SAP ABAP Application Component WEC-APP (Web Channel: Applications)
Basic Data
Application Component A0G0000044  
Application Component ID WEC-APP  
Short Description   Web Channel: Applications  
First Release Date 20081103 
First Release   701 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
WEC-APP-ANA Web Channel Analytics  A0G0000239 
WEC-APP-ATP Web Channel Availability check  A2G0000112 
WEC-APP-BF-BAS Web Channel Shopping Basket  A0G0000250 
WEC-APP-BF-CRS Web Channel: General and reuse functions in applications  A2G0000061 
WEC-APP-BIL Web Channel Billing  A0G0000235 
WEC-APP-CFG Web Channel: Product Configuration  A2G0000033 
WEC-APP-CI Web Channel Application: Customer Interaction  A0G0000246 
WEC-APP-CI-CHT Web Channel Chat  A0G0000248 
WEC-APP-CI-ERP Reviews & Ratings ERP aspects.  EB50000091 
WEC-APP-CI-FOR Web Channel Forums  A0G0000247 
WEC-APP-CI-REV Web Channel Reviews & Ratings  A0G0000249 
WEC-APP-COL Web Channel Collaborative Software  A0G0000070 
WEC-APP-FCC Web Channel Application: Financial Customer Care  A0G0000085 
WEC-APP-FOR Web Channel Forums  A0G0000098 
WEC-APP-GS Web Channel Application Generic Search  A0G0000238 
WEC-APP-GS-CRM Web Channel Application Generic Search-CRM  A0G0000240 
WEC-APP-GS-ERP Web Channel Application Generic Search-ERP  EB50000092 
WEC-APP-ISP Web Channel In-Store Pickup  A2G0000113 
WEC-APP-KM Web Channel Knowledge Management Integration  A0G0000097 
WEC-APP-LOY Web Channel Loyalty Management  A0G0000084 
WEC-APP-MKT Web Channel Marketing  A0G0000083 
WEC-APP-PAY Web Channel: Basic Functions - Payment Method  A0G0000234 
WEC-APP-PCT Web Channel Product Catalog  A0G0000069 
WEC-APP-PCT-CIE Web Channel Product Catalog for Internal Employees  A0G0000273 
WEC-APP-PCT-CRM Web Channel Product Catalog - CRM  A0G0000251 
WEC-APP-PCT-CRM-MDM Web Channel Product Catalog - CRM Products Exchange  A0G0000252 
WEC-APP-PCT-ERP Web Channel Product Catalog - ERP  EB50000093 
WEC-APP-PCT-ERP-MDM Web Channel Product Catalog - ERP to MDM data exchange  EB50000094 
WEC-APP-PCT-PCO Web Channel Product Catalog - Product Comparison  A0G0000274 
WEC-APP-PER Web Channel Personalisation  A0G0000236 
WEC-APP-SL Web Channel Store Locator  A0G0000237 
WEC-APP-SLS Web Channel Sales Application  A0G0000071 
WEC-APP-SLS-CRM WebChannel Sales using CRM Sales  A0G0000072 
WEC-APP-SLS-CRM-OTC Web Channel CRM Sales - One time Customer  A0G0000272 
WEC-APP-SLS-ERP WebChannel Sales using ERP-SD  EB50000095 
WEC-APP-SLS-ERP WebChannel Sales using ERP-SD  A0G0000073 
WEC-APP-SLS-OT Web Channel: Order Tracking  A2G0000031 
WEC-APP-SLS-OUT Web Channel Sales Checkout  A0G0000233 
WEC-APP-SRV Web Channel Service  A0G0000074 
WEC-APP-SRV-ANA Web Channel Service Analytics  A0G0000078 
WEC-APP-SRV-COM Web Channel Complaints and Returns  A0G0000077 
WEC-APP-SRV-INB Web Channel Installed Base  A0G0000081 
WEC-APP-SRV-PRD Web Channel Product Registration  A0G0000082 
WEC-APP-SRV-SCO Web Channel Service Contract  A0G0000076 
WEC-APP-SRV-SPA Web Channel Service Spart Parts  A0G0000080 
WEC-APP-SRV-SRE Web Channel Service Request Management  A0G0000075 
WEC-APP-SRV-WRT Web Channel Service Warranty  A0G0000079 
WEC-APP-UM Web Channel: User Management and Customer Profile  A0G0000068 
WEC-APP-UM-CPR Web Channel: Customer Profile  A2G0000032 
WEC-APP-UM-CRM Web Channel UM CRM Aspects  A0G0000264 
WEC-APP-UM-ERP Web Channel UM ERP aspects  EB50000096 
WEC-APP-UM-LM Left Menu Runtime  A0G0000281 
WEC-APP-WLS Web Channel Wish List  A2G0000111 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
COM_WEC_CHECKOUT_PROFILE Basic checkout profile functionality 
CRM_WEC_ACE Web Channel: ACE Rules 
CRM_WEC_OBSOLETE Web Channel - Obsolete objects 
ERP_WEC_COMM Structure Package: WebChannel / common 
ERP_WEC_CUST WebChannel / Customizing 
ERP_WEC_MAIN Structure Package: WebChannel main 
Software Component WEBCUIF  SAP Web UI Framework 
SAP Release Created in   701