SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-EM (CRM Entitlement Management)
Basic Data
Application Component A5C0000037  
Application Component ID CRM-EM  
Short Description   CRM Entitlement Management  
First Release Date 20040622 
First Release   640 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-EM-DR Deposit Refund Programs & Execution  A5C0000041 
CRM-EM-MD Entitlement Master Data  A5C0000038 
CRM-EM-MNT Entitlement Processing  A5C0000039 
CRM-EM-MTR Entitlement Monitoring  A5C0000040 
CRM-EM-PH Purchasing History Programs & Execution  A5C0000042 
CRM-EM-SA Entitlement Settlement & Financial Accounting Integration  A5C0000043 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/CEM/CRM_PROFILE_DET_USG Entitlement profile determination usage 
/CEM/EE_COMMON Entitlements Engine - Common Objects 
/CEM/EE_DUELISTS Package for entitlement due lists 
/CEM/EE_EXT_OBJECTS External objects for Entitlements Engine 
/CEM/EE_GENIL Entitlements Engine - GenIL objects and enhanced IL 
/CEM/EE_INBOUND_DUELIST Entitlement Inbound Duelist 
/CEM/EE_INTERCOMPANY Intercompany Objects. 
/CEM/EE_OUTBOUND_DUELIST Entitlement Outbound duelist Application 
/CEM/EE_UIU Entitlements Engine - Webclient UI 
/CEM/ENT_APPLICATION Entitlement application 
/CEM/ENT_DETERMINATION Entitlements Determination 
/CEM/ENT_REPOSITORY Entitlements Repository 
/CEM/EXEC_CONTROLLER Execution Controller 
/CEM/PRF_DETERMINATION Profile determination 
/CEM/RPH_REPOSITORY Entitlements - Sales History 
CEM_BW_DS Entitlements Analytics - Data Sources 
CEM_ENTITLEMENTS Objects that cannot be assiged to /CEM/ namespace 
CEM_PRF_DETERMINATION Package for profile determination condition tables 
CMS_CEM_INBOUND Entitlements inbound duelist 
CMS_CEM_OUTBOUND Entitlements outbound duelist 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   500