SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-BF (Basic Functions)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000019  
Application Component ID CRM-BF  
Short Description   Basic Functions  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-BF-ACI Actions  AEC0000362 
CRM-BF-AR Archiving  PFC0000079 
CRM-BF-ATT Additional Attributes for Objects  A5C0000242 
CRM-BF-BRF Business Rules Framework  PNE0000005 
CRM-BF-BRF-RE BRF Plus Rule Engine  PNE0000006 
CRM-BF-BRF-RM BRF Plus Rule Modeller  PNE0000007 
CRM-BF-BWI BW Integration  AEC0000406 
CRM-BF-BWI-EXT-API Generic Functions: Data Exchange CRM / BW  PIC0000076 
CRM-BF-CAT Catalogs  AEC0000366 
CRM-BF-CBP Communication Enabled Business Process  A0G0000087 
CRM-BF-CD Campaign Determination  A4C0000229 
CRM-BF-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000026 
CRM-BF-CHA Communication Channels  PNE0000008 
CRM-BF-CHA-TEL Telephony Integration  PNE0000009 
CRM-BF-CIC Customer Interaction Center  PFC0000028 
CRM-BF-CM Credit Management  AEC0000361 
CRM-BF-COM Content Management  PIC0000006 
CRM-BF-COU Counter  A4C0000231 
CRM-BF-COU-CRU Counter for Usage-Based Billing  A5C0000256 
CRM-BF-CPE Engine for Commodity Pricing in CRM  A5C0000277 
CRM-BF-CPE-IF Exchange of CPE Data Between CRM and ERP  A5C0000280 
CRM-BF-CPE-PC PCUI for the CPE in CRM  A5C0000279 
CRM-BF-CPE-PR CPE in the CRM-Specific IPC  A5C0000278 
CRM-BF-DAM Third party Digital Asset Management integration  A0G0000111 
CRM-BF-DAT Date Management  AEC0000363 
CRM-BF-E2C CRM on Email  PNE0000171 
CRM-BF-EEW Easy Enhancement Workbench  PIC0000032 
CRM-BF-FGC Flex Gantt Control  A0G0000131 
CRM-BF-GC Gift Certificate Management  A0G0000032 
CRM-BF-IDF Intelligent Decision Flow  PFC0000072 
CRM-BF-IIA Interactive Intelligent Agent  PFC0000029 
CRM-BF-IL Interlinkages  AEC0000360 
CRM-BF-IO Interaction Object  A4I0000011 
CRM-BF-JOB Job Monitor  PNE0000010 
CRM-BF-KNO Knowledge Search  PLC0000101 
CRM-BF-ML E-Mail Management  PLC0000131 
CRM-BF-OC Output Determination  AEC0000367 
CRM-BF-OFI Determination of Organizational Units  AEC0000531 
CRM-BF-PC Payment Cards  PFC0000025 
CRM-BF-PCE People-Centric UI Extensions  A4C0000228 
CRM-BF-PD Partner Processing  PFC0000024 
CRM-BF-PME Product Modeling Environment  A6G0000033 
CRM-BF-PR Pricing  A5C0000137 
CRM-BF-PR-PC PC-UI of the Pricing Result  PLC0000142 
CRM-BF-RTD Real-Time Decisioning (Engine)  A7G0000042 
CRM-BF-RTD-AD Adapters  A7G0000043 
CRM-BF-RTD-BLS Business Logic Studio  A7G0000044 
CRM-BF-RTD-EB Experience Base  A7G0000045 
CRM-BF-RTD-INS Installation  A7G0000046 
CRM-BF-RTD-RE Recommendation Engine  A7G0000047 
CRM-BF-SAF Software Agent Framework  A4C0000085 
CRM-BF-SC Solution Configurator for Packages  A6G0000034 
CRM-BF-SEG Segmentation  PFC0000021 
CRM-BF-SMS Short Message Service  AG30000061 
CRM-BF-STA Status Management  PFC0000027 
CRM-BF-SVY Survey Suite  PIC0000005 
CRM-BF-SWI Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM  AG30000007 
CRM-BF-TAX Tax Determination  PFC0000022 
CRM-BF-TIM Time Zones/ Timing / Events  ABC0000092 
CRM-BF-TM Text Management  PFC0000023 
CRM-BF-TMS Integration to Transportation Management  AG30000041 
CRM-BF-WFI Workflow Inbox PC-UI  PLC0000132 
CRM-BF-WST Web Services Tool  PNC0000001 
CRM-BF-XIF External Interfaces: Basic Functions  PIC0000077 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ATPG From APO Interfaces bapi_apotp_check 
ATPI From APO Interfaces bapi_apotp_check 
CA_IPC IPC Cross Application 
CFX_SKWF Duplicate Object of CPRXRPM - DO NOT TOUCH 
COM_PMNTTRMS Terms of payment 
CRMDSV Status Management: Adjustments for CRM 
CRM_APPLICATION_LOG_IL Interaction with Application Log 
CRM_APPROVAL_CUST CRM 1Order Approval Set - Customzing 
CRM_ARCH_OBJ Switched Pack. for Quality Improvement of Archiving Objects 
CRM_ARCH_SFWS CRM Archiving - Standardization of the AOBJ Switch 
CRM_AUTHORIZATION_SCOPE Authorization Scope for CRM objects (One-Order, etc.) 
CRM_BUFFER_CONTROL Generic Buffer Management (Local and Shared Memory Buffers) 
CRM_CUE Transfer of System Data to SAP 
CRM_CUSTOMER_USAGE Infrastructure for Customer Usage Measurement 
CRM_CUSTOMIZING IMG Strukture Customer Relationship Management 
CRM_DOC_FLOW_PLNK Pool Linkages 
CRM_DRB CRM-Integration for Document Relationship Browser (DRB) 
CRM_ESOA_MAP_EXTENSION_1 Extensions to Mapping Functions for Enterprise Services 
CRM_ESOA_MAP_GENERAL General Mapping Functions for Enterprise Services 
CRM_ES_ATTACH_INTG_UTIL Package of Utilities for Enterprise Search with Attachment 
CRM_ES_BY_ATTACHMENT Package for Model changes for ent. search through attachment 
CRM_GENIL_APPL_CUST Application-Specific Customizing for Generic IL 
CRM_MAP_CUST_BASIS Basis Customizing Mapping and Update of CRM Online DB 
CRM_NOTIFICATION Notification Service 
CRM_OR_RPTSCH_IL Genil implementation for Report Search 
CRM_PRIVNOTEIL Interaction Layer for Private Notes 
CRM_REF_GEN ASAP Referenct Structure Elements for CRM General 
CRM_SCOUT_MAPPINGS Mapping Definitions for Customizing Scout 
CRM_SZEV Appointments (Events) 
CRM_SZTC Basis Development R/3 Central: Scheduling (Time Calculation) 
CRM_SZTI Basis Development R/3 Central: Time ('Time/Event') in AEC 
CRM_SZTI_TEST Test functions for crm_szti 
CRM_SZTZ Will be transported to SZTZ later - Time Zone Functions 
CRM_SZTZ_TEST Test Classes for Objects in Package CRM_SZTZ 
CRM_TAX_PRICING CRM Tax Calculation - Pricing Interface PR/TAX 
CRM_TREX_TOOLS Tools around TREX connection 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_CHANGE_HISTORY WebClient UI: Change history of BT objects 
CRM_UIU_CT_WORKCENTER Cross Topics: WorkCenter Pages 
CRM_UIU_GS_PRIVNOTE generic service for private note 
CRM_UIU_GS_VBGEOMAP Visual Business GeoMap 
CRM_UIU_GS_VEVIEWER Visual Enterprise Viewer 
IWOCE Application Development R/3 Work Order Cycle - BAPIs 
KKAL CO-RCL reconciliation ledger 
VA0C Customizing R/3 sales 
VACR B2R: Development Class for BAPI structures 
VB Application Development R/3 Batches 
VBASCORE B2R: BAPI Structures 
VD Application development R/3 printing, SAPscript 
VFCORE B2R: DevClass for BAPI structures 
VFE B2R: DevClass for BAPI structures 
VL0C Customizing R/3 Shipping 
VLCORE B2R: DevClass for BAPI structures 
VLTS Time segment 
VMODCORE B2R: DevClass for BAPI structures 
VS Application development R/3 sales master data 
VSCORE B2R: BAPI Structures 
VTR SD R/3 transport processing 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A