SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-IIN (Insurance)
Basic Data
Application Component A0G0000011  
Application Component ID CRM-IIN  
Short Description   Insurance  
First Release Date 20081024 
First Release   701 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-IIN-BTX Business Transactions  A0G0000012 
CRM-IIN-BTX-APP Application  A0G0000014 
CRM-IIN-BTX-CLA Claim  A0G0000015 
CRM-IIN-BTX-CLN Claim Notification  A0G0000013 
CRM-IIN-BTX-POL Policy  A0G0000016 
CRM-IIN-MD Master Data  A0G0000017 
CRM-IIN-MD-BP Customer  A0G0000018 
CRM-IIN-MD-PRO Product  A0G0000019 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_IIN_ADMIN CRM: Insurance - Administration and EhP 
CRM_IIN_ADMIN_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Administration and EhP 
CRM_IIN_APP CRM: Insurance - Application - BOR, Business Engeneering ... 
CRM_IIN_APP_INTERFACES_AL CRM: Insurance - Application - OO-Interfaces and Factories 
CRM_IIN_APP_INTERFACES_BAS CRM: Insurance - Application - OO-Interfaces and Factories 
CRM_IIN_APP_INTERFACES_IN CRM: Insurance - Application - OO-Interfaces and Factories 
CRM_IIN_APP_INTERFACES_OUT CRM: Insurance - The object 'Application' - Interfaces out 
CRM_IIN_APP_STATUS_AL CRM: Insurance - Application - Status Management 
CRM_IIN_BASIS_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Basis main package 
CRM_IIN_CONFIGURATION_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Customizing and System Settings 
CRM_IIN_CUSTOMIZING CRM: Insurance - Customizing 
CRM_IIN_CUSTOMIZING_IN CRM: Insurance - Customizing - In-Layer for replication 
CRM_IIN_CUSTOMIZING_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Customizing 
CRM_IIN_EHP01_ADMIN CRM: Insurance - administratice EhP-objects for EhP01 
CRM_IIN_EHP01_MAIN CRM: Insurance - specific for EhP01 
CRM_IIN_EXCPETIONS CRM: Insurance - Excepetionclasses 
CRM_IIN_FACTORY CRM: Insurance - Factory 
CRM_IIN_INTERFACES CRM: Insurance - Interfaces and Factories 
CRM_IIN_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Main Package 
CRM_IIN_MTIC_1 CRM: Insurance - switched package 
CRM_IIN_POLICY_AL_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Policy - Application Logic Layer 
CRM_IIN_POLICY_BAS CRM: Insurance - Policy - Common Objects and Types 
CRM_IIN_POLICY_IL CRM: Insurance - Policy - Interaction Layer 
CRM_IIN_POLICY_IN CRM: Insurance - Policy - Inbound Layer 
CRM_IIN_POLICY_IN_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Policy - Inbound Layer 
CRM_IIN_POLICY_MAIN CRM: Insurance - The object 'Policy' 
CRM_IIN_POL_AL CRM: Insurance - Policy - Application Logic 
CRM_IIN_POL_INTERFACES_AL CRM: Insurance - Policy - OO-Interfaces and Factories 
CRM_IIN_READ_CUSTOMIZING CRM: Insurance - Access classes for reading Customizing 
CRM_IIN_READ_SYSTEM_SETTINGS CRM: Insurance - Access classes for reading System Settings 
CRM_IIN_SYSTEM_SETTINGS CRM: Insurance - System Settings 
CRM_IIN_SYSTEM_SETTINGS_IN CRM: Insurance - System Settings - In-Layer for replication 
CRM_IIN_SYSTEM_SETTINGS_MAIN CRM: Insurance - System Settings 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   701