SAP ABAP Application Component CRM-RPL-SRV (Service Resource Planning)
Basic Data
Application Component A4C0000135  
Application Component ID CRM-RPL-SRV  
Short Description   Service Resource Planning  
First Release Date 20020918 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-RPL-SRV-APP Appointment Scheduling  A4C0000136 
CRM-RPL-SRV-GIS Resource Planning GIS Integration  PNE0000052 
CRM-RPL-SRV-QUA PC UI Qualification Catalog  A5C0000275 
CRM-RPL-SRV-RPT Resource Planning Tool  AEC0000359 
CRM-RPL-SRV-WFM Interface to Scheduling Engine  AEC0000357 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRM_LRP_CUSTOMIZING Customizing for Field Service & Dispatch 
CRM_LRP_LAYER CRM - WFM Core - Interface 
CRM_QUALIF Qualification Requirement Set 
CRM_QUALIFICATION_MAIN General Functions for Qualifications 
CRM_QUALIF_REL Qualification Requirements/Link to Master Data 
CRM_SERVICE_PAG Communication Functionality in CRM Service 
CRM_UIU_BT_GEN_QUALIF UI package for reusable qualification requirements within BT 
CRM_WFD CRM Work Force Deplyment 
CRM_WFDS CRM Work Force Deployment 
CRM_WFDS_INTEGRATION CRM Work Force Deployment Integration 
CRM_WFDS_PCUI CRM Workforce Deployment PC UI 
CRM_WFDS_RULES CRM Work Force Deployment Rules 
CRM_WFD_API Interface to WFD Core for Resource Planning 
CRM_WFD_BADI Enhancements for WFM 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL BOL / Genil Implementation for Resource Planning 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL_ASG BOL / Genil Implementation for Res. Planning Assignment 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL_CMN BOL / Genil Implementation for Res. Planning Common Objects 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL_CPR BOL / Genil Implementation for Res. Planning cProject Role 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL_RES BOL / Genil Implementation for Res. Planning WFD REsource 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL_SOI BOL / Genil Implementation for Res. Planning Service Order 
CRM_WFD_BOL_GENIL_TAL BOL / Genil Implementation for Res. Planning Time Allocation 
CRM_WFD_COMMON CRM WFD Common Dictionary Objects 
CRM_WFD_MRS CRM MRS Integration 
CRM_WFD_UI UI for Resource Planning 
CRM_WFD_UI_ASG UI for Resource Planning: Assignment 
CRM_WFD_UI_CMN UI for Resource Planning: Common Part 
CRM_WFD_UI_CPR UI for Resource Planning: cProject Role 
CRM_WFD_UI_FLEX_GANTT UI Package for flex based Gantt chart 
CRM_WFD_UI_GANTT_CUST Gantt Chart customizing 
CRM_WFD_UI_GEN_SRV WFD: General UI Services 
CRM_WFD_UI_RES UI for Resource Planning: Resources 
CRM_WFD_UI_RESSCH UI for resource search 
CRM_WFD_UI_RPA WFD: UIU Resource Planning Application 
CRM_WFD_UI_SOI UI for Resource Planning: Service Order Item 
CRM_WFD_UI_SRVARG UI for Resource Planning: Business Partner 
CRM_WFD_UI_TAL UI for Resource Planning: Time Allocation 
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in   400