SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-IT (Telecommunications)
Basic Data
Application Component PIC0000097  
Application Component ID CRM-IT  
Short Description   Telecommunications  
First Release Date 20011218 
First Release   610 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-IT-BI Integration to Billing System  A6G0000047 
CRM-IT-BTX Business Transaction  AEC0000374 
CRM-IT-CI Billing  A5C0000146 
CRM-IT-PRO Technical Data / Objects  AEC0000405 
CRM-ITT Travel & Transportation  PNE0000061 
CRM-ITT-ETC Electronic Toll Collection  PNE0000062 
CRM-ITT-ETC-BTX Business Transaction  PNE0000064 
CRM-ITT-ETC-IC Interaction Center  PNE0000063 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_EDR_XI_CONTENT CRM EDR: Interface to External Systems via XI 
CRM_IST Industry-Specific Development for Telecommunications 
CRM_IST1 Industry-Specific Development for Telecommunications 
CRM_IST1_BW Telco: BW Content Developments 
CRM_IST1_DEF Telco: General Definitions 
CRM_IST1_IL Telco: Service & Interaction Layer (Enhancements) 
CRM_IST1_MOD Telco: Nested Package for Core Modifications 
CRM_IST1_UI_IC Telco: User Interface (Interaction Center) 
CRM_IST1_UI_IC_APPL Telco: Interaction Center UI (Application) 
CRM_IST1_UI_IC_BILL IST UI Billing System Info 
CRM_IST1_UI_IC_MD Telco: Interaction Center UI (Master Data/ Identification) 
CRM_IST_CI IS-T Convergent Invoicing 
CRM_IST_CI_PROXY Package for Telco Component Interfaces (XI Proxy Objects) 
CRM_IST_IL Telco: Service & Interaction Layer 
CRM_IST_PROXY Package for Telco Interfaces (XI Proxy Objects) 
CRM_IST_SO Telco Service Object 
CRM_IST_UI Telco: Interfaces (IC & Dealer) 
CRM_IST_XI Telco: Main Package XI Connection 
CRM_ISX Convergent Customer Care 
CRM_ISX_TEST_CASES External test cases 
CRM_PRODUCT_TELNR Set Type for Phone Numbers 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   300