SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-CIC (Interaction Center WinClient)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000045  
Application Component ID CRM-CIC  
Short Description   Interaction Center WinClient  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-CIC-ABO Action Box  AEC0000382 
CRM-CIC-ALM Alert Modeler  AEC0000384 
CRM-CIC-BP Business Partners  AEC0000379 
CRM-CIC-BP-FUN Partner Functions  AEC0000381 
CRM-CIC-BP-SEA Business Partner Search  AEC0000380 
CRM-CIC-BRO Broadcast Messaging  AEC0000476 
CRM-CIC-BRT Business Routings  AEC0000402 
CRM-CIC-BTX Business Transactions  AEC0000392 
CRM-CIC-BTX-ACT Activity  AEC0000393 
CRM-CIC-BTX-COM Complaints / Returns / In-House Repair  PIC0000085 
CRM-CIC-BTX-SLO Sales Transaction  AEC0000394 
CRM-CIC-BTX-SVO Service Process  AEC0000397 
CRM-CIC-CAM Campaign Execution  AEC0000388 
CRM-CIC-CAM-CAL Call List Execution and Maintenance  AEC0000389 
CRM-CIC-CAM-RCA Recurring Calls  PIC0000039 
CRM-CIC-COM Communication Channels  AEC0000477 
CRM-CIC-COM-EMA E-Mail Integration  AEC0000378 
CRM-CIC-COM-ITP Interface Third Party  PIC0000041 
CRM-CIC-COM-TEL Telephony Integration  AEC0000377 
CRM-CIC-EMS E-Mail Response Management System  A6G0000021 
CRM-CIC-FRW Framework  AEC0000475 
CRM-CIC-HIS Customer History  AEC0000398 
CRM-CIC-HIS-CFA Fact Sheets  AEC0000400 
CRM-CIC-HIS-IHI Interaction History  AEC0000399 
CRM-CIC-HIS-INB Installed Base Navigation/Search  PIC0000012 
CRM-CIC-IIA Interactive Intelligent Agent  AEC0000401 
CRM-CIC-INB Installed Base  PIC0000013 
CRM-CIC-KNO Knowledge Search  PLC0000103 
CRM-CIC-MDB Manager Dashboard  A4C0000092 
CRM-CIC-PRO Products  AEC0000385 
CRM-CIC-PRO-INF Product Information    AEC0000386 
CRM-CIC-PRO-PRO Product Proposals  AEC0000387 
CRM-CIC-REP Reporting  AEC0000390 
CRM-CIC-REP-BW Transfer to BW  PIC0000040 
CRM-CIC-REP-LOG Logging  AEC0000391 
CRM-CIC-RSC Reminder Scripting  A4C0000237 
CRM-CIC-SCR Interactive Scripting  AEC0000383 
CRM-CIC-UNI Agent Inbox  A6G0000022 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AIM Application Development R/3 Investment Measures (General) 
CCMA Interaction Center Components 
CCMB Interaction Center Components 
CICA Interaction Center 
CICB Interaction Center 
CKXX R/3 Application Development: PP Costing Basic Product 
CO R/3 Application development: PP Production orders 
CPC R/3 Application Development: PP Task Lists Master Recipes 
CRM_CIC_COMPONENTS Interaction Center components 
CRM_CIC_COMPONENTS_ISM IS-M: Customer Interaction Center Components 
CRM_CIC_DASHBOARD_DEMO Interaction center dashboard demo 
CRM_CIC_FRAMEWORK Interaction Center framework 
CRM_CIC_WORKLIST_ADMIN Business Transaction Assignments 
CRM_IC_APPL_MD CRM Interaction Center: Application/ Master Data 
CRM_IC_APPL_PRODUCT CRM Interaction Center: Application/ Product 
CRM_REF_SIC ASAP Ref. Structure Elements for Service Interaction Center 
CRM_REF_TSA ASAP Reference Structure Elements for Telesales 
CYCORE Application Development R/3 Capacity Spl. 
DONR Application Development R/3 - General Object Number 
INSC Application Development R/3 Plant Maintenance Customizing 
ISTCRMPI IS-T Telco Objects: External Interfaces 
KKAG Period costing individual case 
KKEK Cost accounting unit costing 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A