SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-IFS-BTX (Business Transaction)
Basic Data
Application Component A5C0000051  
Application Component ID CRM-IFS-BTX  
Short Description   Business Transaction  
First Release Date 20040623 
First Release   640 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-IFS-BTX-CL Security System Connection  A5C0000054 
CRM-IFS-BTX-FS Financial Service: Request and Quotation  A5C0000052 
CRM-IFS-BTX-LS Loan System Connection  A5C0000053 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_FS_10_EXT_NEED FS Extension for Need Analysis - Obsolete 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_AGE Financial Services: Extension Age 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_BPCA FS : extension for BPCA 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_CALCPROC Financial Services: Extension for FIMA Calculation Schema 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_CASHFLOW Financial Services: Cash Flow Extension 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_CA_DET Financial Services: Extension Collateral Agreement Details 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_CA_TYPE Financial Services: Extension Collateral Agreement Category 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_CLR_ACCOUNT FS AO 1O extension for clearing account 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_COLL_CONST FS : 1O extension for Collateral Constellation 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_DETAMOUNT Financial Services: Payment Specification Extension Details 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_DETINTEREST Financial Services: Interest Scale Extension Detail 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_EC_WORKCAL Financial Services: Extension Events Working Day Calendar 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_FICO FS : 1O extension for FICO integration 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_FINVIEW Financial Services: Calculation Base Extension 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_IND_VAL FS 1O Extension Individual Valuables 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LAYER Financial Services: Object Layer 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOANPAYMENTS Financial Services: Extension Loan Payment Schedule 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOANPAYM_PERF Financial Services: Extension Loan Payments - Perf.Enh. 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOAN_COND Financial Services: Extension Load Conditions 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOAN_DISAGIO Financial Services: Extension Loan Discount 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOAN_INPUT FS : 1O extension for Loan input common parameters 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOAN_INTLOCK Financial Services: Extension Loan Locked In Interest Rate 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_LOAN_RESULT Financial Services: Loan Results Extension 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_MAIN Financial Services: Generated One Order Extensions 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_NEED FS Extension for Need Analysis 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_OPTION Financial Services: Extension Option 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_PAYMENT_PLAN FS:Payment Plan Details Extension 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_PROD_VARIANTS FS : 1O extension - Variants for quote Options 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_PURPOSE FS 10 extension Loan Purpose 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_PYMT_KEY_FIG FS : 1o Extension Payment Key Figures 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_REFERENCES FS:AO 1O extension for references 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_RE_DET Financial Services: Extension Real Estate Details 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_RE_SITE Financial Services: Extension Real Estate Location 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_RE_TYPE Financial Services: Extension Real Estate Type 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_SA Financial Services: Extension Special Agreements 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_USAGE Financial Services: Extension Usage Category 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_VARIANT Financial Services: Extension for Payment Structure Variant 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_WORKCAL Financial Services: Workday Calendar Extension 
CRM_FS_APPT_IMPL Financial Services: Appointment Processing Implementation 
CRM_FS_APPT_MAIN Financial Services: Appointment Processing Main 
CRM_FS_APPT_SFWS_PERF_1 Financial Servcies: Appointments - Switchable Objects 
CRM_FS_DRM_MAIN Financial Services: Dealer/Third-Party Business Relationship 
CRM_FS_ORDER_ACTION_IMPL Financial Services: Action Implementations Transaction 
CRM_FS_ORDER_CUST Financial Services: Customizing for Transaction 
CRM_FS_ORDER_EXT Financial Services: Transaction Extensibility 
CRM_FS_ORDER_IMPL Financial Services: General Implementations for Transaction 
CRM_FS_ORDER_SFWS_CI_1 Financial Services: General Switchable Objects 
CRM_FS_ORDER_SFWS_PERF_1 Financial Services: General Switchable Objects 
CRM_FS_ORDER_SFW_NB_BCQ_1 Switchable package for BCQ objects 
CRM_FS_ORDER_SFW_RML_NB_RNWL FS : General Switchable objects : New Business and Renewal 
CRM_FS_ORDER_SWITCH_IMPL Financial Services: Switch Framework Switches and Tools 
CRM_FS_ORDER_SWITCH_MAIN Financial Services: Switch Framework Main Package 
CRM_FS_ORDER_TEST_CASES Financial Services: Test Cases for Business Functions 
CRM_FS_PARTNER_DETERM_CUST Financial Services: Customizing for Partner Determination 
CRM_FS_PARTNER_DETERM_MAIN Financial Services: Partner Determination Main 
CRM_FS_XIF_MAIN Financial Services: XIF Interfaces 
CRM_FS_XIF_ORDER_CUST Financial Services: Customzing for Calling the XIF Adapter 
CRM_FS_XIF_ORDER_MAIN Financial Services: XI Interfaces to One Order 
CRM_FS_XIF_ORDER_SRM Financial Services: Interfaces to Purchasing Systems 
CRM_FS_XIF_ORDER_TOOLS Financial Services: Tool Elements for XIF Adapter 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   500