SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-CHM-POS (Point of Sale)
Basic Data
Application Component A4C0000170  
Application Component ID CRM-CHM-POS  
Short Description   Point of Sale  
First Release Date 20020918 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CMS_APPLICATION Channel management solution application 
CMS_APPL_COMMON Common package for CMS applications 
CMS_BAPI_STR CMS Package for Common BAPI Structures 
CMS_BFW Package for business framework objects 
CMS_BL Business API's for CMS 
CMS_BRE Business Rule Engine 
CMS_BU CMS : Bill Up Application 
CMS_BUPA_FRG010 CMS Package for BP Additional Attributes 
CMS_BUSINESS_LAYER Channel management solution Business Logic Layer 
CMS_CASCADE Master Data Cascade 
CMS_CASCADE_IC_UI IC UI for Cascade Manager 
CMS_CB Chargeback Application 
CMS_CB_BSP_UI CMS Chargebacks: BSP User interface 
CMS_CB_BUPA_FRG010 CMS CPC Package for BP Additional Attributes 
CMS_CIR Channel Inventory Receipt & Reconciliation Application 
CMS_DRG CMS Design Registration 
CMS_EXTERNAL_DATA External data load 
CMS_EXTRACTS Contract Extracts 
CMS_GENERIC Package for Generic Objects 
CMS_IR Inventory Receipt 
CMS_LO_API Lean order object layer APIs 
CMS_LO_ARCHIVE Archive functionality for LO applications 
CMS_LO_BSP_UI CMS: BSP User interface 
CMS_LO_BW BW Update from LO 
CMS_LO_COMMON Common objects used by Resale Order Framework 
CMS_LO_COMMON_GEN Generated objects used by all LO applications 
CMS_LO_CUST Customizing objects for LO framework 
CMS_LO_DB Lean order database layer 
CMS_LO_IL Lean order Interaction Layer 
CMS_LO_OB Lean order object layer 
CMS_LO_OW Lean order object workspace - object layer 
CMS_LO_UI Package for lean order UI. 
CMS_MAPPER CMS Package for Mapping functionality 
CMS_MESSAGING Package for IDOC development for CMS 
CMS_PP Package for price protection application 
CMS_PRE_SI CMS Package for Pre-sellin application processing 
CMS_RESALE_TRACK_APPLICATION Resale tracking application 
CMS_RO_PPF Post Processing Framework integration to CMS Resale Order 
CMS_RTCM CMS : Resale Tracking application 
CMS_SI CMS Sell-In Application 
CMS_TEST_TOOLS Common objects used by Lean Order Framework 
CMS_TO CMS Transmission Object package 
CMS_TO_BSP_UI Package for Transmission Object BSP UI 
CRMXIF_CMS_CONTRACT External Interfaces for CMS Contracts 
CRMXIF_CMS_DDIC DDIC objects for External Interfaces for CMS 
CRM_LOIL GENIL package for RTE 
CRM_ROIL GENIL package for Resale Order 
CRM_UIU_RO_BU RO:Bill Up Application 
CRM_UIU_RO_PP RO:Price Protection Application 
CRM_UIU_RO_RTCM RO:Resale Tracking Application 
CRM_UIU_RO_TO RO:Transmission Management Application 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   400