SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-MSA (Mobile Sales)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000047  
Application Component ID CRM-MSA  
Short Description   Mobile Sales  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-MSA-ACP Account Planning  A5C0000066 
CRM-MSA-ACT Activity  PFC0000050 
CRM-MSA-ACT Activity  A5C0000099 
CRM-MSA-ACT-ARE Activity Reporting Template  PFC0000085 
CRM-MSA-ACT-LON Lotus Notes Integration  PFC0000087 
CRM-MSA-ACT-OUT Outlook Integration  PFC0000086 
CRM-MSA-ADP Adapters Mobile Sales  PIC0000017 
CRM-MSA-ADP-MIG Migration  A4C0000012 
CRM-MSA-AMT Authorization Management Tool  A5C0000102 
CRM-MSA-APP CRM Mobile Sales app  A2G0000071 
CRM-MSA-APP-AND CRM Mobile Sales app for Android  A2G0000072 
CRM-MSA-APP-IOS CRM Mobile Sales app for iOS  A2G0000073 
CRM-MSA-APP-RIM CRM Mobile Sales app for BlackBerry  A2G0000074 
CRM-MSA-APP-W32 CRM Mobile Sales app for Windows Tablet or Laptop  A2G0000075 
CRM-MSA-APP-WPH CRM Mobile Sales app for Windows Phone  A2G0000076 
CRM-MSA-ASE Advanced Selection  PFC0000057 
CRM-MSA-ASE Extended Selection  A5C0000111 
CRM-MSA-BP Business Partner  PFC0000048 
CRM-MSA-CCD Conditions  A5C0000096 
CRM-MSA-CCD Conditions  PFC0000092 
CRM-MSA-CCO Client Console  PFC0000088 
CRM-MSA-CCT Contracts  PFC0000058 
CRM-MSA-CCT Contracts  A5C0000101 
CRM-MSA-CFG SCE Product Configuration  PFC0000097 
CRM-MSA-CLA Classification  PFC0000094 
CRM-MSA-CLA Classification  A5C0000097 
CRM-MSA-CMN Common Functions  A5C0000112 
CRM-MSA-CMN Common Functions  PFC0000089 
CRM-MSA-CMN-SYS System Administration  PFC0000091 
CRM-MSA-CON Contact Person  PFC0000049 
CRM-MSA-CON Contact Person  A5C0000081 
CRM-MSA-DOC Document Generation  A5C0000110 
CRM-MSA-DOC Document Generation  PFC0000056 
CRM-MSA-EML E-Mail Integration  A5C0000226 
CRM-MSA-EML-OUT MS Outlook  A5C0000227 
CRM-MSA-EMP Employees  PFC0000061 
CRM-MSA-HLP Application Help  AEC0000522 
CRM-MSA-INB Inbox  PFC0000090 
CRM-MSA-INB Inbox  A5C0000113 
CRM-MSA-INF Infocenter  A5C0000109 
CRM-MSA-INF Infocenter  PFC0000059 
CRM-MSA-IPC IPC Pricing / Configuration  AEC0000521 
CRM-MSA-IPC IPC Pricing/Configuration  A5C0000098 
CRM-MSA-KAM Key Account Management  PFC0000095 
CRM-MSA-LST Listings  PFC0000055 
CRM-MSA-LST Listings  A5C0000085 
CRM-MSA-MP Marketing Profiles  A5C0000106 
CRM-MSA-MP Marketing Profiles  PIC0000016 
CRM-MSA-OPP Opportunities  PFC0000051 
CRM-MSA-OPP Opportunities  A5C0000100 
CRM-MSA-PAC Campaigns & Promotions  A5C0000107 
CRM-MSA-PAC Campaigns & Promotions  PFC0000054 
CRM-MSA-PAS Products & Services  PFC0000053 
CRM-MSA-PDA Mobile Sales PDA Companion Application  PLC0000064 
CRM-MSA-PLN Integration with SEM-BW Planning  A5C0000105 
CRM-MSA-POT Potentials  A5C0000082 
CRM-MSA-POT Potentials  AEC0000478 
CRM-MSA-PPR Partner Product Ranges  A5C0000084 
CRM-MSA-REP Evaluations  A5C0000104 
CRM-MSA-REP Reports  PFC0000060 
CRM-MSA-SAD Sales Document  PFC0000052 
CRM-MSA-SAD Sales Document  A5C0000103 
CRM-MSA-SAD-AFS AFS Scenario  A5C0000327 
CRM-MSA-SAD-MP Multiple Promotions  A5C0000326 
CRM-MSA-SPE Pricing Engine  PFC0000096 
CRM-MSA-TER Territory Management  PIC0000015 
CRM-MSA-TEX Travel and Expense Management  A5C0000108 
CRM-MSA-TEX Travel and Expense Management  PIC0000014 
CRM-MSA-TGL Target List  AEC0000510 
CRM-MSA-TGL Target List  A5C0000083 
CRM-MSA-TOU Route Planning  A5C0000176 
CRM-MSA-YYY Contracts  PFC0000093 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CDB new CDB tables for new BDocs for CRM 3.0 
CDBARCH_STRUCTURES Package to add generated tables and table entries 
CDB_CE Mobile Sales Content Edition Development 
CRM_KAM Key Account Management 
CRM_REF_MSA ASAP Reference Structure Elements for Mobile Sales 
MBP Mobile Booster Project 
MSAPHA Pharma specific development objects mobile sales 
MSATPM Package for Mobile Sales Trade Promotions 
SMO3 Consolidated Database 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A