SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-ISA (Internet Sales)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000043  
Application Component ID CRM-ISA  
Short Description   Internet Sales  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-ISA-AUC Web Auction  PIC0000035 
CRM-ISA-BAS Shopping Basket and Order Entry  PIC0000082 
CRM-ISA-BBS Business-to-Business Sales  PFC0000083 
CRM-ISA-BCS Business-to-Consumer Sales  PFC0000082 
CRM-ISA-BTR Business-to-Reseller  PFC0000084 
CRM-ISA-CAT Internet Sales Catalog  AEC0000471 
CRM-ISA-CFG Product Configuration Internet Sales  PIC0000034 
CRM-ISA-CNT Contracts  A4C0000133 
CRM-ISA-GS Internet Sales Guided Selling  PIC0000080 
CRM-ISA-INV Invoices  PLC0000102 
CRM-ISA-LOY Loyalty  A0G0000162 
CRM-ISA-LWC Live Web Collaboration  PIC0000036 
CRM-ISA-MKT Marketing (Recommendations, Cross-/Up-Selling)  A5C0000079 
CRM-ISA-MOB Mobile Internet Sales  AEC0000375 
CRM-ISA-OCI Open Catalog Interface  PLC0000060 
CRM-ISA-PER Personalization  A4C0000134 
CRM-ISA-R3 Internet Sales (R/3 Edition)  PIC0000079 
CRM-ISA-SHA Shop Management  ABC0000100 
CRM-ISA-TEC Technical Infrastructure  PIC0000037 
CRM-ISA-UM User Management  PIC0000083 
CRM-ISA-WEC Internet Sales Web Event Capturing  PIC0000081 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AD01 B2R: Bapi Structures 
CRM_BBPTNR CRM Business to Business with Partner 
CRM_ECO_ENTITLEMENTS CRM ECommerce Entitlements 
CRM_ISALES CRM Internet Sales 
CRM_ISALES_SEARCH CRM eCommerce Search Framework 
CRM_ISALES_SPLIST Lean Basket and Shopping List Management in Internet Sales 
CRM_ISA_AUCTION ISA Auction related functions 
CRM_ISA_CIC The Integration Project for ISA and CIC 
CRM_REF_ISA ASAP - Reference Structure Elements for Internet Sales 
CRM_SLIM CRM System Measurement 
CRM_UIU_GS_RTPCAT Integration of the Web Channel Runtime catalogue 
FBASCORE B2R: BAPI Structures 
FBDCORE B2R: BAPI Structures 
ISA_DPE_INTEGRATION Package for ISA-DPE Integration 
UP03 Business transactions publisher 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   20A