SAP ABAP Function Module - Index 2
Function Module - 2
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 2001_PROJECTDEF_CREATE R Create Project Definition 
2 2001_PROJECTDEF_UPDATE R Change Project Definition 
3 2002_CREATE_INTERNAL_NW_TABLES creates the internal network tables from BAPI import tables 
4 2002_EMPLOYEE_GETINFO R RFC: Detailinformationen zum Person 
5 2002_NETWORK_CREATE R creates a new network 
7 2002_NETWORK_RESOURCE_ACTIVE R Checkbaustein: Resourcenplanung Netzplan aktiv 
8 2002_WORKCENTER_GETINFO R Get Work Centre, Activity Type and Activity Type Prices 
9 2013_GET_FACTORY Create BAPI Factory 
10 2013_INSTANCE_GET Bitte 2013_GET_FACTORY benutzen 
11 2014_GET_FACTORY BAPI Factory (Singleton) Inbound Delivery 
12 2014_INSTANCE_GET Bitte 2014_GET_FACTORY benutzen! 
13 2054_PROJECT_MAINTAIN R Edit project including networks 
14 2054_READ_WBS_STRUCTURE Reading WBS elem. 
15 2054_TRANSLATE_2_UPPERCASE Translate string to upper case 
16 2054_WBS_HIERARCHY_PREPARE Translate external PSP-hierarchy to internal PSP-hier. 
17 2105_GET_FACTORY BAPI Factory (Singleton) Inbound Delivery 
18 2105_GET_INSTANCE Anliefern der Objektreferenz für die BAPI Prozessierung