SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-MD-CON-IF (Exchange of Condition Records and Customizing Data)
Basic Data
Application Component A4C0000004  
Application Component ID CRM-MD-CON-IF  
Short Description   Exchange of Condition Records and Customizing Data  
First Release Date 20020325 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AGR_MAP_BASE Master Data Agreements: Basis Exchange 
AGR_MAP_GNRL_CORE Agreements: General Data Exchange 
AGR_MAP_MAST_EXCHANGE Agreements: Master Data Exchange 
CDB_CND_EXC_CUST CDB Customizing DDIC Objects 
CND_CUST_COND_FLOW Customizing Conditions Flow 
CND_EXTRACT_MAST Development Class Extractors Condition Master Data 
CND_MAP_BASE Conditions: Basis Class Exchange 
CND_MAP_BASE_CD Conditions Exchange: Basis for Campaign Determination 
CND_MAP_CUST_CORE Conditions: Customizing Exchange; Special Functions 
CND_MAP_CUST_CORRECTION Conditions: Corrections after Customizing Exchange 
CND_MAP_CUST_INTF Conditions: Customizing Exchange Interfaces 
CND_MAP_EXC_LST Condition data exchange: Addit. functionality for Listing 
CND_MAP_GNRL_CORE Conditions: General Data Exchange 
CND_MAP_GNRL_INTF Conditions: Data Exchange Interfaces 
CND_MAP_MAST_CORE Conditions: Master Data Exchange; Special Functions 
CND_MAP_MAST_CRM_TO_EXT Condition Master Data Mapping Internal CRM Into Ext. Format 
CND_MAP_MAST_CRM_TO_OLTP Conditions Master Data: Conversion CRM 
CND_MAP_MAST_CRM_TO_R3 Converting Condition Master Data from CRM into R3 Model 
CND_MAP_MAST_INTF Conditions: Master Data Exchange; Special Interfaces 
CND_MAP_MAST_INTF_OLTP Conditions Master Data: Interfaces for R/3 Adapter 
CND_MAST_COND_BDOC BDOC's for condition data transfer 
CND_MAST_COND_FLOW Transport of Condition Master Data with CDB Supply 
CND_SERVICES Services for CRM condition objects 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   400