SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-BE (Billing)
Basic Data
Application Component AEC0000500  
Application Component ID CRM-BE  
Short Description   Billing  
First Release Date 20010227 
First Release   610 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-BE-BD Billing Document  PIC0000008 
CRM-BE-BW Connection to BW  PIC0000010 
CRM-BE-DL Billing Due List  PIC0000007 
CRM-BE-FI Transfer to Accounting  PIC0000009 
CRM-BE-FRW Billing Engine Framework  A7G0000001 
CRM-BE-OC Action Processing  PIC0000011 
CRM-BE-XIF External Interface Invoice  AEC0000544 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/BEA/BASICS Basic Cross-Application Functions 
/BEA/DOCU BE - Documentation of Metadata and Objects To Be Generated 
/SAPSLL/IF_CRM Legal Services: PI Functions and PI Services 
BEA_ACC BE Application - Service - Transfer to Financial Accounting 
BEA_ACD BE Application - Service - Enhanced Account Determination 
BEA_BASICS BE Application - Basis 
BEA_CFM Claims & Funds Integration for Settlements 
BEA_CFM_EHP1 Claims Settlements - Switched Package for BF CF_1 
BEA_CLASS_BAS BE Application - Objects Independent of Application Class 
BEA_CLASS_F1 BE Application - Objects of Billing Class 
BEA_DSD External Interface for Billing Documents 
BEA_ESOA Enterprise Services for Billing and Rebates 
BEA_GENERATOR CRM Extensions of BE Framework Generation 
BEA_HUD BE Application - Packaging Data 
BEA_ICV Intercompany Vendor Invoice 
BEA_ICX BE Application - Service - Information Determination 
BEA_ITC_DET BE Application - Item Category Determination 
BEA_LCB Derivation Billing for Contracts 
BEA_MKT BE Application - Service - Marketing Set 
BEA_MWC BE Application - Service - Middleware 
BEA_OFI Determination of Organizational Data 
BEA_PAR BE Application - Service - Partner Processing 
BEA_PPF BE Application - Sercice - Post Processing Framework 
BEA_PRC BE Application - Service - Pricing 
BEA_PYP Billing Payment Plan 
BEA_SDB CRM SD Billing Integration 
BEA_SLL BE Application - Service - Foreign Trade Connection 
BEA_SLS_SRV_EHP1 Billing & Rebates - Switched Package for BF SLS_SRV_1 
BEA_TXT BE Application - Service - Text Processing 
BEA_UOO Service: Upload CRM One Order Documents 
BEA_XIF XIF Connection 
BEM_DATAEXCHANGE BE: Data Exchange via Middleware 
BET_CLASS_BAS BE Application - Templates Independent of Application Class 
BET_CLASS_F1 BE Application - Billing Templates 
BET_CRM_BILLING Obsolete Package from 3.0/3.1 
CND_BEA_CONNECTOR Connecting BEA to Condition Technique 
CND_BEA_DD_CONNECTOR Interface from Data Determination to Condition BEA 
CRM_BE_DLV Connection: Logistics Execution to CRM Billing 
CRM_BILLING_XI_CONTENT CRM Billing: Interface to External Systems Using XI 
CRM_BSP_MODEL_IL_BEA Model Implementation: CRM Billing 
CRM_DARTX CRM Data Archiving & Retention 
CRM_UIU_BEA Unified User Interface for Billing Engine Applications 
CRM_UIU_BEA_BEABD Unified User Interface for Customer Invoice (BEABD) 
CRM_UIU_BEA_BEACRP Unified User Interface for Collective Run Protocol 
CRM_UIU_BEA_BEAUBD Unified User Interface for Central Invoice Search (BEAUBD) 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   30A