SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-MD (Master Data)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000012  
Application Component ID CRM-MD  
Short Description   Master Data  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-MD-BAH Billing Account Hierarchies  A6G0000046 
CRM-MD-BP Business Partners  PFC0000013 
CRM-MD-BP-BAG Business Agreements  PIC0000001 
CRM-MD-BP-CCP Business Partner Cockpit  PIC0000002 
CRM-MD-BP-DAT CRM Specific Business Partner Data  A4C0000001 
CRM-MD-BP-EMP Integrarion R/3 HR Employees  PIC0000003 
CRM-MD-BP-GRH Group Hierarchy  A4C0000002 
CRM-MD-BP-IF Data Exchange CRM Online <-> R/3  A4C0000003 
CRM-MD-BP-MDF-CPH MDF Channel Partner Hierarchy  PNE0000072 
CRM-MD-BP-ORG Integration Organizational Units  PIC0000004 
CRM-MD-BP-PCU People-Centric UI (Business Partner)  PLC0000032 
CRM-MD-BP-SEA Search  PFC0000113 
CRM-MD-BP-TDA Periodically Valid Appointment Rules  A4C0000222 
CRM-MD-BP-XIF External Interface Business Partner  AEC0000541 
CRM-MD-CON Condition Technique  A5C0000136 
CRM-MD-CON-IF Exchange of Condition Records and Customizing Data  A4C0000004 
CRM-MD-CON-PC PC-UI of Condition Master Data Maintenance  PLC0000141 
CRM-MD-CON-XIF External Interfaces Conditions/Pricing  AEC0000543 
CRM-MD-CPE CPE Master Data in CRM  A5C0000276 
CRM-MD-DQA Data Quality Administration  PNE0000001 
CRM-MD-ESA ESA Services for Master Data  A6G0000032 
CRM-MD-FAQ Auto Suggestion / Frequently Asked Questions  A4C0000084 
CRM-MD-INB Installed Bases  PFC0000017 
CRM-MD-LI Listings  A5C0000016 
CRM-MD-LI-IF Listing Customizing and Data Exchange R/3 and Mobile Sales  A5C0000147 
CRM-MD-LI-PC PC UI for Listing Maintenance  A5C0000148 
CRM-MD-NPL Price List  A4C0000226 
CRM-MD-ORG Organizational Management  PFC0000011 
CRM-MD-PAC Package Interlinkage Maintenance  A6G0000031 
CRM-MD-PCT Product Catalog  PFC0000015 
CRM-MD-PPR Partner/Product Range  AEC0000404 
CRM-MD-PRO Products  PFC0000014 
CRM-MD-PRO-ARC Archiving  A5C0000087 
CRM-MD-PRO-BF Product Basic Functionality  PIC0000063 
CRM-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories  PIC0000062 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF Data Exchange  PIC0000072 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-CAT Data Exchange Categories  PIC0000074 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-PRO Data Exchange Products  PIC0000073 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ Objects  PIC0000071 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-HIS History  A4C0000223 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-IF Data Exchange  A4C0000224 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-ITF Integration Framework  A4C0000225 
CRM-MD-PRO-PCU People-Centric UI (Product)  PLC0000035 
CRM-MD-PRO-SET Set Types and Attributes  PIC0000061 
CRM-MD-PRO-WTY Warranties  A5C0000086 
CRM-MD-PRO-XIF External Interface Product  AEC0000542 
CRM-MD-RB Rebates  A4C0000227 
CRM-MD-SDB Solution Database  PFC0000018 
CRM-MD-SDB-XIF External Interface Solution Database  PIC0000031 
CRM-MD-TM Territory Management  A4C0000221 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ACRM Application Components: Customer Relationship Management 
ACRM_MD CRM Application Components for CRM_MD Objects 
BBPCRM_CONT_MD Analytics Master Data Content (Search & BI) for BBPCRM 
CRM_ACCTGRPPROD Account Assignment Group for Product 
CRM_APPL_LOG_IL Interaction Layer Application Log 
CRM_CRD_GENERIC_BW Generation of Extractors for Object Set Types 
CRM_MD Structure Package for Special CRM Master Data for MDM 
CRM_MD_CPM ACPM: Switch Package for Master Data 
CRM_PACA Payment Card ERM 
CRM_REF_MD ASAP Reference Structure Elements for Master Data 
CRM_UIU_FACTSHEET Common Objects for Factsheet 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A