SAP ABAP Function Module - Index C, page 46
Function Module - C
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_GET_BY_RBL_MLT Fetch Collateral Agreement -Receivable GUIDS using RBL semantic key 
2 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_GET_LIST Gets a list of Details of CAG-RBL links for the given criteria 
3 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_GET_MLT Fetch Collateral Agreement -Receivable details 
4 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_LOCK_SNG Lock Collateral Agreement-Receivable link by PKY 
5 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_PCN_CHECK_PL CAG-RBL:Plausibility checks 
7 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_REFRESH_ALL Refresh buffers 
8 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_REFRESH_SNG Refresh buffers 
9 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_SAVE_MLT Save Collateral Agreement-Receivable links 
10 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_SET_SNG Update object layer buffer 
11 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_SYS_CHECK Technincal checks for the Collateral Agreements 
12 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_TYP_GET Fetch list of compatible collateral agreement types & products 
13 CMS_API_CAG_RBL_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock all Collateral Agreement-Receivable links 
14 CMS_API_CAG_REFRESH Refresh buffers 
15 CMS_API_CAG_REFRESH_ALL Refesh all buffers 
19 CMS_API_CAG_REL_CR_SET_PC_MLT Update Layer Buffer with Planned Changes 
20 CMS_API_CAG_REL_GET_BY_CAG_TYP Get all possible relations for an agreement type 
21 CMS_API_CAG_REL_PCN_CHECK_PL REL: Plausibility checks 
22 CMS_API_CAG_REL_PCN_REL_STEP Release step for charges 
23 CMS_API_CAG_RULES_GET_BY_BP Fetch all rules for the business partner 
24 CMS_API_CAG_SAVE_SNG Validate and Save the Collateral Agreement 
25 CMS_API_CAG_SA_SET_GET Fetch all SA types in a SA Set 
26 CMS_API_CAG_SA_TYP_GET Fetch customizing details for a Special Arrangement Type 
27 CMS_API_CAG_SA_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Collateral Agreement types for a Category 
28 CMS_API_CAG_SET_SNG Update the object layer buffer with data from Presentation Layer 
29 CMS_API_CAG_SYS_CHECK Technincal checks for the Collateral Agreements 
30 CMS_API_CAG_TYP_GET Fetch all customizing details for an agreement type 
31 CMS_API_CAG_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Collateral Agreement types for a Category 
32 CMS_API_CAG_TYP_GET_BY_REL_TYP Get list of agreement types given the Relationship Type 
33 CMS_API_CAG_UNLOCK Unlock a Collateral Agreement 
34 CMS_API_CAG_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock all the Collateral Agreements 
35 CMS_API_CAG_UNLOCK_MLT Unlock a set of Collateral Agreements 
36 CMS_API_CD_BUSINFO_GET Get Change Classification 
37 CMS_API_CD_BUSINFO_REFRESH Refresh Global Buffers 
38 CMS_API_CD_BUSINFO_SET Set Change Classification 
39 CMS_API_CHG_CHECK Checks on the asset 
40 CMS_API_CHG_CREATE_SNG Create a charge 
44 CMS_API_CHG_DELETE_SNG Delete a charge 
45 CMS_API_CHG_GET_BY_AST Fetch Charge guids for asset guid 
46 CMS_API_CHG_GET_BY_AST_MLT Fetch charge guids for asset guids 
47 CMS_API_CHG_GET_BY_CAG Fetch charge guids by an agreement guid 
48 CMS_API_CHG_GET_BY_CAG_MLT Fetch charge guids for agreement guids 
49 CMS_API_CHG_GET_MLT Fetch Charges by charge guids 
50 CMS_API_CHG_LOCK_SNG Lock the charge on the primary key 
51 CMS_API_CHG_PCN_CHECK_PL CHG: Plausibility checks 
52 CMS_API_CHG_PCN_REL_STEP Release step for charges 
53 CMS_API_CHG_REFRESH_ALL Refresh the buffers 
54 CMS_API_CHG_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Buffers for a charge 
55 CMS_API_CHG_SAVE_MLT Save Charges 
56 CMS_API_CHG_SET_SNG Update object layer buffer 
57 CMS_API_CHG_SYS_CHECK System checks on the Charge 
58 CMS_API_CHG_TYP_GET Fetch list of all compatible Asset types and Collateral Agreement types 
59 CMS_API_CHG_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock all the charges 
60 CMS_API_CLM_CHECK Claims checks (API Layer) 
61 CMS_API_CLM_COPY Copy Claims 
62 CMS_API_CLM_CREATE_SNG Claims Create (API) 
63 CMS_API_CLM_CR_GET Get Change Request 
66 CMS_API_CLM_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
68 CMS_API_CLM_GET_MLT Claims GET Multi (API layer) 
69 CMS_API_CLM_GET_SNG Claims GET single (API layer) 
70 CMS_API_CLM_REFRESH_ALL Claims Refresh All 
71 CMS_API_CLM_REFRESH_MLT Claims Refresh (Multi) 
72 CMS_API_CLM_REFRESH_SNG Claims Refresh (Single) 
73 CMS_API_CLM_SAVE_MLT Save Claims - Multiple 
74 CMS_API_CLM_SAVE_SNG Save Claims - Single 
75 CMS_API_CLM_SET_MLT Set Claim Data - Multiple 
76 CMS_API_CLM_SET_SNG Set Claim Data - Single 
77 CMS_API_CLM_SYS_CHECK System checks for Claims(API layer) 
78 CMS_API_CLNT_GET Get client depenent customizing data 
79 CMS_API_COR_GET_ADR_TO_SENDTYP Get address string to communication channel(e-mail, telex etc) 
80 CMS_API_COR_GRP_GET Get Correspondence group details 
81 CMS_API_COR_HISTORY_GET Get correspondence history data 
82 CMS_API_COR_REQ_CHECK Checks before the corr requests are created 
83 CMS_API_COR_REQ_CREATE Create correspondence request 
84 CMS_API_COR_REQ_PRINT Complete correspondence activity on immediate print 
85 CMS_API_COR_REQ_REFRESH Refresh buffers 
86 CMS_API_COR_REQ_SAVE Save correspondence request 
87 CMS_API_COR_REQ_UPDATE Update correspondence buffers 
88 CMS_API_CRDSYS_GET Get accessmode for creditsystem 
89 CMS_API_CREDSYSTEMS_GET Get all creditsystems 
90 CMS_API_CRE_GET_SEL_ROW_GUID Gives back the guid of the selected row 
91 CMS_API_CRE_GET_WORKAREA_GUID Retrieves the workarea guid 
92 CMS_API_CURR_CONV Performs currency conversion 
93 CMS_API_CURR_CONV_UI API for UI service for Currency Convertion 
94 CMS_API_CURR_GET_RES_CURR Get the House currency and the rate type 
95 CMS_API_CUS_PRTTY_GET_BY_OBJTY Part Type - Get by Object Type 
96 CMS_API_CUS_RBL_REFRESH Refreshes the customizing buffers 
97 CMS_API_DEV_CHECK Aircraft checks (API Layer) 
98 CMS_API_DEV_COPY Copy Devices 
99 CMS_API_DEV_CREATE_SNG Devices Create - Single 
100 CMS_API_DEV_CR_GET Get Change Request 
103 CMS_API_DEV_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
105 CMS_API_DEV_GET_MLT Get Devices Data - Multiple 
106 CMS_API_DEV_GET_SNG Get Device Data - Single 
107 CMS_API_DEV_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Device Data - All 
108 CMS_API_DEV_REFRESH_MLT Refresh Device Data - Multiple 
109 CMS_API_DEV_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Device Data - Single 
110 CMS_API_DEV_SAVE_MLT Save Device Data - Multiple 
111 CMS_API_DEV_SAVE_SNG Save Device Data - Single 
112 CMS_API_DEV_SET_MLT Set Devices Data - Multiple 
113 CMS_API_DEV_SET_SNG Set Device Data - Single 
114 CMS_API_DEV_SYS_CHECK System checks for Devices (API layer) 
115 CMS_API_DOC_TYP_GET API: Fetch the customizing details for a Document Type 
116 CMS_API_DOC_TYP_SET_GET API: Fetch the Document types belonging to a Document Set 
117 CMS_API_FAV_ADD Add to Favorites 
118 CMS_API_FAV_DELETE Deletes a favorite entry 
119 CMS_API_FAV_GET Gets the favorites of the current user 
120 CMS_API_FOB_CREATE_SNG Create a Financed object 
121 CMS_API_FOB_DELETE_SNG Delete a financed object 
122 CMS_API_FOB_GET_BY_AST Fetch the financed objects for an Asset 
123 CMS_API_FOB_GET_BY_RBL Fetch the Financed objects for a receivable 
124 CMS_API_FOB_GET_MLT Fetch the financed objects 
125 CMS_API_FOB_LOCK_SNG Lock the financed object on the primary key 
126 CMS_API_FOB_REFRESH_ALL Refresh all the buffers 
127 CMS_API_FOB_REFRESH_SNG Refresh all the buffers 
128 CMS_API_FOB_SAVE_MLT Save the financed objects 
129 CMS_API_FOB_SET_SNG Set a financed object 
130 CMS_API_FOB_TYP_GET Fetch the asset type - product class relationship 
131 CMS_API_FOB_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock all the financed objects 
132 CMS_API_FSBP_GET Fetch FS Business Partner Details. 
133 CMS_API_FSBP_GET_ADDRESS Fetch Address Details of FS Business Partner. 
134 CMS_API_FSBP_GET_ADDRESS_PRINT Fetch Address Details of FS Business Partner in print format. 
135 CMS_API_FSBP_MAINTAIN Maintain Business Partner (Dialog) 
136 CMS_API_FSBP_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Buffers 
137 CMS_API_FSTAT_GET Function Module to retrieve the field statuses for a Field Status Variant 
138 CMS_API_GENERAL_COUNTRY_CHECK Country code check 
139 CMS_API_GENERAL_CURRENCY_CHECK Check currency key 
140 CMS_API_GENERAL_DATE_TO_DDMMYY Convert date to day month and year 
141 CMS_API_GENERAL_DDMMYY_TO_DATE Convert day month year to date 
142 CMS_API_GENERAL_DIMAREA_CHECK Check whether entered unit has the dimension 'area' 
144 CMS_API_GENERAL_STORE_MESSAGE Store Messages in the current UI Message Handler 
145 CMS_API_GENERAL_TAB_2_RNG_CONV Logic to convert table(low & high values) to range table 
146 CMS_API_GET_SELECTED_ROW_GUID Gives back the guid of the selected row 
147 CMS_API_GET_WORKAREA_GUID Retrieves the workarea guid 
148 CMS_API_IF_CML_ACCESS_GET Interface CML: get accesmode 
149 CMS_API_IF_CML_BUFFER_GET Interface CML: get ir data from buffer 
150 CMS_API_IF_CML_BUFFER_SET Interface CML: set buffer 
151 CMS_API_IF_CML_CMLKY_TO_CMSKY converts key of loancontract into semantic key of rbl 
152 CMS_API_IF_CML_CMSKY_TO_CMLKY converts key of loancontract into semantic key of rbl 
153 CMS_API_IF_CML_CMSKY_TO_CM_MLT converts key of loancontract into semantic key of rbl 
154 CMS_API_IF_CML_F4 Interface CMS-CML: F4-Help Loans 
156 CMS_API_IF_CML_GET_MULTI Get Details of CML-Contract 
157 CMS_API_IF_CML_GET_RFCDEST Determine RFC-Destination of Loan system 
158 CMS_API_IF_CML_LOAN_TO_RBL Interface CML: convert loan into receivable 
159 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAINTAIN CML PluGIN Dialog Maintenance 
160 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAPFROMCLASS Interface CML: map prd class to cml format 
161 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAPFROMORG Interface CML: map org unit to CML-format 
162 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAPFROMPROD Interface CML: map product to CML format 
163 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAPTOCLASS Interface CML: get product class 
164 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAPTOORG Interface CML: get org unit 
165 CMS_API_IF_CML_MAPTOPROD Interface CML: get product 
166 CMS_API_IF_FSBP_ARCH_ARCH1 R FSBP->CMS call for checking prior to the archiving on Event ARCH1 
167 CMS_API_IF_FSBP_ARCH_BKDEL R FSBP->CMS to checking prior to the deletion of bank details on event BKDEL 
168 CMS_API_IF_FSBP_ARCH_DELE1 R FSBP->CMS call for checking prior to the deletion on Event DELE1 
169 CMS_API_IF_FSBP_ARCH_RLDEL R FSBP->CMS call for checking prior to the deletion of Role for a Bupa 
170 CMS_API_IF_FSBP_MAPFROMBPF Map fsbp-id and -role to cms structures 
171 CMS_API_IF_FSBP_MAPTOBPF Map fsbp-id and -role to cms structures 
172 CMS_API_IF_RBL_DLG_F4 IR Implementation of CMS-Receivable: F4-Help 
174 CMS_API_IF_RBL_GET_MLT BAdI Implementation: RBL Get_multi 
175 CMS_API_IF_RBL_GET_PRD_CLASS Get Product Class of Receivable 
176 CMS_API_INSTALLED_COMP_GET Wrapper for get installed components function 
177 CMS_API_INS_CALCULATION Calculation for insurance premium and rates 
178 CMS_API_INS_CHECK Business checks for Insurance - Obj layer 
179 CMS_API_INS_CREATE Create Insurance Object 
181 CMS_API_INS_GET_LIST Get list by policy no, portfolio, status, autocancel date 
182 CMS_API_INS_GET_MLT Get Insurance details - Multiple 
183 CMS_API_INS_GET_SNG Get Insurance details - Multiple 
184 CMS_API_INS_LOCK_BY_PKY_MLT Lock by Primary key (For Insurance) 
185 CMS_API_INS_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Insurance Data - All 
186 CMS_API_INS_REFRESH_MLT Insurance Refresh (Multi) 
187 CMS_API_INS_REFRESH_SNG Insurance refresh single 
188 CMS_API_INS_SAVE_MLT Save Insurance - Multiple 
189 CMS_API_INS_SAVE_SNG Save Insurance - Multiple 
190 CMS_API_INS_SET_MLT Set Insurance Data - Multiple 
191 CMS_API_INS_SET_SNG Set Insurance Data - Single 
192 CMS_API_INS_SYS_CHECK System checks for Insurance (Obj layer) 
193 CMS_API_INS_TYP_GET API: Fetch the customizing details for value type 
194 CMS_API_INS_TYP_GET_BY_AST_TYP Get a list of MOV_TYP by a list of AST_TYP 
195 CMS_API_INS_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Get all Movable Types for a category 
196 CMS_API_INS_TYP_SET_GET API: Value types in a Value Set 
197 CMS_API_INS_UNLOCK_BY_PKY_MLT UNLock by Primary key (For Insurance) 
198 CMS_API_INV_CHECK Inventory checks (API Layer) 
199 CMS_API_INV_COPY Copy Inventory 
200 CMS_API_INV_CREATE_SNG Inventory Create - Single 
201 CMS_API_INV_CR_GET Get Change Request 
204 CMS_API_INV_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
206 CMS_API_INV_GET_MLT Get Inventory Data - Multiple 
207 CMS_API_INV_GET_SNG Get Inventory Data - Single 
208 CMS_API_INV_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Inventory Data - All 
209 CMS_API_INV_REFRESH_MLT Refresh Inventory Data - Multiple 
210 CMS_API_INV_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Inventory Data - Single 
211 CMS_API_INV_SAVE_MLT Save Inventory Data - Multiple 
212 CMS_API_INV_SAVE_SNG Save Inventory Data - Single 
213 CMS_API_INV_SET_MLT Set Inventory Data - Multiple 
214 CMS_API_INV_SET_SNG Set Inventory Data - Single 
215 CMS_API_INV_SYS_CHECK System checks for Inventory (API layer) 
216 CMS_API_IR_DIALOG_F4 Receivable Interface F4-Help 
217 CMS_API_IR_DIALOG_MAINTAIN Receivable Interface Dialog Maintenance 
218 CMS_API_IR_GET_LIST Interface Receivable get_list module 
219 CMS_API_IR_GET_MLT Get receivable details 
220 CMS_API_IR_GET_PRD_CLASS Get receivable details 
221 CMS_API_IR_GET_SKY_BY_PRDCLASS Get the semantic key by product class and ID 
222 CMS_API_IR_GET_SNG Get receivable details 
223 CMS_API_IR_STATUS_GET_TEXT Get text for IR status 
224 CMS_API_LIF_INS_CHECK Aircraft checks (API Layer) 
225 CMS_API_LIF_INS_COPY Copy Insurance 
226 CMS_API_LIF_INS_CREATE Create Life Insurance Object 
227 CMS_API_LIF_INS_CR_GET Get Change Request 
230 CMS_API_LIF_INS_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
232 CMS_API_LIF_INS_GET_LIST Life Insurance Get List 
233 CMS_API_LIF_INS_GET_MLT Get Life Insurance details - Multiple 
234 CMS_API_LIF_INS_GET_SNG Get Life Insurance details - Single 
235 CMS_API_LIF_INS_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Life Insurance Data - All 
236 CMS_API_LIF_INS_REFRESH_MLT Refresh Life Insurance Data - Multiple 
237 CMS_API_LIF_INS_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Life Insurance Data - Single 
238 CMS_API_LIF_INS_SAVE_MLT Save Life Insurance - Multiple 
239 CMS_API_LIF_INS_SAVE_SNG Save Life Insurance - Single 
240 CMS_API_LIF_INS_SET_MLT Set Life Insurance Data - Multiple 
241 CMS_API_LIF_INS_SET_SNG Set Life Insurance Data - Single 
242 CMS_API_LIF_INS_SYS_CHECK System checks for Insurance (APIlayer) 
243 CMS_API_LIQ_CFLOW_TYP_GET Get cashflow type details 
244 CMS_API_LIQ_CFL_GET_MLT Liq. Cashflows Get Multi (Temp Sol. for Rel 3.0) 
245 CMS_API_LIQ_CHECK Checks on Liquidation Measure 
246 CMS_API_LIQ_CHECK_EXIST_OBJSYS Existence check for object system id 
247 CMS_API_LIQ_CREATE Create Liquidation Measure 
248 CMS_API_LIQ_GET Fetch Liquidation Details 
249 CMS_API_LIQ_GET_BY_OBJ_LKY Get list of measures by object link key 
250 CMS_API_LIQ_GET_CONST Get collateral constellation and the pre-requisite status for each agmt. 
251 CMS_API_LIQ_GET_MLT Get details for given liquidation measures 
252 CMS_API_LIQ_IF_CORE_GET_CAG Get collateral agreement details 
253 CMS_API_LIQ_IF_CORE_GET_CONST Get collateral constellation by object link key 
254 CMS_API_LIQ_IF_CORE_GET_RBL Get receivable details 
255 CMS_API_LIQ_IF_OBJ_GET Get object details 
256 CMS_API_LIQ_IF_OBJ_GET_MLT Get object details 
257 CMS_API_LIQ_LOCK Lock a Measure 
258 CMS_API_LIQ_REFRESH Refresh buffers for liquidation measure 
259 CMS_API_LIQ_REFRESH_ALL Refresh all buffers 
260 CMS_API_LIQ_SAVE save the liquidation measure 
261 CMS_API_LIQ_SET Update the OBJ buffer with data from presentation layer 
262 CMS_API_LIQ_SET_MLT Set details in Obj buffer 
263 CMS_API_LIQ_SYS_CHECK Technical checks for liquidation 
264 CMS_API_LIQ_TYP_GET Get Liquidation type details 
265 CMS_API_LIQ_TYP_GET_ALL Get complete list of liquidation type 
266 CMS_API_LIQ_UNLOCK Unlock a Measure 
267 CMS_API_LIQ_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock all measures 
268 CMS_API_LOCK_BY_PKY_MLT Lock by Primary key (For Change Document) 
269 CMS_API_LOCK_BY_SKY_MLT Lock by Semantic key (For Creating Document) 
270 CMS_API_LR_DE_GET_REG_TYP Register Type Details 
271 CMS_API_LR_DE_GET_SEC2_CHG_TYP Section 2 Charge/Restriction Type details 
272 CMS_API_LR_DE_GET_SEC3_CHG_TYP Section 3 Charge Type Details 
273 CMS_API_MOVTYP_GET Movable type 
274 CMS_API_MOVTYP_GET_BY_ASTTYP Get a list of MOV_TYP by a list of AST_TYP 
275 CMS_API_MOV_CHECK Business checks for movables (API layer) 
276 CMS_API_MOV_CREATE_SNG Movables Create (API) 
277 CMS_API_MOV_DELETE_SNG Delete an movable object 
278 CMS_API_MOV_GET_BY_SKY Get guid by sky 
279 CMS_API_MOV_GET_LIST Moveables - object list for the selection Criteria 
280 CMS_API_MOV_GET_MLT Movables GET single (API layer) 
281 CMS_API_MOV_GET_SNG Movables GET single (API layer) 
282 CMS_API_MOV_LOCK_BY_PKY_MLT Lock by Primary key (For Change Document) 
283 CMS_API_MOV_REFRESH_ALL Movables Refresh All 
284 CMS_API_MOV_REFRESH_MLT Movables Refresh (Multi) 
285 CMS_API_MOV_REFRESH_SNG Movables refresh single 
286 CMS_API_MOV_SAVE_MLT Save Movables - Multiple 
287 CMS_API_MOV_SAVE_SNG Save Movables - Multiple 
288 CMS_API_MOV_SET_MLT Set Movable Data - Multiple 
289 CMS_API_MOV_SET_SNG Set Movable Data - Multiple 
290 CMS_API_MOV_SYS_CHECK System checks for movables (API layer) 
291 CMS_API_MOV_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Get all Movable Types for a category 
292 CMS_API_MOV_UNLOCK_BY_PKY_MLT UNLock by Primary key (For movables) 
293 CMS_API_MSG_COL_FILT_MAX_SEVER Filter a tab of non-unique msgs to unique set of msgs with max severity 
294 CMS_API_MSG_COL_GET Fetch messages from the message collector 
295 CMS_API_MSG_COL_GET_MSG_SEVER Retreive the Maximum Severity of a single or table of message 
296 CMS_API_MSG_COL_GET_MSG_TYPE Retrieve Message Type from Message Severity 
297 CMS_API_MSG_COL_REFRESH Refresh the Message Collector Buffers 
298 CMS_API_MSG_COL_SET Store messages in the message collector 
299 CMS_API_MSG_COL_SET_APPLOG_MLT Insert Messages into Application Log 
300 CMS_API_MSG_COL_SHOW Show Message 
301 CMS_API_NOTES_CHECK_INLINE Checks on the inline table passed for set 
303 CMS_API_NOTES_GET Fetch note (non-dialog mode) 
304 CMS_API_NOTES_GET_INLINE Fetch notes for inline functionality 
305 CMS_API_NOTES_GET_MLT Get multiple texts 
306 CMS_API_NOTES_MAINTAIN Maintain Notes (Dialog mode) 
307 CMS_API_NOTES_MAINTAIN_INLINE Maintain notes with Inline functionality 
308 CMS_API_NOTES_MODIFY Updates text memory in a non-dialog mode 
309 CMS_API_NOTES_REFRESH Refresh the text memory 
311 CMS_API_NOTES_SET_INLINE Set the inline text to the text memory 
312 CMS_API_NOTES_TEXT_ID_GET Fetches the Text ID's for a text object 
313 CMS_API_NOTES_TXTID_GET Get the attributes of a text ID 
314 CMS_API_NOTES_TXTID_GET_BY_ENT Get the text ID's given an entity 
315 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_CHECK API layer for Business Partner Service Link Checks 
316 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_CREATE API for Business Partner Service Link Create 
317 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_GET_BY_BP Business Partner service:Get objects using BP by BPID 
318 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_GET_MLT Business Partner GET Service (Multiple) 
319 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_GET_SNG Business Partner GET Service (Single) 
320 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_REFRESH Business Partner Service Link (API Refresh) 
322 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_SAVE Business Partner Service Link (API Save) 
323 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_SET_SNG Business Partner service (SET Single) 
324 CMS_API_OMS_BP_LNK_SYS_CHECK System Checks on Business Partner Service Link 
325 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_CHECK Object layer for Documents Service Link Checks 
326 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_CREATE Document service Link (API Create) 
327 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_GET_MLT Document service link (Get multi) 
328 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_GET_SNG Document service link (Get Single) 
329 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_REFRESH Document service link (API refresh) 
330 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_REFRESH_AL Documents refresh 
331 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_SAVE Document service link (API save) 
332 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_SET_SNG Document service (API Set single) 
333 CMS_API_OMS_DOC_LNK_SYS_CHECK System Checks on Document Service Link 
335 CMS_API_OMS_GET_CAT_LIST List of categories 
336 CMS_API_OMS_GET_OBJSYSID Get object system Id using category 
337 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_CHECK API layer for Insurance Service Link Checks 
338 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_CREATE Initiializes Part Data 
339 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_GET Get Part Data by Object Refence 
340 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_REFRESH Refresh Part Data by Object Reference 
341 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_REFRESH_AL Insurance Refresh All 
342 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_SAVE Save Part Data by Object Reference 
343 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_SET Set Part Data by Object Reference 
344 CMS_API_OMS_INS_LNK_SYS_CHECK API layer for Insurance Service Link Checks ( System checks) 
345 CMS_API_OMS_MAP_COMMON_DATA Maps the common data ( BP, DOC, VAL, INS) 
346 CMS_API_OMS_MAP_INPUT_CHECK Checks common for all OMS MAPIs 
347 CMS_API_OMS_MAP_SET_SYS_STAT Sets the system status as requested (For MAPIs) 
348 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_AUTH_CHECK Authorization check module for OMS 
349 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_CHECK_PL OMS: Plausibility Checks 
350 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_CHECK_REL Check to determine if OBJ has to be releases 
351 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_END End OBJ Process Control 
352 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_GET Get Object PCN Attributes 
354 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_GET_OBJ_ATTRIB Get Object reference/Obj Cat by AST_GUID 
355 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_REFRESH Refresh OBJ process control buffers 
356 CMS_API_OMS_PCN_REL_STEP Release step (to be called in workflow events) 
358 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_CHECK API layer for Part Service Link Checks 
359 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_CREATE Initiializes Part Data 
360 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_GET Get Part Data by Object Refence 
361 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_REFRESH Refresh Part Data by Object Reference 
362 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_REFRESH_AL Refresh Part Data - All 
363 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_SAVE Save Part Data by Object Reference 
364 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_SET Set Part Data by Object Reference 
365 CMS_API_OMS_PRT_LNK_SYS_CHECK API layer for Part Service Link Checks - System 
366 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_CHECK Object layer for Value Service Link Checks 
367 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_CREATE Value service Link (API Create) 
368 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_GET_MLT Value service link (Get multi) 
369 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_GET_SNG Value service link (Get Single) 
370 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_REFRESH Value service link (API refresh) 
371 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_REFRESH_AL Values Refresh All 
372 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_SAVE Value service link (API save) 
373 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_SET_SNG Value service (API Set single) 
374 CMS_API_OMS_VAL_LNK_SYS_CHECK System Checks on Value Service Link 
375 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_CHECK Other Valuables checks (API Layer) 
376 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_COPY Copy Other Valuables 
377 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_CREATE_SNG Other Val Create - Single 
378 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_CR_GET Get Change Request 
381 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
383 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_GET_MLT Get Other Val Data - Multiple 
384 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_GET_SNG Get Other Val Data - Single 
385 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Other Val Data - All 
386 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_REFRESH_MLT Refresh Other Val Data - Multiple 
387 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Other Val Data - Single 
388 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_SAVE_MLT Save Other Val Data - Multiple 
389 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_SAVE_SNG Save Other Val Data - Single 
390 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_SET_MLT Set Other Val Data - Multiple 
391 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_SET_SNG Set Other Val Data - Single 
392 CMS_API_OTH_VAL_SYS_CHECK System checks for Other Valuables (API layer) 
393 CMS_API_PAT_CHECK Patents checks (API Layer) 
394 CMS_API_PAT_COPY Copy Patents 
395 CMS_API_PAT_CREATE_SNG Patents Create (API) 
396 CMS_API_PAT_CR_GET Get Change Request 
399 CMS_API_PAT_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
401 CMS_API_PAT_GET_BY_PARENT_REF Gets the additional patents by main patent 
402 CMS_API_PAT_GET_MLT Patents GET Multi (API layer) 
403 CMS_API_PAT_GET_SNG Patents GET single (API layer) 
404 CMS_API_PAT_REFRESH_ALL Patents Refresh All 
405 CMS_API_PAT_REFRESH_MLT Patents Refresh (Multi) 
406 CMS_API_PAT_REFRESH_SNG Patents Refresh (Single) 
407 CMS_API_PAT_SAVE_MLT Save Patents - Multiple 
408 CMS_API_PAT_SAVE_SNG Save Patents - Single 
409 CMS_API_PAT_SET_MLT Set Patent Data - Multiple 
410 CMS_API_PAT_SET_SNG Set Patent Data - Single 
411 CMS_API_PAT_SYS_CHECK System checks for Patents(API layer) 
412 CMS_API_PCN_CHECK_AUTH Authorization check logic 
413 CMS_API_PCN_CHECK_REL Check to determine if object has to be released 
414 CMS_API_PCN_CR_CHECK_EXISTENCE Check Change Request Existence 
415 CMS_API_PCN_CR_CREATE Create Change Request 
416 CMS_API_PCN_CR_GET Get Change Request 
417 CMS_API_PCN_CR_GET_ACTIVE Get Active Change Request 
418 CMS_API_PCN_CR_GET_BY_OBJECTID Get Change Request by Object ID 
419 CMS_API_PCN_CR_GET_BY_SKY Get Change Request by Semantic Key 
420 CMS_API_PCN_CR_GET_MLT Get Multiple Change Request 
421 CMS_API_PCN_CR_LOCK Lock Change Request 
422 CMS_API_PCN_CR_REFRESH Refresh Change Request 
423 CMS_API_PCN_CR_REFRESH_ALL Change Request Refresh Buffer 
424 CMS_API_PCN_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
425 CMS_API_PCN_CR_SET Set Change Request 
426 CMS_API_PCN_CR_UNLOCK Unlock a Change Request' 
427 CMS_API_PCN_CR_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock All Change Requests 
428 CMS_API_PCN_END Logic to end the process control instance 
429 CMS_API_PCN_GET_ACTVT Fetch all business activity attributes 
430 CMS_API_PCN_GET_ACT_BY_ACAT Fetch all activities for activity category 
431 CMS_API_PCN_GET_AUTH_ADMINORG Gets user profiles details related to CAG 
432 CMS_API_PCN_GET_A_CAT Fetch activity category attributes 
433 CMS_API_PCN_GET_A_GRP Fetch activity group attributes 
434 CMS_API_PCN_GET_CR_ST Fetch Status Transition for a Change Request 
435 CMS_API_PCN_GET_CR_TYP Fetch Change Request Type 
436 CMS_API_PCN_GET_CR_TYP_BY_CKY Fetch Change Request Type for a Control Key 
437 CMS_API_PCN_GET_DEFAULT_ACTVT Get default activity for chosen criteria 
438 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PL Fetch plausibility check attributes 
439 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PLSET Fetch plausibility set attributes 
440 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PL_FOR_ACTVT Get Plausi checks for an activity 
441 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PROC_AREA fetch process area attributes 
442 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PROC_CKY Fetch process control key attributes 
443 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PROC_CKY_B Fetch process control key behaviour attributes 
444 CMS_API_PCN_GET_PROC_OBJ Fetch all process object attributes 
445 CMS_API_PCN_GET_REL_PROC Check release attibutes to find if release relevant(delete) do not use! 
446 CMS_API_PCN_GET_SYS_STAT_TR Fetch attributes that affect system status 
447 CMS_API_PCN_PCD_DELETE Delete Planned Changes 
448 CMS_API_PCN_PCD_GET Get Planned Changes 
449 CMS_API_PCN_PCD_GET_DBL Get Planned Changes (Imports DB Layer Format) 
450 CMS_API_PCN_PCD_SHOW_FOR_CR Show Planned Change Documents for a Change Request 
451 CMS_API_PCN_REFRESH Refresh all buffers 
452 CMS_API_PCN_REL_START Release start module 
453 CMS_API_PCN_SET_MSG_SEVERITY Logic to set message severity 
454 CMS_API_PCN_SET_STATUS Status(system and user) change logic 
455 CMS_API_PCN_START Process control start logic 
456 CMS_API_PRD_CHECK API: Product Customizing Checks 
457 CMS_API_PRD_CLASS_GET Fetch the attributes of the product assigned to the receivable 
458 CMS_API_PRD_CLASS_GET_LIST get all product classes 
459 CMS_API_PRD_GET get product details 
460 CMS_API_PRD_PRD_SET_GET NOT USED Fetch the product ID's belonging to a product set 
461 CMS_API_PRD_PRD_SET_GET_MLT Fetch multiple product set details 
462 CMS_API_PRD_SET_GET_BY_PRDCLAS Fecth all product sets for a product class and product 
463 CMS_API_R3BAS_ADDR_CHECK Check address data 
464 CMS_API_R3BAS_ADDR_INSERT Insert Address in BAS 
465 CMS_API_R3BAS_ADDR_NUMBER_GET Gets a new address number 
466 CMS_API_R3BAS_ADDR_UPDATE Update address in BAS 
467 CMS_API_R3BAS_F4_HELP F4 help for Address 
468 CMS_API_R3BAS_GET_ADDR Get Address 
469 CMS_API_R3BAS_PREPARE_DIALOG Prepares the dialog subscreen for Address 
470 CMS_API_R3BAS_SAVE_ADDR Save Address 
471 CMS_API_RBL_CREATE_BY_SKY_MLT Creat Receivable with default values 
472 CMS_API_RBL_CREATE_SNG Creat Receivable with default values 
473 CMS_API_RBL_GET_BY_BP Fetch receivables for a business partner 
474 CMS_API_RBL_GET_BY_BP_PRDCLASS Fetch the receivables per business partner and product ID 
475 CMS_API_RBL_GET_BY_SKY Fetch Receivable Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
476 CMS_API_RBL_GET_BY_SKY_MLT Fetch Receivable Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
477 CMS_API_RBL_GET_LIST Fetch receivables of selected criteria 
478 CMS_API_RBL_GET_MLT Fetch Receivable details 
479 CMS_API_RBL_GET_MLT_BY_SKY Fetch Receivable Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
480 CMS_API_RBL_GET_SNG Fetch single receivable 
481 CMS_API_RBL_OPEN_BY_SKY_MLT Get receivable by semantic key 
482 CMS_API_RBL_ORG_UNIT_GET Get name of Receivable org unit 
483 CMS_API_RBL_PCN_AUTHFILTER_GET Gets user profiles details related to CAG 
484 CMS_API_RBL_PCN_AUTH_CHECK Authorization check for RBL 
485 CMS_API_RBL_REFRESH_ALL Refresh all the buffers 
486 CMS_API_RBL_REFRESH_SNG Refresh buffers 
487 CMS_API_RBL_SAVE_MLT Save Receivable 
488 CMS_API_RBL_SAVE_SNG Save receivable 
489 CMS_API_RBL_SET_SNG Update RBL details 
490 CMS_API_RBL_SYS_CHECK System checks for receivable 
491 CMS_API_RBL_UNLOCK Unlock a Receivable 
492 CMS_API_RBL_UNLOCK_ALL Unlock all the receivables based on the buffer entries 
493 CMS_API_RBL_UNLOCK_MLT Unlock Receivables 
494 CMS_API_REC_OBJ_ADD Add to Recent Objects 
495 CMS_API_REC_OBJ_GET Gets all Recent Objects for the current user 
496 CMS_API_RELEASE_END Call to start the release tool 
497 CMS_API_REL_CAG_CAG_CHECK Checks on the relationship for collateral agreement 
500 CMS_API_REL_CAG_CAG_GET Get Relationship details for a CAG