SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-BE-FRW (Billing Engine Framework)
Basic Data
Application Component A7G0000001  
Application Component ID CRM-BE-FRW  
Short Description   Billing Engine Framework  
First Release Date 20061213 
First Release   700 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/BEF/CRM_META_ACCESS_LL BE Framework - Access to Metadata (Low Level) 
/BEF/FRAME BE Framework Structure Package 
/BEF/FRAMEWORK Business Engineering Framework 
/BEF/FRAMEWORK_C Business Engineering Framework - Compatibility 
/BEF/FRAMEWORK_T Business Engineering Framework - Tools 
/BEF/FRAME_C BE Framework Structure Package - mySAP Compatibility 
/BEF/GENERATOR BE Framework - Generation Tool 
/BEF/GENERATOR_T BE Framework - Tools 
/BEF/METADATA BE Framework - Metadata 
/BEF/META_ACCESS BE Framework - Access to Metadata 
/BEF/META_ACCESS_API BE Framework - Access to Metadata (External) 
/BEF/META_ACCESS_LL BE Framework - Access to Metadata (Low Level) 
/BEF/META_BASE BE Framework - Basis Definitions 
/BEF/META_DATA BE Framework - Metadata 
/BEF/SERVICES BE Framework - Services (Metadata and Generator) 
/BEF/WORKBENCH BE Framework - Workbench 
BEF_AKH BE Framework - Component Hierarchy 
BEF_APPL BE Framework Customizing - Application 
BEF_APPLCLASS BE Framework Customizing - Application Class 
BEF_APPLCLASS_T BE Framework - Customizing - Application Class 
BEF_BASIS BE Framework Customizing - Basis 
BEF_CHECK BEF Customizing: Consistency Checks 
BEF_CHECK_T BE Framework - Consistency Checks 
BEF_CONTAINER BE Framework Customizing - Container 
BEF_CUSTOMIZING Billing Engine Framework: Metadata (Version 1) 
BEF_CUSTOMIZING_C BE Framework - Customizing 
BEF_CUSTOMIZING_T BE Framework - Customizing 
BEF_CUSTOMIZING_TOOLS BE Framework Customizing - Tools 
BEF_EVENT BE Framework Customizing - Event 
BEF_FEATURE BE Framework Customizing - Feature 
BEF_GENERATOR BE Framework - Generation Tool (Old) 
BEF_GENERATOR_C BE Framework - Generation (Old) 
BEF_GEN_OBJ BE Framework Customizing - Generation Objects 
BEF_INDEX BE Framework Customizing - Index 
BEF_META_BASE BE Framework - Basis Definitions 
BEF_OBJECT BE Framework Customizing - Object 
BEF_SELGROUP BE Framework Customizing - Selection Group 
BEF_SERVICE BE Framework Customizing - Service 
BEF_TOOLS_C BE Framework - Tools 
BEF_USAGE BE Framework Customizing - Usage 
BEF_WORKBENCH BE Framework - Workbench / Navigator 
COM_GENERATOR General Services for Generating Objects 
COM_GENERATOR_S Services for Generating Applications 
COM_GENERATOR_T General Services for Generation - Tools 
GENERIC_SERVICES Generic Services 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   520