SAP ABAP Application Component WEC-APP-UM (Web Channel: User Management and Customer Profile)
Basic Data
Application Component A0G0000068  
Application Component ID WEC-APP-UM  
Short Description   Web Channel: User Management and Customer Profile  
First Release Date 20081104 
First Release   701 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
WEC-APP-UM-CPR Web Channel: Customer Profile  A2G0000032 
WEC-APP-UM-CRM Web Channel UM CRM Aspects  A0G0000264 
WEC-APP-UM-ERP Web Channel UM ERP aspects  EB50000096 
WEC-APP-UM-LM Left Menu Runtime  A0G0000281 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
COM_WEC_USER Generic security functions for WEC User Management 
CRM_WEC_CUSTPRO Web Channel Customer Profile 
CRM_WEC_USER CRM Webchannel User Management 
ERP_WEC_CHECKOUT_PROFILE Web Channel: Checkout Profile 
Software Component WEBCUIF  SAP Web UI Framework 
SAP Release Created in   701