SAP ABAP Package CO (R/3 Application development: PP Production orders)
Basic Data
Package CO   
Short Description   R/3 Application development: PP Production orders    
Super package CRM_APPLICATION   All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
AFBP CIM order: Batch print requests  TRANSP   A  
AFFL Work order sequence  TRANSP   A  
AFKO Order Header Data PP Orders  TRANSP   A  
AFPO Order item  TRANSP   A  
AFSPOPR Split Operations in an Order Split  TRANSP   A  
AFSPREL Relation Between Orders in an Order Split  TRANSP   A  
AFVC Operation within an order  TRANSP   A  
AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the operation  TRANSP   A  
AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation  TRANSP   A  
DRAD_PORDER Attributes for Links: Document to Production Order  TRANSP   A  
FAPW Index of production-/issuing plant for production order  TRANSP   A  
FTIND Missing parts index  TRANSP   A  
ORDCOM Communication control Operation download  TRANSP   A  
ORDLY Table of delays for production order  TRANSP   A  
T024F Production scheduler  TRANSP   C  
T399X Parameters dependent on order type  TRANSP   C  
T441C Profile - availability check  TRANSP   G  
T441CT Texts for Profile "Display Availability Check"  TRANSP   G  
T490 Transactions PP - orders - order category  POOL   S  
T496B CIM order: Assigning document types to reference doc. types  POOL   C  
T496D CIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per user/plant  TRANSP   C  
T496F CIM order: Form description of the list  POOL   C  
T496K CIM order: Entity table of possible table identifiers  POOL   S  
T496N CIM order: List descriptions  POOL   C  
T496P Print PP documents: Determination of output device  TRANSP   C  
T496R Print PP shop papers: Report control  POOL   C  
T496T Print PP shop papers: Transaction control  POOL   C  
T496V PP Print: Default Value for Printing Online or Background  TRANSP   C  
T496Z CIM order: Table-controlled table access  TRANSP   G  
TC32 Assigning subscreen to processing location  TRANSP   S  
TC34 Allocating operation to object type for the check routine  POOL   S  
TC62 Sequence of detail screens when processing header externally  POOL   S  
TCO01 Sequence/operations control in logicstics orders  POOL   S  
TCO03 CIM order: Texts for TCO01, Description of order categories  POOL   S  
TCO04 Table for controlling the screen sequence group  POOL   S  
TCO05 CUA status depending on panel, trans. type, funct. type etc.  TRANSP   S  
TCO06 Exclusive functions for PP orders  TRANSP   S  
TCO09 CIM order: Text IDs of objects in orders  POOL   S  
TCO10 Valuation variant for order costing  POOL   C  
TCO11 Control table for production orders - availability check  POOL   C  
TCO12 Control table production orders - stock determination  TRANSP   C  
TCO36 PP orders: Control table for calling up pop-up windows  TRANSP   S  
TCO41 CIM order: Default values for generating operations  POOL   C  
TCO43 PP-SFC Order Profile  TRANSP   C  
TCO43T Description of production scheduler profile  TRANSP   C  
TCO60 Sequence keys for input facility and verification  POOL   E  
TCO61 Sequence key for PP orders  POOL   E  
TCO62 Defining screen sequences for input facility and verificatn.  TRANSP   E  
TCO63 Sequence of detail screens when maintaining components  POOL   G  
TCOAF Profile order progress report  TRANSP   G  
TCOAFT Texts for order progress report  TRANSP   G  
TCOAOB Profile order progress report: Displayed fields objects  TRANSP   G  
TCOAOBT Profile order progress report: Displayed fields objs (Text)  TRANSP   G  
TCODB Database fields development class CO per order category  TRANSP   S  
TCOF Profile for missing parts info system  TRANSP   E  
TCOFF Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Displayed Fields  TRANSP   E  
TCOFFT Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Displayed Fields  TRANSP   E  
TCOFG Profile for missing parts info system: criteria for grouping  TRANSP   E  
TCOFGT Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Criteria for Grouping  TRANSP   E  
TCOFK Texts for functions in milestones/trigger points  TRANSP   S  
TCOFS Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria  TRANSP   E  
TCOFST Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria  TRANSP   E  
TCOFT Texts for Missing Parts Info System  TRANSP   E  
TCOKO Constants for PP orders  POOL   G  
TCOKT Account assignment categories for order  TRANSP   G  
TCOP Field selection profile  TRANSP   G  
TCOPS Field selection profile  TRANSP   G  
TCOPSFI Ranges for Fields in Table TCOPS  TRANSP   C  
TCOPT Description of Profile for Field Selection  TRANSP   G  
TDUMMY Dummy structure of a table for READ with VERSION  TRANSP   G  
TRUG Reason for variances in completion confirmations  TRANSP   C  
TRUGT Text describing the reason for a variance in a confirmation  TRANSP   C  
TXPR1 XPRA control - missing parts info system  TRANSP   S  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
CB85 Maint. Print Control for Proc. Ords     
CMNK Nummernkreispflege: COMPNUM  SAPMSNUM  
CN65 Change documents order /network  SAPMCODC  
CO00 (empty)  MENUCO00  
CO01 Create production order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO01S Adding simulation order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO02 Change Production Order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO02S Change simulation order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO03 Display Production Order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO03S Display simulation order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO04 Print Production Orders  SAPLCODR  
CO05 Collective Release of Prod. Orders  SAPLCOKO1  
CO07 Create order without a material  SAPLCOKO1  
CO08 Production order with sales order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO10 Production order with project  SAPLCOKO1  
CO30 Standard trigger points  MENUCO30  
CO40 Converting Planned Order  SAPLCOKO1  
CO41 Coll. Conversion of Planned Orders  SAPLCOUP  
CO44 Mass processing of orders  PPSFCACT  
CO48 prod.ord.part.redct     
CO80 Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECK  SAPMSNUM  
CO81 Number assignment: routing to order  SAPMSNUM  
CO82 Number ranges for orders  SAPMSNUM  
CO83 Number range maintenance: RESB  SAPMSNUM  
COF4 Maintain filter profs.for proc.order     
COPAWA Pack components for order  SAPLCOWBHU  
CORU Maintain prod. scheduler group     
COS4 Sort profiles - maintain proc. order     
COSS Transport of C Tables     
COTB Transport table contents SFC     
COTF Comm. File Missing Parts Info System     
COW1 Production Order Workplace  SAPLCOW1  
COWBHUWA GI HU for Production Order  SAPLCOWBHU  
COWF1 Task Customizing (Production Order)  SAPLCOWF  
MB26 Picking list  PP_PICK_LIST  
OPSG Order change management profile     
S_E4A_94000015 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_EBS_44000412 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_P00_07000315 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PL0_86000012 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PL0_86000013 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM-CIC (PFC0000045) Interaction Center WinClient 
Package CO  R/3 Application development: PP Production orders