SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-MD-PRO (Products)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000014  
Application Component ID CRM-MD-PRO  
Short Description   Products  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-MD-PRO-ARC Archiving  A5C0000087 
CRM-MD-PRO-BF Product Basic Functionality  PIC0000063 
CRM-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories  PIC0000062 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF Data Exchange  PIC0000072 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-CAT Data Exchange Categories  PIC0000074 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-PRO Data Exchange Products  PIC0000073 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ Objects  PIC0000071 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-HIS History  A4C0000223 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-IF Data Exchange  A4C0000224 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-ITF Integration Framework  A4C0000225 
CRM-MD-PRO-PCU People-Centric UI (Product)  PLC0000035 
CRM-MD-PRO-SET Set Types and Attributes  PIC0000061 
CRM-MD-PRO-WTY Warranties  A5C0000086 
CRM-MD-PRO-XIF External Interface Product  AEC0000542 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BBPCRM_CONT_MD_PRO Analytics Master Data Pro Content (Search & BI) for BBPCRM 
BBP_PRODUCT Products: General Data on Products in B2B 
BBP_PRODUCT_API Products: APIs for Processing Products in B2B 
BBP_PRODUCT_CATEGORY BBP-Specific Functions for Product Category 
BBP_PRODUCT_CUST Product Master Customizing - BBP 
BBP_PRODUCT_IMG_DOCU EBP Documentation Element Product Master 
COM_IL_CRM_BOM_ERP Bill of Material from ERP 
COM_PRODUCT_BOM Product: Structured Products, Bills of Material 
COM_PRODUCT_BTR Product: Service - Item Category Group 
COM_PRODUCT_MAT Product: General Data on Material-Like Products 
COM_PRODUCT_SERVICE Product: Service - Service Activity 
CRM_BSP_MODEL_IL_PROD Model Implementation: Product Master 
CRM_BSP_MODEL_IL_PROD_SCC Model Implementation: Product Master Category Assignment 
CRM_PRODIL Product Master Interaction Layer 
CRM_PRODIL_BO_INTERLINKAGES Methods for Business Object Interlinkages (Product) 
CRM_PRODIL_BUSINESS_OBJECTS Methods for business objects (product) 
CRM_PRODIL_GENIL Interaction Layer for Product 
CRM_PRODIL_QUERIES Methods for product queries 
CRM_PRODIL_TEST_UI UI for Product BOL Tests 
CRM_PRODUCT Products: General Data for Products in CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_API Products: APIs for Processing Products in CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_CUST Product Master Customizing - CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_CUST_IL Product Master: Interaction Layer Definition 
CRM_PRODUCT_CUST_UI CRM - Specific Customizing for Product Workbench 
CRM_PRODUCT_ES Product: Enterprise Search relevant 
CRM_PRODUCT_EXCHANGE_BUSINESS Returns/Entitlement Processes 
CRM_PRODUCT_EXT Product Extensibility 
CRM_PRODUCT_LINK_PARTNER CRM-Specific Implementation of the Link Product-Partners 
CRM_PRODUCT_LIST_SRV Product: Service - Product Proposal Service Transaction 
CRM_PRODUCT_MAIN Products: General Data for Products in CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_MAPPING Mapping Service of Product Master (CRM-Specific) 
CRM_PRODUCT_MAT_MD Product: General Data on Material-Like Products 
CRM_PRODUCT_MD Product: General Product Data in CRM_MD 
CRM_PRODUCT_OBSOLETE Obsolete Objects in Product Master CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_READ_API Search and Read Functions Product Master 
CRM_PRODUCT_REFOBJ Product: Service - Subject 
CRM_PRODUCT_RREQ Product: Service - Resource Requirement 
CRM_PRODUCT_SALES Product: Sales Data on a Product in CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_SALES_MD Product: Sales Data on a Product in CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_SE eSOA Package for Service Implementation 
CRM_PRODUCT_SEARCH Product: Search APIs for CRM 
CRM_PRODUCT_SEARCH_MD Distribution-Channel-Specific Search 
CRM_PRODUCT_SRVDUR Product: Service - Work Duration 
CRM_PRODUCT_SRVENT Product: Service - Entitlement 
CRM_PRODUCT_SUCRATE Set Type for Success Rate 
CRM_PRODUCT_TAX CRM spezifiache Produktsteuern 
CRM_PRODUCT_UI Product: CRM - Specific Interface Functions 
CRM_PRODUCT_XIPROXY Product master XI connection 
CRM_PRODUCT_XI_PROXY eSOA Package for generated Proxies 
CRM_PROD_PRCAT_CONDITIONS Generic Part for Condition Maintenance for Product Objects 
CRM_PROD_SPL Package for non UI SPL Components 
CRM_SETTYPE_TEMPLATES CRM - Templates for Generating Set Types 
CRM_SETTYPE_TEMPLATES_MD CRM - Templates for Generating Set Types 
CRM_SPL_PRODUCT Product: SPL Pre-Standard 
CRM_UIU_GS_ADDRESS generic adress service 
CRM_UIU_PROD unified user interface for products 
CRM_UIU_PROD_01 Package for Application Sales 
CRM_UIU_PROD_02 Package for Application Service 
CRM_UIU_PROD_CM Package for Content Management (Thumbnail and Attachments) 
CRM_UIU_PROD_COND Package for Conditions 
CRM_UIU_PROD_CONF Package for Configuration 
CRM_UIU_PROD_CP Package for Application Competitor Products 
CRM_UIU_PROD_CUST Package for Customizing Data (DDLBs and Value Helps) 
CRM_UIU_PROD_DC Package for Distribution Chain Component 
CRM_UIU_PROD_FACTSHEET Package for factsheet related objects 
CRM_UIU_PROD_IL Package for Interlinkages 
CRM_UIU_PROD_MISC Miscellaneous 
CRM_UIU_PROD_SPL Package for SPL Components 
CRM_UIU_PROD_SRV Package for Service Settypes Component 
CRM_UIU_PROD_TOOLS Tools for Product Master UIU 
CRM_UIU_PROD_TXT Package for Long Texts 
CRM_UIU_PROD_TXTDC Package for Long Texts (DC dependent) 
CS R/3 Application development: PP Bills of Material 
MGCORE B2R: BAPI Structures 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A