SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-BTX-BF (Basic Functions for Business Transactions)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000073  
Application Component ID CRM-BTX-BF  
Short Description   Basic Functions for Business Transactions  
First Release Date 20000211 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-BTX-BF-ACI Actions/Output Determination for Business Transactions  A4C0000271 
CRM-BTX-BF-AL Application Log  PFC0000075 
CRM-BTX-BF-ATP Availability Check  PFC0000076 
CRM-BTX-BF-AU Authorization Check  AEC0000343 
CRM-BTX-BF-BA BAPIs for Business Transactions  PFC0000080 
CRM-BTX-BF-BPL Billing Plan  AEC0000364 
CRM-BTX-BF-BRF Integration Business Rules Framework in the Bus. Transaction  A5C0000189 
CRM-BTX-BF-BTT Business Transaction Template  A4C0000131 
CRM-BTX-BF-CAT Categorization and Reference Object in Transactions  A5C0000260 
CRM-BTX-BF-CD Campaign Determination, Multiple Promotions  A5C0000187 
CRM-BTX-BF-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000077 
CRM-BTX-BF-CPE CPE in the Business Transaction  A5C0000281 
CRM-BTX-BF-CRE Credit  A5C0000257 
CRM-BTX-BF-CU Customizing for Business Transactions  PFC0000074 
CRM-BTX-BF-DUP Deduplicate One Order Objects  PNE0000021 
CRM-BTX-BF-EBI ERP Interface for Billing  A5C0000262 
CRM-BTX-BF-ENT Integration of Entitlement Management  A5C0000288 
CRM-BTX-BF-FCP Calculation-Free Periods  A5C0000259 
CRM-BTX-BF-FIN Financing  AEC0000365 
CRM-BTX-BF-GTS Integration of Global Trade Services  A5C0000190 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF R/3 Interface for Business Transactions  PFC0000081 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF-HIF High Performance Application Interface  AG30000033 
CRM-BTX-BF-INV Investigation  A5C0000286 
CRM-BTX-BF-LI Integration of Lists in the Business Transaction  A5C0000188 
CRM-BTX-BF-LOG ERP Interface for Logistics Integration  A5C0000261 
CRM-BTX-BF-MF Business Transaction Maintenance Framework  A6G0000036 
CRM-BTX-BF-MLC Multiple Level Categories  A0G0000293 
CRM-BTX-BF-PP Product Proposal  PNE0000022 
CRM-BTX-BF-PR Pricing Interface  PIC0000033 
CRM-BTX-BF-SC Integration Solution Configurator to Business Transactions  A6G0000035 
CRM-BTX-BF-STA Status Management in the Business Transaction  A5C0000287 
CRM-BTX-BF-SVY Survey  PLC0000121 
CRM-BTX-BF-TA Transaction Analyzer  A9G0000051 
CRM-BTX-BF-VOL Usage Volumes  A5C0000258 
CRM-BTX-BF-XIF External Interface Business Transaction  AEC0000545 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BAD_ORDER CRM Order: BAD Objects - General Order Processing 
COM_VBX VBX External Communication Batches 
CRM_1O_FRAME Framework One-Order 
CRM_1O_MASS_UPDATE Generic Service for 1O Mass Changes 
CRM_1O_PERSONAL_SETTINGS One Order User Settings 
CRM_1O_TCVARIANT Integration Transaction Variant in Transaction Processing 
CRM_1O_TRANSACTIONS One Order Transactions 
CRM_BATCH CRM Order: Process Batch Properties 
CRM_BTX_EEW CRM Business Transaction Extensions With the EEW 
CRM_BTX_EXTENSION Generic One Order Extensions 
CRM_BTX_SFWS_SEPA_1 Switched Package for SEPA in Business Transaction 
CRM_BULLETINS Create and Display bulletins within CRM Framework 
CRM_COPY CRM Copying Control 
CRM_CUMULATED_I Aggregation of Document Data 
CRM_CUSTOMER_H Customer Enhancement Header 
CRM_CUSTOMER_I Customer Enhancement Item 
CRM_C_ACTIVITY_IL GenIL Customizing Activity Management 
CRM_C_GENERIC_SIMPLE_IL Customizing Generic Simple 
CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_GWA Data Exchange in CRM With Groupware Products 
CRM_DATAEXCHANGE_IFX Infineon: CRM Data Exchange Enhancements 
CRM_DOC_FLOW Document flow 
CRM_EVENT CRM Order: Event Handler 
CRM_EXT_REF External Reference Numbers in the Business Transaction 
CRM_GTS GTS Connection to CRM 
CRM_INCOMPLETENESS Incompletensess in CRM Business Transaction 
CRM_INTLAY CRM: Interaction Layer 
CRM_LINK CRM Order: Link Management 
CRM_NOTIF_FRAMEWORK CRM Notification Framework 
CRM_NOTIF_FRAMEWORK_API API layer for notification framework 
CRM_NOTIF_FRAMEWORK_CORE Core classes for notification framework 
CRM_NOTIF_FRAMEWORK_CUST Customizing for notification framework 
CRM_NOTIF_FRAMEWORK_IL Interaction layer for notification framework 
CRM_NOTIF_FRAMEWORK_UI UI component of notificiation framework 
CRM_ORDER CRM Order: General Order Processing 
CRM_ORDER_CUST Customizing APIs for OneOrder 
CRM_ORDER_EEW CRM Business Transaction Extensions With the EEW 
CRM_ORDER_MD CRM Order: General Order Processing 
CRM_ORDER_PPF_METHODS PPF Methods for Activities in the CRM Order 
CRM_ORDER_SMF CRM Order: Integration into SMF Rule Engine 
CRM_ORDPRP CRM Connection: PPR to One-Order 
CRM_PRODUCT_I_MD CRM Sales Order: Product Processing Item 
CRM_SALESPRO_WB Sales Professional Workbench 
CRM_SCREEN CRM - Screen Sequence Control 
CRM_SERVICE_CLOCKS Calculate durations/thresholds between various events 
CRM_SSC Screen Sequence Control for CRM Transactions 
CRM_STATUS Status Administration in CRM Document 
CRM_UIU_BT_CUST unified CRM UI - customizing services 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN unified CRM UI - generic services 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_ADD_DATA UI package for reusable additional data within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_CHANNEL_ASPECTS Aspectrs of Supported UI Channels 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_EXTREF UIU: External Reference Numbers 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_EXT_FOLLOW_UP UI package for resuable follow up within external doc. to BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_FOLLOW_UP UI package for resuable follow up within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_MASS_CHANGE UI package for resuable mass changes within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_POPUPS Gen. Popup Component for Appl. Log 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_PRODUCT UI package for reusable product within BT 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_USAGE_CUCO UI package for generic CuCos for embedding reuse components 
CRM_UIU_BT_TOOLS do NOT insert objects without approval from pack. resp. !! 
CRM_UIU_CT_INBOX_UI_TRANS UIU package for transactional inbox 
CRM_UIU_C_ACTIVITY UI Customizing Activity Management 
CRM_UIU_C_GENERIC_SIMPLE Customizing Generic Simple 
CRM_UIU_PP Enhancement for Product proposals in CRM/ERP 
CRM_UIU_PRODPROP UI Implementation for product proposals in order 
CRM_USERFACE User Interface One Order 
CRM_WARRANTY_MGNT Warranty Management in CRM Business Transaction 
VAW Internet/Intranet - development in sales 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   12A