SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-LAM-BTX-CTR (Quotation and Contract)
Basic Data
Application Component AEC0000347  
Application Component ID CRM-LAM-BTX-CTR  
Short Description   Quotation and Contract  
First Release Date 20000608 
First Release   46D 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_BSP_FINANCE_DFRQ Dealer Financing Request 
CRM_FINANCE_INDIVIDUAL_OBJECT Individual Objects in Financing Transactions 
CRM_FINANCE_TAX CRM Tax Calculation 
CRM_FINANCING_PROFILE Financing Profile Customizing 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_ACC_IMPL Financial Services: Implement Chg. Processes for Accounting 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_BRF Financial Services: BRF Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_BRF_ACTION Financial Services: Change Processes for BRF Actions 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CANCEL Financial Services: Cancellation Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_COA Financial Services: COA Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CPE Financial Services: Core Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CPE_API Financial Services: Change Processes Core API 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CPE_BOL Financial Services: Change Processes in BOL 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CPE_IMPL Financial Services: Implementing Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CPE_UI Financial Services: Change Processes User Interface 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_CUST Financial Services: Customizing Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_INCEPTION Financial Services: Contract Inception Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_MAIN Financial Services: Change Processes 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_OPTION Financial Services: Change Process Options 
CRM_FS_CHANGE_TOOLS Financial Services: Change Processes for Int. Tool Modules 
CRM_FS_TQ_API_INBOUND FS: Offer to Terminate APIs That Can Be Called Externally 
CRM_FS_TQ_API_OUTBOUND FS: Offer to Terminate Calling of External Components 
CRM_FS_TQ_BASIC FS: General Functions for Termination Quotation 
CRM_FS_TQ_MAIN Financial Services: Offer to Terminate FI Integration 
CRM_FS_TQ_PROC FS: Offer to Terminate Processing 
CRM_FS_TQ_PROC_IMPL FS: Offer to Terminate Processing for Implementation 
CRM_LEASING_AFA Depreciation Determination 
CRM_LEASING_BBP_IV Leasing: CRM/BBP Invoice Verification 
CRM_LEASING_CAI_TOOL CAI Tool for Pricing in Lease 
CRM_LEASING_CALC_PRESENT_VAL CRM Leasing: Functions for Calculating Net Present Value 
CRM_LEASING_CHANGE Changes to Leases - Generate Follow-On Documents 
CRM_LEASING_COPY Mid-Lease Changes 
CRM_LEASING_COPY_CONTR Leasing Copy Control 
CRM_LEASING_CRMBBP Leasing Components that Access CRM and BPP Simultaneously 
CRM_LEASING_DATE_CHECKS Date Type Checks for Leasing 
CRM_LEASING_FIELDCHECK Changeability Dependent on Statuses 
CRM_LEASING_GENERATE_FAP Generation of Billing Request Items 
CRM_LEASING_GEN_VAL Validation of Lease 
CRM_LEASING_ITEMCATG_PROFILE Financing Profile in Item Category 
CRM_LEASING_I_BASE IBase Activities 
CRM_LEASING_ROE ROE Calculation for Leasing 
CRM_LEASING_ROE_IF_CON Integration of ROE Tools in Lease 
CRM_LEASING_STATUS Leasing Status Management 
CRM_LEASING_TAKEOVER_TOOLS Tools for Leasing Legacy Data Transfer 
CRM_LEASING_TOOLS Tools for Leasing 
CRM_LEASING_UI Enhancements: User Interface - Leasing Documents 
CRM_LEASING_WO Leasing: Write-Offs: Mass Processing 
CRM_LEAS_COA Generate Certificate of Acceptance 
CRM_LEAS_ORGMAN_TOOLS Additional Tools for Organizational Data 
CRM_LEAS_RATE_TESTS Validations of Payment Schedule of Leases 
CRM_PRIDOC_REQ Pricing on Request 
CRM_R3_PURCHASE_ORDER Distribution of Purchase Orders into R/3 
CRM_SERVICE_1O_EXT_FUELCARD CRM Service: Business Transaction Segment for Fleet Card 
CRM_SERVICE_1O_EXT_MAIN CRM Service: Generated Business Transaction Segments 
CRM_SERVICE_1O_EXT_REPAIR CRM Service: Business Transaction Segment for Repairs/Maint. 
CRM_SERVICE_1O_EXT_TIRE CRM Service: Business Transaction Segment for Tire Service 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   30A