SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-ANA-EXT (Extraction Technology)
Basic Data
Application Component AEC0000407  
Application Component ID CRM-ANA-EXT  
Short Description   Extraction Technology  
First Release Date 20000822 
First Release   46D 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_BWA_MAP Data Sources and BWA Mapping Objects 
CRM_BW_ACTJOURNAL_UPLOAD creation of package for Tim 
CRM_CLBW Extraction of Business Partner Profiles 
CRM_OR_EXT Extractions package for OLTP Reporting 
CRM_SERVICE_IBASE_BW Package for Objects for IBase Replication in BW 
CRM_TERR_MAP Territory Data Sources, Extractors and BWA mapping objects 
SMOX BB Adapter CRM 
SMOX_BWA_DMC Design, Mapping and conversion tool integ 
SMOX_BWA_HIER Hierachy extraction for BW 
SMOX_MAP Mapping objects from BW adapter 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   30A