SAP ABAP Function Module - Index C, page 115
Function Module - C
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 CRM_CLA_I_SELECT_M_DB Multiple entry selection of database table 
2 CRM_CLA_I_SELECT_S_DB Multiple entry selection of database table 
3 CRM_CLA_I_UPDATE_DU Update the database table 
4 CRM_CLA_MANUAL_CSD_PARALLECOPY R Develope Tool: Copy Manual CSD in parallel, Internal Use 
5 CRM_CLA_MAP_DISPUTE_CASE_POST Post Identification of Dispute Case 
6 CRM_CLA_MAP_TO_MODIFY_BDOC Mapping BAPIMTCS -> MBDOC for Creation of Claim Submission Document 
7 CRM_CLA_MAP_TO_RESPONSE_BDOC Write response from ERP to App. Log. of CSD 
8 CRM_CLA_MAP_TO_UPDATE_BDOC Mapping BAPIMTCS -> MBDOC for Creation of Collective Claim 
9 CRM_CLA_MDF_CHK_PARTNERS_EC Check the MDF specific partners 
10 CRM_CLA_MDF_CHK_VS_CAUSAL_EC Check for mandatory causals 
11 CRM_CLA_MDF_CHK_ZERO_AMOUNT_EC check the zero amount (Costs) for MDF Claim and MDF Reservation 
12 CRM_CLA_MDF_VS_DEL_MESSAGE Delete messages of mandatory Causals 
13 CRM_CLA_PARTNER_CHANGEABLE_EC Prüfung, ob Partneränderungen für eine Partnerfunktion erlaubt ist 
14 CRM_CLA_PMNT_BLOCK_MAP_ERP2CRM Map ERP table T008 to CRM table CRM_T008 
15 CRM_CLA_PUSH_STATUS_EC Push header status to item level 
16 CRM_CLA_READ_AVC_PROFILES Read AVC profiles for a claims transaction type 
17 CRM_CLA_RES_CHANGEMULTI R Change Data for multiple reservations 
18 CRM_CLA_RES_CHECK_BEFORE_SAVE Check for error free MDF reservation object 
19 CRM_CLA_RES_CHECK_FUND_EC Check Fund and Fund Plan Relations on Prepayment Request 
20 CRM_CLA_RES_CREATEMULTI R Create multple reservations for Initiative 
21 CRM_CLA_RES_DELETEMULTI R Delete Api for reservation 
22 CRM_CLA_RES_DOC_FLOW_EC Retrieve from Fund the Fund Usage Item (from MProject) and the Fund Plan 
23 CRM_CLA_RES_FM_AVC_PROF_CB Get the reservations AVC profile 
24 CRM_CLA_RES_FUND_DET_EC Fund Determination 
25 CRM_CLA_RES_HDR_AMOUNT_CALC Calculation of header amounts of CSR 
26 CRM_CLA_RES_INIT_EC Initialize CSR 
27 CRM_CLA_RES_READCREATE_MAP Mapping b/w read and create 
28 CRM_CLA_RES_READMULTI R Read multple reservations for Initiative 
29 CRM_CLA_RES_SEARCHMULTI R Search Api for Reservation 
30 CRM_CLA_RES_STATUS_UPDATE_EC Called to check if status change allowed 
31 CRM_CLA_RES_UPDATE_FM Callback to update reservation data in FM 
32 CRM_CLA_RES_UPDATE_FM_EC Callback to update reservation data in FM 
33 CRM_CLA_SET_EXT_PROD_KIND_EC Set Product Kind to External Product 
34 CRM_CLA_SET_UPD_COMPLETE_POST Mark the settlm process of the given CSD/PP & BD as complete 
35 CRM_CLA_STATISTIC_FLAG_EC Adjust the flag 'Statistical Relevance' 
36 CRM_CLA_STORE_ITEM_STATUS_POST Stores the Item status 
37 CRM_CLA_TAXI_I_AFTER_COPY_EC Prevent copying of tax items without tax codes 
38 CRM_CLA_TAXI_I_COPY_AMOUNTS_EC Copies the tax item amounts 
39 CRM_CLA_TAX_BEF_ITEM_DELETE_EC Check before deleting a Tax and Amount Item 
40 CRM_CLA_TAX_CODE_SHLP_EXIT Search Help Exit for Tax Codes 
41 CRM_CLA_TRIGGER_PUSH_STATUS_EC Push header status to item level 
42 CRM_CLA_VS_AFTERSTATUSCHANGE Push header status to item level 
43 CRM_CLA_VS_CHK_BEFORE_SAVE Validation Sheet related actions before claim save 
44 CRM_CLA_VS_DB_GDS_CREATE Create GDS database records 
45 CRM_CLA_VS_DB_GDS_CREATE_CLONE Create GDS database records 
46 CRM_CLA_VS_DB_GDS_DELETE Create GDS database records 
47 CRM_CLA_VS_DB_GDS_UPDATE Create GDS database records 
48 CRM_CLA_VS_PROD_CAT_FROM_SEG Returns Derived Product Categories for Segments 
49 CRM_CLA_VS_REG_SNAPSHOT_DEL_EC Register snapshots for deleting 
50 CRM_CLA_VS_RELATION_UPDATE update database 
51 CRM_CLA_VS_VALSHEET_DEQUEUE dequeue validation sheet 
52 CRM_CLA_VS_VALSHEET_ENQUEUE enqueue validation sheet 
53 CRM_CLA_VS_VALSHEET_UPDATE update database 
54 CRM_CLDR_STATUS_CHECK Überprüft den Status eines Objektes 
55 CRM_CLDR_STATUS_GET Ermittelt alle möglichen Stati zu einer Objektklasse/O.typ 
56 CRM_CLM_ACT_CREATE CRM Marketing: Generieren von Kontakten/Aufgaben 
57 CRM_CLM_APP_PROPERTIES_EDIT Supervisor application properties editor 
58 CRM_CLM_ASSG_READ_CB Read assignment profile - call list generation 
60 CRM_CLM_ASSIGNMENT_CREATE R Call list assignment creation 
61 CRM_CLM_ASSIGNMENT_DELETE R Call list assignment deletion 
62 CRM_CLM_ASSIGNMENT_MODIFY R Call list assignment modification 
63 CRM_CLM_ASSIGNMENT_READ R Call list assignment retrieval 
64 CRM_CLM_ASSIGN_CALLS Assign an agent to a call - call list generation 
65 CRM_CLM_BPSEARCH BP Search in Contracts 
66 CRM_CLM_BT_CREATE Create business transactions for the calls - call list generation 
67 CRM_CLM_BUSINESS_CONTEXT_READ R Business context retrieval 
68 CRM_CLM_CALL_CREATE R Call list call creation 
69 CRM_CLM_CALL_DELETE R Call list call deletion 
70 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_ACTIVATE Call list activation/deactivation 
71 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_CREATE R Call list creation 
72 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_DELETE R Call list deletion 
73 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_INIT Initialize call list editor 
74 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_MODIFY R Call list modification 
75 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_NAME_CHECK Check uniquiness of a call list name 
76 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_READ R Call list retrieval 
77 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_SAVE Save current call list 
78 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_SEARCH R Call list search 
79 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_SYNC_CTI R Synchronizes a call list with it CTI counterpart 
80 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_TYPE_INIT Initialize call list type editor 
81 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_TYPE_SAVE Save call list type changes 
82 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_UPDATE_CONTA Call list Update Contact person 
83 CRM_CLM_CALL_MODIFY R Call list call modification 
84 CRM_CLM_CALL_READ R Call list call retrieval 
85 CRM_CLM_CALL_SEARCH R Call list call search 
86 CRM_CLM_CAMPAIGN_IMPORT R Creates a new campaign in a call centre 
87 CRM_CLM_CAMPAIGN_INIT Folder editor initialization 
88 CRM_CLM_CHECK_FOR_EXISTING Check for existing (calls) - call list generation 
89 CRM_CLM_CONFIGURATION_INIT Initialize configuration editor 
90 CRM_CLM_CONFIGURATION_SAVE Save configuration 
91 CRM_CLM_CREATE_CALLS Create call - call list generation 
92 CRM_CLM_CREATE_CALL_LIST Create call list(s) for regular calls - call list generation 
93 CRM_CLM_CREATE_HTML_MERGE_TAB Creates merge table for HTML viewer from data structure 
94 CRM_CLM_DETERMINE_CUSTOMERS Determine customers - call list generation 
95 CRM_CLM_DISTRIBUTE_CALLS Distribute calls to call lists - call list generation 
96 CRM_CLM_EXCEPTION BP Exception in contracts 
97 CRM_CLM_FOLDER_INIT Folder editor initialization 
98 CRM_CLM_FOLDER_SAVE Save folder 
99 CRM_CLM_GET_CONTACT_PERSONS Provide contact person details for business partners 
100 CRM_CLM_GET_TG_BP_CP Provide contact person details for business partners in target groups 
101 CRM_CLM_GUI_APPLY_ACTION Apply action to one object to several? 
102 CRM_CLM_GUI_CREATE_TASK Create a new task 
103 CRM_CLM_GUI_LOG_REGISTER Register Log Control 
104 CRM_CLM_GUI_SEARCH_QUERY_INIT Initialize search query editor 
105 CRM_CLM_GUI_SEARCH_QUERY_SAVE Save search query changes 
106 CRM_CLM_GUI_SELECT_HANDLER Task handler selection 
107 CRM_CLM_GUI_SELECT_PROPAGATE Action propagation 
108 CRM_CLM_GUI_SELECT_REUSE Confirm reuse of input 
109 CRM_CLM_GUI_TV_OPTIONS Tree viewer options editor 
110 CRM_CLM_HANDLE_PARALLEL_PROC Handle the parallel processing - call list generation 
111 CRM_CLM_HANDLE_WORKPACKAGE R Process a single workpackage - call list generation 
112 CRM_CLM_INTERACTION_INIT Initialize interaction editor 
113 CRM_CLM_INTERACTION_SAVE Save current interaction 
114 CRM_CLM_NS_DISPLAY_SEARCH Search dialog 
115 CRM_CLM_NS_EDIT_DATE Edit date 
116 CRM_CLM_NS_EDIT_STRING Namespace edit string 
117 CRM_CLM_NS_EDIT_TIME Edit time 
118 CRM_CLM_NS_EDIT_TIMESTAMP Edit timestamp 
119 CRM_CLM_NS_SELECT_ATTRIBUTES Attribute selection 
120 CRM_CLM_NS_SELECT_FOLDER Shows a dialog to select a folder 
121 CRM_CLM_NS_SELECT_VALUE Select value from enum 
122 CRM_CLM_OM_OBJECT_INIT Initialize org. management object editor 
123 CRM_CLM_OM_OBJECT_SAVE Save org. management object 
124 CRM_CLM_POM_TX_BEGIN Begin transaction (internal use) 
126 CRM_CLM_SCHEDULE_CALLS Determine the valid contact times - call list generation 
127 CRM_CLM_SCHED_R_CB Read scheduling rule - call list generation 
128 CRM_CLM_SHE_TIMESTAMP Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe 
129 CRM_CLM_SH_DISPATCHER_CLASS Call List Dispatcher implementation class search help exit 
130 CRM_CLM_SH_DISTRIBUTION_CLASS Distribution procedure implementation class search help exit 
131 CRM_CLM_SH_INTERACTION_CENTER Interaction center search help exit 
132 CRM_CLM_SH_RESCHEDULING_CLASS Rescheduling procedure implementation class search help exit 
133 CRM_CLM_SQ_CONDITIONS_CONVERT R Convert search query conditions 
134 CRM_CLM_SQ_EXECUTE R Execute search query 
136 CRM_CLM_SQ_GET_QUERIES R Retrieve search queries associated with an application 
137 CRM_CLM_SQ_PUBLISH_RESULTS R Publish search results 
138 CRM_CLM_SQ_QUERY_EXECUTE Executes a search query 
139 CRM_CLM_TASK_EXECUTE R Handles a task in a parallel workprocess 
140 CRM_CLM_TASK_METHOD_CALL R Method call task 
141 CRM_CLM_TX_ABORT R Abort transaction 
142 CRM_CLM_TX_BEGIN R Begin transaction 
143 CRM_CLM_TX_COMMIT R Commit transaction 
144 CRM_CLM_TX_PREPARE R Prepare transaction commit 
146 CRM_CLM_UI_BP_MAINTAIN Maintain business partner 
147 CRM_CLM_UI_BTX_MAINTAIN Business transaction maintenance invokation 
148 CRM_CLM_UI_RESCHEDULE_CALL Reschedule a call 
149 CRM_CLM_UI_SPLIT_PARTS_GET Call list split number of parts input 
150 CRM_CLM_UI_SYNCHRONIZE Call List Synchronization Dialog 
151 CRM_CLM_UI_WSP_INIT_ACTIVITY Initializes activity workspace 
152 CRM_CLM_UPDATE_CONTACT_PERSONS Update contact persons input form 
153 CRM_CLM_WORKPROCESS_LAUNCH Launches a workprocess 
155 CRM_CL_OM_COMMIT_DOWNL_TO_MSA Commit für Download CRM to MSA 
156 CRM_CL_OM_CRM_EXTRACT Extraktion Org., Sales, Service, Text und Chan_Div fürs CRM 
157 CRM_CL_OM_DELETE_OPERA_IN_TAB Ermittlung der Delete-Fälle 
158 CRM_CL_OM_DISPLAY_SALES Ausgabe Sales-Attribute 
159 CRM_CL_OM_DISPLAY_SALES_BW Ausgabe Sales-Attribute 
160 CRM_CL_OM_DISPLAY_SERVICE Ausgabe Service-Attribute 
161 CRM_CL_OM_DISPLAY_SERVICE_BW Ausgabe Service-Attribute 
162 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_COUNTRY Lösch/Schreib/Update-Baustein Countries 
163 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_DIV Download Division to MSA 
164 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_MARKETING Download of marketing attributes 
165 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_MARK_COUNT Download of marketing attributes 
166 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_MARK_PROD Download of marketing attributes 
167 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_ORGSTRUC Lösch/Schreib/Update-Baustein Orgstruktur 
168 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_RELAT Download Relationen 
169 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_SALES Lösch/Schreib/Update-Baustein Sales 
170 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_SERVICE Lösch/Schreib/Update-Baustein Service 
171 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_TERR Download Territorien 
172 CRM_CL_OM_DOWNLOAD_TEXT CRM Download text to MSA 
174 CRM_CL_OM_ORGSTRUC_CRM_EXT Extraction der Orgstrukturinfos fürs CRM 
175 CRM_CL_OM_ORGSTRUC_CRM_EXTRACT Extraktion Orgstruktur fürs CRM 
176 CRM_CL_OM_SALES_BW_EXTRACT Extraktion Sales-Attribute fürs BW 
177 CRM_CL_OM_SERVICE_BW_EXTRACT Extraktion Service-Attribute fürs BW 
179 CRM_CMDC_F4HELP Serch help for Dispute Case 
180 CRM_CMDC_MAP_DISPUTE_CASE_POST Post Identification of Dispute Case 
181 CRM_CMDC_MAP_TO_MODIFY_BDOC Mapping BAPIMTCS -> MBDOC for Creation of Complaint 
183 CRM_CMDOC_DOWNLOAD_R3A Mapping der BAPIMTCS in das BUAG_MAIN-Messaging BDoc 
184 CRM_CMG_ACE_GET_PARTNER Determination of Partner from Case Partner List 
185 CRM_CMG_ACE_USER_ORGUNIT_GET Get the Org Unit of a User 
186 CRM_CMG_ADDNOTES R Create Automatic Case Note 
187 CRM_CMG_ADD_DOCUMENT R Dokument in Fallakte kopieren oder verlinken 
188 CRM_CMG_ARCHIV_GET_CONNECTION Archive Link Dokumente lesen 
189 CRM_CMG_BUILD_NOTES_HTML HTML-Tabelle für Historie der Fallnotizen aufbauen 
190 CRM_CMG_CALL_BWQ Delta-Extraktion eines Case zur Fortschreibung ins BW 
191 CRM_CMG_CALL_BWQ_ATTR Aufruf der Delta Queue für CRM Case Attribute 
192 CRM_CMG_CALL_BWQ_ATTR_UPDTASK Aufuf der BW Delta Queue im Update Task 
193 CRM_CMG_CALL_BWQ_LINKS Aufruf der Delta Queue für Case Link Extraktion 
194 CRM_CMG_CALL_BWQ_LINKS_UPDTASK Aufuf der BW Delta Queue im Update Task 
195 CRM_CMG_CASE_TYPE_SH Suchhilfe-Exit für die zugeordneten Objekte statischer Relationen 
196 CRM_CMG_CHANGE_ATTR_IN_REC Case Management: Ändern eines Attributs in der Akte eines Falls 
197 CRM_CMG_CHECK_APPT_EXIST_ALL Check if doc has all datetypes defined in date profile. create the missing 
198 CRM_CMG_CHECK_MODEL_NODE Prüfe Modellknoten, ob ein Objekt noch nicht als Instanz dort hängt 
199 CRM_CMG_CHECK_PRODUCT_ALTID Produkt prüfen bzgl. alternative IDs und Texte 
201 CRM_CMG_DD_VALUES CRM Case Management: DropDown-Listen füllen 
202 CRM_CMG_DEL_OBJECTS_MEMORY Funktionsbaustein zum Merken gelöschter Objekte in einem Fall 
203 CRM_CMG_F4_EXIT_CAT_ID Case category help exit 
204 CRM_CMG_F4_EXIT_TIMESTAMP Timestamp help exits 
205 CRM_CMG_GET_BARCODES offene Barcodes zu einem Fall ermitteln 
206 CRM_CMG_GET_BLUEPRINT_SCRVAR Get screen variants attached to Case application 
207 CRM_CMG_GET_BOR_EXT_KEY Get external key of a case business object 
208 CRM_CMG_GET_CASES_FOR_BOR_OBJ Case Man.: Ermittle alle Cases, in deren Akte ein best. BOR-Objekt hängt 
209 CRM_CMG_GET_CASE_ATTRIBUTES Case Management: Ermittle Fall-Attribute 
210 CRM_CMG_GET_CASE_VICINITY Case Management: Ermittle Nachbarschaft (Über- und Unterfälle) eines Falls 
211 CRM_CMG_GET_CLASS Get customizing for case classification 
212 CRM_CMG_GET_COPY_CUST Get customizing for case copy 
213 CRM_CMG_GET_CUSTOMER_SCRVAR Case get screen variant linked to category of case 
214 CRM_CMG_GET_DOCUMENT_HIERARCHY Case Management: Dokumente aus CM auslesen 
215 CRM_CMG_GET_ELEMENT_BY_ANCHOR Case Management: Hole Element zu vorgeg. Anker aus der Akte eines Falls 
216 CRM_CMG_GET_MODEL_HIERARCHY Case Management: Ermittle Hierarchie des Aktenmodells 
217 CRM_CMG_GET_NUMBER_OF_BUS_OBJ Case Management: Ermittle Nachbarschaft (Über- und Unterfälle) eines Falls 
218 CRM_CMG_GET_OBJECT_FOR_REC Case Management: Objekt zu Akte hinzufügen 
219 CRM_CMG_GET_PARTNER_PROFILE Partnerschema zur Fallart lesen 
220 CRM_CMG_GET_PPF_APPL Applikationsname für PPF-Anschluß ermitteln 
221 CRM_CMG_GET_RECORD_HIERARCHY Case Management: Ermittle Hierarchie innerhalb der Akte 
222 CRM_CMG_GET_RELATION_DATA Case Management: Ermittle Daten (Anker, BOR-Typ, SPS ID) einer Relation 
223 CRM_CMG_GET_SPSID_FOR_RELATION Ermittelt die SPS_ID zu einer Relation 
224 CRM_CMG_GET_SUPER_CASE_COPY Liefert den Vaterfall der Fallkopie 
225 CRM_CMG_GET_USER_FOR_BUPA Benutzer zum Geschäftspartner ermitteln 
226 CRM_CMG_INSERT_CASE_INTO_REC Case Management: Einfügen eines Falls in die Akte eines anderen Falls 
227 CRM_CMG_INSERT_OBJECT_INTO_REC Einfügen eines Objektes in die Akte via Model-ID 
228 CRM_CMG_IS_BTRANS_RECURRENTE Check if doc has all datetypes defined in date profile. create the missing 
229 CRM_CMG_MAINT_APPT_INPPF Update appointment 
230 CRM_CMG_NOTE_FORMAT Formats a T100 Message with Wildcards 
231 CRM_CMG_OTF_GET_DATA Utility FM to Get Data from SmartForm 
232 CRM_CMG_PART_TYPE_FROM_PROFILE Partnerfunktion eines Funktionstyp im Schema 
233 CRM_CMG_PPF_GET_PPF_APPL_2 CRM Case Management: Get PPF Application 
234 CRM_CMG_READ_PARTNER_PROFILE Leasen der Einstellungen zum Partnerschema 
235 CRM_CMG_READ_PART_FCT_DESCRIPT Bezeichnung zur Partnerfunktion lesen 
236 CRM_CMG_READ_RECORD_PROTOCOL Lesen des Aktenprotokolls 
237 CRM_CMG_REMOVE_CASE_FROM_REC Case Management: Entfernen eines Falls aus der Akte eines anderen Falls 
238 CRM_CMG_SAVE_CASE Save Case 
239 CRM_CMG_SET_COMPLETION_DATE Set the completion date for a rep task 
240 CRM_CMG_STOP_RECURRENCE Set the completion date for a rep task 
241 CRM_CMG_XI_CLEAR_BUPA_ADDRESS Clear business partner address in buffer 
242 CRM_CMG_XI_EXPORT XI export 
243 CRM_CMG_XI_EXPORT_RFC R XI export part that must be executed in Update Task 
244 CRM_CMG_XI_EXPORT_UPD XI export part that must be executed in Update Task 
245 CRM_CMG_XI_GET_BUPA_ADDRESS Get business partner address from buffer 
246 CRM_CMG_XI_LOG_CALLBACK_READ Callback function module for log displayed 
247 CRM_CMG_XI_MSG_CALLBACK_READ Callback function module for message detail displayed 
248 CRM_CMG_XI_STORE_BUPA_ADDRESS Store business partner address into buffer 
249 CRM_CMPL_DEACT_HDR_TABSTR Deaktivierung Kopf-Tabstrips COMP 
250 CRM_CMPL_DEACT_ITM_TABSTR Deaktivierung Item-Tabstrips COMP 
251 CRM_CMP_INBOUND R CRM campaign inbound 
252 CRM_CMS_ATTCH_IN_FROM_XI Inbound attachment from DocB 
253 CRM_CMS_CLEAR_BUFFER clear the buffer 
254 CRM_CMS_CONDITIONS_VIEW View On Conditions at Header 
255 CRM_CMS_CONTRACT_ITEM_DATE_EC Item Release Event Handler FM 
256 CRM_CMS_CONTRACT_ITEM_IPINV_EC Item Release Event Handler FM 
257 CRM_CMS_DEL_10_XI_ATTCH This FM is used to delete existing similar attachments 
258 CRM_CMS_NM_ACTIONS_CREATE Creation of Actions through Method Call 
259 CRM_CMS_NM_ACTIONS_GENERATE Actions Generation - From CMS Usage Services 
260 CRM_CMS_NM_ACTIONS_READ_MODE Transmission Log: Full or Delta for partners 
261 CRM_CMS_NM_ACTIONS_TLOG_SAVE Notification Manager - Save Transmission Log 
262 CRM_CMS_NM_CB_CREATE Subscription Create-Notification Manager 
263 CRM_CMS_NM_CB_READ Subscription Read-Notification Manager 
264 CRM_CMS_NM_CB_SAVE Module to save value into database table 
265 CRM_CMS_NM_CB_SAVE_DELETE Module to save value into database table 
266 CRM_CMS_NM_MD_CB_CREATE Subscription Create-Notification Manager 
267 CRM_CMS_NM_MD_CB_READ Subscription Read-Notification Manager 
268 CRM_CMS_NM_MD_CB_SAVE Module to save value into database table 
269 CRM_CMS_NM_MD_CB_SAVE_DELETE Module to save value into database table 
270 CRM_CMS_NM_OD_BP_COMM Gets the BP's Communication Details. 
271 CRM_CMS_NM_OD_PROCESS Notification Manager - On-Demand 
272 CRM_CMS_NM_OD_REPEAT_PROCESS Notification manager-Smartform repeat process through Action 
273 CRM_CMS_NM_OD_SEARCH Notification Manager - On-Demand Search for Contracts. 
274 CRM_CMS_NM_OD_SMARTFORM Notification Manager - On-Demand 
275 CRM_CMS_PARTNER_EXCPTN_SAVE_DU Save the Inclusion/Exclusion entries into DB 
278 CRM_CMS_TL_CONTEXT_SEARCH Action Profile Search 
279 CRM_CMS_TL_PROCESS Execute the various options chosen from the screen. 
280 CRM_CMS_TL_RESULT Display the search result. 
281 CRM_CMS_TL_SEARCH Get Transmission log data based on selection inputs 
282 CRM_CM_ATTR_CMKEY_TO_OBJKEY Coversion of CM Key to Document Key and Document Type 
283 CRM_CM_BEABILLDLVCRMB_LISTENER MW-Adapter for Credit Management Upload 
284 CRM_CM_BUSTRANSMSG_LISTENER Middlewareanbindung: Adapter für Billing Engine 
285 CRM_CM_DOC_OT_CB Zuordnung Dokumentart zu Objektart lesen 
286 CRM_CM_EXTRACT_FILL Extraktbaustein für Kreditdaten von CRM Vorgängen 
287 CRM_CM_EXTRACT_GUIDS Extraktbaustein für Kreditdaten aus Billing Engine Fakturen 
288 CRM_CM_UPLOAD_R3A Mapping der BDocs in BAPIMTCS 
289 CRM_CNDCHG_STATUS_EC Set shipment/billing blocks for condition change approval 
290 CRM_CNDHIST_FORM_WHERE_CLAUSE Form where clause 
291 CRM_CNDHIST_HISTAB_USG_SEL Read condition history table name based on usage 
292 CRM_CNDHIST_READ_CUSTOMIZING Read customizing setting for condition history 
293 CRM_CNDHIST_READ_HISTORY Read condition history 
294 CRM_CNDHIST_READ_HIST_LEVEL Read history level 
295 CRM_CND_FIELD_VALUES_FILL_MULT R Fill Condition Field Values 
296 CRM_CND_FILL_BUFFER_RFC R Put buffer to DB layer 
297 CRM_CND_FILL_PD_ITEM_COM_M_RFC R Fill fields of Pricing Items com. structure 
298 CRM_CND_FILL_PD_ITEM_COM_RFC R Fill fields of Pricing Item com. structure 
299 CRM_CND_FILL_REMOTE_BUFFER Fill DB buffer of remote session 
300 CRM_CND_FLD_CAT_INIT_EC Condition Filling: Initialisation of Buffer 
301 CRM_CND_ORD_FLD_VALUES_READ R Read Order Object Field Values 
302 CRM_CND_PRCALL_FRA_FINVIEW_EC Call Pricing after Finview changes for FRA callbacks 
303 CRM_CND_PRCALL_OTAX_SOR_EC Call Pricing after "Sum of Rentals" indicator changes for OTAX callbacks 
304 CRM_CND_PRICING_COMPLETE_EC Gruppenverarbeitung beim Sichern anstoßen 
305 CRM_CND_PRIDOC_INIT_EC Initialisieren des Preisfindungsbelegs 
306 CRM_CND_PRIDOC_SAVE_EC Save Pricing Documents 
307 CRM_CND_PROCESSING_INIT_EC Initialisieren des Preisfindungsbelegs 
308 CRM_CND_PROCESSING_PR_EC Pricing Processing EC 
309 CRM_CND_PROC_CLR_PR_RUN_BUF_EC Clear Pricing Run Buffers 
310 CRM_CND_PROC_PR_TRIGGER_EC Trigger Pricing through active switch 
311 CRM_CND_PROC_REG_PR_BRE_EC Register Billing Request Extension lines for new Pricing 
312 CRM_CND_PROC_REG_PR_ORD_BRI_EC Register new Order Billing Request Items for Pricing 
313 CRM_CND_PROC_REG_PR_ORD_EC Determine, register and process Order Pricing Procedure 
314 CRM_CND_PROC_REG_PR_ORD_ITM_EC Register new Order Items for Pricing 
315 CRM_CND_PROC_REG_PR_PSV_EC Register Payment Schedule (Items) for new Pricing 
316 CRM_CND_PR_DELETE_EC Löschen von Preisfindungsposition/-beleg 
317 CRM_CND_PR_DELETE_ITEMS_EC Deletion of Pricing Item/Document 
318 CRM_CND_PR_REG_APPOINTM_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant APPOINTMENT changes 
319 CRM_CND_PR_REG_BILLING_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant BILLING changes 
320 CRM_CND_PR_REG_BILLPLAN_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant BILLPLAN changes 
321 CRM_CND_PR_REG_CLA_ITEM_DEL_EC Trigger pricing when items are deleted from the item hierarchy 
322 CRM_CND_PR_REG_ORDERADMI_CH_EC Register object on Pricing relevant ORDERADM_I changes 
323 CRM_CND_PR_REG_ORGMAN_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant ORGMAN changes 
324 CRM_CND_PR_REG_PAYMSCHED_CH_EC Register object on Pricing relevant Payment Schedule changes 
325 CRM_CND_PR_REG_PRICING_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant PRICING changes 
326 CRM_CND_PR_REG_PRIDOC_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant SCHEDLIN_I changes 
327 CRM_CND_PR_REG_PRODUCT_I_CH_EC Register object on Pricing relevant PRODUCT_I changes 
328 CRM_CND_PR_REG_SCHEDL_I_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant SCHEDLIN_I changes 
329 CRM_CND_PR_REG_STATUS_CHN_EC Register object on Pricing relevant STATUS changes 
330 CRM_CND_PR_REG_TAX_CHN_EC Register object on pricing relevant tax attribute changes 
331 CRM_CND_PR_REG_VARKEYS_CH_EC Register object on Pricing relevant PRODUCT_I changes 
332 CRM_CND_PR_UPD_FRA_APPT_EC Update Pricing after appointment changes during FRA 
333 CRM_CND_REG_FOR_PROC_PR_BRE_EC Register Billing Request Extension Pricing for Processing 
334 CRM_CND_REG_FOR_PROC_PR_ORD_EC Register Order Pricing for Processing 
335 CRM_CND_REG_FOR_PROC_PR_PSV_EC Register Payment Schedule View Pricing for Processing 
336 CRM_CND_REG_REL_PROC_PR_BRE_EC Register Billing Request Extension Pricing for Processing 
337 CRM_CND_REG_REL_PROC_PR_PSV_EC Register Payment Schedule Extension Pricing for Processing 
338 CRM_CND_SH_EXIT_LOGICAL_KEY Suchhilfe Exit zu Feldnamen zu Objekten 
339 CRM_CND_SH_EXIT_OBJ_FIELD_NAME Search Help for Object Field 
340 CRM_CND_SH_EXIT_T681FF Serch Help for Condition Field 
341 CRM_CNTR_DELTA_MOBILE_MBDOC Flow service for mapping CRM to DOE 
342 CRM_CNTR_MOBILE_DELTA Smartphone : Counter Delta 
343 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000101_CRM_A_FC check general Positionytyp 
344 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000115_CRM_A_FC Check Belegschema für Vorgangsart 
345 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000115_CRM_B_FC CheckKalkulationsschema für Vorgangsart 
346 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000115_OLTP_A_FC Check Vorgangsart in OLTP 
347 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000115_OLTP_B_FC Check Positionstypengruppe in OLTP 
348 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000115_OLTP_C_FC CheckKalkulationsschema für Salesorg in R3 
349 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000131_CRM_A_FC check Salestyp CRM 
350 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000131_OLTP_A_FC check Salespositionstyp in OLTP 
351 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000131_OLTP_B_FC check Zuordnung Positionstypengruppe in OLTP 
352 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000131_OLTP_C_FC check Positionsverwendung in OLTP 
353 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000140_CRM_A_FC check Positionytyp für Serviceposition in CRM 
354 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000140_CRM_B_FC check Lageort in CRM 
355 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000140_OLTP_A_FC check Positionytyp für Serviceposition in OLTP: Leistungsart 
356 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000143_CRM_A_FC check Lageort in CRM 
357 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000143_OLTP_B_FC check Serviceconf in OLTP: Leistungsart 
358 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000146_CRM_A_FC check wekr/Lageort in CRM für Materialrückmeldung 
359 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000146_OLTP_A_FC check wekr/Lageort in OLTP für Materialrückmeldung 
360 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000158_OLTP_A_FC check Kostenart bei Ausgabeposition in Rückmeldung 
361 CRM_CODEX_BUS2000159_OLTP_A_FC check Kostenart bei Ausgabeposition in Serviceauftrag 
362 CRM_CODEX_BUS20001_CRM_A_FC Check general Vorgangsart 
363 CRM_CODEX_BUS20001_OLTP_A_FC Check general Vorgangsart 
365 CRM_CODEX_CHECK_ITEM Checks of Item Customizing 
366 CRM_CODEX_CHECK_MASTER_FC Template for checks 
367 CRM_CODEX_CHECK_PRODUCT Check product settings 
369 CRM_CODEX_DISPLAY_TREE check order type 
370 CRM_CODEX_DO_SCENARIO_CHECK check order type 
371 CRM_CODEX_GET_OLTP_TABLE read oltp data 
372 CRM_CODEX_GET_TABLE_VIA_RFC R Generisches Lesen von Tabelleneinträgen via RFC für CODEX-Report im CRM 
373 CRM_CODEX_MESSAGE_COLLECT check order type 
374 CRM_CODEX_PREPARE_TREE check order type 
375 CRM_CODE_SHLP_EXIT Suchhilfe-Exit für Sachverhaltsset im Bedingungseditor für Aktionen 
376 CRM_COMM_DATE_BUILD_BUFFER add schedlins into global table 
377 CRM_COMM_DATE_BUILD_BUFFER_EC EC-FM: create the commitment date 
378 CRM_COMM_DATE_CALCULATION calculation of the commitment date 
379 CRM_COMM_DATE_CHECK_DATE check commitment date and confirmed date 
380 CRM_COMM_DATE_GET_CALC_TYPE get the calculation type 
381 CRM_COMM_DATE_GET_END_DATE Get end date 
382 CRM_COMM_DATE_INIT Initialize 
383 CRM_COMM_DATE_SCHEDLIN_DEL delete the commitment schedule line 
384 CRM_COMM_DATE_SCHEDLIN_UPD Update the commitment schedule line 
385 CRM_COMM_DATE_SCHEDLIN_UPD_EC update the commitment line 
386 CRM_COMM_GROUP_TEXT_IL Text für Provisionsgruppe 
387 CRM_COMM_PR_SRV_HIST_GET Read History 
388 CRM_COMPLAINT_1020_UI call pop-up screen 
389 CRM_COMPLAINT_API_CREATE Generate Complaint 
390 CRM_COMPLAINT_API_READ Lesen Reklamation 
391 CRM_COMPLAINT_FCODE fcode FM for complaints 
392 CRM_COMPLAINT_FOLLOW_UP_CHECK Überprüfen des Folgebelegs 
393 CRM_COMPLAINT_FOLLOW_UP_EXTERN Überprüfen des Folgebelegs 
394 CRM_COMPLAINT_MOBILE_CHANGE R CRM Mobile:Change for complaint management 
395 CRM_COMPLAINT_MOBILE_CUST_READ R CRM Mobile: Fetch Customization Details 
396 CRM_COMPLAINT_MOBILE_DELTA Function module for delta download 
397 CRM_COMPLAINT_MOBILE_GETDETAIL R CRM Mobile:Getdetail for complaint management 
398 CRM_COMPLAINT_MOBILE_GETLIST R CRM Mobile:Getlist for complaint management 
399 CRM_COMPLAINT_MOBILE_SEARCH R CRM Mobile:Search for complaint management 
400 CRM_COMPLETE_BAPICRMDH2 Vervollständigung der BAPICRMDH2 Feldinhalte 
401 CRM_COMPL_1020_UI call pop-up screen 1020 
402 CRM_COMPL_ADD_APPT_INTERVAL Anwendung einer Terminregel (PERI0003) auf Terminart PERI_CHECK 
403 CRM_COMPL_ADD_QUANT_TO_BUFFER Einteilungen in den Buffer schreiben 
404 CRM_COMPL_AFTCHNG_HEADER_EC Check for MSH ID field to be filled 
405 CRM_COMPL_APPLOG_NAV_SSC Verarbeitung der Application Log Navigation 
406 CRM_COMPL_ARC_MAPDCID_GET_BUFF Get the DC Mapping Information from the buffer 
407 CRM_COMPL_ARC_MAPDCID_PUT_BUFF Puts the DC Mapping Information into the buffer 
408 CRM_COMPL_ARM_BEFORE_CHANGE Check return item is changeable 
409 CRM_COMPL_ARM_BEFORE_CHANGE_EC Check return item is changeable 
410 CRM_COMPL_ARM_BEFORE_DELETE_EC Check return item can be deleted 
411 CRM_COMPL_ARM_CHANGE_SET_EC ARM Texts: Callback for Set Copy 
412 CRM_COMPL_ARM_CHECK_EC Return Request Extension: Callback for System Checks 
413 CRM_COMPL_ARM_CODE_CHANGE_EC Complaint ARM Integration: Callback for Code Change 
414 CRM_COMPL_ARM_DEF_CHANGE_EC Complaint ARM Integration: Callback for Default Change 
415 CRM_COMPL_ARM_ERP_UPLOAD_PROXY R Upload ERP SD for CRM Advanced Returns 
416 CRM_COMPL_ARM_FU_CATALOG_EXIT Search Help for Transaction Type in IC 
417 CRM_COMPL_ARM_INSP_STATUS_EC Complaint ARM Integration: Callback for Inspection Status 
418 CRM_COMPL_ARM_ITEM_TYPE_EXIT Search Help for Transaction Type in IC 
419 CRM_COMPL_ARM_ITM_CHANGE_EC Return Request Extension: Callback for Item Change 
420 CRM_COMPL_ARM_MAP_RESPONSE Mapping BAPIMTCS -> MBDOC für Rückmeldung aus ERP Return Order 
421 CRM_COMPL_ARM_MW_TRACE Write Middleware Trace 
422 CRM_COMPL_ARM_PART_CHANGE_EC Return Request Extension: Callback for Partner Change 
423 CRM_COMPL_ARM_PRICING_EC 1:1 Kopie von ARM Texten, Callback-Baustein 
424 CRM_COMPL_ARM_REF_INIT_EC Initialisierung der Puffer 
425 CRM_COMPL_ARM_SEND_RESPONSE Response from Upload ERP SD for ARM 
426 CRM_COMPL_ARM_TEXT_COPY_EC 1:1 Kopie von ARM Texten, Callback-Baustein 
429 CRM_COMPL_BEA_B_SORD_SHLP_EXIT Suchhilfe-Exit Lieferung 
430 CRM_COMPL_BEA_GET_LAST_BILLCOR Determine Last Invoice (Correction) 
431 CRM_COMPL_BEA_HEADER_CHECK Checks Whether a Complaint Can Be Made Against an Invoice 
432 CRM_COMPL_BEA_HEADNO_SHLP List of Values for Billing Document 
434 CRM_COMPL_BEA_ITEM_CHECK Checks Whether a Complaint Can Be Made Against an Invoice Item 
435 CRM_COMPL_BEA_ITEM_COPY_CHECK Copy Check of External Reference Document 
436 CRM_COMPL_BEA_READ Read Invoice Data (Billing Engine) 
437 CRM_COMPL_BEA_READ_V_SRCDOC Read Invoice Data (Billing Engine) via Source Document 
438 CRM_COMPL_BEFCHANGE_ITMTYPE_EC Callback for Complaint Item: Item Category Cannot Be Changed 
439 CRM_COMPL_BEFCHANGE_PROD_EC Callback for Complaint Items: Product Can No Longer Be Changed 
440 CRM_COMPL_BEFCHANGE_QTYUNIT_EC Callback for Complaint Items: Unit of Measure Can No Longer Be Changed 
441 CRM_COMPL_BEFCHANGE_QTY_EC Callback for Complaint Items: Quantity Can No Longer Be Changed 
442 CRM_COMPL_BEFCHANGE_RAI_EC Callback for Complaint Items: Product Can No Longer Be Changed 
443 CRM_COMPL_BEFOREDELETE_ITEM_EC Callback for Complaint Items: Can Item Be Deleted? 
444 CRM_COMPL_BEFORE_COMPLETED_EC Check Whether All Tasks Are Completed 
445 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_CHECK Rechn.Hist.Prüf.: Prüft alle selber RechnRef. (Buffer/Db) 
446 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_CHECK_EC Rechn.Hist.Prüf.: Prüft Compl-Anlage möglich ( Bearbeit.) 
447 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_CHECK_INT Invoicing Hist. Check: Checks All Compl. Items w/Same Inv. Ref.(Buffer/DB) 
448 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_CHECK_ITEM Invoicing History Check: Checks a Compl. Item (Status,...) w/Same Invoice 
449 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_CHECK_MSG Inv. Hist. Ck: Main Funct.Mod. Checks Compl. Creation,Writes Msg in AppLog 
450 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_DEQUEUE Check Inv. Hist.: unlock current billing document 
451 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_ENQUEUE Check Inv. Hist.: lock current billing document 
452 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_GET_BUF Rechn.Hist.Prüf.: Liest in Puffer alle selber RechnRef. 
453 CRM_COMPL_BILLHIST_GET_DB Invoicing Hist. Check: Reads All Compl. Items in DB w/Same Invoice Ref. 
454 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_CHANGE_ALLOW check if change is allowed 
455 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_EC Gebrauchtteilretoure: Prüfungen und Partnerbest. 
456 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_EXTDOC Copy Check External Reference Document 
457 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_EXTPROD_EC External product checks for complaints 
458 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_INTERVAL Prüfen der Returenposition (Zeitintervall) 
459 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_MKTPL_TGRP_EC Check Whether BP Is Included in a Target Group of the Marketing Campaign 
460 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_MKTPRJ_EC Callback for Checking Serial Numbers 
461 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_PROD_REF_EC Prüft Reklamationsprodukt gegen Referenzbelegprodukt (z.B. Rechnung) 
462 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_PSL_TGROUP_EC Check ob BP in eine Target Group des PSL enthalten 
463 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_QTY_CHANGE check if qty change is allowed 
464 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_REFERRENCE_EC Check Whether Reference Is Allowed 
465 CRM_COMPL_CHECK_UPGRADE_PROD Check ob zum Produkt in Position ein Upgrade Produkt erlaubt ist 
466 CRM_COMPL_COMPLETE R Status "completed" setzen in Reklamation (Kopf oder Position) 
467 CRM_COMPL_CONF_I_AFTER_COPY_EC Prüfe, ob Kopieren der Position für RM erlaubt 
468 CRM_COMPL_COPY_MAND_REF_EC Kopieren spezieller Belegflußsätze 
469 CRM_COMPL_DELIVERY_BEA_READ Use a Delivery to Determine Billing Documents 
470 CRM_COMPL_DELIVERY_LISTR3_READ Read a List of Deliveries w/o Mapping R/3 <-> CRM (Call R/3 Funct. Module) 
471 CRM_COMPL_DELIVERY_LIST_READ Read a List of Deliveries (R/3) with Mapping Data R/3 <-> CRM 
472 CRM_COMPL_DELIVERY_READ Read Data of a Delivery (R/3) - Data Is Buffered 
473 CRM_COMPL_DEL_PERI Kundenintervall für Rücklieferungen löschen 
474 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_BEA_DLV_READ Read Billing Items for CRM Transaction Item 
475 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_BEA_ORD_READ Read CRM Transaction Item for Billing Item 
476 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_COPY Copy Special Document Flow Records for Complaints (Item) 
477 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_DLV_BEA_READ Read Billing Item for Delivery Item 
478 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_DLV_INS_CHEC Check Inspection of Delivery Item 
479 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_DLV_ORD_READ Read CRM Transaction Item for Delivery Item 
480 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_ORD_BEA_READ Read Billing Item for CRM Transaction Item 
481 CRM_COMPL_DOCFLOW_PROD_CHECK Check for Complaint Whether Product Can Be Changed 
482 CRM_COMPL_ERPBILLING_BY_ID ERP Billing Data by Billing ID 
483 CRM_COMPL_ERPBILLING_SHLP_EXIT Search help exit for ERP billing 
484 CRM_COMPL_EXCHANGEGRP_HELP Suchhilfe-Exit für Kategorien 
485 CRM_COMPL_EXTERNAL_DOC_SET set external document No. 
486 CRM_COMPL_EXTHU_CHECK_EC Callback for Checking Serial Numbers 
487 CRM_COMPL_EXT_FILTER_SET Filter für Badi crm_copy_badi_extern setzen für EDI Kanal 
488 CRM_COMPL_F4_EXTERN_DOC_DET search help program for extern doc 
489 CRM_COMPL_F4_FOR_EXTERN_DOC search help program for extern doc 
490 CRM_COMPL_FCODE fcode FM for complaints 
491 CRM_COMPL_FDT_EXEC_EC Executes the BRF+ processing 
492 CRM_COMPL_FOLLOW_UP_CHECK Überprüfen des Folgebelegs 
494 CRM_COMPL_GET_EXCHANGE_GROUP Ermittlung/Update Exchangegruppe aus Produkt aus Position 
496 CRM_COMPL_GET_PPR Erzeugen einer Reparaturposition mit Produktvorschlag 
497 CRM_COMPL_GET_PROD_CONTROL Ermittlung des Process Indicators 
498 CRM_COMPL_GET_QTY get qty 
499 CRM_COMPL_HU_BUFFER_MODIFY Modifies Global Handling Unit Buffer 
500 CRM_COMPL_HU_BUFFER_READ Reads All Items Assigned to One Handling Unit