SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-IFS-BF (Basic Functions)
Basic Data
Application Component A5C0000048  
Application Component ID CRM-IFS-BF  
Short Description   Basic Functions  
First Release Date 20040623 
First Release   640 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-IFS-BF-BRF Business Rules Framework  A5C0000050 
CRM-IFS-BF-DOC Document Templates  A5C0000049 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_FS_1OFP FS: Transfer Product Set Types to Conventional 1O Objects 
CRM_FS_1OFP_BADI FS: BAdIs Transfer Product Set Types to Conventional 1O Obj. 
CRM_FS_1OFP_MAIN FS: Transfer Product Set Types to Conventional 1O Objects 
CRM_FS_1OIIE Financial Services: Main Item Processing 
CRM_FS_1OIIE_BADI Financial Services: BAdIs for Cross-App. Item Processing 
CRM_FS_1OIIE_MAIN Financial Services: Main Item Processing 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_EC_DATES Financial Services: Events related to Date Set Functionality 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_EC_LOAN_COND Financial Services: Extension for Events in Payt Structure 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_EC_MAIN Financial Services: Extension for Events 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_EC_PRODUCT Financial Services: Extension for Events in Product Master 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_TAX Financial Services: Extension for Taxes/Fees 
CRM_FS_1O_EXT_TAX_CUST Financial Services: Customizing for Taxes/Fees 
CRM_FS_AI_IN_LAYER FS Application Integration Layer: XI Inbound 
CRM_FS_AI_IN_PROXY XI Inbound Proxies Namensraum CRM/FS 
CRM_FS_AI_OUT_IMPL FS: XI Implementations: Communication with Service Providers 
CRM_FS_AI_OUT_LAYER FS Application Integration Layer Outbound 
CRM_FS_AI_OUT_PROXY XI Outbound Proxies Namensraum /CRM/FS/ 
CRM_FS_BRI_CUST Financial Services: Customizing for Generation of BRIs 
CRM_FS_BRI_GEN Financial Services: Generation of BRIs 
CRM_FS_BRI_MAIN Financial Services: Generate Billing Request Items 
CRM_FS_CM Financial Services: Communication with Credit Management 
CRM_FS_CONTENTMAN_ATTR Financial Services: Attribute Enhancements Documents 
CRM_FS_CONTENTMAN_MAIN Financial Services: Document Management 
CRM_FS_DCL_CUSTOMIZING FS AO Document Check list customizing 
CRM_FS_DCL_IMPL FS AO Document Check list Implementation 
CRM_FS_DCL_MAIN FS AO : Main Package for Document checklist 
CRM_FS_ECMIL Interaction Layer for ECM 
CRM_FS_ECM_ACCESS_IMPL FS: Enterprise Content Management Implementation 
CRM_FS_ECM_MAIN Financial Services: Enterprise Content Management 
CRM_FS_FIMA_BASIC Financial Services: General Functions for FIMA 
CRM_FS_FIMA_BASIC_IMPL Financial Services: Implement General Functions for FIMA 
CRM_FS_GLOBAL_AI_OUT_PROXY XI Outbound Proxies Namensraum /CRM/FS/GLOBAL/ 
CRM_FS_INTEGRATION_CUST Financial Services: Customizing Integration Layer 
CRM_FS_INTEGRATION_IMPL Financial Services: Implementations for Service Call 
CRM_FS_INTEGRATION_MAIN Financial Services: Integration Layer: Business Objects 
CRM_FS_INTEGRATION_POL_IMPL FS : Integration to Process Objects 
CRM_FS_INTEGRATION_SERVICES Financial Services: Integration of Services 
CRM_FS_INTEGRATION_STATUS Financial Services: Choreography of Service Calls 
CRM_FS_PRICING Financial Services: Pricing 
CRM_FS_PRICING_ABAPCALL Financial Services: Pricing ABAP Recall 
CRM_FS_PRICING_ABAPCALL_IMPL Financial Services: Implement ABAP Recall 
CRM_FS_PRICING_MAIN Financial Services: Pricing 
CRM_FS_PRICING_SUBSET Financial Services: Pricing with reduced pricing procedure 
CRM_FS_STATUS_AL Financial Services: Status Management for Application Layer 
CRM_FS_STATUS_AL_MAIN Financial Services: Status Management: Appl. Logic Layer 
CRM_FS_STATUS_MAIN Financial Services: Status Management Connection 
CRM_FS_STATUS_PER Financial Services: Status Management Persistence Layer 
CRM_FS_XI_CONTENT_MAIN Financial Services: XI Content 
CRM_MESSAGE_EXCEPTION Exception Handling: Messages as Exception Class 
CRM_PNT Item Relationships Core 
CRM_PNT_ATTR_COLL Item Relationships: Attributes for Collateral Management 
CRM_PNT_BADI_SAP Item Relationships: BAdIs for SAP Development 
CRM_PNT_BUFFER Item Relationships: Buffer 
CRM_PNT_MAIN Item Relationships 
CRM_PNT_UI Item Relationships: User Interfaces 
CRM_PNT_UI_BADI Item Relationships: UI BAdIs 
CRM_PNT_UI_COLL Item Relationships: UI Collateral 
CRM_PRMAP Financial Services: Price Determination Mapping 
CRM_SRC Search Algorithms in Business Transaction: Core 
CRM_SRC_BADI Search Algorithms in Business Transaction: BAdIs 
CRM_SRC_IMP_ITM Search Algorithms: Implementation by Items 
CRM_SRC_IMP_PNT Search Algorithms: Implementation via Item Relationships 
CRM_SRC_MAIN Search Algorithms in Business Transaction 
CRM_UIU_FS_ES_SFWS_INF_ES_1 Financial Services Enterprise Search: Switchable Objects 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   500