SAP ABAP Application Component WEC (Web Channel)
Basic Data
Application Component A0G0000039  
Application Component ID WEC  
Short Description   Web Channel  
First Release Date 20081103 
First Release   701 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
WEC-APP Web Channel: Applications  A0G0000044 
WEC-APP-ANA Web Channel Analytics  A0G0000239 
WEC-APP-ATP Web Channel Availability check  A2G0000112 
WEC-APP-BF-BAS Web Channel Shopping Basket  A0G0000250 
WEC-APP-BF-CRS Web Channel: General and reuse functions in applications  A2G0000061 
WEC-APP-BIL Web Channel Billing  A0G0000235 
WEC-APP-CFG Web Channel: Product Configuration  A2G0000033 
WEC-APP-CI Web Channel Application: Customer Interaction  A0G0000246 
WEC-APP-CI-CHT Web Channel Chat  A0G0000248 
WEC-APP-CI-ERP Reviews & Ratings ERP aspects.  EB50000091 
WEC-APP-CI-FOR Web Channel Forums  A0G0000247 
WEC-APP-CI-REV Web Channel Reviews & Ratings  A0G0000249 
WEC-APP-COL Web Channel Collaborative Software  A0G0000070 
WEC-APP-FCC Web Channel Application: Financial Customer Care  A0G0000085 
WEC-APP-FOR Web Channel Forums  A0G0000098 
WEC-APP-GS Web Channel Application Generic Search  A0G0000238 
WEC-APP-GS-CRM Web Channel Application Generic Search-CRM  A0G0000240 
WEC-APP-GS-ERP Web Channel Application Generic Search-ERP  EB50000092 
WEC-APP-ISP Web Channel In-Store Pickup  A2G0000113 
WEC-APP-KM Web Channel Knowledge Management Integration  A0G0000097 
WEC-APP-LOY Web Channel Loyalty Management  A0G0000084 
WEC-APP-MKT Web Channel Marketing  A0G0000083 
WEC-APP-PAY Web Channel: Basic Functions - Payment Method  A0G0000234 
WEC-APP-PCT Web Channel Product Catalog  A0G0000069 
WEC-APP-PCT-CIE Web Channel Product Catalog for Internal Employees  A0G0000273 
WEC-APP-PCT-CRM Web Channel Product Catalog - CRM  A0G0000251 
WEC-APP-PCT-CRM-MDM Web Channel Product Catalog - CRM Products Exchange  A0G0000252 
WEC-APP-PCT-ERP Web Channel Product Catalog - ERP  EB50000093 
WEC-APP-PCT-ERP-MDM Web Channel Product Catalog - ERP to MDM data exchange  EB50000094 
WEC-APP-PCT-PCO Web Channel Product Catalog - Product Comparison  A0G0000274 
WEC-APP-PER Web Channel Personalisation  A0G0000236 
WEC-APP-SL Web Channel Store Locator  A0G0000237 
WEC-APP-SLS Web Channel Sales Application  A0G0000071 
WEC-APP-SLS-CRM WebChannel Sales using CRM Sales  A0G0000072 
WEC-APP-SLS-CRM-OTC Web Channel CRM Sales - One time Customer  A0G0000272 
WEC-APP-SLS-ERP WebChannel Sales using ERP-SD  EB50000095 
WEC-APP-SLS-ERP WebChannel Sales using ERP-SD  A0G0000073 
WEC-APP-SLS-OT Web Channel: Order Tracking  A2G0000031 
WEC-APP-SLS-OUT Web Channel Sales Checkout  A0G0000233 
WEC-APP-SRV Web Channel Service  A0G0000074 
WEC-APP-SRV-ANA Web Channel Service Analytics  A0G0000078 
WEC-APP-SRV-COM Web Channel Complaints and Returns  A0G0000077 
WEC-APP-SRV-INB Web Channel Installed Base  A0G0000081 
WEC-APP-SRV-PRD Web Channel Product Registration  A0G0000082 
WEC-APP-SRV-SCO Web Channel Service Contract  A0G0000076 
WEC-APP-SRV-SPA Web Channel Service Spart Parts  A0G0000080 
WEC-APP-SRV-SRE Web Channel Service Request Management  A0G0000075 
WEC-APP-SRV-WRT Web Channel Service Warranty  A0G0000079 
WEC-APP-UM Web Channel: User Management and Customer Profile  A0G0000068 
WEC-APP-UM-CPR Web Channel: Customer Profile  A2G0000032 
WEC-APP-UM-CRM Web Channel UM CRM Aspects  A0G0000264 
WEC-APP-UM-ERP Web Channel UM ERP aspects  EB50000096 
WEC-APP-UM-LM Left Menu Runtime  A0G0000281 
WEC-APP-WLS Web Channel Wish List  A2G0000111 
WEC-FRW Web Channel Framework  A0G0000031 
WEC-FRW-COR Web Channel: Core Components  A2G0000062 
WEC-FRW-CUS Web Channel Configuration Services  A0G0000052 
WEC-FRW-GS Web Channel: Search Framework  A0G0000051 
WEC-FRW-UI Web Channel UI Layer  A0G0000040 
WEC-FRW-UI-AJX Web Channel Ajax  A0G0000048 
WEC-FRW-UI-BKM Web Channel Bookmarking  A0G0000045 
WEC-FRW-UI-CAC Web Channel Caching  A0G0000049 
WEC-FRW-UI-COM Web Channel UI Components  A0G0000046 
WEC-FRW-UI-FLX Web Channel Flex  A0G0000047 
WEC-FRW-UI-PRF Web Channel Process Flows  A0G0000050 
WEC-FRW-UI-URL Web Channel Pretty URL  A0G0000042 
WEC-FRW-UI-VCO Web Channel View Composition  A0G0000041 
WEC-IS Web Channel Industry-Specific Components  A0G0000241 
WEC-IS-AFS Web Channel AFS Extensions  A0F0000011 
WEC-IS-R Web Channel Retail  A0G0000242 
WEC-IS-R-ART Web Channel Retail Article handling  A2G0000093 
WEC-IS-T WebChannel: Industry-Specific Telecommunications  A0G0000243 
WEC-IS-T-MAC Web Channel Telco Change Processes (MACD)  A0G0000245 
WEC-IS-T-POP Web Channel Provider Order and Packages  A0G0000263 
WEC-IS-T-SRE Web Channel Telco Service Request  A0G0000244 
WEC-WCB Web Channel Builder  A0G0000038 
WEC-WCB-BF Web Channel Builder: Basic Functions  A0G0000062 
WEC-WCB-BF-APP Web Channel Builder: Approval Process  A0G0000065 
WEC-WCB-BF-STG Web Channel Builder: Staging  A0G0000064 
WEC-WCB-BF-VER Web Channel Builder: Versioning  A0G0000063 
WEC-WCB-LM Left Menu Configuration  A0G0000282 
WEC-WCB-UI Web Channel Builder User Interface  A0G0000061 
WEC-WCM Web Content Management  A0G0000043 
WEC-WCM-BOL Web Content Management: BOL  A0G0000067 
WEC-WCM-INT Web Content Management: Kpro and CMS vendor integration  A0G0000231 
WEC-WCM-UI Web Content Management UI  A0G0000066 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
COM_WEC_ACH Package for ACH-Structure WEC 
COM_WEC_COMMON Web Channel common objects 
COM_WEC_MAIN Web Channel: Structure Package for common part 
COM_WEC_WCB_LAUNCH Web Channel Builder Launch 
CRM_WEB_CHANNEL Web Channel Switched Package 
CRM_WEB_CHANNEL_R2 Release 2 Web Channel 
CRM_WEB_CHANNEL_TELCO Switched Package for Web Channel Telco 
CRM_WEC Structure package for WebChannel 
CRM_WEC_KM Switched Package for Web Channel Knowledge Management 
CRM_WEC_MAIN WebChannel main package 
CRM_WEC_PRODUCTREGISTRATION Web Channel: Product registration 
CRM_WEC_TI_SFWS Web Channel: Trading Industry specific functionality 
ERP_WEC_ACH Package for ACH-Structure WEC 
WEC Package for ACH-Component WEC 
WEC_APP Package for ACH-Component WEC-APP 
Software Component WEBCUIF  SAP Web UI Framework 
SAP Release Created in   701