SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-BF-CFG (Product Configuration)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000026  
Application Component ID CRM-BF-CFG  
Short Description   Product Configuration  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
COM_CUIB IB: Interface Between Configuration and IBase 
COM_CU_INIT Configuration initialization 
COM_DEPEDIT Dependency editor 
COM_IB00X Transformation of IBases (external/internal) CRM 
COM_IPC Internet Services for Configuration and Pricing 
COM_IPC_API_CONFIG Interface Modules for the IPC (Configuration) 
COM_IPC_TOOLS_CONFIG Examples of Call for Configuration User Interface 
COM_IPC_TOOLS_ORDER Examples of Interaction Between Pricing and Configuration 
COM_IPC_UI Call and Interaction with the IPC User Interface 
COM_SCE_DB SCE Database 
COM_SCE_IB Communication Between SCE and IBase 
COM_SCE_MW SCE Middleware Components 
CRM_CFG CRM specific Product Configuration Objects 
CRM_CFG_ESOA ESoa services for product configuration 
CRM_CFG_INTEGRATION Configurator Integration Layer 
CRM_CFG_UI_INTEGRATION UI for external configurator 
CRM_CFG_UPGRADE Upgrade for CRM Configuration 3.0/3.1 -> 4.0 
CRM_CFG_XI_PROXY eSoa Package for generated Proxies of product configuration 
CRM_CONFIG_PROD Product Variants - Configuration Data 
CRM_IPC_GRID Grid processing 
CRM_PRD_CONFIG_SE Service Implementations for Product Configuration 
CRM_PRD_CONFIG_XI_PROXY Generated Proxies for Product Configuration 
CRM_SCE SCE Application 
VSCE B2R: BAPI Structures 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A