GET SSE-Log: SSE-Ereignis aus Log lesen 
209 CRM_EVT_LOG_EVENT_DATA_SET SSE-Log: Ereignisdaten in Anwendungslog sichern 
210 CRM_EVT_LOG_EVENT_DISPLAY SSE-Log: Ereignis anzeigen 
211 CRM_EVT_LOG_LOAD SSE-Log: Anwendungsprotokoll von Datenbank laden 
212 CRM_EVT_LOG_REFRESH SSE-Log: Freigabe des Arbeitsspeichers 
213 CRM_EVT_LOG_SAVE SSE-Log: Sichern des Anwendungslogs vormerken / sichern 
214 CRM_EVT_LOG_SUBSC_DISPLAY SSE-Log: Subskriptionen anzeigen 
215 CRM_EVT_LOG_SUBSC_GET SSE Log: SSE-Subskriptionen aus Anwendungslog lesen 
216 CRM_EVT_LOG_SUBSC_SET SSE-Log: Subskriptionen im Anwendungslog sichern 
217 CRM_EVT_WRKLST_ACTIVATE SSE Ereignisverarbeitungs Arbeitsvorrat aktivieren 
218 CRM_EXGRP_HISTORY_GET Read history records for relationship EXGRP 
219 CRM_EXPENSE_ITEM_DEF_QTY_EC Defaulting quantity of expense item 
220 CRM_EXP_IMP_FINOPT_GUID_IL Speichern einer parent GUID in globalen Parameter 
221 CRM_EXTENSION_ANALYZE_DATA Einfügen von Daten in den Fakturierungsplan 
222 CRM_EXTENSION_GET_CHG_DATA_IL Daten an IL übergeben 
223 CRM_EXTENSION_GET_TEXT Ermitteln des Textes für einen Key 
224 CRM_EXTENSION_PUT_CHG_DATA_IL Daten an IL übergeben 
225 CRM_EXTRACT_DATA_GET Get Extract_data for new initial upload technology 
226 CRM_EXT_ATP_BADI_INSTANCE_GET Herausgeben der BadI-Instancen 
227 CRM_EXT_PROD_MAINTAIN_APO_I_EC Maintain APO_I segment with purchasing Org-Data 
228 CRM_EXT_REF_CHANGE_OW Changing an Entry 
229 CRM_EXT_REF_CHECK_OW Checking the entry for Consistency 
230 CRM_EXT_REF_COPY_EC Copying the EXT_REF data from the Predecessor doc 
231 CRM_EXT_REF_CREATE_OW Creation of Initial Entries 
232 CRM_EXT_REF_CREA_HEAD_FRM_ITEM Creating the Header Entry from Item 
233 CRM_EXT_REF_CREA_INPUT_FIELDS Creation template for input Fields 
235 CRM_EXT_REF_DELETE_AC Delete the Archived Entries 
236 CRM_EXT_REF_DELETE_EC Deletes Add. External References Data 
237 CRM_EXT_REF_DELETE_OB Deletion of an entry from the Object Buffer 
238 CRM_EXT_REF_DELETE_OW Deleting the Entries 
239 CRM_EXT_REF_FIELDCHECK_FC Prüfen der Eingabebereitschaft von Feldern im Fakturierungsplan 
240 CRM_EXT_REF_FILL_OW Fill an Entry 
241 CRM_EXT_REF_FIND_LOGICAL_KEY Determine the Correct Logical Entry 
242 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_ALLOWED_TYPES Get the Allowed External Reference Types attached to the Profile 
243 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_DATA Fetching the data from the IL for display 
244 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_DB Selection from Database Buffer with REF GUID 
245 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_EXT_TYPES External Systems Based on the Profile 
246 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_MULTI_DB Reading from the Database Buffer 
247 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_MULTI_OB Reading from the Global Buffer 
248 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_REF Fetching the Reference Number & Type 
249 CRM_EXT_REF_GET_REF_OBJ_OW Determining the referenced objects to the Set-Guid 
250 CRM_EXT_REF_INIT_DB Initializing the Full/Selected records of the Buffer 
251 CRM_EXT_REF_INIT_EC Call-Back Initialisieren 
252 CRM_EXT_REF_INIT_OB Initializing the Object Buffer 
253 CRM_EXT_REF_MAINTAIN_MULTI_OW Maintaining multiple entries in OW 
254 CRM_EXT_REF_MAINTAIN_S_OW Maintain an Entry in OW 
255 CRM_EXT_REF_MERGE_OW Merge an Entry with the other data 
256 CRM_EXT_REF_POPULATE_OW Populating the changes to Line Item 
257 CRM_EXT_REF_PRESELECT_AC Preselect for Archiving 
258 CRM_EXT_REF_PROFILE_SEL_CB Profile / Reference Types Selection 
259 CRM_EXT_REF_PROF_T_SEL_CB Profile Type: Descriptions 
260 CRM_EXT_REF_PROVIDE_DATA_0100 Makes the data available 
261 CRM_EXT_REF_PUBLISH_OW Publishing the events for other objects 
262 CRM_EXT_REF_PUT_DATA Puts the Global data in CRM Structures 
263 CRM_EXT_REF_PUT_DB Putting references data in the Database Buffer 
264 CRM_EXT_REF_PUT_INPUT_FIELDS Storing the Input Fields in the Global Table 
265 CRM_EXT_REF_PUT_OB Modify/Insert into Object Buffer 
266 CRM_EXT_REF_PUT_UI_DATA Puts the Global Data in CRM Structures 
267 CRM_EXT_REF_READ_AC Data from the Archive 
268 CRM_EXT_REF_READ_DB Database Buffer: References Read 
269 CRM_EXT_REF_READ_OB Read into Object Buffer 
270 CRM_EXT_REF_REFERENCE_TYPE_FC Reference Type is changeable or not on the UI 
271 CRM_EXT_REF_SAVE_AC Sets the data for Achiving 
272 CRM_EXT_REF_SAVE_EC Callback: Save OB to the Database 
273 CRM_EXT_REF_SAVE_OB Save in the Database 
274 CRM_EXT_REF_SELECT_M_DB Multiple GUIDs: References Data Selection 
275 CRM_EXT_REF_SELECT_S_DB Single GUID: References Data Selection 
276 CRM_EXT_REF_TYPES_SELECT_CB All Reference Types and Descriptions 
277 CRM_EXT_REF_TYPE_SELECT_CB Reference Type Selection 
278 CRM_EXT_REF_TYPE_T_SEL_CB Reference Types: Descriptions 
279 CRM_EXT_REF_UPDATE_DU Database Updates 
280 CRM_F4_AUART_R3 F4-Hilfe für AUART aus R/3 
281 CRM_F4_CFOP_OWN_PRODUCTION Search Help Exit for Product CFOP Category 
282 CRM_F4_DURA_LEASDURA_UI F4 für Laufzeit 
284 CRM_F4_EXIT_COMP_STRPRD Suchhilfe-Exit: gefundenen Wert nur einmal ausgeben 
285 CRM_F4_EXIT_STRPRD Suchhilfe-Exit: gefundenen Wert nur einmal ausgeben 
286 CRM_F4_HELP_FOR_REASON F4-Hilfe für Kündigungsgründe 
287 CRM_F4_HELP_FOR_SUBPROF F4-Hilfe für Sachverhaltprofile (Kündigung) 
288 CRM_F4_ITEM_TYPE Example for a Search Help Exit 
289 CRM_F4_ITEM_TYPE2 Example for a Search Help Exit 
290 CRM_F4_ITEM_TYPE_ISX_ONEOFF Search help exit for one-off items 
291 CRM_F4_IT_AUART_R3 F4-Hilfe für Positionstypenfindung aus R/3 
292 CRM_F4_OBJECT_TYPE_ITEM Example for a Search Help Exit 
293 CRM_F4_OBJECT_TYPE_PROCESS Example for a Search Help Exit 
294 CRM_F4_PROCTYPE_BUSTYPE Get transaction types for given object type 
295 CRM_F4_PROC_TYPE Example for a Search Help Exit 
296 CRM_F4_PRODUCT_CFOP_CATEGORY Search Help Exit for Product CFOP Category 
297 CRM_F4_PROFILE_NAME Search hlp exit for log profile 
298 CRM_F4_SEG_NAME Search Help Exit For Segment Names 
299 CRM_FACT_SHEET_CONV_TIMESTAMP Function module to convert timestamp for fact sheet UI 
300 CRM_FACT_SHEET_RF_ORDER_READ Function module to get 1O docs for customer fact sheet 
302 CRM_FASTENTRY_PREFILL_ACTIVITY R IF+GP Fastentry Scenario: Prefill 
303 CRM_FA_EXECUTION_SELECT_CB Lesen der Folgeprozess-Aktivität 
304 CRM_FB_CHANGE_DEVC Smart Form - Entwicklungsklasse ändern 
305 CRM_FB_CHANGE_FORM Smart Form ändern 
306 CRM_FB_CHANGE_MASTERLANG Smart Forms: Originalsprache ändern 
307 CRM_FB_CHANGE_OPTIONS Smart Form - Benutzereinstellungen ändern 
308 CRM_FB_COPY_FORM Smart Form kopieren 
309 CRM_FB_CREATE_FORM Smart Form anlegen 
310 CRM_FB_DELETE_FORM Smart Form löschen 
311 CRM_FB_DISPLAY_FORM Smart Form anzeigen 
312 CRM_FB_GENERATE_FORM Smart Form generieren 
313 CRM_FB_MAINTAIN_FORM Mail anzeigen/ändern 
314 CRM_FB_RENAME_FORM Smart Form umbenennen 
315 CRM_FDT_APPL_CLEANUP Clean up unused and unnamed objects 
316 CRM_FDT_ATTR_REVERT Attribute Save with Perform on Commit/Rollback : Internal Use only 
317 CRM_FDT_ATTR_SAVE Attribute Save with Perform on Commit/Rollback : Internal Use only 
318 CRM_FDT_EXPORT_CUST Rule Builder Export Rule customization 
319 CRM_FDT_EXPORT_RULES Rule Builder Export Rule data 
320 CRM_FDT_FETCH_RULE_DATA R Fetch all related data for a rule 
321 CRM_FDT_GET_RULE_CONTEXT R Get the CRM Rule Context : OBSOLETE !! Do not use anywhere 
322 CRM_FDT_LOY_INITIAL_LOAD R Initial loading of DB tables from CRM to LOY systems 
323 CRM_FDT_PUBLISH_ATTR Functiona Module for Publishing Attribute 
324 CRM_FDT_READ_ACTION_CUST R Rule Builder Read action customization 
325 CRM_FDT_READ_RULE R Read rule details 
326 CRM_FDT_READ_TREE_RULE R Read tree rule details 
327 CRM_FDT_RULE_EXECUTE R Execute Rule 
328 CRM_FDT_RULE_REVERT Rule Save with Perform on Commit/Rollback : Internal Use only 
329 CRM_FDT_RULE_SAVE Rule Save with Perform on Commit/Rollback : Internal Use only 
330 CRM_FDT_RULE_SAVE_CLEAR Rule Save with Perform clear : Internal Use only 
331 CRM_FDT_RULE_SAVE_COMMIT Rule Save with Perform on Commit/Rollback : Internal Use only 
332 CRM_FDT_RULE_SAVE_UPDATE Update function Module for Rules 
333 CRM_FDT_WEBSERV_ATTR R Read Attributes Web Service 
334 CRM_FDT_WEBSERV_READRULE R Read Rule Web Service 
335 CRM_FDT_XSTRING2STRING Convert Xstring to Sting(UTF-8) 
336 CRM_FGD_DELETE_ITM_CHECK_EC Prüfen ob eine Position gelöscht werden darf (Naturalrabatt) 
337 CRM_FGD_ITEM_DEL Naturalrabatt: Ordereinteilung aktualisieren bei UPos. Loeschen (Callback) 
338 CRM_FGD_ITEM_DEL_EC Naturalrabatt: Ordereinteilung aktualisieren bei UPos. Loeschen (Callback) 
339 CRM_FICA_ARIDOC_MAP_TO_RESP_BD Write response from ERP to App. Log. of CSD 
340 CRM_FICA_CALLIST_CREATE R Creating a Call List from FI-CA 
341 CRM_FICA_CONVERT_BOR_OBJECT Convert Object/Key for Display 
342 CRM_FICA_CUST_READ CRM FI-CA Customizing lesen 
344 CRM_FICA_FCS_F4_CASE_PARAMETER F4 Hilfe Fallatributte 
345 CRM_FICA_GET_LAST_ADJREQS R ermittelt die letzten Gutschriftsanforderungen 
346 CRM_FICA_PROFILCUST_READ View Customizing lesen 
347 CRM_FICA_SEPA_MANDATE_SH Search help exit for SEPA direct debit mandate 
348 CRM_FICA_SWX_GET_MANAGER R Determine manager of user, person, position or org.unit 
349 CRM_FICA_VIEWCUST_READ View Customizing lesen 
350 CRM_FICA_WLI_AGENT_UNIT_SH Example for a search help exit 
351 CRM_FICA_WLI_OBJECT_TYPES_SH Search Help for Object Type 
352 CRM_FIELDCHECK_CALL Generic call of fieldcheck routines 
353 CRM_FIELDCHECK_SELECT Import of fieldcheck routines 
354 CRM_FIELDCHECK_TOOL Call fieldcheck tool 
355 CRM_FIELDCHECK_TOOL_EC Call Fieldcheck Tool per Event 
356 CRM_FIELDCHECK_TOOL_INIT_EC Anpassung NET_VALUE_MAN nach Währungsänderung 
361 CRM_FIELDINFO_GET R Lesen von Tabellenfeld-Strukturen 
362 CRM_FIELD_AUTH_GENERAL_FC Eingabebereitschaft von Feldern bestimmen 
363 CRM_FIELD_AUTH_INIT_FC Initialize Fieldcheck buffer 
364 CRM_FIELD_AUTH_LEVEL_READ Lesen Berechtigungslevel des Users 
365 CRM_FIELD_AUTH_READ_AUTH_FIELD Customizing für Fieldcheck lesen 
366 CRM_FIELD_AUTH_READ_FIELDS Customizing für Fieldcheck lesen 
367 CRM_FIELD_AUTH_SCREEN_UI Ausgabe Berechtigungstabelle (ALV Grid) 
368 CRM_FIELD_LABEL_GET R CRM Portale: Lese Feldbezeichner 
369 CRM_FIELD_LABEL_GET_ALL R CRM Portale: Lese Feldbezeichner 
370 CRM_FIELD_NAME_COM_SH Suchhilfe Exit zu Feldnamen zu Objekten 
371 CRM_FIELD_NAME_SEARCH_HELP_CD Suchhilfe Exit zu Feldnamen zu Objekten 
372 CRM_FIELD_TEXT_OF_VALUE_GET R CRM Portale: Lese Feldbezeichner und Feldwerte für Combo-Box 
373 CRM_FIELD_VALUES_GET R CRM Portale: Lese Feldbezeichner und Feldwerte für Combo-Box 
374 CRM_FILL_CONTAINER_OPP_GUID Generischen Container mit der Opportunity GUID füllen 
375 CRM_FILL_CONTRACT_CONTEXT_UI Füllen des Kontextes für Preisvereinbarungspflege 
376 CRM_FILL_EH_CLASSIC Fills the classical part of the Event History BDOC 
377 CRM_FILL_LOADTYPE Fill Load Type field in Load Header BAPICRMDH2 
378 CRM_FILL_LONGTEXT_BAPI Map longtext from MBDOC to BAPI for upload to OLTP 
379 CRM_FILL_LONGTEXT_SEGMENTS Fill MBDOC longtext segments (stxh / memo) 
380 CRM_FILL_MSE_GUIDS Create or get guids for mobile client 
381 CRM_FILL_REBATE_CONTEXT Füllen des Kontextes für Bonuskonditionspflege 
382 CRM_FILL_REBATE_CONTEXT_UI Füllen des Kontextes für Bonuskonditionspflege 
383 CRM_FILL_TDLINE_FROM_MEMO Fill a tdline field from a given smo_memo00 entry 
384 CRM_FILTER_CHECK R Prüfung: Ist das Customizing für die Filterung ok? 
385 CRM_FILTER_DOWNLOAD_DATA Filterung der Download Daten 
386 CRM_FILTER_FOR_CRM_SRV_SDL Besorgt den Filter für den Aufruf BAdI CRM_SRV_SDL 
387 CRM_FILTER_STATUS_EQUI_IOBJ_OS Filtern der Status des Equipments -> IObjekt 
388 CRM_FILTER_TRANSFER_DATA Filterung der Download Daten 
389 CRM_FIL_GET_ITEM_GUID Holen der aktuellen Guid der Fakturaanforderungsposition LAM 
390 CRM_FIMAN_CALC_RATE Calculate Installments for an Item 
391 CRM_FIMAN_CALC_RATE_EC Calculate Installments for an Item 
392 CRM_FIMAN_CREATE_DATES_EC Erzeugen von Terminen 
393 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_0200_INIT Initialisieren: Detail Basisdaten 
394 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_CLEARDATA Löschen der Dynprodaten 
395 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_EXPORTDATA Export der Dynprodaten 
396 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_EXP_DETAIL Export der Dynprodaten 
397 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_GET_OKCODE Importiert okcode in die Funktionsgruppe 
398 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_IMPORTDATA Import von Dynprodaten 
399 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_IMP_DETAIL Import von Dynprodaten 
400 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBASIC_INTERIMD Interimdays von aussen als default setzen 
401 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_CLEARDATA Löschen der Dynprodaten 
402 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_EXPORTDATA Export der Dynprodaten 
403 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_EXPORT_PRF Exportieren des Sichtenprofils 
404 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_GET_OKCODE Importiert okcode in die Funktionsgruppe 
405 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_IMPORTDATA Export der Dynprodaten 
406 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_IMPORT_CURR Import des Währungsschlüssels 
407 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_INITIAL_GV Globale Variablen bei refresh initialisieren 
408 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPBEWE_UPDATESTEPS Export der Dynprodaten 
409 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_CALCDATES Kalkulieren der Termindaten für den Zahlungsverlauf 
410 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_CLEARDATA Löschen der Dynprodaten 
411 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_EXPORTDATA Export der Dynprodaten 
412 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_EXPORT_PRF Exportieren des Sichtenprofils 
413 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_GET_OKCODE Importiert okcode in die Funktionsgruppe 
414 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_IMPORTDATA Export der Dynprodaten 
415 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_IMPORT_CURR Import des Währungsschlüssels 
416 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_INITIAL_GV Globale Variabeln initialisieren bei refresh 
417 CRM_FIMAN_DYNPKOND_UPDATESTEPS Export der Dynprodaten 
418 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_BILLPL_EXPORT Zahlungsplan exportieren 
419 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_CFSTEPS_EXPORT Exportieren der globalen Steps 
420 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_CFSTEPS_IMPORT Exportieren der globalen Steps 
421 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_CFST_TO_BILLPL Konvertieren Steps in Billplan 
422 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_CHNG_CFSTEPS Globale Steptabelle aktualisieren 
424 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_EXPORT Export Tabellen für Listanzeige 
425 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_FINVIEW_EXPACT Aktuelle Finanzierungssicht exportieren 
426 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_FINVIEW_EXPALL Aktuelle Finanzierungssicht exportieren 
427 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_FINVIEW_IMPORT Aktuelle Finanzierungssicht exportieren 
428 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_GET_OKCODE Importiert okcode in die Funktionsgruppe 
429 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_IMPORT_CURR Import des Währungsschlüssels 
430 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_INS_CFSTEPS Globale Steptabelle aktualisieren 
431 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_PAYM_TO_FIMAP Gt_payments in Fimapayments transferieren 
432 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_PROD_TERM_SHLP (Elementare) Suchhilfe für Vertriebslinien 
433 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_REFRESH Export Tabellen für Listanzeige 
434 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_SHIFT_EXPORT Exportieren der globalen Steps 
435 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_SHIFT_IMPORT Exportieren der globalen Steps 
436 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_UPD_CFSTEPS Globale Steptabelle aktualisieren 
437 CRM_FIMAN_FCODE_UPD_REFRESH Globale Steptabelle aktualisieren 
439 CRM_FIMAN_FVW_FINVW_INH_TO_CB Liefert die zu beerbenden Sichten zu einer Sicht 
444 CRM_FIMAN_GET_CALC_STATUS Lesen des FIMA-Kalkulationsstatus für eine Position 
445 CRM_FIMAN_HANDLECURRKEY Verwaltung des Währungsschlüssels für die Transaktion 
446 CRM_FIMAN_INIT_EC Initialisieren der FiMa-Puffer für einen Vorgang 
447 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_ANA_D_UPD_DU Write analysis details (CN and IT) via update task 
448 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_ANA_H_UPD_DU Write analysis header via update task 
449 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0100 Start eines Massenlaufs 
450 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0110 Parameter eines Laufs holen 
451 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0120 Parameter setzen 
452 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0130 Parameter löschen 
453 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0140 Parametersätze vergleichen 
454 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0150 Massenlauf für Restart auswählen/suchen 
455 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0160 Prüfungen vor Start eines Massenlaufs 
456 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0205 Paketvorlagen erzeugen 
457 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0206 Parameter zu Paketen sichern 
458 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0207 Parameter zu Paketen löschen 
459 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_0300 am Ende des Massenlaufs 
460 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1000 Initialisierung eines Arbeitspaketes 
461 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1100 Selektion von Anwendungsdaten pro Intervall 
462 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1200 Nachselektion von Anw.daten bei Wiederaufsetzen 
463 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1260 Prüfung, ob Objekte gesperrt sind 
464 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1270 Löschen ungültiger Objekte aus Anwendungsdaten 
465 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1300 Objekte bearbeiten 
466 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1350 Ende der Taskbearbeitung 
467 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1400 Start der Verarbeitung in einem parallelen Job 
468 CRM_FIMAN_INTADJ_PPF_1410 Ende der Verarbeitung in einem parallelen Job 
469 CRM_FIMAN_INVCR_DATE_FOR_BRI Ermittle Faktura-Erstellungsdatum für die FAPs 
470 CRM_FIMAN_INVCR_DATE_FOR_OTAX Ermittle Faktura-Erstellungsdatum für die FAPs 
471 CRM_FIMAN_MAINTCOND_BILLPLAN Einlesen der Konditionen in den Billplan 
472 CRM_FIMAN_MAINTCOND_DIALOG Import von Daten in die Funktionsgruppe 
476 CRM_FIMAN_MINIAPP_FIMANTEST R Berechnung Zahlungsplan 
479 CRM_FIMAN_READ_CRMSFINVIEW Lesen Finanzierungssichten 
480 CRM_FIMAN_READ_CRMSFINVIEW_SI Lesen Finanzierungssichten 
481 CRM_FIMAN_REGISTRY Registration of FIMA Calculations 
482 CRM_FIMAN_REGISTRY_CLEAR Löschen der Registrierung von FIMA-Kalkulationen 
483 CRM_FIMAN_REGISTRY_EC Registriert eine Position für den FIMA-Update 
484 CRM_FIMAN_REGISTRY_GET_ITEMS Exportiert zu berechnende ITems 
485 CRM_FIMAN_TRIGGER_CALC_RATE Triggern der Ratenberechnung 
486 CRM_FIMAN_VALUE_DATE Ermittle Faktura-Erstellungsdatum für die FAPs 
487 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_BRI_TO_BILL Soll ein BRI nach einem Änderungsprozess fakturiert werden 
489 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_FILL_DATES_AL fimapayments_fill_dates: Old Version Without Recycling Imitate 
490 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_GET_DB_BUFFER FIMA-Zahlungsplan: Auslesen DB-Puffer 
491 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_INIT_DB FIMA-Zahlungsplan: Initialisieren DB-Puffer 
492 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_MAINTAIN Zahlungsplan bearbeiten 
493 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_MAINTAIN_S FIMA-Zahlungsplan: Maintain genau einer Zeile 
494 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_MAP_TO_COND FIMA-Zahlungsplan mappen auf FAP-Konditionen 
495 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_PUT_DB fimapayments: einstellen von daten in db-puffer 
496 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_READ Read Payment Schedule 
497 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_READ_DB Lesen Zahlungsplan von DB 
498 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_SAVE FIMA-Zahlungsplan: Schreiben auf Datenbank 
499 CRM_FIMAPAYMENTS_UPDATE_DU FIMA-Zahlungsplan: Verbuchung 
500 CRM_FIMA_BACKSOLV_AT_SEL_CB Lesen Attributierung der Lösungsmethode