SAP ABAP Function Module - Index C, page 118
Function Module - C
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 CRM_CRMM_PR_TAX_UI_PBO Funktionsbaustein für PBO 
2 CRM_CRMM_PR_UOM_DIM BME, VME, ME aufgrund der Dimension umrechbar 
3 CRM_CRM_PROD_FIN01_HIST_GET Lesen der Historien 
4 CRM_CRM_PROD_FIN02_HIST_GET Lesen der Historien 
5 CRM_CRM_PROD_FIN03_HIST_GET Lesen der Historien 
6 CRM_CRM_PR_RESIDVL_HIST_GET Lesen der Historien 
7 CRM_CRP_ANNULMENT_EC Combined Rate Plan: Auflösen U-Pos., Löschen H-Pos. 
8 CRM_CR_LIAB_FLT_SELECT Identifikationsart für Kennwort selektieren 
9 CRM_CSDR_ASSY_BUF_DATA_READ Read data for the project 
10 CRM_CSDR_ASSY_SAVE_EC Update SEM on assembly save 
11 CRM_CSDR_ASSY_SYNCHRONIZE Synchronize assembly data 
12 CRM_CSDR_AUTO_APPROVEREJECT_EC Create main item for design registration 
13 CRM_CSDR_BW_DR_H_MAP Proj / Ass. master data mapping module 
14 CRM_CSDR_BW_DR_I_MAP Mapping Opportunity Pos. für die DataSource CRMT_BW_OPPT_I 
15 CRM_CSDR_BW_PROJ_MAP Proj / Ass. master data mapping module 
16 CRM_CSDR_CHECK_AUT_CRM_ORD_RL Check Authorization for CRM_ORD_RL 
17 CRM_CSDR_CHECK_AUT_CRM_ORD_RS Check Authorization for CRM_ORD_RL 
18 CRM_CSDR_DATE_CHECK_EC Check if expiry date is within the project validity date 
19 CRM_CSDR_DOC_FLOW_DELETE_EC Callback Function for Deleting doc flow link on deletion of document 
20 CRM_CSDR_DROP_DOWN_FILL Fill Drop Down Listboxes 
21 CRM_CSDR_EXEC_STRU_FILL Fill design regisration execution structure 
22 CRM_CSDR_FAST_ENTRY Design Registration fast entry 
23 CRM_CSDR_FAST_ENTRY_CREATE Updation of project/asmb/registration to DB 
24 CRM_CSDR_GET_ALL_OPPTDSRG_TYPE Get all project process types 
25 CRM_CSDR_GET_ALL_PROJASLY_TYPE Get all project process types 
26 CRM_CSDR_GET_DELETED_LINKS get deleted links for hierarchy 
27 CRM_CSDR_GET_REGIS_ATTRIBUTE Read registration attribute. 
28 CRM_CSDR_HIERARCHY_GET get standard hierarchy 
29 CRM_CSDR_INDEX_BUF_REFRESH Refresh the buffer created for crmd_order 
30 CRM_CSDR_INDEX_BUF_REFRESH_EC callback for refreshing buffer 
31 CRM_CSDR_INDEX_SAVE API: Save Design Registration Index 
32 CRM_CSDR_INDEX_SELECT_DB Select index from database table 
33 CRM_CSDR_INDEX_UPDATE_DU Update design registration index in database 
34 CRM_CSDR_INIT_BUSA_TRANS Proj / Ass master data extraction selection module 
35 CRM_CSDR_INIT_BUSDR_TRANS Proj / Ass master data extraction selection module 
36 CRM_CSDR_INIT_BUS_TRANS Proj / Ass master data extraction selection module 
37 CRM_CSDR_LINK_AFTER_DELETE_EC To capture after delete of links for design registration 
38 CRM_CSDR_LINK_CREATE_EC Textfindung aufgrund von Objektänderungen 
39 CRM_CSDR_LINK_INIT_EC To capture after delete of links for design registration 
40 CRM_CSDR_MAIN_ITEM_CREATE_EC Create main item for design registration 
41 CRM_CSDR_MAIN_ITEM_DELETE_EC Main item can't be deleted 
42 CRM_CSDR_OPPT_READ_DB Read design registrations for a product 
43 CRM_CSDR_ORDER_INDEX_UPDATE Update order index with product cat for des reg opp. 
44 CRM_CSDR_OUTBND_LOG_DETAILS Log outbound details 
45 CRM_CSDR_PARTNER_MAP FM for getting the Partner set(incl new Partner Functions) 
46 CRM_CSDR_PCAT_ATTRIB_SEND Send Des.Reg.attributes in Product catalog 
48 CRM_CSDR_PRJ_DATA_GET_FROM_SEM Fetch data from SEM to update project 
49 CRM_CSDR_PRJ_H_SELECT_CB Selection customising data for project 
50 CRM_CSDR_PRODCHECK_EC Check if the main product is design regitrable 
52 CRM_CSDR_PROD_STA_CHECK_EC Check if the product is design regitrable 
53 CRM_CSDR_PROJ_APPLOG_NAV_SSC Navigation from application log 
54 CRM_CSDR_PROJ_BUF_DATA_READ Call order read for newly created/changed data 
55 CRM_CSDR_PROJ_BUYC_SEL Setzen des Layoutscreens 
56 CRM_CSDR_PROJ_SEM_CONNECT Set up connection to SEM 
59 CRM_CSDR_PROJ_SEM_SYNCHRONIZE Synch the buffered data with SEM 
60 CRM_CSDR_REGISTRATIONS_UPDATE Update related design registrations 
61 CRM_CSDR_REGIS_DETAILS_GET Get proj/asmb/reg details from registrations 
62 CRM_CSDR_REG_BUF_DATA_READ Registration buffer data read 
63 CRM_CSDR_REG_SAVE_EC Update on registration save 
64 CRM_CSDR_REG_SYNCHRONIZE Registration data synchronize 
65 CRM_CSDR_SEM_CHECK_SETTINGS Check if the RFC destination and sem profile is active 
67 CRM_CSDR_SEM_CONNECTION_CLOSE close the connection to SEM 
68 CRM_CSDR_SEM_CREATE_OBJECT Create the sem object for current project 
69 CRM_CSDR_SEM_DELETE_OBJECT_EC Populate the attributes and keyfigures needed for SEM 
70 CRM_CSDR_SEM_GET_RFC_DEST Get the SEM destination 
71 CRM_CSDR_SEM_SHLP_PROFILE Search help exit for Profile list for opportunities. 
72 CRM_CSDR_UPDATE_INDEX Update design registration index 
73 CRM_CSS_SHIPTO_GET_ADDRESS R Get shipto addresses 
74 CRM_CS_API_NOTIF_USR_STAT_CHNG R Meldungsmaßnahme Anwenderstatus ändern 
75 CRM_CS_API_ORDER_CREATE R Serviceauftrag Anlegen 
76 CRM_CS_API_ORDER_TECO R Serviceauftrag technisch ablschließen 
77 CRM_CS_API_ORDER_USR_STAT R Serviceauftrag Anwenderstatus aendern 
78 CRM_CS_OBJTYPE_ATTR_GET_LIST R Get objtypes/attribs for Central Search 
79 CRM_CT_COPY_CONT_ITM_TO_QUOTE Create new change order 
80 CRM_CT_COPY_QUOTE_TO_CONTRACT Copy order to contract 
81 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_BOR_METHOD_SH Suchhilfe: Objekte in einem View 
82 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_GET_BOR_CUST Get Customizing for Inbox specififc BOR Navigation 
83 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_GET_LOGSYS Get logical system where work items shall be found 
84 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_GET_OBJ_CUST Get Customizing for Inbox specififc BOR Navigation 
85 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_GET_REC_HELP Worklist: Get Recipient Search Help for Forwarding 
86 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_GET_TASK_CUST Get Customizing for Task Navigation 
87 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_OBJTYPMETH_SH Suchhilfe: Objekte in einem View 
88 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_OBJTYP_SH Suchhilfe: Objekte in einem View 
89 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_TASK_F4_HLP F4 Help for Task ID 
90 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_TASK_SEARCH Search for tasks 
91 CRM_CT_CUST_IBWF_TASK_SH Suchhilfe: Objekte in einem View 
92 CRM_CT_NEW_SOLDTO New Sold - To Party 
93 CRM_CT_PR_ASS_S_SEL_CB Lesen Konditonsprofilfindung 
94 CRM_CT_PR_CT_SEL_CB Lesen Konditionsartenprofilzuordnung 
95 CRM_CUMULATED_I_BUFFER_EC Pufferung der geänderten Daten des Belegs 
96 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CHANGE_OW Ändern eines bestehenden Eintrags 
97 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CHECK_OW Prüfen eines Eintrags auf Konsistenz 
98 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CLR_BUFFER_OB Löschen kummulierte Positionswerte in DB Puffer 
99 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CNVT_CUM_TP_OW Konvertiere Kumulationstyp 
100 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CNVT_CURR_OW Umrechnung des Wertes in andere Währung 
101 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CNVT_QTY_UN_OW Umrechnung des Wertes in andere Währung 
102 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CONV_TEMP_EC Konvertieren der Cumulated_I Sätze von temporär 
103 CRM_CUMULATED_I_CREATE_OW Anlegen eines initialen Eintrags 
104 CRM_CUMULATED_I_DELETE_AC Löschen der archivierten Einträge 
105 CRM_CUMULATED_I_DELETE_EC Initialisieren der Cumulated_I Sätze 
106 CRM_CUMULATED_I_DEL_CHECK_EC Setzen des Datums, ab dem ein Vorgang archiviert werden darf 
107 CRM_CUMULATED_I_FIELDCHECK_FC Prüfen der Eingabebereitschaft von Feldern 
108 CRM_CUMULATED_I_FILL_OW Füllen eines Eintrags 
109 CRM_CUMULATED_I_GET_BUFFER_OB Holen kummulierte Positionswerte in DB Puffer 
110 CRM_CUMULATED_I_INIT_DB Initialisieren des Datenbankpuffers 
111 CRM_CUMULATED_I_INIT_EC Initialisieren der Cumulated_I Sätze 
112 CRM_CUMULATED_I_INIT_OB Initialisieren des Objektpuffers 
113 CRM_CUMULATED_I_LOGICAL_KEY_OW Ermitteln des richtigen logischen Schlüssels 
114 CRM_CUMULATED_I_MAINTAIN_M_OW Pflegen (Anlegen oder Ändern) mehrerer Einträge 
115 CRM_CUMULATED_I_MAINTAIN_OW Pflegen (Anlegen oder Ändern) eines Eintrages 
116 CRM_CUMULATED_I_MERGE_OW Abmischen eines Eintrags 
117 CRM_CUMULATED_I_PRESELECT_AC Preselect für Archivierung 
118 CRM_CUMULATED_I_PUBLISH_OW Events ausloesen für andere Objekte 
119 CRM_CUMULATED_I_PUT_DB Aktualisieren des Datenbankpuffers vom Sichern aus 
120 CRM_CUMULATED_I_PUT_NOREC_DB Anlegen eines NOREC-Eintrages im Datenbankpuffer 
121 CRM_CUMULATED_I_PUT_OB Übergeben Daten an Objekt Puffer 
122 CRM_CUMULATED_I_READ_AC Lesen der Daten aus dem Archiv 
123 CRM_CUMULATED_I_READ_CONTR_OW Informationen zur Position 
124 CRM_CUMULATED_I_READ_DB Lesen eines Eintrags aus dem Datenbankpuffer bzw. von der Datenbank 
125 CRM_CUMULATED_I_READ_OB Lesen Positions-Objektpuffer für CUMULATED_I 
126 CRM_CUMULATED_I_READ_OW Informationen zur Position 
127 CRM_CUMULATED_I_RELEASE_UPD_EC Fortschreibungsmengen/-werte für Mengen-/Wertkontrakte 
128 CRM_CUMULATED_I_SAVE_AC Schreiben der Daten ins Archiv 
129 CRM_CUMULATED_I_SAVE_EC Sichern von kumulierten Positionswerten 
130 CRM_CUMULATED_I_SAVE_OB Sichern von kumulierten Positionswerten 
131 CRM_CUMULATED_I_SELECT_M_DB Lesen von der Datenbank (Multi) 
132 CRM_CUMULATED_I_UPDATE_DU Schreiben der geänderten Einträge auf die Datenbank 
133 CRM_CUMULAT_H_BILLREQ_I_OB Get values for items with billreq_i 
134 CRM_CUMULAT_H_CHNG_CURR_EC Changing of document currency 
135 CRM_CUMULAT_H_CLEAR_BUFFER_OB Clear cumulat_h buffer 
136 CRM_CUMULAT_H_DELETE_AC Delete data from archive 
137 CRM_CUMULAT_H_DELETE_EC Delete an entry 
138 CRM_CUMULAT_H_DELETE_OB Delete an entry 
139 CRM_CUMULAT_H_FIELDCHECK_FC Prüfen der Eingabebereitschaft von Feldern 
142 CRM_CUMULAT_H_GET_OB Get cumulat_h buffer 
143 CRM_CUMULAT_H_INIT_BUFFER Initialize Buffer 
144 CRM_CUMULAT_H_INIT_BUFFER_EC Initialize Buffer 
145 CRM_CUMULAT_H_INIT_DB Initialize DB buffer 
146 CRM_CUMULAT_H_PRESELECT_AC Preselect data 
147 CRM_CUMULAT_H_PUT_DB Put data into DB buffer 
148 CRM_CUMULAT_H_READ_AC Read data from archive 
149 CRM_CUMULAT_H_READ_DB Read from DB Buffer or DB 
150 CRM_CUMULAT_H_READ_OB Kopfdaten aus dem Objektpuffer lesen 
151 CRM_CUMULAT_H_SAVE_AC Save data to archive 
152 CRM_CUMULAT_H_SAVE_EC Save cumulat_H 
153 CRM_CUMULAT_H_SAVE_OB Save Cumulat_H 
154 CRM_CUMULAT_H_SELECT_S_DB DB single select 
155 CRM_CUMULAT_H_UPDATE_DU Write to Database 
156 CRM_CUMULAT_H_UPD_BUFFER_EC Update cumulat_h buffer with delta values 
157 CRM_CUMULAT_H_UPD_BUFFER_OB Update cumulat_h Buffer 
158 CRM_CUMULAT_H_UPD_COLLECT_EC Collect item changes which update cumulat_H buffer 
159 CRM_CUMULAT_H_UPD_COLL_BRI_EC Collect item changes which update cumulat_H buffer 
160 CRM_CUM_RULE_TXT_READ_SGL gepufferte Einzelzugriffe 
161 CRM_CUM_TYPE_CNVT_READ_SINGLE gepufferte Einzelzugriffe 
162 CRM_CURRENCY_SELECT_CB Lesen der Währungstabelle 
163 CRM_CUSTOMER_DATA_READ_TITLE Liest die Beschriftung der Registerkarten 
164 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_CHANGE_OW Ändern der Kopfdaten 
165 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_CHECK_OW Kopfdaten auf Konsistenz prüfen 
166 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_COPY_EC Kopieren Produktdaten 
167 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_CREATE_OW Anlegen eines Kopfes 
168 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_DELETE_AC Löschen der archivierten Einträge 
169 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_DELETE_EC Löschen Kundendaten Kopf 
170 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_DELETE_OB Löschen eines Eintrags aus dem Objektpuffer 
171 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_FIELDCHECK_FC Prüfen der Eingabebereitschaft von Feldern 
172 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_FILL_OW Filling Header Data 
173 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_GET_MULTI_DB Datenexport aus Datenbankpuffer 
174 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_GET_MULTI_OB Lesen mehrer Köpfe aus dem globalen Puffer 
175 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_INIT_DB Initialisierung des Datenbankpuffers 
176 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_INIT_EC Sichern Positionen 
177 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_INIT_OB Initialisierung des Objektpuffers des Kopfes 
178 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_INIT_OW Initialisierung des Objektes 
179 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_MAINTAIN_OW Pflegen (Anlegen oder Ändern) von Kopfdaten 
181 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_PRESELECT_AC Preselect für Archivierung 
182 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_PUBLISH_OW Event für andere Objekte auslösen 
183 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_PUT_DB Einstellen der Daten in den Datenbankpuffer 
184 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_PUT_NOREC_DB Anlegen eines NOREC-Eintrages im Datenbankpuffer 
185 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_PUT_OB Schreiben der Kopfdaten in den Objektpuffer 
186 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_READ_AC Lesen der Daten aus dem Archiv 
187 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_READ_DB Lesen der Kopfdaten aus dem Datenbankpuffer bzw. von der Datenbank 
188 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_READ_OB Kopfdaten aus dem Objektpuffer lesen 
189 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_READ_OW Informationen zum Kopf 
190 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SAVE_AC Schreiben der Daten ins Archiv 
191 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SAVE_EC Sichern Positionen 
192 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SAVE_OB Schreiben der Kopfdaten auf die Datenbank 
193 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SELECT_M_DB Lesen mehrerer Koepfe von der Datenbank 
194 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SELECT_S_DB Lesen eines Kopfes von der Datenbank 
195 CRM_CUSTOMER_H_UPDATE_DU Schreiben der geänderten Kopfdaten auf die Datenbank 
196 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_CHANGE_OW Ändern einer Position 
197 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_CHECK_OW Position auf Konsistenz prüfen 
198 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_COPY_EC Kopieren Produktdaten 
199 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_CREATE_OW Anlegen einer Position 
200 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_DELETE_AC Löschen der archivierten Einträge 
201 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_DELETE_EC Löschen Kundendaten 
202 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_DELETE_OB Löschen eines Eintrags aus dem Objektpuffer 
203 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_FIELDCHECK_FC Prüfen der Eingabebereitschaft von Feldern 
204 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_FILL_OW Füllen einer Position 
205 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_GET_MULTI_DB Datenexport aus Datenbankpuffer 
206 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_GET_MULTI_OB Lesen mehrer Positionen aus dem globalen Puffer 
207 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_INIT_DB Initialisierung des Datenbankpuffers 
208 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_INIT_EC Sichern Positionen 
209 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_INIT_OB Initialisierung des Objektpuffers der Position 
210 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_INIT_OW Initialisierung des Objektes 
211 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_MAINTAIN_OW Pflegen (Anlegen oder Ändern) eines Items 
213 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_PRESELECT_AC Preselect für Archivierung 
214 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_PUBLISH_OW Event für andere Objekte auslösen 
215 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_PUT_DB Einstellen der Daten in den Datenbankpuffer 
216 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_PUT_NOREC_DB Anlegen eines NOREC-Eintrages im Datenbankpuffer 
217 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_PUT_OB Schreiben der Positionsdaten in den Objektpuffer 
218 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_READ_AC Lesen der Daten aus dem Archiv 
219 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_READ_DB Lesen der Positionsdaten aus dem Datenbankpuffer bzw. von der Datenbank 
220 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_READ_OB Position aus dem Objektpuffer lesen 
221 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_READ_OW Informationen zur Position 
222 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_SAVE_AC Schreiben der Daten ins Archiv 
223 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_SAVE_EC Sichern Positionen 
224 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_SAVE_OB Schreiben der Position auf die Datenbank 
225 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_SELECT_M_DB Lesen mehrerer Position von der Datenbank 
226 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_SELECT_S_DB Lesen einer Position von der Datenbank 
227 CRM_CUSTOMER_I_UPDATE_DU Schreiben der geänderten Positionen auf die Datenbank 
228 CRM_CUST_DEF_MSA 4.0 Customer Defaults mobile bridge 
229 CRM_CUST_DEF_VAL 4.0 Customer Defaults validation > MW Upload 
230 CRM_CUST_GROUP1_TEXT_IL Text für Kundengruppe1 
231 CRM_CUST_GROUP2_TEXT_IL Text für Kundengruppe2 
232 CRM_CUST_GROUP3_TEXT_IL Text für Kundengruppe3 
233 CRM_CUST_GROUP4_TEXT_IL Text für Kundengruppe4 
234 CRM_CUST_GROUP5_TEXT_IL Text für Kundengruppe5 
235 CRM_CUST_GROUP_TEXT_IL Text für Kundengruppe 
236 CRM_CUST_PRIC_PROC_TEXT_IL Text für Kundenschema 
237 CRM_CUST_PROFILE_CHANGE_EC changes to the profile id 
238 CRM_CUST_PROFILE_DEFAULT_EC displaying the profile id 
239 CRM_DAM_ACTUALIZE_TAXONOMIES enforces a save opreation for all taxonomies 
240 CRM_DAM_ASSETVERS_ATTR_DELTA_Q Post Asset Version Attributes to SAPI 
241 CRM_DAM_ASSETVERS_TEXT_DELTA_Q Post Asset Version Texts to SAPI 
242 CRM_DAM_ASSET_ATTR_BW CRM DAM Extraction of Asset Attributes (LOIOs) 
243 CRM_DAM_ASSET_ATTR_DELTA_QUEUE Post Asset Attributes to Delta Queue 
244 CRM_DAM_ASSET_ATTR_MAP_BW Mapping of Asset Attributes 
245 CRM_DAM_ASSET_POST_DELTA_QUEUE Post Assets to Delta Queue 
246 CRM_DAM_ASSET_TEXT_BW DAM Extraction of Asset Texts (LOIOs) 
247 CRM_DAM_ASSET_TEXT_DELTA_QUEUE Post Asset Texts to Delta Queue 
248 CRM_DAM_ASSET_TEXT_MAP_BW Mapping of Asset Attributes 
249 CRM_DAM_ASSET_TYPE_DELETE delete asset type db entries 
250 CRM_DAM_ASSET_TYPE_SAVE save asset type changes to database 
251 CRM_DAM_ASSET_USAGE_TRAN_BW DAM Extraction of Asset Usage 
252 CRM_DAM_ASSET_VERSION_ATTR_BW CRM DAM Extraction of Asset Version Attributes (PHIOs) 
254 CRM_DAM_ASSET_VERS_ATTR_MAP_BW Mapping of Asset Attributes 
255 CRM_DAM_ASSET_VERS_TEXT_MAP_BW Mapping of Asset Texts 
256 CRM_DAM_AUOC_ASSUSAGE R store analysis of asset usage , create order for cd/dvd with distr.lock 
258 CRM_DAM_AUOC_CONTAINER_BADI_1 R Container Badi first call 
259 CRM_DAM_AUOC_CONTAINER_BADI_2 R Container BADI second call 
260 CRM_DAM_AUOC_CONTAINER_BADI_3 R Container BADI third call 
261 CRM_DAM_AUOC_GETSHIPTOADR_INT R Determines e-mail-adress of CRM-user in Business Partner 
262 CRM_DAM_AUOC_GET_EMAIL_CRM_USR R Determines e-mail-adress of CRM-user in Business Partner 
263 CRM_DAM_AUOC_REGIONS_COUNTRIES R Returns a list of regions for a specific country 
264 CRM_DAM_AUOC_SHIPTOADDRCHECK R store analysis of asset usage , create order for cd/dvd with distr.lock 
265 CRM_DAM_AUOC_UPDATE_ASSUS Update module for asset usage 
266 CRM_DAM_AUTH_ASSACC R Check access way like FTP, Mass transit 
267 CRM_DAM_AUTH_DOWNLOAD_VERSION R Check authorisation for Asset and its Version 
268 CRM_DAM_AUTH_REL_LOCKED_ASSET R Authorization: Permission to release locked assets 
269 CRM_DAM_BASKET_GET_CUST R Get Container Customizing 
270 CRM_DAM_BASKET_GET_LANGCUST R Get language dependend settings for container 
271 CRM_DAM_BASKET_LOGS R Get Container Download Logs 
272 CRM_DAM_BS_CACHE_CHECK_TOOL checks if chaching is active for a user and in general 
273 CRM_DAM_BS_CACHE_DELETE_TOOL tool for deleting browse search cache content 
274 CRM_DAM_BS_TAB_DELETE delete browse search tables 
275 CRM_DAM_BS_TAB_SAVE save browse search table changes 
276 CRM_DAM_CALL_BS_RECURSIVE calls the browse search recursively for building cache content 
277 CRM_DAM_CHANGE_ASSET_PROPS replaces old tax guids by new ones in asset props 
278 CRM_DAM_CHECK_ILLEGAL_CHARS Check, if imported data has illegal characters 
279 CRM_DAM_CHECK_UPLOAD Checks upload load 
280 CRM_DAM_CHR_INFO rewrite tables for CHR INFO 
281 CRM_DAM_CHR_LANGUAGE_T002 checks whether value is in T002 (one digit SAP language key) 
282 CRM_DAM_CHR_LANGUAGE_T002_DC language dependent value descriptions 
283 CRM_DAM_CHR_LANGUAGE_T002_F4 Possible entries for values checked by user-defined function module 
284 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_CONVERTER R Conversion Service Converter 
285 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_DOC_TYPES R get doc type for conversion service 
286 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_DPI R ConversionDialog DPI setting 
287 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_INFORMER R Conversion Service Informer 
288 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_PARAMETER R get conversion service server parameter 
289 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_PATTERN R get preconfigured Pattern 
290 CRM_DAM_CONV_GET_SERVER R get graphics server for ConversionService 
291 CRM_DAM_COPY_FILE_TO_DEST DAM: Copied File to destination (Stream Server) 
292 CRM_DAM_COPY_FILE_TO_SRV DAM: Copied File to destination (Stream Server) 
293 CRM_DAM_COPY_PHIO_TO_DEST Copied File to destination 
294 CRM_DAM_CREATE_DOMAIN Create Domain for DAM Search Criteria Fields 
295 CRM_DAM_CREATE_DTEL Create Data Element for DAM Search Criteria Fields 
296 CRM_DAM_CREATE_STRFIELDS Add Structure Fields for DAM Search Criteria 
297 CRM_DAM_DTYPE_UPDATE insert, update and delete operations in crmd_dam_dtype + crmd_dam_dtype_t 
298 CRM_DAM_DTYPE_UPDATE_COMMIT initiates update process 
299 CRM_DAM_ERROR_LOG Log the Error Messages to the Process Log for Batch Programs 
300 CRM_DAM_FIND_ASSET_BY_QUERY Find Digital Asset by search criteria 
301 CRM_DAM_GENERATE_FOLDER_KEY Generate Folder Key for DAM Repository Manager 
302 CRM_DAM_GET_ALLOWED_CHARS R Get allowed Characters for CRM DAM 
303 CRM_DAM_GET_ALL_TAX_GUID32 returns all guid32 to be migrated to guid22 
304 CRM_DAM_GET_CM_DESCRIPTION Get descriptions for CM-properties and values 
305 CRM_DAM_GET_FILE_FROM_DEST Copied File to destination 
306 CRM_DAM_GET_FOLDER_KEY_PHIO R Returns the folder key for the phio. 
307 CRM_DAM_GET_GENERAL_SETTING Get a value of the DAM general settings 
308 CRM_DAM_GET_IVIEWTEXTS R Get iview texts 
309 CRM_DAM_GET_LI_EXT_CLASS_IDS Get all Legal Information Extension Class ID's 
310 CRM_DAM_GET_LI_HIS_DESC Get Legal Information history descriptions 
311 CRM_DAM_GET_NODE_GUIDS_BY_PATH get the taxonomy node guids by path string 
312 CRM_DAM_GET_NODE_GUID_BY_TPATH returns node guid fopr a given taxonomy and path table 
313 CRM_DAM_GET_PHIO_AUTH get authorization for a phio 
314 CRM_DAM_GET_SEARCH_DISP_PROPS R Get Properties for a certain Search in CRM DAM 
315 CRM_DAM_GET_SEARCH_PROPS R Get Properties for a certain Search in CRM DAM 
316 CRM_DAM_GET_TAX_GUID_BY_PATH returns the taxonomy id for a given path 
317 CRM_DAM_GET_TREX_INDEX_USERS Returns the technical index users for T-REX search 
318 CRM_DAM_GET_UPLOAD_STREAM_TYPE Returns a list of Mime-Type of uploadalbe steaming files 
319 CRM_DAM_IS_TREX_INDEX_USER Returns if the current user is a service user. 
320 CRM_DAM_MIGRATE_TAXONOMIES migrates DAM taxonies and releted tables/objects 
321 CRM_DAM_PROC_TYPE_TEXT DAM Extraction of Processing Type Texts 
322 CRM_DAM_READ_PARAM Function module to read parameters 
323 CRM_DAM_RFC_COPY_TO_CONV R Copies a PHIO to the icoming directory on the conversion server 
324 CRM_DAM_RFC_DEL_PHIO R deletes an asset version 
325 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_ALL_DOCUMENTS R Returns all document IDs for DAM 
327 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_AUTH_QUERY R returns the authorisation objects as query 
328 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_BROWSE_PATH R returns the path of a node within a taxtree 
329 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_DOWNLOAD_INFO R DAM: Get all Legal Informations of an asset version 
330 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_LEVELS R returns the names of the levels of a tree 
331 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_LIS R DAM: Get all Legal Informations of an asset version 
332 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_LI_CONTENT R Get Content of a Legal information 
333 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_MIME_TYPE_INFO R Get Information of Mime-Type 
334 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_NAV_STRING R returns the navigation javascript string 
335 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_PROP_VALUES R returns the possible Values for a property 
336 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_SUBNODES R returns the subnodes of a node 
337 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_TREE R return the treeID of a doctype 
338 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_TZONE_OFFSET R Get User Timezone Offset 
339 CRM_DAM_RFC_GET_UPLOAD_EXT R Returns a list of extensions of uploadalbe mime types 
340 CRM_DAM_RFC_LINK_TO_BO R Copies a PHIO to the icoming directory on the conversion server 
341 CRM_DAM_RFC_SET_LPIOS R set guids for mass update 
342 CRM_DAM_RM_CHECK_URL Checks the URL for Content, Thumbnail, Preview 
343 CRM_DAM_RM_DEL_CHANGED_OBJECTS R Deletes a list of changed objects 
344 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_CHANGED_OBJECTS R Get a list of changed documents 
345 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_CONFIG R Get Repository Manager Configurations from the Backend 
346 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_INITIAL_PHIOS R Gets the inital phios. 
347 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_LOIOS R RM Module to create Assetobjects. 
348 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_LOIOS_BY_KEY R Get a list of loios by the folder key. 
349 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_PHIOS_FROM_LOIO R Returns the phios of the loios, which the user is able to access 
350 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_PHIOS_INFO R Returns pathinfo for versions 
351 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_PHIO_PROPERTIES R Returns properties from Assetversions 
352 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_PHIO_URL R Returns the URLs of a phio 
353 CRM_DAM_RM_GET_TRANSFER_TABLE Transfrom proerpties table to transfer to the portal with JCA 
354 CRM_DAM_RM_PHIO_FINALIZE_PUT R Finalizes a put action for a phio. 
355 CRM_DAM_RM_PHIO_NEW_VERSION R Create a New Version of a Physical Document 
356 CRM_DAM_RM_PHIO_ROLLBACK R Rollback for creating a new Version in case of problems. 
357 CRM_DAM_RM_PHIO_STORE_CONTENT R Stores the content of a phio. 
358 CRM_DAM_RM_PHIO_URL_FOR_PUT R Returns the put URL for a phio. 
359 CRM_DAM_RM_REGISTER R Registers a RM instance 
360 CRM_DAM_RM_UNREGISTER R Unregisters a RM instance 
361 CRM_DAM_SELECTION_F4_STAT_PROF CRM Search-values for possible status 
362 CRM_DAM_SELECTION_F4_SYST_STAT CRM Search-values for possible status 
363 CRM_DAM_SELECTION_F4_USER_STAT CRM Search-values for possible status 
364 CRM_DAM_SHLP_EXIT search help exit for PHIOs 
365 CRM_DAM_SOAP_CALL Sends a soap call 
366 CRM_DAM_TAXONOMY_DELETE delete asset type db entries 
367 CRM_DAM_TAXONOMY_SAVE save DAM taxonomy 
368 CRM_DAM_TRANSPORT_OBJECTS DAM: Insert Generated Objects to TADIR & Transport Request 
369 CRM_DAM_TREE_UPDATE insert, update and delete operations in crmd_dam_tree 
370 CRM_DAM_TREE_UPDATE_COMMIT initiates update process 
371 CRM_DAM_UPDATE_NODE_IDS update the node ids of a taxonomy and their usage 
372 CRM_DAM_UPDATE_RIGHT_DATA Update right data of all digital Assets 
373 CRM_DAM_UPDATE_TAX_TABLES fills/updates crmd_dam_tax and crmd_dam_tax_t 
374 CRM_DAM_UPLOAD_ASSET Upload an asset from SAP-GUI 
376 CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_BBP_CREATE R CRM Auftrag anlegen aus einer BBP-Bestellung 
377 CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_DELETE_CHECK R Prüfen, ob eine Position gelöscht werden kann 
378 CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_KTAAR_F4 F4-Hilfe Aktivitätstyp 
379 CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_PROC_TYPE_CB Lesen Zuordnung Vorgangsart/Kategorie 
380 CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_SCENARIO_GET Lesen Datenaustauschszenario 
381 CRM_DATAEXCH_DC_ESC_REASON_F4 FM of search help for ERP escalation reasons 
382 CRM_DATES_ACTIVITYPARTNER_EC Konsumieren Events Create, AfterChange der Partnerverarbeitungf 
383 CRM_DATES_ACTIVITY_EC Konsumieren Events AfterChange der Aktivitäten 
384 CRM_DATES_ACTIVITY_IR Integritätsregeln des Terminsets zumObjekttypen Aktivität 
385 CRM_DATES_ACTUALDATE_SET_EC Setzen des Istdatums über den Eventhandler 
386 CRM_DATES_ADJUST_TZ_BEF_SAVE Adjust appointment time zone before saving 
387 CRM_DATES_AFTER_CHG_ITM_CAT_EC Änderung im DATES nach Änderung des Positionstyps 
388 CRM_DATES_AFTER_CREATE_EC Publizieren von AFTER_CREATE, wenn noch nicht passiert 
389 CRM_DATES_APPT_TYPE_EXISTENCE Überprüfen der Existence einer Termin-/Dauerart im Customizing 
390 CRM_DATES_BEFORE_SAVE_OW Löschen nicht benötigter Einträge vor dem Sichern 
391 CRM_DATES_BILLING_CHANGED_EC Adjust the appointment dates after change of the billings dates 
392 CRM_DATES_CALC_EXTERN_OW CRM: Berechnung der Termine 
393 CRM_DATES_CALC_MULTIPLE_OW CRM: Berechnung der Termine 
394 CRM_DATES_CALC_OW CRM: Berechnung der Termine 
395 CRM_DATES_CALC_SINGLE_OW CRM: Berechnung der Termine 
396 CRM_DATES_CALENDARPROP_SET_EC Ermitteln der zusätzlichen Kalendereigenschaften zum Zeitpunkt BEFORE_SAVE 
397 CRM_DATES_COMMON_DATE_IR Integritätsregeln Termin mit zwei Zeitpunkten 
398 CRM_DATES_CONTEND_SET_EC Setzen des Kontrakt Ende Datums über den Eventhandler 
399 CRM_DATES_CONTEXT_READ_OW Kontext des Terminsets auslesen 
400 CRM_DATES_CONTRACT_END_IR Integritätsregeln Vertragsende 
401 CRM_DATES_CONTRACT_START_IR Integritätsregeln Vertragsende 
402 CRM_DATES_COPY_EC Konsumieren des Events: Delete DateSet 
403 CRM_DATES_CT_CQ_COPY_EC Copy dates during item create 
404 CRM_DATES_DELETE_AC Löschen der archivierten Einträge 
405 CRM_DATES_DELETE_EC Konsumieren des Events: Delete DateSet 
406 CRM_DATES_DELETE_SINGLE_OB Löschen eines Termins oder eines Sets aus dem Objektpuffer 
407 CRM_DATES_DETERM_INITIAL_EC Aufruf der Terminfindung über den Eventhandler 
408 CRM_DATES_DOMINANT_FC Check the input readiness of the Dominant field in the appointment set 
409 CRM_DATES_DURATION_FC Check the input readiness of the Duration field in the appointment set 
410 CRM_DATES_END_IR Integritätsregeln Vertragsende 
411 CRM_DATES_FACE2FACE_SET_EC Setzen der Interaktionsdauer über den Eventhandler 
412 CRM_DATES_FBA_ADD_PARTICIPANT Ermitteln der im Dialog selektierten Zeiten (UI-Methode) 
413 CRM_DATES_FBA_CHECK_NOBUSY_OW Überprüfen der Verfügbarkeit aller Teilnehmer 
414 CRM_DATES_FBA_CREATE_PLANNER Anlegen/Registrieren einer CL_PLANNER Instanz 
415 CRM_DATES_FBA_EVENT_DELETE_IL Löschen der registrierten Planner Events (Dialogmethode) 
416 CRM_DATES_FBA_EVENT_RECEIV_IL Empfänger für die registrierten Planner Events (Dialogmethode) 
417 CRM_DATES_FBA_GET_DATA_IL Aktuelle Daten aus dem Objektpuffer des 1O holen 
418 CRM_DATES_FBA_GET_SELECTED Ermitteln der im Dialog selektierten Zeiten (UI-Methode) 
419 CRM_DATES_FBA_IS_RELEVANT Überprüfen auf Relevanz für die Free/Busy Analyse 
420 CRM_DATES_FBA_IS_RELEVANT_IL Überprüft auf Relevanz für die Free/Busy Analyse 
421 CRM_DATES_FBA_NOTE_INVITE_IL Vormerken eines Terminteilnehmers 
422 CRM_DATES_FBA_NOTIFY_1O_IL Senden der Änderungen an die Businesslogik 
423 CRM_DATES_FBA_PLANNER_UI Aufruf der Free/Busy Analyse in einem neuen Modus 
424 CRM_DATES_FBA_PROV_EVENT_IL Liefert die selektierte freie Zeit (Dialogmethode) 
425 CRM_DATES_FBA_PROV_SELECTED_IL Liefert die selektierte freie Zeit (Dialogmethode) 
426 CRM_DATES_FBA_PUT_CALLOFF_IL Löschen eines Terminteilnehmers 
427 CRM_DATES_FBA_PUT_INVITE_IL Hinzufügen der eines Terminteilnehmers 
428 CRM_DATES_FBA_PUT_PLANNED_IL Setzen des Plandatums aus dem Ergebnis der Free/Busy Analyse 
429 CRM_DATES_FBA_SET_1010_IL Setzen der Free/Busy Daten im Fremddynpro 1010 
430 CRM_DATES_FBA_SET_DURATION Setzen der Dauer eines Termins im Terminplaner 
431 CRM_DATES_FBA_SET_PARTICIPANT Ermitteln der Teilnehmer eines Termins aus dem Partnerset 
432 CRM_DATES_FBA_SET_SEARCHPROP Setzen der Sucheigenschaften des Planers 
433 CRM_DATES_FBA_SET_TIMEZONE Setzen der Zeitzone des Terminplaners 
434 CRM_DATES_FBA_SET_VIEWPROP Setzen der Anzeigeeigenschaften des Planers 
435 CRM_DATES_FBA_UI Klassenkonstruktur 
436 CRM_DATES_FIELDCHECK_FC Check the input readiness of the date set fields 
437 CRM_DATES_FREEBUSY_TR Initiale Ermittlung für das Plandatum 
438 CRM_DATES_GET_CURRENT_RULE_OW Aktuelle Regel-GUID aus Regelname bestimmen 
439 CRM_DATES_GET_CUSTOMIZING_CB Lesen des Customizings von Terminarten und Dauern 
440 CRM_DATES_GET_DATA_7000 Bereitstellen der daten der Trägerobjektes 
441 CRM_DATES_GET_DATA_IL Terminset: aktuelle Daten aus OW holen 
442 CRM_DATES_GET_DB Lesen eines Sets aus dem Datenbankpuffer (nicht von der Datenbank) 
443 CRM_DATES_GET_DESCRIPTION_CB Lesen der Texte von Terminarten und Dauern in der Anmeldesprache 
444 CRM_DATES_GET_FACTORYCALE_OW Ermitteln des Fabrikkalenders 
445 CRM_DATES_GRM_EXPENSE_IR Integritätsregeln Gültig von 
446 CRM_DATES_GRM_VAL_FROM_IR Integritätsregeln Gültig von 
447 CRM_DATES_GRM_VAL_TO_IR Integritätsregeln Gültig bis 
448 CRM_DATES_GROUP_READ_CB Terminarten in einem Bildbereich lesen 
449 CRM_DATES_HOLIDAYS_CB Wochenendtage auf Basis des Fabrikkalenders 
450 CRM_DATES_INIT_DB Löschen eines Sets aus dem Datenbankpuffer 
451 CRM_DATES_INIT_EC Konsumieren des Events: Intialisieren DateSet 
452 CRM_DATES_INIT_OB Initialisieren des Objektpuffers 
453 CRM_DATES_LEAD_END_IR Lead Management: Integritätsregeln LEAD_END 
454 CRM_DATES_LEAD_START_IR Lead Management: Integritätsregeln LEAD_START 
455 CRM_DATES_LICENCE_END_IR Integritätsregeln Lizenzende 
456 CRM_DATES_LICENCE_START_IR Integritätsregeln Lizenzstart 
457 CRM_DATES_MODIFY_LOCAL_CONTEXT Modify the timezone assigned to the reference object in local context 
458 CRM_DATES_ORDERACTUAL_TR Initiale Ermittlung für den Isttermin 
459 CRM_DATES_ORDERADM_H_EC Konsumieren Events AfterChange der Administrationsdaten Auftragskopf 
460 CRM_DATES_ORDERPLANNED_TR Initiale Ermittlung für das Plandatum 
461 CRM_DATES_ORGANIZER_DATE_IR Integritätsregeln Termin im Organizer 
462 CRM_DATES_PARTICIPANTS_GET_EC Ermitteln der Teilnehmer von sichtbaren Terminen zum Zeitpunkt BEFORE_SAVE 
463 CRM_DATES_PARTICIPANT_PUT_OB Füllen Objektpuffer der Teilnehmer eines Termins 
464 CRM_DATES_PARTICIPANT_READ_OB Lesen eines Termins/TerminSet aus dem Objekt Puffer 
465 CRM_DATES_PARTNER_EC Konsumieren Events AfterChange der Aktivitäten 
466 CRM_DATES_PART_READ_SINGLE_OW Lesen der Teilnehmer eines Terminsets 
467 CRM_DATES_PLANNEDDATE_IR Integritätsregeln Isttermin 
468 CRM_DATES_PRESELECT_AC Preselect für Archivierung 
469 CRM_DATES_PROFILENAME_GET_OW Profilenamen zur ObjectGUID bestimmen 
470 CRM_DATES_PROFILE_SELECT_CB CRM-Terminprofil lesen 
471 CRM_DATES_PROVIDE_DATA_7000 Bereitstellen der daten der Trägerobjektes 
472 CRM_DATES_PUT_DATA Übergabe der globalen Daten in CRM-Strukturen 
473 CRM_DATES_PUT_DATA_IL Terminset: aktuelle Daten aus OW holen 
474 CRM_DATES_PUT_DB Einstellen der Daten in den Datenbankpuffer 
475 CRM_DATES_PUT_SINGLE_OB Übergeben Daten EINES Termins an den Objekt Puffer 
476 CRM_DATES_QUOT_END_IR Integritätsregeln Gültig bis 
477 CRM_DATES_QUOT_START_IR Integritätsregeln Gültig von 
478 CRM_DATES_READ_AC Lesen der Daten vom Archiv 
479 CRM_DATES_READ_DB Lesen eines Sets aus dem Datenbankpuffer bzw. von der Datenbank 
480 CRM_DATES_READ_ITEMS_OW Errechnete Daten aus Kontext auslesen 
481 CRM_DATES_READ_MULTIPLE_OB Lesen von TerminSets aus dem Objektpuffer 
482 CRM_DATES_READ_SINGLE_OB Lesen eines Termins aus dem Objektpuffer 
483 CRM_DATES_READ_SINGLE_OW Lesen eines Eintrages/Sets der Termiverwaltung 
484 CRM_DATES_READ_TIMEZONE_OW Lesen der Zeitzone der Beleges 
486 CRM_DATES_RESET_CALENDAR_EC Setzen der Sichtbarkeit von Aktivitätenterminen im Kalender 
487 CRM_DATES_RULES_READ_CB Kopfdaten der Regeln lesen 
488 CRM_DATES_RULE_ID_FC Check the input readiness for the rule id field in the appointment set 
489 CRM_DATES_RULE_NAME_FC Check the input readiness of the Rule name field in the appointment set 
490 CRM_DATES_SAVE_AC Schreiben der Daten ins Archiv 
491 CRM_DATES_SAVE_EC Konsumieren des Events: Save AppointmentSet 
492 CRM_DATES_SAVE_OB Sichern des TerminSets 
493 CRM_DATES_SERVICE_IR Integritätsregeln Isttermin 
494 CRM_DATES_SETGUID_GET_OW Lesen der TerminSet-GUID 
495 CRM_DATES_SET_INHERITANCE_IR Integritätsregeln Set auf Positionsebene zu Headerset 
496 CRM_DATES_SHOW_LOCAL_FC Check the input readiness of the Show local field in the appointment set 
497 CRM_DATES_START_IR Integrity Rules for start dates 
498 CRM_DATES_STORE_MODE_CB CRM-Terminprofil um dynamische Felder erweitern 
499 CRM_DATES_TIMECONTEXT_DELETE Löschen einer Referenz auf das Kontextobjekt der Termine 
500 CRM_DATES_TIMECONTEXT_GET_OW Erzeugen einer Referenz auf das Kontextobjekt der Termine