SAP ABAP Function Module - Index C, page 48
Function Module - C
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 CMS_CI_CHANGE Change the price buckets 
2 CMS_CI_CHANGED_DATA_GET Get changed price buckets/history records using buffers 
3 CMS_CI_CHANGE_INVENTORY R Change channel inventory 
4 CMS_CI_CIR_CANCEL Channel Inventory :Process CIR cancellation 
5 CMS_CI_CONVERT_CURRENCY Convert amount from one currency to another 
6 CMS_CI_CREATE_DS_PB_HISTORY Create history record/s for dropship sellin 
7 CMS_CI_CREATE_PB_HISTORY Create history record for price bucket 
8 CMS_CI_CREATE_PRICE_BUCKET Create price bucket record 
9 CMS_CI_CREATE_RETURNS_PB Create price bucket for ec returns 
10 CMS_CI_CRT_RETURNS_PB_HISTORY Create history record for returns 
11 CMS_CI_DR_MS_RETURNS Channel inventory - DR to MS Returns Processing 
12 CMS_CI_DS_SELLIN Channel inventory - Drop-Ship Sell In processing 
13 CMS_CI_DS_SELLTHROUGH Channel inventory - Drop-Ship Sellthrough processing 
14 CMS_CI_DYN_PB_READ Read price buckets from buffer using dynamic key 
15 CMS_CI_DYN_WHERE_CLAUSE Create dynamic where clause 
16 CMS_CI_ECRETURNS Channel inventory - EC Returns Processing 
17 CMS_CI_ECRETURNS_CANCEL Channel Inventory :Process Returns cancellation 
18 CMS_CI_ERROR_FILL Chnnel Inventory Errors 
19 CMS_CI_FIFO_CONSUMPTION Price bucket consumption by FIFO 
20 CMS_CI_GET_ARCHIVE_DATA Get data for CI archive display 
21 CMS_CI_GET_CONS_STAT Set the flag in case of in-sufficient qty for consumption 
23 CMS_CI_GET_PRICE_BUCKET_COST Calculate consumption qty and price on xn date 
24 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_CLEAR Clear channel inventory global buffers 
25 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_DELETE Delete channel inventory records from global buffers 
26 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_GET Assign global buffer data 
27 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_INIT Initialize the buffer 
28 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_MAINTAIN Maintain channel Inventory global buffers 
29 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_PUT Put data in to Global Buffer 
30 CMS_CI_GLOBAL_BUFFER_READ Read channel Inventory global buffers 
31 CMS_CI_HEADER_DELETE_DB Delete records from the CI header table. 
32 CMS_CI_HISTORY_DATES_GET Get the period for PB history selection and other rules 
33 CMS_CI_HISTORY_DELETE_DB Delete records from CI history table 
34 CMS_CI_HISTORY_READ R Read price bucket history records 
35 CMS_CI_HISTORY_WITH_RULE_READ Read price bucket history records with rule 
36 CMS_CI_INT_BUFFER_CLEAR Clear Channel Inventory intermidiate buffers 
37 CMS_CI_INT_BUFFER_MAINTAIN Maintain channel Inventory intermidiate buffers 
38 CMS_CI_INT_BUFFER_READ Read channel Inventory intermidiate buffers 
39 CMS_CI_INT_BUFFER_UPDATE Update channel intermidiate buffers with new price bucket 
40 CMS_CI_INVENTORY_CALC Calculate channel inventory and cost on a given date 
41 CMS_CI_INVENTORY_COST_GET Get inventory cost on transaction date 
42 CMS_CI_LKEY_RANGES_TAB_GET Get the ranges table for Logical key structure 
43 CMS_CI_LKEY_READ_GEN Generate the form routine for reading global buffer 
44 CMS_CI_LKEY_REPORT_GEN Generate the form routine for reading price bucket global buffer 
45 CMS_CI_LKEY_XN_MAP_READ Read logical key structures for xn type 
46 CMS_CI_LOCK_DATA_IL Lock CI Record 
47 CMS_CI_PB_DB_READ Read price buckets from database 
48 CMS_CI_PB_DB_UPDATE Update price buckets into database 
49 CMS_CI_PB_READ Read price buckets 
50 CMS_CI_PB_RULE_DETERMINE Determine price bucket history selection rules 
51 CMS_CI_PP_COGS_UPDATE Update channel inventory for pp application 
52 CMS_CI_PP_GET_FLAG Get the flag value for intransit qty and Rev PP records 
53 CMS_CI_PP_PUT_FLAG Set the flag for In-transit qty 
54 CMS_CI_PP_STAT_UPDATE API to update just the PP run status flag, upon PP Cancellations 
55 CMS_CI_PP_UPDATE Update channel inventory for pp application 
56 CMS_CI_PRICE_CHANGE R Change price buckets - Price 
57 CMS_CI_PRICE_MATCH Match the PP price of the existing price bucket and the new price bucket 
58 CMS_CI_PROCESS_RETURNS_WO_INV Process returns without EC Invoice Number 
59 CMS_CI_PTYPE_DETERMINE Determine price type 
60 CMS_CI_PTYP_READ_GEN Generate the form routine for reading price type global buffer 
61 CMS_CI_PTYP_REPORT_GEN Generate the form routine for reading price type global buffer 
62 CMS_CI_PTYP_TABS_GET Get the wheretab and ranges table for price type attributes structure 
63 CMS_CI_PUT_PARAMETERS_2_RETURN CMS: Packe Parameterwerte im Dispatcher oder Service ein 
64 CMS_CI_REPORT_GEN Create appropriate entries for report 
65 CMS_CI_RETURNS_PBPRICE_FIND Assign price bucket price based on profile 
66 CMS_CI_RETURNS_REFPB_FIND Find reference price bucket for EC Returns 
67 CMS_CI_RETURNS_REVERSE_FIFO Reverse FIFO the returns record 
68 CMS_CI_SELECTION_SCREEN_GEN Generate selection screens 
69 CMS_CI_SELLIN Channel inventory - Sell In processing 
70 CMS_CI_SELLIN_CANCEL Channel Inventory Sell In Cancellation Processing 
71 CMS_CI_SELLTHROUGH Channel inventory - Sellthrough processing 
72 CMS_CI_SELLTHROUGH_CANCEL Channel Inventory : Process Sell through cancellation 
75 CMS_CI_TABLE_DEL Delete channel inventory fieldcat objects 
76 CMS_CI_TABLE_GEN Generate structure from field catalog 
77 CMS_CI_UPDATE_PRICE_BUCKET Update the price bucket record 
78 CMS_CLEAR_CALL_OFF_QTY_BUFFER Clear the contract call off qty buffer 
79 CMS_CLEAR_TEXT_BUFFERS API which initialises the buffers 
80 CMS_CLEAR_TEXT_BUFFERS2 API which initialises the buffers 
81 CMS_CLMAMT_BL Claim amount calculation for ship and debit. 
82 CMS_CLMCALC_BL Claim calculation 
83 CMS_CLMDOCCRT_BL Ship and debit credit memo req creation 
85 CMS_CLM_IM_AST_DLG_GET_DTFRSCR Get Data from Screen 
87 CMS_CLM_IM_AST_DLG_OBJTY_ASTTY Get Object Types by Asset Types 
89 CMS_CLM_IM_AST_ND_GET_MLT Implementation of GET_MLT method 
90 CMS_CLM_IM_AST_ND_GET_SNG Implementation of GET_SNG method 
91 CMS_CM_BP_FRG10_SAVE Save the changes made to the group/subgroup in registry 
92 CMS_CM_BUPA_CBLOCK_SAVE Business Partner Central Block Save in Registry 
93 CMS_CM_BUPA_STATUS_SAVE Business Partner Status Save in Registry 
94 CMS_CM_CHECK_VALID_OBJECT_DB Check For Valid Object From Data Buffer 
95 CMS_CM_CHECK_VALID_OBJECT_OB Check For Valid Object From Object Buffer 
97 CMS_CM_HEADER_UPDATE_DB Database update for header records 
98 CMS_CM_LINK_UPDATE_DB Update of link records to DB 
99 CMS_CM_LKEY_BP_HIER_SAVE Save BP Hierarchy Data 
101 CMS_CM_OBJREFS_UPDATE_DB To insert object references while identifying objects 
102 CMS_CM_POPULATE_REGISTRY Populate the registry structure 
103 CMS_CM_READ_ASSIGN_PROFILE_DB Read Profiles Assigned To Trg Obj From DB 
104 CMS_CM_READ_ASSIGN_PROFILE_OB Read Profiles Assigned To Trg Obj From OB 
105 CMS_CM_READ_PROFILE_CD API To Read Profile Name and Details 
106 CMS_CM_READ_SPRO_DETAILS_DB Read Profile Details For Targte Objects From DB 
107 CMS_CM_READ_SPRO_DETAILS_OB Read Profile Details For Targte Objects From OB 
108 CMS_CM_READ_TPRO_DETAILS_DB Read Profile Details For Targte Objects From DB 
109 CMS_CM_READ_TPRO_DETAILS_OB Read Profile Details For Targte Objects From OB 
110 CMS_CM_REGISTRY_SAVE Save to Registry 
111 CMS_CM_REG_BUPA_BUT050 Test 
112 CMS_CM_REG_BUPA_HIER Business Partner Hierarchy Update 
113 CMS_CNTR_BP_EXT_PREPARE Contract BP Extract Prepare 
114 CMS_CNTR_BP_EXT_READ Contract Extract Business Partner read using Contract GUID 
115 CMS_CNTR_BP_EXT_READ_BY_RELBP Contract Extract Business Partner read using Contract GUID 
116 CMS_CNTR_BP_EXT_SAVE R CMS : Contract Partner Extract Save 
117 CMS_CNTR_BP_EXT_SAVE_TABS CMS : Contract Partner Extract Save 
118 CMS_CNTR_EXT_PREPARE Contract extract Prepare 
119 CMS_CNTR_EXT_READ Contract Extracts Read using Contract GUID 
120 CMS_CNTR_EXT_SAVE R CMS Contract Extract Save 
121 CMS_CNTR_HDR_EXT_PREPARE Contract Header Extract Prepare 
122 CMS_CNTR_HDR_EXT_READ Contract Extract Header read using Contract GUID 
123 CMS_CNTR_HDR_EXT_READ_BY_CNTR Contract Extract Header Read using Contract No 
124 CMS_CNTR_HDR_EXT_SAVE R CMS : Contract Header Extract Save 
125 CMS_CNTR_HDR_EXT_SAVE_TABS CMS : Contract Header Extract Save 
126 CMS_CNTR_PPRC_EXT_PREPARE Contract Product Price extract Prepare 
127 CMS_CNTR_PPRC_EXT_READ Contract Extract Product Price read using Contract GUID 
128 CMS_CNTR_PPRC_EXT_SAVE R Extract Price Save 
129 CMS_CNTR_PPRC_EXT_SAVE_TAB Extracts : Contract Price Save 
130 CMS_CNTR_PRC_AGRMNT_READ Contract Price Agreement Read 
131 CMS_CNTR_PROD_EXT_PREPARE Contract Product extract Prepare 
132 CMS_CNTR_PROD_EXT_READ Contract Extract Product Read using Contract GUID 
133 CMS_CNTR_PROD_EXT_SAVE R CMS : Contract Product Extract Save 
134 CMS_CNTR_PROD_EXT_SAVE_TABS CMS : Contract Product Extract Save 
135 CMS_CNTR_PWAC_EXT_PREPARE Contract Product WAC extract prepare 
136 CMS_CNTR_PWAC_EXT_READ Contract Extract WAC read using Contract GUID 
137 CMS_CNTR_PWAC_EXT_SAVE R CMS : Contract Header Extract Save 
138 CMS_CNTR_PWAC_EXT_SAVE_TABS CMS : Contract WAC Extract Save 
139 CMS_CNTR_QTY_DB_UPDATE Updating Contract Quantity in DB 
140 CMS_COLLATERAL_AGREEMENT_CHECK Prüft, ob ein Darlehensangebot vorhanden ist 
141 CMS_COLLATERAL_AGREEMENT_C_CRM Create zur Sicherheitenvereinbarung 
142 CMS_COLLATERAL_AGREEMENT_M_CRM GetDetail zu Sicherheitenvereinbarung 
143 CMS_COLLATERAL_AGREEMENT_R_CRM R GetDetail zu Sicherheitenvereinbarung 
144 CMS_COLLATERAL_CONSTELLN_B_CRM Sichern Sicherheitenkonstellation auf INDX 
145 CMS_COLLATERAL_CONSTELLN_C_CRM R Anlegen Sicherheitenkonstellation (extern getriggert ) 
146 CMS_COLLATERAL_CONSTELLN_D_CRM Löschen der Sicherheitenkonstellation von der INDX 
147 CMS_COLLATERAL_CONSTELLN_I_CRM Anlegen Sicherheitenkonstellation 
148 CMS_COLLATERAL_CONSTELLN_K_CRM Anlegen alle Keymappings für Sicherheitenkonstellation 
149 CMS_COLLATERAL_CONSTELLN_S_CRM Liest die Sicherheitenkonstellation von der INDX 
150 CMS_CONDITION_SEARCH Condition search based on product and partner combination 
151 CMS_CONFIRMATION_B_CRM Sichern Darlehensbestätigung auf INDX 
152 CMS_CONFIRMATION_K_CRM Anlegen alle Keymappings für Darlehensbestätigung 
153 CMS_CONFIRMATION_S_CRM Liest die Darlehensbestätigung von der INDX 
154 CMS_CONTRACTS_NOTIFY Store contracts to be notified 
155 CMS_CONTRACTS_SELECTION Contracts Selection :Product Partner Combination 
156 CMS_CONTRACT_PRINT Contract Print : Pharma 
157 CMS_CONTRACT_SELECTION_TOOLKIT Contract Selection Toolkit 
158 CMS_CONVERT_CURRENCY Currency conversion for CMS processes 
159 CMS_CONVERT_TO_BAPI_GEN CMS Func Mod for coverting the bapi structure to the gen BAPI str 
160 CMS_CONVERT_TO_BAPI_STR CMS Func Mod for conversion of R/3 table str to corres. BAPI str 
161 CMS_CONV_FROM_GEN_BAPI CMS func mod for converting from gen BAPI 
162 CMS_CONV_SEL_2_DYN_WHERE R Converts selection parameters to dynamic whee clause 
163 CMS_CON_SHLP_EXIT Contract no. search help 
164 CMS_CREATE_TEXT_CONTROL Function module to create the text control 
165 CMS_CSDR_OPPT_OUTBOUND FM to send the outbound idoc on change of status 
166 CMS_CURRENCY_CHECK Currency check in CMS 
167 CMS_CURRENCY_GET Get currencies for Partner and Application 
168 CMS_CURRENCY_UOM_CONERTION CMS Currency and UOM Conversion 
169 CMS_CURRENCY_UOM_CONVERSION CMS Currency and UOM Conversion 
170 CMS_CUS_AST_NR_CHECK OBJ: Asset Type Customizing Checks 
171 CMS_CUS_AST_TYP_CHECK OBJ: Asset Type Customizing Checks 
172 CMS_CUS_BPF_CHECK OBJ: BuPa role customizing checks 
173 CMS_CUS_CAG_NR_CHECK OBJ: Asset Type Customizing Checks 
174 CMS_CUS_CAG_TYP_CHECK API: Agreement Type Customizing Checks 
175 CMS_CUS_PCN_ACTVT_CHECK Customizing checks for activity table 
176 CMS_CUS_PCN_CKY_CHECK Check Control Key 
177 CMS_CUS_PCN_CR_TY_CHECK Check Control Key 
178 CMS_CUS_PCN_PLSET_CHECK Plauisbility checks before deletion 
179 CMS_CUS_PCN_PL_CHECK Plauisbility checks before deletion 
180 CMS_CUS_PCN_USTTR_CHECK User status transition table checks 
181 CMS_CUS_SAS_TYP_CHECK OBJ: Asset Type Customizing Checks 
182 CMS_DATE_TO_TIMESTAMP Convert Date to Timestamp 
183 CMS_DB_ACG_CRITERIA_GET Fetch Approved Coverage Gap Details 
184 CMS_DB_ACG_CRITERIA_GET_MLT Fetch Approved Coverage Gap Details 
185 CMS_DB_ACG_CRITERIA_SAVE Save: Approved Coverage Gap Criteria(CMS_ACG_CRITERIA) 
186 CMS_DB_ACG_CRITERIA_UPDATE DB Update: Approved Coverage Gap: Criteria (CMS_ACG_CRITERIA) 
187 CMS_DB_ACG_DETAILS_SAVE Save: Approved Coverage Gap Details(CMS_ACG) 
188 CMS_DB_ACG_DETAILS_UPDATE DB Update: Approved Coverage Gap Details (CMS_ACG) 
189 CMS_DB_ACG_GET Fetch Approved Coverage Gap Details 
190 CMS_DB_ACG_GET_BY_CRITERIA Fetch collateral agreements for a business partner 
191 CMS_DB_ACG_GET_BY_CRITERIA_ML Fetch collateral agreements for a business partner 
192 CMS_DB_ACG_GET_MLT Fetch Approved Coverage Gap Details 
193 CMS_DB_ACG_PROPOSAL_GET Fetch Approved Coverage Gap Details 
194 CMS_DB_ACG_PROPOSAL_GET_MLT Fetch Approved Coverage Gap Details 
195 CMS_DB_ACG_PROPOSAL_SAVE Save: Approved Coverage Gap Proposal(CMS_ACG_PROPOSAL) 
196 CMS_DB_ACG_PROPOSAL_UPDATE DB Update: Approved Coverage Gap: Proposal (CMS_ACG_PROPOSAL) 
197 CMS_DB_ACG_REFRESH Refresh buffers 
198 CMS_DB_ACG_REFRESH_ALL Refesh all buffers 
199 CMS_DB_ACG_SAVE Save the Approved Coverage Gap 
200 CMS_DB_AST_BP_GET_MLT Fetch all Business Partners for an Asset 
201 CMS_DB_AST_BP_GET_SNG Fetch all Business Partners for an Asset 
202 CMS_DB_AST_BP_SAVE_SNG Save Asset-BuPa details (CMS_AST_BP) 
203 CMS_DB_AST_BP_UPDATE DB Update: Asset BuPa Relationship (CMS_AST_BP) 
204 CMS_DB_AST_DETAILS_GET_MLT Fetch the Asset details for the Asset identifiers 
205 CMS_DB_AST_DETAILS_GET_SNG Fetch the Asset details 
207 CMS_DB_AST_DETAILS_UPDATE DB Update: Asset Details (CMS_AST) 
208 CMS_DB_AST_DOC_GET_MLT Fetch all Documents for all the Assets given 
209 CMS_DB_AST_DOC_GET_SNG Fetch all Documents for an Asset 
210 CMS_DB_AST_DOC_SAVE_SNG Save Asset-Document details(CMS_AST_DOC) 
211 CMS_DB_AST_DOC_UPDATE DB Update: Asset-Document Relationship (CMS_AST_DOC) 
212 CMS_DB_AST_FLDS_GET Function Module to retrieve the variable asset field names per asset type 
213 CMS_DB_AST_GET_BY_EXT_OBJID Fetch Asset Technical Key based on External Object ID 
214 CMS_DB_AST_GET_BY_SKY Fetch Asset Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
215 CMS_DB_AST_GET_LIST CAG list for the selection Criteria 
216 CMS_DB_AST_GET_MLT Fetch details for all the given Assets 
217 CMS_DB_AST_GET_SNG Fetch Asset Details 
218 CMS_DB_AST_GET_VAL_HIST Fetch the asset value history data 
219 CMS_DB_AST_REFRESH Refresh Buffers in the Layer for the given Asset 
220 CMS_DB_AST_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Buffers in the Layer 
221 CMS_DB_AST_SAVE_SNG Save Asset 
222 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_DELETE_SNG Deletes an Asset object 
223 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_DETAILS_GET_MLT Fetch the Asset details for the Asset identifiers 
224 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_DETAILS_GET_SNG Fetch the Asset details 
227 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_GETBYOBJID_MLT Get AST_GUID by Object reference - Multiple 
228 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_GET_AST_SUBAST Special Fn to Get both the AST and SUB-AST details together 
229 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_GET_BY_OBJID Fetch Asset Technical Key based on External Object ID - (NOT TO BE USED) 
230 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_GET_LIST CAG list for the selection Criteria 
231 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_GET_MLT Fetch details for all the given Assets 
232 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_GET_SNG Fetch Asset Details 
233 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Buffers in the Layer 
234 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_REFRESH_MLT Refresh Buffers in the Layer for the given Asset 
235 CMS_DB_AST_SRV_SAVE_MLT Saves data - Multiple 
236 CMS_DB_AST_TYP_AST_CHECK DB: Determine if any Asset of the given Asset Type exists 
237 CMS_DB_AST_TYP_GET Fetch the asset type details 
238 CMS_DB_AST_TYP_GET_BY_CAT API: Asset types by Asset Categories 
239 CMS_DB_AST_VAL_HIST_UPDATE Update the history value table 
240 CMS_DB_ATT_GET Gets the customizing details for the Attribute passed 
242 CMS_DB_BDT_GET_FCODE_PL Fetch all plausibilities for FCODE 
243 CMS_DB_BDT_GET_FC_PL_FOR_POBJ Get Plausibility Checks (assigned to FCode) for a Process Object 
244 CMS_DB_BDT_GET_VIEW_PL Fetch all plausibilities for a view 
245 CMS_DB_BDT_VARIANT_GET Function Module to retrieve the BDT Variant attirbutes 
246 CMS_DB_BPF_BPF_SET_GET DB: Business Partner Functions in a Partner Function Set 
247 CMS_DB_BPF_GET DB: Fetch the customizing details for Business Partner Functions 
248 CMS_DB_BPF_GET_BY_CATEGORYID DB: Fetch the customizing details for Business Partner Functions 
249 CMS_DB_CAG_BLKRS_GET Fetch all attributes of an agreement type 
250 CMS_DB_CAG_BP_GET_MLT Fetch Business Partners for the given CAGs 
251 CMS_DB_CAG_BP_GET_SNG Fetch all Business Partners for a CAG 
252 CMS_DB_CAG_BP_SAVE_SNG Save: Collateral Agreement - Business Partners (CMS_CAG_BP) 
253 CMS_DB_CAG_BP_UPDATE DB Update: Collateral Agreement - Business Partners (CMS_CAG_BP) 
254 CMS_DB_CAG_DETAILS_SAVE_SNG Save: Collateral Agreement Details (CMS_CAG) 
255 CMS_DB_CAG_DOC_GET_MLT Fetch documents for the given CAGs 
256 CMS_DB_CAG_DOC_GET_SNG Fetch Documents for a CAG 
257 CMS_DB_CAG_DOC_SAVE_SNG Save: Collateral Agreement - Documents (CMS_CAG_DOC) 
258 CMS_DB_CAG_DOC_UPDATE DB Update: Collateral Agreement - Documents (CMS_CAG_DOC) 
259 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_BY_BP Fetch collateral agreements for a business partner 
260 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_BY_POR Fetch Collateral Agreement by the portion GUID 
261 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_BY_SKY Fetch CAG Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
262 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_LIST CAG list for the selection Criteria 
263 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_LIST_BCM Get a list of CAGs for the cag type and org unit 
264 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_MLT Fetch data for the given CAGs 
265 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_REL_GRP Get Relationship Groups for an agreement type 
266 CMS_DB_CAG_GET_SNG Fetch Details of the CAG to the object layer 
267 CMS_DB_CAG_PORTION_GET_MLT Fetch portions for the given CAGs 
268 CMS_DB_CAG_PORTION_GET_SNG Fetch Portions for a Collateral Agreement 
269 CMS_DB_CAG_PORTION_SAVE_SNG Save: Collateral Agreement Portion (CMS_CAG_POR) 
270 CMS_DB_CAG_PORTION_UPDATE DB Update: Collateral Agreement Portion (CMS_CAG_POR) 
271 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_DELETE_MLT Delete Collateral Agreement-Receivable links 
272 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_GET_BY_POR_MLT Fetch Collateral Agreement-Receivable GUIDS using the Portion GUID 
273 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_GET_BY_RBL Fetch Collateral Agreement-Receivable GUIDS using RBL semantic key 
274 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_GET_BY_RBL_MLT Fetch Collateral Agreement -Receivable GUIDS using RBL semantic keys 
275 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_GET_MLT Fetch multiple Collateral Agreement -Receivable details 
276 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_REFRESH_ALL Refresh buffers 
277 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_REFRESH_SNG Refresh buffers in DB layer 
279 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_TYP_GET Fetch list of compatible collateral agreement types & products 
280 CMS_DB_CAG_RBL_UPDATE DB Update: Agreement - Receivable Link (CMS_CAG_RCVBL) 
281 CMS_DB_CAG_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Buffers in the Layer 
282 CMS_DB_CAG_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Object layer Buffer 
283 CMS_DB_CAG_RULES_GET_BY_BP Fetch rules for the business partners 
284 CMS_DB_CAG_RULES_GET_MLT Fetch Rules for a Collateral Agreement 
285 CMS_DB_CAG_RULES_SAVE_SNG Save Collateral Agreement Rules (CMS_CAG_RULES) 
286 CMS_DB_CAG_RULES_UPDATE DB Update: Collateral Agreement Rules (CMS_CAG_RULES) 
287 CMS_DB_CAG_SAVE_SNG Save Collateral Agreement 
288 CMS_DB_CAG_SA_GET_MLT Fetch Special Arrangement for given CAG & Portions 
289 CMS_DB_CAG_SA_SAVE_MLT Save: Special Arrangements (CMS_CAG_SA) 
290 CMS_DB_CAG_SA_SET_GET Fetch all SA types in a SA Set 
291 CMS_DB_CAG_SA_TYP_GET Fetch customizing details for a Special Arrangement Type 
292 CMS_DB_CAG_SA_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Collateral Agreement types for a Category 
294 CMS_DB_CAG_TRMCST_GET_MLT Fetch Termination and Cost details for Agreement/Agreement BP 
295 CMS_DB_CAG_TRMCST_SAVE_MLT Save: Termination and Cost details for Agreement/Agreement BP 
297 CMS_DB_CAG_TYP_GET Fetch all attributes of an agreement type 
298 CMS_DB_CAG_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Collateral Agreement types for a Category 
299 CMS_DB_CAG_TYP_GET_BY_REL_TYP Get list of agreement types given the Relationship Type 
300 CMS_DB_CAG_UPDATE DB Update: Collateral Agreement Details (CMS_CAG) 
301 CMS_DB_CD_LIQ_CFL_CHDOC_SET Sets the Change document details 
302 CMS_DB_CHG_DELETE_MLT Delete charges 
303 CMS_DB_CHG_GET_BY_AST Fetch Charge guids for asset guid 
304 CMS_DB_CHG_GET_BY_AST_MLT Fetch charge guids for asset guids 
305 CMS_DB_CHG_GET_BY_CAG Fetch charge guids by agreement guids 
306 CMS_DB_CHG_GET_BY_CAG_MLT Fetch charge guids for agreement guids 
307 CMS_DB_CHG_GET_BY_LKY Fetch the charges based on the link keys 
308 CMS_DB_CHG_GET_MLT Fetch Charges by charge guids 
309 CMS_DB_CHG_REFRESH_ALL Refresh Buffers in the Layer 
310 CMS_DB_CHG_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Buffers in the Layer 
311 CMS_DB_CHG_SAVE_MLT Save Charges 
312 CMS_DB_CHG_TYP_GET Fetch list of all compatible Asset types and Collateral Agreement types 
313 CMS_DB_CHG_UPDATE DB Update: Charges (CMS_CHG) 
314 CMS_DB_COR_GRP_GET DB Layer: Get Correspondence group details 
315 CMS_DB_CUS_PRTTY_GET_BY_OBJTY Part Type - Get by Object Type 
316 CMS_DB_DOC_TYP_GET DB: Fetch the customizing details for a Document Type 
317 CMS_DB_DOC_TYP_SET_GET DB: Fetch the Document types belonging to a Document Set 
318 CMS_DB_FOB_DELETE_MLT Delete the financed objects 
319 CMS_DB_FOB_GET_BY_AST Fetch the financed objects for an Asset 
320 CMS_DB_FOB_GET_BY_RBL Fetch the Financed objects for a receivable 
321 CMS_DB_FOB_GET_MLT Fetch the financed objects 
322 CMS_DB_FOB_REFRESH_ALL Refresh a financed object 
323 CMS_DB_FOB_REFRESH_SNG Refresh a financed object 
324 CMS_DB_FOB_SAVE_MLT Save the financed objects 
325 CMS_DB_FOB_TYP_GET Fetch the asset type - product class relationship 
326 CMS_DB_FOB_UPDATE DB Update: Financed objects (CMS_FOB) 
327 CMS_DB_FSTAT_GET Function Module to retrieve the field statuses for a field status variant 
328 CMS_DB_INS_DETAILS_UPDATE Insurance (Updation of DB) 
330 CMS_DB_INS_GET_LIST Get list by portfolio, policy no, auto cancel dt, status 
331 CMS_DB_INS_GET_MLT Insurance (DB layer Get multi) 
332 CMS_DB_INS_PSN_DETAILS_UPDATE Insurance Per Person (Updation of DB) 
333 CMS_DB_INS_PSN_SAVE_MLT Insurance (DB layer Save) 
334 CMS_DB_INS_REFRESH_ALL Insurance Refresh All (DB Layer) 
335 CMS_DB_INS_REFRESH_MLT Insurance (DB refresh) 
336 CMS_DB_INS_SAVE_MLT Insurance (DB layer Save) 
337 CMS_DB_INS_TYP_GET DB : Value type get 
338 CMS_DB_INS_TYP_GET_BY_AST_TYP Get a list of INS_TYP by a list of AST_TYP 
339 CMS_DB_INS_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Get all Insurance Types for a given category 
340 CMS_DB_INS_TYP_SET_GET API: Value in a Value Set 
341 CMS_DB_LIQ_BASIC_GET_MLT Get Basic Liquidation details 
342 CMS_DB_LIQ_BASIC_SAVE Save basic liquidation data 
343 CMS_DB_LIQ_BASIC_UPDATE DB Update: Liquidation details 
344 CMS_DB_LIQ_CFLOW_GET_MLT Fetch Cash flow for given liquidation measures 
345 CMS_DB_LIQ_CFLOW_SAVE Save liquidation cash flow data 
346 CMS_DB_LIQ_CFLOW_TYP_GET Get cashflow type details 
347 CMS_DB_LIQ_CFLOW_UPDATE DB update: Liquidation cash flow details 
348 CMS_DB_LIQ_CFL_GET_MLT Liq. Cashflows Get Multi (Temp Sol. for Rel 3.0) 
349 CMS_DB_LIQ_GET_BY_OBJ_LKY_MLT Get list of measures by object link key 
350 CMS_DB_LIQ_GET_MLT Fetch Data for given liquidation measures 
351 CMS_DB_LIQ_PROC_GET_MLT Get details for liquidation measures" "E 
353 CMS_DB_LIQ_PROC_UPDATE Update Liquidation Process details 
354 CMS_DB_LIQ_REFRESH refresh buffer 
355 CMS_DB_LIQ_REFRESH_ALL Refresh all buffers 
356 CMS_DB_LIQ_SAVE_MLT Save Liquidation Details 
357 CMS_DB_LIQ_TYP_GET Get Liquidation type details 
358 CMS_DB_LR_DE_GET_REG_TYP Get the customizing details - Database layer 
359 CMS_DB_LR_DE_GET_SEC2_CHG_TYP Get the customizing details - object layer 
360 CMS_DB_LR_DE_GET_SEC3_CHG_TYP Get the customizing details - object layer 
361 CMS_DB_MOVTYP_GET Movable type 
362 CMS_DB_MOVTYP_GET_BY_ASTTYP Get a list of MOV_TYP by a list of AST_TYP 
363 CMS_DB_MOV_DELETE_SNG Delete an movable object 
364 CMS_DB_MOV_DETAILS_UPDATE Movables (Updation of DB) 
365 CMS_DB_MOV_GET_BY_SKY Get guid by sky 
366 CMS_DB_MOV_GET_LIST Moveables - object list for the selection Criteria 
367 CMS_DB_MOV_GET_MLT Movables (DB layer Get multi) 
368 CMS_DB_MOV_REFRESH_ALL Movables Refresh All (DB layer) 
369 CMS_DB_MOV_REFRESH_MLT Movables (DB refresh) 
370 CMS_DB_MOV_SAVE_MLT Movables (DB layer Save) 
371 CMS_DB_MOV_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Get all Movable Types for a given category 
372 CMS_DB_MY_OBJ_ADD Add to My Objects(Favorites and Recent Objects) - Db Layer 
373 CMS_DB_MY_OBJ_DELETE Delete My Objects - DB Layer 
374 CMS_DB_MY_OBJ_GET Get My Objects (Favorites and Recent Objects) - DB Layer 
375 CMS_DB_OMS_BP_LNK_DETLS_UPDATE Business Partner Service Link (Updation of DB) 
376 CMS_DB_OMS_BP_LNK_GET_BY_BP Business Partner Service: To fetch Objects by BP 
377 CMS_DB_OMS_BP_LNK_GET_MLT Business Partner GET service - DB layer 
378 CMS_DB_OMS_BP_LNK_REFRESH Business Partner Service Link (DB Refresh) 
380 CMS_DB_OMS_BP_LNK_SAVE Business Partner Service Link (DB Save) 
381 CMS_DB_OMS_DOC_LNK_DETLS_UPDAT Document service (Updation of DB) 
382 CMS_DB_OMS_DOC_LNK_GET_MLT Document service (DB layer Get multi) 
383 CMS_DB_OMS_DOC_LNK_REFRESH Document service link (DB refresh) 
384 CMS_DB_OMS_DOC_LNK_REFRESH_ALL Documents refresh all 
385 CMS_DB_OMS_DOC_LNK_SAVE Document service link (DB layer Save) 
386 CMS_DB_OMS_FLDS_GET Function Module to retrieve the variable asset field names per object type 
387 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_GET_BY_LNK Get Part Link Details by Object Refernce - Multiple 
388 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_LNK_DETAILS_UPD Updates Part Link details to the DB 
389 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_LNK_GET Get Part Link Details by Object Refernce - Multiple 
390 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_LNK_GET_LIST Get Insurance guids by Object Ref System 
391 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_LNK_REFRESH Refreshes DB Layer Data - Multiple 
392 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_LNK_REFRESH_ALL Insurance Link Refresh All 
393 CMS_DB_OMS_INS_LNK_SAVE Saves Data to the DB - Multiple 
394 CMS_DB_OMS_PRT_LNK_DETAILS_UPD Updates Part Link details to the DB 
395 CMS_DB_OMS_PRT_LNK_GET Get Part Link Details by Object Refernce - Multiple 
396 CMS_DB_OMS_PRT_LNK_REFRESH Refreshes DB Layer Data - Multiple 
397 CMS_DB_OMS_PRT_LNK_REFRESH_ALL Refreshes DB Layer Data - All 
398 CMS_DB_OMS_PRT_LNK_SAVE Saves Data to the DB - Multiple 
399 CMS_DB_OMS_VAL_LNK_DETLS_UPDAT Value service (Updation of DB) 
400 CMS_DB_OMS_VAL_LNK_GET_MLT Value service (DB layer Get multi) 
401 CMS_DB_OMS_VAL_LNK_REFRESH Value service link (DB refresh) 
402 CMS_DB_OMS_VAL_LNK_REFRESH_ALL Values refresh all 
403 CMS_DB_OMS_VAL_LNK_SAVE Value service link (DB layer Save) 
404 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_CHECK_EXISTENCE Check Change Request Existence 
405 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_GET Get Change Request 
406 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_GET_ACTIVE Get Active Change Request 
407 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_GET_BY_OBJECTID Get Change Request by Object ID 
408 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_GET_BY_SKY Get Change Request by Semantic Key 
409 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_GET_MLT Get Multiple Change Request 
410 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_REFRESH Refresh Change Request 
411 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_REFRESH_ALL Change Request Refresh Buffer 
412 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_SAVE Save Change Request 
413 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_SET_CHDOC Set Change Documents 
414 CMS_DB_PCN_CR_UPDATE Change Request Update FM 
415 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_ACTVT Fetch all business activity attributes 
416 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_ACT_BY_ACAT Fetch all activities for activity category 
417 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_A_CAT Fetch all activity category attributes 
418 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_A_GRP Fetch activity group attributes 
419 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_CR_ST Fetch Status Transition for a Change Request 
420 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_CR_TYP Fetch Change Request Type 
421 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_CR_TYP_BY_CKY Fetch Change Request Type for a Control Key 
422 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_DEFAULT_ACTVT Get default activity for the chosen criteria 
423 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_PL Fetch all plausibility check attributes 
424 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_PLSET Fetch plausibility set attributes 
425 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_PROC_AREA Fetch process area attributes 
426 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_PROC_CKY Fetch all process control key behaviour attributes 
427 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_PROC_CKY_B Fetch all process control key attributes 
428 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_PROC_OBJ Fetch all process object attributes 
429 CMS_DB_PCN_GET_SYS_STAT_TR Fetch attributes that affect system status transition 
430 CMS_DB_PCN_PCD_DELETE Delete Planned Changes 
431 CMS_DB_PCN_REFRESH Refresh all buffers 
432 CMS_DB_PRD_CLASS_GET Fetch the attributes of the product assigned to the receivable 
433 CMS_DB_PRD_PRD_SET_GET NOT USED Fetch Product ID's belonging to a Product Set 
434 CMS_DB_PRD_PRD_SET_GET_MLT Fetch multiple product set details 
435 CMS_DB_PRD_RBL_CHECK DB: Determine if any RBL of the given Product exists 
436 CMS_DB_PRD_SET_GET_BY_PRDCLAS Fecth all product sets for a product class and product 
437 CMS_DB_RBL_BP_GET_MLT Fetch Business Partners for an Obligation 
438 CMS_DB_RBL_BP_GET_SNG Fetch Business Partners for an Obligation 
439 CMS_DB_RBL_BP_SAVE Save Receivable - BuPa Details (CMS_RBL_BP) 
440 CMS_DB_RBL_BP_UPDATE DB Update: Receivable - BuPa Details (CMS_RCVBL_BP) 
441 CMS_DB_RBL_DETAILS_SAVE Save Receivable Details (CMS_RBL) 
442 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_BY_BP Fetch receivables for a business partner 
443 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_BY_BP_PRDCLASS Fetch the receivables per business partner and product ID 
444 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_BY_SKY Fetch Receivable Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
445 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_BY_SKY_MLT Get rbls from DB by semantic key and put into DB buffer 
446 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_LIST Fetch receivables of selected criteria 
447 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_MLT Fetch details for an Obligation 
448 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_MLT_BY_SKY Fetch Receivable Technical Key based on the Semantic key 
449 CMS_DB_RBL_GET_SNG Fetch details for an Obligation 
450 CMS_DB_RBL_REFRESH_ALL Refresh the buffers 
451 CMS_DB_RBL_REFRESH_SNG Refresh Object Layer buffer 
452 CMS_DB_RBL_SAVE_SNG Save Obligation 
453 CMS_DB_RBL_UPDATE DB Update: Receivable Details (CMS_RCVBL) 
454 CMS_DB_REL_DELETE_MLT Delete Relationships 
455 CMS_DB_REL_GET_BY_DST_MLT Get Relationship guids by Destination guids 
456 CMS_DB_REL_GET_BY_LKY Relationships Get by Link Key 
457 CMS_DB_REL_GET_BY_REL_GRP Get all relations for a table of relationship groups 
458 CMS_DB_REL_GET_BY_SRC_MLT Get Relationship guids by Source guids 
459 CMS_DB_REL_GET_MLT Get Relationship Details by Rel guids 
460 CMS_DB_REL_REFRESH_ALL Refresh all buffers 
461 CMS_DB_REL_SAVE_MLT Save Relationships 
462 CMS_DB_REL_TYP_GET Get the Relationship type attributes 
463 CMS_DB_REL_UPDATE Updated the databse with relationship data 
464 CMS_DB_RIG_DETAILS_UPDATE Rights (Updation of DB) 
465 CMS_DB_RIG_GET_BY_PARENT_REF Gets the additional patents by main patent 
467 CMS_DB_RIG_GET_BY_SKY Get guid by sky 
468 CMS_DB_RIG_GET_LIST Rights - object list for the selection Criteria 
469 CMS_DB_RIG_GET_MLT Rights (DB layer Get multi) 
470 CMS_DB_RIG_REFRESH_ALL Rights Refresh All (DB layer) 
471 CMS_DB_RIG_REFRESH_MLT Rights (DB refresh) 
472 CMS_DB_RIG_SAVE_MLT Rights (DB layer Save) 
473 CMS_DB_RIG_TYP_GET Get Customizing Details - Right Type 
474 CMS_DB_RIG_TYP_GET_BY_AST_TYP Get a list of INS_TYP by a list of AST_TYP 
475 CMS_DB_RIG_TYP_GET_BY_CAT Get all Right Types for a given category 
476 CMS_DB_SAS_TYP_GET Fetch the sub-asset type details 
477 CMS_DB_SAS_TYP_GET_BY_AST_TYP Fetch sub-asset types for an asset type 
478 CMS_DB_SAS_TYP_SAS_CHECK DB: Determine if any Asset of the given Asset Type exists 
479 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_BP_GET Fetching the securities BUPA details from the DB 
480 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_BP_GET_MLT Fetching the securities BUPA details from the DB 
481 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_BP_SAVE Saves securities account BUPA details in the database 
482 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_BP_UPDATE Database updates of securities bupa 
483 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_DOC_GET Fetching the securities Document details from the DB 
484 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_DOC_GET_MLT Fetching the securities Document details from the DB 
485 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_DOC_SAVE Saves securities account BUPA details in the database 
486 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_DOC_UPDATE Database updates for securities account documents 
487 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_POS_GET Fetching the securities positions details from the DB 
488 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_POS_GET_MLT Fetching the securities positions details from the DB 
489 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_POS_SAVE Saves securities account position details in the database 
490 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_POS_UPDATE Perform database updates for positions 
491 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_SAVE Saves securities account details in the database 
492 CMS_DB_SEC_ACC_UPDATE Perform database updates for securities account 
493 CMS_DB_SEC_GET FM for getting the all the details of an account 
494 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_AST_DATA to get the external asset type for securities account 
495 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_BY_BP get the securities account guid with semantic key 
496 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_BY_SKEY get the securities account guid with semantic key 
497 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_LIST Securities account list for the selection Criteria 
498 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_MLT Fetch details for all given securities accounts 
499 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_PKY_BY_SKY Get table of securities account guids for given table of semantic key 
500 CMS_DB_SEC_GET_SAS_FOR_POS to get the external sub asset type for position type