SAP ABAP Software Component BBPCRM (BBPCRM)
Basic Data
Software Component BBPCRM   
Short Description BBPCRM   
Component type R   Application Component
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
CRM-BTX-ES PNE0000023 Enterprise Search OneOrder 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWA ABC0000044 Groupware Adapter 
CRM-IM-IPM A4C0000103 Intellectual Property Management 
CRM-MW PFC0000032 Middleware 
CRM-MW-GEN ABC0000006 Generation 
CRM-BE AEC0000500 Billing 
CRM-IM-IPM-RO A4C0000161 Royalty Accounting 
CRM-BE-FRW A7G0000001 Billing Engine Framework 
CRM-MD-RB A4C0000227 Rebates 
CRM-EM A5C0000037 CRM Entitlement Management 
CRM-ANA A4C0000281 CRM Analytics 
CRM-ANA-OR A7G0000031 Interactive Reporting 
CRM-MKT-DAM A5C0000017 Digital Asset Management 
CRM-MSA-ADP-MIG A4C0000012 Migration 
CRM-CM A4C0000173 Case Management 
CRM-BTX-WCL A5C0000265 Warranty Claim 
CRM-BF-WST PNC0000001 Web Services Tool 
CRM-LAM-BTX-MAC A0G0000022 Multiple-Asset Contracts 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ALC AEC0000472 Allocations 
CRM-BTX-ANA-RFW A4C0000088 Reporting Framework 
SRM-EBP AEC0000002 Enterprise Buyer 
CRM-MD PFC0000012 Master Data 
CRM-ISA PFC0000043 Internet Sales 
CRM-MD-CON-IF A4C0000004 Exchange of Condition Records and Customizing Data 
CRM-CIC PFC0000045 Interaction Center WinClient 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
CRM-BF-SVY PIC0000005 Survey Suite 
CRM-BF PFC0000019 Basic Functions 
CA-GTF-EEW ABA0000031 Easy Enhancement Workbench 
CRM-BTX-BF PFC0000073 Basic Functions for Business Transactions 
SRM-EBP-INV AEC0000021 Invoicing 
CRM AEC0000003 Customer Relationship Management 
CRM-CA AEC0000001 CRM Cross-Application Components 
CRM-MD-BP PFC0000013 Business Partners 
CRM-MD-INB PFC0000017 Installed Bases 
CRM-MD-PRO PFC0000014 Products 
CRM-MKT AEC0000023 Marketing 
SRM-EBP-ADM AEC0000019 Enterprise/Business Partner Management 
SRM-EBP-VL A3C0000002 Vendor List 
SRM-EBP-CA AEC0000495 Cross-Application Functions 
SRM-EBP-REP AEC0000018 Reporting 
SRM-EBP-ADM-XBP AEC0000493 External Business Partner 
SRM-EBP-CUS PFC0000007 Customizing 
SRM-EBP-CAT AEC0000012 EBP Catalog Interface 
SRM-EBP-BID PFC0000002 Bid Invitation 
SRM-EBP-CON AEC0000372 Purchase Contract 
SRM-EBP-CMT AEC0000491 Content Management 
SRM-EBP-SHP AEC0000011 Shopping cart 
SRM-EBP-APM PFC0000001 Application Monitors 
SRM-EBP-CGS PFC0000008 Confirmation Goods/Service 
SRM-EBP-PRC AEC0000017 Procurement Card 
SRM-EBP-BW A3C0000005 Business Warehouse Integration 
SRM-EBP-SOC A3C0000003 Sourcing 
SRM-SUS PIC0000051 Supplier Self Services 
SRM-EBP-WFL AEC0000022 Workflow 
SV-ASA-ML HLB0006326 Master Lists 
CRM-RB ABC0000093 Rebate Processing 
CRM-LOC-BR A4C0000241 Brazil 
CRM-BE-BW PIC0000010 Connection to BW 
CRM-MD-NPL A4C0000226 Price List 
CRM-LAM-BTX-BE PLC0000073 Billing of Leasing Contracts 
CRM-LOC-IN A4C0000242 India 
CRM-LOC A4C0000240 Localization 
BC-SRV-EDI HLB0009011 IDoc interface 
CRM-BE-FI PIC0000009 Transfer to Accounting 
CRM-MD-BP-BAG PIC0000001 Business Agreements 
CRM-MD-BP-GRH A4C0000002 Group Hierarchy 
CRM-MD-ESA A6G0000032 ESA Services for Master Data 
CA-GTF-BS HLB0006312 Business Application Support 
CRM-BF-AR PFC0000079 Archiving 
EHS-DGP HLA0100682 Dangerous Goods Management 
CRM-MSA PFC0000047 Mobile Sales 
CRM-MD-ORG PFC0000011 Organizational Management 
CRM-MW-BDM ABC0000003 BDOC Modeler 
CRM-MSE PFC0000062 Mobile Service 
CRM-MSA-ADP PIC0000017 Adapters Mobile Sales 
CRM-BTX PFC0000039 Business Transactions 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-BW AEC0000507 BI Interface 
CRM-MKT-MPL AEC0000024 Marketing Planner 
CRM-ANA-PS A4C0000011 Planning Services 
CO-PC-ACT HLA0009422 Actual Costing/Material Ledger 
CRM-MKT-SEG-ATT AEC0000034 Attributes 
CRM-CHM-POS A4C0000170 Point of Sale 
CRM-IPH-BP PLC0000122 Business Partner 
CRM-IPH-CON ABC0000113 Chargeback Contracts 
CRM-IPH ABC0000111 Pharmaceuticals 
CRM-CHM-CIM A4C0000171 Channel Inventory Management 
CRM-IHT ABC0000105 High Tech 
CRM-MD-PCT PFC0000015 Product Catalog 
CRM-MW-MBX A5M0000004 MapBox 
CRM-MW-ADP ABC0000004 Middleware Adapter 
CRM-MEP A5C0000034 Multi-System Exchange Projects 
CRM-MW-GWI ABC0000043 Groupware Integration 
CRM-MW-MFW ABC0000034 Migration Framework 
CRM-MW-MMR ABC0000022 Mobile Message Recovery 
CRM-MW-SRV ABC0000002 Flow / Services 
CRM-MT-FW-TL PFC0000115 Transaction Layer 
CRM-MW-NAV ABC0000042 Middleware Object Navigator 
PP-SFC HLA0009525 Production Orders 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-IF A4C0000224 Data Exchange 
CRM-MD-PRO-XIF AEC0000542 External Interface Product 
CRM-MD-PRO-SET PIC0000061 Set Types and Attributes 
CRM-MD-PRO-PCU PLC0000035 People-Centric UI (Product) 
CRM-ISE-UAD AEC0000505 User Administration 
CRM-BF-CFG PFC0000026 Product Configuration 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-HIS A4C0000223 History 
CRM-BF-IL AEC0000360 Interlinkages 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ PIC0000071 Objects 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-ITF A4C0000225 Integration Framework 
CRM-IPC A4C0000021 Internet Pricing and Configurator 
CRM-MEP-ADP A5C0000035 Adaptor 
CRM-BF-PD PFC0000024 Partner Processing 
CRM-BF-PC PFC0000025 Payment Cards 
AP-CFG-PME ABC0000091 Product Modelling 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-PRO PIC0000073 Data Exchange Products 
AP-MD-PRO A4C0000261 Central Part of Product Master 
CRM-IPS-MD A5C0000117 Master Data 
CRM-BF-TM PFC0000023 Text Management 
CRM-BF-CD A4C0000229 Campaign Determination 
CRM-BF-CPE A5C0000277 Engine for Commodity Pricing in CRM 
CRM-BF-CPE-PR A5C0000278 CPE in the CRM-Specific IPC 
CRM-BTX-BF-CPE A5C0000281 CPE in the Business Transaction 
CRM-MD-CPE A5C0000276 CPE Master Data in CRM 
CRM-BF-CPE-IF A5C0000280 Exchange of CPE Data Between CRM and ERP 
CRM-BF-CPE-PC A5C0000279 PCUI for the CPE in CRM 
CRM-ICM PIC0000086 Incentive and Commission Management 
CRM-BTX-BF-XIF AEC0000545 External Interface Business Transaction 
CRM-ACP-APL A5C0000068 Account Planner 
CRM-IPS-MD-PRG A5C0000206 Grantor Programm 
CRM-MKT-ISM A5C0000126 Insights Management 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-CAU A9G0000021 Causals 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-CND A4C0000148 Campaign-Specific Condition Maintenance 
CA-MDG-APP-BP BTD0000171 MDG Business Partner (Central Part) 
CRM-MD-BP-DAT A4C0000001 CRM Specific Business Partner Data 
CRM-MD-BP-CCP PIC0000002 Business Partner Cockpit 
CRM-BE-DL PIC0000007 Billing Due List 
CRM-BF-XIF PIC0000077 External Interfaces: Basic Functions 
CRM-MD-CON-XIF AEC0000543 External Interfaces Conditions/Pricing 
CRM-BTX-ACT PFC0000031 Activity Management 
CRM-IHT-PDP ABC0000106 Partner Design Projects 
CRM-BE-XIF AEC0000544 External Interface Invoice 
CRM-BF-PME A6G0000033 Product Modeling Environment 
CRM-MD-BP-XIF AEC0000541 External Interface Business Partner 
CRM-MSA-ACT A5C0000099 Activity 
CRM-MD-SDB-XIF PIC0000031 External Interface Solution Database 
CRM-BTX-BF-ACI A4C0000271 Actions/Output Determination for Business Transactions 
CRM-BTX-SLO PFC0000041 Sales Transaction 
CRM-BF-SC A6G0000034 Solution Configurator for Packages 
CRM-BTX-BF-SC A6G0000035 Integration Solution Configurator to Business Transactions 
CRM-IPS-BTX-SSP A6G1000002 Social Service Plan 
CRM-IPS A5C0000116 Public Sector 
CRM-BE-OC PIC0000011 Action Processing 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-CND A5C0000072 Condition Generation 
CRM-ACP XCQ0000011 Account Planning 
CRM-PCC-GEN A4C0000015 Generic Functions 
CRM-ACE ABC0000081 Access Control Engine 
CRM-BF-ACI AEC0000362 Actions 
CRM-BTX-GWI A7G0000048 Groupware Integration (Client) 
CRM-BTX-ACT-ARE A5C0000157 Activity Journals 
CRM-BTX-COI-SRV A4C0000233 Controlling Integration Service 
CRM-IC-ADR A6G0000045 Adjustment Requests in Interaction Center 
CRM-MKT-PRP-CRS AEC0000040 Cross-Selling 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR A4C0000302 Operative Reporting 
CRM-ANA-BOJ A0G0000091 CRM Analytics Business Objects 
CRM-ANA-BOJ-UI A0G0000092 CRM Analytics Business Objects UI 
CRM-ANA-BOJ-CNT A0G0000093 CRM Analytics Business Objects Content 
CRM-IM-IPM-BW PLC0000075 Connection to BW 
CRM-ANA-OR-RUI A7G0000033 Runtime UI 
CRM-BTX-BF-ATP PFC0000076 Availability Check 
CRM-BTX-CTR AEC0000344 Contracts 
CRM-BTX-SRQ PNE0000025 Service Request 
CRM-BF-ATT A5C0000242 Additional Attributes for Objects 
CRM-IC-CHA A4C0000067 Communication Channels 
CRM-BE-BD PIC0000008 Billing Document 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF PFC0000081 R/3 Interface for Business Transactions 
CRM-BTX-BF-BPL AEC0000364 Billing Plan 
CRM-BTX-BRQ A5C0000264 Billing Request 
CRM-BTX-BF-BRF A5C0000189 Integration Business Rules Framework in the Bus. Transaction 
CRM-BTX-ANA-OR A4C0000090 Operative Reporting 
CRM-BTX-ACT-ACS A5C0000156 Activity Scheduling 
CRM-BF-PCE A4C0000228 People-Centric UI Extensions 
CRM-BF-COU A4C0000231 Counter 
CRM-IA A4C0000101 Automotive 
CRM-CHM A4C0000165 Channel Management 
CRM-BF-COM PIC0000006 Content Management 
CRM-LAM-BTX-CTR AEC0000347 Quotation and Contract 
CA-GTF-PCF ABC0000051 People Centric UI Framework 
CRM-MKT-ML AEC0000027 Direct Mailing 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CAL A4C0000139 Marketing Calendar 
CRM-MD-BP-PCU PLC0000032 People-Centric UI (Business Partner) 
CRM-IU-S PIC0000096 Utilities Industry: Sales 
CRM-IFS-BTX-FS A5C0000052 Financial Service: Request and Quotation 
CRM-CHM-PAM A4C0000166 Account Management for Partners 
CRM-CHM-HOM A4C0000168 Hosted Order Management 
CRM-IC-CAL A4C0000055 Call List Execution and Maintenance 
CRM-MD-CON-PC PLC0000141 PC-UI of Condition Master Data Maintenance 
CRM-IC-EMS-CAT A5C0000012 Categories 
CRM-IC-EMS-RUL A4I0000004 Rule Maintenance 
CRM-IFS-CMG A5C0000282 Case Management for Financial Service 
CRM-IFS-MD-BP A5C0000046 Business Partner 
CRM-LAM PLC0000065 CRM Leasing 
CRM-IFS A5C0000044 Financial Services 
CRM-IPS-BTX-AGR A5C0000209 Grantor Agreement 
CRM-IPS-BTX-APL A5C0000208 Grantor Application 
CRM-IPS-BTX A5C0000207 Business Transaction 
CRM-BTX-BF-FIN AEC0000365 Financing 
CRM-MD-LI-PC A5C0000148 PC UI for Listing Maintenance 
CRM-BF-ML PLC0000131 E-Mail Management 
CRM-MKT-MPL-DEF A4C0000153 Customer Defaults 
CRM-BTX-LEA AEC0000473 Lead Management 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST AEC0000028 Basic Functions 
CRM-MKT-PRP AEC0000026 Product Proposals 
CRM-MKT-SEG AEC0000025 Segmentation 
CRM-MD-PPR AEC0000404 Partner/Product Range 
CRM-MD-SDB PFC0000018 Solution Database 
CRM-BF-WFI PLC0000132 Workflow Inbox PC-UI 
CRM-RPL-SRV-QUA A5C0000275 PC UI Qualification Catalog 
CRM-BTX-BF-MF A6G0000036 Business Transaction Maintenance Framework 
CRM-BTX-OPP PFC0000040 Opportunities 
CRM-BTX-CTR-CCO AEC0000345 Sales Contract 
CRM-BTX-SLO-QUT AEC0000348 Customer Inquiries / Quotations 
CRM-MD-BAH A6G0000046 Billing Account Hierarchies 
CRM-MD-TM A4C0000221 Territory Management 
CRM-MD-BP-IF A4C0000003 Data Exchange CRM Online <-> R/3 
CRM-MSA-BP PFC0000048 Business Partner 
CRM-ISH AG30000021 CRM integration with IS-H 
CRM-BTX-BF-CU PFC0000074 Customizing for Business Transactions 
CA-MDG-APP BTD0000213 Applications 
CRM-MD-BP-TDA A4C0000222 Periodically Valid Appointment Rules 
CRM-ANA-RPL-TGT A4C0000334 Miscellaneous Data Targets in CRM 
CRM-ANA-EXT AEC0000407 Extraction Technology 
CRM-ANA-MKT-SEG AEC0000409 BW Interfaces for Segment Builder 
CRM-ANA-RPL-ADS A4C0000333 Analytical Data Storage 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO AEC0000346 Service Contract 
CRM-BTX-BF-CD A5C0000187 Campaign Determination, Multiple Promotions 
CRM-ISR A0G0000211 Retail 
CRM-ANA-SRV-BW A4C0000322 BW Data Exchange 
CRM-BF-CM AEC0000361 Credit Management 
CRM-PCC A4C0000014 People-Centric CRM (CRM Portal Content) 
CRM-BTX-SVO PFC0000042 Service Order 
CRM-PCC-KM A4C0000016 Knowledge Management 
CRM-MD-PAC A6G0000031 Package Interlinkage Maintenance 
CRM-CLA A7G0000014 Claims Management 
CRM-MD-BP-MDF-CPH PNE0000072 MDF Channel Partner Hierarchy 
CRM-CHM-CSR A4C0000169 Collaborative Showroom 
CRM-CHM-PCT A4C0000167 Partner Product Catalog and Price Management 
CRM-LAM-BF PLC0000068 Basic Functions 
CRM-CIC-REP AEC0000390 Reporting 
CRM-CIC-CAM AEC0000388 Campaign Execution 
CRM-CIC-INB PIC0000013 Installed Base 
CRM-CIC-BTX-SLO AEC0000394 Sales Transaction 
CRM-CIC-BTX-SVO AEC0000397 Service Process 
CRM-CIC-PRO-INF AEC0000386 Product Information   
CRM-CLA-BI A7G0000017 BI Integration 
CRM-CLA-CCB A9G0000011 Chargeback Claims 
CRM-CLA-CCR A0G0000033 Chargeback Recovery 
CRM-CLA-CPP A7G0000022 Prepayment 
CRM-CLA-CSD A7G0000015 Claim Submission 
CRM-CLA-CSR A7G0000016 Claim 
CRM-CLA-TAX A0G0000036 Claims Taxation 
CRM-CLA-RES A7G0000024 Reservation 
CRM-CLA-VWS A7G0000025 Validation Sheet 
CRM-MW-CC ABC0000071 Client Copy 
CRM-IC A4C0000041 Interaction Center WebClient 
CRM-MD-CON A5C0000136 Condition Technique 
CRM-BF-PR A5C0000137 Pricing 
CRM-BTX-COM AEC0000349 Complaints / Returns / In-House Repair 
CRM-IC-ADR-ERP A0G0000001 Dispute Management ERP 
WEC-APP-SRV-COM A0G0000077 Web Channel Complaints and Returns 
CRM-BTX-CTR-CB AG30000071 Consumption Billing 
CRM-BTX-BF-PR PIC0000033 Pricing Interface 
CRM-BTX-BF-CFG PFC0000077 Product Configuration 
CRM-BTX-SCO AEC0000501 Service Confirmation 
CRM-BTX-BF-ENT A5C0000288 Integration of Entitlement Management 
CRM-MKT-DAM-OTH A5C0000027 Other 
CRM-MKT-DAM-REP A5C0000026 Reporting 
CRM-BF-DAM A0G0000111 Third party Digital Asset Management integration 
CRM-MKT-DAM-AQ A5C0000023 Asset Qualification 
CRM-MKT-DAM-RGH A5C0000025 Rights 
CRM-MKT-DAM-AD A5C0000019 Distribution 
CRM-RPL-PRP A4C0000252 Project Resource Planning 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF-HIF AG30000033 High Performance Application Interface 
WEC-APP-PCT A0G0000069 Web Channel Product Catalog 
CRM-BF-TMS AG30000041 Integration to Transportation Management 
CRM-BF-DAT AEC0000363 Date Management 
CRM-MD-DQA PNE0000001 Data Quality Administration 
CRM-RPL-SRV-RPT AEC0000359 Resource Planning Tool 
CRM-LOY-PRG PNE0000049 Program 
CRM-IT-BI A6G0000047 Integration to Billing System 
CRM-IT PIC0000097 Telecommunications 
CRM-WA A0G0000101 Waste Management 
CRM-BF-E2C PNE0000171 CRM on Email 
CA-HR PAB0000011 Cross-Application Objects in HR 
CRM-IC-EMS A5C0000001 E-Mail Response Management System 
CRM-IC-CHA-EMA A4C0000069 E-Mail Integration 
CRM-IC-UNI PLC0000063 Agent Inbox 
CRM-IC-EMS-MON A4I0000006 Monitoring 
CRM-BTX-ERP A5C0000191 BSP for ERP Sales Order 
CRM-ISE PFC0000044 Internet Service 
CRM-BTX-KA PNE0000024 Knowledge Article 
CRM-IC-HCM A0G0000132 Personnel Administration 
CRM-IC-TUI A0G0000095 Task-based User Interface 
CRM-IIN A0G0000011 Insurance 
CRM-LOY PNE0000041 Loyalty 
CRM-FM A7G0000002 Funds Management 
CRM-BTX-SLO-QUT-PMM A2G0000021 Quotations Price and Margin Management Integration 
CRM-BF-BRF-RM PNE0000007 BRF Plus Rule Modeller 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM A9G0000018 Trade Promotion Management 
CRM-IU PIC0000094 Utilities Industry 
CRM-IU-BI A0G0000172 Utilities Industry: Billing, Budget Billing 
WEC A0G0000039 Web Channel 
CRM-PCC-FCT A5C0000031 Fact Sheet 
CRM-IC-FCA A4C0000156 Financial Contract Accounting 
CRM-FCA A4C0000172 CRM Integration for ERP Billing in Current Account 
CRM-BTX-BF-AU AEC0000343 Authorization Check 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-KFP AEC0000029 Key Figure Planning 
CRM-LAM-BF-FIM PLC0000070 Financial Mathematics 
CRM-FM-ACL A7G0000004 Accruals 
CRM-FM-AVC A7G0000008 Availability Control 
CRM-FM-BER A7G0000007 Budget Expiration 
CRM-FM-BFW A7G0000012 Batch Framework 
CRM-FM-BPO A7G0000006 Budget Posting 
CRM-FM-CBK A7G0000011 Checkbook 
CRM-FM-FND A7G0000003 Fund Plans and Funds 
CRM-FM-FPO A7G0000009 Fund Posting 
CRM-FM-FU A7G0000005 Fund Usages 
CRM-FM-SRV A7G0000010 External Services 
CRM-FM-LR A0G0000186 Live Rates Planning 
CRM-FM-LR-TPM A0G0000187 Live Rates Planning for Trade Promotion Management 
CRM-IFS-BTX A5C0000051 Business Transaction 
CRM-IFS-BF A5C0000048 Basic Functions 
CRM-LAM-BTX PLC0000072 Business Transaction Leasing 
CRM-LAM-BTX-LAE PLC0000074 Connection to Accounting 
CRM-IFS-SRV AG30000012 Services for Banking Business objects 
CRM-IFS-BF-BRF A5C0000050 Business Rules Framework 
CRM-IFS-BTX-CL A5C0000054 Security System Connection 
CRM-IFS-BF-DOC A5C0000049 Document Templates 
CRM-IFS-FST AG30000011 Financial Statement 
CRM-LAM-BF-PR PLC0000069 Pricing 
CRM-IFS-BTX-LS A5C0000053 Loan System Connection 
CRM-BF-GC A0G0000032 Gift Certificate Management 
CRM-HH A4C0000081 Handheld 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-CAT PIC0000074 Data Exchange Categories 
CRM-IPS-ICM PNE0000131 Investigative Case Management 
CRM-IPS-ICM-ACT PNE0000035 Activities 
CRM-IPS-ICM-BP PNE0000036 Business Partners 
CRM-IPS-ICM-CMG PNE0000037 Cases and Leads 
CRM-IPS-ICM-REC PNE0000040 Records Management 
CRM-IPS-ICM-REL PNE0000039 Relationships and Reliability 
CRM-IPS-ICM-OBJ PNE0000034 Objects 
CRM-IPS-ICM-OPR PNE0000132 Operation 
CRM-IPS-ICM-LOC PNE0000038 Locations 
CRM-ISE-COM A4C0000005 Complaints and Returns 
CRM-IM PIC0000098 Media 
CRM-IC-ALT A4C0000064 Alert 
CRM-IC-ARD A4C0000065 Documents 
CRM-IC-SLO A4C0000052 Sales Order 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-LOB A0G0000096 Linked Object for Service Request Management 
CRM-IC-SEA A4C0000044 Account Identification 
CRM-IC-BF-CAT A5C0000181 Categorization 
CRM-IC-BF A5C0000178 Basic Functions for Business Transactions 
CRM-IC-SOL A4C0000047 Solution Search 
CRM-IC-SLO-ERP A5C0000185 in ERP 
CRM-IC-INB A5C0000316 Installed Base 
CRM-IC-CHA-IM A0G0000089 Instant Messaging Integration 
CRM-IC-INR A4C0000048 Interaction Record 
CRM-IC-CAM A4C0000058 Campaign Execution 
CRM-IC-SCR A4C0000063 Scripting 
CRM-IC-ACO PNE0000031 Accounting 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-INC PNE0000027 Incident Management 
CRM-IC-PUR A0G0000221 Procurement 
CRM-IC-OBJ A4C0000238 Individual Objects 
CRM-IC-CMG A4C0000155 Case Management 
CRM-IC-COM A4C0000056 Complaint 
CRM-IC-BF-DC A5C0000182 Document Flow 
CRM-IC-FOL A4C0000050 Follow-Up Activities 
CRM-IC-LEA A5C0000183 Lead Management 
CRM-IC-BF-PAR A5C0000179 Partner Processing 
CRM-IC-PRO A4C0000046 Products 
CRM-IC-SVO A4C0000053 Service Order 
CRM-IC-BF-TM A5C0000180 Text Management 
CRM-IC-WKL A4C0000059 My Worklist 
CRM-IC-ASN A6G0000011 Business Transaction Assignments 
CRM-IC-CFA A4C0000045 Customer Fact Sheet 
CRM-IC-BRO A4C0000066 Broadcast Messaging 
CRM-IC-CHA-LET A5C0000029 Letter Integration 
CRM-IC-RTD A7G0000041 Real-Time Decisioning 
CRM-IC-PRV A6G0000043 Provider Transactions in Interaction Center 
CRM-IC-SLO-CRM A5C0000184 in CRM 
CRM-BTX-BF-SVY PLC0000121 Survey 
CRM-IC-MDB A4C0000042 Manager Dashboard 
CRM-IC-ACC A4C0000049 Activity Clipboard 
CRM-IIN-BTX A0G0000012 Business Transactions 
CRM-IIN-BTX-APP A0G0000014 Application 
CRM-IIN-BTX-CLA A0G0000015 Claim 
CRM-IIN-BTX-CLN A0G0000013 Claim Notification 
CRM-IIN-MD-PRO A0G0000019 Product 
CRM-IC-BE A6G0000044 Billing Documents in Interaction Center 
CRM-IA-IC A4C0000102 Automotive Interaction Center 
CRM-IM-IPM-BF A4C0000105 Basic Functions 
CRM-IM-IPM-RO-ROO A4C0000109 Outgoing Royalties 
CRM-IM-IPM-BTX A4C0000107 Business Transactions Licensing 
CRM-IM-IPM-BTX-CON A4C0000164 License Usage Confirmation 
CRM-IM-IPM-RIN A4C0000106 Rights Inventory Analysis 
CRM-IM-IPM-MD A4C0000104 Master Data 
CRM-ISA-TEC PIC0000037 Technical Infrastructure 
CRM-ISA-PER A4C0000134 Personalization 
CRM-ISR-MD A0G0000212 Master Data 
CRM-IT-BTX AEC0000374 Business Transaction 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI A6G0000038 Provider Transactions 
CRM-BTX-PRV A6G0000037 Provider Transactions 
CRM-IT-PRO AEC0000405 Technical Data / Objects 
CRM-IC-CI A2G0000011 Bill presentment in ICWebClient without persisting in CRM 
CRM-IU-XC A0G0000171 Cross Components 
CRM-IU-S-CI A4I0000021 Utilities Industry: Commercial and Industrial Customers 
CRM-IU-DSM A2G0000001 Demand Side Management 
CRM-IU-DSM-AGR A2G0000004 DSM - Agreement 
CRM-IU-DSM-APL A2G0000003 DSM - Application 
CRM-IU-DSM-PRG A2G0000002 DSM - Program 
CRM-IU-IC A4I0000022 Utilities Industry: Interaction Center 
CRM-IU-MD A0G0000163 Utilties Industry: Master Data 
CRM-IU-BTX-MC A0G0000170 Utilties Industry BTX: Market Communication 
CRM-IU-MR A0G0000173 Utilities Industry: Meter Reading 
CRM-IU-IC-IO A0G0000174 Utilities Industry: Identification, Overviews 
CRM-IU-MD-TO A0G0000165 Utilities Industry: Technical Objects 
CRM-IU-MD-PRO A0G0000164 Utilities Industry: Product 
CRM-BF-JOB PNE0000010 Job Monitor 
AP-PRC-PR PFC0000020 Pricing 
CRM-MD-LI A5C0000016 Listings 
CRM-BTX-BF-LI A5C0000188 Integration of Lists in the Business Transaction 
CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY A0G0000054 Loyalty Marketing 
CRM-LOY-MSH-CRD A0L0000013 Loyalty Membership Cards 
CRM-BF-BRF-RE PNE0000006 BRF Plus Rule Engine 
CRM-LOY-OUT A0L0000021 Loyalty Outbound Correspondence 
CRM-LOY-BTX-SLO A0G0000152 Loyalty Sales Transaction 
CRM-RPL-SRV A4C0000135 Service Resource Planning 
CRM-BTX-SPL A5C0000263 Service Plan 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-CHP A5C0000269 Change Processes 
CRM-HH-HSA PFC0000038 Handheld Sales 
CRM-BTX-BF-INV A5C0000286 Investigation 
CRM-MKT-SEG-PRF AEC0000036 Profiles 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA A4C0000140 Campaign Automation 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-MOD A4C0000141 Graphical Modeling 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-EXE A4C0000144 Execution 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-BRE A4C0000142 Maintenance of Branching Elements 
CRM-MKT-EAL A4C0000023 External List Management 
CRM-MKT-FRW-IBM A2G0000042 Marketing IBOM Framework 
CRM-MKT-FRW-OL A2G0000041 Marketing Object Layer Framework 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-PAR A5C0000196 Partner Processing 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-EXE PFC0000111 Campaign Execution 
CRM-MKT-MP PNE0000161 Marketing Prospect 
CRM-MKT-SEG-TGR AEC0000037 Target Groups 
CRM-MKT-SEG-IEX AEC0000039 Interface Execution 
CRM-MKT-SEG-PTM AEC0000035 Profile Templates 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-ENH A4C0000151 Customer Enhancements 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MDF A9G0000015 Marketing Development Funds 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-CFI A9G0000022 Claims and Funds Integration for TPM 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CPG A0G0000183 Marketing Planning and Campaign Management 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-RTD A0G0000020 Real Time Offer Management Integration 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-BAS A4C0000145 Basic Data 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-AGR A9G0000019 Agreements 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CPG-WCM A0G0000271 Web Content Management 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-CAU A9G0000014 Causals 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-SRV A0G0000182 Services 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-MAS PFC0000110 Mass Change 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-ERP AEC0000032 ERP Interface 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-SEG A4C0000147 Segment Assignment 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-VOC A0G0000134 Voucher/Coupon 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-PPG A9G0000020 Promotion Guidelines 
CRM-MKT-MPL-SP AG30000091 Scenario Planner 
CRM-MKT-SEG-FPR A4C0000022 Follow-Up Processing w/o Campaigns 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-IND A4C0000043 Indirect Relationship 
CRM-ANA-MKT-BW A4C0000326 Data Extraction for BW 
CRM-MKT-SEG-ITP AEC0000038 Interface Third Party 
CRM-MKT-CRR A9G0000031 Campaign Response Recording 
CRM-BF-IO A4I0000011 Interaction Object 
CRM-MKT-PRP-TNP AEC0000041 Top n Products 
CRM-MKT-WF A4C0000154 Workflow 
CRM-MT-FW-BOL PFC0000114 Business Object Layer 
CRM-BF-OFI AEC0000531 Determination of Organizational Units 
CRM-BTX-BF-DUP PNE0000021 Deduplicate One Order Objects 
CRM-CHM-LEA PLC0000104 Lead Management with Partners 
CRM-CIC-PRO-PRO AEC0000387 Product Proposals 
XAP-OSP /OSP/KP80000001 Office Suite Program 
CRM-CHM-CAM A6G0000001 Campaign Management with Partners 
CRM-ANA-PPM PLE0000001 Pipeline Performance Management 
CRM-ANA-PPM-BOL PLE0000003 Business Object Layer 
CRM-ANA-PPM-QP PFC0000112 Quota Planning 
CRM-ANA-PPM-IL PLE0000004 Interaction Layer 
CRM-ANA-PPM-UI PLE0000002 User Interface 
CRM-MD-PRO-CAT PIC0000062 Hierarchies and Categories 
CRM-BTX-BF-PP PNE0000022 Product Proposal 
CRM-LAM-MD-FPR PLC0000067 Financing Product 
CRM-IFS-MD-PRO A5C0000047 Financial Service (Product) 
CRM-IFS-MD A5C0000045 Master Data 
CRM-MD-PRO-WTY A5C0000086 Warranties 
CRM-IPS-MD-PSO A5C0000088 Contract Object 
CRM-IPS-BTX-SDP A0G0000037 Social Deduction Plan 
CRM-IPS-BTX-DBA AG30000001 Decision Basis - Social Services 
CRM-IPS-BTX-SOA A6G1000001 Social Application 
WEC-APP-CI-REV A0G0000249 Web Channel Reviews & Ratings 
CRM-RB-AG ABC0000094 Rebate Agreement 
CRM-HH-HSE PFC0000068 Handheld Service 
CRM-BTX-ANA PFC0000078 Operative Reporting and BW Analyses 
CRM-CIC-BRT AEC0000402 Business Routings 
CRM-RPL-GWI A4C0000010 Groupware Integration 
CRM-IU-RTD A0G0000292 Real Time Offer Management for Utilities 
CRM-ANA-RT A4C0000138 Intelligence Connector (Real-time Analytics) 
CRM-BF-SAF A4C0000085 Software Agent Framework 
CRM-MSP PNE0000111 Mobile Smartphone 
CRM-BTX-BF-CAT A5C0000260 Categorization and Reference Object in Transactions 
CRM-BTX-BF-LOG A5C0000261 ERP Interface for Logistics Integration 
CRM-BTX-SVO-QUT A4C0000087 Service Inquiries / Quotations 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-SLA PNE0000030 Service Level Management 
CRM-ISE-WBF AEC0000504 Web Forms 
CRM-ISE-SRE AEC0000350 Service Request 
CRM-MKT-SOC-CPG AG30000031 HPA Integration with CRM Marketing Campaign Mgmt via SAP JAM 
CRM-BF-SMS AG30000061 Short Message Service 
CRM-IC-SMC AG30000032 Social Media Cockpit in Interaction Center 
CRM-ANA-SRV A4C0000321 Service Analytics 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-BF-CKL A0G0000133 Checklist for Services 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-BF PNE0000026 Basic Functions 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-PRB PNE0000028 Problem Management 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-RFC PNE0000029 Change Management 
CRM-BTX-PSL A4C0000132 Product Service Letter 
CRM-BF-SWI AG30000007 Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM 
CRM-BF-TAX PFC0000022 Tax Determination 
CRM-ITT-ETC PNE0000062 Electronic Toll Collection 
CRM-ITT-ETC-BTX PNE0000064 Business Transaction 
CRM-ITT-ETC-IC PNE0000063 Interaction Center 
CRM-ISR-MD-PRO A0G0000214 Product 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO A5C0000266 Usage-Based Service Contract 
CRM-BTX-BF-TA A9G0000051 Transaction Analyzer 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO PLC0000037 Pool Contract 
CRM-BTX-BF-VOL A5C0000258 Usage Volumes 
CRM-BTX-BF-STA A5C0000287 Status Management in the Business Transaction 
CRM-BTX-BF-FCP A5C0000259 Calculation-Free Periods 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-PCL A5C0000268 Pool Assignment 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SAA A5C0000192 Sales Agreement 
CRM-CHM-PAR PLC0000106 Account and Contact Management for Partners 
CRM-IFS-UI PNE0000093 User Interface 
CRM-IIN-MD A0G0000017 Master Data 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MDF-INI A9G0000017 Initiatives & Templates 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MDF-PC A9G0000016 Programs & Campaigns 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CPG-FMI A0G0000184 Funds Management Integration 
CRM-IPH-CB ABC0000114 Chargebacks 
CRM-IHT-PP ABC0000108 Price Protection 
CRM-BF-KNO PLC0000101 Knowledge Search 
CRM-BTX-TOU A5C0000158 Route Planning 
CRM-IU-M PIC0000095 Utilities Industry: Marketing 
WEC-APP A0G0000044 Web Channel: Applications 
WEC-APP-MKT A0G0000083 Web Channel Marketing 
WEC-APP-PCT-CRM A0G0000251 Web Channel Product Catalog - CRM 
WEC-APP-LOY A0G0000084 Web Channel Loyalty Management 
WEC-APP-SLS-OUT A0G0000233 Web Channel Sales Checkout 
WEC-APP-COL A0G0000070 Web Channel Collaborative Software 
WEC-APP-UM A0G0000068 Web Channel: User Management and Customer Profile 
WEC-APP-SLS-CRM A0G0000072 WebChannel Sales using CRM Sales 
WEC-APP-SRV-INB A0G0000081 Web Channel Installed Base 
WEC-APP-SLS A0G0000071 Web Channel Sales Application 
WEC-IS-T-MAC A0G0000245 Web Channel Telco Change Processes (MACD) 
WEC-APP-KM A0G0000097 Web Channel Knowledge Management Integration 
WEC-APP-PAY A0G0000234 Web Channel: Basic Functions - Payment Method 
WEC-APP-BIL A0G0000235 Web Channel Billing 
WEC-APP-PER A0G0000236 Web Channel Personalisation 
WEC-APP-SRV-SCO A0G0000076 Web Channel Service Contract 
WEC-APP-SRV-SRE A0G0000075 Web Channel Service Request Management 
WEC-IS-R A0G0000242 Web Channel Retail 
WEC-WCB A0G0000038 Web Channel Builder 
CRM-RPL PFC0000033 Resource Planning for Personnel Resources 
CRM-RPL-SRV-GIS PNE0000052 Resource Planning GIS Integration 
CA-DMS HLB0006401 Document Management System 
CRM-BF-IIA PFC0000029 Interactive Intelligent Agent 
PM-EQM-SF-WA HLA0001592 Warranties 
SRM-EBP-TEC-ITS A3C0000012 ITS und Web Files 
CA-GTF-IC-SOL PAB0000017 Knowledge Search 
CA-EUR-CNV HLB0100273 Local Currency Changeover 
FIN-FSCM-BC-SB A4C0000211 Biller Consolidator Service Billing 
FI HLA0009200 Financial Accounting 
FI-FM-PO HLA0100008 Postings 
FI-FM-IS HLA0006535 Information System 
FI-AP-AP HLA0006511 Basic Functions 
FS-BP KFM0000891 Business Partner 
FI-GL HLA0009201 General Ledger Accounting 
PS-MAT HLA0006684 Material 
CA-GTF-IC-CHA PAB0000006 Communication Channel 
CA-GTF-CSC ABA0000141 Country-Specific Objects 
CO-OM-ABC HLA0009441 Activity-Based Costing 
PS-CAF-ACT HLA0006826 Actual Payments and Forecast 
CO-OM HLA0009408 Overhead Cost Controlling 
PS-IS-REP-ACC HLA0006691 Accounting 
EC-PCA-BS HLA0009461 Basic Settings 
PS-COS-PLN-CAL HLA0001565 Costing 
CO-OM-PRO-PL-CP HLA0001418 Cost Planning in the WBS 
PP HLA0009520 Production Planning and Control 
PP-FLW HLA0003899 Flow Manufacturing 
CRM-LOY-MA PNE0000045 Member Activity 
CRM-LOY-ENG A0L0000022 Loyalty Processing Engine 
CRM-LOY-CO PNE0000042 Core 
CRM-LOY-INT-POS A0L0000016 Loyalty POS Integration 
CRM-LOY-MEM PNE0000046 Member 
CRM-LOY-MSH PNE0000047 Membership 
CRM-LOY-PA PNE0000048 Point Account 
CRM-LOY-PSH A0L0000011 Loyalty Partnership 
CRM-LOY-INT A0L0000014 Loyalty Integration 
CRM-MT-MAS-ARS PFC0000108 Application Repository System 
MM-SRV HLA0006033 External Services 
PP-REM HLA0006240 Repetitive Manufacturing 
PP-MRP HLA0009524 Material Requirements Planning 
LO-MD HLA0006434 Logistics Basic Data 
PP-MP-DEM HLA0006430 Demand Management 
PP-SOP-DRP HLA0006235 Distribution Requirements Planning 
SD-BF-AC HLA0006562 Availability Check 
MM-IM-VP HLA0009514 Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures 
CRM-MSA-EMP PFC0000061 Employees 
CRM-MSA-TER PIC0000015 Territory Management 
CRM-BF-EEW PIC0000032 Easy Enhancement Workbench 
BC-SRV-COM-TEL HLB0100217 Telephone Connection 
CRM-AUD A5C0000166 Audit Management (CRM Connection) 
QM-IM HLA0009542 Quality Inspection 
CRM-BF-CAT AEC0000366 Catalogs 
CRM-ANA-MSA-WBI AEC0000408 Workbook Import from BW 
CRM-MW-CCO ABC0000011 Client Console 
CRM-MW-MON ABC0000007 Monitoring 
CRM-MW-ASC ABC0000005 ASCII-Adapter 
CRM-MW-KGN ABC0000021 Key Generation 
CRM-MW-ADM ABC0000001 Administration Console 
CRM-MW-SPM ABC0000041 EBP/CRM Support Package Manager 
BC-SRV-GBT-CAL HLB0100381 Appointment Calendar 
PP-PI-PDO HLA0006254 Process Data Documentation 
LO-BM HLA0009761 Batches 
LE-TRA-FC HLA0100740 Freight Processing 
SD-BF-PR HLA0006561 Pricing and Conditions 
SRM-EBP-MOB PFC0000071 Mobile Procurement 
WEC-FRW A0G0000031 Web Channel Framework 
CA-NO BIO0000031 Messages 
CRM-RPL-ICS A4C0000008 Interaction Center Agent Scheduling 
LO-MDS ALR0000095 Merchandise Distribution 
LO-ADM I020004207 Additionals Management 
BC-BMT-WFM HLB0009014 SAP Business Workflow