SAP ABAP Application Component WEC-IS (Web Channel Industry-Specific Components)
Basic Data
Application Component A0G0000241  
Application Component ID WEC-IS  
Short Description   Web Channel Industry-Specific Components  
First Release Date 20091009 
First Release   702 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
WEC-IS-AFS Web Channel AFS Extensions  A0F0000011 
WEC-IS-R Web Channel Retail  A0G0000242 
WEC-IS-R-ART Web Channel Retail Article handling  A2G0000093 
WEC-IS-T WebChannel: Industry-Specific Telecommunications  A0G0000243 
WEC-IS-T-MAC Web Channel Telco Change Processes (MACD)  A0G0000245 
WEC-IS-T-POP Web Channel Provider Order and Packages  A0G0000263 
WEC-IS-T-SRE Web Channel Telco Service Request  A0G0000244 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_TI_INTEG_STOREPICKUP Trading Industries: Objects related to Store Pickup (CRM) 
Software Component WEBCUIF  SAP Web UI Framework 
SAP Release Created in   701