SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-MW (Middleware)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000032  
Application Component ID CRM-MW  
Short Description   Middleware  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-MW-ADM Administration Console  ABC0000001 
CRM-MW-ADP Middleware Adapter  ABC0000004 
CRM-MW-ASC ASCII-Adapter  ABC0000005 
CRM-MW-BDM BDOC Modeler  ABC0000003 
CRM-MW-CC Client Copy  ABC0000071 
CRM-MW-CCO Client Console  ABC0000011 
CRM-MW-COM Data Exchange CRM Server - Mobile Client  ABC0000031 
CRM-MW-GEN Generation  ABC0000006 
CRM-MW-GWI Groupware Integration  ABC0000043 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWA Groupware Adapter  ABC0000044 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWD GW Connector: IBM Lotus Domino  ABC0000046 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWE GW Connector: MS Exchange  ABC0000045 
CRM-MW-KGN Key Generation  ABC0000021 
CRM-MW-MBX MapBox  A5M0000004 
CRM-MW-MFW Migration Framework  ABC0000034 
CRM-MW-MMR Mobile Message Recovery  ABC0000022 
CRM-MW-MON Monitoring  ABC0000007 
CRM-MW-MRM Mobile Recovery Manager  ABC0000032 
CRM-MW-NAV Middleware Object Navigator  ABC0000042 
CRM-MW-SC Client/System Copy  ABC0000072 
CRM-MW-SPM EBP/CRM Support Package Manager  ABC0000041 
CRM-MW-SRV Flow / Services  ABC0000002 
CRM-MW-SYP Sync Point  ABC0000033 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/1CRMG0/MSAUSR Generated structures of Mobile Client Employee Management 
/1CRMG0/SMOB Structures for Mobile Client Upgrade 
/CRMGEC/STRUCTURES generated Customer Structures and Tabletypes 
AMWM CRM Middleware Application Components 
BDOCREP Objects relevant for BDoc Repository not belonging to Basis 
CDB_CAT CDB Package for CAT 
CMWC General CRM Middleware Customizing 
CMW_MBX Map Box Designer development class. 
CRM_PROXY Package for Proxy Framework (synchronous calls to backends) 
CRM_TECH_IS CRM Technology Integration Services: Surrounding package 
MWIMG CRM Middleware Implementation Guide 
SMO4 Transaction Layer and Transaction Repository Services 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A