SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-ANA (CRM Analytics)
Basic Data
Application Component A4C0000281  
Application Component ID CRM-ANA  
Short Description   CRM Analytics  
First Release Date 20021211 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-ANA-BOJ CRM Analytics Business Objects  A0G0000091 
CRM-ANA-BOJ-CNT CRM Analytics Business Objects Content  A0G0000093 
CRM-ANA-BOJ-UI CRM Analytics Business Objects UI  A0G0000092 
CRM-ANA-DAS Analytics Dashboarding  PNE0000142 
CRM-ANA-EXT Extraction Technology  AEC0000407 
CRM-ANA-IC Interaction Center  A4C0000324 
CRM-ANA-ICM Incentive and Commission Management  A4C0000328 
CRM-ANA-ICS Interaction Center Workforce Management  A4C0000327 
CRM-ANA-MD Master Data  A4C0000329 
CRM-ANA-MKT Marketing Analytics  A4C0000325 
CRM-ANA-MKT-ABC ABC Analysis  PIC0000092 
CRM-ANA-MKT-BW Data Extraction for BW  A4C0000326 
CRM-ANA-MKT-CLV Customer Lifetime Value Analysis                       PIC0000090 
CRM-ANA-MKT-MKO Marketing Optimization  A4C0000137 
CRM-ANA-MKT-RFM RFM Analysis  PIC0000091 
CRM-ANA-MKT-SEG BW Interfaces for Segment Builder  AEC0000409 
CRM-ANA-MSA Mobile Sales Analytics  A4C0000304 
CRM-ANA-MSA-BW Data Extraction for BW  A4C0000311 
CRM-ANA-MSA-WBI Workbook Import from BW  AEC0000408 
CRM-ANA-OR Interactive Reporting  A7G0000031 
CRM-ANA-OR-BIL Local BI Layer  A7G0000035 
CRM-ANA-OR-BOJ Business Objects Content locally in CRM  /CRMBW/A0G0000210 
CRM-ANA-OR-DUI Design Time UI  A7G0000032 
CRM-ANA-OR-IL Interaction Layer  A7G0000034 
CRM-ANA-OR-OL Object Layer  A7G0000036 
CRM-ANA-OR-RUI Runtime UI  A7G0000033 
CRM-ANA-PPM Pipeline Performance Management  PLE0000001 
CRM-ANA-PPM-BOL Business Object Layer  PLE0000003 
CRM-ANA-PPM-IL Interaction Layer  PLE0000004 
CRM-ANA-PPM-QP Quota Planning  PFC0000112 
CRM-ANA-PPM-UI User Interface  PLE0000002 
CRM-ANA-PS Planning Services  A4C0000011 
CRM-ANA-RPL Replication of Analytical Results from BW to CRM  A4C0000332 
CRM-ANA-RPL-ADS Analytical Data Storage  A4C0000333 
CRM-ANA-RPL-APD Analysis Process for Replication  A4C0000335 
CRM-ANA-RPL-TGT Miscellaneous Data Targets in CRM  A4C0000334 
CRM-ANA-RT Intelligence Connector (Real-time Analytics)  A4C0000138 
CRM-ANA-SLS Sales Analytics and Reporting  A4C0000301 
CRM-ANA-SLS-BW BW Data Exchange  A4C0000336 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR Operative Reporting  A4C0000302 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR-MON Monitor  A4C0000303 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR-TEC Reporting Framework  A4C0000337 
CRM-ANA-SRV Service Analytics  A4C0000321 
CRM-ANA-SRV-BW BW Data Exchange  A4C0000322 
CRM-ANA-SRV-OR Operative Reporting  A4C0000323 
CRM-ANA-TE Telco Analytics  A6G0000040 
CRM-ANA-TE-PLA Planning for Telco  A6G0000042 
CRM-ANA-TE-SAL Telco Analytics  A6G0000041 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/CRMBW/OP_REPORTING Operational Reporting with local NetWeaver BI 
/CRMBW/OP_REPORTING_BI BI content objects for CRM Operational Reporting 
/CRMBW/OP_REPORTING_DEV BI coding for CRM Operational Reporting 
CRMBW_CXP_EXITS BW exits for CRM on-demand 
CRMBW_DEMO_DATA Demo Data for BW Scenario Tests 
CRM_ANA_DASHBOARD_MAIN CRM analytics dashboard main package 
CRM_ANA_DASH_APP Application layer for CRM Analytics Dashboard 
CRM_ANA_DASH_CUST Customizing for CRM Analytics Dashboard 
CRM_ANA_DASH_IL Interaction layer for CRM Analytics Dashboard 
CRM_BI_TOOLS Tools for Analysis of BI Applications in CRM 
CRM_EANA_DASH_IL CRM Embedded Analytics : Dashboard Genil Layer 
CRM_EANA_DASH_UI_DT Embedded Analytics : Dashboard Designtime 
CRM_EANA_DASH_UI_RT Embedded Analytics : Dashboard Runtime 
CRM_MAL Mass Access Layer 
CRM_OR_CACHE Cache layer implementation for OLTP Report at user session 
CRM_OR_ENH Enhancement Spots package for OLTP Reporting 
CRM_OR_IL Interaction layer package for OLTP Reporting 
CRM_OR_MKT MArketing package for OLTP Reporting 
CRM_OR_NO_TRANSLATION Operational Reporting - no translation relevant objects 
CRM_OR_SERVICES Provides oper reporting services available through HTTP 
CRM_OR_UI Operational reporting user interface 
CRM_OR_UI_DT Operational Reporting UI Designtime 
CRM_OR_UI_RT Operational Reporting UI Runtime 
CRM_PPM_CUST Customizing for PPM 
CRM_UIU_ANA_DASH UI for CRM Analytics Dashboard 
CRM_UIU_ANA_DASH_DT CRM Analytics Dashboard Designtime UI 
CRM_UIU_ANA_DASH_RT CRM Analytics Dashboard Runtime UI 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   400