SAP ABAP Application Component CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Basic Data
Application Component AEC0000003  
Application Component ID CRM  
Short Description   Customer Relationship Management  
First Release Date 19991004 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CRM-AA Analytical Applications for CRM  PIC0000089 
CRM-ACE Access Control Engine  ABC0000081 
CRM-ACE-ADM Administration  PLC0000109 
CRM-ACE-AIG Application Integration  PLC0000111 
CRM-ACE-RUL Rule Creation  PLC0000110 
CRM-ACP Account Planning  XCQ0000011 
CRM-ACP-APL Account Planner  A5C0000068 
CRM-ACP-APL-DOC Documents  A5C0000077 
CRM-ACP-APL-KFP Key Figure Planning  A5C0000076 
CRM-ACP-APL-MSA MSA Interface  A5C0000078 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST Structuring  A5C0000069 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-BAS Basic Data  A5C0000070 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-CND Condition Generation  A5C0000072 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-PAR Partner Management  A5C0000075 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-PPR Partner/Product Range  A5C0000073 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-PRO Product Assignment  A5C0000071 
CRM-ACP-APL-ST-TER Territory Management  A5C0000074 
CRM-ANA CRM Analytics  A4C0000281 
CRM-ANA-BOJ CRM Analytics Business Objects  A0G0000091 
CRM-ANA-BOJ-CNT CRM Analytics Business Objects Content  A0G0000093 
CRM-ANA-BOJ-UI CRM Analytics Business Objects UI  A0G0000092 
CRM-ANA-DAS Analytics Dashboarding  PNE0000142 
CRM-ANA-EXT Extraction Technology  AEC0000407 
CRM-ANA-IC Interaction Center  A4C0000324 
CRM-ANA-ICM Incentive and Commission Management  A4C0000328 
CRM-ANA-ICS Interaction Center Workforce Management  A4C0000327 
CRM-ANA-MD Master Data  A4C0000329 
CRM-ANA-MKT Marketing Analytics  A4C0000325 
CRM-ANA-MKT-ABC ABC Analysis  PIC0000092 
CRM-ANA-MKT-BW Data Extraction for BW  A4C0000326 
CRM-ANA-MKT-CLV Customer Lifetime Value Analysis                       PIC0000090 
CRM-ANA-MKT-MKO Marketing Optimization  A4C0000137 
CRM-ANA-MKT-RFM RFM Analysis  PIC0000091 
CRM-ANA-MKT-SEG BW Interfaces for Segment Builder  AEC0000409 
CRM-ANA-MSA Mobile Sales Analytics  A4C0000304 
CRM-ANA-MSA-BW Data Extraction for BW  A4C0000311 
CRM-ANA-MSA-WBI Workbook Import from BW  AEC0000408 
CRM-ANA-OR Interactive Reporting  A7G0000031 
CRM-ANA-OR-BIL Local BI Layer  A7G0000035 
CRM-ANA-OR-BOJ Business Objects Content locally in CRM  /CRMBW/A0G0000210 
CRM-ANA-OR-DUI Design Time UI  A7G0000032 
CRM-ANA-OR-IL Interaction Layer  A7G0000034 
CRM-ANA-OR-OL Object Layer  A7G0000036 
CRM-ANA-OR-RUI Runtime UI  A7G0000033 
CRM-ANA-PPM Pipeline Performance Management  PLE0000001 
CRM-ANA-PPM-BOL Business Object Layer  PLE0000003 
CRM-ANA-PPM-IL Interaction Layer  PLE0000004 
CRM-ANA-PPM-QP Quota Planning  PFC0000112 
CRM-ANA-PPM-UI User Interface  PLE0000002 
CRM-ANA-PS Planning Services  A4C0000011 
CRM-ANA-RPL Replication of Analytical Results from BW to CRM  A4C0000332 
CRM-ANA-RPL-ADS Analytical Data Storage  A4C0000333 
CRM-ANA-RPL-APD Analysis Process for Replication  A4C0000335 
CRM-ANA-RPL-TGT Miscellaneous Data Targets in CRM  A4C0000334 
CRM-ANA-RT Intelligence Connector (Real-time Analytics)  A4C0000138 
CRM-ANA-SLS Sales Analytics and Reporting  A4C0000301 
CRM-ANA-SLS-BW BW Data Exchange  A4C0000336 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR Operative Reporting  A4C0000302 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR-MON Monitor  A4C0000303 
CRM-ANA-SLS-OR-TEC Reporting Framework  A4C0000337 
CRM-ANA-SRV Service Analytics  A4C0000321 
CRM-ANA-SRV-BW BW Data Exchange  A4C0000322 
CRM-ANA-SRV-OR Operative Reporting  A4C0000323 
CRM-ANA-TE Telco Analytics  A6G0000040 
CRM-ANA-TE-PLA Planning for Telco  A6G0000042 
CRM-ANA-TE-SAL Telco Analytics  A6G0000041 
CRM-AUD Audit Management (CRM Connection)  A5C0000166 
CRM-BCM Business Communications Management Software  PNE0000081 
CRM-BE Billing  AEC0000500 
CRM-BE-BD Billing Document  PIC0000008 
CRM-BE-BW Connection to BW  PIC0000010 
CRM-BE-DL Billing Due List  PIC0000007 
CRM-BE-FI Transfer to Accounting  PIC0000009 
CRM-BE-FRW Billing Engine Framework  A7G0000001 
CRM-BE-OC Action Processing  PIC0000011 
CRM-BE-XIF External Interface Invoice  AEC0000544 
CRM-BF Basic Functions  PFC0000019 
CRM-BF-ACI Actions  AEC0000362 
CRM-BF-AR Archiving  PFC0000079 
CRM-BF-ATT Additional Attributes for Objects  A5C0000242 
CRM-BF-BRF Business Rules Framework  PNE0000005 
CRM-BF-BRF-RE BRF Plus Rule Engine  PNE0000006 
CRM-BF-BRF-RM BRF Plus Rule Modeller  PNE0000007 
CRM-BF-BWI BW Integration  AEC0000406 
CRM-BF-BWI-EXT-API Generic Functions: Data Exchange CRM / BW  PIC0000076 
CRM-BF-CAT Catalogs  AEC0000366 
CRM-BF-CBP Communication Enabled Business Process  A0G0000087 
CRM-BF-CD Campaign Determination  A4C0000229 
CRM-BF-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000026 
CRM-BF-CHA Communication Channels  PNE0000008 
CRM-BF-CHA-TEL Telephony Integration  PNE0000009 
CRM-BF-CIC Customer Interaction Center  PFC0000028 
CRM-BF-CM Credit Management  AEC0000361 
CRM-BF-COM Content Management  PIC0000006 
CRM-BF-COU Counter  A4C0000231 
CRM-BF-COU-CRU Counter for Usage-Based Billing  A5C0000256 
CRM-BF-CPE Engine for Commodity Pricing in CRM  A5C0000277 
CRM-BF-CPE-IF Exchange of CPE Data Between CRM and ERP  A5C0000280 
CRM-BF-CPE-PC PCUI for the CPE in CRM  A5C0000279 
CRM-BF-CPE-PR CPE in the CRM-Specific IPC  A5C0000278 
CRM-BF-DAM Third party Digital Asset Management integration  A0G0000111 
CRM-BF-DAT Date Management  AEC0000363 
CRM-BF-E2C CRM on Email  PNE0000171 
CRM-BF-EEW Easy Enhancement Workbench  PIC0000032 
CRM-BF-FGC Flex Gantt Control  A0G0000131 
CRM-BF-GC Gift Certificate Management  A0G0000032 
CRM-BF-IDF Intelligent Decision Flow  PFC0000072 
CRM-BF-IIA Interactive Intelligent Agent  PFC0000029 
CRM-BF-IL Interlinkages  AEC0000360 
CRM-BF-IO Interaction Object  A4I0000011 
CRM-BF-JOB Job Monitor  PNE0000010 
CRM-BF-KNO Knowledge Search  PLC0000101 
CRM-BF-ML E-Mail Management  PLC0000131 
CRM-BF-OC Output Determination  AEC0000367 
CRM-BF-OFI Determination of Organizational Units  AEC0000531 
CRM-BF-PC Payment Cards  PFC0000025 
CRM-BF-PCE People-Centric UI Extensions  A4C0000228 
CRM-BF-PD Partner Processing  PFC0000024 
CRM-BF-PME Product Modeling Environment  A6G0000033 
CRM-BF-PR Pricing  A5C0000137 
CRM-BF-PR-PC PC-UI of the Pricing Result  PLC0000142 
CRM-BF-RTD Real-Time Decisioning (Engine)  A7G0000042 
CRM-BF-RTD-AD Adapters  A7G0000043 
CRM-BF-RTD-BLS Business Logic Studio  A7G0000044 
CRM-BF-RTD-EB Experience Base  A7G0000045 
CRM-BF-RTD-INS Installation  A7G0000046 
CRM-BF-RTD-RE Recommendation Engine  A7G0000047 
CRM-BF-SAF Software Agent Framework  A4C0000085 
CRM-BF-SC Solution Configurator for Packages  A6G0000034 
CRM-BF-SEG Segmentation  PFC0000021 
CRM-BF-SMS Short Message Service  AG30000061 
CRM-BF-STA Status Management  PFC0000027 
CRM-BF-SVY Survey Suite  PIC0000005 
CRM-BF-SWI Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM  AG30000007 
CRM-BF-TAX Tax Determination  PFC0000022 
CRM-BF-TIM Time Zones/ Timing / Events  ABC0000092 
CRM-BF-TM Text Management  PFC0000023 
CRM-BF-TMS Integration to Transportation Management  AG30000041 
CRM-BF-WFI Workflow Inbox PC-UI  PLC0000132 
CRM-BF-WST Web Services Tool  PNC0000001 
CRM-BF-XIF External Interfaces: Basic Functions  PIC0000077 
CRM-BTX Business Transactions  PFC0000039 
CRM-BTX-ACT Activity Management  PFC0000031 
CRM-BTX-ACT-ACS Activity Scheduling  A5C0000156 
CRM-BTX-ACT-ARE Activity Journals  A5C0000157 
CRM-BTX-ACT-TR Tours  XCQ0000001 
CRM-BTX-ANA Operative Reporting and BW Analyses  PFC0000078 
CRM-BTX-ANA-BW BW Data Exchange  A4C0000091 
CRM-BTX-ANA-CFA Customer Fact Sheet  A4C0000089 
CRM-BTX-ANA-OR Operative Reporting  A4C0000090 
CRM-BTX-ANA-RFW Reporting Framework  A4C0000088 
CRM-BTX-ANA-SRQ ITSM Analytics  PNE0000011 
CRM-BTX-BF Basic Functions for Business Transactions  PFC0000073 
CRM-BTX-BF-ACI Actions/Output Determination for Business Transactions  A4C0000271 
CRM-BTX-BF-AL Application Log  PFC0000075 
CRM-BTX-BF-ATP Availability Check  PFC0000076 
CRM-BTX-BF-AU Authorization Check  AEC0000343 
CRM-BTX-BF-BA BAPIs for Business Transactions  PFC0000080 
CRM-BTX-BF-BPL Billing Plan  AEC0000364 
CRM-BTX-BF-BRF Integration Business Rules Framework in the Bus. Transaction  A5C0000189 
CRM-BTX-BF-BTT Business Transaction Template  A4C0000131 
CRM-BTX-BF-CAT Categorization and Reference Object in Transactions  A5C0000260 
CRM-BTX-BF-CD Campaign Determination, Multiple Promotions  A5C0000187 
CRM-BTX-BF-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000077 
CRM-BTX-BF-CPE CPE in the Business Transaction  A5C0000281 
CRM-BTX-BF-CRE Credit  A5C0000257 
CRM-BTX-BF-CU Customizing for Business Transactions  PFC0000074 
CRM-BTX-BF-DUP Deduplicate One Order Objects  PNE0000021 
CRM-BTX-BF-EBI ERP Interface for Billing  A5C0000262 
CRM-BTX-BF-ENT Integration of Entitlement Management  A5C0000288 
CRM-BTX-BF-FCP Calculation-Free Periods  A5C0000259 
CRM-BTX-BF-FIN Financing  AEC0000365 
CRM-BTX-BF-GTS Integration of Global Trade Services  A5C0000190 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF R/3 Interface for Business Transactions  PFC0000081 
CRM-BTX-BF-IF-HIF High Performance Application Interface  AG30000033 
CRM-BTX-BF-INV Investigation  A5C0000286 
CRM-BTX-BF-LI Integration of Lists in the Business Transaction  A5C0000188 
CRM-BTX-BF-LOG ERP Interface for Logistics Integration  A5C0000261 
CRM-BTX-BF-MF Business Transaction Maintenance Framework  A6G0000036 
CRM-BTX-BF-MLC Multiple Level Categories  A0G0000293 
CRM-BTX-BF-PP Product Proposal  PNE0000022 
CRM-BTX-BF-PR Pricing Interface  PIC0000033 
CRM-BTX-BF-SC Integration Solution Configurator to Business Transactions  A6G0000035 
CRM-BTX-BF-STA Status Management in the Business Transaction  A5C0000287 
CRM-BTX-BF-SVY Survey  PLC0000121 
CRM-BTX-BF-TA Transaction Analyzer  A9G0000051 
CRM-BTX-BF-VOL Usage Volumes  A5C0000258 
CRM-BTX-BF-XIF External Interface Business Transaction  AEC0000545 
CRM-BTX-BRQ Billing Request  A5C0000264 
CRM-BTX-COI Controlling Integration  AEC0000502 
CRM-BTX-COI-SAL Controlling Integration Sales  A4C0000232 
CRM-BTX-COI-SRV Controlling Integration Service  A4C0000233 
CRM-BTX-COM Complaints / Returns / In-House Repair  AEC0000349 
CRM-BTX-CTR Contracts  AEC0000344 
CRM-BTX-CTR-CB Consumption Billing  AG30000071 
CRM-BTX-CTR-CCO Sales Contract  AEC0000345 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO Pool Contract  PLC0000037 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO-CHP Change Processes  A5C0000273 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO-PCL Pool Assignment  A5C0000272 
CRM-BTX-CTR-PCO-PRI Pricing  A5C0000271 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SAA Sales Agreement  A5C0000192 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO Service Contract  AEC0000346 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO-CHP Change Processes  PNE0000151 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO-QUT Service Contract Quotation  A0G0000034 
CRM-BTX-CTR-SRA Service Agreement  A0G0000035 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO Usage-Based Service Contract  A5C0000266 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-CHP Change Processes  A5C0000269 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-LAE Revenue Accrual and Asset Management  A5C0000270 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-PCL Pool Assignment  A5C0000268 
CRM-BTX-CTR-UCO-PRI Pricing  A5C0000267 
CRM-BTX-DSD Direct Store Delivery Enhancements  A4C0000291 
CRM-BTX-ERP BSP for ERP Sales Order  A5C0000191 
CRM-BTX-ES Enterprise Search OneOrder  PNE0000023 
CRM-BTX-ESA ESA Services for Business Transactions  A6G0000039 
CRM-BTX-GWI Groupware Integration (Client)  A7G0000048 
CRM-BTX-INS Inspection Confirmation  A5C0000296 
CRM-BTX-KA Knowledge Article  PNE0000024 
CRM-BTX-LEA Lead Management  AEC0000473 
CRM-BTX-OPP Opportunities  PFC0000040 
CRM-BTX-PRO Project  PIC0000078 
CRM-BTX-PRV Provider Transactions  A6G0000037 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI Provider Transactions  A6G0000038 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI-SEA Account Identification  A9G0000001 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI-SLO Sales Order  A9G0000002 
CRM-BTX-PRV-DUI-SUM Sales Summary  A9G0000003 
CRM-BTX-PSL Product Service Letter  A4C0000132 
CRM-BTX-SCO Service Confirmation  AEC0000501 
CRM-BTX-SLO Sales Transaction  PFC0000041 
CRM-BTX-SLO-QUT Customer Inquiries / Quotations  AEC0000348 
CRM-BTX-SLO-QUT-PMM Quotations Price and Margin Management Integration  A2G0000021 
CRM-BTX-SPL Service Plan  A5C0000263 
CRM-BTX-SRQ Service Request  PNE0000025 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-BF Basic Functions  PNE0000026 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-BF-CKL Checklist for Services  A0G0000133 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-INC Incident Management  PNE0000027 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-LOB Linked Object for Service Request Management  A0G0000096 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-PRB Problem Management  PNE0000028 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-RFC Change Management  PNE0000029 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-SLA Service Level Management  PNE0000030 
CRM-BTX-SRQ-SM Solution Manager Integration  PNE0000141 
CRM-BTX-SVO Service Order  PFC0000042 
CRM-BTX-SVO-QUT Service Inquiries / Quotations  A4C0000087 
CRM-BTX-TOU Route Planning  A5C0000158 
CRM-BTX-VD Volume Document  PLC0000036 
CRM-BTX-WCL Warranty Claim  A5C0000265 
CRM-CA CRM Cross-Application Components  AEC0000001 
CRM-CHM Channel Management  A4C0000165 
CRM-CHM-ACT Activity Management with Partners  PLC0000105 
CRM-CHM-ANA Partner and Channel Analytics  A4C0000239 
CRM-CHM-BOB Business On-Behalf  PLC0000108 
CRM-CHM-CAM Campaign Management with Partners  A6G0000001 
CRM-CHM-CIM Channel Inventory Management  A4C0000171 
CRM-CHM-CSR Collaborative Showroom  A4C0000169 
CRM-CHM-HOM Hosted Order Management  A4C0000168 
CRM-CHM-LEA Lead Management with Partners  PLC0000104 
CRM-CHM-OPP Opportunity Management with Partners  A5C0000033 
CRM-CHM-PAM Account Management for Partners  A4C0000166 
CRM-CHM-PAR Account and Contact Management for Partners  PLC0000106 
CRM-CHM-PCT Partner Product Catalog and Price Management  A4C0000167 
CRM-CHM-POS Point of Sale  A4C0000170 
CRM-CHM-PRC Price Maintenance for Partner  A5C0000032 
CRM-CHM-SEG Customer Segmentation with Partners  PLC0000107 
CRM-CIC Interaction Center WinClient  PFC0000045 
CRM-CIC-ABO Action Box  AEC0000382 
CRM-CIC-ALM Alert Modeler  AEC0000384 
CRM-CIC-BP Business Partners  AEC0000379 
CRM-CIC-BP-FUN Partner Functions  AEC0000381 
CRM-CIC-BP-SEA Business Partner Search  AEC0000380 
CRM-CIC-BRO Broadcast Messaging  AEC0000476 
CRM-CIC-BRT Business Routings  AEC0000402 
CRM-CIC-BTX Business Transactions  AEC0000392 
CRM-CIC-BTX-ACT Activity  AEC0000393 
CRM-CIC-BTX-COM Complaints / Returns / In-House Repair  PIC0000085 
CRM-CIC-BTX-SLO Sales Transaction  AEC0000394 
CRM-CIC-BTX-SVO Service Process  AEC0000397 
CRM-CIC-CAM Campaign Execution  AEC0000388 
CRM-CIC-CAM-CAL Call List Execution and Maintenance  AEC0000389 
CRM-CIC-CAM-RCA Recurring Calls  PIC0000039 
CRM-CIC-COM Communication Channels  AEC0000477 
CRM-CIC-COM-EMA E-Mail Integration  AEC0000378 
CRM-CIC-COM-ITP Interface Third Party  PIC0000041 
CRM-CIC-COM-TEL Telephony Integration  AEC0000377 
CRM-CIC-EMS E-Mail Response Management System  A6G0000021 
CRM-CIC-FRW Framework  AEC0000475 
CRM-CIC-HIS Customer History  AEC0000398 
CRM-CIC-HIS-CFA Fact Sheets  AEC0000400 
CRM-CIC-HIS-IHI Interaction History  AEC0000399 
CRM-CIC-HIS-INB Installed Base Navigation/Search  PIC0000012 
CRM-CIC-IIA Interactive Intelligent Agent  AEC0000401 
CRM-CIC-INB Installed Base  PIC0000013 
CRM-CIC-KNO Knowledge Search  PLC0000103 
CRM-CIC-MDB Manager Dashboard  A4C0000092 
CRM-CIC-PRO Products  AEC0000385 
CRM-CIC-PRO-INF Product Information    AEC0000386 
CRM-CIC-PRO-PRO Product Proposals  AEC0000387 
CRM-CIC-REP Reporting  AEC0000390 
CRM-CIC-REP-BW Transfer to BW  PIC0000040 
CRM-CIC-REP-LOG Logging  AEC0000391 
CRM-CIC-RSC Reminder Scripting  A4C0000237 
CRM-CIC-SCR Interactive Scripting  AEC0000383 
CRM-CIC-UNI Agent Inbox  A6G0000022 
CRM-CLA Claims Management  A7G0000014 
CRM-CLA-BI BI Integration  A7G0000017 
CRM-CLA-CCB Chargeback Claims  A9G0000011 
CRM-CLA-CCR Chargeback Recovery  A0G0000033 
CRM-CLA-COR Claim Correction  A7G0000021 
CRM-CLA-CPP Prepayment  A7G0000022 
CRM-CLA-CSD Claim Submission  A7G0000015 
CRM-CLA-CSR Claim  A7G0000016 
CRM-CLA-CSR-MDF MDF Claim  PNE0000002 
CRM-CLA-CSR-TPM TPM Claim  PNE0000003 
CRM-CLA-RES Reservation  A7G0000024 
CRM-CLA-STL Claim Settlement  A2G0000051 
CRM-CLA-TAX Claims Taxation  A0G0000036 
CRM-CLA-VWS Validation Sheet  A7G0000025 
CRM-CM Case Management  A4C0000173 
CRM-EM CRM Entitlement Management  A5C0000037 
CRM-EM-DR Deposit Refund Programs & Execution  A5C0000041 
CRM-EM-MD Entitlement Master Data  A5C0000038 
CRM-EM-MNT Entitlement Processing  A5C0000039 
CRM-EM-MTR Entitlement Monitoring  A5C0000040 
CRM-EM-PH Purchasing History Programs & Execution  A5C0000042 
CRM-EM-SA Entitlement Settlement & Financial Accounting Integration  A5C0000043 
CRM-FCA CRM Integration for ERP Billing in Current Account  A4C0000172 
CRM-FM Funds Management  A7G0000002 
CRM-FM-ACL Accruals  A7G0000004 
CRM-FM-AVC Availability Control  A7G0000008 
CRM-FM-BER Budget Expiration  A7G0000007 
CRM-FM-BFW Batch Framework  A7G0000012 
CRM-FM-BI BI Integration  A7G0000013 
CRM-FM-BPO Budget Posting  A7G0000006 
CRM-FM-CBK Checkbook  A7G0000011 
CRM-FM-FND Fund Plans and Funds  A7G0000003 
CRM-FM-FPO Fund Posting  A7G0000009 
CRM-FM-FU Fund Usages  A7G0000005 
CRM-FM-LR Live Rates Planning  A0G0000186 
CRM-FM-LR-TPM Live Rates Planning for Trade Promotion Management  A0G0000187 
CRM-FM-LR-TPM-JOB Batch Jobs  A0G0000203 
CRM-FM-LR-TPM-OWN Responsibility (Ownership)  A0G0000204 
CRM-FM-LR-TPM-PLA Planning and Content  A0G0000205 
CRM-FM-LR-TPM-PMC Pertinent Master Data Changes  A0G0000206 
CRM-FM-SRV External Services  A7G0000010 
CRM-FRW Framework  A6G2000001 
CRM-FRW-AFP Application Frame  A6G2000002 
CRM-FRW-CON UI Configuration Tool  A6G2000003 
CRM-FRW-ROL Roles Management  A6G2000004 
CRM-FRW-UI User Interface  A6G2000005 
CRM-FRW-WKB Development Workbench  A6G2000006 
CRM-GOL Generic Object Layer  PLC0000079 
CRM-GOL-BOL Business Object Layer  PLC0000082 
CRM-GOL-COR Model, Components, Remote Interface, Simple Objects  PLC0000080 
CRM-GOL-TOL Tools  PLC0000081 
CRM-HH Handheld  A4C0000081 
CRM-HH-BF Basic Functions  A4C0000083 
CRM-HH-HSA Handheld Sales  PFC0000038 
CRM-HH-HSE Handheld Service  PFC0000068 
CRM-HH-MD Master Data  A4C0000082 
CRM-HSE-SCO Service Confirmation  AEC0000354 
CRM-HSE-STA Planning Attendance and Absence  AEC0000355 
CRM-HSE-SVO Service Process  AEC0000353 
CRM-IA Automotive  A4C0000101 
CRM-IA-CHM Automotive Channel Management  ABC0000104 
CRM-IA-IC Automotive Interaction Center  A4C0000102 
CRM-IAF Apparel & Footwear  PLC0000077 
CRM-IAF-MCM Multiple Characteristics Management  PLC0000078 
CRM-IC Interaction Center WebClient  A4C0000041 
CRM-IC-ABO Transaction Launcher  A4C0000062 
CRM-IC-ACC Activity Clipboard  A4C0000049 
CRM-IC-ACO Accounting  PNE0000031 
CRM-IC-ADR Adjustment Requests in Interaction Center  A6G0000045 
CRM-IC-ADR-ERP Dispute Management ERP  A0G0000001 
CRM-IC-ADR-UI Dispute Management UI  A0G0000002 
CRM-IC-ALT Alert  A4C0000064 
CRM-IC-ARD Documents  A4C0000065 
CRM-IC-ASN Business Transaction Assignments  A6G0000011 
CRM-IC-BE Billing Documents in Interaction Center  A6G0000044 
CRM-IC-BF Basic Functions for Business Transactions  A5C0000178 
CRM-IC-BF-ACI Actions  A9G0000032 
CRM-IC-BF-BC Business Context  A9G0000033 
CRM-IC-BF-CAT Categorization  A5C0000181 
CRM-IC-BF-CON Conditions  A9G0000034 
CRM-IC-BF-DAT Dates  A9G0000035 
CRM-IC-BF-DC Document Flow  A5C0000182 
CRM-IC-BF-PAR Partner Processing  A5C0000179 
CRM-IC-BF-TM Text Management  A5C0000180 
CRM-IC-BRO Broadcast Messaging  A4C0000066 
CRM-IC-CAL Call List Execution and Maintenance  A4C0000055 
CRM-IC-CAL-PRV Preview Dialing  A0G0000086 
CRM-IC-CAM Campaign Execution  A4C0000058 
CRM-IC-CFA Customer Fact Sheet  A4C0000045 
CRM-IC-CHA Communication Channels  A4C0000067 
CRM-IC-CHA-BPR Business Process Push  PNE0000032 
CRM-IC-CHA-CHT Chat Integration  A4C0000070 
CRM-IC-CHA-EMA E-Mail Integration  A4C0000069 
CRM-IC-CHA-IM Instant Messaging Integration  A0G0000089 
CRM-IC-CHA-LET Letter Integration  A5C0000029 
CRM-IC-CHA-RST Real-Time Statistics  A4C0000071 
CRM-IC-CHA-TEL Telephony Integration  A4C0000068 
CRM-IC-CI Bill presentment in ICWebClient without persisting in CRM  A2G0000011 
CRM-IC-CLS Client Switch  PNE0000004 
CRM-IC-CMG Case Management  A4C0000155 
CRM-IC-COM Complaint  A4C0000056 
CRM-IC-CTX Context Area  PNE0000033 
CRM-IC-EMS E-Mail Response Management System  A4I0000003 
CRM-IC-EMS E-Mail Response Management System  A5C0000001 
CRM-IC-EMS-AUT Automated Rule Execution  A5C0000030 
CRM-IC-EMS-CAT Categories  A4I0000005 
CRM-IC-EMS-CAT Categories  A5C0000012 
CRM-IC-EMS-MON Monitoring  A4I0000006 
CRM-IC-EMS-MON Monitoring  A5C0000013 
CRM-IC-EMS-RUL Rule Maintenance  A4I0000004 
CRM-IC-EMS-RUL Rule Maintenance  A5C0000011 
CRM-IC-FCA Financial Contract Accounting  A4C0000156 
CRM-IC-FOL Follow-Up Activities  A4C0000050 
CRM-IC-FRW Framework  A4C0000072 
CRM-IC-FRW-BOL Business Object Layer  A4C0000073 
CRM-IC-FRW-MES Messaging  A4C0000074 
CRM-IC-FRW-SVR IC Server  A4C0000157 
CRM-IC-FRW-UI UI Framework  A4C0000158 
CRM-IC-HCM Personnel Administration  A0G0000132 
CRM-IC-HCM-AU Authorization  A0G0000207 
CRM-IC-HCM-BF Basic Functions  A0G0000208 
CRM-IC-HCM-SVY Survey  A0G0000209 
CRM-IC-IHI Interaction History  A4C0000051 
CRM-IC-INB Installed Base  A5C0000316 
CRM-IC-INR Interaction Record  A4C0000048 
CRM-IC-INR-RMT BCM Interaction Record Remote  A0G0000090 
CRM-IC-IU Installation & Upgrade  A4C0000159 
CRM-IC-LEA Lead Management  A5C0000183 
CRM-IC-MDB Manager Dashboard  A4C0000042 
CRM-IC-MUL Multi-Sessioning IC  A0G0000088 
CRM-IC-NVG Navigation Bar  A4C0000060 
CRM-IC-OBJ Individual Objects  A4C0000238 
CRM-IC-PRO Products  A4C0000046 
CRM-IC-PRV Provider Transactions in Interaction Center  A6G0000043 
CRM-IC-PRV-CHO Change Order  A9G0000039 
CRM-IC-PRV-PRO Product Search  A9G0000037 
CRM-IC-PRV-RTD IC Provider Order Realtime Decisioning  A0G0000094 
CRM-IC-PRV-SEA Account Identification  A9G0000036 
CRM-IC-PRV-SLO Sales Order  A9G0000038 
CRM-IC-PUR Procurement  A0G0000221 
CRM-IC-RCA Regular Calls Generation  A4C0000057 
CRM-IC-RTD Real-Time Decisioning  A7G0000041 
CRM-IC-SCO Confirmation  A4C0000054 
CRM-IC-SCP Scratch Pad  A4C0000061 
CRM-IC-SCR Scripting  A4C0000063 
CRM-IC-SEA Account Identification  A4C0000044 
CRM-IC-SLO Sales Order  A4C0000052 
CRM-IC-SLO-CRM in CRM  A5C0000184 
CRM-IC-SLO-ERP in ERP  A5C0000185 
CRM-IC-SMC Social Media Cockpit in Interaction Center  AG30000032 
CRM-IC-SOL Solution Search  A4C0000047 
CRM-IC-SVO Service Order  A4C0000053 
CRM-IC-TUI Task-based User Interface  A0G0000095 
CRM-IC-UNI Agent Inbox  PLC0000063 
CRM-IC-WKL My Worklist  A4C0000059 
CRM-ICM Incentive and Commission Management  PIC0000086 
CRM-ICM-BIF BW Interface Commissions and Incentives  A5C0000186 
CRM-ICM-IF Interface Incentive and Commission System  PIC0000088 
CRM-ICM-UI User Interface and Reporting  PIC0000087 
CRM-IFS Financial Services  A5C0000044 
CRM-IFS-BF Basic Functions  A5C0000048 
CRM-IFS-BF-BRF Business Rules Framework  A5C0000050 
CRM-IFS-BF-DOC Document Templates  A5C0000049 
CRM-IFS-BTX Business Transaction  A5C0000051 
CRM-IFS-BTX-CL Security System Connection  A5C0000054 
CRM-IFS-BTX-FS Financial Service: Request and Quotation  A5C0000052 
CRM-IFS-BTX-LS Loan System Connection  A5C0000053 
CRM-IFS-CMG Case Management for Financial Service  A5C0000282 
CRM-IFS-FST Financial Statement  AG30000011 
CRM-IFS-MD Master Data  A5C0000045 
CRM-IFS-MD-BP Business Partner  A5C0000046 
CRM-IFS-MD-PRO Financial Service (Product)  A5C0000047 
CRM-IFS-SRV Services for Banking Business objects  AG30000012 
CRM-IFS-UI User Interface  PNE0000093 
CRM-IHT High Tech  ABC0000105 
CRM-IHT-IC High Tech Interaction Center  PLC0000076 
CRM-IHT-PDP Partner Design Projects  ABC0000106 
CRM-IHT-PP Price Protection  ABC0000108 
CRM-IHT-SD Ship and Debit  ABC0000107 
CRM-IIN Insurance  A0G0000011 
CRM-IIN-BTX Business Transactions  A0G0000012 
CRM-IIN-BTX-APP Application  A0G0000014 
CRM-IIN-BTX-CLA Claim  A0G0000015 
CRM-IIN-BTX-CLN Claim Notification  A0G0000013 
CRM-IIN-BTX-POL Policy  A0G0000016 
CRM-IIN-MD Master Data  A0G0000017 
CRM-IIN-MD-BP Customer  A0G0000018 
CRM-IIN-MD-PRO Product  A0G0000019 
CRM-IM Media  PIC0000098 
CRM-IM-IPM Intellectual Property Management  A4C0000103 
CRM-IM-IPM-BF Basic Functions  A4C0000105 
CRM-IM-IPM-BTX Business Transactions Licensing  A4C0000107 
CRM-IM-IPM-BTX-CON License Usage Confirmation  A4C0000164 
CRM-IM-IPM-BTX-PUR License Acquisition  A4C0000162 
CRM-IM-IPM-BTX-SAL License Sales  A4C0000163 
CRM-IM-IPM-BW Connection to BW  PLC0000075 
CRM-IM-IPM-MD Master Data  A4C0000104 
CRM-IM-IPM-RIN Rights Inventory Analysis  A4C0000106 
CRM-IM-IPM-RO Royalty Accounting  A4C0000161 
CRM-IM-IPM-RO-ROI Incoming Royalties  A4C0000108 
CRM-IM-IPM-RO-ROO Outgoing Royalties  A4C0000109 
CRM-IPC Internet Pricing and Configurator  A4C0000021 
CRM-IPC-ADM IPC Administrator  ABC0000099 
CRM-IPC-DL DataLoader  ABC0000098 
CRM-IPC-SRV IPC Server  ABC0000097 
CRM-IPH Pharmaceuticals  ABC0000111 
CRM-IPH-BP Business Partner  PLC0000122 
CRM-IPH-CB Chargebacks  ABC0000114 
CRM-IPH-CON Chargeback Contracts  ABC0000113 
CRM-IPH-XDL External Data Load  ABC0000112 
CRM-IPS Public Sector  A5C0000116 
CRM-IPS-BTX Business Transaction  A5C0000207 
CRM-IPS-BTX-AGR Grantor Agreement  A5C0000209 
CRM-IPS-BTX-APL Grantor Application  A5C0000208 
CRM-IPS-BTX-CLM Grantor Claim  A7G0000051 
CRM-IPS-BTX-DBA Decision Basis - Social Services  AG30000001 
CRM-IPS-BTX-GCM Grantor Change Management  A7G0000052 
CRM-IPS-BTX-SDP Social Deduction Plan  A0G0000037 
CRM-IPS-BTX-SOA Social Application  A6G1000001 
CRM-IPS-BTX-SSP Social Service Plan  A6G1000002 
CRM-IPS-ICM Investigative Case Management  PNE0000131 
CRM-IPS-ICM-ACT Activities  PNE0000035 
CRM-IPS-ICM-BP Business Partners  PNE0000036 
CRM-IPS-ICM-CMG Cases and Leads  PNE0000037 
CRM-IPS-ICM-ES Enterprise Search  A0G0000161 
CRM-IPS-ICM-LOC Locations  PNE0000038 
CRM-IPS-ICM-OBJ Objects  PNE0000034 
CRM-IPS-ICM-OPR Operation  PNE0000132 
CRM-IPS-ICM-REC Records Management  PNE0000040 
CRM-IPS-ICM-REL Relationships and Reliability  PNE0000039 
CRM-IPS-MD Master Data  A5C0000117 
CRM-IPS-MD-PRG Grantor Programm  A5C0000206 
CRM-IPS-MD-PSO Contract Object  A5C0000088 
CRM-IS Integration Industry Solutions  PIC0000093 
CRM-ISA Internet Sales  PFC0000043 
CRM-ISA-AUC Web Auction  PIC0000035 
CRM-ISA-BAS Shopping Basket and Order Entry  PIC0000082 
CRM-ISA-BBS Business-to-Business Sales  PFC0000083 
CRM-ISA-BCS Business-to-Consumer Sales  PFC0000082 
CRM-ISA-BTR Business-to-Reseller  PFC0000084 
CRM-ISA-CAT Internet Sales Catalog  AEC0000471 
CRM-ISA-CFG Product Configuration Internet Sales  PIC0000034 
CRM-ISA-CNT Contracts  A4C0000133 
CRM-ISA-GS Internet Sales Guided Selling  PIC0000080 
CRM-ISA-INV Invoices  PLC0000102 
CRM-ISA-LOY Loyalty  A0G0000162 
CRM-ISA-LWC Live Web Collaboration  PIC0000036 
CRM-ISA-MKT Marketing (Recommendations, Cross-/Up-Selling)  A5C0000079 
CRM-ISA-MOB Mobile Internet Sales  AEC0000375 
CRM-ISA-OCI Open Catalog Interface  PLC0000060 
CRM-ISA-PER Personalization  A4C0000134 
CRM-ISA-R3 Internet Sales (R/3 Edition)  PIC0000079 
CRM-ISA-SHA Shop Management  ABC0000100 
CRM-ISA-TEC Technical Infrastructure  PIC0000037 
CRM-ISA-UM User Management  PIC0000083 
CRM-ISA-WEC Internet Sales Web Event Capturing  PIC0000081 
CRM-ISE Internet Service  PFC0000044 
CRM-ISE-COM Complaints and Returns  A4C0000005 
CRM-ISE-CON Confirmation  AEC0000503 
CRM-ISE-ENT Entitlements Overview  A5C0000306 
CRM-ISE-FAQ Frequently Asked Questions  AEC0000352 
CRM-ISE-IIA Interactive Intelligent Agent  AEC0000351 
CRM-ISE-INB Installed Base  A4C0000007 
CRM-ISE-INS Inspection Confirmation  A5C0000274 
CRM-ISE-LWC Live Web Collaboration  PLC0000061 
CRM-ISE-MON Monitoring  PLC0000062 
CRM-ISE-PRE Product Registration  A4C0000235 
CRM-ISE-SCO Service Contract  A4C0000006 
CRM-ISE-SRE Service Request  AEC0000350 
CRM-ISE-TEC Technical Infrastructure  A4C0000234 
CRM-ISE-UAD User Administration  AEC0000505 
CRM-ISE-WBF Web Forms  AEC0000504 
CRM-ISH CRM integration with IS-H  AG30000021 
CRM-ISR Retail  A0G0000211 
CRM-ISR-MD Master Data  A0G0000212 
CRM-ISR-MD-BP Business Partner  A0G0000213 
CRM-ISR-MD-PRO Product  A0G0000214 
CRM-IT Telecommunications  PIC0000097 
CRM-IT-BI Integration to Billing System  A6G0000047 
CRM-IT-BTX Business Transaction  AEC0000374 
CRM-IT-CI Billing  A5C0000146 
CRM-IT-PRO Technical Data / Objects  AEC0000405 
CRM-ITT Travel & Transportation  PNE0000061 
CRM-ITT-ETC Electronic Toll Collection  PNE0000062 
CRM-ITT-ETC-BTX Business Transaction  PNE0000064 
CRM-ITT-ETC-IC Interaction Center  PNE0000063 
CRM-IU Utilities Industry  PIC0000094 
CRM-IU-BI Utilities Industry: Billing, Budget Billing  A0G0000172 
CRM-IU-BTX Utilties Industry: Business Transactions  A0G0000167 
CRM-IU-BTX-CFG Utilties Industry BTX: Configuration  A0G0000168 
CRM-IU-BTX-IF Utilties Industry BTX: Replication  A0G0000169 
CRM-IU-BTX-MC Utilties Industry BTX: Market Communication  A0G0000170 
CRM-IU-DSM Demand Side Management  A2G0000001 
CRM-IU-DSM-AGR DSM - Agreement  A2G0000004 
CRM-IU-DSM-APL DSM - Application  A2G0000003 
CRM-IU-DSM-PRG DSM - Program  A2G0000002 
CRM-IU-IC Utilities Industry: Interaction Center  A4I0000022 
CRM-IU-IC Utilities Industry: Interaction Center  A5C0000014 
CRM-IU-IC-IO Utilities Industry: Identification, Overviews  A0G0000174 
CRM-IU-IL Utilities Industry: Interaction Layer  A4I0000023 
CRM-IU-IL Utilities Industry: Interaction Layer  A5C0000015 
CRM-IU-M Utilities Industry: Marketing  PIC0000095 
CRM-IU-MD Utilties Industry: Master Data  A0G0000163 
CRM-IU-MD-PRO Utilities Industry: Product  A0G0000164 
CRM-IU-MD-TO Utilities Industry: Technical Objects  A0G0000165 
CRM-IU-MD-TO-IF Utilties Industry: Replication of technical objects  A0G0000166 
CRM-IU-MR Utilities Industry: Meter Reading  A0G0000173 
CRM-IU-RTD Real Time Offer Management for Utilities  A0G0000292 
CRM-IU-S Utilities Industry: Sales  PIC0000096 
CRM-IU-S-CI Utilities Industry: Commercial and Industrial Customers  A4I0000021 
CRM-IU-XC Cross Components  A0G0000171 
CRM-LAM CRM Leasing  PLC0000065 
CRM-LAM-BF Basic Functions  PLC0000068 
CRM-LAM-BF-FIM Financial Mathematics  PLC0000070 
CRM-LAM-BF-PR Pricing  PLC0000069 
CRM-LAM-BF-SIM Simulation  PLC0000071 
CRM-LAM-BTX Business Transaction Leasing  PLC0000072 
CRM-LAM-BTX-BE Billing of Leasing Contracts  PLC0000073 
CRM-LAM-BTX-CTR Quotation and Contract  AEC0000347 
CRM-LAM-BTX-LAE Connection to Accounting  PLC0000074 
CRM-LAM-BTX-MAC Multiple-Asset Contracts  A0G0000022 
CRM-LAM-CPE Change Processes  PNE0000091 
CRM-LAM-MD Master Data  PLC0000066 
CRM-LAM-MD-FPR Financing Product  PLC0000067 
CRM-LAM-TAX Tax  PNE0000092 
CRM-LOC Localization  A4C0000240 
CRM-LOC-BR Brazil  A4C0000241 
CRM-LOC-IN India  A4C0000242 
CRM-LOY Loyalty  PNE0000041 
CRM-LOY-BI Loyalty BI Extractor  A0L0000012 
CRM-LOY-BNF Loyalty Tier Benefits  A0L0000017 
CRM-LOY-BTX Loyalty Business transations  A0G0000151 
CRM-LOY-BTX-COM Loyalty Complaints/ Returns/ In-house Repairs  A0G0000153 
CRM-LOY-BTX-SLO Loyalty Sales Transaction  A0G0000152 
CRM-LOY-CO Core  PNE0000042 
CRM-LOY-COM Loyalty Complaints and Returns  A0L0000018 
CRM-LOY-CPG Campaign  PNE0000043 
CRM-LOY-ENG Loyalty Processing Engine  A0L0000022 
CRM-LOY-IC Interaction Center  PNE0000044 
CRM-LOY-INT Loyalty Integration  A0L0000014 
CRM-LOY-INT-POS Loyalty POS Integration  A0L0000016 
CRM-LOY-INT-SO Loyalty Order Integration  A0L0000015 
CRM-LOY-MA Member Activity  PNE0000045 
CRM-LOY-MEM Member  PNE0000046 
CRM-LOY-MSH Membership  PNE0000047 
CRM-LOY-MSH-CRD Loyalty Membership Cards  A0L0000013 
CRM-LOY-OUT Loyalty Outbound Correspondence  A0L0000021 
CRM-LOY-PA Point Account  PNE0000048 
CRM-LOY-PPA Loyalty Partner Point Account  A0L0000019 
CRM-LOY-PRG Program  PNE0000049 
CRM-LOY-PSH Loyalty Partnership  A0L0000011 
CRM-LOY-RRG Reward Rule & Rule Group  PNE0000050 
CRM-LOY-TTG Tiers & Tier Groups  PNE0000051 
CRM-MCM Multiple CRM scenario  A0G0000053 
CRM-MD Master Data  PFC0000012 
CRM-MD-BAH Billing Account Hierarchies  A6G0000046 
CRM-MD-BP Business Partners  PFC0000013 
CRM-MD-BP-BAG Business Agreements  PIC0000001 
CRM-MD-BP-CCP Business Partner Cockpit  PIC0000002 
CRM-MD-BP-DAT CRM Specific Business Partner Data  A4C0000001 
CRM-MD-BP-EMP Integrarion R/3 HR Employees  PIC0000003 
CRM-MD-BP-GRH Group Hierarchy  A4C0000002 
CRM-MD-BP-IF Data Exchange CRM Online <-> R/3  A4C0000003 
CRM-MD-BP-MDF-CPH MDF Channel Partner Hierarchy  PNE0000072 
CRM-MD-BP-ORG Integration Organizational Units  PIC0000004 
CRM-MD-BP-PCU People-Centric UI (Business Partner)  PLC0000032 
CRM-MD-BP-SEA Search  PFC0000113 
CRM-MD-BP-TDA Periodically Valid Appointment Rules  A4C0000222 
CRM-MD-BP-XIF External Interface Business Partner  AEC0000541 
CRM-MD-CON Condition Technique  A5C0000136 
CRM-MD-CON-IF Exchange of Condition Records and Customizing Data  A4C0000004 
CRM-MD-CON-PC PC-UI of Condition Master Data Maintenance  PLC0000141 
CRM-MD-CON-XIF External Interfaces Conditions/Pricing  AEC0000543 
CRM-MD-CPE CPE Master Data in CRM  A5C0000276 
CRM-MD-DQA Data Quality Administration  PNE0000001 
CRM-MD-ESA ESA Services for Master Data  A6G0000032 
CRM-MD-FAQ Auto Suggestion / Frequently Asked Questions  A4C0000084 
CRM-MD-INB Installed Bases  PFC0000017 
CRM-MD-LI Listings  A5C0000016 
CRM-MD-LI-IF Listing Customizing and Data Exchange R/3 and Mobile Sales  A5C0000147 
CRM-MD-LI-PC PC UI for Listing Maintenance  A5C0000148 
CRM-MD-NPL Price List  A4C0000226 
CRM-MD-ORG Organizational Management  PFC0000011 
CRM-MD-PAC Package Interlinkage Maintenance  A6G0000031 
CRM-MD-PCT Product Catalog  PFC0000015 
CRM-MD-PPR Partner/Product Range  AEC0000404 
CRM-MD-PRO Products  PFC0000014 
CRM-MD-PRO-ARC Archiving  A5C0000087 
CRM-MD-PRO-BF Product Basic Functionality  PIC0000063 
CRM-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories  PIC0000062 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF Data Exchange  PIC0000072 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-CAT Data Exchange Categories  PIC0000074 
CRM-MD-PRO-IF-PRO Data Exchange Products  PIC0000073 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ Objects  PIC0000071 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-HIS History  A4C0000223 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-IF Data Exchange  A4C0000224 
CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ-ITF Integration Framework  A4C0000225 
CRM-MD-PRO-PCU People-Centric UI (Product)  PLC0000035 
CRM-MD-PRO-SET Set Types and Attributes  PIC0000061 
CRM-MD-PRO-WTY Warranties  A5C0000086 
CRM-MD-PRO-XIF External Interface Product  AEC0000542 
CRM-MD-RB Rebates  A4C0000227 
CRM-MD-SDB Solution Database  PFC0000018 
CRM-MD-SDB-XIF External Interface Solution Database  PIC0000031 
CRM-MD-TM Territory Management  A4C0000221 
CRM-MEP Multi-System Exchange Projects  A5C0000034 
CRM-MEP-ADP Adaptor  A5C0000035 
CRM-MEP-MAP Mapping  A5C0000036 
CRM-MKT Marketing  AEC0000023 
CRM-MKT-CRR Campaign Response Recording  A9G0000031 
CRM-MKT-DAM Digital Asset Management  A5C0000017 
CRM-MKT-DAM-AD Distribution  A5C0000019 
CRM-MKT-DAM-ADM Administration  A5C0000018 
CRM-MKT-DAM-AI Asset Identification (Search)  A5C0000022 
CRM-MKT-DAM-AQ Asset Qualification  A5C0000023 
CRM-MKT-DAM-CON Conversion  A5C0000021 
CRM-MKT-DAM-MED Media  A5C0000024 
CRM-MKT-DAM-OTH Other  A5C0000027 
CRM-MKT-DAM-REP Reporting  A5C0000026 
CRM-MKT-DAM-RGH Rights  A5C0000025 
CRM-MKT-DAM-SC Shopping Basket  A5C0000020 
CRM-MKT-DAM-UP Upload/Mass Upload  A5C0000028 
CRM-MKT-EAL External List Management  A4C0000023 
CRM-MKT-FRW-IBM Marketing IBOM Framework  A2G0000042 
CRM-MKT-FRW-OL Marketing Object Layer Framework  A2G0000041 
CRM-MKT-ISM Insights Management  A5C0000126 
CRM-MKT-ML Direct Mailing  AEC0000027 
CRM-MKT-MP Marketing Prospect  PNE0000161 
CRM-MKT-MPL Marketing Planner  AEC0000024 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ALC Allocations  AEC0000472 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA Campaign Automation  A4C0000140 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-BRE Maintenance of Branching Elements  A4C0000142 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-EXE Execution  A4C0000144 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-MOD Graphical Modeling  A4C0000141 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-OPT Maintenance of Optimization Node  A4C0000143 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CA-ST Structuring  A4C0000251 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CAL Marketing Calendar  A4C0000139 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CPG Marketing Planning and Campaign Management  A0G0000183 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CPG-FMI Funds Management Integration  A0G0000184 
CRM-MKT-MPL-CPG-WCM Web Content Management  A0G0000271 
CRM-MKT-MPL-DEF Customer Defaults  A4C0000153 
CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY Loyalty Marketing  A0G0000054 
CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY-PRG Loyalty Program  A0G0000055 
CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY-RRG Loyalty Reward Rule Groups  A0G0000056 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MDF Marketing Development Funds  A9G0000015 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MDF-INI Initiatives & Templates  A9G0000017 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MDF-PC Programs & Campaigns  A9G0000016 
CRM-MKT-MPL-MSP Microsoft Project-Interface  AEC0000031 
CRM-MKT-MPL-SP Scenario Planner  AG30000091 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST Basic Functions  AEC0000028 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-APO APO Interface  A4C0000152 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-ARC Archiving  A5C0000197 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-BAS Basic Data  A4C0000145 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-BRF Business Rule Framework Integration  A9G0000013 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-BW BI Interface  AEC0000507 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-CAU Causals  A9G0000014 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-CND Campaign-Specific Condition Maintenance  A4C0000148 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-DOC Documents  AEC0000030 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-ENH Customer Enhancements  A4C0000151 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-ERP ERP Interface  AEC0000032 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-EXE Campaign Execution  PFC0000111 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-KFP Key Figure Planning  AEC0000029 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-MSA MSA Interface  AEC0000508 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-PAR Partner Processing  A5C0000196 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-PDF Print Preview  A4C0000149 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-PI Purchase Integration  PNE0000101 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-PPF Actions  A4C0000150 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-PRO Product Assignment  A4C0000146 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-RTD Real Time Offer Management Integration  A0G0000020 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-SEG Segment Assignment  A4C0000147 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-VER Versioning  A9G0000012 
CRM-MKT-MPL-ST-VOC Voucher/Coupon  A0G0000134 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM Trade Promotion Management  A9G0000018 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-AGR Agreements  A9G0000019 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-APR Mass Approve  PFC0000109 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-CAU Causals  A9G0000021 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-CFI Claims and Funds Integration for TPM  A9G0000022 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-ELV Editable List  PNE0000053 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-IND Indirect Relationship  A4C0000043 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-MAS Mass Change  PFC0000110 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-PPG Promotion Guidelines  A9G0000020 
CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM-SRV Services  A0G0000182 
CRM-MKT-PRP Product Proposals  AEC0000026 
CRM-MKT-PRP-CRS Cross-Selling  AEC0000040 
CRM-MKT-PRP-MNT Top n Maintenance  PIC0000038 
CRM-MKT-PRP-TNP Top n Products  AEC0000041 
CRM-MKT-SEG Segmentation  AEC0000025 
CRM-MKT-SEG-ATT Attributes  AEC0000034 
CRM-MKT-SEG-FPR Follow-Up Processing w/o Campaigns  A4C0000022 
CRM-MKT-SEG-IEX Interface Execution  AEC0000039 
CRM-MKT-SEG-ITP Interface Third Party  AEC0000038 
CRM-MKT-SEG-MSA MSA-Interface Target Groups / Attributes  AEC0000509 
CRM-MKT-SEG-PRF Profiles  AEC0000036 
CRM-MKT-SEG-PTM Profile Templates  AEC0000035 
CRM-MKT-SEG-TGR Target Groups  AEC0000037 
CRM-MKT-SOC-CPG HPA Integration with CRM Marketing Campaign Mgmt via SAP JAM  AG30000031 
CRM-MKT-WF Workflow  A4C0000154 
CRM-MOM MarketSet Order Management  AEC0000376 
CRM-MS-BP-PCU People-Centric UI (Business Partner)  PLC0000034 
CRM-MSA Mobile Sales  PFC0000047 
CRM-MSA-ACP Account Planning  A5C0000066 
CRM-MSA-ACT Activity  A5C0000099 
CRM-MSA-ACT Activity  PFC0000050 
CRM-MSA-ACT-ARE Activity Reporting Template  PFC0000085 
CRM-MSA-ACT-LON Lotus Notes Integration  PFC0000087 
CRM-MSA-ACT-OUT Outlook Integration  PFC0000086 
CRM-MSA-ADP Adapters Mobile Sales  PIC0000017 
CRM-MSA-ADP-MIG Migration  A4C0000012 
CRM-MSA-AMT Authorization Management Tool  A5C0000102 
CRM-MSA-APP CRM Mobile Sales app  A2G0000071 
CRM-MSA-APP-AND CRM Mobile Sales app for Android  A2G0000072 
CRM-MSA-APP-IOS CRM Mobile Sales app for iOS  A2G0000073 
CRM-MSA-APP-RIM CRM Mobile Sales app for BlackBerry  A2G0000074 
CRM-MSA-APP-W32 CRM Mobile Sales app for Windows Tablet or Laptop  A2G0000075 
CRM-MSA-APP-WPH CRM Mobile Sales app for Windows Phone  A2G0000076 
CRM-MSA-ASE Extended Selection  A5C0000111 
CRM-MSA-ASE Advanced Selection  PFC0000057 
CRM-MSA-BP Business Partner  PFC0000048 
CRM-MSA-CCD Conditions  A5C0000096 
CRM-MSA-CCD Conditions  PFC0000092 
CRM-MSA-CCO Client Console  PFC0000088 
CRM-MSA-CCT Contracts  A5C0000101 
CRM-MSA-CCT Contracts  PFC0000058 
CRM-MSA-CFG SCE Product Configuration  PFC0000097 
CRM-MSA-CLA Classification  A5C0000097 
CRM-MSA-CLA Classification  PFC0000094 
CRM-MSA-CMN Common Functions  A5C0000112 
CRM-MSA-CMN Common Functions  PFC0000089 
CRM-MSA-CMN-SYS System Administration  PFC0000091 
CRM-MSA-CON Contact Person  A5C0000081 
CRM-MSA-CON Contact Person  PFC0000049 
CRM-MSA-DOC Document Generation  A5C0000110 
CRM-MSA-DOC Document Generation  PFC0000056 
CRM-MSA-EML E-Mail Integration  A5C0000226 
CRM-MSA-EML-OUT MS Outlook  A5C0000227 
CRM-MSA-EMP Employees  PFC0000061 
CRM-MSA-HLP Application Help  AEC0000522 
CRM-MSA-INB Inbox  A5C0000113 
CRM-MSA-INB Inbox  PFC0000090 
CRM-MSA-INF Infocenter  A5C0000109 
CRM-MSA-INF Infocenter  PFC0000059 
CRM-MSA-IPC IPC Pricing/Configuration  A5C0000098 
CRM-MSA-IPC IPC Pricing / Configuration  AEC0000521 
CRM-MSA-KAM Key Account Management  PFC0000095 
CRM-MSA-LST Listings  A5C0000085 
CRM-MSA-LST Listings  PFC0000055 
CRM-MSA-MP Marketing Profiles  A5C0000106 
CRM-MSA-MP Marketing Profiles  PIC0000016 
CRM-MSA-OPP Opportunities  A5C0000100 
CRM-MSA-OPP Opportunities  PFC0000051 
CRM-MSA-PAC Campaigns & Promotions  A5C0000107 
CRM-MSA-PAC Campaigns & Promotions  PFC0000054 
CRM-MSA-PAS Products & Services  PFC0000053 
CRM-MSA-PDA Mobile Sales PDA Companion Application  PLC0000064 
CRM-MSA-PLN Integration with SEM-BW Planning  A5C0000105 
CRM-MSA-POT Potentials  A5C0000082 
CRM-MSA-POT Potentials  AEC0000478 
CRM-MSA-PPR Partner Product Ranges  A5C0000084 
CRM-MSA-REP Evaluations  A5C0000104 
CRM-MSA-REP Reports  PFC0000060 
CRM-MSA-SAD Sales Document  A5C0000103 
CRM-MSA-SAD Sales Document  PFC0000052 
CRM-MSA-SAD-AFS AFS Scenario  A5C0000327 
CRM-MSA-SAD-MP Multiple Promotions  A5C0000326 
CRM-MSA-SPE Pricing Engine  PFC0000096 
CRM-MSA-TER Territory Management  PIC0000015 
CRM-MSA-TEX Travel and Expense Management  A5C0000108 
CRM-MSA-TEX Travel and Expense Management  PIC0000014 
CRM-MSA-TGL Target List  A5C0000083 
CRM-MSA-TGL Target List  AEC0000510 
CRM-MSA-TOU Route Planning  A5C0000176 
CRM-MSA-YYY Contracts  PFC0000093 
CRM-MSE Mobile Service  PFC0000062 
CRM-MSE-ADP Adapters Mobile Service  PIC0000022 
CRM-MSE-ADP-MIG Migration  A4C0000013 
CRM-MSE-BP Business Partner  PFC0000098 
CRM-MSE-CAL Calendar  PIC0000021 
CRM-MSE-CCO Client Console  PFC0000100 
CRM-MSE-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000105 
CRM-MSE-CMN Common Functions  PFC0000101 
CRM-MSE-CMN-INB Inbox  PFC0000106 
CRM-MSE-CMN-SYS System Administration  PFC0000107 
CRM-MSE-CON Contact Person  PFC0000099 
CRM-MSE-DOC Document Generation  AEC0000479 
CRM-MSE-EMP Employees  PFC0000102 
CRM-MSE-EQI Equipments  PFC0000066 
CRM-MSE-INB Installed Base  AEC0000511 
CRM-MSE-INF Infocenter  AEC0000480 
CRM-MSE-PAS Products & Services  PFC0000103 
CRM-MSE-REP Reports  PFC0000104 
CRM-MSE-SCN Service Confirmation  AEC0000513 
CRM-MSE-SCO Service Contract  PFC0000067 
CRM-MSE-SDO Service Document  PFC0000063 
CRM-MSE-SNO Service Notification  PFC0000065 
CRM-MSE-SOR Service Order  PFC0000064 
CRM-MSE-STA Planning Attendance and Absence  AEC0000514 
CRM-MSE-SVO Service Process  AEC0000512 
CRM-MSP Mobile Smartphone  PNE0000111 
CRM-MSP-ACC Accounts and Contacts  PNE0000115 
CRM-MSP-ACT Activity Management  PNE0000113 
CRM-MSP-ANA Analytics (PPMS)  PNE0000118 
CRM-MSP-BP Business Partner  PNE0000112 
CRM-MSP-EMP Employee Responsible  PNE0000120 
CRM-MSP-IH Interaction History  PNE0000122 
CRM-MSP-LEA Lead Management  PNE0000119 
CRM-MSP-OPP Opportunity Management  PNE0000114 
CRM-MSP-ORG Organization  PNE0000121 
CRM-MSP-SO Sales Order  PNE0000117 
CRM-MSP-SRV Service Order  PNE0000116 
CRM-MT Mobile Technology  PFC0000034 
CRM-MT-AMT Authorization Management Tool  AEC0000368 
CRM-MT-FW Framework  PFC0000035 
CRM-MT-FW-BOL Business Object Layer  PFC0000114 
CRM-MT-FW-TL Transaction Layer  PFC0000115 
CRM-MT-HLP Documentation / Help  AEC0000523 
CRM-MT-IU Installation & Upgrade  PFC0000037 
CRM-MT-IU-BWB Backweb  PFC0000116 
CRM-MT-IU-CFG Product Configuration  PFC0000117 
CRM-MT-IU-LON Lotus Notes Integration  PFC0000118 
CRM-MT-IU-MAS Mobile Application Studio  PFC0000122 
CRM-MT-IU-MC Mobile Client  PFC0000119 
CRM-MT-IU-OUT Outlook Integration  PFC0000120 
CRM-MT-IU-SPE Pricing Engine  PFC0000121 
CRM-MT-MAS Mobile Application Studio  PFC0000036 
CRM-MT-MAS-ARS Application Repository System  PFC0000108 
CRM-MT-MAS-SWD Client Software Distribution  AEC0000370 
CRM-MT-WGS Client Workgroup Solution  AEC0000369 
CRM-MW Middleware  PFC0000032 
CRM-MW-ADM Administration Console  ABC0000001 
CRM-MW-ADP Middleware Adapter  ABC0000004 
CRM-MW-ASC ASCII-Adapter  ABC0000005 
CRM-MW-BDM BDOC Modeler  ABC0000003 
CRM-MW-CC Client Copy  ABC0000071 
CRM-MW-CCO Client Console  ABC0000011 
CRM-MW-COM Data Exchange CRM Server - Mobile Client  ABC0000031 
CRM-MW-GEN Generation  ABC0000006 
CRM-MW-GWI Groupware Integration  ABC0000043 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWA Groupware Adapter  ABC0000044 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWD GW Connector: IBM Lotus Domino  ABC0000046 
CRM-MW-GWI-GWE GW Connector: MS Exchange  ABC0000045 
CRM-MW-KGN Key Generation  ABC0000021 
CRM-MW-MBX MapBox  A5M0000004 
CRM-MW-MFW Migration Framework  ABC0000034 
CRM-MW-MMR Mobile Message Recovery  ABC0000022 
CRM-MW-MON Monitoring  ABC0000007 
CRM-MW-MRM Mobile Recovery Manager  ABC0000032 
CRM-MW-NAV Middleware Object Navigator  ABC0000042 
CRM-MW-SC Client/System Copy  ABC0000072 
CRM-MW-SPM EBP/CRM Support Package Manager  ABC0000041 
CRM-MW-SRV Flow / Services  ABC0000002 
CRM-MW-SYP Sync Point  ABC0000033 
CRM-PCC People-Centric CRM (CRM Portal Content)  A4C0000014 
CRM-PCC-ACP Content for Account Planning  A5C0000067 
CRM-PCC-CMP Channel Manager Portal  ABC0000101 
CRM-PCC-CUS Customer Portal  A4C0000020 
CRM-PCC-FCT Fact Sheet  A5C0000031 
CRM-PCC-FCT-CHM Channel Management Content  A5C0000239 
CRM-PCC-FCT-GEN Framework  A5C0000236 
CRM-PCC-FCT-MD Master Data Content  A5C0000238 
CRM-PCC-FCT-MKT Marketing Content  A5C0000237 
CRM-PCC-FCT-SLS Sales Content  A5C0000240 
CRM-PCC-FCT-SRV Service Content  A5C0000241 
CRM-PCC-GEN Generic Functions  A4C0000015 
CRM-PCC-IC Content for Interaction Center  A4C0000093 
CRM-PCC-KM Knowledge Management  A4C0000016 
CRM-PCC-MKT Content for Marketing  A4C0000019 
CRM-PCC-PAD Portal Role: Portal Administrator  A4C0000160 
CRM-PCC-PAR Partner Portal  A4C0000094 
CRM-PCC-SAL Content for Sales  A4C0000017 
CRM-PCC-SER Content for Service  A4C0000018 
CRM-PCC-TPM Content for Trade Promotion Management  ABC0000102 
CRM-PCF People-Centric UI Framework (CRM)  A5M0000001 
CRM-PCF-CUS People-Centric UI Framework Customizing  A5M0000002 
CRM-PCF-CUS-DES Designer  PLC0000091 
CRM-PCF-MCO Main Controller  PLC0000092 
CRM-PCF-OLG Object Link Generation  A5M0000003 
CRM-PCF-SCO Sub Controller / Views  PLC0000094 
CRM-PCF-TAG Tags  PLC0000093 
CRM-PRJ Projects  A4C0000236 
CRM-RB Rebate Processing  ABC0000093 
CRM-RB-AG Rebate Agreement  ABC0000094 
CRM-RB-FI Transfer to Accounting  ABC0000096 
CRM-RB-PY Bonus Payments  ABC0000095 
CRM-RPL Resource Planning for Personnel Resources  PFC0000033 
CRM-RPL-COM Communication  AEC0000506 
CRM-RPL-GNT Gantt Chart for Service Resource Planning  A0G0000202 
CRM-RPL-GWI Groupware Integration  A4C0000010 
CRM-RPL-ICS Interaction Center Agent Scheduling  A4C0000008 
CRM-RPL-ICS-AS Application Services  A4C0000174 
CRM-RPL-ICS-CS Calculation Services  A4C0000009 
CRM-RPL-PRP Project Resource Planning  A4C0000252 
CRM-RPL-PRP Project Resource Planning  PIC0000084 
CRM-RPL-RTL Multi-Site Workforce Deployment  A5C0000080 
CRM-RPL-SRV Service Resource Planning  A4C0000135 
CRM-RPL-SRV-APP Appointment Scheduling  A4C0000136 
CRM-RPL-SRV-GIS Resource Planning GIS Integration  PNE0000052 
CRM-RPL-SRV-QUA PC UI Qualification Catalog  A5C0000275 
CRM-RPL-SRV-RPT Resource Planning Tool  AEC0000359 
CRM-RPL-SRV-WFM Interface to Scheduling Engine  AEC0000357 
CRM-RTD Real Time Offer Management  A0G0000291 
CRM-SM Solution Manager Integration  PNE0000054 
CRM-SMC CRM Solution Manager Content  PLC0000033 
CRM-SMC-ANA Scenarios/Basic Settings Analytics  PLC0000042 
CRM-SMC-BS Basic Settings for mySAP CRM  PLC0000038 
CRM-SMC-CHM Scenarios/Basic Settings Channel Management  PLC0000049 
CRM-SMC-CIC Scenarios/Basic Settings Interaction Center  PLC0000043 
CRM-SMC-HH Scenarios/Basic Settings Handheld  PLC0000048 
CRM-SMC-IA Scenarios/Basic Settings Automotive  PLC0000052 
CRM-SMC-IC Scenarios/Basic Settings IC Web Client  PLC0000044 
CRM-SMC-ICP Scenarios/Basic Settings Consumer Products  PLC0000058 
CRM-SMC-IFS Financial Services Scenarios/Basic Settings  A5C0000056 
CRM-SMC-IHT Scenarios/Basic Settings High-Tech  PLC0000057 
CRM-SMC-IM Scenarios/Basic Settings Media  PLC0000053 
CRM-SMC-IOG Scenarios/Basic Settings Oil and Gas  PLC0000059 
CRM-SMC-IPH Scenarios/Basic Settings Pharma  PLC0000054 
CRM-SMC-IPS Scenarios/Basic Settings Public Services  PLC0000051 
CRM-SMC-ISA Scenarios/Basic Settings Internet Sales  PLC0000045 
CRM-SMC-IT Scenarios/Basic Settings Telecommunications  PLC0000055 
CRM-SMC-IU Scenarios/Basic Settings Utilities  PLC0000056 
CRM-SMC-LAM Scenarios/Basic Settings Leasing  PLC0000050 
CRM-SMC-MKT Scenarios/Basic Settings Enterprise Marketing  PLC0000041 
CRM-SMC-MSA Scenarios/Basic Settings Mobile Sales  PLC0000046 
CRM-SMC-MSE Scenarios/Basic Settings Mobile Service  PLC0000047 
CRM-SMC-SAL Scenarios/Basic Settings Enterprise Sales  PLC0000039 
CRM-SMC-SER Scenarios/Basic Settings Enterprise Service  PLC0000040 
CRM-SRP-ASM Assignment Status Management  AEC0000358 
CRM-SRP-RM LRP Resource Management  AEC0000356 
CRM-TEC CRM Technology  A5C0000246 
CRM-TEC-ADP Adaptor  A5C0000249 
CRM-TEC-COP Client/System Copy  A5C0000248 
CRM-TEC-GWA Groupware Adapter  A5C0000247 
CRM-WA Waste Management  A0G0000101 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BBPCRM_CONT Analytics Content (Search & BI) for BBPCRM 
BBPCRM_XI_PROXY Package for genereated data types 
BP_CRM_DE SAP Best Practices for CRM 
BW_CRM CRM Objects in SAP_BW - Main Package 
BW_CRM_FM_DYNAMIC_FUNDING CRM Fund Management Dynamic Funding 
CRM Customer Relationship Management (Interfaces SFA Server) 
CRM_ANA_VDM Switched Package for SAP HANA VDM based Analytics 
CRM_APPLICATION All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages 
CRM_BAL Backend Abstraction Layer 
CRM_CATEGOIL Multilevel Categorization GenIL 
CRM_CHM_DWE_1 Switched Package for CRM_CHM_DWE_1 
CRM_CONDITION_VIEW View On Conditions at header 
CRM_EMBED_IR_ANA_UI CRM Analytics: Embedding of Interactive Reporting 
CRM_ERP_ORDER CRM ERP order integration 
CRM_ETCT_CC CRM Testcases for Customer Connection 
CRM_ETCT_EHP1 CRM Testcases for EhP1 
CRM_ETCT_EHP2 CRM Testcases for EhP2 
CRM_ETCT_EHP3 CRM Testcases for EhP3 
CRM_EXT_PARTS handling of external parts 
CRM_FCT CRM Sales Forecasting 
CRM_INF_1 CRM Infrastructure 
CRM_ISX_EHP3 Switched package for switch CRM_ISX_EHP3 
CRM_IU_SFW_UT_BILL_CORR Utilities: Bill Correction (Switch CRM_UT_BILL_CORR) 
CRM_MCF_CAR2 Switched Package for switch CRM_MCF_CAR2 
CRM_MCF_OFFER_HARMONIZATION_1 MCF 2.0: Switched Package for Offer Harmonization 
CRM_MCF_OFFER_HARMONIZATION_2 MCF 2.0: Switched Package for Offer Harmonization 
CRM_MCF_R1 Switched Package for Multichannel Foundation 
CRM_MDC input data creation for mass data generation 
CRM_MDCP_MAIN Master Data and Custmozing Proxy 
CRM_MDCP_PROXY Master Data and Customzing Proxies 
CRM_MDCP_TOOLS Tools to Edit Master Data, Customizing Proxy & UT Generation 
CRM_MDC_CORE core processing 
CRM_MDC_IMPL implementations 
CRM_MDG mass data generation 
CRM_MDGEN mass data generation 
CRM_MDG_CORE mass data generation core objects 
CRM_MDG_IMPL mass data generation object implementations 
CRM_MD_API CRM Master Data layer with encapsulated Proxy 
CRM_MKTPL_BI_OBJECT_DATA CRM Marketing; BI Data Extraction APIs 
CRM_MODEL root package for all business models used in GENIL 
CRM_OSP_SM_TRIAL Duet Sales Management 
CRM_PACKAGE_RULES Switched Package for Convergent Sales Package Rules 
CRM_PCM_COLL_CAMPAIGNS Partner Channel Management - Collaborative Campaigns 
CRM_PPM_QP_CUST To be deleted 
CRM_PROV_3_CCM Switched Packages for Switch CRM_PROV_3_CCM 
CRM_PROV_EHP3 Switched package for switch CRM_PROV_EHP3 
CRM_RTD Real Time Decision Engine Integration 
CRM_RTD_EVENT_INTEGRATION Real Time Decision Engine - Event Integration 
CRM_SFW_ADDON Addon Switch Package Container 
CRM_SFW_CC Customer Connection Switch Package Container 
CRM_SFW_CPM ACPM: Switch Package Container 
CRM_SFW_EHP1 EhP1 Switch Package Container 
CRM_SFW_EHP1_MAIN Main package for CRM_SFW_EHP1 
CRM_SFW_EHP2 EhP 2 Switch Package Container 
CRM_SFW_EHP3 EhP3 Switch Package 
CRM_SFW_MAIN CRM Switch Framework 
CRM_SFW_TOOLS CRM Switch Framework Tools 
CRM_SLS_SRV_1 Sales and Service 
CRM_SSC_E2E_703 SSC End2End: Switch BC Set/BAdI Impl. 
CRM_SSC_EIC_3 Switched package for Switch FSSC_SFWS_UI_EIC_3 
CRM_SSC_EIC_5 Switched package for Switch FSSC_SFWS_UI_EIC_5 
CRM_SSC_EIC_6 Switched package for Switch FSSC_SFWS_UI_EIC_6 
CRM_SSC_EIC_7 Switched package for Switch FSSC_SFWS_UI_EIC_7 
CRM_UIU unified user interface for CRM 
CRM_UIU_ANA CRM Analytics: WebClient UI Components 
CRM_UIU_CT_LTX Transaction launcher ERP / APO 
CRM_UIU_GEN_SRV unified user interface for model independent BT services 
CRM_UIU_GSURLPOPUP Generic Component for calling URLs in Popups 
CRM_UIU_IIN_APPLICATION CRM: Insurance - Application - UI 
CRM_UIU_IIN_APPLICATION_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Application UI main 
CRM_UIU_IIN_BAS CRM: Insurance - commonly used UI basis objects 
CRM_UIU_IIN_CLAIM_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Claim UI main 
CRM_UIU_IIN_INTERFACES CRM: Insurance - OO-Interfaces and Factories 
CRM_UIU_IIN_MAIN CRM: Insurance - User Interface 
CRM_UIU_IIN_NOTIFICATION_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Notification UI main 
CRM_UIU_IIN_POLICY CRM: Insurance - Policy - UI 
CRM_UIU_IIN_POLICY_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Policy UI main 
CRM_UIU_IIN_PROVIDE_INFO_MAIN CRM: Insurance - Provide Info main 
CRM_UIU_KM Release Notes for UI Unification 
CRM_UIU_MISC Tool Functions 
CRM_UIU_ROLES roles for UIU 
CRM_UIU_TOOLS Tools for unified user interface 
DMCRM CRM Data Model 
IP_UI Incentive Programs UI 
MWGT_TOOLS dev tools 
RSCRM BW Objects for CRM 
RSCRM_BAPI Segmentation BAPI 
RSCRM_FM_DF_BUDGET_CALC CRM Fund Management Dynamic Funding Budget Calculation 
RSCRM_FM_DF_COMMON CRM Fund Management Dynamic Funding Common Objects 
RSCRM_FM_DF_RATE CRM Fund Management Dynamic Funding Rates 
RSCRM_FM_DF_RFC CRM Fund Management Dynamic Funding RFC 
RSCRM_IMP_CORE CRM In-Memory Planning Core 
RSCRM_IMP_CUSTOMIZING CRM In-Memory Planning Customizings 
RSCRM_IMP_INTEGRATION_TEST CRM In-Memory Planning Integrated Testing 
RSCRM_IMP_RFC CRM In-Memory Planning RFC layer 
RSCRM_IMP_TEST CRM In-Memory Planning Testing 
RSCRM_IMP_TEST_TDC CRM In-Memory Planning Test Data Container Package 
RSCRM_IMP_TEST_UTIL CRM In-Memory Planning Test Utitilites 
RSDRCRM_SEG RFC Wrapper for Methods Calls with Package RSDRCRM 
RSSF BW: Mobile Sales Interface 
VTRA Shipment costs 
VTRF Freight charges and classes 
VTRI Interfaces to external transport systems 
VTRS Statistics update transport: Customizing 
WLIF IS-R: Vendor master 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in